Devils (2020) s01e10 Episode Script

Episode 10

Time is an illusion.
Of the moments that have never been, of the moments that will never be.
Only God sees that they exist, It's people who see life through the lens of time.
People listening to the Devil, whispering in their ear.
Today, at this moment, he's whispering in mine.
Can a single currency survive this crisis? Jean-Claude Trichet says this is the worst crisis since World War II and it requires, quote, - "unconventional measures".
- They can't be fucking serious.
Dominic's taking over trading.
Massimo's out.
- What do you mean out? - Dominic sacked him last night.
Good morning, gentlemen.
Did you hear the news? We saw you tattling with Dominic last night, Oliver.
Yeah, because you played me.
I have no idea why Massimo got fired.
Do you honestly expect us to believe a word you say? Uh, sir, your wife has called.
She asked if there's confirmation for dinner tonight at six.
Okay, alright, thank you.
Every morning, you stand there like a storm cloud.
No, I'm only the messenger, sir.
And the message today? Daniel Duval is being held in isolation.
- Well, that's good news.
- Not exactly.
Our friends at the police didn't find the CDO documents amongst his files.
Set a meeting.
In Greece, and Spain, Portugal, Ireland, and Italy.
Four funerals, and a shotgun Italian wedding.
Where are you going? There's someone I need to talk to.
Where's the CDO? Keep it safe.
- Massimo? - Yes? Breathe.
When was the last time we saw each other? Global Finance Conference 2001? Yes.
I believe we spoke about the need for deregulation in the markets.
You were one hell of a shark.
Well, I suppose like Paul the Apostle changed on his road to Damascus Is that how you see yourself? As a saint? Well, right now, I appear to be a martyr.
Don't I? One man's martyr is another man's terrorist.
What are you looking at, Daniel? Ten? - Twenty years? - You didn't really think I'd make a deal with you, did you? It's a long time to be in prison.
The cell won't keep me from fighting for ordinary, hard-working people.
My bank benefits ordinary, hard-working people.
Banks like yours took us one step away from global disaster.
You failed, Dominic.
Politics failed.
And people won't be as easily fooled next time.
Revolution is coming, Dominic.
And how many billion will you make off your revolution? Where is it? If I had the document, don't you think - I had used it by now? - If you return it to me, you could be out on parole in less than two or three years.
I don't have it.
But you know where to find it.
Did you get into a bar fight or something? Or something.
I'm fine.
I got fired last night for opposing Dominic.
He's plotting to bankrupt five countries in Europe - to destroy the euro.
- Well, he's about to succeed, - from the way the markets look.
- Yes, but I need to stop him.
What leverage have you got? A document proving massive fraud within the bank.
Release that, you'd trigger a financial meltdown.
- I'd never do that.
- Then, you're bluffing.
It's only a matter of time before Dominic figures that out.
Dominic's already got the markets on his side.
There must be a way to stop him.
There might be, but it's a long shot.
I'll take any shot you've got.
- Are you following me now? - He wants to see you.
- What for? - Come on, Sofia.
They have him locked up.
He won't bite.
So? Does this somehow make you feel better? No, it doesn't.
And still, you're the one who told the police where to find me.
You lied to me.
Well, that's rich, I mean, with all the lies you told me.
You said you wanted to protect people.
- People like my brother.
- I did.
I still do.
What you really want is to burn everything to the ground.
This is rotten, Sofia, you know that.
The only way to change it is to start over.
With your own currency, you mean.
You're just like the bankers you despise.
Bankers like Massimo.
He's not like that.
Isn't he? Ro, would you please show her.
Lovely family, weren't they? When Banco De Rosa failed in March 2001, Dominic Morgan was on holiday in Majorca, with his wife, Nina, and their 15-year-old son, John.
Now, underneath those, you'll find bank records bearing the name of the trader who's actually responsible for your brother's death.
Argentina! He didn't realize.
Of course Massimo realized.
We talked about it.
He just didn't think you'd ever find out.
I'm sorry, I had to show you this.
But with the document you have, we can still bring the bank down and get some kind of justice for your brother.
You made a terrible mistake.
We can still fix it, though.
