Devils (2020) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

1 MASSIMO: My mind races at night, looking for a way out of the darkness.
I think of all the paths I could have taken, the signals I could have seen, but didn't.
The roads before me are infinite.
But no matter which I choose, it leads to the same place.
♪ (CLATTERING) ♪ - Good morning.
- Morning.
You do know that a kitchen is for cooking, right? Uh yeah, I read that somewhere.
- Where is the coffee? - Over here.
Um, if I were you, I wouldn't risk it, but - I think it's okay.
- Okay.
(SIGHING) You were right about Dominic.
He had one of his lawyers get Carrie out of prison.
How do you know? He admitted it.
He said he was trying to protect me.
You believe him? Do you think he murdered Edward? You need to watch your back.
He could be following you.
They might have followed you here.
- They didn't.
- Are you sure about that? So, what are you going to do? The papers with Ed's notes, I need them.
- The police impounded them.
- I know, but it's the only way I will find out why he was killed.
I have to go.
At one a.
this morning, the city of London Police were contacted by UBS.
Kweku Adoboli was arrested earlier this morning.
MALE REPORTER: The last thing the city needed was allegations of a rogue trader.
♪ He'd rather stay at his old school, that's all.
Tyrone's old school is crap and dangerous.
Yeah, well, his new one is bloody expensive.
Yeah, there's no point in having money if you don't spend it, Toy.
Yeah, well, you've been spending a lot of it lately.
Now, what's more important than taking care of my little brother? I love you, Oliver Harris.
Yeah? I'm rather fond of you, too, still.
(LAUGHING) One second.
I've just got to top up my Oyster.
(BEEPING) FEMALE REPORTER: Good morning, sir.
(CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKING) You all right? Yeah.
Let's go.
♪ (ENGINE REVVING) (REPORTERS CHATTERING) ♪ (BUZZING) (BUZZING) There's something uh, something wrong with this, uh Would you please come with me? Is there is there some kind of a problem? Just come with me.
♪ - So so what's this about? - GUARD: Just wait here with the others.
You guys see the news this morning? Some guy at UBS got busted for hiding risky trades.
- ELEANOR: Yes, we saw.
- We did the same damn thing.
KALIM: Just relax.
We'll find out - sooner or later.
- Yeah, yeah, right.
The most they will do is send you packing.
I'm the one who placed that Raspberry.
They could arrest me.
I'd be on the news.
You're not important enough to make the news.
It's Massimo they'd hang in public, and the rest of us will swing behind him.
Anyone care to guess why we're here? Because we messed with the VaR? I knew you were bright, Oliver.
How the hell did they find out? It was a trap and you fell for it.
Who set the trap? You four, come with me.
What the hell are you doing here? Chris will be stepping up to serve as my new Deputy CEO.
Thank you, Eleanor.
Paul McGinnan will be our new Head of Trading.
KALIM: Massimo's Head of Trading.
- Paul doesn't even work at this bank.
- Paul's been reinstated.
Massimo was the Head of Trading.
Effectively immediately, he will be back on the floor.
Any questions? Yeah, um what the fuck? Um, what Kalim means is, Paul is a good trader.
But he's nowhere near as good as Massimo.
- Nobody bloody is.
- Now, I think you heard Mr.
So, we're not being sacked? Not at the moment, but the day is young, Mr.
Will you leave us? Why not just sack me? So you can cash in somewhere else? You think I won't just quit? If you do I will prosecute.
- I've done nothing.
- Your team has.
Why are you doing this? Why am I doing this? You leave me no choice.
You pulled one stunt after another.
Did you really expect me - to turn a blind eye - from this shit.
You're gonna go out there, you're gonna make me some money.
In time you'll get your job back.
(BEEPING) (BUZZING) - Nick? - NICK: Hey, Sofia.
FEMALE REPORTER: crimes like this could happen again, as bankers are under pressure REPORTER 2: How bad is the situation on the European market? (SPEAKING FOREIGN LANGUAGE) - Hi, Sof.
- Hey, Nat.
MALE REPORTER: the future for the next generation.
That UBS story is all over the place.
You've been a busy bee.
So have you, it seems.
Turn that off.
