Devils (2020) s02e01 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 1

1 The following programme contains strong language.
'The stocks are crashing globally as the coronavirus 'disrupts lives and ravages the economy.
' 'To contain the virus, China is locking down entire cities 'using tracing apps, drones, CCTV and colored banners 'to control and monitor people's movement.
' 'You may ask about the Coronavirus, 'which is very well under control in our country.
' 'Germany finally joins Italy, France and Spain, 'in imposing a total lockdown, 'while the UK shuts restaurants, pubs and bars.
'The death toll continues to mount globally.
'The cut was aimed to contain the plunge 'and the price of crude oil 'caused by the coronavirus outbreaks disruption into world business.
'Following the news, oil prices fell 10 point 1' This is a play, right? You knew I'd come.
Does there have to be a play? Between me and you? Always.
I made my move.
Time to make yours.
This is Dominic Morgan.
The Deputy Consul General is expecting my call.
I have the fugitive, Massimo Ruggero.
"The Camparino".
You'll be back in London tonight.
While the world faces catastrophe, you'll be facing years behind bars.
You changed, Massimo.
You're not the man I knew.
The world changed.
From a time of certainties .
to a time when there were none.
There's blood on your hands again.
I will go to Parliament and propose that the British people decide our future in Europe through an in-out referendum on Thursday, the 23rd of June.
The choice is in your hands.
We are not sharks, and finance is not water.
I don't like metaphors, so I'll speak plainly.
Everything changes.
We knew this.
Just as we saw the benefits of joining our friends from China, and making an awful lot of money.
And thanks also to our brilliant Head of Trading, in her first year here.
Might have been even better if he'd given the job to one of us.
Now the world around us is about to change again.
Whether the United Kingdom stays or leaves the EU the effects will be enormous.
This bank stands to make or lose billions of pounds.
But we don't fear change.
We make it.
Truly inspiring.
I'm not so sure about your Head of Risk, but for what it's worth, your humble Chief of Strategy stands with you, shoulder to shoulder.
Thank you, Liwei.
Now, I have a red-eye to catch.
Where are you going? South Korea, to watch a game.
Oh, enjoy.
Massimo? Stonehouse wants to see you.
Yeah, sure.
Stirring words.
Thank you.
But with the sell-offs in January, the bank is exposed and you are in danger of missing your targets.
We'll hit them with Brexit.
That is far from certain.
I take no pleasure in this, but sometimes a global CEO has to speak uncomfortable truths.
Such as? You need to send a message that the strong can no longer afford to carry the weak.
OK, but there is no weak link on my team.
Naturally, it's not easy.
Speak your mind, Chris.
Come on.
Well, there's an obvious candidate.
Kalim Chowdhrey.
His numbers are awfully low for a senior analyst.
He's having a bad patch.
That's all.
Dominic Morgan knew it wasn't enough for a CEO to inspire.
One has to instil fear.
I'm glad you agree.
Come in.
You wanted to see us? We need new ideas quick wins to hit our targets.
Well, surely with the Brexit referendum Even if we call it right, it won't be enough.
Not on its own.
I'm looking at a software company tracking the Ebola outbreak in Africa.
That's not a quick win, Kalim.
Eleanor? I, uhm She's been focused on the Brexit outcomes.
Ellams Automotive.
If the UK votes Leave, automotive companies will be hit hard.
Ellams isn't just any automotive company.
After Diesel-gate, they pivoted from producing electric go-karts to mainstream electric batteries.
And green energy is growing.
Ellams is on point, but to stay competitive they need a massive cash injection.
Massive cash injection, massive commission.
Check it out.
Just for the record, we will hit the numbers with Brexit.
The consensus is the vote will be Remain.
Consensus can be wrong.
We'll make the right call.
Thank you.
You were right about the referendum.
No, he was right.
We need bullet-proof data to hit our targets.
If you say so.
I do, and I'm Head of Trading.
I'm trying to protect you, even though I know you resent that.
I don't resent you having the job.
Just the reason you got it.
It may assuage your ego to think that I got the job because I'm Chinese.
