Dexter s03e03 Episode Script

The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Previously on dexter.
This child is happening.
I'm going to have a child.
But I can't be a father to it.
Can i? The oscar prado case? Yeah, fucker's running career maker of the year.
They nailed this freebo guy in golden.
This time he killed a senior a.
a's brother.
Except he didn't kill oscar.
I did.
What do you have on freebo, maria? ramon.
Well, we're working on some new angles.
Which means you've got shit.
This doesn't look good, javier.
I think you fucked a girl who's now dead.
All right, look.
I passed her to a friend.
Who could feed her-- a friend? Right.
Yeah, a white guy named freebo.
Freebo? Why do you think freebo's still in town? Because I think he killed his girlfriend on sunday.
Jane doe.
And wasn't jane doe missing a patch of skin? Freebo's still out there, killing.
We got to catch him fast.
Yeah, but we got a lead now.
This department is becoming annoyingly effective.
Anton is my contact.
If you wear him out, Or blow his cover-- I know how to work a ci, quinn.
So unless there's some other reason you don't want me To talk to him? I can get you a shield tomorrow.
Will you get me a shield for being a rat? No.
For being an honest cop, debra.
Like your father.
I know all about the chicky hines case.
He was a big one for the prosecutor.
And guess who that was? Shit.
Miguel prado.
M-6 bayonet.
Oscar tried to kill freebo with it.
It's only fitting I use it to complete the task.
It was self-defense.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
The grocery store.
The modern day equivalent of the serengeti Where the mighty lion goes to hunt.
And my weaker brethren reward me with gifts.
We'll be needing a lot of those pretty soon.
The lioness, of course, has her own agenda.
What's next? Macaroni and cheese.
You do your grocery list alphabetically? How else would you do it? Got it.
The rare and elusive white cheddar.
Very good choice.
Let's go find something else.
What you wanna be? a painter? I don't know I bet you're a good drawer.
A sculptor My highly tuned senses detect another predator.
Sniffing around one of my cubs.
Did you get the mayo? Yep.
He wanted to know where the cheerios are.
Aisle three.
other side of the store.
All right.
what's next? Zucchini.
Just in case.
Forensics quarterly.
Forensics quarterly.
With an article written by yours truly.
Good stuff.
very sexy.
"simultaneous quantification Of autosomal and y-chromasomal dna"? I autographed it, But if you want me to write something personal, Just let me know.
Oh, yeah.
No match on her prints.
No missing persons report.
So jane doe-- --is still jane doe.
And freebo? Same thing, nothing.
Sugar is so much better than the artificial stuff.
Don't you think? Well, I guess.
Do you like milk or cream? Neither.
Not exactly the chatty type, are you? No.
Quinn, morgan.
Man the phones.
Man the streets.
Someone out there's seen freebo.
And we haven't found him yet.
Let's go.
Miguel prado The only living Person who's seen me with blood on my hands.
how are you holding up? I can't lie.
I'm missing my little brother Every minute of every day.
Well, it'll get easier.
It's a cliche, But it's true.
I want to thank you For making dexter morgan available to me.
He went to great trouble to help me Understand how oscar's Last moments unfolded.
Why is he trying so hard to be my friend? We're doing everything we can To find the man who killed oscar.
Yeah, I know you are.
I know you are.
That's why I feel like I'm In such a difficult situation.
What is that? You've dedicated so many Of your resources towards resolving this.
He's trying to end the investigation.
Is it worth it? We both know if you don't catch a perp In the first 48 hours, the chances significantly drop That you ever will-- miguel.
This is not the time to give up Or even slow down.
We will find fred bowman.
We'll bring him to justice.
Thank you, maria.
thank you.
Tonight Viernes cultural.
Come by the beach, Grab a beer, uh medianoche.
Right after work.
You'll be home by eight.
I don't know if rita will be up for it.
Syl already talked to her.
She'd love to go.
Then, viernes cultural it is.
Did he say anything About the chicky hines situation? I still got a witness in lockup That says hines is innocent.
Miguel is aware of that.
I know.
