Devious Maids s03e02 Episode Script

From Here to Eternity

Previously on "Devious Maids" She's waking up.
Get a doctor! What's going on? You've been in a coma.
Because I'm pregnant.
No one knows.
Not even Javier? He's the father.
Well It's Pablo's baby.
You'll break Javier's heart if you tell him the truth.
Am I really going to be a dad? Yes.
Whoa, whoa! Carmen, please don't go.
I have to, Sebastien.
The bad part is now I don't have a place to live.
Well, I have an empty guest room.
How's your marriage? - Things have been a little - Limp.
I shouldn't talk about my work in polite company.
She's a dominatrix.
She stepped on my hand.
It was a revelation.
You disgust me, Adrian! I'm Blanca.
Nice to meet you.
I know that the Stappords just moved back into town.
I bet you they're looking for someone.
We've been a bit busy with our little angel.
Wherever did you find her? Argentina.
We visited orphanages.
Katy has emotional problems.
- Oh, G-God! Blanca.
- What's wrong? Uh, there's a mess in the living room.
I was just going to clean it up.
Trust me.
Whatever it is, I'm sure I've seen worse.
- I can do it.
- No.
Oh, uh, w-wait.
What the hell happened in here? I'm looking for the Velvet Whip.
Oh! Yes! Evelyn, my God! Where the hell have you been? I got up early and went out.
And you didn't see it? It was right there in my rose bushes.
- What? - A leg.
I found a leg.
Of lamb? A human leg, you idiot.
Come again? I must have fainted.
Next thing I knew, Juan, the gardener, was giving me mouth-to-mouth.
Oh, you poor, poor thing.
Yes, and apparently we don't pay him enough to afford mouthwash.
Uh, excuse me, Mr.
Powell? Oh, Detective Figueroa, nice to see you again.
Yes! It's been ages since we've had a murder at our house.
Uh, I-I'm sorry, but for the record, I need to ask where you've been.
The chiropractor.
At 6:00 in the morning? You had me sleeping on the couch all night.
My back was killing me.
Can I get this chiropractor's name? Oh, he's expensive.
I doubt you could afford him.
I want to verify your alibi.
Can I get back to you on that? Adrian, what's going on? Mr.
Powell, this is a murder investigation, and if you can't provide your whereabouts, I'll have to take you down to the station.
I was at the club.
The country club, the yacht club? What club? Sex club, okay? Good God.
It's called the Velvet Whip.
I was there all night.
There must have been a dozen witnesses.
Why don't I give you a minute? No.
There's going to be another murder.
And the doctor says if everything goes good, I can go home in a couple of days.
Oh! Oh! Oh! Thank God, because the lighting here does nothing for me.
Yes, your coma has been so inconvenient for Carmen.
Well, anyway, I have a little announcement.
You do? Yes.
Now that my book is done, I've been thinking about what's next, and then, when I got Blanca that job with the Stappords, I realized She's starting a placement agency for maids.
What? Carmen! What? You were taking too long.
Órale! Bravo, Marisol.
Thank you.
I just I want to make a difference, and I thought maids are always helping everybody else, but "But who helps the maids?" Would you let me tell it? I actually have some news myself.
I'm pregnant.
You owe me 10 bucks.
Oh, my God.
You made a bet?! It was claro.
Carmen said you were just chubby, and Marisol said you were too old.
I did not.
You said at Zoila's age, it would be a medical miracle.
The important thing is you're pregnant! Yay! Is Javi excited to be a father? Mm-hmm.
How does Valentina feel? I haven't told her yet.
But I'm seeing her later today.
You sound worried.
She's still sad about her dad.
I have to handle it just right.
You will.
You're such a good mom.
Now, exactly how fat have you gotten? Because there's another $20 riding on it.
Okay, sweetheart.
Mommy's gonna go talk to Blanca.
Just stay put.
Maybe paint something.
How's it going? Um, I'm almost finished.
Thank you, Blanca.
I just I couldn't let Katy see all that blood.
Please, I'm just I'm glad that she was still asleep when that burglar broke in.
That was lucky.
You know, you were really brave to grab that knife.
God, you must have been so scared.
Honestly, it it just happened so fast.
I wasn't really thinking.
If you ask me, I think that he got exactly what he deserved.
And no one's gonna blame you for stabbing a burglar in your own home.