- One has to admire your dedication - Shut up, okay? Don't keep your fucking computer on when you're doing something like that.
You of all people ought to know that.
So, what now? Well, it seems our Italian friend finally trusts you.
I think he does.
Then, I'd say it's time to reel him in.
Yes, but I think we need to give him what he needs first.
I, um, I hope you know I didn't want to take your place.
It was the only way I could get my job back, and I needed a job after you fired me.
Well, good luck, Paul.
Look, I know I'm not half the trader you are.
Everyone knows that.
Would you say something? Leave him be, he needs some time.
Oliver! REPORTER 3: a spokesperson talked about capitalizing What? I'm just, uh scared shitless they're going to turn me in.
You should have thought of that before.
Yeah, I know, I just been under a lot of pressure, - my little brother changes - I don't give a fuck about your brother.
- I'll just I'll just get back to work.
- Yeah, you do that.
REPORTER 4: which is one of the charges that turned Duval into a fugitive, right? Insider trading.
MAN: The charge of revealing state secrets is far more serious, which is why the US, the UK, Germany and Switzerland have all issued warrants for his arrest.
- You all right, Massimo? - Fine.
I have another job for you.
Well, you know me.
I like to be kept busy.
I want you to tell me everything you can about a Subterranea activist called Sofia Flores.
Sofia Flores.
All right.
I'm on it.
Well, you don't look happy to see me.
I wasn't expecting you, that's all.
I'll be quick then.
Did Dominic send you? I heard about what happened and I'm sorry, but no, I wanted to see you.
Why? Because this war between you needs to end before you do something you'll regret.
You're being manipulated.
Just like Dominic manipulates everyone.
I know you think he made Carrie leave you.
But it was me who told her to.
I did it for you.
I don't want to hear this.
And do you know why your wife listened to me? - Because she loved you.
- Uh, I I She left you because she knew it was better for you - to remain with Dominic.
- The fuck are you talking about? And why the fuck are you telling me this now? So you can move forward.
Just like I had to.
Your wife is dead.
My son is dead.
But we must go on.
- Together.
- You better go.
What does he want in return? You'd become his eyes and ears inside NYL.
So, you think I'm now willing to spy for an anarchist group? Dominic demoted you this morning.
Word travels fast.
He must know you're a risk to him.
He could have sacked you.
(CLINKING) You need those files.
It's a deal.
I'll tell him.
On one condition: I need to meet him face to face.
What for? I'm going to trust this man with my life.
So, I just want to know who I'm dealing with.
You're asking a lot.
So is he.
(CLAMOURING) BALE: Quiet! Quiet! Back of the queue, please.
Listen up and do what I tell you or your file will never be opened.
First, you need to take a number for the queue.
The machine is over there.
Second, when your number is called, go to the agent and explain your case.
Is that clear? MAN: Yes! I should have thought your visa was in order, Mr.
I need to speak to you.
I've been demoted and reassigned because of you.
I didn't mean for that to happen.
I'm sorry.
Just say what you want to say and get out.
You were right.
- Ed Stuart didn't kill himself.
- Thank you.
- But I knew that already.
- But it wasn't me, and I need your help to find out who.
- Do I look like someone that can help? - The papers with Ed's notes, I need to see them.
BALE: Ed Stuart's handwriting? Massimo Ruggero.
Massimo Ruggero.
Massimo Ruggero.
Massimo Ruggero.
You got bottle, I'll give you that.
Get the papers and I'll give you something in exchange.
- Or rather, someone.
- Not interested.
Daniel Duval.
Nab him and you've got your job back.
Maybe even a promotion.
How do you have access to Daniel Duval? I'm sleeping with his associate.
So, now, you stab her in the back.
Daniel Duval in exchange for that file.
I spoke to Duval.
He'll meet you.
I'm to call you tonight with a time and place.
Works for me.
I guess we're officially on the same side now.
I guess we are.
FEMALE REPORTER: He messed with the wrong people and got himself into some serious shit.
With all economic factors indicating the US is heading for a prolonged recession, some experts are suggesting - ELEANOR: Where have you been all morning? - Paul's got me in the freezer.
