Dexter s03e05 Episode Script

Turning Biminese

Previously on dexter.
I'm pregnant.
I just think I'm gonna be a lousy father.
I don't wanna screw the kid up.
Who are we kidding? You're gonna be a great father.
What do you have on freebo, maria? ramon.
Well, we're working on some new angles.
Which means you've got shit.
He's obsessed.
He's drinking more than usual.
He's not going to stop looking for oscar's killer Until it takes him all the way down.
I only have one person I can trust anymore.
I was thinking of you.
What you need? I need freebo.
Come on, man, what'd you google him or something? Well, why wouldn't they want to support A valuable colleague during his shining moment? You're, like, the foulest person I've ever met.
I'm gonna do you a favor.
Call this guy.
Tell him you want to cash in one of my coupons.
He's an informant from my days in narcotics.
You, uh, you looking for anything special tonight? Might be more than an hour.
Take a pass, sergeant.
I hate anyone who disgraces the badge.
Are we good? You keep your dick in your pants, And then we're good.
Rita, we're connected.
I feel you.
You're what makes me real.
And that's how I know I want to marry you.
Yes, we will marry you.
There are many ways to stop the heart.
Electric shock.
Bad diet.
Sever the aorta-- My personal favorite.
But to start one beating, This is a first.
That's the heart.
Oh, dex, that's our baby.
Our baby.
it's incredible.
Rita, gushing with the runaway emotion Any parent would feel seeing their unborn child For the first time.
Any parent except me.
I'd say you're at nine to ten weeks.
All I feel is her hand clenching mine.
She's stronger than she looks.
Can we get a picture to show the kids? I can no longer deny that I'm going to be a father.
Up until now, I've been avoiding its inevitability.
It's like a lamp in a room that's always been there.
And now it's suddenly turned on.
Don't worry.
Everything looks perfectly normal.
Front or back pocket? You lost me.
The picture of the baby.
Front or back pocket? How'd you know I'd have it with me? You're a first time dad, Aren't you? Oh, this is amazing.
This is a human life.
It is overwhelming.
This picture right here makes it real.
Your life is gonna change forever, man.
We're playing here! You could kill somebody! Sorry.
I got half my mind still in the office, you know? Oh, there's your ball.
So I got this case, you know? South beach guy Kills his wife on a cruise ship.
And I got no jurisdiction because she goes missing In international waters.
My only hope right now is the feds.
How do you know he's guilty? Oh, he's guilty.
Five years ago, he kills his first wife.
Drug overdose.
His pills.
no alibi.
Then he uses her money to go and hire This legal dream team to confuse the jury and-- They had to let him go.
Dexter, my hands are tied by the law, And the defense attorneys Get to wipe their asses with it.
And everything that I believe in is compromised.
That's you.
Seems miguel and I understand each other better Than either one of us knows.
I could do us both a favor And look into this wife killer.
When it comes to my brand of justice, I don't have to compromise.
Sliced it.
Thank you again for inviting us.
That massage was amazing.
We spend enough money to be members here.
At least now I have somebody to go to the spa with.
All of that stuff, That's not for men, right, dex? Lying naked on a table, helpless, No thanks.
So, rita, why don't you tell dexter My great idea? Great idea? Well, syl has offered to list My house with her agency So we can buy something bigger together.
You're just throwing money away On that apartment.
And that way You can move in sooner.
I was actually thinking I might keep my place.
You were? Well, I could always sublet it.
At some point we're gonna need a bigger home.
You definitely need something That you can grow into.
This is how customer must have felt, Surrounded on all sides, Doomed.
So why don't we talk about all this After we eat? Oh, the line's thinning.
Come on, rita.
You have got to try these crepes.
It's going to be okay.
Trust me.
I'm so sorry, man.
Syl, she gets these ideas in her head, And it's like you can't stop her.
I guess I always knew at some point I'd have to give up my place.
I just didn't think it'd be so soon.
Every man needs his privacy.
Some more than others.
But that's why god created golf.
How many times have I walked down this sidewalk? Sun in my face.
Cool ocean breeze on my skin.
Taken a dip in the pool to relax, Appreciating the wisdom of the three little words No children allowed.
Are those times gone forever? Before I even think About following up on miguel's lead, I need to make sure ethan turner meets my code.
How can rita expect me to just pick up and move? This is my home.
