Devils (2020) s02e07 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 7

1 You going somewhere? Without so much as saying goodbye? Goodbye.
All I did was try to help you.
Look at me.
I've seen the way you pull strings to enrich yourself and the people you call your friends.
It is not right that so much wealth and so much power are in the hands of so few.
Who said that? Your priest? He didn't have to.
This is about what is fair and what is right.
Nadya, there's the world we'd like .
and then there's the world as it is.
Idealism is a luxury we can not afford.
You can afford it.
There's going to be a readjustment.
A recalculation.
Finance will be democratised.
And if you don't see that .
it will ruin you.
Is that a threat? No.
But I am a threat to you.
And so are my friends.
Your friends.
From Flamestar? They're not your friends.
You don't even know who they are.
It was It was never my intention to hurt you.
You helped me and I am grateful.
But I can't ignore the pain you cause others.
I'm sorry.
I'm going to ask around today.
For some names.
If you think it will help.
I see, so you don't.
Like I said .
if you think counselling will help, I'm there.
We'll discuss it tonight.
Yeah, sure.
What are you building there, big man? You? Me? Go on, put another one.
Careful, Carter, it's going to fall.
No, it won't.
Go on.
Hey, that's it.
So this Massimo thing, you're going to go ahead with it? I said I was, didn't I? This isn't just a play, Oliver, it's deceiving your friends.
That's called getting ahead.
And this is what it takes.
Is it? Slowly.
The only way I move up at NYL is by proving to Liwei that I'm no longer Massimo's man.
By playing Judas? I hope it's worth your 30 pieces of silver.
Hey, go on, put another one.
There you go.
Ooh, one more, one more.
You fall.
You have the memory stick? It proves Dominic and Rebecca undermined the referendum.
They were involved in Kalim's death.
Go to the police.
I can't.
Not yet.
Why not? There's a presidential election coming up.
Why stop with Brexit? The police won't act.
They'll just keep going.
I need your help.
You said yourself it's dangerous.
I have to think about the baby.
Are you keeping it? At some point you'll have to decide if you want to be a father.
Look, I'm not telling you this to make you feel guilty.
Or to make you feel anything at all.
It's just for your own sake.
I can only keep FramTek off of NYL's radar for so long.
48 hours at most.
It'll be enough.
Thank you.
Can you be at the EU Commission in Westminster in 30 minutes? I'll be there.
Hi there.
I gotta go.
She's here.
What are you doing here? Looking for a job.
Going some place? Finland.
To finally close the Ellams Automotive deal with Mikael Korhonen.
But first, I wanted to see where we stand on 5G.
We're well-positioned, I think.
Could you be more specific, please? Well, we're going after three high-priority targets.
Are Dominic and Massimo going after those targets, too? Of course.
You're confident we'll prevail? Yes.
Almost seems too good to be true.
That we could outmanoeuvre Massimo on three prime acquisitions.
It shouldn't.
He's good.
But I'm better.
NYL offered me Head of Trading.
And you didn't take it.
It was conditional.
They wanted me to spy on Massimo, so I resigned.
What? I wish you'd realised you had principles a little sooner.
What Liwei made me do to you has been eating me up.
Honestly, I should have just walked away.
They always saw me as Massimo's guy.
Truth is they were right.
Zhi? Could I have a moment? Alone.
Chris, please.
Of course.
I wanted you to know Oliver Harris is no longer with the bank.
Why? A question of loyalty.
Which, as you know, is the very least I require from my employees.
Of course.
You can't be serious about the job.
I know I fucked up.
And I know this is a big ask, but I'm looking for a second chance.
I'll talk to Massimo.
Thank you.
Well? I guess I should have trusted my instincts about Rebecca Farmer.
Massimo Ruggero, my friend, Sara Dirks.
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
Much like you, Sara's not afraid of a fight.
Carolina has told me about you, Mr Ruggero.
And, of course, we'd love to give Europe a secure 5G pipeline, protecting our data from exploitation by either the US or China.
But no single European company could achieve such a thing.
You're aware that Aikoa wants to acquire FramTek.
And you're aware the EU Commissioner for Competition believes such a merger would distort the market.
They've forbidden it.
This merger is the only way to safeguard the privacy of EU citizens.
I think the Commissioner could be persuaded.
You would have to prove that the alternative is not secure.
We need actual evidence that another country's 5G could be used to spy on Europeans.
Without that, you've no chance.
And if you had that evidence? I expect the Commissioner would agree that protecting Europe must always be our priority.
Promised her what? Hard evidence of illegal Chinese surveillance in Europe.
