Devils (2020) s01e07 Episode Script

Episode 7

1 Better the devil you know they say.
But when the devil knows you, the blackness threatens to envelop you.
To swallow you whole.
No matter where you turn, there is only more blackness.
You cannot run from the Devil any more than you can run from yourself.
Where's Ma? There she is! - Hey, you! - It's so sweet of you to come all this way.
- We wouldn't miss it.
- It's our pleasure.
- Mr.
and Mrs.
Morgan! - How are you? - Happy birthday! - Happy birthday! Come! Here, happy birthday.
I hope you like it.
Look at that! Oh, my gosh! Look at that! New York Yankees.
- Where's Hans? - Look what I got! Well, something's bothering him.
He didn't sleep all night.
Now he's with Karl down by the lake.
- Honey, would you talk with him? - Yes.
Excuse me.
- It's so nice.
- Nice to see you, too.
Coming to the party? Mr.
Becker needs some time alone.
If my book was underwater, I'd need time alone, too.
I know you sunk billions into high-yield bonds, and now you're sitting on a pile of toxic assets.
The bank is ruined.
I'm going to lose everything.
There could still be a turnaround if land values rebounded.
That's not gonna happen.
You're screwed.
At least you would be, if it weren't for NYL.
I'm prepared to offer you a lifeline.
- What sort of lifeline? - Liquidity, so you can get through this storm.
Out of the goodness of your heart? That's a fair question.
All I ask in return is that you continue being friends.
As you always have been.
Come on.
Let's go back to the party.
Zum Geburtstag viel Glück, ♪ Zum Geburtstag liebe Jurgen, ♪ Zum Geburtstag viel Glück.
♪ In today's reality check, why are the PIIGS of Europe causing such a stink? Their financial situation makes us look like Goldman Sachs.
I don't kill people.
Oh, but you do, Massimo.
You do.
People like Sofia's brother.
So, what? What did I miss? I've been through his documents.
Did you find anything? Have a look yourself.
There've got to be millions of dollars hidden in there.
Not millions, billions.
This fund is worth 52 billion euros.
That's motive enough to kill someone.
It could be, but this is just a standard synthetic CDO.
It's an obligation with debt as collateral.
It's complicated.
I know perfectly what's a CDO.
And I also know perfectly well that you use it to sell your shit.
Oh, yes? - Yes.
- Come on.
So, it's like, hm It's a little like when you have something that's going off, - like flour or eggs - Mm-hm.
but you don't want to pitch it out.
So, what do you do? You make a cake.
You lump it all together.
But you're not stupid.
So, you top it off with some nice frosting and pretty decorations, Triple A securities, that makes it all seem just great, yummy! Right? The catch is when it comes to cut the cake and you find toxic stuff inside.
Like in 2008.
Sub-prime mortgages.
- Very good.
- Very nice.
However, this particular cake isn't toxic.
Look at the yield.
Never a late payment or default.
Rheinthaler Bank are paying us $250 million a month.
If Ed Stuart was behind this deal, he should have been proud of it.
So, why did he hide it? I don't know, but Dominic must.
You were right.
It's a synthetic CDO.
$2 billion worth.
- Through Rheinthaler Bank? - Looks like it.
Ned, please.
And, uh, Massimo? Does he still - trust you? - Yeah.
I think he does.
- Jeremy, can I offer you a drink? - Yeah, shut the door, please.
You heard about Standard & Poor's downgrading Treasury.
Margaret Cunningham called me yesterday.
And what the fuck are you gonna do about it, Dominic? This was your plan.
Yes, I'm gonna proceed, just as you and the Board agreed.
So everything is going fine, according to you? I gather your concerned about my strategy.
I think that name calling in the press might be amusing to some people, but I would hardly call it a strategy.
What can I do to alleviate your anxiety? Well, why don't you start by telling me about Hans Becker? He's on board.
That's not what I hear.
We have an agreement and he will honour it when the time comes.
That's what you said about Ed Stuart, isn't it? How's the investigation into his death, by the way? Done.
End of story.
- End of story, huh? - Mm-hm.
Well, investigations can always be reopened.
You know, there's something that I don't understand.
- Having a hard time getting my head around.
- Mm-hm.
Your obsession with protecting Massimo Ruggero.
He's our top trader, as you know.
He's a consensus maker.
Yesterday he shorted the Spanish banks and made a profit of over 200 million dollars.
He's a loose cannon.
He's brilliant.
He's an undisciplined child, who sometimes needs to be sat in a corner.
You're the global CEO.
I trust that you will judge me not on your fears, but on my results when the time comes.
Massimo? - What time is it? - I want you, Eleanor, and Oliver in the freezer.
I want you, Eleanor, and Oliver in the freezer.
Hey, you okay? Yeah, just running late.