My sanctuary.
Leave it.
Not really rita's style.
But it's mine.
Not anymore, son.
In marriage, everything's 50/50.
What's yours is rita's.
Better hope she doesn't insist on a place with central air.
Rita and syl may be busy planning my life And where I'll live.
But there are some things I still control.
Right on time.
You're getting pretty good at this secret meeting stuff.
Yeah, well, we've done it enough.
With bumpkus to show for it.
It's "bupkus.
" Not "bumpkus.
" it's yiddish.
No, it's not.
You wanna bet? How much? Make it a million.
I'll take a check.
Where's your guy? In the alley behind you.
I love the smell of ass in the morning.
Hey, you're the one that's been all over mine for leads.
Don't be hating where I find them.
I know, I know.
Well, you better split before we get made.
Well, that's cute.
What? You.
Trying to protect me like that, it's cute.
I'm trying to protect my investigation.
And fuck you.
What the hell? He wasn't like this earlier.
I'm trying to find whoever's responsible for skinning people, Not to stage an intervention.
You think your murders are somehow connected to freebo? He used to score from freebo.
It's worth a shot, right? Excuse me.
Anyone in there? Anyone fucking in there at all? I'll bet you're real good with kids too.
Hey, tilly.
Hey, I got that "h" for you, man.
Where? it's right here.
But listen, I need you to think real hard for me first, tilly.
Now when was the last time you saw freebo? Fucker's gone, man.
Wendell said He's not coming back.
Who the fuck is wendell? You wanna see freebo, You gotta go through wendell.
Sheriff 21, this is dispatch.
Wagon is on the way.
Metro homicide.
What are we doing here At a sheriff's crime scene anyway? Excuse me, sheriff, you're blocking my light.
Whoa, jesus.
excuse me.
Sheriffs are responding To a bulletin I issued Regarding any victims with missing skin.
Excuse me.
Same m.
as our torture murder? Now remember, you two are just here to observe.
This is the sheriff's turf.
They're gonna investigate the scene, See what they can come up with.
What's up with him? He doesn't joke around anymore.
He dresses better.
he's polite.
Maybe someone pointed out the error in his ways.
Who called this in? neighbors.
I just got off the phone with the sheriff's department.
They've confirmed their skinning victim Is related to ours.
That gives us three victims.
They're sending someone over to look at our case files.
And we'll be establishing a joint investigation.
This is our investigation, lieutenant.
You can't expect us to just give over our files.
No one is giving over anything.
It's a matter of professional courtesy.
We're still in charge.
Now, I've had the sheriff's lab Send over all forensics.
I want both your input.
My slate's clear.
I'll talk with the medical examiner.
Another four-hour erection? Anything else? I've got unis bringing in a 15-year-old kid Named wendell owens.
He was freebo's doorman, which means he might be able To connect the dots between his boss And why people who knew him keep winding up dead.
I may be one of those dots.
He's a minor.
Get consent from a parent to question him.
I'll make sure everything's done by the book.
All right, I want updates on the hour.
Good work, partner.
Yeah, right.
I doubt this boy would recognize me From the day I met his dead boss.
But why take the chance? Dexter morgan.
Hey, dex.
Listen, I'm gonna have to cancel our lunch.
Everything all right? Rough morning, man.
Feds just informed me that they're not Gonna move forward on this cruise ship case.
Lack of evidence.
Got a witness Puts this son of a bitch on the deck With his wife just before she went missing, And he's still gonna walk.
Again! Did I mention He left his first wife's teenage daughters penniless? No need.
A whole family destroyed.
We could meet later if you want.
No, no, I'm gonna be in court, man.
How 'bout tomorrow? I may have plans.
I'll let you know.
There's due diligence to be done.
How long is this gonna take? The sooner you tell me where we can find your mom, The sooner you're outta here.
She wasn't at your house.
We can't reach her by phone.
Does she have a job? She does what she has to do.
Same as me.
You know, I was about your age when my mom died.
Suddenly, my father's raising two teenagers,by himself, So I get how hard it is for a single parent To always be there.
Yeah, I bet you had it real bad.
No, I didn't.
My dad worked really hard to get me and my brother The things he didn't have.
So I got why he wasn't always home.
But after a while, I even stopped looking for him At my softball games.
Didn't mean he didn't love me, But didn't mean it didn't hurt.