- Freezer? - Yeah, High Frequency Trading room.
These new servers are so powerful, they have to keep them at two degrees.
And he gave me Southern Europe: stagnant and depressed.
Hasn't given me anything.
You think that's a bad sign? Undoubtedly.
You're screwed.
- Bad.
- Mr.
Harris? You're wanted in Mr.
Morgan's office immediately.
Mr Mr.
Morgan? What for? Mr.
Morgan does not like to wait.
Come on, then.
Yeah, well, in theory, a single currency favours investments, lower interest rate, better competition Like the dollar does for the United States.
The euro is not the dollar.
The Eurozone has neither fiscal nor political unity.
California has the seventh largest economy in the world.
If it went bankrupt, US government would come in and bail it out.
Spain, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Ireland, all have smaller economies than California.
But then this shit happened.
Who's going to come in and bail them out? But the euro is popular.
People think that it levels the playing field with the Americans.
The euro and European unity are dogma.
It can be challenged, perception can be changed.
The question is how? Well? Do you realise the combined salaries of everybody in this room? I'm just looking for one goddamn answer to explain to people why these countries are worthless pieces of crap.
Harris? Now is your chance to explain why Massimo thinks you're such a hotshot.
♪ - (MUMBLING) - Yeah, go ahead.
♪ - "PIGS".
- MAN: What? Portugal Ireland Greece Spain.
All these countries with disgusting amounts of debt, with sloppy public accounts.
- "PIGS".
- (GRUNTING) Well, I mean, for a start, you've left out Italy.
"PIIGS" with a with a double I.
- I don't get it.
- Sorry, calling them PIIGS, doesn't make them pigs.
In the court of public opinion, it just might.
Oliver you are a bit of a hotshot, aren't you? Okay, can you get Paul an internal report on PIIGS by the end of the day, will you? Yeah, sure.
Let's go.
Let's get back to work, please.
(CHUCKLING) All right.
Very good.
How soon can you meet? My place, half an hour.
I'll see you then.
Here you go, boys.
All right? Hey, Sam.
Vic! What are you doin' here? - I just got a little tired of shouting at people.
- Eh.
Gotta come back here and say hi to some friendly faces.
Yeah, well, it's always good to see your pretty face but I am finishing my shift.
Oh, give me a moment before you go, will you Sam? - What's up? - I just need a quick peek at the evidence in the Stuart case.
I'm sorry.
You know the rules, and you're not working that case anymore.
It's just a piece of paper I forgot to photocopy before I left.
Copying evidence that's a little bit irregular.
I guess you've forgotten about that little irregularity of yours I overlooked last year.
Just a few grams were missing, and it was just that once.
I'm clean now, Vic.
I swear.
- I'm going straight.
- If I'd cited the rules back then, Sam, you'd have lost your job.
Seems your little Miss Flores has been monitored by our friends at Interpol, mainly due to involvement with Subterranea.
MASSIMO: And? - Got a drink? - MASSIMO: Oh, yes.
Shot of whiskey? Better make it two.
You're going to need one as well when you hear this bird's story.
It's a thick file.
Where do you want me to begin? - How about the beginning? - Fair enough.
Both her parents were killed in a car accident in Buenos Aires when she was 7 years old.
After that, she was cared for by her brother Ramiro.
He had a small leather factory.
Until 2001.
Ramiro went bankrupt.
No! TERENCE: Leaving Sofia to a life on the street.
Told you it was a sob story.
How did she get by? TERENCE: Same way a lot of girls do when they're desperate.
That's how she met Daniel Duval.
Duval was an economist at the time, in Buenos Aires for a conference.
His marriage had just fallen apart and he'd lost his tenure at an Ivy League college.
MASSIMO: How old was she? TERENCE: Sixteen, maybe seventeen.
MASSIMO: He took her to bed? No idea.
Only Duval started Subterranea, whilst paying for Sofia to go to university, where she graduated with top marks.
Since then, they've travelled the world, targeting bankers and hedge fund managers.
They've got their sights on you now.
Can I take these with me? - Sure.
- MASSIMO: Okay.
(KNOCKING) Come in.
Here's the report Mr.
Morgan asked for on the on the PIIGS.