Well, I can't take that risk.
That's why we're not calling the police.
But you can help them catch this guy.
I mean, he's he's still out there.
He was wearing a mask.
I couldn't identify him even if I wanted to.
I don't get it, Mrs.
Aren't you afraid that he'll come back? He won't.
I-I scared him off.
It's over.
Okay, well, at least call Mr.
Stappord so he'll come home from his trip.
Michael? No, no.
I-I don't want to upset him.
But he's your husband.
I said no! I appreciate your help, I do, but, please, Blanca, don't tell anyone what happened here.
You know how people gossip.
You can trust me, Mrs.
I'm counting on it.
A leg on the lawn?! That's pretty creepy.
I know.
Creepy stuff happens here a lot.
Maybe you should leave.
Huh? Well, it's it's actually kind of what I wanted to talk to you about.
I got into med school Columbia.
Remi, that's amazing! Thanks.
But here's the crazy part I have to start next week.
- What? - Yeah, I got in off the wait list.
I guess somebody dropped out.
Wait, so you're moving to New York next week? Come with me.
Remi, what am I gonna do in New York? What about that fashion internship with Bruno De Luca? I turned it down when my dad died.
Well, they said the door's always open, right? Maybe now's your chance.
I don't know.
Remember Africa? I followed you there, and all we did was fight.
What if I could promise you that this time, it'll be different? Hello.
There's a weird lady in your living room.
That's Alma, one of the maids I'm trying to place.
I'm running the business out of the house.
While I'm staying here? Well, it's a good thing you're only here for a couple days.
You know, I've been thinking.
Maybe you could find me a job.
- As a As a maid? - Yeah, why not? Well, I just thought you were gonna focus on your music career.
Of course.
But I have to pay the bills.
I have, like, $4 in my bank account.
I'm desperate.
So, go ahead.
Find me something.
Just not a big house where I have to vacuum all day.
And hopefully a cool boss You know, someone in the industry.
Got it.
And a house on the beach would be fantastic.
I said I got it! Hi, Mami.
Oh, good.
Let me get my purse, and we'll go to lunch.
Actually, I can't do lunch today.
Oh, that's too bad.
Can you sit down for a minute? There's something I need to I'm getting married! Santo Dios! Remi's starting med school on Monday, so we wanted to do it before we go this weekend.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Slow down a minute.
This is crazy! I just got ahold of my mom on her cruise.
She's over the moon.
We'll call you back.
I wanted to talk to her.
Forget Genevieve.
Mi amor, you're too young to get married.
Mami, I'm 20.
When I was 20, I didn't know anything.
Well, I'm not you.
I'm just saying don't rush into anything.
What if he's not the one? No offense.
Of course he's the one! He's always been the one.
But you've broken up before.
And what about all the boys that are out there? Latinos with muscles? You should probably wait outside for this.
Mami, we've thought this through.
Zoila, I love your daughter, and I want to take care of her forever.
So live together.
Keep dating.
That's the best part.
There's nothing special about getting married.
Well, if we were married, we could finally, you know You mean you two have never had sex? No You've always said to wait for marriage.
Otherwise it's a sin.
And you listened? So, to be clear, all that time you were in Africa, you two never? No Aww.
Come here.
Aww! You're a good, good girl.
But you're not getting married, not in a million years.
- Hi, Mamá.
- Hola, Miguelito.
I've missed you.
Isn't this great? Now you can see the apartment.
It's so exciting.
Well, there's not much to look at.
It's pretty small, actually.
I'm sure it's enough for us.
Oh, shoot.
That's my agent.
It's okay.
Go ahead.
Take it.
I'll be right back.
Hey, Miguel, show Mom the apartment.
What a nice living room.
Oye, Miguelito.
You've got to pick up your toys.
Yes, Mamá.
And your clothes, too.
Those aren't mine.
Don't lie, Papito.
I'm not.
They're Spence's.
Well, he must be making a pile for the laundry.
Is that the kitchen?! Ugh.
It stinks in here.
Doesn't Spence ever take out the trash? I don't know.
Miguel, take me to the bedroom.
I'm not supposed to go in there.
Just a peek, Papito.
I just want to see where I'm going to sleep.
Ay, Virgencita de Guadalupe, por lo más quieras, please be clean.
Thanks a lot, Virgencita.
Am I in trouble? No.