To get around to questioning my witness? I assumed he had already.
Not as of this morning.
Well, I'm sure he'll get to it.
I'll talk to him.
We got a new murder victim.
Dumped in the park just like our jane doe.
Some of his skin was sliced off.
It looks like freebo struck again.
All right.
let's get there.
It can't be freebo.
I killed him.
But only miguel and I know that.
And we're not at liberty to tell.
Javier garza.
he was a low-life pimp.
He's the one that connected Our jane doe to freebo.
Well, it looks like freebo Paid him back for that.
Well I can't say for certain Until I get this under the 'scope, But I'm guessing we're looking At something like an eight-inch blade, Razor sharp.
same type of Instrument used on our jane doe.
So freebo killed javier.
No, he didn't kill javier.
One of the tree-trimmers called it in, Said he didn't see anything Or anyone unusual.
It all points to freebo.
Looks like he got a little hungry For flesh this time.
Yeah, what the hell's that about? Do we think he's eating it? There's a lot more cannibalism in this country Than any of you realize.
Maybe the skin's like a trophy or something.
Or he just likes to hurt people.
What do you think, dex? Well, they all sound like good theories to me.
Way to commit.
All right, so far We haven't found shit on freebo.
But now he's giving us a second chance.
So let's not blow it.
Quinn, morgan let's get a canvas going.
One block perimeter.
start with the tree trimmers.
Why don't you take the tree trimmers.
I'm going to start over here.
Oh, gosh.
I wonder why.
Can you come down here? Sure.
I'm detective joseph quinn.
There's nothing to worry about here.
Did you guys see anything? How long have you been out here? You been out here a while? What's your name? George washington king.
And you called this in? Yes, I did.
You found the body? Uhno, no.
mario did.
Will you join us please? Van aqui.
Mario, did you notice anyone else? Keep my eyes on my work.
I got to go with freebo on this one.
That means he's stepping out From wherever he's been hiding.
Not so good for our latest victim, But good for us.
Yeah Yeah.
Hey, dex, let's grab a beer tonight, Talk about my jane doe.
I'd like to help you, But I really have too much to deal with right now.
What do you have to deal with? Rita's pregnant.
Say again? Rita's pregnant.
You're lying! I'm not lying.
A baby?! A motherfucking roly-poly chubby-cheeked shit-machine? Are you kidding me? Well, I've never heard it described In quite those words before, but yeah.
That's so great! I'm so happy for you guys.
Well, thank you.
Baby on board.
I've got to get on board.
Grab a sweater.
It'll get cool later.
You okay? I always get my morning sickness Late in the day.
You want to stay home? we don't have to go.
The prados will understand.
I was looking forward to seeing syl.
And I know how much you love Hanging out with miguel.
my new "bestest" friend.
Besides, the doctor says The way I'm feeling is fine.
What else did the doctor say? He asked me a million questions About my medical history.
There's a form for you to fill out too, But I told him you were adopted.
I mean Are there any details that you do know? Like mom was killed by a chainsaw.
My brother was killed by Well, me.
that kind of stuff? No, I don't really know anything.
It's okay.
I could go to the doctor And get checked out, if you want.
You'd do that? Of course.
I'm glad we're in this together, dexter.
You'll make a good father.
You know, if you want to.
It'll help settle your stomach.
Thank you.
How are you doing with everything else? Good.
I feel better about it now.
Actually kind of excited.
And dexter? I think he's still A little overwhelmed by everything.
They're such babies, they need to be carried Kicking and screaming into fatherhood.
I guess they're just scared about losing Their freedom.
I don't know if you officially Got to meet my other brother, ramon.
Beautiful wife, sara.
Nice to meet you.
you too.
Sheriff's department, right? That's right.
So you're the guy that miguel Is always talking about? Oh, don't worry.
Like they say, it's all good.
Yeah, if good means being part Of the team that's never going To catch our brother's murderer.
My gracious brother.
Grab a beer? Gracias, mi amigo.
Para servir.
Free beer.
must be nice to be you.
A lot of people appreciate knowing that I'm on their side.
