Dexter s03e06 Episode Script

Sí Se Puede

Previously on dexter I just got off the phone with the sheriff's department.
They've confirmed their skinning victim is related to ours.
That gives us three victims.
I've got unis bringing in a 15-year-old kid named wendell owens.
He was freebo's doorman.
If things get really bad, you use that card and call me, okay? You think I cut this kid loose to make you look bad? I'm not sure anymore Partner.
You know a joey quinn? Cooperation with i.
has its upside.
Yuki, that's not gonna happen.
Ramon's obsessed.
He's not going to stop looking for oscar's Killer until it takes him all the way down.
-Is there a problem here? -Yeah, sergeant.
Your people don't know what the fuck they're doing.
Where ya been, dexter? How are you, camilla? Ah.
I've been better.
Are you, uh, looking for anything special tonight? Might be more than an hour.
Take a pass Sergeant.
Anton, open up.
it's me.
The chicky hines conviction.
My people have come across evidence that could get the case reopened.
Prado know you're coming to me with this? Don't you see what happened today? I gave you the chance to avenge two women whom the system failed, And just like I hoped, you seized that opportunity.
I see who you are.
I am with you.
Behind you.
I respect you.
He's tired.
keep on reeling.
You got him.
Here he comes! come here! Come here! Oh, yeah! Oh, shit! Ah, ah.
Ahah! Go ahead.
That's gonna be some mighty fine eatin'.
Hey, man, on the grill with syl's mango and lime salsa.
Our house tomorrow night.
Check with the little woman Who's getting bigger as we speak.
I could get used to the simple joys of male bonding.
Hey, how 'bout a brewski? Okay.
Ah, that looks good.
So dex Ahh.
What was it like, man? In bimini.
Flat, mostly.
lots of mangroves.
Talking about ethan turner.
What about him? What did it feel like to, uh Take him out, hmm? To end his life.
So much for the simple joys of male bonding.
Like I could explain or miguel could understand.
You put people on death row.
You must know what it's like.
Oh, no, But there's like an ocean of bureaucracy of briefs and Appeals between me and that bad guy taking his last breath.
I'm asking you what did it feel like to use your hands, to To make this a better place? It feltright.
Felt like justice.
I've got, like, Five floors of prosecutors and the whole police Department at my fingertips, and you did what I couldn't.
You came through for me, dex.
I been sleepin' like a baby ever since.
It was hot today, huh? Like I said the other night, I know you, dexter.
I see who you are.
We're like-minded.
hmm? Together, we can make a difference.
We? Miguel, my amigo, claims to know me.
On some level, I suppose maybe that's true.
Who are you kidding? He knows about freebo.
He detailed me to the ethan turner kill.
He's seen me with blood on my hands and hasn't blinked.
Miguel's got no clue what's really going on inside you.
The urge, the ritual.
Miguel has really gone out of his way to understand who I am Which is more than you ever did.
Well, I understood.
I just couldn't accept it.
And miguel won't either.
You didn't want me to have any friends.
You think miguel's a pal? Your wingman? You might wanna put that notion to the test See how like-minded you and miguel really are.
Every time you let someone get close, it ends badly.
I do need to consider my spotty record connecting with others.
But miguel's not going away.
I need to make him understand the risks.
When he does, he'll wanna rethink the like-minded thing.
Just because he can gut a fish Doesn't qualify him to hang with me while i Do what I do best.
You need a jump? I have cables.
Skinner struck again.
Super-hard this time.
The victim's name was wendell owen.
He was 15 years old.
It's more collateral damage in our search for fucking freebo.
Wendell owens? I brought him in for questioning the other day.
I thought I remembered hearing his name somewhere.
He might have been mixed up with some lowlifes, But wendell was a pretty decent kid.
Go do your thing.
I just need a minute.
Body's still warm.
Putting time of death about three hours ago.
Unlike the two previous victims, This one died from the skinning process itself.
Jesus christ.
Freebo's probably in another galaxy, and the skinner doesn't even know it.
Meanwhile, he's stepping up his game.
Maybe we let the press know freebo got outta dodge, Might get this guy to put down his ginzu knife.
Or he'll keep looking, take his horror show on the road, Become somebody else's nightmare.
No, I wanna nail whoever's doing this.
He's definitely not learning to do this on the fly.
He's had plenty of practice.
You run this through the national database, see if a similar m.
Comes up anywhere else.
What I need to find right now is a target to present To miguel with a high degree of difficulty and jeopardy.
So that he truly understands that he's in way over his head.
I have a question.
It's serious.
I can't ask any of the other cops.
I'm all yours.
It's about the skinner.