But Spence is.
I hope you don't mind me popping by like this.
No, of course not, uh, but the house is kind of a wreck.
Did Katy make a mess? No.
But, uh, Blanca's just doing some, um, deep cleaning for me.
Uh, w-why don't we go in the kitchen? How's it going with Blanca? Oh, good.
Yeah, um, she's a very hard worker.
She does whatever I ask.
Well, that's good to hear.
Is she around? Oh, you, uh you just missed her.
She took Katy out for a walk.
I needed a break.
Everything okay? We just had a really rough night.
That's all.
Katy had a hard time sleeping, and sometimes she has really bad nightmares.
When we first adopted Eddie, he had bad dreams, too.
It's a big adjustment for a kid.
That must be it.
- Anyway - Mm-hmm? I was hoping that I could drop something off for Michael.
Uh, but he's in, uh, Boston.
I know, but maybe I can leave this for him.
Uh, what is it? Do you remember the idea that I was kicking around - the placement agency for maids? - Yeah.
Well, I finally decided to just do it already.
Life's too short, right? It is.
Anyway, there's a bunch of legal stuff with starting a business, and I was hoping Michael would look everything over.
Uh, well, I-I'm sure he wouldn't mind, but I-I don't know when he'll get to it.
When's he back? Hard to say.
You don't know? Well, he's supposed to be home on Friday, but sometimes these depositions can just go on.
Do you think I should call him? No.
No, no, no, no.
I-I doubt you'd get ahold of him.
He's very busy.
But I will tell him that you dropped by.
I'm so glad you guys moved back! It's like nothing's changed.
I feel the same way.
I'll see you.
Well, it's official.
We are now social pariahs.
How so? We have been disinvited from three events.
It's that damn leg.
Oh, soon enough, people will start gossiping about something else.
Yes, perhaps your delightful, little romp at the sex club.
Technically, it is more of a bondage and S&M club.
Well, I will have to remember to clarify that in our holiday newsletter.
How long are you gonna be angry about this? You haven't even apologized to me.
Because I'm not sorry.
Last night was glorious.
You betrayed me! I didn't sleep with anyone.
Then what was the point? It's not about sex.
It is about ceding control.
Do you have any idea how liberating that is? - Evelyn? - I'm sorry.
I'm just thinking about all the other men I could have married.
Just come to the club, even once.
Why would I subject myself to that? For our marriage.
Remember what our therapist said? We have to work on this together.
Well, what does he know? He went to Cornell.
That's barely even an Ivy.
I'm trying to include you in this.
Just give it a whirl.
If you don't like it, I promise you'll never have to return.
- Oh, I don't know.
- All right.
What if I sweeten the deal with an obscenely large diamond? Well, define "obscenely large.
" I mean, how can Valentina get married? She's so young! So, you never told her about our baby? Javi, please.
I can only handle one baby at a time.
Do you know she's only 20? You've mentioned it several times.
Are we ready for the special dessert? Maybe not just yet.
Are you kidding? I'm eating for two here.
Bring it.
Uh, sir? You heard the lady.
Now that dessert's on the way, maybe we can talk about something other than Valentina.
Go ahead.
I mean, she's making the biggest mistake of her life, but go ahead.
Zoila, breathe.
She's not getting married tonight.
Oh, she's not getting married ever.
No one is marrying anyone.
Here we go.
Uh, hold on.
Zoila, I know we've only been together a short time, but you're the most important person in the world to me.
Just a second.
You're so funny and smart and beautiful.
And hungry.
Why won't you just let me have a moment? Why don't you just let me have dessert?! Because! There's a ring in there.
What? I had it all planned out.
You would open it, your eyes would fill with tears, we would tell the story to our grandchildren, but now You were gonna propose.
And after the evening we've just had, I must really, really love you.
'Cause I still want to do this.
Zoila, te quiero más que nadie.
Will you marry me? Oh, my God.
What am I gonna tell Valentina? - So, you find me a job yet? - Nothing yet.
But you made some calls? Look, I have to say, your résumé is not the strongest.
That's why I attached my head shot.
Well it's only been a day.
These things take time.
- How much time? - I don't know.
The job market is really slow, you know? Nobody is hiring.
I got the job! Oh! I start tomorrow! Oh, that is wonderful, Alma.
Well, thank you for stopping by.
No one wanted to hire me, but Ms.