Keep going the way we are, we're all going to run out of money fairly soon.
Italy should never have been able to join the Euro in the first place.
Italy's on the verge of collapse.
The rest of them could follow tonight, tomorrow, the day after at the latest.
You said on the phone Professor Wade has a way to save them? Dominic was right.
Finance is like water: you can't stop it from flowing.
You can just divert it.
So, how do we divert it? By getting the head of the European Central Bank to come out against the attack.
How are we gonna get him to do that? He would have done it already, if the Germans weren't keeping the Central Bank from acting.
But we can't change their votes, Massimo.
But we can short the Germans.
You're talking about attacking another bank.
You'd be starting a war.
We're already in a war.
We didn't start it but we have to end it.
We would need another high-value investor to join in.
We have one.
Who? Li Acheng? After you screwed him over the last time? I came to offer you a deal.
What's this? I told him I was betting all my assets with this.
But you're not, are you? Massimo, if this goes south, you'd lose your house, your savings, everything.
Then, you'd better not screw this up.
Bond values in Southern Europe continue to plummet, with Italy on the brink of collapse.
The effects on millions of people would be calamitous.
At this point, Italy may be beyond the point of no return.
While reform may be necessary, it is unclear whether Italian I just received a call from our friend in London.
And? Massimo Ruggero is still trying to stop Dominic.
Dominic let him go, there's nothing he can do.
Maybe there is.
I'll call Dominic at once.
- Chris Bailey, Mr.
- Yeah.
Margaret Cunningham in New York.
Apparently, Massimo hasn't given up.
That's too late.
- There's nothing you can do.
- Isn't there? I'll keep an eye on the counter-trends in the market.
You do that, and I want surveillance on Kalim and Eleanor.
Massimo can't make a move unless they make it for him.
there are better opportunities for them ahead and millions more have been lifted out of poverty.
You all right? How did it go? I'm trying to get the Central Bank to intervene.
Will they do that? It's the only chance we have left.
And if they don't? - What do you mean? - What if we lose? We go away, - like we said.
- And if we win? We still go away.
Is something wrong? Tired.
let the free market decide the most efficient way of destroying money.
You cannot depend on private markets to destroy that money.
Let's talk about what we're hearing out of Europe this morning.
Southern Europe, stay away from it as an investor.
We are in a major test of the euro is a currency in the Eurozone.
And so, unless the Europeans, specifically the Germans, stop insisting on austerity for everyone, it could get much worse.
The European market, casting balance in Tuesday tradings, despite Standard & Poor's downgrading of Italy's credit rating.
- Hello? - Italy is teetering.
It will fall today, for sure.
What about the Germans? We started attacking last night.
Acheng joined in, full force.
Is it having any effect? Alarm bells should be ringing in Frankfurt right about now.
The question is whether or not it's enough - for the Central Bank to act.
- Has Dominic noticed? Chris has been glaring at us, checking our trades all morning.
We've been making all of our trades through proxies offsite.
We're talking to you on a throw-away mobile.
- Feels just like the day Ed died.
- Dominic was with Nina.
Chris was giving us the stink eye.
What what are you talking about? Chris was furious about the Davenport trade.
Look, the day Ed died, you said Dominic was with Nina.
Yeah, in his office.
Are you sure? Sure, I'm sure.
Tell Oliver I I need to meet him in an hour.
I'll text you the address.
Massimo, Dominic's got Oliver in his back pocket.
Just do it.
And Europe's biggest banks, like Deutsche, in Germany, under pressure.
The crisis is slowly eating away.
- Very clever, isn't he? - And determined.
The overnight shares have dropped in Rheinthaler Bank.
What do our German friends say? They're rattled, as Massimo intended.
Rattled enough to encourage the Central Bank to intervene? Perhaps.
Tell me what you want, Dominic.
We're nearly at the finish line.
A call from you would be reassuring.
So now you're asking for my help.
Dominic, destroying the euro is your project, not mine.
Yes, but we all share in the success.
All right.
I'll call Antonia Kessler.
Much appreciated, Jeremy.
- Look, if Dominic finds out that I'm here - Dominic knows you're onside after you ratted me out.
