Dexter s03e02 Episode Script

Finding Freebo

Previously,on dexter God,you're on fire.
what? I'm pregnant.
I just got word Angel will be Detective sergeant batista.
Fred bowman,a.
freebo, Kills two college girls And escapes on a state police screw-up.
Looking to hold some product.
I need a hit.
Did you hear what I said? Fuck off,teegan.
Fine,I guess your dick can suck itself from now on! Freebo,get back here! Who are you? Who are you? I got it,dex.
got what? Only the case that's gonna get me my shield.
It's huge.
angel put me on it.
Who he is Is what makes this case huge.
It's miguel prado, Assistant district attorney.
He and laguerta go way back.
The other guy's ramon prado, Miguel's middle brother.
He's a lieutenant with the sheriff's department.
And Oscar.
Prado? As in baby brother.
I've never killed anyone I didn't completely vet before, Whose guilt I wasn't absolutely certain of.
Oscar prado tried to kill freebo.
Then he tried to kill me.
He's gotta be guilty of something.
Why would a blood spatter analyst Spend time searching for information On my dead brother? This one,this death got to me.
Morgan,right? do I know you? Yuki amado,internal affairs.
And? You know joey quinn? I'm gonna do you a favor.
Call this guy, Tell him you wanna cash in one of my coupons.
He's an informant from my days in narcotics.
You're anton? You got something you need to show me? What about this prado guy? Oh,yeah,I've seen him before.
Oscar prado was into freebo for some serious cash.
You getting along with the new boss man? Ah,fuck him.
He took me off the oscar prado case And put me on this.
Some dead-end jane doe.
freebo's girlfriend.
Looks like he's still in miami.
We're supposed to see hope in children.
But right now,all I see are little bundles of uncertainty.
And germs.
But that's another matter.
I love kids.
I can play with them,enjoy them And leave.
I don't have to worry about what they'll become.
A nobel prize laureate.
A drunk.
President of the united states.
Or someone like me.
Why do parents take the chance? I've never felt compelled.
But why would i? I'm not in the business of giving life.
It's for sure.
I'm pregnant,heh.
What should we do? I don't know.
We should talk.
Weigh all the options.
I have to get to work.
Weighing options.
the pros and cons.
Something I'm good at,usually.
What the fuck,dex? I was yelling at you to hold the elevator,ass-wipe.
Sorry,I'm feeling off.
So see a doctor.
Saw one.
Really didn't help.
The oscar prado case? Yeah,fuckers are on the career-maker of the year.
They nail this freebo guy and they're golden.
The courts already let freebo go once For those two girls in the everglades.
That was then.
This time,he killed a senior a.
's brother.
Afternoon fix.
Except he didn't kill oscar.
I did.
If it hadn't been for freebo, Oscar would still be alive, And I wouldn't be in this mess.
Besides,he's seen my face.
I've gotta find freebo before they do.
That's one thing I'm sure of,at least.
Nice watch.
Knockoff? Me? no.
real thing only.
I sold a kidney to get it.
I'll show you the scar sometime.
I'll give you a kidney not to.
Hey,dex,do me a favor.
Go over the prado blood evidence One more time,okay? Maybe you missed something.
Okay,but-- sergeant! Yeah? we got narcotics on the line.
All right.
Hey,dex,wait up.
My jane doe.
See what you see.
Already saw what I saw,which was nothing.
So see what you see again.
I can't afford none solved, Coroner says he found a pharmacy in her.
Big surprise,right? Body dumped near the waterfront stroll.
Looks like every other tweaker hooker case.
Except the tattoo peeled off her shoulder.
Coroner says not a tattoo.
You're getting interested.
Actually,I'm getting sleepy.
It's reassuring to know I'm not the only one at sea.
I could throw them a line, Tell them their cases are linked.
That jane doe is actually freebo's girlfriend.
That it was freebo who killed her.
But I need the head start.
Step away from the incense.