I understand you're soon to be a father.
What? some mixed emotions there? No.
it's just Yeah, mixed emotions.
I don't know what's more complicated, Having a father or being one.
Butit's good to know you're not taking it lightly.
You'll see your way through it.
Hope so.
So uh Our friend freebo Does he come back from the dead, Or are the police mistaken? I'd venture to guess The police are mistaken.
You're positive? Miguel, he's dead.
I believe you.
Well, good.
You just uh Seem a little-- You seem a little unsettled with the whole thing.
That's what he's looking for.
a sign that I'm normal.
Uh to be honest, I haven't been sleeping too well lately.
Just know you did the right thing, my friend.
And it will never be forgotten.
A full day of work.
an evening of socializing.
And now finally.
The calm, cool, aloneness of my apartment.
Hello, nathan marten.
"cheerios" man.
My animal instincts are never wrong.
Hello, nathan marten.
"sexual predator" You did four years At south bay correctional facility.
Your official status is "released.
" Which leaves you free to slither about the earth.
You know, I went back to my office, To finish up with some paperwork, And it just It kept on nagging at me.
Cono, what ramon said to you.
I wanted to apologize.
Ah really not necessary.
At least share a drink with me.
Yeah, I'll grab some glasses.
Showing up late at night like this, Is it creepy, or just what friends do? How 'bout out here? My father, he caught me drinking From his bottle of rum when I was, like, 12.
He grabbed that bottle, he threw it at me.
Eight stitches, right in the back Of my head, right there.
He was a college professor back in cuba.
Once he got married and had a couple kids, He realized Time to get away from castro's world.
So we came over on one of these old fishing boats.
I was like, five.
The boat actually sank 50 yards from the shore.
My mother, she had to grab ramon.
My father grabbed me, and they swam to the shore.
Wet foot, dry foot.
Sounds brave.
Yeah, he was a real hero, my father was.
He spent the rest of his life telling everybody What a great man he could have been If it wasn't for castro.
The more he drank, the greater he became.
I would look at him and tell myself "i'm not going to be like him.
" You succeeded.
Yes, I did.
You know what the funny thing is? In his eyes, I was a failure.
I could never measure up.
My father was disgusted by me.
Disgusted? Then no offense to the dead, But your father was an idiot.
Never said that to anyone before.
Not rita.
Not my sister.
Yeah, yeah but dexter-- They wouldn't understand.
You know that? They don't know what it is to be a man.
To be a son.
With all the pfffp pressure.
You grow up to be exactly the man Your father molded you to be.
And still Not be good enough! Exactly.
It was even harder on oscar.
You know, by the time he was born, My father was hardly even around.
I mean I tried to take care of him, Look aft-- you know.
I'm sorry.
that I killed him.
To oscar.
To oscar.
So, dexter I think I have an answer For our other little problem.
Yes, I think I got it all figured out.
All we have to do Is get freebo's body, we dump it.
Then I can call ramon.
Tell him that I received an anonymous tip About where freebo can be found, That would close the case.
And we can all put it behind us.
Sorry, it's not possible.
Of course it is.
I'll help.
Miguel, the body's gone.
I'll get it.
just tell me where it is.
He's not going to give up.
He needs to see something.
I'll take you there.
huh? Lunchtime.
I'll pick you up.
But look, dexter.
You're not in this alone, huh? It's you and me.
That's the problem.
This whole "together" thing.
Hey, stranger.
All right, look.
It's one thing for you to come to the club.
But don't be tracking me down all over the place.
I called you three times, if you'd bothered To return any of those phone calls, You could have picked the location.
No, I'm sorry doesn't work that way.
This is bullshit.
What do you want? Tell me about javier.
Okay, in case you haven't heard, He's dead.
I have heard.
what else do you know? That you were one of the last ones To talk to him.
Looks like having a conversation With you can be dangerous to one's health.
Who had problems with javier? I don't know.
But I'm thinking I shouldn't give you any more names, Or they might end up dead too.
Well, you better give me something, anton.
I don't like you talking to me that way.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I didn't realize you were such a high-class snitch.
