Devils (2020) s02e08 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 8

1 Uh, the risk of the coronavirus remains low, according to all of the experts.
The government is in control When I was a boy, I thought happiness was a destination .
so I ran far away from home.
Zhi? He's back.
He'll be in court this morning.
Did he call? His barrister.
It won't be long now, Zhi.
My client vigorously denies the money laundering charges against him.
I made more money than anyone should After four years in exile, he's surrendered to clear his name.
and became unrecognisable to myself.
Stop it! Boys, cut it out.
Toyah? I know it's not my turn, but can you keep the boys tonight? I've gotta work a second shift! Toy, come on I haven't got time to talk, but Carter's got a spelling test, so make sure he studies.
Yeah, all right, I've got it I'll call you later, OK? All right, looks like you guys are spending the night here.
Come on, let's go! But the further I run Mister Ruggero has already posted a £5 million surety.
the further my destination became.
You may ask about the, uh, coronavirus, which is very well under control in our country.
Trump holds a news conference concerning the coronavirus pandemic, stating it's incredible but it's something that we have tremendous control of.
He's up to something.
A man gets tired of running.
Why surrender to you? Why not turn himself in to the police? But I wasn't running towards happiness.
My client is innocent of the charges before him.
I had only run into a cage I'd built myself.
Good news? He has to wear an electronic tag, but he's been released.
OK, when can I see him? Not yet.
They could be watching him.
He doesn't want you or Claire in any danger.
Communicate through me until we know it's safe.
Hmm It took you long enough.
Risk at the current time to the UK is low.
This is a problem that's essentially focused within China and we shouldn't see any cases in the UK.
They have no idea what's coming.
And you do? What's the play? It involves you, of course.
Oh, now we're friends again? We never were.
But we only win this fight if we do it together.
Trump says "America first" .
and insults his allies, while China sends aid .
increasing its influence around the world.
The American economy is in free fall.
And China will come out of this stronger than ever.
You're not here to help me defeat the Chinese Government.
I'm here to offer you a deal.
A deal? To protect America and Europe.
I understand you want your life back, but you're in no position to deal.
My position is stronger than yours.
Data thrives in a pandemic.
I'm doing better than ever.
Hmm You should be.
But your chief investor is intent on using your data to spread disinformation and chaos.
How do you know that? While you were in Milan with me, Nadya slipped into your office.
Copied the files you keep on Rebecca Farmer.
My, you have been busy I wondered what became of Nadya.
Rebecca Farmer was a necessary evil.
Now she's just evil If I could've got rid of her, I would've a long time ago.
Now you can, with my help.
What's in it for you? Justice.
For you? For everyone.
All right, then How? The coronavirus continues to impact the global economy, with oil prices taking a dive today after Russia refused to cut oil production.
Can you do it? Zhi and Eleanor can.
I know you're considering how the Saudi Government should respond in light of Russian intransigence.
Oil prices will only continue to go down unless we take action.
And the Russians don't intend to follow your lead.
It's a problem.
Demand will continue to weaken as the pandemic worsens.
You have to confront them head-on.
We have no leverage.
Actually, you have quite a bit, and a greater share of the market.
You can afford to teach them a lesson.
And believe me, Your Highness, it's a lesson you'd only have to teach once.
Rather than cutting supply, the Saudis stunned the world by glutting the oil market.
Prices have fallen 30%, the largest drop since the Gulf War.
It's more costly to store oil than to sell it, so prices are actually negative.
Shit Stonehouse and Liwei want to see us.
How much did the Saudi move cost us? Well, conservatively, I'd estimate, um Five hundred million.
Well, oil's not our only problem.
The entire global economy is in free fall.
We're bleeding everywhere.
It's 2008 all over again.
There is one bright spot, of course.
Technology and data.
Our investments in China and Korea will recover more quickly than those in the West, due to aggressive use of contact-tracing apps, rapid development of vaccines and the more cohesive nature of society there.
How quickly? If China can control the virus and start vaccinating before the end of the year, it could actually see positive economic growth in 2020.
So, you're telling me that, right now, without China, NYL is screwed.
You've got us over a barrel.
What I am saying, Jeremy, is that China is your friend and will carry you through these unpredictable times.
At what price down the road? Who knows what the future holds This isn't good enough.
I have a plane to catch.
You will fix this.
We're bankers, not fuckin' wizards.
Hello? Yeah, no Yeah, I'll be right there.
Hey, I'm looking for Latoyah Harris.
I got it Are you her husband? Her ex-husband, yeah.
The fever came on quickly after this morning.
She fainted an hour ago.
Well, where is she? I'm sorry, no visitors.
I can give her a message, if you'd like.
Nurse, please Excuse me.
How did you get in here? Hey I had to see you.