Marisol worked and worked to find me something.
She did, huh? It was nothing.
What? You You're a miracle worker.
If she can find me a job, she can find anyone a job.
Good luck.
Thank you.
- I'm gonna call you and - Okay.
Get all those details.
You're my friend.
I should have gotten that job.
- I-It wasn't really right for you.
- Why not? You have all these requirements a house by the beach, no vacuuming.
Forget all that.
I'll take anything.
Just find me work.
I'll try.
No, don't try, Marisol.
Just do it.
You're a miracle worker, remember? That apartment is filthy! Don't you ever pick up? Eh, now and then.
It's not that bad, is it? It's a pigsty! Then it's a good thing you're coming home, right? So I can clean it for you? You are really good at it.
Spence! What? It's your job.
Loo I'm an actor.
I wouldn't be offended if you asked me to perform a monologue or cry on cue.
When we first met, I was your maid.
But now I am your wife.
Of course you are.
I'm sorry.
I will hire someone to clean it up.
Why can't you do it? Me? Well, don't act so surprised.
When I was married to Ernesto, we always shared the housework.
I just think a cleaning lady will do a better job.
But you got to learn how to save money, papi, or we're never gonna have any.
When you get home, the place will be spotless.
And you won't hire anyone to clean? I won't.
I promise.
What? You might want to start with the laundry.
May I help you? Detective Figueroa.
Beverly Hills police.
Oh, is everything all right? We're canvassing the neighborhood for leads on a case.
Were you at home the night before last? I-I was.
And did you see or hear anything unusual? Not really, sorry.
What is this about? A severed leg was found at the Powell residence down the road.
Oh, my God.
A leg? And we think it belonged to someone who was murdered in the area two nights ago.
That's horrible.
Don't worry, ma'am.
We'll catch the killer.
I'll leave you my card in case something comes to mind.
Thank you, Detective.
You lied to me.
Thanks for coming over.
I hate the way we left things.
You act like getting married is the worst thing in the world.
Yeah, about that I think I was wrong.
Did you just say you were wrong? Marriage really is a wonderful, sacred thing.
So I have your blessing? I support you 100%.
In a bit of unrelated news, Javi and I are also getting married.
What? I know.
It's a bit sudden, but You've only been together for less than a year.
What's the rush? Well I'm pregnant.
Oh, my God.
And since I've been so supportive of you and Remi Papi just died.
And now you're getting married? And having a baby? I didn't plan any of this.
But, sweetheart, I could really use your support.
Valentina You do not have my blessing.
And you never will.
Please, I-I-I can explain.
You told me the burglar ran away.
How did he run away, with a missing leg? Well I'm not stupid.
He's dead, isn't he? Yes.
Oh, my God.
What really happened? Did you kill him? It's probably better if you don't know.
All right, uh listen, maybe if it was self-defense, the cops will understand.
I can't have the police looking into our lives.
- Why not? - Because of Katy.
Her adoption wasn't legal, and if it comes out, we'll lose her.
You know what, this is insane.
I don't want to be involved in any of this.
Look, look, look, you don't have to work here anymore, but don't go to the police.
I am begging you.
For Katy's sake.
Your keys are on the kitchen counter.
Son of a bitch.
What are you doing here? We brought goodies.
Tamales! Oh, you guys are the best.
We figured Rosie wouldn't be up to cooking just yet.
And Marisol sent along dessert.
Oh, this is so sweet.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
- Anything you need from us, just ask.
- Yeah.
Uh, you guys haven't seen the apartment yet.
Let me let me give you the tour.
Oh, we'd love to.
I-I have to apologize.
The place is, uh, eh, it's a little bit of a mess.
It's not so bad.
I hope you got your tetanus shot.
I've just been really busy taking care of Miguel.
He's not buried in here somewhere, is he? No, no.
He's in his room playing video games.
Helps him keep his mind off of how hard things have been since Rosie's gone.
Oh, oh! Ooh, ooh, ooh! It's okay.
It's okay, it's okay.
I'm sorry.
I'm supposed to be the one keeping it together.
It's all right.
Let it out.
Ah, there is just so much to do.
I know, I know.
Just let it out.
Let it out.
When Rosie gets home and sees it like this, she's gonna know how much things have fallen apart.
No, she won't, because we're gonna help you.
We are? Yes.