This is america,buddy.
Freedom of religion.
I didn't realize you were a buddhist,vince.
Japanese are traditionally shinto.
Really? oh,whatever.
I bought all this shit off my manicurist.
Need all the luck I can get.
Got a crucifix up there too.
'cause it did so much for jesus? 'cause forensics quarterly Is deciding whether or not to publish my article.
You know,the one you read.
And proofed.
The incense stays.
Did he use you at the doctor's office? But you've got to use me,maria.
s can put pressure on other agencies.
We have ramon,who's with the sheriff's department.
Together,we-- Miguel,miguel,tranquillo.
I know that you and ramon are going to help.
And it's hard to let somebody else Handle oscar's case.
But I have my best detectives on this.
I got the best forensics team-- Morgan,right? he's part of it.
We are tracking down Every one of freebo's known associates-- Looking under every rock.
We will find him.
This is a good team.
This is the same team,by the way, That shared a roof with the bay harbor butcher.
That was totally out of line.
I'm--i'm sorry,maria.
It's just that my-- my fuse is so short Ever since oscar.
Even with syl.
I'm driving her nuts.
I doubt that.
She knows what she's got.
The bay harbor butcher situation-- No,don't-- no,please.
I was too personally involved To see it clearly.
And that's why I've distanced myself from things.
You should do the same with oscar.
I know.
I know.
you're right.
Some things never change.
We're not as close as we used to be.
But at least I still have you as a colleague.
And I'm glad that it's you that's here.
Miguel prado's already seen too much of me.
I can't comfort the grieving.
You got this? I got this.
Don't look familiar,hon.
Ooh,but those are some fine streaks.
Who did her hair? Christophe of beverly fuckin' hills.
Yeah,do you have his number? Petunia, You are the dumbest whore on this stroll.
Don't got a name for you.
Keep walkin',girl.
It's all you're good for.
S'up,deb? The she-males give you any leads? It's officer morgan to you.
Right,not a detective yet.
Course,an unsolved isn't gonna get you any closer To a shield.
Look,I don't know why i.
picked me,but-- 'cause detective quinn likes the ladies.
Well,then you don't need a snitch.
You need a fuckin' slut.
So why don't you go talk to petunia over there? I can get you a shield tomorrow.
I'm a sergeant,after all.
You'd give me a shield for being a rat? No,for being an honest cop,debra.
Like your father.
You are not god damn digging into my father right now.
Digging? please.
The old-timers at i.
talk about him Like he's a brother.
Well,the old-timers also talk about How popular that made him.
That really matters to you,doesn't it? Your cop friends.
It's your whole life.
Them,the job,the shield.
Far as I can tell,without that, You've got nothing.
Except your,uh,treadmill.
Kind of cunt,aren't you? Nice.
But seriously,um,you should look into Expanding your world a little.
You know,finding something else fulfilling.
Likegardening or,um Ooh,scrapbooking.
Just in case.
Get me a name.
Drove a volkswagen rabbit.
That should buy me an address for her.
If I'm lucky,she left me a lead to freebo.
How many parents would give their kid a name like that? Florida.
Teegan campbell.
Address on sorority row.
Guess I know what I'm doing tonight.
No,not a name I'd choose.
Those are classics.
Or,for a boy,charles Or philip.
Or richard.
Or what's so bad about Dexter,jr.
? Reminds me of you,dex.
The last person I'd turn to for advice on fatherhood.
Old habits die hard.
Gotta focus on something easier to kill.
Dexter! Shit.
Sorry,I'd rather go rifle through a dead girl's apartment.
I never really got to thank you for,uh, Coming to oscar's wake.
It really means a lot to me and my family, Knowing that you Are taking a personal interest in the case.
well,you're welcome.
Uh,what are you doing tonight? Nothing.
Oh,well,then,you'll come for dinner.
I rarely take no for an answer.
You're gonna learn that about me.
I will.