But I got the job because I'm the better choice.
The world holds its breath.
News media gather in Seoul from all five continents to watch the world's greatest Go player face off against a computer programmed to defeat him.
The woman shaking the champion's hand will be making moves on behalf of the computer.
Go is an incredibly complex and subtle game.
Up to now, the idea that artificial intelligence could defeat a human being has been thought impossible.
The match begins.
Can machine beat man at last? So far, the game is proving far more challenging than analysts predicted.
The champion is taking time to plot his countermoves.
He would seem to be struggling.
He is certainly tanking his time.
He seems uncertain.
You see the suspense on the faces of the programming team, watching here and from all over the planet.
This is not the match anyone was expecting.
It seems we are on the verge of the unthinkable.
For decades, programmers have sought to write software that could outsmart a human mind.
But here we see the world's greatest player not only struggling with the computer, but seemingly at risk of actually losing the match.
I can't believe what I am seeing right now.
Oh, my goodness! And the champion resigns.
And it's over.
The game won by the computer.
This is a first, A.
beats mankind.
I didn't expect to see you in this part of the world.
This is the battlefield.
That's why you're here.
Isn't it? If you're suggesting there's a war between China and America, you're wrong.
We're friends, not enemies.
There cannot be two suns in the sky.
"Go" is not life, Dominic.
We can all be winners.
Excuse me? You dropped this.
Yes It's the last three moves.
You saw the end of the game before the computer.
How? Uhm What's your name? Nadya Wojcik.
You must be a student.
Computer science? Mathematics.
More or less.
More or less? My visa expired.
I'm going home to Warsaw.
To do what? How would you like a job in London? Doing what? You like mathematics.
I will show you how to use it in the real world.
Here's my card.
Nice to meet you, Nadya Wojcik.
Pick up the phone Uh-uh, no you won't Oh, yes, I will! What the f What the hell was that? You could've got us both killed.
But I didn't, did I? Nice driving! Hey.
I didn't know electric cars could go so fast.
Completely new type of solid-state battery.
This company has been in my family for three generations, Mr Ruggero.
Mr Ellams, Massimo would not be here if we didn't take this seriously.
I'd like to see more.
Oh, please.
Take a look around! Let's go.
Well? We still need Brexit to hit our targets.
But I'm impressed.
You're not much of a driver.
But you know what you're doing.
I was starting to wonder if you thought so coming here.
Why are you babysitting me? I told you.
We need to hit our targets.
I know you wanted to be Head of Trading.
Look Zhi's good.
Right? And I respect her, but I'm pretty good, too.
I know.
And I'll take care of you.
Come on.
How's Kalim doing? He's fine.
Are you sure? His numbers aren't great.
Massimo You used to have our backs.
I used to not be CEO.
I'm going back to the office.
Take a look around.
Make sure there are no surprises.
See you tomorrow? Do you still want me? Well you still think you can handle it? Yeah.
Yeah? I need to get one of these.
It's been four years.
Wouldn't you sleep better knowing why I'm here? This isn't easy for me either.
But make it quick.
Twenty years ago we thought if we could export manufacturing to China, they would then in fact embrace democracy.
They took our manufacturing.
But passed on democracy.
All we really did was exchange cheap goods for workers' rights.
Entire segments of the economy have been hollowed out.
We fought a war with China and we still don't realize we lost.
Chinamerica was your creation.
I made a mistake.
I can admit that.
Your friends on the 13th floor don't see it that way.
All they care about is making money.
And you don't? I know you, Dominic I was in Seoul this week.
beat the best player mankind could field.
Starting a whole new war.
Only this one is over data.
And the West cannot afford to lose again.
You've made a lot of money working with the Chinese these past four years.
You're the best.
I want you on my team.
Not theirs.
You don't have a team, Dominic.
I didn't have anything to do with the death of that girl.
She had a name.
But you can't sleep Do you really think that Dominic had Sofia Flores killed? I don't know.
You tell me.
You and your friends.
I would never agree to such a thing.
Massimo, I'm sorry to tell you this, but there's been a terrible accident.