Look, I I didn't have a choice.
I'm giving you the chance to redeem yourself and make the bank millions of dollars, buying bonds in the five countries Dominic's attacking.
Are you out of your mind? Those bonds are toxic.
No one's buying them.
- That's why you will.
- I'm not even a trader.
But you could hack into someone else's account.
At the end of the day, they'd be worth millions.
I hope.
If this is such a good idea, why are you trusting me with it? 'Cause you're going to do me a favour in return.
I need you to check security, tell me if Nina Morgan signed in the day Ed Stuart died.
You know, I don't remember inviting you in.
The CDO, Sofia, give it to me.
I told you I don't have it! What? You're going to kill me? I know you feel betrayed.
But there are only two sides in this fight: theirs and ours.
Theirs yours and mine.
There's my side.
So, are you going to kill me or not? Then, get the fuck out of my apartment.
Get the fuck out.
Hey, my, um, my card isn't working.
I think my phone must have demagnetized it or something.
Wait here.
- Well? - Hey.
I checked the visitor's log from the day Ed Stuart died.
What did it say? Nina Morgan never signed in that day.
Well done.
What does it mean? It means we are still on.
You were on the phone with Massimo Ruggero just now, weren't you? And now, you're going to tell me everything he just said.
Massimo, Dominic's not here.
I came to see you.
I'm sorry about what's happened.
- You know, firing you was the last - I'm here to talk about you.
- Me? - Yes.
You were at the bank the day Ed Stuart died.
- Yes.
- The police never took your statement, never considered you a suspect.
I I wasn't on the visitor's log.
Um, security always waves me in.
CEO's wife and all.
Everyone has been questioned, Nina.
Everyone but you.
Ed discovered everything.
He was going to destroy the bank, Dominic, all you have.
But Dominic was too controlled to lose his temper.
A check for 65 million euros! You forged Massimo's signature! - I think you need to calm down.
- This is outrageous! - This is not what this bank is about! - You're you're overreacting.
You, the fucking Germans, the whole lot.
I've had with it, I've had it.
You weren't.
The second I did it, I wished I could have taken it back.
Since we lost John, the bank has been our entire lives and Ed Stuart was going to take it away.
Why didn't you tell me? What good would that have done? None at all.
It's your word against ours.
But my word is enough to ruin you.
Both of you.
Stop the attack.
Before you do something you'll regret, you should know the Central Bank is not going to intervene.
You lost.
Too late, Massimo.
You're not welcome here anymore.
Massimo, are you watching? - What? - The news.
You've got to see this.
Risk premiums that are related to fears of the reversibility of the euro are unacceptable and they need to be addressed in a fundamental manner.
I don't think we are unbiased observers in Frankfurt.
We think the euro is irreversible.
And it's not an empty word now, because I preceded saying exactly what actions we are making, have made, are making will make it irreversible.
A Europe that is founded on four building blocks, a fiscal union, a banking union.
Within our mandate, within our mandate, the ECB is ready to do whatever it takes to preserve the euro.
And believe me, it will be enough.
The investors retreated - within their national boundaries.
- Start buying.
- Get me 500 .
Come on! - There are some short-term challenges.
Mario Draghi saying "I'm going to do anything to save the euro" We would have seen material stocks up, taking it international Mario Draghi sending signals this morning that the ECB could act The only way to get out of this crisis is to have more Europe, not less Europe.
The European Central Bank has Massimo, you wily bastard.
You did it.
- A bold move - It's continuity, predictability The governing council, within its mandate to maintain price stability over the medium term.
- Get me Jeremy Stonehouse.
- Right away.
The amount of political capital that's being invested in the euro.
The comments from Angela Merkel, saying that Germany was committed to doing everything necessary to save the euro.
Could you come with me, please? What for? Just come, please.
Where are we going? The executive boardroom, sir.
Are you hungry? No, thank you.
Please, take a seat.
I'll stand, if that's all right.
Ruggero, that is quite a victory, defeating Dominic Morgan, beating him at his own game.
And clearing what? 400 million pounds doing it? Oliver Harris bought those bonds.
And he did so at your direction.
You see, Harris has told us everything, Massimo, including your inquiry into Dominic's wife, the statement you made to the police.