This poor, sweet man has been through enough.
The least we can do is lend a hand.
All right.
We'll help.
No, no.
I-I I couldn't ask you to do that.
Rosie wouldn't want me to.
She doesn't have to know.
So you just sit back, rest.
We'll take care of everything.
W-well, if you insist.
Can you believe it? After the way she raised me, and now she's the one who's knocked up? Maybe you should just be happy for her.
You know, if it wasn't for my mom, we would've had a lot of sex by now.
A lot.
Trying not to think about that.
My father would be so upset about this.
I think he'd probably be more upset that you and your mom are fighting.
She forbid my marriage before I forbid hers.
I thought you liked Javi.
I do.
Javi's not the problem.
Then what is? I am going to burn this hospital gown when I get home.
Who could possibly look good in this? Oh, I could.
What? I could.
It's so nice to be on my feet again.
I can't wait to get back to work.
Well, don't ask Marisol to find you a job.
She takes forever.
Oh, she already set up some interviews for me.
What? Well, I told her that I couldn't start for a couple of weeks, but she was so excited to help me.
You were in a coma! You can barely walk! You're scaring me.
Why wouldn't she find me a job? I'm her friend, too.
She's probably just looking for the perfect fit.
Or maybe she's just full of it.
What what are you doing? This is an emergency.
Rosie, are you okay? Yeah, yeah, yeah, she's fine.
I need you to do me a favor.
This is Marisol.
Good day.
This is Thurston Howell III.
Why do I know that name? I'm a very rich millionaire.
Thank you.
Now, I'm in dire need of a maid.
Well, then you've called the right place.
Can you tell me a little bit about what you're looking for? What am I looking for? Fabulous question.
You want someone who can start today.
She should be able to start today.
Stop this! Marisol is your friend.
And you love Puerto Ricans.
Say it! And I love Puerto Ricans for some reason.
Uh well, I have someone who is very eager, and I think she'd be an excellent match.
She has someone.
Her name is Ruth Rodriguez.
Ruth Rodriguez.
So, I just need your address Hell no! Sir? Hello? Do you have a minute? I do.
What's that? It's my Ángel de la guardia pendant.
The one your dad gave you.
I want the baby to have it.
For good luck.
That's really sweet.
Look, I think I got so upset because it feels like you're starting a new family without me.
And it really hurt.
I can understand that.
You're starting a new life with Remi.
Without me.
And that hurts, too.
Mami, I'm so sorry I overreacted.
You're my daughter.
Of course you overreacted.
It's what we do.
We don't have to get married if you don't want us to.
Oh That's not up to me anymore.
You're a grownup now.
But I love you no matter what.
I love you, too, Mami.
I'm gonna miss you so much.
Me too.
Ruth Rodriguez? Ruth Rodriguez?! Oh, my God.
That phone call.
That was you? You were supposed to give me that job.
Me! Carmen Luna! So you were testing me? Yes.
And you failed.
I thought you were my friend.
Um I'm letting you live here.
I'm feeding you.
Of course I'm your friend.
Then why is it such a big deal to find me a job? Because you're a bad maid! So, what? You're not even gonna deny it? Why would I deny it? It's not like you think I'm a bad singer.
This is the problem.
You don't care.
Who cares about being a good maid? A lot of people! Zoila, Rosie.
Well, how is it any of your business if I'm good? Carmen! This is a placement agency.
It is literally my business.
Businesses are built on reputations.
If you're bad, it reflects on me.
I guess.
Carmen, you're a diva, and we love that, but it can't always be about you.
You don't have to find me a job.
I get it.
Really? I'm proud of you for starting this business, Marisol, and I don't want mess it up for you, okay? So, I'll find something on my own.
I'm sure you will.
Until then, I'll just keep crashing here.
I'm so proud of you for giving this a chance.
"Proud" is no longer a word in my vocabulary.
What are you doing? I don't want anyone to see me in this godforsaken place.
Well, sweetheart, everyone's come here for the same purpose.
There's no shame here.
Let's just get this over with.
That's the spirit.
Well, that looks horribly uncomfortable.
Lucky devil.
What strikes your fancy, darling? Uh, handcuffs? Whips? Ball gag? Oh, a riding crop.
As a girl I used to adore my equestrian lessons.
You know how to use that? On a horse.
Well, perhaps if we found a private room Evelyn Powell? It's me.