You played softball for real? First base.
But you don't look gay.
You hungry? Yeah, but not for any of that vending machine shit.
Well, I'll tell you what, If you're brave enough, there's a roach coach outside.
I'm buying.
Okay, I'll take some burgers, fries, and onion rings.
Partner, would you keep an eye on our guest? Getting anywhere with the kid? Sorta.
You and rita set a date yet? Not yet.
Well, are you gonna move in with her first? Where's this going? Well, I kinda need to know, so I can break the lease On my place and move into yours.
What makes everybody think I'm just gonna give up my apartment? I don't know, maybe 'cause you're getting married.
Like there's room for rita and the kids at your place.
No offense, but you're the last person Who needs a fuck pad.
officer morgan.
Can you tell me where I might find lieutenant laguerta? Thank you so much.
Guess we know who the sheriff's department Sent to look into our files.
Big fucking mistake.
That guy's wound way too tight.
And coming from me, that's saying something.
You gonna take the fridge? Thank you.
They keep getting younger and younger, huh? -Who'd this one kill? -The boy's not a suspect.
We think he was working for freebo.
I have to say, I'm a little surprised you're who the sheriff's department Chose as their liaison.
I'm not here to make friends.
I'm here to do my job.
I've known you your entire adult life, ramon, So let's cut the bullshit.
You're using this case to insert yourself Into miami metro's investigation Of your brother's death.
If our victim can help track down My brother's killer in the process, So be it.
As one lieutenant to another, You know I could go over your head And get you pulled off this assignment.
But I'm not gonna do that.
I know you and oscar were close.
And he meant a great deal to me as well.
So you will have This department's full cooperation To a point.
If it turns out that these cases are not connected, The cooperation ends.
Entiendes? Claro.
I need to thank miguel For introducing me to a new hobby.
And for supporting an old one.
After the first wife's money ran out, Ethan didn't take long to find The next wealthy woman to woo, marry, And throw overboard.
Maybe I can return the favor on that last part.
Have both tanks delivered to the ship.
I'll need a dive skin too.
You got it.
Heading out to sea? Caribbean cruise.
Leaving tomorrow.
Do you know any good dive schools around here? Yeah.
But they all require hours for certification.
You know if I were you, I'd cut a few corners, head over to bimini.
They'll have you under the water in less than a day.
that's close.
I could be there and back in my boat.
The water's beautiful there.
It's my first port of call.
Maybe I could take the wife, finally get her off my back For never doing anything with her.
You'll have more fun if you don't.
I'm sure I will.
There you are.
Good news.
Wendell's mother finally answered her phone.
Patrol's bringing her upstairs now.
Thank the baby fucking jesus.
You do know I'm catholic, right? I'm sorry, but I've had that kid At my desk all afternoon.
Hey, you ever hear the word "bumpkus"? I think it's "bupkus.
" -Shit.
-Yeah, hold on now.
There's this cold case I'm looking at, A dead john.
Now when you were working vice, Did you bust the same places over and over again? Um, not really.
Most guys are regulars, So word gets out quick if a place is hot.
So we'd move the decoys around.
But if you really want to know about paying for sex, You should talk to masuka.
Hey, vince, hold up.
Did you get a chance to look at The sheriff's department forensics Regarding their vic? I fucking would, if they'd fucking send them.
I've called four fucking times.
Man, somebody needs a hug.
I'd offer, but I don't know what I'd catch.
Can I go now? You know, I can take inappropriate masuka.
I can take porn-loving masuka.
I can even take flatulent masuka.
But this dress shoe-wearing, "please and thank you" zombie masuka Is fucking creeping me out.
What's going on? Maybe I'm realizing no one around here is my friend.
The only time you people even acknowledge me Is when you want something.
That's not so.
We put you on our bowling team.
Only because you wanted to keep everyone's handicap higher To sandbag the other teams.
Okay, that's true, but-- Not one person read my paper.
Not one fucking person showed up at the conference I spoke at.
This is about your stupid paper? You guys just don't get it.
You hurt my feelings.
What the fuck? Where's the kid? The mother wouldn't give consent.
I had to cut him loose.
Did you explain to her how important it was That we talk to him? The moment I brought up freebo's name, she clammed up.
Word on the street is the last person Who talked to the cops about freebo wound up dead.