Sofia Flores, she was killed by a hit-and-run driver.
Do you vow to provide your child a Christian home of love and peace? To raise him in the truth of our Lord's instruction? We do.
Do you declare your desire to help these parents to fulfil their vow? I do.
This is Adrian Isiah Harris.
We lift him up in the presence of the Lord.
Amina, how are you? I'm good.
How are you? I'm good.
Thank you.
You got a minute? Yeah.
You know that Ebola tracking software app I mentioned? I really think it has potential.
Real potential.
I looked at it.
It might work in Asia.
But nobody here is going to allow that kind of access to their personal data, you know? But I disagree.
Think about what happens if Kalim, let's just be friends today.
Right? Excuse us.
Thank you.
Don't push him.
Rumor has it they're looking for a scalp.
A scalp? I'm about to kill every functioning work relationship with ill-judged small talk.
I might not be the guy to help.
Want another drink? Please.
I still think you should have got Head of Trading.
You should talk to Massimo.
I know, I did.
What did he say? That he'll take care of me.
Thank you.
Hey, hey.
Who's your favorite godfather? I told you, you got to earn that.
Daddy, look! And what's your name? Carter.
You have children, Zhi? No.
Too busy with work.
Massimo's excuse, too.
Let's have another drink.
After a final few days of campaigning Vote remain! Tomorrow, Thursday! Go for it! Philip! What a nice surprise.
I'm not prepared to gamble the future of my children Nice place you have here.
It's coming along.
Tea Yes, help yourself.
In the corner, please.
Some crazy rumour's floating around, that, uh this is a 50-billion-dollar SPAC unintended to fight China.
Those rumors aren't so crazy.
Then you must be.
You don't have a biscuit, do you? Oh, thank you.
We're at war Philip.
I never discount your analysis.
The 13th floor has brought you here to bring me back on side.
You're still one of us, Dominic.
Just a little out of step with the mainstream.
Who might be backing this little venture of yours? You join me and I might just tell you.
Good morning! Hi! Hey.
Where are you going? Daunt Tolliver want in on the Ellams Automotive IPO.
I don't like them.
They came to us.
Now, with them as guarantor we could leverage other investors.
I thought you'd be pleased.
I'm not.
Find someone else.
Why? Just do it.
Good morning.
Good morning.
Everything alright? It's a personal matter.
What's on your mind? We have a fund sniffing around Ellams Automotive.
Daunt Tolliver.
I heard.
It didn't make sense to me either.
I ran into Dominic Morgan.
I saw him in Seoul last week.
What did he say? Not much.
See you later.
Wu Zhi, Head of Trading.
Damian Curtis, Chief Analyst at Tellers.
I knew Kalim when he was cutting Arabic class at Gilwell Park Mosque to sneak a bacon sandwich.
Woah, watch it, you.
I know all his dirty secrets.
Oh, too far.
This is my associate, Agnes Sharma.
I was just telling Eleanor about Damian's use of "emotional resonance scoring".
It's the only technique capable of making predictions based on voters' conscious and subconscious emotional volatility.
But Brexit's a particularly emotional issue, so we've had to go even further.
Please, explain.
So, we pay a modest fee for people to use a "training set" app.
A 120-question personality quiz that we've customized from the insights we've gleaned from their social media profiles.
It's like an incredibly accurate dating app.
Only instead of predicting who you're compatible with .
it predicts how you're going to vote.
And how certain are you of these predictions? In the case of undecided voters, the voters we call 'persuadables', we know which way they're going to vote before they do.
You understand NYL would be betting hundreds of millions of pounds, and has to know which way Brexit will go.
If I was a betting man? I'd bet everything I have on this data.
Today, both sides rushed to bring people together at the ballot box for a resounding vote that has in some ways already changed the country.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is Nadya Wojcik.
She will be joining us.
Please make sure she gets all the data for the car batteries.
Would you find a table, please, and sit down.
What table? Take that one over in the corner.
Won't you, please? Ok? We've been telling you about a possible British exit, or Brexit, for months now.
And all the way through the campaign it's been about divisions.