Well, you have Now, please, get out of here.
The kids need you healthy.
How are you feeling, Toy? Awful.
You're gonna be OK, right? Who knows how much I was exposed to, but I'll be fine.
Now, please, Oliver, get out of here.
All right, all right! Now! Go! All right, all right, I'm going! I'll be back You'd better not be, Oliver Harris.
Now, go! Group B Did you get that? Could I have a moment? It's the end of the world out there.
Oil prices.
They're below zero.
It's cheaper to pour it away than store it.
A lot of people hurting right now.
Yeah This could destroy me.
I'm going to have to liquidate my shares.
I'm sorry to hear that, Rebecca.
Are you? I think you wanted me out of here for years.
We've had our differences.
To put it mildly.
Hmm You HATE having to answer to me and my agenda.
And how convenient that I'm wiped out just as the value of data is about to skyrocket I had nothing to do with the collapse of the world oil market.
Excuse me Yes? I'll be right there.
Sorry Let me know how you'd like to proceed.
Well, well, hell freezes over Let's see how chilly things get.
Nadya is back from Warsaw, I see.
Oil prices plummeted, as promised.
Yes Rebecca's fuming.
I can't say I'm not enjoying it.
OK, Massimo, what can I do for you? Help me take over NYL.
You can't be serious It would weaken Chinamerica and help protect European data.
And make us a hell of a lot of money.
This pandemic is our chance.
We seize it or lose it forever.
NYL has assets of over $1 trillion.
When the outbreak in Wuhan was first reported in January, Massimo foresaw the effect it would have.
It's nice to see you haven't lost your golden touch.
Zhi and I reached out to Carolina on Massimo's behalf.
They persuaded me to hedge risk against a possible pandemic, placing a massive short on the market.
I'm sure you made a lot of money.
But not enough to buy NYL.
They could .
with my help.
Your help? And my friends.
Your friends from Flamestar want to help us? They want to make a statement, and so do I.
Finance, like basketball, is a team sport.
Interesting What does that mean? It means we wait.
In France, the whole country is now in lockdown.
The economic impact could be very strong.
Schengen or no Schengen, we are in such a globalised world.
The coronavirus is still spreading! Madame? Is this really necessary? Rebecca How are you? Wiped out.
But then, you already know that.
You're the reason why.
No, it wasn't us.
It was the Saudis.
Due to Russian intransigence.
Maybe you should have diversified rather than complaining about the vagaries of fate.
FATE may have had a helping hand Dominic Morgan.
Dominic knew I'd be forced to liquidate if oil prices fell.
And if I'm gone, we can no longer use that data for our political purposes, making MY problem YOUR problem.
What do you propose? I have one card left But you have to be the one who plays it.
Is that your daughter? Claire, yes.
She's beautiful.
I'm going to meet her soon.
Four years, you stayed away You think they'd hurt her to hurt you? I don't know, but I decided not to take the risk.
How are the boys doing? Adrian loves getting presents from his favourite fugitive godfather.
Latoyah? She's in hospital.
A lot of the staff were exposed to God knows how much of it, working in the ICU.
I'm sorry.
I should never have let her get away.
I need your help.
Look, Liwei's been fair to me, so if you're here to tell me to go against NYL This isn't about fairness.
Look around What do you see? People.
Their lives are changing, but they don't know it yet.
What do you mean? They said we'd be in lockdown for six weeks.
Try 16 months If we get a vaccine.
Millions of people will die.
Millions of businesses.
This isn't just a pandemic, I think it's a fundamental reordering of society.
If what you're saying is true, I can't do anything about it.
We could Together.
In China, track and trace using facial recognition is implemented, freedom of movement restricted and large-scale, temporary hospitals built to combat the epidemic.
I didn't know you were a basketball fan.
I grew up in Boston.
I'm a Bill Russell fan.
The most successful player in NBA history.
He didn't like to lose.
To what do I owe this visit? I'm extending Rebecca a credit facility of £2.
5 billion.
I'm happy for you, but you didn't need to come here to tell me that.
As security, I've surrendered my shares.
In your firm.
Combining her shares with mine gives me controlling interest.
You thought you could use me then throw me away.
You're desperate, Rebecca, and this is a bad deal.
It's worth every penny just to see you squirm.
I was hoping to see you.
Come in.
Good morning.
We'll keep in touch.
Thank you.
Who was that? My barrister.
Trial's coming up.
How's that looking? Not great Sorry to hear that.
Do you want a coffee? Please.
But you know I warned you.
It'd be better if you made the evidence against me go away.
How could I do that? By proving that they got it through your spyware.
They would have to drop the charges.
Rebecca Farmer has relinquished control of her shares.
That's good.
She's given her shares to Anton Kozlov.
Now he controls me.
That's not good.
