Devious Maids s03e03 Episode Script

The Awful Truth

Previously on Devious Maids" It was right there.
In my rosebushes.
- What? - A leg.
What strikes your fancy, darling? Handcuffs? Whips? Ball gag? I'm pregnant.
It's Pablo's baby.
I just keep wondering how I'm gonna tell Javi about this.
Well, maybe you don't.
Zoila, will you marry me? Now that my book is done, I've been thinking about what's next She's starting a placement agency for maids.
Please don't go.
I have to, Sebastien.
Hello, Evelyn.
I see that you've met our daughter.
Katy has emotional problems.
- Hi.
- Oh, G-God! Blanca.
What's wrong? Uh, there's a mess in the living room.
I was just going to clean it up.
What the hell happened in here? Well, at least call Mr.
Stappord, so he'll come home from his trip.
Michael? No.
I-I don't want to upset him.
Listen, I'm not Ernesto.
It's not fair that you keep comparing me to a dead man.
Ernesto Falta, what's the purpose of your visit to America? I'm here to see my wife.
Well, hello.
How can I help you? I'm looking for a woman.
That's too bad.
Rosie Falta.
I read she was here.
Oh, you mean Rosie Westmore? Yes.
Rosie Westmore.
She was discharged last week.
Do you know how to find her? We don't give out personal information.
Hospital rules.
Please, it's very important.
I have to see her.
Whoa, whoa.
We got We got to slow down a bit.
You were in a coma.
The doctor says that you're not ready.
Yeah, but we never got to "consommé" our marriage.
Hmm? We have our whole lives to consommé - once you've recovered.
- No.
You're no fun.
Can you get that? I'm going to wash up.
Mm-mm! Hello? Hey, it's Jerry from Doheny Medical.
Uh, hi, Jerry.
What's going on? There's a man here looking for Rosie.
He knows her from Mexico.
Mexico? Yeah.
His name is Ernesto.
- What? - Ernesto.
He says it's urgent.
Can I give you his number? Look, I don't know what kind of sick joke this is, but Ernesto was Rosie's first husband, and he's dead.
Oh, God.
So you tell whoever this guy is that Rosie does not want to see him.
Okay? I will.
I'm sorry.
Who was on the phone? No one.
It was nothing.
Is everything all right? Everything is perfect.
Genevieve, Zoila and I have something to ask you.
What is it? We'd like you to be the witness at our wedding.
- Me? Your maid of honor? - Witness.
Well, I guess I can do both.
Have you set a date? Uh-huh.
- What? - I have to get back to my restaurant in Vegas by the weekend.
And since Valentina and Remi are already in New York, we figured we'd rush down to City Hall and get it over with.
- Get it over with? - Oh, no, no.
That's not how my Zoila gets married.
Yes, it is.
Why don't we have the wedding here? Well, it's very kind of you to offer.
We don't want to make a big deal about it.
But you simply must have a proper wedding.
It's a celebration of your lifelong commitment.
That's why I've had five of them.
Really, Genevieve, we're happy with our plan.
Right, Javi? Well, it would be nice to celebrate with our friends.
See? Javi knows how important it is, and he's never even been married before.
Uh, it's okay.
We'll do whatever Zoila wants.
What do you say, Zoila? Will you let me do this? As my wedding gift to you both? Do you really think you can plan a wedding in three days? Absolutely.
I'll just keep it simple.
Food, drinks, music Okay.
We'll have it here.
Valet parking, gift bags, a few doves.
Maybe some fireworks.
But nothing over the top, I promise.
We're having a wedding! We should have asked the gardener to be the witness.
You're okay.
There's nothing to be afraid of.
Here, go back to sleep.
Everything all right? She had another nightmare.
I don't know what's gotten into her.
I need to show you something.
I found these in Katy's room.
Oh, my God.
The night you were attacked by that intruder I think she saw it.
She was asleep.
Well these paintings I mean, what else could they be about? I don't know.
I'll, uh, talk to her.
When does Mr.
Stappord come home? - Why? - Well, his daughter's really scared.