Tyrone overslept.
- Again? - Mm-hm.
Remember, you're taking him to school today.
It's my shift at the hospital.
Oh, yeah, yeah.
Um, - Toy do you think - Don't even think about asking.
Ty! Come on, we gotta go now! Come in, man.
What are you doing? Huh, what's this? Stupid uniform.
All my friends are laughing at me.
Yeah, well then they're not your friends, are they? Look, it's a much better school, no? Hm? Do your laces.
Don't! What the actual fuck? Give it back.
- What are you carrying this for? - It's not mine.
Then whose is it? It's a friend's.
- He didn't want to get caught with it.
- Which friend? Look at me! Do you know what this could have been used for? Hm? You think I don't understand? You think I ain't been through this? You're better than this! Wake up.
What's going on? We need to get off this estate.
Whatever it takes.
None of this leaves this room.
Understand? This was found among Ed's belongings after he died.
How did you get it? It's better you don't know.
Looks like some kind of ledger, synthetic CDOs.
$52 billion signed in my name.
Is that a problem? Apart from the fact that I didn't sign it.
What, someone forged your digital signature? - Apparently.
- Have the assets tanked? On the surface no, For they're founded, but then I looked deeper, back to the first pay date, October 2009.
In the hour leading up to a $250 million dividend.
- Look what happens.
- NYL pay out other transactions.
- Amounting to? - $250 million.
Every month, the same day, the same amount.
Every fucking month.
NYL is moving money in and out, and apparently nobody gains anything.
No way that's a coincidence.
I need you to find where that money is coming from and who it's going to.
Do you think this has something to do with why Ed was murdered? You haven't uttered a word since you got up this morning.
Jeremy Stonehouse was here last night.
He's worried about Hans.
- So are you.
- He's also worried about Massimo.
He thinks you should have taken Massimo out when you had the chance.
I'm keeping him caged at the moment.
A man like Massimo, he'll find a way out, one way or the other.
And then? I'll do what I have to do.
Now the problem is if you're one of the PIIGS countries, you can't borrow for any money because ultimately you are essentially no longer a welcome member of the borrower's club! Where is Oliver? - I don't know.
I texted him.
- Just as well he didn't come.
Why do you say that? He spent all his time yesterday brown-nosing Paul.
We saw the two of them together at the club drinking.
Let's keep this between the three of us.
Overseas now, to Greece.
Banks shuttered, ATMs running out of cash, and now Sorry.
I had to take Tyrone to his new school.
Um, what did I miss? Some new talk about Greece.
Nothing much.
Massimo, I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you.
I will never forget that.
Much appreciated.
How long was he following me? Since you left his flat.
You could have told me - before I got this fucking - You could have noticed.
You're getting sloppy, Sofia.
I got Massimo onside, haven't I? Massimo's not on anybody's side but his own.
Neither are you.
Excuse me? Now, we are on the same side, aren't we? Yes.
I'm just a little bit strung out, okay? We're so close.
Do you think that CDO was the reason why Ed Stuart was killed? You just stick like glue to Massimo until he finds out for us.
You think you can do that? Without losing focus? Mm-hm? Mr.
Morgan, I've tried all of Mr.
Becker's personal lines, but none of them pick up.
Keep trying.
Come on in.
- Hey.
- Can you close the door? Nice work on the Spanish banks yesterday.
- Thank you.
- I have another job for you.
I want you to build up a position on Rheinthaler Bank.
They're our partner.
Why do you want to move against them? Their position is unsustainable.
That's what we do with partner banks, we sustain them.
Not this time.
So, why don't you get your new Head of Trading to do it? He's not you.
You're looking to cripple the Germans.
Nina's downstairs.
Care to join us for lunch? I'd better get to work on this.
Let me know how you get on.
What have you got? The pattern is that $250 million gets taken out of various offshore accounts each month.
Where financial transparency goes to die.
By a stroke of luck, they were incorporated by the same legal firm.
They all ended up getting routed through Cyprus to the British Virgin Islands.
Recognize the name? Campbell Rodriguez.
We use them, too.
So we got into their accounts department an hour ago and they confirmed the ultimate beneficiary.
Guess who? - Rheinthaler Bank? - They're siphoning off the money only to send it back to themselves.
It's kind of a carousel, but no one's making any profit out of it.
It gets even stranger.
He just ordered me to short them.
But RB is our partner bank.
Exactly what I said.
Month after month for years, there's no way we're just dead.
Senior management both in Germany and London must be in on this.
Then Dominic should know about it.
A deal like this needs to have significant physical collateral.
- Get this shredded.
- Right away.
I need you to track down the underlying assets.
We already tried, but we hit a dead end.
Whatever asset, property or even activity they put as collateral, it's extremely well hidden.
I think I know a way to find it.
Detective Bale.