Not just Britain breaking away from Europe, but Britain breaking away from itself.
What do you want? Quarterly results came in.
The numbers aren't good.
What if I chose to cut you instead of Kalim, Chris? You'd never get that past Stonehouse.
I just got off the phone with Huang Capital.
Hi, Chris.
I just got off the phone with Huang Capital and they want in on Ellams Automotive at 50% above the exchange price.
Take it.
Send Daunt Tolliver packing.
God bless the Chinese, huh? Ellams won't be enough.
You still need that win on the Brexit referendum.
That'll be all, Chris.
Let's take back control! Take back control.
We'll take back control! Take back control for our country Hi.
What do our expensive new pollsters say? They're calling the referendum for Remain.
How sure are we about that data? Pretty damn sure.
But not certain.
It's the best data we have.
And you think it's good enough? Yeah, I do, yeah.
Well, we have to go all in if we want to hit our targets.
Then we'd better do it.
Kalim, we need to talk.
Four o'clock? I have the afternoon off.
I'm picking up the kids.
Tomorrow then.
Thank you.
Come in.
Come in.
I've reviewed that data on the car batteries.
That was fast.
And? I sent you the report.
How was your first day? People are staring at me.
Well, they don't understand why you're here.
Neither do I.
My son, John.
He died in Afghanistan.
Your ex-wife is in prison.
For manslaughter.
How do you know that? The Internet.
What's this? Oh.
The ball.
I caught that when I was a kid at a Celtics game.
And Bill Russel said I could keep it.
Bill Russel? My favorite player.
I taught John how to dribble with this ball.
And he ended up making varsity.
Not that I got a chance to watch him play that much.
Did you tell your parents you are here? No.
Maybe you should.
They think I'm strange.
They don't speak to me.
I'm sorry.
Good night.
Good night.
Good night.
To the best team of this year to trade the floor.
To you, guys.
Cin-cin! Yeah! Now we're in profit! Hey.
Offer's in from Huang Capital.
Is there a problem? Well they want to restructure.
It's a-it's a massive switch to automation.
What's the bottom line for us? Well, if we go with the Chinese we'll net a bigger profit, but half of the Ellam's workforce could end up on the street, so We don't do our jobs, we're the ones out of work.
Maybe we can square the circle somehow, hm? Isn't that what you always say? Not this time.
Hey, are you OK? I'm fine.
Drive back up to Ellams and get him to sign.
Whatever it takes.
Wanker! I heard what happened outside.
I'm sorry.
That's not who our workers are.
Uh, I take it they heard about the Chinese offer They've heard there'll be massive layoffs and then there's the video.
What video? Jennifer? This was made for a plant Huang Capital acquired last year in Pennsylvania.
It's not that we are anti-union.
But labour organizations by their very nature stand between us and our associates.
There are danger signs that you need to look at, like workers congregating after work and the use of phrases such as "living wage".
This is the video the Chinese produced in America to bust the union there.
Organized labor is getting squeezed everywhere.
Yeah, that doesn't make it OK.
Does it? We should do what we can to change it.
We're in finance, not politics.
We have targets to hit.
So, just forget about everyone else? Let all these workers lose their jobs? Look, I could go back to Daunt Tolliver, right? I could see if they could improve their tender.
We're going with Huang Capital.
Hm? That's it.
Good night, sir.
There's only one important item on the agendas for investors across the world today.
Britain is heading to the polls after a lengthy and bitterly fought campaign, to decide whether to stay in the European Union or to leave.
Don't forget to vote.
I love you.
I love you, too.
Massimo? Which way will it go? Well, given the margin of error, it's too close to call.
That's not the kind of prediction we paid all that money for.
Well, Damian Curtis is calling for Remain, but he'll be monitoring the exit data in real time and feeding it to us by video-link.
So, we call it as it happens? I have this.
Believe me.
See you later.
Definitely out! Definitely out.
Out! Out.
In! Out! In the final sprint to try to influence opinion, the last of the major newspapers have declared their positions four in favour of leaving the rest want to remain.
And more than 1,200 businesses have signed On you go, Paki! Fuck off home! What the fuck!? Leave it.