He should see these paintings.
Well, I'll be sure to show him.
It's, um It's very sweet of you to be concerned.
Marisol, I am at my wit's end with this maid you sent me.
I am so sorry to hear that.
What seems to be the trouble today? You know what? I'll show you.
- No, that's not - Lina! - Necessary.
- It's no trouble.
Yes, Mrs.
Fleming? Uh, hi.
It's very hot outside.
Would you please water the bougainvillea out back? Oh, right away.
Marisol! How are you?! She's fine, dear.
My plants, on the other hand, are melting as we speak.
Oh, of course.
Can you believe this weather? - Mm-hmm.
Bye, now.
- I mean What? She seems friendly to me.
She's too friendly.
I should not be having to make endless chitchat with my maid.
Okay, I will talk to her and tell her no more pesky questions.
Like, "How are you?" No, 'cause then I'll seem like a bitch.
And I'm not a bitch.
Of course not.
It's just, she makes me uncomfortable.
And I really need to feel comfortable in my own home.
So you'll send me someone else? It's just Lina's the third maid you've rejected.
So? So maybe the problem isn't the maids.
Oh, I hope you're not saying the problem is me.
No, I would never just come right out and say that.
The thing is, I can't keep sending you maids if you haven't paid for any of their work.
- I'll pay you.
- When? When you find me someone I like.
Whew! All finished.
Is everyone staying nice and cool in here? Oh, for God's sake.
Stop calling me.
Well, hello to you, as well.
I mean it, Sebastien.
I'm trying to get over you.
Oh, but wouldn't you rather be under me? - I'm hanging up.
- No, no.
Uh, look, I miss you so much.
I'm going crazy.
- Do you miss me? - Of course.
You know, but I don't trust myself around you.
When I'm with you, I forget who I am and what I want and - Well, I know what you want.
- I have to get back to work.
- You got a job? - Goodbye.
All done with your personal call? Yes.
Sorry about that.
It's this man I'm dating I mean was dating You can tell me all about your boy troubles some other time perhaps never.
Now, I expect the house to be kept spotless floor to chandelier.
You want me to get all the way up there? How? I don't care how the sausage gets made, just that it does.
I have to make sausage? Ooh, I can tell we're going to have a sparkling repartee.
You're in charge of trash and recycling, so that should be fun for you.
Adrian, come meet the new maid.
This is Carmen.
Nice to meet you.
Has Evelyn broken your spirit yet? No.
Well, give it time.
Adrian, I've informed Carmen that she is here on a trial basis only.
I promise I won't disappoint you.
It's important to keep a beautiful home.
We like to project a certain image to our neighbors.
And here we have the Powell Murder House, which boasts not one, not two, but three gruesome deaths.
No, no! Two! Only two gruesome deaths! Only a few days ago, a severed leg was found on the front lawn.
Just a leg! A leg is not a body! Well, all things considered, I think she handled that rather well.
Well That's it.
We are selling this house.
Zoila, get out here.
Oh, my God! Knock it off.
I've tried on 10 dresses.
You "ooh" and "ahh" at all of them.
You're a bunch of big fat liars.
Well, I love it.
And I'm not just saying that because you're yelling.
I can't believe you're getting married tomorrow.
I know.
It's happening so fast.
Will Javi love it? In that dress? He'd marry you even if you weren't pregnant.
Rosie, help me out of it? You know, this wedding seems kind of fancy.
I feel like I'm gonna stick out like a sore thumb in my ugly dress.
You can borrow one of mine.
Weren't you listening? She already has something ugly.
Carmen! She wants to look hot.
You know, that's my thing.
Your thing is something else.
Why am I even friends with you? Come by later, okay? You can try it on.
Thank you, Carmen.
Oh, and I think I may have found a new family - for you to work for.
- No.
Uh, that's fine.
Stappord and I worked everything out, so we're fine.
Because you just You don't seem fine.
Really? 'Cause it was all just one big misunderstanding.
But you know what? I got to get going.
- Okay.
- Okay.
What? How pregnant are you? Two months and change.