I hope I'm not disturbing you, Mrs.
Not at all.
But I thought your investigation was closed.
Something new's come up.
Could I have a minute of your time? Hey! Nice shoes! You see the FT this morning? I did, yeah.
Someone must have leaked your report on the PIIGS.
Not someone.
Morgan would like to see you now.
No, no, not you.
Just him.
That was across the hotel.
I remember that 'cause Princess Margaret one please keep one's fans quiet, because one cannot sleep.
Uh, about the Financial Times this morning If we asked them to write about the PIIGS, they wouldn't, but leak the press an internal report, they can't help themselves.
Please, sit down.
I see.
You proved your value to us yesterday, Oliver.
I hope you go on proving it.
Thank you, sir.
So would I.
You must be grateful to Massimo.
Without him, you wouldn't have this job.
I am.
I'm very grateful.
He's changed your life, hasn't he? Yeah, yes.
He's a good boss, Massimo.
It must have been difficult for you to demote him.
It's for his own good, and temporary, I hope.
Which is why I need your help.
What can I do? Be my eyes and ears on the floor.
- Are you asking me to-to spy? - Not at all, but I'm in a glass box up here, and I need to know what Massimo's team is doing, so they don't get into trouble.
Uh, Mr.
Morgan, I'm no snitch.
Of course you're not.
You're loyal to them, and I'm loyal to you.
Sir? I know you planted the device.
We have it on tape.
But I'm going to take care of you, and you're going to take care of me.
Because this is your family now, and family always comes first.
Have a good day, Oliver.
Thank you.
How are you doing? Hm? Come in.
What was the detective doing here? She said there are some new developments about Ed's death.
Developments? She didn't say.
She just wanted to know more about some of Ed's files.
What files? The ones I already gave the police weeks ago.
Nina! Nina! Hello! Come! Come! Here, the collateral assets you couldn't find.
- Where did you get this? - You don't want to know.
Does Duval know about it? You asked me not to tell him.
I had a look.
They all seem valuable enough assets to cover the CDO.
This is the one with the higher value.
This is it.
The Novareni nuclear power plant.
Someone's using it as collateral for the money being cycled through the Rheinthaler Bank CDO.
There's nothing here about who operates the plant or who owns it since Moldova left the Soviet Union in '91.
No, the files have been scrubbed.
I want to look at it myself.
- I need to catch a flight.
- What for? This may explain why Ed Stuart was killed.
- Okay, let's go.
- It's better I go alone.
You wouldn't even know about this place if it weren't for me.
And I'm grateful, truly, but it's too dangerous.
- Oh, is it? - Yeah.
Massimo? I'm going to be out of town for a day or two.
Cover for me.
Where are you going? Moldova.
I need you to get me anything you can find on the Novareni nuclear power plant.
What's happening? Today I took your wife to see Ed Stuart's widow.
That police woman was there, Vicky Bale.
She's asking questions about the CDO.
They might be making a connection to the death.
They might not be the only ones.
Bring down the amount of interest 7.
5 billion euros worth of Italian bonds set Overnight flight to Moldova.
I booked the seat next to yours.
- The fuck are you doing here? - Oh, I see.
I never told you the story of my brother's death, did I? - Yeah, Sofia - He died because of your bank.
I've spent the last decade looking for a way to bring down the bastards who did this and no one not you, not Duval is gonna stop me.
So let's go, I guess.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Tough day? - Yeah, you could say that.
I remember that because Princess Margaret can one please keep one's Okay.
- Come on.
- What? Get up.
Sit down.
Latoyah, what are you doing? Taking care of you.
- Is it? - Mm-hm.
- Close your eyes.
- What? Just do it.
No touching.
Not yet.
Shit! That's Tyrone! Oliver! You got 24 hours to bring back my fucking gun - or you're fucking dead, man.
- Hey! You understand, yeah? Hey! Hey! - Hey, what the hell happened?! - Nothing, I'm fine, I'm fine! - Please, take him to the hospital! - No.
No, no hospital, no police! He can't have this on his record, do you understand? Look, can you clean it up? Oh, yeah I can try.
All right.
Come on.
Let's get him inside, come on.
So, what? Was this your friend? It's all your fault! - My fault? - He got mad when I said I didn't have his gun! What? - So? - No one in the Ministry speaks English or Italian or French or Spanish.
I should have gone.
I speak Russian.
Pretty sure they wouldn't have talked anyway.
So, what do we do now? The nuclear power plant is in Transnistria.
- That's a day's drive.
- Okay.
Do you want me to drive? You've been 5 hours driving.
No, I'm okay, thank you.
What is it? What? Somebody's following us.
Hold on, okay? Hold on.
Holy shit! Hey, shit! Fuck off! Oh, shit! Who was that? Who was that? I don't fucking know.