You stupid narrow-minded bastard! Where are you from? Stevenage.
Oh, yeah? Well, he was born two miles from here.
So, why don't you piss off home, OK? The big vote for Britain and its future with or without the European Union is just hours away now.
What's the forecast? Unchanged.
I'm calling Remain with 52.
1% of the vote.
Then that's how we bet.
We are focusing on that clock again as it marches relentlessly towards 10 o'clock.
There are only moments left to wait.
A surprise announcement, as Nigel Farage, the leader of the UK Independence Party, concedes defeat ahead of the official result.
I knew it.
Damian's polling was right.
The Pound will start to climb.
He's saying Remain is going to win.
Why don't you look happy? Why concede so soon? We have the largest turnout in the history of our democracy Massimo? There is something wrong.
Farage is just telling us which way the wind is blowing, that's all.
Or that's the way he wants the markets to think the wind is blowing.
Kalim Something strange is going on.
Counting is under way of tens of millions of votes across most of Britain right now.
Markets already sensing danger It is a leave vote here in Sunderland tonight.
A 60-40 split.
And the result is announced in Sunderland.
A majority of 61% for Leave! That really is a surprise! These returns don't align with my forecast.
It's still gonna be Remain, like you said.
I sure hope so, bro.
The market's beginning to shift.
Pound's dropping.
That's not good news for us.
Leave could take it, couldn't it? It looks as if Leave is edging into the lead.
Damian? We've bet on the pound rising.
On Remain, like you said.
Damian? The Sterling is falling against the dollar.
This isn't possible.
Let June the 23rd go down in our history as our independence day! So much for Farage conceding.
We at ITV News are calling this as a Leave victory.
An extraordinary moment in British history.
The shock to our economy after leaving Europe, would tip the country into recession.
Let June the 23rd go down in our history as our independence day! The British people have spoken and the answer is, we're out.
Sterling just fell off a cliff.
The bank's position is exposed.
We have to sell now and minimize NYL's losses.
Sterling started the day at 1 dollar 48.
A lot of people will have lost a lot of money.
Wallstreet plummeting more than 600 points, as the faces in Britain, those who thought there was no way this could happen, tell their own story.
The Pound is being sold off quite aggressively now.
It's now down 8 and a half percent.
The last time we were at that level was in 1985.
The last time we saw Zhi, what do you say? Sterling's going to bottom out.
Then we'll buy.
Buy?! We're losing money hand over fist.
Banks, hedge funds, everyone else is bloody selling.
Massimo, there's blood all over the floor.
She said wait.
Sterling's holding at 1.
Let's buy now.
Not yet.
32 The Pound is now at 1 dollar 32.
This is quite extraordinary.
It looks like the Pound is stabilizing.
Buy! How much? One billion Pounds! Enough to cover our losses, and then some.
What do you think you're doing? Recovering our position.
You've exceeded all limits! This is bloody madness! Chris, stay out of this, please.
Alright, I will.
Stonehouse will not stand for this.
Go ahead and call him.
We'll be done before you get through.
Come on.
It's going up! Should we get out? Not yet.
Massimo Hold your nerve.
It's peaking.
Get out before we start losing again.
Jesus! Cash-out! Come on! Sell.
Well, you look at that.
We nearly made it all back.
Just like the old days, huh? Pirates back here again and killing it! Come on, man! Tomorrow morning, my office.
You recklessly exceeded all risk limits without any authorization.
You left us completely exposed.
I made a call that kept NYL from losing millions.
I'm CEO, Chris.
Well, for every million we lost, you should have made two.
There's no dressing the truth.
Late morning, Prime Minister Cameron going to Buckingham Palace, meeting with Queen Elizabeth to chart a way forward, and the hangover, in some cases regret It's simply because this morning the reality is actually hitting in, and I feel we made a big mistake.
What happens next is that Britain and Europe must now negotiate a complicated and painful divorce.
There's hundreds of billions of dollars, thousands of laws that need to get sorted out.
An extraordinary moment in British history.