But not unexpected.
You were hoping, by ruining Rebecca, it would push me out of the frying pan, into the fire, forcing me to take your deal.
You give me too much credit.
Do I? Either way, you're left with a choice.
Take over NYL or get taken over.
See, Jeremy Stonehouse is not only the global CEO of NYL He is the head of the 13th floor.
So, for you to take over his bank, we win or we get wiped out.
We'll win.
Well? Do it.
Right away.
We're on.
Give this to the team.
Guys, these are orders for credit default swaps.
I want them purchased right away, OK? For fuck's sake Chris, what's the matter? Someone's buying millions of pounds in credit default swaps.
Against who? Against us! NYL! They're attacking us! So, what do we do? How many CDS' have they purchased? There's no way of knowing But it must be a lot.
And they're still buying.
While spreading rumours that our bank is weak.
Sounds like a familiar strategy Straight out of Massimo's playbook.
He blows the whistle and the market follows.
Has he spoken to you? Yeah But not about this.
We must buy up more shares ourselves.
Our reserves are strapped That's why he's doing this now, to turn our stock into junk! Massimo can't have acted alone.
It's been a long time.
It has.
You look well.
Motherhood agrees with you.
I have to get home I know you're behind the attack on NYL, Zhi, and that your client is Massimo, working with Dominic Morgan.
You know I can't tell you either way.
You don't have to, I know you.
And I know this must weigh on you, betraying me and your country.
How long have you lived in London? Ten, 12 years? A person gets accustomed to a place, perhaps she starts to forget this is not your home.
These people are not your friends.
I know who my friends are, and I'm free to make up my own mind.
There are different kinds of freedom.
The West attacks us for controlling our own people, but our control will save tens of millions of lives.
While their so-called freedom means they mount a pitiful defence, letting millions die.
The capacity to live, Zhi.
What greater freedom is there? I'm not going to debate with you.
Because you know I'm right.
This is a turning point Turn your back on your country now and you may live to regret it.
Consider your future .
and your daughter's.
From this evening, I must give the British people a very simple instruction.
You MUST stay at home.
You're still in the office.
Most of my people are working from home.
Strange times.
Do you have an offer to make? I've lined up backers who will buy your shares at twice their face value.
Tempting But our friends in Moscow see strategic value in the data you control.
They should reconsider.
Trump's gonna lose the election.
And what makes you say that? He's mishandled the pandemic.
Hmm But this isn't about your dislike for Trump.
It's about your dislike for me.
If the Democrats win the White House, your name will sink this firm.
So, you either take a handsome profit now or a massive hit in six months.
Not much of a choice, is it? Well? You ready for tomorrow? I think so.
You do know we don't have enough money to buy NYL? But we have Nadya.
Do you think she can do it? She's the future.
Germany finally joins Italy, France and Spain in imposing a total lockdown.
What are those tubes for, Mummy? I've got a stuffy nose.
They help me breathe.
Do I look funny? Sort of! Well, the two of you look just fine.
I'm glad daddy's taking such good care of you.
Mm-hm All right, come on, time to eat.
Talk to you tomorrow.
Bye, Mummy! Love you! All right Here you go.
Hey, you feeling better? Do I look like I'm feeling better? What about the spelling test? Well, he can spell medieval! I don't even think I can Look, how you really doing? Oxygen level is low, but I'll be fine.
Look, you remember that little Italian place we used to go to? Are you asking me out on a date? Well, if I was, what would you say? Oliver, I couldn't Why not? I need to know that there'd be no more lies.
No more betrayals.
That you'd try to be a good man.
I would, Toy.
Hmm Too quick.
Look, rest and get better, OK? Then maybe I'll change your mind.
Maybe Are you there? Almost.
Is Zhi ready? She's a fighter.
Something your daughter has inherited, along with your stubborn streak.
We are stubborn, I know.
Yeah, big time But she's also clever and kind.
So, she'll never make a banker! You'll see for yourself soon enough.
Yes Gotta go.
Where are we at? NYL opened at 38.
Down 10%.
Ten percent? The biggest drop ever on NYL shares.
NYL shares started the day already weakened at £38, and are now inching down to £37.
Is Dominic here? NYL's at 37.
Well? We've, um We've taken countermeasures, but the market's against us.
Our share price just keeps dropping.
What the hell is going on in London? We're down to 36! I'm sure Liwei is on top of it.
Well, he sure as hell better be! Gentlemen, thank you for being here.
What do we do now? We wait.
Oh, come on, come on, come on Keep an eye on this for me, please? Yes? Thank you Holy Christ Keep your nerve.
We're in the toilet here! What makes you such a bloody Buddha? Liwei will act.
I fuckin' hope so.
You've seen the news? Yes.
Then you know our bank is under attack.