I spent all day Getting through to that kid.
He would have talked, or he would have Convinced his mother to let him talk.
She was never gonna cooperate.
You coulda waited until I got back.
Look, this is no reflection on the work you did here.
No, it's a reflection on how little You think of me and my work.
You think I cut this kid loose To make you look bad? I'm not sure anymore.
Hey, baby.
You want a date? Hey, sugar.
what you look-- You have got to be kidding me.
I'm not here for that, honest.
Your-- You know, your-- You're blushing.
I'm not.
So what, uh, what are you doing down here, sergeant? 'cause I gotta get back to work.
I came here because i-- I wanted to know if-- If you'd like to grab something to eat sometime.
You know, to talk.
And to eat.
I'm not interested.
I rarely date cops.
"rarely," does that mean "never"? If I meant "never," I would have said "never.
" Dex, is that you? I'm in the kitchen.
What smells so good? It's a surprise.
Look, brochures of houses.
I know it's fast.
But syl and I spent The whole day doing drive-bys, And these are the ones I fell in love with.
All of them? Well, they're in great school districts, Big yards, plenty of bedrooms, Central air.
I thought we could go through these After dinner and have syl Schedule some showings for tomorrow.
I understand that as man and wife Rita and I will have to live under the same roof.
So why is it the only word echoing in my head is No.
No? Okay, I guess we don't have to look at all of them.
"no" doesn't really work in a relationship, dexter.
"can we talk about it?" is a little more productive.
I'm sorry, but I don't want to look at houses.
Not now anyway.
Fine, that's all you had to say.
Uh, if syl and I go out to look Tomorrow in the morning, Can you watch astor and cody? No, I'm going fishing tomorrow.
I'm gonna be gone all day.
And you were gonna tell me this when? Rita, this is the first I'm hearing about house hunting.
I can't just drop everything at the last minute Because you want me to.
Dinner will be ready in five minutes.
It's a roast.
Your favorite.
I double-checked ethan's ship itinerary.
He's in bimini today only.
Gives me one shot to head him off at the pass.
Sorry, rita, but right now I need this More than a big yard and a two-car garage.
Let me guess, syl? She might have mentioned That rita and she were going house hunting Because a certain gilipollas Decided that he'd rather go fishing.
Gilipollas? You don't wanna know.
So this is the boat you keep talking about, huh? Wow, she's a beauty.
You gonna take me out on her sometime? Sure thing.
So what brings you out here? Thought maybe we could grab some food Before you go out.
You know, kind of like a rain check for yesterday.
Ah, can't leave the boat.
Everything's onboard.
Don't worry about it.
So where are they biting? Um, heading up north, mercy reef.
Always had good luck there.
You know, I got half a mind to postpone the arraignment That I have and just Go with you.
Please don't.
I gotta be in court.
I'm gonna try to put out some fire That your lieutenant started.
But I'm glad I caught you, you know? Hey, how 'bout whatever you catch, We put on the grill tonight? Wish me luck.
Thanks for coming in early.
Lieutenant prado Wanted to get us all up to speed On the skinner case.
Thank you.
This is our vic's boyfriend.
Now, no one's seen him since the night in question.
We could use your help tracking him down.
Soderquist, ramos, you're on it.
I was also hoping I could speak with a couple Of your previous witnesses.
"speak with" as in we didn't do it right the first time? Cases evolve.
Witnesses change their story.
Junior personnel, they make mistakes.
No disrespect.
Actually, it's a lot of disrespect.
You've come into our house twice.
You not only insult our police work, Now you're insulting one of the most dedicated officers I've ever partnered with.
Yes, you.
It's bullshit, my man.
Let's not lose sight of the fact That we want the same thing here To find whoever is responsible for these murders.
Uh, there is one slight problem.
Your case has nothing to do with our case.
The vic wasn't skinned? Not like our previous victims.
There were minute traces of ink In the papillary and reticular-- English.
Someone dug out a tattoo from the back of her neck.
Which is another reason why I don't think we're looking at the same killer.
It's all right here In the county medical examiner's report.
That's your opinion.
My lab thinks differently.
let me see that.
You're not taking this seriously, are you? In a fucking heartbeat.
Do you know how many times vince masuka's been published? He's our lead forensic investigator.
And there's no one better.
Our victim was strangled, The same as yours.
