Devils (2020) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

1 MASSIMO: They say that Lucifer, the most shining of all the angels, was God's favourite, that God loved him more than all the other angels.
Yet when he found out that Lucifer had broken his rules (BOTH SPEAKING AT ONCE) (PANTING) he was pitiless.
BUSH ON TV: The United States military has begun strikes against Al Qaeda terrorist training camps - (FIRING) - and military installations (FIRING) Taliban regime in Afghanistan.
(EXPLODING) (SHOUTING INDISTINCTLY) - Finger, where are you? ♪ - (MEN SHOUTING) Here I am, here I am ♪ - (GUNS FIRING) - How do you do? ♪ Daddy finger, daddy finger ♪ Where are you? ♪ Here I am, here I am ♪ How do you do? ♪ Daddy finger, daddy finger ♪ Where are you? ♪ Here I am, here I am ♪ How do you do? ♪ Mummy, why isn't Daddy coming? John, you know that Daddy has to work.
But we'll have fun all the same.
But are you sure there'll be some? Of course, because it's your birthday and that's a very special day.
Are you? That was the way to the pool.
We passed it! Today, no pool.
It's a special day, and I'm taking you to a special place.
♪ (VOICE ON TV SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY) Sir? What is so urgent that brings you here on a Sunday? - CHRIS: I need you to see something.
- Mm-hmm.
About Massimo and his team.
(VOICE ON TV SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY) He managed to hack the system to alter the VaR.
DOMINIC: You sure Massimo knew about this? No, but if his team did it on their own, then that just means he can no longer control them.
(SIGHING) In either case, I don't think you can trust him anymore.
If you like, I can run it by Legal about sacking him.
Stuart called.
Her children were supposed to be at the pool this morning with your wife, but they never showed.
Morgan isn't picking up her phone.
♪ MAN ON TV: I think there will be a significant shift.
- (DOORBELL RINGING) - There is some continuity, obviously, in the fact that the Conservatives were elected Can you make coffee? (MAN ON TV SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY) Come in.
(MAN ON TV SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY) MAN ON TV: They're not going to come up with something really good.
What'd you think of that 55-minute ultimate presentation today? So, why did you come? I was worried that they'd arrested you.
Why? I heard the investigation is about to be closed.
What happened? Dominic pulled some strings? Or is it a rule that you high finance types are untouchable? Huh? (PHONE RINGING) WOMAN ON TV: Okay.
Find the cheapest way to destroy that money MASSIMO: Yes.
MASSIMO: I need the time to take a shower, and I'm there.
I have to go.
Big Daddy calls, you run.
This is something personal.
How can you answer to a man who's done this to your wife? MAN ON TV: I can't believe that closing the money hole is even on the table.
I thought this was a dinner with a few friends.
Don't get cuss.
We're celebrating! My new exhibition! They called me today from the Kensington Gallery.
- They want to do a one-woman show.
- Ah.
Didn't you tell me they were snobby toffs? Yes, they are snobby toffs.
But they love my art, so I love them.
- And I love you.
- Mm.
Hey! What about the new one? The German girl.
- Helena.
- Yeah, didn't you tell her to come? No.
Fucking chauvinists.
Hey, what's her name? If I were you, I'd forget about it.
Why? 'Cause I just got married? 'Cause she's a man, Paul.
- Yeah, I'll forget about it.
I will forget about it.
- Maybe you'd like it.
You have to get a tattoo like mine! - MASSIMO: Yeah.
It's so cute.
- Isn't it? It's beautiful.
Yes! Yes! You have to get a tattoo like mine.
- I think it's a good idea.
- No.
- No, it's not.
- Tattoo! Tattoo! - No way.
Absolutely not.
- Tattoo! Tattoo! Tattoo! Tattoo! - Come on! - Come on.
- No.
I said no.
(MUSIC PLAYING) You know, I've got one like you, too.
What do you call it? What, a husband? No, dear.
That's the last thing I need.
I'm talking about a guy who invests my money.
- Hmm.
- Only mine sucks big time.
Why? He said, "Buy a house somewhere.
Property's a solid investment.
" - Mm-hmm.