Honestly,uh I wanna pick your brain about something.
And syl and i,uh, You know,we could-- we could use the company.
The more people around, The less we think about,you know.
You married? you got kids? No.
no kids.
Bring her.
Unless you were lying.
You know,about doing nothing tonight.
We're gonna towel off,and we'll be right back.
Officer morgan,a music lover.
You ever seen this woman? Quinn send you? Different case.
My debt's to quinn.
Your debt's with the department.
I'm not an information atm.
I'm fucking desperate! All right? I got a steaming heap of crap all on this case.
I'm gone through every scum-sucking ball sack Of a pimp I know, Every whacked-out hooker.
You are my last-ditch ass-fucked effort! God damn,you got a mouth on you,woman.
Great,thank you.
It's cool.
show me the picture.
Not from the neighborhood.
But from the looks of her, I doubt she had to pay cash for her habit.
A strawberry? right.
So I'm looking for a dealer who'll take payment in sex.
that'll be about all of 'em.
Look,I can ask around for you,okay? Thank you.
I'd appreciate it.
But you should stay.
Grab a drink And work some of that massive tension out On the dance floor.
Well,you know what? it smells like armpits in here.
And I got a lot of work to do.
Well,you know,there is more to life than policing.
So I've heard! If we had a house this big, It would make sense to have another child.
It's a valuable lot.
Look at the lawn.
it's so thick.
Be a great place for kids to play.
Zenith zoysia.
Thrives in warm weather.
I'm not talking about grass,dexter.
You're not? I've been trying to talk about the pregnancy The whole way here.
Maybe you should be a little less subtle in the future.
I'm trying not to pressure you.
But we have to make a decision Before one's made for us.
You're right,I know.
I'm so glad you came.
Made it.
I'm rita.
So you've met sylvia? Syl,please.
So you guys have a beautiful home here.
Great place for kids.
Come on,I'll give you the tour.
Strong family resemblance.
My father.
He was a drunk and a bastard, But he had a distinctive chin.
Some people just shouldn't have kids,you know? Wish there were a test.
Oscar,he got the-- The best and the worst of dad.
Me,I just tried to stay clear,you know? But,um I suppose he's in me too.
Hard to avoid.
I--i shouldn't drink.
What,are you pregnant? You are.
Oh,my god,that's terrific.
Or not.
That sounded really bad.
I meant Miguel and I have actually been trying for a while now.
It even took once.
And miguel,he Wants to start a family before he makes his run For the d.
's office.
But I don't know.
I'm happy with the way things are.
I don't wanna force dexter into something.
That's kind of what happened with the ex-husband.
Well,that and the fact that he was a sociopath.
I had an ulterior motive for inviting you here tonight.
Does it involve charging me with a felony? No,the truth is,uh, I wanted to talk to someone Inside of this investigation.
See,'cause all I keep getting is reassurances,reassurances.
Reassurances make me nervous.
You want me to put you at unease? I want you to be straight with me.
How certain are you That this bastard freebo will be found? Very.
So I'm gonna get my shot at him in court? Well,that could take a while.
Huh? no,no,no.
no more waiting.
I'm done waiting.
Is there another option? I'm an a.
My brother ramon is a sheriff.
You don't think we got resources If our lead pans out, Then we'll talk to homicide.
You have a lead? that's great.
How can I help? No,ramon,you know, He has his own way of doing things.
I don't wanna drag you into it.
Come on.
You're talking to the guy You caught breaking into your brother's secure files.
All right.
Ramonmay have Borrowed a cell phone That belonged to freebo's mother.
He calls mommy we can track him.
Mother's cell phone.
that's good thinking.
It may lead to nothing.
Or it may lead them to freebo Before I can get to him.
I need to check out teegan's place As soon as I can get out of here.
The hunt.
My vision is much sharper Through the eyes of my shadow self.
If only I could see this baby situation as clearly.
I promised rita I'd be back in an hour.