Petechial hemorrhaging in the eyes and bruising Would lead one to conclude Strangulation.
Unless you're me.
You were so busy playing hide the sausage With the m.
's report, You were hoping I'd miss the cotton fibers In the nose and airways.
Your victim was smothered.
That's not opinion, that's science.
And science is one cold-hearted bitch With a 14-inch strap-on.
And he's back.
Well, I think we're through here.
I'm not so sure your lieutenant would agree, Sergeant.
Then you don't know her as well as you thought, Lieutenant.
Apparently ethan is looking for more Than adventure on the high seas.
Both of his deceased wives had prenups.
In a divorce, he would have been lucky to keep the rolex.
But he wanted it all.
Ethan made a choice.
And pretty soon, you're gonna have to make one too, dex.
Ethan chose to be rich Rather than married.
I, on the other hand, chose to stay with doris, Even after-- You cheated on her? You think you and I are so different, don't you? I'm nothing like you.
Really? You're here and rita's back home.
You're cheating on her, And you don't even realize it.
I'll make time for my dark passenger And for rita.
It's about priorities, dexter.
You're gonna have to choose which one is your mistress And which one is your wife.
And more importantly, which one comes first.
Harry, you missed a spot.
Oh, hi, baby.
Hi, mom.
Attention all atlantic sun cruise passengers, This is bebay, your cruise director.
The next sea taxi is leaving bimini For our ship in 20 minutes.
It looked much bigger from out here.
Well, you could always knock out a wall or two.
It's easier than you think.
How 'bout the kitchen? Wall, the bay window was nice.
But those cabinets Don't get bogged down in the cosmetic stuff.
How did it feel when you were inside? Like a home.
God, you're good.
You're my friend, rita.
I wouldn't put you in something I didn't believe in.
And I believe that this home can work for you.
For your family.
What are the rules about using the bathroom In a house you're showing? No rules.
you gotta go, you gotta go.
All right.
Can I see your venture passport, sir? thank you.
Keep coming.
Excuse me, sir, Can I take a look at your venture passport? Thank you.
Ma'am, could I see your pass? Thank you.
Attention all atlantic sun cruise passengers, This is bebay, your cruise director.
The sea taxi is departing bimini For our ship in five minutes.
Also please remember that the last sea taxi Of the evening leaves the ship at 10:45 tonight.
All visitors, guests,Anyone who doesn't belong on board Must disembark at that time.
It'll be tight.
But I think both ethan turner and i Will be off the ship by that time.
Of course, only one of us will be doing so Because he wants to.
Rita? I'm bleeding.
Oh, my god.
All right, there's a hospital five blocks away.
Waiting for an ambulance is only gonna take time.
What about dexter? We'll call from the car.
Those things will kill you, you know? I'll talk to you later.
I've been by here four times looking for you.
What for? The other cop said you couldn't talk to me.
Well, he's right.
I can't.
But unofficially, There's no reason you can't call me Just in case there's something You want to tell me about your ex-boss.
Burgers, fries, and onion rings.
You know, I know the situation with your mom Not being around really sucks.
But if things get really bad, You use that card and call me, okay? I kept my nose outta freebo's business.
It was safer that way.
Do you have any idea where he is? No.
I know he was into someone for some major cash.
He was pretty scared.
That's probably why he's hiding out somewhere.
Well, that explains why someone's Trying so hard to find him.
They want their money back.
-So are we done? -We're done.
Oh, yeah, one other thing.
Yeah? When you find that jerk-off, Tell him he still owes me three weeks' pay.
Watch yourself out here, okay? Okay.
Miguel, thank god you're here.
How is she? They rushed her up to prenatal i.
, But they won't tell me a thing.
I'm not family.
Hi, my name is miguel prado.
I'm an assistant district attorney.
I need you to find your chief of staff, Dr.
reynolds, and have him call this-- Yeah, I'm just an admit nurse.
you're gonna have-- Hey, call him.
Right now.
I feel so bad for rita.
she's all alone.
Baby, baby, reynolds is gonna make sure She gets the best care in miami.
Why isn't dexter back? I've been calling all day.
Goddamn it, the father should be here.
I enjoyed shuffling through your ipod To make sure that no one hears us.
Of course, most of your shipmates Are up on the blue deck.
It's happy hour.
just the two of us.