- Are you okay? - Yeah.
You okay? Stop it.
You've been through those pages a hundred times.
Stop it.
Hm? What are you afraid of? What is it? I'm afraid of being right.
Don't worry then.
You're never right.
What is it? You okay? Massimo? I won't hurt you, Sofia.
This is why more and more countries are beginning to really hate Germany again.
Central Bank in Germany and politicians who are playing the system for themselves and they're sacrificing the Eurozone once again.
Morgan, I'm so sorry, - but Mr.
Becker would not wait downstairs - I need to talk to you.
Uh, Cynthia, it's all right.
Would you like a coffee? - What the fuck, Dominic?! - What are you doing? I don't want your fucking coffee.
I want an explanation, please.
You haven't returned my calls in the past two days.
You said we were friends.
And we are friends.
Is that why you had Massimo Ruggero short RB? Half the traders in Europe are coming in behind him.
We had an agreement.
You can't blackmail me, Dominic.
Your name is all over those trades, just like mine.
My name isn't, actually.
- Massimo's is.
- What? You heard me.
I I can't I can't do what you're asking.
Of course you can.
- Not not in good conscience, no.
- Conscience? Since when has conscience had anything to do with this? NYL has taken a major position on the Italian debt default.
Your bank needs to fall in line.
This has nothing to do with banking.
This is about destroying a country.
Bringing ruin to the lives of millions of ordinary people.
If Italy goes under, the Euro will collapse! The Euro is a bust.
Debts need to be repaid.
A dismissed power plant as a collateral for a $250 million CDO? It's a scam.
Just like the rest of the CDO, and Dominic knew it for sure.
This is what Ed Stuart found out.
We got the bastard.
I got Dominic Morgan.
- Not exactly.
- Oh, yeah.
Once I publish these pictures, Dominic Morgan will be ruined forever.
He won't.
But I will.
My digital signature is on that CDO.
- Why? - That's what I'm trying to figure out.
So, you say they forged it.
You didn't kill Ed Stuart.
- Dominic Morgan did.
- Yes.
- This is all about Dominic Morgan! - Yes, but I had I had the motive and the means and I'm implicated in the fraud he discovered.
So, you publish the photos, I go to jail.
You keep the CDO.
I need you hide it.
questions about how the 6 foot 4 inch fugitive For years, everyone assumed Bin Laden to live out his days or die - Ah, there you are.
- Hey.
So? What did you find in Moldova? Nothing.
It was a wild goose chase.
Eleanor? Paul ordered us to stop shorting Rheinthaler.
Then not 30 minutes later, we started dumping all our Italian public debt.
And RB did the same.
The eighth largest economy in the world is being cut off at the knees.
No one's going to lift a finger to stop it.
I don't see the point.
That's the fucking point.
I understand now.
Do you? Let me also use this occasion to dwell a bit further on monetary policy in the You couldn't be seen to kill of an entire country.
So you got Rheinthaler Bank to do it for you.
Italy is part of the PIIGS.
They are now, thanks to you.
But you've been planning this for years.
Feel free to take a look around.
Are you are you sure we can afford this? Yeah, the bank gave me a bonus.
Ed Stuart found out about the CDO scam you were using to keep Hans Becker onside.
So, you offered him the Vice CEO job that was meant for me, but Ed wouldn't take the bribe.
And you killed him, and forged my signature on the CDOs to keep me quiet if I found out the truth.
It was you who tried to stop me in Moldova.
And it was you who brought Carrie back.
If you want to believe that.
That's the last thing I want to think.
But it's the truth, isn't it? How many billions will you make - destroying a country? - It is not - Of course it is.
Of course it is.
- about the money.
You didn't want to end up like your father.
You started with nothing, but you worked hard.
You climbed your way up.
You're not at the top.
Not yet.
But when you get there, you'll see the way the world really is.
And how it must remain.
I don't know about that, but I can see you pretty clearly right now.
Do as I say, Massimo, and you will be a part of the future.
Otherwise, I'll annihilate you.
Papa? Papa? Papa? Papa? to act in line with our primary objective, and with our strategy both in time and over time.
And credibility implies that our Mama! Mama! Phil Harvey describes unemployment with dogs and bones story.
You put 95 bones in a room, then you send in 100 dogs to get bones.
Five dogs don't get any bones.
So, what happens is the economists take those five dogs off to the side.
And they have a special training course for these dogs, and they train them in how to get bones.
Then they run the experiment all over again.
They send the 100 dogs in to get 95 bones and those five dogs come back with bones this time.
And they say, "See? Anyone can get a bone if they work hard, train hard, and compete hard.
" Of course, five others didn't get bones, right? Unemployment is 5% of those dogs.
They're not going to get bones.
The only way they're going to get rid of that problem is five more bones.

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