So she's nesting while I'm hunting, Stalking my prey.
I'll start with his prey-- teegan.
What she left behind will talk to me, Guide me to him.
Or To a kegger.
What's the password? There's a password? I'm just looking for my girl teegan.
Where's her room again? Ew,teegan? Ew,that girl's a ho bag.
She's a ho! she's such a ho bag.
She doesn't live here anymore.
She's hoeing off campus, Probably living in her ho pad.
How about you give me the address of her ho pad So I can go tell her what a ho bag she is? You have any party favors? Oh,yeah.
I don't have anything on me,but We put out.
We totally do.
All right,that is so totally off the hook.
But how about I just trade you for teegan's address? Okay.
I suspect that's lincoln lane? Whatever.
Let's get high.
You two wait here.
I'll go get my stash.
The leaders of tomorrow.
Their parents must be proud.
How much worse could my child turn out? Do I even wanna know the answer to that question? Teegan's ho pad will have to wait till tomorrow night.
I've got a girlfriend and a baby Waiting on my promise to come back.
Is this what my life will be like-- Making promises I'm not sure I wanna keep? It's complicated.
The pros and cons of responsibility.
All right.
Can't we just talk? Sometimes lists are easier for me.
give it! It's my turn.
All right,pros.
Kids are cute.
Mom! No soccer in the house! cody! I have to practice! Cons? Noise.
Stretch marks.
saggy boobs.
Less personal freedom.
Personal Freedom.
All right,I thought I said no soccer in the house.
Now just go to your room Until it's time for school.
Son of a What am I even thinking? Zack adelman? Yeah.
We need to talk to you about fred bowman.
Who? Your pal,freebo.
The dealer you got busted with two years ago.
Um,yeah,I haven't seen him in,like,uh, Two years.
You mind if we come in,zack? He actually doesn't have a choice,sergeant.
He's a parolee.
Oh,gosh,you're right.
Couldn't find anything new on your jane doe,sorry.
How's it going? Backward.
I don't even think jane was a hooker.
so who you looking for? Her dealer.
What the fuck is scrapbooking? The tradition of putting photos and memorabilia Into family keepsake albums,along with relevant journaling.
I don't even want to know how you know that.
So do you know which dealer you're looking-- Morgan.
Got it.
I'll meet you there.
Might have found some luck of my own.
The lead on jane's i.
As soon as it gets dark,I'm back on the hunt So I can stay ahead of my sister.
This department is becoming annoyingly effective.
You home alone here,Zack? Totally.
Get on your knees.
Put your hands on your head.
Don't move! W-w-wait! it's just a cat,man.
It's cool,guys! Shut the fuck up! Hi.
Ah,this fuckin' paperwork's gonna take forever.
Come on,drop it.
Drop it! Come on.
Just a few pills,man.
What's the big deal? The big deal is you're making me cancel On a very willing woman.
Get on your knees next to your boyfriend.
Let's make a deal,then.
Let's trade,I-- Stop there,asshole.
We don't got time to process a bribery charge too.
I'm not offering you cash,man.
I've got valuable information.
On freebo? Even better.
Chicky Hines.
Who the fuck is Chicky Hines? Chicky hines just went down for a carjacking homicide.
He's waiting on sentencing now.
Yeah,this guy Zack says Hines didn't do the crime.
He's offering up an alibi for Hines And another suspect.
I know all about the Chicky Hines case.
He was a big one for the prosecutor, And guess who that was.
Yeah, Miguel Prado.
So now,not only won't I be bringing him good news About his brother's case.
Worse--i'm gonna undermine his latest conviction.
Think that's what he wants to hear right now? Doubtful.
Christ,vet this.
oh,yeah,vet this.
I wanna be absolutely certain that this is solid Before I even think about bringing it to miguel.
Case going all right? No leads,no insights? Just the pressure,bro.
Expected to make decisions,take responsibility.
You don't know what it's like.