From the historical society? Oh, God Relax.
She's here, too.
There's no reason to be embarrassed.
Hello, Mitzy.
What's this I hear about a leg? What are you people doing in that house? I'm so glad you stopped by.
How is it working with the Stappords? Well 'Cause it was such a joy helping you get that job.
I'm sure you're loving it.
I had to quit.
- What? - I'm sorry.
Can you help me find something else? Wait, what happened? Well, Mrs.
Stappord was asking, uh, a lot of me.
Really? I didn't have that experience.
No, I'm sure you didn't.
Well, I'm sure that this is just a misunderstanding.
I'll just call her.
I don't want this to be a whole thing.
I really just want to move on.
Without even trying to fix the problem? I don't think it can be fixed.
I'm sorry.
Blanca, can I offer you some advice? Mm-hmm.
When an employer asks a lot of you, you're allowed to ask for something in return.
I am? Sometimes a problem is just an opportunity in disguise.
Hey, babe.
What's up? We don't have to get married right away.
What? We can just be engaged, and maybe in a year we can plan a big wedding and have our families there.
That sounds really nice.
So you don't mind waiting? Of course not.
Anything for you.
Though I'm not gonna lie, there was one thing I was really, really looking forward to.
Well, maybe we don't have to wait for everything.
Oh, thank God.
told me not to worry.
You said you would take care of everything.
Okay, then why were the police over there asking about that Well, I mean Uh, I will, uh, call you back.
I got to go.
Blanca, come in.
I'm sorry.
Am I interrupting something? Uh Uh, no.
It was, um Michael.
He's extending his business trip.
So, what can I do for you? My mom was a maid.
What? Yeah, she cleaned houses so that I wouldn't have to.
And before she died, she made me promise to go to college and make something of my life.
She sounds like a good mom.
She was.
And, yeah, I'm trying to keep my promise.
But it's hard.
College costs so much money.
There's books and classes and enrollment fees I wish I had a scholarship.
But I don't.
Well, maybe if you came back to work here, I could give you a raise.
It'd have to be a pretty big raise.
It would be.
You'd be able to pay your tuition, finish college, make your mom proud.
Well, I would be so grateful for that.
Really, I'd be grateful and quiet.
I'll get my checkbook.
Powell? Can I talk to you? Well, since Evelyn isn't, I suppose someone should.
How can I help you? I have good news.
And some not-so-good news.
Hello? Marisol, thank God I caught you.
- Adrian.
- I need a maid.
Well, what happened to Valentina? She got engaged.
Oh, that's wonderful! It's a catastrophe! She's abandoning us at the worst possible moment.
She is? Oh, Evelyn is already furious at me.
This is the last thing she needs.
Y-you have to help.
Well, I'm not sure I have someone who is up to Evelyn's high standards.
Honestly, Evelyn loves yelling at bad maids.
She finds it soothing.
Really? Can you get someone here by morning? Yes.
I think I can.
Great! Okay, sweetheart.
It's bath time.
Blanca, can you straighten up in here while I start Katy's bath? - Sure, Mrs.
- Yay! Here we are.
Home, sweet home.
Do you like it, Mama? Mm.
I do.
It's very clean.
Go play, buddy.
Let your mom get settled in.
Are you, uh you impressed? I don't know.
Did you hire someone? No, I did not.
Then I'm very impressed.
You did good, Mr.
Thank you, Mrs.
Hey, where did Zoila put my Hot Wheels? Zoila? She came by and gave me some pointers.
Uh check your toy chest.
Wait a second.
Did Zoila clean this whole apartment? No.
- Carmen helped, too.
- Thanks, pal.
Miguel, go play in your room, hm? Okay, okay.
But before you say anything It's just it's been so hard.
Knock it off! You made my friends clean the apartment? - No, they offered.
- You should have said no! But I didn't hire anyone.
Isn't that what you wanted? What I wanted was for you to grow up.
And to take care of things like an adult.
You're right.
I made a mistake.
When I was married to Ernesto, I knew that I could count on him.
You can count on me, Rosie.
Then prove it! I will.
But listen, I'm not Ernesto.
It's not fair that you keep comparing me to a dead man.
_ Thank you.
"Pasaporte"? Como no, officer.
Here you go.
Ernesto Falta What's the purpose of your visit to America? I'm here to see my wife.