- "Gays never go bankrupt.
" - And now, they've repossessed it.
- No! That mortgage, what was your guarantee to get it? A salary? Some other property? Only my work.
I'm a freelance, darling.
I went to the bank, and I signed a shitload of papers.
Hell of a lot easier than giving a blowjob.
You're all done.
- MASSIMO: No, it's okay.
- What do you think? It's okay.
It's okay.
♪ Okay.
I be robbin' with the bro ♪ Cash, cash, cash ♪ - Let's go ♪ - CARRIE: Hey, baby.
Are you coming? - What is it? - I'm looking at how many MBS my bank is carrying.
That's very interesting.
- Yes.
MBS stands for - (KISSING) mortgage-backed securities.
They are bonds guaranteed by mortgages on properties.
They package them together - and resell them to other banks as investments.
- Yes.
Like when you sign a cheque over to somebody else.
- Exactly.
- What's the problem? The problem is knowing if the mortgages forming the MBS are good or bad, like the one your friend took out that he can't make the payments on.
I've been watching this shit for a while.
I'm going to have another dance.
The party's over here ♪ - And if you really try ♪ - Sorry.
To get in ♪ Get in ♪ Get in ♪ We celebratin' all night ♪ Get in ♪ Get in ♪ Get in, yeah ♪ Say, I'll be pulling love ♪ Get in ♪ Hey.
Good morning, sweetheart.
We have a problem.
Gotta go.
Come on.
You were right.
The sub-primes haven't been covered since 2005.
The American banks have been handing out mortgages to anybody and everybody, with no collateral at all.
The foreclosure index is shooting for the stars.
It's a fucking property bubble.
MASSIMO: All of which risk turning toxic, unless - No.
- You've lost your mind.
The property mortgage sector is the most solid there is.
Low interest, low risk.
It's the first thing they teach at the university.
You stick to the trading.
Let me do the banking.
- Boring stuff, yes.
- I'm the one that takes care of guaranteed income for this bank - mortgages, to be precise.
- They were guaranteed.
Now, they're turning into junk.
We need to sell all the MBS we are carrying, and I mean now, before it all blows to hell.
- If we sell now, we lose a billion pounds.
- And if we wait, we'll lose 10.
Dominic, this is madness.
The board is about to name the new CEO.
You seriously want to risk everything on the intuition of someone who's only worked here a few years? - We sell.
- (BANGING) Good.
♪ The subprime mortgage mess has left millions of Americans struggling.
Worst one-day point drop since 9/11.
(PEOPLE CHEERING, APPLAUDING) (TALKING INDISTINCTLY, PHONE BUZZING) (BUZZING) Weren't for you, we'd have gone down with the subprimes.
Dominic wouldn't have been named CEO.
You did well.
Or perhaps you just got lucky.
DOMINIC: Would you excuse me? Don't let him get to you.
He's just being a Brit.
- He still thinks he's part of the colonial empire.
- (CHUCKLING) The American Home Mortgage Investment Corporation filed for bankruptcy yesterday, BNP Paribas froze three funds, and Northern Rock is requesting special financing - from the Bank of England.
- I know.
A tsunami is coming, and we need to be ready.
What would you like me to do? Come to my home this evening.
I want to introduce you to my wife.
I think you two will get along.
(OTHERS TALKING INDISTINCTLY) - WOMAN ON TV: recent speech, - (PHONE RINGING) - where he continued to say - CARRIE: Hey, this is Carrie.
I'm out having fun, so keep calling.
Guys? Dominic invited me to his house.
- (LAUGHING) - Fuck off! Fuck off! No way.
Oh, come on! - To the house? - Yes.
He's never invented anyo well, none of us anyway.
- MASSIMO: I think it's for you.
- Hello? No, I'm afraid he's just stepped away from his desk.
Greg? Hey.
Come here.
- What is it? - It's Carrie.
She's in hospital.
An overdose.
- Hey.
MASSIMO: How do you feel? CARRIE: They've pumped my stomach.
I tried calling you a million times.
MASSIMO: I know.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
What happened? I'm just a loser.
They've closed my show.