Well, no part of me needs this.
So why don't you just let me out of here.
-Not till I get some answers.
-what, am I your prisoner? Look, we have a deal.
And I'm not leaving until I get some information.
You know something? I know what'll make you leave.
What the fuck? get rid of that.
You sure don't want anyone to know You came to the men's room With your ci and lit up a little joint, do you? Fuckin' flush it.
I can't flush this, mama.
this is premium island lady.
If you light that, I'll arrest you.
Don't worry, there's more than enough.
I'll share.
I told you not to fucking do it! It seems ironic that i, An expert on human dismemberment, Have to pay $800 To have myself virtually dissected.
Check out this brain.
This one belonged to a serial killer Executed last month.
Killed 11 women.
Then he really snapped.
Killed his wife, two kids, and the neighbor's dog.
Why are you showing me this? Look.
How much smaller the right hemisphere is.
This guy sure doesn't process a lot of emotions, huh? And you see all this activity In the sub-cortex region? That's where feelings of aggression And violence come from.
-Why are you-- -because.
It's exactly the same as your brain, dex.
Freebo's final resting place.
How? They dig the graves the day before, They place a tarp over each one.
It wasn't that hard To bring freebo here late at night, Find an open grave to place his body in, And then to Cover it up with a foot of dirt.
And then the next day, They lower a 500 pound casket on top of him, Cover it all up with dirt.
Hiding a body in a cemetery.
You're fucking brilliant.
I'll just get a judge to issue An exhumation order now, and then we-- I need you to not do that.
Look, I've never done this before.
I don't know what kind of evidence I left on the body.
Hair, and fibers I can't have it traced back to me.
Fair enough.
Fair enough.
It does leave us with our next little problem.
What is that? Well, we still have someone out there Skinning and killing people.
Yes, we do.
And your homicide squad, they think it's freebo, And they're wasting time and energy Looking for a dead man, When The real killer, whoever that might be, Is out there walking free.
Well how's that our problem? Because justice isn't being served.
Of course.
Of course.
we have to Steer the police in the right direction.
How do we do this? I don't have a fucking clue.
But I've got a feeling you're not going To leave me alone until we figure this out.
What do you think about cowboys? Rugged american heroes? No, I meant for the baby's room.
We can do something different if you want.
Yeah, cowboys are Fine.
Hey, are you ready to go To that yoga class? Sure.
Astor! cody! Come on.
let's go.
Nathan marten.
As the sun begins to set, The lowly scavengers reveal themselves.
Hey, it's the cheerios man.
Who? The guy from the grocery store.
What guy? The man who talked to me.
Dexter knows.
Who is he? He's no one to be concerned about.
Because in a land of predators, A lion never fears the jackal.
And here we go; into another warrior pose.
Feel your hips open up.
We are strong warriors.
All of us.
This is absolutely, without a doubt, The worst moment of my life.
Now let's go into a little free-form yoga.
Just let yourself dance.
I was wrong.
this is.
dust dancing against the sunlight.
Be as beautiful As the golden flakes of dust, dexter.
I could probably kill her Before anyone realized what happened.
Now I want all the partners To turn and face their pregnant women.
Take your hand and place it on her belly.
And I want you to send all Of your positive intentions to your unborn baby.
I'm sorry.
I just don't want to hurt you.
Good morning, mr.
Are you satisfied with the sentencing of chicky hines? I am.
I pushed for the maximum on this case, And I got it, and for just cause.
With mr.
hines behind bars for a very long time, I'm hoping that the families of his victims Can finally find some peace.
Thank you.
Another win for our team, huh? I have to admit, I'm a little confused.
What happened with the witness I gave you? I thought he had information That exonerated chicky hines? I reviewed his statement, it just didn't add up.
I thought it had at least merited A conversation with him.
I see this kind of stuff all the time, maria.
And I know you do too.
Scumbags trying to play the system, Doing whatever they can to stay out of jail.
Trust me on this one, hm? Ms.
wolf, do you have a statement? Yes, I imagine the assistant district attorney prado, Is going to go home now And strip down to his american flag underwear, And pour himself maybe a nice crime-fighting drink.