Britain wants to go slow on that, but today EU leaders say they want Britain out for good as soon as possible.
I love this country and I feel honored to have served it.
And with that, the Prime Minister who led us to Brexit made way for his successor, who must now lead us through it.
Take a seat.
I don't know what happened with Damian Curtis and his polling predictions This isn't about Damian Curtis, Kalim.
I'm the scalp? Your numbers are down.
And Stonehouse wants you out.
I have no choice.
I'm sorry.
You are sorry? But you have a choice.
You're the CEO here! But it's easier to blame it on Stonehouse, the bank Anything and anyone but you.
Kalim Just like you blamed others with what happened to Sofia.
I know you hate yourself, Massimo.
You've become everything you once despised.
Uhm I'll write you a recommendation.
In the meantime you can take gardening leave.
So you don't have to look at me in the eye every day? No, no, no, no No.
I'll work out my notice.
I'm the one who brought Damian Curtis in, and the others are relying on me.
Are you OK? Yeah, yeah.
What's up with you? Um, this Ellams deal I am all over social media.
Apparently, I'm the wanker everyone's angry at.
Like anonymous death threats' angry.
You told the police? No.
No, it would freak Latoyah out.
It's nothing.
Watch yourself, yeah? Yeah.
Rebecca, before the vote, you said you felt the country wanted change and you were right when so many were wrong.
Why? I'm always right, Stephen.
If you read my column this morning you'd know that.
No, but seriously To make money investing you have to know more than the markets.
You have to know people.
And people are sick of being told what to think by experts.
Well Well, have you seen the news? Europe's stock markets opened at 8am UK time, and as expected, it was a bloodbath.
Yes? NYL took a hit last night.
It could have been worse.
Huang Capital is buying out Ellams Automotive.
I knew you were behind Daunt Tolliver, Dominic.
I'm trying to protect it from the Chinese.
What are you doing? Making money for NYL.
What was the one thing I told you about being a CEO? It's not about making money.
It's about exercising power.
And you misused yours.
I already told you.
Take 'no' for an answer.
Now what? and there were fears that falls were so big that the London Stock Exchange would halt trading.
I heard Stonehouse is flying over.
The shit hasn't even started hitting the fan here yet.
Where are you going? Uh, dentist.
You're quiet.
Massimo fired me.
No Good afternoon.
Hi, good afternoon.
I'm Oliver Harris.
I have an appointment with Mr Talmadge.
Sure, please.
Follow me.
Thank you.
Put all that away.
I'm taking you out and we're going to get shitfaced.
I just want to go through this polling data one more time.
You don't owe this place another second of your time.
Damian wouldn't have made a mistake like this.
Come on.
Maybe you're right.
Oh, it's Damian.
I've gotta take this.
Look, you go.
Order me a double.
I'll be right there.
Damian, where the hell have you been, mate? Man, I need to tell you something.
Congratulations on making it to the third round.
We covered process a lot previously.
This time we'd like to talk about you.
Uh, no problem.
If you get this job you'll be the youngest Head of Trading that Durings has ever had.
It's a role that comes with a great deal of responsibility.
Now, on a personal level are you ready for that kind of pressure? Without a shadow of a doubt.
Racial slurs, hate crimes and Brexit's effect on its ethnic communities Has the unspeakable received permission to shout? Multicultural Britain has never looked so divided.
Following the Brexit vote there's been a surge in hate crime.
Kalim! UK police have recorded nearly 6,500 incidents in a 4-week period, spanning the day of the Brexit vote.
That's an average of 222 a day, and that's 25% up on the previous year.
Many incidents, like the one on the Manchester Metro line last month, are still under police investigation.
It's one of 83 hate crimes recorded by the force in June.
Almost 3 a day, which involved phrases like, "Leave my country", or "Go back home".
Hi, this is Kalim Chowdry.
Leave a message and I'll call you straight back.
What do you want? You dropped it.
There's blood on your hands again.
The UK has voted to leave the EU.
They have decided that it is time to vote to take back control.
June 23rd needs to become a national bank holiday and we will call it Independence Day.
I think it's a fantastic thing.
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