How much change? You think I look bigger? Well, I'd guess about f-four months.
Or maybe five.
I am definitely not that far along.
Oh, of course not.
That would mean you got pregnant before the shooting.
You know what? I think I got it from here.
Wait a second! Didn't you sleep with Pablo right before he died? You say one word, and I will put you back in a coma.
Oh, my God! It's Pablo's baby?! Yes! Okay? And I didn't want Javi to figure it out, so I fudged the math a bit.
You know I love you, cariña, but you are playing with fire.
I know! But Javi was so excited.
And this way, the baby gets a father.
- It really is for the best.
- Oh, mija.
Who are you trying to convince? Me or you? Very well.
See you this afternoon.
I just hired a real-estate agent.
He's never sold a "murder house" before, but he is in escrow on a "suicide condo.
" - That sounds promising.
- I agree.
So, you're on board with selling our home? Of course.
But in return, I'd like something from you.
Oh, God.
You don't want me to go to that sex club again, do you? No, no, no, no, no, no.
I threw you into the deep - end with that.
- Good.
I thought we should start with something simple.
- What is that? - A toy.
I thought we might get into some light torture play in the comfort and privacy of our home.
What makes you think I would ever agree to that? I'm selling my beloved estate for you.
I scratch your back, you whip mine.
Adrian, it is bad enough that our home is a murder house.
I won't let you turn it into a sex dungeon, as well.
When you said that, you sounded just like your mother.
Still not hitting you.
But good effort.
Don't worry, Lina.
I will find you another job, I promise.
Marisol, I have never been fired before.
I know.
It's not you.
It's Gail.
She's The devil? Well, I was going to say "difficult.
" But yeah, she's the devil.
I will be in touch, okay? Okay.
Thank you.
All right.
Jesse? That's me.
Jesse Morgan.
You're a man.
Thank you for noticing.
No, it's just this is a placement agency for maids.
No, I know.
I filled out your application.
- Is this a joke? - No, ma'am.
I like to clean, and I'm good at it.
Yes, but why would a man want to be a maid? Why would a woman want to run a business instead of stay home and cook for a husband? - Um, do you see what I did there? - Yes.
- I flipped it around.
- I know.
Look, I'm sorry, but I founded this business to help disenfranchised women.
So no boys allowed, huh? That's kind of sexist.
Thank you so much for coming in.
You You're rejecting me because I'm a man? No.
I'm rejecting you because you're rude.
But have a good day.
I saw you inside.
No, I I couldn't help but hear about that mean lady that you worked for.
She's horrible.
Oh, I'll bet.
Can you tell me where she lives? Spence? That's my memory box.
What are you doing with it? Just looking for my cuff links.
They're in the night stand.
So, uh that's Ernesto.
Just like I remember him.
We were so in love.
You do not have to apologize.
I have been very blessed to have had two great loves.
So, Ernesto, that that must be a common name, huh? Yeah, I guess.
I mean, you must have known a lot of Ernestos in Mexico.
Hmm, no.
Just the one.
I remember the day he died.
I was making dinner when la policía knocked on my door.
They told me Ernesto was dead killed by a drug cartel.
Yeah, that must have been so hard.
Having to bury your own husband.
That was the worst part.
I couldn't bury him.
What? His body was never found.
- Sebastien? - Carmen? What the hell are you doing here? Are you stalking me now? No, no, no, no.
I-I-I'm not here for you.
I swear.
How many times do I have to tell you? I don't want you in my life! Carmen, is that my Realtor? Oh, God.
No! I told you I wasn't here for you.
You must be Sebastien.
I'm Evelyn Powell.
Well, aren't you a charmer? I'm very much looking forward to selling your house.
Please come in.
If you need anything at all, Carmen is at your service.
I'll remember that.
Hey, Katy.
I wanted to talk to you about your pictures.
Can you tell me about them? What about this one? Is that you, Katy? Okay.
Why do you have a knife? Don't be scared.
I just want to know what happened.
What about this man? He looks dead.
Who is he? That's my daddy.
Zoila! I have the most wonderful news.