If you called me here to fire me, you're too late.
On the contrary.
I underestimated you, Massimo.
Call it some Anglo-Saxon prejudice against a man from a Mediterranean country.
My mistake.
But I never make the same mistake twice.
I would like you to return to the bank.
I'm not interested in my old job.
I'm not offering it.
I had in mind CEO.
Penny for your thoughts.
Dominic told me I'd lost, that the Central Bank wouldn't intervene.
That's what Jeremy Stonehouse led him to believe.
Why would Stonehouse lie to Dominic? Jeremy never believed in destroying the euro, and there was no love lost between them.
This was Jeremy's chance to get rid of Dominic once and for all.
He offered me Dominic's job.
You're surprised? You're not.
You thought he would try to crush you, not promote you.
You should know that what Dominic did, it wasn't for the bank.
Then, who was it for? A sort of club, a group of like-minded people, with a high sense of patriotism.
We call ourselves "the 13th Floor".
You're one of them.
I thought it better to rock the boat, not to sink it.
And as for Dominic's methods, he should never have got Carrie mixed up in this.
I'm sorry, Massimo.
Toy? What are you doing? What does it look like? I'm leaving.
I got some big news today.
You want to hear it? Not really.
Yeah, they offered me a contract.
They want me to be a a they want me to be a trader.
I'm happy for you, Oliver, really, I am.
But, um, I gotta go.
Look, uh, I'm not going to take it, not unless you think we should.
"We"? - Since when did we start making decisions - Sorry, sorry, sorry.
- What are you what are you doing? - Something, uh something I should have done a long time ago.
Cool, perfect, okay.
So, um I need to kind of I need you to use your imagination, okay? This isn't what it looks like, but it is, it is what it looks like.
LaToyah Parish-Taylor, I love you.
- You're an idiot.
- I know I'm an idiot, I know.
And I don't deserve you.
I really don't deserve you.
But there is no one else that I would rather spend the rest of my life with.
And I'll be a better man for you.
Please, just give me another chance.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
I love you.
I would like to be alone.
Of course, sir.
I was worried.
Have you seen the news? You rescued Europe.
You should be happy.
I am happy.
Why were those guys here? I'm taking Dominic's place.
I'll be named CEO in the morning.
Someone's got to take the job.
- Why not me? - Why not? No, but I can fix things.
I can make things right.
I need you.
We we can make things right together.
I know you got my brother killed.
I'm not the man I used to be and you know it, you know it, 'cause you were with me.
We were together and I I I can make things right, but I need you on my side.
I really need you on my side.
If you were on the right side, you'd be fighting the man, not becoming one of them, but that's who you are, that's who you always were: a devil.
I'm gonna do everything in my power to destroy you.
The missing document.
The CDO.
What about it? She still has it.
You are to leave her alone.
Understand me? Good night.
I didn't mean for it to end this way.
Of course you didn't.
This whole time, you never understood the game you were playing.
It's not a game.
This isn't just about making money, Massimo.
They're paying us to manage power, to preserve the Western world.
You flatter yourself.
We swim in the waters of finance, that makes us the fish in the know and that creates an obligation to act on behalf of those who cannot.
You acted to enrich yourself and your friends back in New York.
There is an order based on the primacy of the American dollar.
It isn't perfect, and God knows it isn't always fair.
But it has created the greatest period of peace and prosperity in history.
But the price for that peace has been paid by the most vulnerable people.
They call us "devils", but we are the last defence against chaos.
Welcome to the club, Massimo.
I'm not like you.
I won't destroy people's lives.
Won't you? Good morning, everyone.
Thank you for being here for this special announcement.
As you know, for the past decade, Dominic Morgan has led What is it? This better be important.
Massimo I'm sorry to tell you this, but there's been a terrible accident.
What accident? Sofia Flores.
- What? - She was killed by a hit and run driver.
I'm so sorry.
New times call for new leadership.
But I think you'll agree when I say that we have found an extraordinary new leader.
Please join me in welcoming the man who's going to lead us into the 21st century, please join me in welcoming our new CEO, Mr.
Massimo Ruggero.

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