- I just can't - Hey, hey, hey, listen to me.
We don't care about them.
You're really talented.
You're the talented one.
You and I, we love each other like communicating vessels.
When you get full I empty out.
(SIREN WAILING) (PHONE RINGING, TV VOICES SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY) WOMAN ON TV: And from what I saw, there is a definite sense of optimism as DOMINIC: Shouldn't you be at the hospital with your wife? WOMAN ON TV: The IMF is projected to grow while the US economy is shrinking.
- Who - I check up on people I like.
When you're head of trading, you'll learn to do that, too.
The position's available.
I'm gonna recommend your name to the board.
Do you fully understand, Massimo, what it is we sell here at the bank? Stocks, bonds, financial services uh It's our reputation.
People give us money because they can trust us.
Are you referring to Carrie? Just consider what's right for her.
♪ - - ALEX: Mr.
Morgan's busy.
Listen, it's Sunday morning, and he's the one who told me to come here.
Yeah, well, you'll have to wait.
Legal confirms there won't be a problem.
The bank can sack him without fear of reprisal.
Now, I get it, how someone like Massimo Ruggero got to be the bank's youngest head of trading.
(PHONE RINGING) - By cheating.
- (BEEPING) WOMAN ON TV: that financial services is our one key.
- Reforming finances.
- Ah.
Italians have it in their blood, don't they? WOMAN ON TV: continued to say that the finances services is You know nothing about Massimo.
- WOMAN ON TV: That depends on what you - Get out.
- But we can't just - I said get out.
WOMAN ON TV: Honestly, nothing has been done on that.
So if she wants to, again, have a proper innovation policy, we need to have proper - MAN ON TV: We are getting lower - (PHONE RINGING) - There are still people frozen in places in the country.
- (BEEPING) Chris came for Nina, too? - Bank business.
- On a Sunday? Nina is nowhere to be found.
She was supposed to take Ed's kids to the pool, but she's vanished.
She's not answering her phone.
Do you know what today is? MAN ON TV: the people that we need for special issues, for example.
Our biggest problem right now - It's John's birthday.
- Yes.
MAN ON TV: caring for the elderly, more and more of them living longer and longer.
Please help me find her.
♪ Oh! Oh, thank you.
That's so friendly.
Some house your boss has.
I meant fudge.
I know this crowd doesn't approve of me.
What counts is that they like you.
(PEOPLE TALKING, LAUGHING) I like when when you're happy.
Baby I wanted to surprise you, but I stopped taking the pill.
How about we make a baby? - NINA: Massimo.
- At last.
- Happy to see you.
And you must be Carrie.
- Nice to meet you.
- Delighted to meet you, dear.
Why, even when I wear something serious, they're all still more serious than me.
DOMINIC: There we go.
- NINA: My husband - Dominic.
- Hi, John.
How are you? - Good.
You've bounced back just fine.
Massimo told me about your terrible appendicitis.
NINA: And our son John.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
Oh, no, thank you.
- No, thanks.
- Would you like one? Yes.
Have you got something non-alcoholic? WAITER: Yes, of course.
So, when do you leave for Bagram? In a few days.
MASSIMO: John enlisted in the Marines, and he's going to Afghanistan.
Really? Operation Enduring Freedom.
- It's kind of a rhetorical name, isn't it? - (CHUCKLING) Despite the name, I'm sure it won't take long.
We'll deal with it fast.
DOMINIC: They'll go in.
They get Bin Laden and come back.
For me, it's enough for him to come back.
Come, dear.
Let's get you a non-alcoholic drink.
You have such a beautiful home.
- Thank you.
When I married Massimo, we went to live in a studio.
You were lucky! NINA: This house was my family's.
They bought it after they fled the Stalinist regime in Poland.
- Oh, really? - But you know, my father was an aristocrat but just terrible with money.
Dominic bought it back for me as a wedding gift.
Marriages are like cocktails.
Select the right ingredients, and you get a masterpiece.
But choose the wrong ones, and you'll just get drunk.
There are the girls.
Let me introduce you.
This is Claire Stuart.
- Hi.
Nice to meet you.
- Hi.
Nice to meet you.