Make a few fund-raising phone calls For his upcoming run for d.
But the truth is He just sent an innocent man to prison.
For 28 years.
Ugh, he should be ashamed of himself.
It's despicable.
Someone's got to know who she is.
No luck? I'm thinking of putting her picture on milk cartons.
Not a bad idea.
Yeah, except nobody would ever drink milk again.
Why the fuck did you lock up my ci? Why do you keep calling him your ci? Is there something you're not telling us? You're very curious about me, aren't you? Look at you, changing the subject.
Hey, sarge.
Um, can you ask officer morgan Why my ci's in lockup? He was antagonistic.
he produced a joint.
I warned him not to light it or I'd have to bust him.
He lit it.
I knew I couldn't back down, Or he'd never have to cooperate with me again.
He practically arrested himself.
That makes sense to me.
You got a problem with that? no.
Cut him loose.
Do I know you? We met at the grocery store the other day.
I don't recall.
You asked my girlfriend's daughter To help you find the cheerios.
right, right, right.
So what can I do for you? Shut the fuck up, nathan.
Stay away from my kids.
What? Sorry, buddy, you got the wrong idea.
I saw you at the beach yesterday With your camera.
I'm a photographer.
I always have a camera with me.
I know who you are.
I know what you are.
Once I made a horrible mistake.
And I paid the price for it.
I did my time.
But I'm not like that anymore.
I learned my lesson.
I've changed.
You haven't changed.
that's impossible.
We are what we are.
Good for the hunter.
bad for the hunted.
Nathan marten.
Is your past the prologue to your future? From the outside, he looks normal.
But like me, his brain is flawed And he has a compulsion he's unable to control.
We're really not so different, Nathan and i.
Except that I would never hurt a child.
Then again, nathan has never killed anyone.
Which means he doesn't fit my code.
I have other problems to deal with besides nathan.
Miguel prado.
And teegan campbell.
If I take care of one, I take care of the other.
It's a new day in miami.
Perfect time to help deb help herself.
One of the things that makes my sister a good cop Is that she's like a dog with a bone.
Once she's got her teeth into something, She'll never let go.
All I have to do is lead her to the bone.
Hey, papa! Oh, god.
almost forgot.
Isn't it great?! Nice.
Have you started thinking about names yet? Not that I want to push it on you or anything, But, if you have a girl, Debra's a really good name.
Deb, I should tell you Oh, my god.
what happened? Nothing happened.
It's just I'm not sure I'm going to be there to raise the baby.
What? I don't know if I'm going to be a father to the kid.
Of course you are, you moron.
Deb-- shut the fuck up! How could you even say you're not going To be a father to that kid? I mean, where would you be without harry? And he wasn't even your biological father.
I just think I'm going to be a lousy father.
I don't want to screw the kid up.
Would you please stop doing that? Then stop saying stupid things.
I mean, first of all, who are we kidding? You're going to be a great father.
And second And much more important, big dumb brother of mine, This isn't about you.
Who's it about? The baby.
So it doesn't matter how scared you are, How reluctant or unprepared you might feel, The baby comes first.
And that baby needs you.
So you're just going to have to set aside all of-- Holy shit.
that's my jane doe.
It's about time.
Are you sure? Yeah, that's her.
teegan campbell.
It looks like her.
Yeah, I gotta go, dex.
this is big.
What's that for? I know you, dex.
You're the best brother in the world.
And you can do this.
And if you don't trust yourself, Trust me.
I'm the smart one in the family.
They look motivated.
Anything? Once morgan here found out That jane doe was teegan campbell, It was a quick step to find her apartment.
And guess who'd been hiding out there? Freebo.
his shit was everywhere.
All kinds of fresh fingerprint evidence.
That's good.
Fucking guy's got an airtight alibi.
We checked the call logs.
Freebo called abby wilson four hours Before the estimated time of teegan's murder.
We followed up with abby.
Yeah, but get this.
She's saying she spent all day in bed with freebo.