You said it was in the programming for the contact tracing app.
I can't help.
Carl, please My family in Hong Kong is suffering because of you.
I know, but I'm not the one punishing them.
You know that.
And now I need you.
I don't care.
Not anymore.
I understand.
How could you? Because one of my best friends is dead.
How far are you willing to go? These 5G acquisitions.
You've got the raw data? Of course.
I want to review it.
You're not an analyst.
I'm not asking.
I want it on my desk.
Alex These 5G acquisitions, how many years did you go back on each company? OK, I need you to go back twice as far, on each one.
Yeah, leave nothing out.
I want every single piece of raw data on Chris Bailey's desk.
All those have anointed themselves as new gods.
Don't worry themselves The small matters of democracy.
Daniel Duval's sentence for financial improprieties came to an abrupt end this morning.
As The Home Office announced he is to be expelled from the UK to Russia.
You need to ask yourself what sort of information is important in the world today.
Good morning.
Good morning.
Where's Nadya? She flew back to Warsaw this morning.
They said it was some kind of family emergency.
Did you speak to her? I tried calling, but it went straight to voicemail.
Dominic knows.
What happened at the EU? Officially, nothing.
And unofficially? If we can prove Chinese wrongdoing, they'll let the Aikoa-FramTek merger go forward.
Carl Wong is working on it now.
We only have 48 hours.
Simple, then.
There's something else I need to tell you.
What? About Oliver.
Thanks for coming.
I heard you're looking for a job.
Water, please.
Thank you.
It's funny, isn't it? Look, I get it.
You're upset with me, I fucked up.
I will do whatever it takes to earn your trust.
Whatever it takes? Yeah.
Spike Ellams Automotive.
Seriously? Yeah.
You wanted to take care of their employees.
Now you're going to be a hero.
Thank you.
You do know that Liwei's flying to Helsinki today to sign the deal? I do.
What can I do? It's too late.
Make Korhonen an offer 20 percent higher than Huang Capital's.
And who's going to put up that kind of money? We've put together a consortium of European companies.
A consortium? Mm-hmm.
And Mikael Korhonen's left with nothing? I'll take care of him.
Let's go.
Thank you.
Don't fuck it up.
I won't.
We've been pretty clear about how we view the risk connected to Huawei and 5G infrastructure.
The internet future must have Western values embedded within it.
Are you sure you want to know? There she is.
It's a she.
Massimo! Hey, mate, how are you? I'm fine, thanks.
Come here, look.
What? Come on.
You look good.
How are you? I've come to ask you something.
I have some information about Kalim that I'd like to send to the press.
With your permission.
What kind of information? About why he was killed.
And Damian Curtis, too.
And I know it'll be painful.
Bringing all this back in the public eye.
The way they reported it, as though he'd died just to prove their point.
I know.
But this will be the truth, Amina.
Then you'd better do it.
Donald Trump has showered Vladimir Putin with praise during a question-and-answer session with military veterans.
The Republican presidential nominee told the forum that the Russian President is more of a leader than the current President Mr Morgan, Ms Farmer.
Mr Trump said that the leader has great control over Russia Told you he'd be useful.
He's not elected yet.
He will be.
Brexit proved it.
You have news? It's not good.
Massimo met with Sara Dirks this morning.
The EU Commission on Competition.
She's an old friend of Carolina Elsher's.
First your protege, then Carolina That must hurt.
Losing two of your favourite girls in one day.
Replacing an investor like Carolina won't be easy.
I've already spoken to Anton Kozlov.
I'm not interested.
You have someone else lined up with those kind of resources? I reviewed the 5G acquisitions.
And? FramTek looks like a real prospect.
A potential disruptor.
I'm looking at it.
Funny, it looked to me like you were trying to bury it in all that raw data you dumped on me.
And why would I do that, Chris? You tell me.
I'll look at it again.
Don't bother.
Scoop them up now before Massimo does.
You're the risk guy, not acquisitions.
Just do it.
Good morning, Ms Widholm, fellow board members.
It's my pleasure to introduce you to Carolina Elsher.
Aikoa has developed an impressive proprietary technology.
Putting you in a unique position to create a secure 5G infrastructure In Europe.
Your reputation precedes you, Ms Elsher.
And your offer of 400 million pounds is generous.
Almost too generous.
I assume there's a catch.
There is.
FramTek doesn't just need cash.
You need a partner who will help you future-proof your technology.
A partner with the technology to roll out your tech in a large scale, cost-effective way.
And we've already been down that route.
The EU Commissioner would never approve a merger with Aikoa.
FramTek would have to agree to be acquired.