I'm pleased to see your wife is better.
She's been clean for months.
I want you to meet some special friends.
I've spoken to the board.
- The head of trading position is yours.
- (CHUCKLING) Thank you.
I can't tell you how grateful I am.
I'll give it my all.
What about Carrie? Will she help you give it your all? WOMAN: This Massimo, I heard he's Dominic's new protégé.
- What does Edward say? - Who? Trading? Edward doesn't talk about work at home.
WOMAN IN SHIRT: Have you seen the wife? CLAIRE: Come on, now.
Don't be mean.
She's an artist.
A failed one.
I saw her exhibition in Kensington.
You know, they closed it for lack of a buyer.
The person that owns the gallery, she's a friend of mine, and she told me that the only reason why they accepted her was because they thought that Massimo's friends would actually buy something.
CLAIRE: Massimo must only stay with her because she looks good on his arm.
- (DOOR OPENING) - Actually, he stays with me because, I give him first class blowjobs.
Would you ladies like a lesson? ♪ CARRIE: Stupid bitches.
(CLINKING) Carrie? Please excuse Claire.
It's a special situation.
It can't be just the pregnancy that's made her such a bitch.
I don't mean her pregnancy.
It's her husband.
He's such a deadly bore.
It'll be our little secret.
I saw her exhibition in Kensington.
They closed it That's James Sherman of the Treasury Department.
The woman? Margaret Cunningham, lobbyist.
She and the FED chairman mix it up at least once a month.
- And then the other two - They're our competition.
Fitzsimmons, he's CEO of RJ Investment Bank.
And the other one is Jean Duplessis, who runs a $10-million hedge fund.
Jean was CIA but wanted to make a bit more money in finance.
- Would you care for a drink? - No, thank you.
Thank you.
- Now, come on.
Let me introduce you.
- The British government has said that it will guarantee all Northern Rock deposits.
But here in England, we have nothing to be concerned about.
For now.
Good to see you.
DOMINIC: Massimo Ruggero, our new head of trading.
Dominic has talked a great deal about you.
- He trusts your talents considerably.
- Thank you so much.
JEAN: And you, John? What are your plans after Afghanistan? After your studies, come work for me.
The adrenaline rush of the floor - won't be the same as the war, but - No.
Finance isn't for me.
I'd, uh I'd rather stay in the military.
There are many ways to defend one's country.
John has made a decision to do it in person, and I'm extremely proud of him.
- To John.
- To John.
A courageous young man, - like his father, a true - CARRIE: Killer.
Enduring Freedom.
(CARRIE SNORTING) None of you gives a shit about freedom - or democracy.
- Carrie, stop.
With you, it's oil and money, anything but democracy.
You're all fucking imperialists.
- Let go of me! - You're drunk.
You think you can rule the world.
Well, the thing is, you are all fucked up.
So the world will be fucked up too.
Let's go, huh? - Come on.
I'll make you a nice coffee.
- I don't feel well.
Forgive me.
I'm so sorry.
(CARRIE VOMITING) Your lady friends got straight up my nose from the moment I got here.
They were all giving me dirty looks.
Not you.
You're nice.
I fucked up, didn't I? Do you love Massimo? And you want him to be happy? Yes.
But I just do everything wrong.
Then maybe the time has come to do the only right thing.
(CAR DOOR OPENING) (MASSIMO SIGHING) First, you want us to have a baby, and then you make a scene in front of some of the most important people in my career.
What the fuck is wrong with you? Oh, did I make you look bad in front of your little friends? - Afraid you won't get any more promotions.
- You're such an asshole.
You're the asshole! You and your friends.
I don't like the way they think, the way they talk, the way they dress, the way they live.
You know, I always believed that you weren't like them, that you were better.
But today, I finally got it.
Their world is your world, and you're happy in it.
I'm not.
So? Hey, look at me.
So I'm leaving you.
- You're totally toxic and off your head.
- No.
- So I don't want to - No! I am leaving you.
- You can keep your shitty world.
- Okay, you're right, fuck you! I'm I'm better off without you.
(DOOR OPENING) Let's talk about the speed at which markets are deteriorating.