I found the caterer for our wedding.
My wedding.
It's my wedding.
Yes, of course.
Your special day.
All about you.
Anyway, meet Joelle.
You must be the bride! Congratulations.
Joelle was available at the last minute, and her crab cakes are to die for.
I'm sure you're great, but I can't hire a caterer without my fiancé.
He's a chef.
That's the best part.
Joelle used to be the sous chef at Javier's restaurant, so you know he'll approve.
Wait, are you talking about Javier Mendoza? Mm-hmm.
He's the groom.
Oh, wow.
I didn't realize.
You know, you should probably hire someone else.
What? Why? I'd rather not get into it.
What? Did you have a problem with Javi? Not at all.
We got along very, very well.
Well, what then? I'm his ex-wife.
Javi's never been married.
He didn't tell you.
God, this is awkward.
I should go.
I don't suppose you could leave the crab cakes? - Hello? - Hi, Gail.
- Hey, Marisol.
How are you? - Good.
Listen, I think I may have found another housekeeper for you.
Oh, yeah, yeah.
No, he's here now.
- Who is? - The man you sent.
I'll be right there.
What do you think you're doing? At the moment, I'm dusting.
I did not send you here.
You do not represent my business.
- Let me explain.
- No! You can get your things and get out before I call the police.
Marisol, I have a bone to pick with you.
I know.
I am sorry.
You should be.
Where have you been hiding this one? Huh? How come you sent me all of those duds when you had the perfect maid all along? Jesse is the perfect maid? Oh, yeah.
He's a godsend.
He's hardworking, polite, never asks what kind of day I'm having.
I didn't even know there were male maids.
Finally feel comfortable in my own home.
Well, you know what? It was Marisol's idea.
She is a genius.
Well, guess it's about time I wrote you that check.
Uh, Gail, there is something that you should know.
And to think, if you had screwed up one more time, I was gonna badmouth your business all over town.
It's Marisol with one "L.
" That's him all right.
That's the Ernesto who was here? - You're sure? - Positive.
I would never forget a face like that.
Very handsome.
Thank you, Jerry.
- Muy guapo.
- I got it.
You said that he left his number.
Do you still have it? Carmen.
Sebastien! You scared me half to death.
How did you get in here? Evelyn gave me a key.
I can come by anytime now.
They're not home.
I know.
This is crazy.
You can't be their Realtor.
You have to quit.
But it's fate.
In all the houses in Beverly Hills, I get hired here.
Doesn't that mean anything to you? It means you're desperate enough to list a murder house, and I'm desperate enough to clean one.
I know why you're upset.
You're afraid you cannot resist me.
Sebastien Do you remember how it was between us? The heat.
The passion.
The ecstasy.
Oh, stop talking.
You're confusing me.
I need you, Carmen.
Just like you need me.
Oh, son of a bitch.
Did you see the way the maítre d' looked at us? He'd obviously heard about the leg.
I'm in the mood for a nightcap.
Care to join me? Oh, I had a Valium for dessert.
Alcohol would just be gilding the lily.
Did you hear that? Hear what? Voices.
Oh, my God, the door! Carmen? Are you in there? Yeah, yeah, yeah.
It's me.
I-I'm cleaning! Well, I need a drink.
Come back later.
It's it's it's dirty in here.
But it's my house.
Aah! Aah, aah, aah! Meet me in the library.
I'll I'll bring you some ice.
This is all your fault! I'm probably getting fired now! So, we're not gonna finish? Get out! Where did you find these? In the trash.
You know, I wasn't sure why you'd thrown them away.
And then I talked to Katy.
She told me the truth about what really happened that night, and it's all right here in her paintings.
Blanca, the These aren't about anything.
It's just her imagination.
I don't think so.
I think you're covering up for what she did.
- What? - I know that you love her.
But if she is capable of doing something like this, then she needs help.
Well, okay, Katy didn't do anything.
She's just a sweet little girl.
She killed your husband.
That's why you won't go to the police.
You're protecting your daughter.
You know, Blanca, you're starting to sound a little crazy.