I know.
We happen to think they will.
Dominic Morgan.
Anton Kozlov.
Welcome, Mr Kozlov.
It's a pleasure to meet you.
I doubt that.
But as this is business, not pleasure, I assume the source of my wealth is not an issue for you.
Let's just say a common interest outweighs our differences.
Please, Mr Kozlov, have a seat.
We have much to discuss.
Well? FramTek have signed off on the Heads of Agreement.
The legal team are drawing up the full contract.
What about Aikoa? We're on it.
You know, we just might pull this off.
Let me call you back, OK? Taxi! What a pleasure indeed, yes.
We'll be in touch, Anton.
I'll see you.
Look at that smile.
You had him eating out of your hand.
He's the kind of man who'll bite the hand that feeds him.
Well, at least we've stopped the bleeding here.
How are you going to stop Massimo? I've been working on it.
So have I.
Is Massimo the father? Yes.
Does he know? It's sweet, really.
And useful.
I will hold onto this.
What are you going to do? Not what you would do.
Alright, then.
But you don't have much time.
You don't need to tell me that.
Oliver? Mr Korhonen? Well, if it isn't Massimo Ruggero's loyal protege.
How can I help you, Mr Harris? The consortium Massimo has put together is offering 20 percent more than Theodore Huang.
The consortium? Who is putting up the money? I can't tell you that.
You don't know.
I'd have to pay a significant penalty.
Huang already put the money into an escrow account.
But not into your account.
You're still free to make a choice.
I'm due to sign the contract in about 20 minutes.
Mr Korhonen you're hesitating.
Which tells me you're giving this serious consideration.
Now, I know you don't have all the intel you need to make an informed decision.
But you do have great faith in Massimo Ruggero.
Mr Korhonen.
I don't believe you've met Mr Huang.
Mr Huang I'm afraid there is no way of sugar-coating this.
I've received another offer.
Excuse me? A significantly higher bid, which I'd be foolish to reject.
So sorry for wasting your time.
This is outrageous.
It's only just landed on my desk.
If I'd known before, I would of course saved you a wasted trip.
Good afternoon, Mr Korhonen.
I really am so sorry.
Mr Ellams.
I never thought you and I would have reason to speak again.
But I've just heard from Mikael Korhonen.
You're going to save an awful lot of jobs here.
I'm eternally grateful.
Please understand, if word of my involvement got out it wouldn't look good.
Oliver made that abundantly clear, don't worry.
My lips are sealed.
The hell do you think you're playing at? Doing what you asked.
By killing the Ellams Automotive deal? It was a test.
I had to go through with it to win Massimo's trust.
See for yourself.
What, you didn't think to warn us? You humiliated the CEO of your own bank.
That was never my intention.
I had to play it straight or Massimo would think I was a plant.
You're sure Massimo doesn't know that already? Hundred percent.
Well, your little stunt just cost this bank millions of pounds.
So if you don't bring down Dominic and Massimo and soon you'll be out on your ass for real.
Can I get a drink, please? Just something strong, whatever.
Scotch, sir.
Hey, can I get a drink, please? Hey.
Drink? Vodka and soda, please.
Same again.
So What's so urgent? I passed the test.
Massimo hired me.
So, we need to celebrate, man! Hey, come on, come on.
Come, let's take a selfie for Massimo first.
Come on, man, for Massimo.
There we go.
How many of those have you had? Oh To the pirates.
Thank you.
So Fill me in.
About what? Hey, you remember back in the days.
It was me, you, Massimo .
and Kalim.
I miss that.
I miss him.
You know? It's like he left a hole.
Right here.
Just a hole where he was.
You know? I know.
Things were simpler back then.
I guess.
Ellams That was What's the big plan? You know, like Come on, you know with Massimo, he's always got some secret.
You know, under his sleeve He'll tell you when he's ready.
Come on, you know, it's We're a team.
No? Oliver We are way past this.
Yeah Shit.
You're right, I'm stupid, I'm sorry.
I'm going to go now.
You probably should.
Go easy on those.
Work tomorrow.
I picked up yours.
Oh, that's why my password didn't work.
See you tomorrow.
Oh, sorry.
Ms Wu, this arrived for you.
Thank you.
Liwei's office.
Where are we with FramTek? I'm preparing a bid.
You're dragging your feet.
It's one of several 5G prospects we're trying to pursue, Chris.
I told you to move on this yesterday.
I don't report to you.
You know Open RAN interoperability poses a direct threat to our strategic aims in Europe? FramTek might have the technology but they don't have the capacity to pose any true threat.