Probably like finding out your girlfriend's pregnant.
Rita's pregnant? Looks like it.
Holy shit.
That's fantastic.
It is? My little girl is the best thing I ever did.
I've messed up a lot.
But in my darkest hours, Auri's my light.
You wait and see.
Thank you.
I feel better.
A light.
Is that even possible? Higher,daddy! Dexter,come play with us! Come play with us,daddy.
I'm right behind you,buddy.
You're it,baby.
Cody and Astor would be older,you know.
I like them this age.
I always wanted to be a grandfather.
I think we're better off without you.
Well,it's a beautiful family you got there,Dex.
You couldn't picture this,could you? I could have surprised you.
Yeah,there's no reason it couldn't turn out like this.
Astor! Astor! Astor! What have you done?! Yo,Morgan.
Where the hell have you been? Street wasn't clear,yo.
I get spotted with you,no more trusty c.
what have you got? All right,department six.
Pimp named Javier,completely new to the game.
But he already has a rep for his stable of white girls.
If your jane doe is a strawberry, Chances are he tried to recruit her.
This is good.
Thank you.
You get spotted with me,no more trusty c.
Yeah,but he likes 'em white.
Does he like 'em strapped? All right,it's cool.
But I'll be here,anything goes sideways.
Miami metro.
I'm looking for javier.
Entra,por favor.
You're a little young to be in business for yourself.
I'm a wonder kid.
Can you identify this woman? You'd make a shitload more money on all fours Than you do as a cop,mamita.
Oh,like I haven't heard that before.
Hey,look,little one,give me a name for this girl, I won't bust you for being a piece of shit.
Never seen her.
Besides,she looks too used up to be an earner.
But you,damn,mami.
I could get you a thou a night.
Give you some spending money For,uh,extra curricular activities.
Think I need to hear that? You sleazy piece of shit! I'm a cop! that's all I need! I'm not gonna do any fucking scrapbooking! -You got it?! -Scrapbooking? You fucked her.
You've seen her? On his dick.
Hey,she's fading.
She doesn't even know what she's talking about.
Oh,I think she does, And I think you fucked a girl who's now dead.
Look,I picked her up at some party.
All right? I-i-i thought that I could turn her out.
What's her name? I don't know! Bitch,cunt,"hey,you.
" Yeah? This doesn't look good,javier.
All right,look,I passed her to a friend -Who could feed her habit better than I could.
a friend,right.
Yeah! yeah.
Yeah,a white guy named Freebo.
Freebo? Yeah,yeah.
He could deal with her shit longer than I could.
Maybe he's a patient guy.
I don't know.
Yeah,maybe not.
If my first stab at Freebo had gone as planned, Oscar Prado might still be alive, Miguel wouldn't know who I was, Teegan would have lived to whole another day, And Deb wouldn't be chasing a jane doe.
And I wouldn't be watching the clock, Counting the minutes till darkness comes, Trying to get the jump on my friends in blue.
Anything? Uh,running additional DNA tests On Oscar Prado's clothing.
If Freebo's cut himself, His blood could be on these clothes.
Slam dunk in court.
Is there a chance? Not even remotely.
Any idea what your sister found? She found something? I'm asking you.
She left a message saying she was vetting a big lead That's gonna make me happy.
No idea.
Got the call.
I'm getting published.
The shrine worked.
Freebo just called his mother's cell phone.
I'll have his address by tonight.
And then you will let me deal with him.
Ramon,you've done your job.
I'm gonna take it from here,okay? Go be with your family.
Don't fucking sideline me on this,miguel.
Your assistant told me you were here.
What do you have on freebo,maria? ramon Well,we're working on some new angles.
Which means you've got shit.
Excuse us.
Go home.
'cause you're not helping here.
Ramon and his temper.
Yeah,I remember.
Buti get it.
I mean,him and oscar were close.
Miguel,I need to talk to you about something else.
I remember that look.
Chicky hines.