Did you make it look good and sloppy? Very sloppy, sir.
Very dirty.
Right! Come on, let's get a drink.
What? Now? It's it's only 5 o'clock.
Should have just about enough time.
Time for what? I've told my clients we're shorting the Spanish banks.
- And? - They're holding firm.
We'll see.
Once the banks start falling, your smarter clients will jump in and then the others will too.
- So we keep shorting? - Uh, yes.
Where is Kalim? In the freezer.
Get him up here for me, yes? As soon as you can please.
- All right.
- Thank you.
FEMALE REPORTER: He messed with the wrong people and got himself into some serious shit.
FEMALE REPORTER: With all economic factors indicating the US is heading for a prolonged recession, some experts are suggesting the government should stop dumping all its money into an enormous hole.
- (ELEVATOR DOORS CLINKING) - Is it time to close the national (EXHALING SHARPLY) - Massimo - Hi.
Thank God you called.
I was turning into an ice cube.
It's freezing in there.
I need you to pull some old files.
I I'm not sure they were ever digitized.
- All right.
Which ones? - On the Banco De Rosa failure, in Argentina, in 2001.
Oh, yeah, I remember that like the back of my hand.
- Oh, you do? - KALIM: Small bank, five billion dollars in assets, one of three that came down like dominoes on March the 7th, 2001.
Pretty sure it was a Wednesday.
How do you remember it so clearly? - Massimo, you really don't remember, do you? - What? We bought all the non-performing assets of Banco De Rosa.
It was your idea.
We bought all the non-performing assets of the Mercorsur bloc banks, and made a killing, a killing doing it, too.
(SHOUTING INDISTINCTLY) ♪ We strangled the borrowers.
KALIM: Shit happens, man.
But it was beautiful.
♪ We made 500 million dollars.
Rivers of Champagne flowing at Turnmills.
All the trading floor came out dancing.
♪ And you got that bonus from Dominic, that brand new Porsche.
You remember that one? Yes.
(SIGHING) I don't know about you two, - but I could use a drink.
- I certainly could.
Massimo, what do you say? - I think we owe you one.
- I've got some work to do here.
- ELEANOR: Let's go.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
- Come on.
All right.
(MAN SPEAKING IN SPANISH:) Emma, she who must be obeyed.
Back together now.
How long, I have no fucking idea.
Have you got a partner? Yeah, I've got a girl.
PAUL: Latoyah is a lovely name.
Be nice to her, yeah? Hmm, you know you were lucky with this today.
You're far from home free.
Okay? Yeah, sure.
I'm not under any illusions.
Right, I'm going to go drain the lizard.
See you in a bit.
Don't hang about with this guy.
You can get a criminal record.
Potato Head.
Brown-nosing the new boss, - are we? - If it weren't for Massimo, you'd still be taking other people's exams at uni.
If it weren't for you two, Massimo would still have a job.
- Well, if it weren't for - Oh, come on.
Just ignore him.
You remember my former partner, DS Winks? Mr.
You have the file? You'll get it when we have Duval.
We appreciate your public service, Mr.
Ruggero, helping to bring two fugitives to justice.
Two? Yes, if your girlfriend was helping him to hide, she's an accessory.
They'll both be behind bars for a very long time.
Feels good, doesn't it? Being on the right side of the law? For once.
♪ You really get him that case file he asked for? I got it.
How? Don't ask.
♪ WINKS: If he gets us Duval, you really going to give it to him? We'll see.
And if he doesn't get us Duval? We're already in the shit.
If he doesn't, we just stay in the shit.
(PHONE VIBRATING) ♪ The address has changed, Bankside Pier.
♪ (BEEPING) - (ENGINE REVVING) - (TIRES SCREECHING) - What the fuck is he doing?! - Speeding! Go! - Go! - Come on, get out of the fucking way.
Don't lose him, Henry! Come on, come on, come on! He's he's there! (ENGINE REVVING) It's going to be hard to keep up in this car.
♪ Come on, come on, come on! - Hey.
- He's waiting for us on board.
- What? - You gotta get out of here.
What? - What are you talking about? - The police are coming.
They were going to give me the CDO in exchange for Duval.