Bear Sterns has been forced to seek the help of JP Morgan and the Fed with a twenty-eight day loan.
MAN ON TV: Seven minutes of trading this morning.
It was down more than 683 points.
Now, the Dow Jones index has just lost 40 percent.
- KALIM: Stop.
- WOMAN ON TV: We're red everywhere.
(TYPING) Stop fucking trading.
Listen to me, you damn algorithm.
WOMAN ON TV: The stock market is now down 21 percent.
MAN ON TV: So, we're now down 43 percent.
WOMAN ON TV: What in the world is happening on Wall Street? Bear Sterns has existed for nearly a century.
Up until a few months ago, it was worth well over 350 billion dollars.
MAN ON TV: Can't look at it after you buy it.
- This is so horrible.
- The crisis will die down.
No, honey.
It's just one.
Hey, you're the new guy.
Good luck.
The crisis will expand.
Fortunately, we've dumped our toxic paper, - so we are relatively in the clear.
- What about lines of credit with other banks? If those banks fail, they'll drag us down with them.
We'll get out of them.
Cut every line of credit with any other institution, even if it means sinking them.
Without mercy.
A crisis can be a fantastic opportunity to make money.
Meaning? We attack the weakest of the lot America.
MAN 1 ON TV: We're in the last days of this country surviving.
MAN 2 ON TV: From the financial capital of the world, the opening bell is going to ring - in five seconds, - and to be honest with you, we wish it wouldn't.
MARGARET: At the present time, the US is as secure as Pearl Harbor was the morning of December 7th, 1941.
I have no doubt that Uncle Sam will come along and nationalize it all.
SHERMAN: You've all just been greedy.
You've been inflating the bubble for years, in full view of the Fed, who just sat on their hands.
And now, you go whining to the government to bail you out? Pathetic.
If the scope of the disaster is what we're seeing in DC, You'll have to nationalize so many banks that our national debt will reach the stratosphere.
There are fewer and fewer buyers, and we are printing dollars at a feverish pace.
If the market calls our bluff, they'll switch to other safe havens raw materials, gold, even the Euro.
If the Chinese start investing in the Euro and the rating agencies downgrade us, then we are done for.
I I appreciate the heads-up.
(BEEPING) How do you remain so calm? I'm not calm, I'm looking for a solution.
What are you thinking? We need to divert the attention away from the problem.
- To do that, we should feed something to the markets.
- Mm.
Who do you intend to sacrifice? Europe.
The president and my boss won't buy it.
They intend to help Europe.
The president should make America his first priority.
- If you want to distract the markets - Mm.
you ought to start by distracting your own people, don't you think? They were warning me.
From your own trading sector.
Someone is shorting the US Treasury.
One of your own people has already smelled blood.
This is for you.
- Thank you.
When Tokyo opens, more shorts against the Treasury.
- Yeah? - Final push.
- Beautiful.
Let's get this done with.
- Oh, yeah.
Okay, very good.
Very, very good.
I sometimes forget you're Italian.
- (CHUCKLING) - Do you mind? Of course not.
Your father must be proud of you all your achievements.
We haven't spoken in 10 years, so I don't know.
I've been told you've been shorting the US debt.
I didn't know you were checking on me.
That's not what I told you to do.
I merely did what you taught me to do follow the smell of blood, attack the weakest, and make money.
And at the moment, the weakest beast of all is the US.
Just go back - and block the shorts.
- Wh what's this? Keeping US debt on our books as some kind of patriotism, or The Federal Reserve will start printing.
The US debt will be financed.
- End of story.
- (SIGHING) It's precisely because they're going to start printing.
The dollar won't hold, and not only that, the US national debt will be downgraded.
We're not talking about just any currency.
The US dollar will go back to being a safe haven.
It's untouchable.
I don't buy dogma.
And I don't buy that you don't know your place.
Yes, it is.
♪ Hm.
No, thank you for calling me personally.
(BEEPING) Are you okay? Afghanistan.
John's platoon has been ambushed.
♪ He's dead.
♪ (BIRDS CHIRPING) Alex checked.
Nina didn't come here.
Oh, yes, she did.