No, I'm not crazy.
I know that Mr.
Stappord is dead.
Michael? Yeah? Your sandwich is ready.
Hey, Blanca.
- Something wrong? - She's just surprised to see you.
She didn't know that you'd come home.
Powell, I didn't mean to hurt you.
I am so sorry.
I should be apologizing.
You said I shouldn't come in, and I disobeyed your order.
Oh, it w-wasn't really an order.
More of a suggestion.
No, I needed to be punished for my insubordination.
So you're not firing me? Not at all.
Your trial period is over.
Keep up the good work.
Do I have your permission to leave? Sure? I can't believe Javi didn't tell me about being married.
Well, maybe it slipped his mind.
I know I can barely remember all my husbands.
Look, Javi's hiding something.
I'm hiding something.
We should not be getting married.
Of course you should.
Don't you understand? Now you're even.
What? For weeks you've been feeling so guilty letting Javier believe he's the father.
So? So now he's given you a loophole.
As long as he's keeping a secret, too, you're in the clear.
Oh, my God! That's sick! That's twisted.
And kind of genius.
That should cover your work for the day.
I kind of thought you were gonna pay me at the end of the week.
This is your end of the week.
I'm letting you go.
But Mrs.
Fleming loves me.
But whatever you're up to, I don't want to be a part of it.
I'm not up to anything.
You I'm just trying to prove I can do this job.
Yeah? Well, I still don't trust you.
You just don't believe that a man would want to be a maid.
Yeah, fine, I'm sexist.
You got me.
Now can I get back to work? You know why I wanted this job? There.
That's why.
What is this? Me and my two best friends, Max and Ray.
We were stationed in Afghanistan for three tours.
I'm the only one that came back.
Oh, my God.
All I want is to work in a place that's quiet and calm, where I don't have to think about all the messed-up stuff that I saw.
But I guess that's just too much to ask from you.
I'll give you another chance.
You never gave me a first chance.
Is that really the way you want to talk to your new boss? Oh, thanks, Blanca.
So, you were in Boston all this time? Yeah, my trip got extended.
Taylor didn't tell you? Oh, she's had a lot on her mind.
Anything I should know about? Well, there were some things that happened while you were away.
What kind of things? It has to do with Katy.
- Oh? - The night you left Oh, Blanca, I need you to run to the pharmacy.
My prescription's ready.
Oh, I can go later.
After I've cleaned everything.
Go now.
I'm out.
It's okay.
We'll catch up later.
So, honey, now that you're back, I was thinking we should go out to dinner tonight as a family.
Oh, sure.
Yeah? I'll make a reservation.
It's me.
I've got a problem.
Ernesto? Spence.
Where's Rosie? Um, first I need to know a few things.
Like, um How are you not dead? So, this whole time the cartel was just keeping you as a prisoner? Five years.
When I was finally free, my only wish was to find Rosie and Miguel.
Yeah, the thing is, I-it Right now is is not really the best time.
- What do you mean? - Well, you got to understand, she was in a coma for four months.
Her condition is really delicate.
The hospital released her.
Yeah, but the shock of seeing you could send her right back.
I mean, my God, she thinks that you're dead.
You can't keep me away from Rosie forever.
It's not forever.
Just just for a little while.
Give me some time to figure out how to tell her about you.
You're afraid she will leave you.
I'm protecting her.
I would never hurt Rosie.
If that's true, then you'll stay away at least for now.
Hey, hon.
Uh, yeah, my audition ran long.
So I'm on my way now.
I'm way across town, but I'll hurry.
I love you, too.
Doesn't everyone look so nice all dressed up? Yes.
Blanca, you look beautiful in Carmen's dress.
And that necklace is gorgeous.
Thank you.
It was my mother's.
And her mother's before that.
I love that color, Rosie.
Thank you.
Pero look at you, Marisol.
Que priti! Thanks.
Oh, but, Carmen, you're the most beautiful.
Aww, you don't have to say that.
Oh, girls.
Isn't this exciting? Our little Zoila is getting married! Thank you for having us, Mrs.