They would if they merged with a partner like Aikoa.
You will ignore all other acquisitions.
Acquire FramTek.
She lied to your face.
She deserved a chance to tell the truth.
Ms Widholm.
It's an exciting day for FramTek.
It is.
Can you come to the office? We're ready to close.
What's happened? Eleanor's on her way to sign the deal with FramTek.
Well then, you've won.
Not quite.
I still have to get Carl Wong's proof to the EU to make sure they approve the deal.
And I'm going to give the memory stick to a Guardian reporter.
What? This was delivered to my office this morning.
Liwei would never threaten me like this.
This is going to end.
I promise.
Thank you.
It's all on there? Why Damian Curtis and Kalim Chowdhrey were murdered.
How the British electorate were tricked into voting "leave".
Insider traders make millions with it.
If that's true, this is explosive.
No one can know this came from me.
The headlines will speak for themselves.
Watch this space.
Shall we? Thank you very much.
Thank you.
El? It's signed, Massimo.
We've fucking done it.
Well done.
I'm just about to meet Carl Wong.
I'll call you after.
What the hell is this? A joke? What are you talking about? There's nothing on here.
It's blank.
No, it's not possible.
There's been a mistake, let me check I'm the one who made the mistake.
Thanks for wasting my time.
I'll put it on the cloud.
That way it can't be erased.
Thank you.
Need a ride? Don't worry.
Carl Wong isn't coming.
Get in.
Big day today? It was Agnes Sharma, right? Someone got to her? Trust no one.
Where's Carl? Gone.
What do you mean, gone? You disappoint me, Massimo.
Mr Wong is on a flight to New York City to join his family.
He decided they were more important than a lost cause.
It's too bad you didn't make the same decision.
What's going on? Please don't pretend you don't know.
At least show me that much respect.
You knew that Massimo Ruggero intended to acquire FramTek.
And you actively prevented us from challenging him.
I'm sorry.
Are you? My duty now is not only to you.
Not only to China.
Right, we won't pursue criminal charges so long as you resign.
Meaning you have no case.
You betrayed the bank, Zhi.
And you betrayed a friend.
You have more than proven yourself.
I didn't have anything to do with Kalim's death.
Or Damian Curtis'.
But Rebecca did, didn't she? Her men saw Kalim take the memory stick.
They didn't have to kill him.
But they didn't give a fuck, right? So they had to do the same to Damian Curtis.
But maybe you didn't even know about that until I told you, right? Even if that were true you could never prove it.
Whereas the evidence against you is rock solid.
What are you talking about? Using Mikael Korhonen as a front was brilliant.
And it was also money laundering.
If you had the evidence I went behind the FCA's back, yes.
I have it.
I had spyware at NYL, remember? The deal didn't go through.
Because you had Oliver unwind it.
I can prove intent and conspiracy.
Fuck you, Dominic.
I know you're angry.
And you're scared.
And now what? You and your friends are going to kill me? Me, Zhi, the baby? What do you want to do? I sent those photos.
Not as a threat, but as a warning.
Run, Massimo.
Run and never come back.
That's all I could draw in one go.
Sorry it's not more.
Thank you.
Where will you go? I don't know.
This is not going to be easy.
I'm sorry.
No, it's OK.
Here, take this with you.
It's a girl.
You'd better go.
I'm going to fix this.
Be careful.
Thank you.
In a sensational turn of events it appears that the CEO of Morgan Atlantic Investments Massimo Ruggero has fled the country before he could be arrested on money laundering charges.
Hillary Clinton has a 12-point I didn't hear you come in.
I came to say goodbye.
I understand an oligarch is buying my shares.
Anton Kozlov.
I'm sorry it had to end like this.
So am I.
A data programme used by the campaign of the democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was accessed During her Q defended her judgement despite the e-mail scandal She has a 12-point lead over Donald Trump She lied to Congress while under oath! This night is turning out to be a real nail biter.
Donald Trump will carry the State of Florida! They aren't surprised he's heading for For the Democrats, the move is heading in the opposite direction.
A result which hardly anyone predicted.
Donald Trump will become the 45th US President after a stunning victory over Democrat Hillary Clinton.
I just received a call from Secretary Clinton.
She congratulated us.
Game's over.
You lost.
When you finish the game the king and the pawn end up in the same box.
I'm shaking hands, at the hospital the other night, where I think there were actually a few Coronavirus patients, and I shook hands with everybody.
You'll be pleased to know, and I continue to shake hands.
When you do testing to that extent, you're gonna find more people, you're gonna find more cases.
So I said to my people, slow the testing down, please.
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