If that theory holds, That means freebo didn't kill teegan.
And there are several calls from this phone To teegan's cell after she was killed.
Assuming freebo made those calls, He may not even know that she's dead.
We know javier was killed by the same person Who killed teegan, so He's off the hook for that as well.
I was just telling miguel How we weren't giving up on freebo.
Now I have to call him and tell him That he's probably right? Freebo's probably long gone? Looks that way.
What is that? You stuck a piece of chewing gum on it? I'm sorry.
This is a deliberate insult against me, And my people! Come on! come on! Asswipe.
Who the fuck are his people? I don't know.
Little scientists, I guess.
The lieutenant's right.
We're starting all over here.
We need to get out there And see what we can shake loose.
We're looking at two cases now.
Ramos, liason with tri-state p.
On the freebo situation.
Quinn, morgan.
You stay on the skinner.
And you need to mend fences with that ci.
He's part of that world.
We need all the help we can get on this.
Okay? Lucky break, huh? Seeing that flyer? You make your own luck.
And now that I've dealt with teegan Yep? Hi, it's dexter.
good news I was going to call you.
we need to meet.
Today, right after work.
Under the bridge, near the beach club.
Hey, dexter.
So you said on the phone we have good news.
It was just the other day that I was stressing The importance of getting the police Off of the freebo trail.
And today Suddenly I get the word that the police Have done exactly that.
I don't know how you did it, dexter, But I'm impressed.
Actually, it wasn't me at all.
It was my sister, debra.
You're a little uneasy with compliments.
Aren't you? We all need to be liked.
I also notice that you always Have your guard up around me.
Oh that's not true.
Ah, it's okay.
Actually, it's a good thing.
I appreciate that you're a cautious man.
It's actually a very valuable trait to have, Especially considering our circumstances.
It's just my nature.
I just want you to know That you don't have to worry about me.
We're on the same side here.
Honestly, I try to avoid taking sides In most situations.
There you go again.
Always being careful.
Okay Come on.
I got a gift for you.
A gift? You know when you took care Of my brother's murderer, You gave me, uh, peace.
Now let me give you peace.
A shirt? The shirt.
This is the shirt I was wearing When freebo met his end.
That's his blood, right there.
This shirt implicates me in his death.
Accessory after the fact.
Why? Because I trust you.
I trust you.
And I want you to trust me.
Same question.
why? Because I like you.
I like working with you.
You're a good man, dexter morgan.
You've got a lot of potential in you.
Sometimes I think that you are the only one who doesn't know that.
So I'm going to be seeing you again soon.
All right? Yep.
Is it possible I've actually made a friend? Someone I can trust with my dark secrets? Or am I being foolish For even asking myself these questions? Hey, listen, if you've come to arrest me, I'm clean.
I don't even have my cuffs.
Look anton I feel Not good about what happened.
Yeah? yeah.
Came on a little strong, didn't you? Yeah, well you kinda pushed me into it, didn't you? Yeah, okay.
I'll admit that.
All right, so, um I feel not good too.
I've even been working on a song.
For you.
Kind of an apology.
No fucking way! Yeah, yeah.
um It's um It's not done yet.
Hey, you.
Hey, dexter.
I was wondering if you were coming by later tonight? If I do, it'll be pretty late.
I've got some work stuff I got to take care of.
Well, do you think you could get a chance To pick up some milk for the kids? For their cereal in the morning.
I'll try to remember.
He wrote this for me.
You're the puta mala flaca? Yeah, that's me.
She's the skinny mean bitch.
So here I am again.
Drawn to the house of a man who doesn't meet the code.
But maybe there's another code.
A code that says, "you've stepped uninvited Into my world.
" And that's a place where I decide Who gets to live.
And who doesn't.
I am not like you! Nobody hurts my children.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
So how was your day? Long.
You? It was good.
yeah, mine was good too Took care of some stuff I needed to do.
That always feels nice.
Just sending out my positive intentions To our baby.
So there it is.
I'm going to be a father.
And raise my child.
It's what any good man would do.
After all It's a jungle out there.