Oh, it's so nice to have all of Zoila's friends here.
So, what's new in cleaning? Not much.
Uh, let's go sign the guest book.
Excuse me.
Hi! Oh, tch, tch, tch, tch, tch, tch.
That's better.
You seem kind of quiet.
Are you all right? I don't know.
Something bad happened.
With my dress? No, no.
At the Stappord's.
Oh, honey, what is it? Not here.
Come by after and you can tell me all about it, okay? Okay.
I will.
Thank you, Carmen.
Red stains.
Zoila? Can I come in? Ay, Javi, you're not supposed to see me before the wedding.
It's tradition.
But I need to tell you something.
Well, then, tell me through the door.
Remember when Genevieve said this would be my first marriage? Well, it's been eating away at me.
I-I have to tell you about my past.
- No! No.
- Oh! What about tradition? I'm wearing a maternity wedding dress.
Forget about tradition.
Well, what I was going to say I Don't! I mean I love you.
And I'm not the kind of wife who needs to know everything.
But we're starting a life together.
Isn't honesty a good thing? You know what else is a good thing? Mystery.
Zoila, I was married before.
- No! - Yes.
I-I-I was young and impulsive, and it only lasted three months.
I didn't tell you because I was embarrassed.
Are you angry? No.
Don't worry about it, Javi.
We all have a past.
Such a relief.
Feels good to get that off my chest.
I'll bet.
You made it.
How was the audition? Huh? The audition you went to? - You okay? - You're happy, right? With me? I'm very happy.
I wouldn't want to be married to anyone else.
Good to know.
Okay, sweetheart.
That's your cue.
Javi just told me he was married.
What? He was so honest and wonderful and I don't know if I can do this.
Now, you listen to me.
You love Javi, and Javi loves you.
And I loved the $80,000 I spent on this wedding.
Now go.
Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to celebrate the marriage of Javier and Zoila.
And as I look upon you now, I'm reminded marriage is a sacred vow, built upon a foundation of respect and, above all, honesty.
Marriage is also a public pledge of love and devotion everlasting in the eyes of God.
And with those principles guiding us, I'd like to read to you from Corinthians 13:4-8.
"Love is patient, love is kind.
It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.
It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered.
Love does not" Rosie? Ernesto? Rosita.
Oh, my! You're Rosie's first husband? Aren't you supposed to be dead? I can explain if you would just let me talk to her.
Look, I'm kind of in the middle of my wedding here.
But I need to see her.
Ernesto, clearly, you have been through a lot.
But so has Rosie.
You need to give her some time.
Why don't you leave us your number? And she'll call you when she's ready.
She can reach me here.
I'm sorry again for interrupting.
Can you believe that?! Poor Rosie.
I don't know.
For a dead guy, he's really hot.
I'm gonna go check on her.
How are you feeling? Ernesto he's alive.
How could he be alive? Rosie.
Hey, you need to rest.
This doesn't make any sense.
How did he even know where to find me? He must have followed me.
Damn it.
What? I-I-I don't understand.
That phone call the other night, that was that was the hospital.
Ernesto was there looking for you.
You knew he was alive and you did not tell me? Honey, I was worried about you.
I was worried it would be too much for you.
And, look, I was right.
You should have told me the moment you found out.
I trusted you! I'm sorry.
That was wrong.
But I swear, I thought I was doing the right thing.
You lied to me! How can you lie to someone you love?! Zoila? The minister has to leave soon.
Are we ready to continue? We need to talk.
What's so urgent it can't wait till after the ceremony? Please, let me get this out.
Javi, you're a wonderful man.
The answer to a prayer I didn't even know I made.
Which makes this even harder.
Zoila, mi amor, what is it? It's Pablo's baby, not yours.
How long have you known? A while.
I wanted to tell you before, but I was scared.
And I'm so, so sorry.
I'm sorry, too.
But marriage is about trust.
- No.
- How could I ever trust you again? No.
No, Javi.
Zoila? Mrs.
Stappord? Mr.
Stappord? Hello? Is someone there?