I'm so sorry.
Now, you have to go.
I'm sorry.
- Now, go.
- Don't fucking touch me.
♪ What are you doing? And where's Duval? He didn't show up.
What do you mean he didn't show up? I'm sorry.
But I need those documents, really.
Well, maybe you should have kept your part of the bargain.
Come on, Henry.
Back to the shit.
♪ Fuck.
(BEEPING) DUVAL: You really need to invest in a better alarm system.
I could call the police.
But you already did that this morning when you paid a visit to Detective Bale at the immigration centre.
You weren't even on that boat, right? You know, we're a lot alike, you and I.
We're nothing alike.
Oh, I used to be an economist, consultant to multinational corporations.
- Oh, really? - Yeah, our thing was that we'd identify some underdeveloped country who had something of value, like gold and rubber, even.
Then, I would persuade that country to take up huge development loans through the World Bank.
Only, the money never reached the country itself.
Instead it went to my real clients: contractors.
So, basically, we took their money and they were left with massive debts.
And after that, I mean taking their resources was like taking candy from children, really.
I was a hitman, an economic hitman.
I killed people without ever touching a gun.
- I don't kill people.
- Oh, but you do Massimo.
You do.
People like Sofia's brother.
You see, you're nothing but a pawn in a rigged game, where the poor get poorer and the rich get super rich.
This bubble is going to explode sooner than you think.
And when it does, you'll want to be on the right side.
How many men have you had Sofia fuck for the cause? How many m what do you mean, how many ? As far as I know, she slept with you because she wanted to.
But maybe that's just too human for you to understand.
You know how to get in touch.
It's the largest unauthorized trading loss in British history and another scoop for Subterranea, the controversial underground group founded by Daniel Duval.
According to the group's founder, Subterranea's goal is to bring to light unethical actions by governments, banks and corporations.
MAN ON TV: It's a confidential report, an internal study from NYL, one of the City's largest banks.
HOST ON TV: So, what are the so-called "P-I-I-G-S", PIIGS? Largely, they're the countries of Southern Europe: Portugal, Ireland, Greece, Spain, plus Italy.
Insiders in the financial sector consider them - "pigs to the slaughter".
- That's my report.
HOST: Why are they thought of as "pigs to the slaughter"? MAN: Because these countries have really bad fundamentals.
and they're sucking the economies of Northern Europe dry.
wasting your time.
- You'll be doing things you don't like doing - (PHONE RINGING) in order to go on living, that is to go on doing things you don't like doing.
You should be watching the news, Margaret.
Oh? Something good, I hope.
Someone leaked our confidential report to the press.
Everybody's talking about the PIIGS.
Well done.
But I have some news of my own, and it's not so good.
- Tell me.
- Standard & Poor's is going to downgrade US debt.
They're taking away Treasury's triple A.
They wouldn't dare.
We have to move forward sooner than we planned, and this administration will not help us.
Our friend at Rheinthaler Bank is not gonna be happy.
We've wasted enough time coddling that cry-baby.
I'll take care of it.
Thank you, Dom.
I knew you would.
Money ♪ Money ♪ Money ♪ Money ♪ Money ♪ Money ♪ Money ♪ (DOORBELL CHIMING) MAN ON NEWS: has in the past and is still now a big shock absorber for the economy.
(MEN ON TV CHATTERING) (SIGHING) I didn't think I'd see you again.
Why didn't you do it? Why didn't you just Why didn't you just go through with it? Because I think that I still need you to work for me.
Well, I just did.
I took care of your mess.
(DOOR CLOSING) This is Edward Stuart's? Mm-hmm.
(EXHALING DEEPLY) How did you get it? I broke into Detective Bale's flat.
She'll know it's missing.
- Shit happens.
- Yes.
Let's work on this.
They fostered the idea the crisis was the bad PIIGS.
You know the PIIGS? Who the PIIGS are? (WOMAN SPEAKING FOREIGN LANGUAGE) (MAN SPEAKING FOREIGN LANGUAGE) The notion of Eurobonds has strong support from the so-called PIIGS countries.
They are comprised of Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain.
- Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece, Spain, we are all PIIGS.

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