DOMINIC: Forget-me-nots.
Nina's favourite.
She brings them every year.
- I have another idea.
- DOMINIC: What is it? Your cottage.
- We haven't been there in years.
- I took Nina there once.
Let's try.
Auntie Nina, why are we here? (SEAGULLS CALLING) (LAUGHING) ♪ (JOHN LAUGHING) ♪ (GUNS FIRING) DOMINIC: Nina? Come downstairs.
We can have breakfast, go for a walk.
- John wouldn't want you to - Don't even try it.
You never cared what John wanted.
Do you know why he enlisted? Because of September 11th, because he wanted to do something for his country, just like every other kid his age.
Have you ever heard of any sons of people like us killed in an ambush? Have you? That only makes me prouder of John's decision.
He went there because he felt you didn't think he was good enough.
John saw how you were with people you really admire and love the way you are with Massimo.
I'm going to work.
Could you come and get me, please? I need to go somewhere.
I can't face it alone.
♪ ♪ You can't see anything from here.
We have to go farther out, up there, to see the pups.
♪ There.
See them? The mothers come to give birth here, to keep the pups safe.
They travel very far, risking their lives because that's what mothers do.
♪ I always brought John here on his birthday.
Each time, he was afraid that the pups wouldn't be here anymore.
But then a little head would pop up, and he would be so happy.
(JOHN'S LAUGHTER ECHOING FAINTLY) If I close my eyes, I can still hear him laughing.
Let's go.
You look better.
You were right, as always.
I think I just needed to go out.
I ran into Massimo in town.
Where'd you go? Chelsea, to that restaurant I love, and then we went for a stroll.
Such a terrible time for us.
Thank you.
MASSIMO: Don't worry.
See you tomorrow.
♪ (CHILDREN LAUGHING) - JULIETTE: The seal is amazing.
- NINA: Mm-hmm.
JULIETTE: Uncle Dominic, look what we found! And we saw seals, too.
JULIETTE: Uncle Dominic, look what we found! I phoned, you know.
When John decided to volunteer for Afghanistan I called the Secretary of Defence to get him assigned to a safe post.
I'm not the purist Nina imagines I am.
But then John found out, blocked me from doing anything.
Why didn't you tell her? - She thought you had done nothing to save him.
- I know.
But she needed someone to blame.
Everybody does.
♪ Why didn't you answer the phone? - Claire was on the verge of calling the police.
- I'm sorry.
I guess I just needed to hear children laugh again.
And did you? Yes.
But it was different.
I finally accepted that I won't hear John's ever again.
When John was little, we were so happy here.
Yes, we were.
Thank you.
DOMINIC: She fell asleep right away, without a sleeping pill for the first time in ages.
Mmm, no.
You should join me.
(FIRE CRACKLING) You know what Nina used to criticize me for? Being prouder of you than I was of John.
It's true.
I would have preferred if John had been more like you even after you fucked my wife.
(BREATHING HEAVILY) Did you really think I didn't know? My relationship with Nina is deeper than sex.
She needed you.
We needed you, and ironically, you saved our marriage.
And you destroyed mine.
Why didn't you tell me you knew Carrie was in America, in prison? - You hired that lawyer and - Mm.
used him to keep tabs on her.
- Why? - I hired Trevor - so I could protect you from that madwoman.
- I didn't need your protection.
Oh, come on, Massimo.
You knew Carrie would ruin your career.
Otherwise, you wouldn't have let her go.
I remember your face at the party.
You didn't just want to be the new head of trading.
You wanted to be one of us, whatever the cost.
Such ambition is nothing to be ashamed of.
It's why I chose you.
But betrayal? No.
I know about the VaR, Massimo.
I have proof your team tampered with it.
♪ So? What? Are you sacking me? You're gonna suffer the consequences.
(FOOTSTEPS RECEDING) ♪ MASSIMO: They say that Lucifer the most shining of all the angels (SIREN WAILING) (HORN HONKING) (BUZZING) was God's favourite that God loved him more than all the other angels.
Yet when he found out that Lucifer had broken his rules he was pitiless.
With his entire host of demons, he cast Lucifer into hell.

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