He didn't do that carjacking homicide.
We found new evidence,and it checks out,miguel.
I think you convicted the wrong man.
You're serious? I was gonna wait,I mean The timing is Shit.
But if hines is innocent,miguel Miguel,I'm sorry.
Oh,this is frustrating and disappointing.
And,uhi really hate my job right now.
But,hey Don't ever think about holding back on me.
Okay? just like now,you tell me straight.
That's the maria that I've always counted on.
Always can.
When all of this is behind us, I want to get together.
The three of us.
You know,as friends.
It's long overdue.
Night time.
Why you think freebo's still in town? Because I think he killed his girlfriend on sunday.
Jane doe.
How do you know it's his girlfriend? The c.
gave me a lead.
I did some follow-up.
my c.
? Do you have a name for jane yet? No,but she was strangled, With is consistent with freebo's m.
If you're right, The oscar prado and jane doe cases are linked.
I guess we'll just have to merge them.
Freebo's still out there killing.
We've got to catch him fast.
But we got a lead now.
We find the girlfriend's i.
, We find her place, Her friends,her family, Then we find him.
I'll coordinate with the feds.
Ramos,reach out to street patrol.
Anton is my contact.
If you wear him out or blow his cover-- I know how to work a c.
So unless there's some other reason You don't want me to talk to him Solid police work,morgan.
That's how you earn your shield.
All right.
All right,people.
We're gonna be working late on this.
I'll be working late too.
Ho pad indeed.
All right,teegan, Tell me where your homicidal beau might be.
Hiding out at his dead girlfriend's house? Risky.
Then again,it took me a while to find this place, And I knew who I was looking for.
No tools,no syringe, No kill room,no sure thing.
Hang tight,freebo.
I'll be back before you know it.
Detached garage.
Perfect place for a kill room.
M-6 bayonet,vietnam-era.
A family keepsake,maybe? Oscar tried to kill freebo with it.
It's only fitting I use it to complete the task.
It's time for a decision,dexter.
Having this child Is a huge mistake.
I've weighed out all the pros and cons, And all I've got are cons.
I've been thinking the same thing.
I'm keeping it.
I've made a lot of mistakes in my life.
But being a mother was never one of them.
Dexter,I'd rather do this with you.
But I've been a single parent for a long time now, And I think astor and cody prove That I'm pretty damn good at it.
Is this you being subtle again? No,this is me in all sincerity Saying I will honor your choice.
This child is happening.
But your role in its life is entirely up to you.
Should I take the out rita gave me? What kind of father would I be? After all,I kill people.
Long time,no see.
What the hell is this?! Show and tell.
It's been so long since you killed them, I was afraid you'd forgotten.
Oh,I'm sure teegan is fresh in your mind.
See,now,I didn't-- Aah! fuck! You killed those girls in the everglades, And you got away with it on a bad warrant.
I love those.
And then teegan came along.
First,you drained her of her self-respect and hope.
Then last sunday,you choked the life out of her.
No,last sunday I was gettin' high with-- It was cheri orcarrie.
She's at--she's at-- she's at alpha fee-- You seem uncertain.
It's uncomfortable,isn't it? Just when you think you've answered all the questions, Another one smacks you in the face.
Life is just like that.
Which is why I prefer death.
Dexter? Is that you? I had the phone records.
Well,what are-- Is he in there? Alive? It was self-defense.
I found a forensics lead.
It was a long shot.
I wanted to check it out before I wasted anyone's time.
I didn't expect freebo to be here.
He surprised me.
He jumped me With this knife.
That looks like my father's knife from-- From vietnam.
He gave that to oscar.
I didn't know what to do.
I fought back.
The knife ended up in his neck.
I-- I'm gonna tell you something.
I wasn't sure that I could do this.
But you did.
You did.
We're gonna get rid of the evidence.
no! You should leave--now.
no! Plausible deniability.
Thank you.
You're welcome.