Oh, it's too bad I have to make this quick.
I'm usually all for a stimulating conversation At times like this.
But the last sea taxi leaves in an hour.
I've been going through some changes myself lately.
I'm getting married.
I've got a baby on the way.
Even though my life may never be the same, I want to thank you for reminding me How important it is to take time for oneself.
Savor these moments alone.
And here I am.
Paradox personified.
Taking life.
Creating life.
With the ship anchored away from shore, The gulf stream will be ethan's last cruise.
Bon voyage.
This isn't like dexter.
Something's wrong.
Sweetie, I know this is difficult, But you need to stay calm.
I sent the coast guard out there to look for him.
He wasn't at his fishing spot.
So maybe he's back at the marina by now.
Then why hasn't he called? Anton, open up.
it's me.
I tried calling.
I got a lead.
I know why someone's looking for you-know-who.
Hurry up if you want your money.
Yes, I was wrong about-- Bupkus.
Is anton here? He's in the shower.
Oh, he'll be out soon, 'cause I think we used up all the hot water.
I can get him.
Oh, no, that's all right.
Just, um, have him call debra morgan.
It's important.
Are you sure you don't want me to-- Thanks.
What? Hello, debra.
this is miguel prado.
Have you heard from dexter? Uh, no.
why? Well, we're at the hospital with rita right now.
Hospital? everything all right? Debra, we need to find your brother.
Ethan turner was incapable of compromise.
He loved his wives' money more than he loved them.
And in the end, it cost him dearly.
I don't wanna be like ethan.
Maybe my days of coming and going as I please Are over.
But that doesn't mean my life is over.
Not as long as I have my boat And the open water.
There are some things I can keep to myself.
You have 12 unheard messages.
Dex, it's me.
I'm on my way to the hospital.
I think there's something wrong with the baby.
The baby? The baby's fine.
They said if I stay on bed rest The next few days That I can We can go home tomorrow.
I don't know what I would have done If I'd lost the baby and you weren't here.
And nobody could find you.
I'm here now.
And I'm not going anywhere.
I think maybe we should wait To find a house until after we're married.
Just name the date.
I'm ready.
I'd like to walk down the aisle Before I start to show.
Whatever you want.
I may never be able to feel Our baby's heartbeat emotionally.
But I know now I can't ignore it either.
And for some reason I can't explain, I'm relieved to know it's still here.
Fishing? That's where you were all night? Deb You can't make me feel any worse Than I already do.
Well, I hope this was a big wake-up call for you.
'cause you're gonna be a father before you know it.
Yeah, I see that now.
My life is changing.
And if it'll make you happy, my place is yours.
What'll make me happy is you being there For that kid.
For homework And plays.
And softball games.
Don't you dare be like dad.
That's never gonna happen.
Quite a night, huh? I should have been here.
Well, syl and I were.
That's what friends are for.
I owe you one.
I just may take you up on that someday.
You know, my office got the strangest fax tonight From atlantic sun cruises.
You remember that guy that I was telling you about Whose wife disappeared on some cruise? Get this, he was reported missing About an hour ago.
Where was it that you say you went fishing? Mercy reef.
Yeah, mercy reef.
That's what I thought you said.
'cause when I sent the coast guard over there, They couldn't find you.
The ocean's a big place.
Or maybe you weren't at mercy reef.
Where else would I have been? Bimini's What, 40 miles away? I went fishing.
you watched me leave.
You were on that cruise ship.
Do you know how crazy that sounds? You were on that cruise ship finishing what I couldn't.
Wasn't me.
You were making sure that ethan turner Could never hurt another innocent soul again.
It's getting late.
you should go.
It's okay.
Dexter, you and i, we're the same.
No one is like me.
You're wrong.
Hey, you're wrong.
Don't you see what happened today? I gave you the chance to avenge two women Whom the system failed, and just like I hoped, You seized that opportunity.
It's not like that.
Dexter You don't have to lie to me.
Don't you understand? Hey, I see who you are.
No, you can't.
No one can.
You have nothing to explain to me.
Nothing to apologize for.
I'm with you.
I'm behind you.
And I respect you.
I better get home.
Syl will be waiting up.
Good night, dexter.
When harry saw what I truly was, He was repulsed.
It destroyed my brother, Consumed lila.
But not miguel prado.
Somehow he looks at me and he's Proud.