They'll take it over unless we get support.
Another 20 million! Let's go! We're in a pandemic.
Our nation's resources are not endless.
Come on, come on, come on, come on! What the hell is he doing in there? We will lose the bank without additional capital now.
We must project strength, not weakness.
I understand you don't want to lose face This is not about face.
This is about the pride of the Chinese people! Keep your eye on there as well for me, please.
Thank you.
Buy! How much? One hundred million.
Will that be enough? It better be.
OK, let's do it, let's buy, please! Yes, are we on that? Thank you! Same over here! Oh, come on, come on, come on, come on! "I need to know that there'll be no more lies.
That you'd try to be a good man.
" Did you get that? What are we doing? Nothing.
We need to buy those call options before the share prices start to rebound.
Massimo needs to pick his moment.
You're late.
Just milk.
Thank you.
Shit! Buy more! We can't! I said buy! We can't! We've hit the cap on foreign investment! British law says we can't buy one more penny of NYL! Now? Now.
All right, dump the CDS! Buy the call options! We're moving! At last! Now for the hard part Finally! Do you think we're back? Let's hope.
Holy shit, we're on fire! Come on Come on! OK Good Come on, good Yes, now we're talking! Take that, Massimo, and shove it up your arse! How high will it go? We need it to get to 50 and then keep going up.
Fifty? Mm-hm.
Above 50 and we're in the clear.
It's a bloody miracle! Massimo and Dominic are behind this.
What? See if anyone bought call options at the bottom of the market.
Strike 50 Fifty? How soon? They have to be redeemed in six hours.
Six hours?! Massimo's out of his bloody mind! It is a crazy bet That's why he made it.
We were at £30 per share.
The call price would have cost practically nothing, especially in that timeframe.
If the price keeps going up, we'll lose the bank! Sell.
Our own shares? You are joking Do it! All right, cancel the order, please! We're selling NYL fast as we can, please! The lot! NYL? NYL, yes, please.
Now, will you look at that NYL's dumping stock, but their share price is still going up.
I never thought it was possible.
Neither did I.
Our share price is still going up! We can't stop it! Where the hell did they get the bloody money? See where these purchases are coming from.
It's all It's all small buyers.
All over the world All at the same time.
Shit We're gonna lose the bank, aren't we? I don't fuckin' believe it! Hmm! I could kiss you Maybe you should.
Yesterday, after a wild day of trading, control of the New York London Bank officially changed hands.
A historic day, not least as it represents a huge setback for the Chinese ambitions in Europe.
You've had a busy few weeks, haven't you? The evidence against Mr Ruggero was obtained illegally and cannot be entered into the record.
How was New York? Gratifying.
Thank you all for being here.
And London? There have been some big changes Thank you.
Hey, guys, as CEO, I'd like to introduce a familiar face as our new head of trading.
Eleanor, welcome back to NYL.
Thank you so much, guys.
It's great to be back.
You won But are you safe? I think so.
Anton Rebecca.
My associates in Moscow would like to speak to you.
You're awfully gracious in defeat.
I never wanted us to be enemies, but if our two countries must fight, sooner or later we will win.
I wouldn't count on that.
While your country drowns in debt and dysfunction, ours focuses on innovation and success.
Suppressing the voices of its own people.
What are they afraid of, Liwei? Have you heard American voices? Obsessed with conspiracy theories, defending gun violence, refusing to acknowledge an undeclared race war.
We will heal our wounds and come back stronger than ever.
We always do.
I admire your faith But I see little reason to believe it.
And you? Where will you go? I'm going home.
Hey, I'm looking for Latoyah Harris.
Would you follow me, please? Mister Harris, I'm so sorry It was very sudden.
There was nothing we could do.
Her oxidation levels dropped.
We tried to resuscitate, but She passed away two hours ago.
We're all just devastated.
She's the third nurse we've lost this week.
May I call someone for you? What? I'm so sorry Huh? Now? Have fun.
Make a big noise The democratisation of access to financial stocks through platforms, it's created sort of a perfect storm that's allowed the power of the people to take on hedge funds in the way that we've seen.
Young investors are using stimulus cheques to help target hedge funds, upending traditional investors.
It is the craziest I think I've ever seen.
Major banks are facing billions in losses.
They pick a stock, they tell each other 'hold', 'don't buy', when to buy Hold, hold, hold, HOLD! Wall Street was rocked today by thousands of amateur rogue traders from all over the world.
Using social media, these young investors coordinated the mass purchase of stocks in the so-called Bang companies, BlackBerry, AMC, Nokia and GameStop, causing a trading frenzy that led to stratospheric prices.
GameStop, we've got to talk about this today! Well, an army of invisible investors is on the march and the world of finance will NEVER be the same AccessibleCustomerService@sky.
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