His last two victims, Wendell and javier, They were both killed after I was done questioning them.
Do you think the skinner's Drafting off my investigation? I don't know.
anything's possible.
Because I'm freaking out That whoever's looking for freebo Is using me to attract him.
Who else knows you brought wendell in? His mom, um All the cops in the station.
ramon prado.
Miguel's brother.
The law and order hard ass sheriff Who's been obsessed about finding freebo For killing his little brother.
There's your motive.
Do we seriously think that ramon, a fellow cop, Could do something this sick? Like a career in law enforcement Precludes violent behavior? Can you imagine the shit storm this is gonna create If I'm wrong? It'll create a worse shit storm if you're right.
Hey, keep me in the loop.
Ramon's got anger issues.
I don't want you getting hurt.
you do care about me.
Wait till you see the wine cellar at the forge.
It is legendary! They even have a bottle Of chateau d'yquem belonged to thomas jefferson.
I'm kind of a cuba libre kinda girl myself.
Ellen, it's me.
nicely done.
Handing miguel prado his head on a pike today-- Make the hines motion stick, he could be disbarred.
I was gonna talk to you about this, If and when my motion's upheld.
How 'bout we talk about it now? Okay.
Miguel's been playing fast and loose for a long time With legal ethics.
The chicky hines case is just one example On a very long list of prosecutorial misconduct.
I came to you with information to help your client, Not for you to trump up some witch hunt Against my friend and colleague.
You can't possibly believe he's either of those things If you really knew miguel Believe me, I know miguel.
I will explain everything over dinner.
No, thanks.
I'm not feeling especially social right now.
I hope I'm not interrupting.
No, I'm alone.
come on in.
Taking the night off? So, umbeer? Sure.
Pot? Fuck you.
Sounded kind of upset on the phone.
I'm kind of upset in person too.
You didn't talk to anyone About me bringing wendell in for questioning? No.
I don't talk to anybody about anything.
I try to keep the whole c.
thing under wraps, you know? Then how the hell did it get out? Well, it's a pretty safe bet wendell didn't tell anybody.
You should have seen what this sicko did to him.
I'm glad I didn't.
What would make anyone go that hard On some street kid, for christ's sakes? There's this guy I'm lookin' at He's a cop who had a beef with freebo.
He saw me in the station when I was questioning wendell.
Wouldn't be the first time the boys in blue Handled their own business, right? I can't rule out that I put wendell in the crosshairs.
He trusted me enough to cooperate, and Look what happened to him.
Hey, look Even if you're right, You couldn't have known, right? Don't beat yourself up.
It's what I do best, huh? I should go.
All right.
Hey, um Hey, look, um That girl from the other night was Was nothing serious.
Uh, wellit's none of my business anyway.
Yeah, right.
Jenna kendrick.
One of the first crime scenes I worked blood spatter.
This is somebody's daughter.
And that was done to her by this animal.
Clemson galt.
Aryan affiliated.
Took a claw hammer to her for getting pregnant.
He was arrested for murder, Even confessed to his cellmate.
He called it "hammer time.
" They get a conviction? Galt's aryan affiliates either got witnesses to recant Or made them disappear.
Verdict came back not guilty.
That--that type of stuff happens way too often.
Galt's doing 15 to 20 for armed robbery In a supermax upstate.
Well, that's something, at least.
Get him off the streets.
Only he's still running things from his prison cell.
The wife and three kids of an aryan defector, Killed with a claw hammer.
While you're sleeping like a baby, This is who's keeping me up nights.
Justice comes at a price, One that miguel is about to discover he can't afford.
This asshole doesn't deserve to breathe, okay? You're not gonna get any argument with me about that.
But he's in custody.
In a supermax, no less.
That's always been the problem.
You're the big deal law enforcement guy.
I bet you could get us access.
That--that's beyond dangerous, dexter.
That's crazy! I knew if I appealed to reason, Miguel would eventually understand the downside.
Ne-never mind that my fingerprints Will be all over this! Reason leads to self-preservation, A potent force.
We both would be seriously exposed here.
I just need to sit back.
He'll see the pros are heavily outweighed by the cons, And we'll be back to mojitos and barbecues.
Yeah, when you get right down to it, I guess ethan turner was an accident of opportunity, A once-in-a-lifetime thing.
What about freebo? Another accident of opportunity? Well, that situation just sort ofunfolded.
You're right.
We both have too much to lose.
Hey, we took out the garbagetwice.
We should quit while we're ahead.
I owe you this one, dexter.
You stuck your neck out for me twice now.
-No, you don't owe me-- -Fair is fair.
And I won't let you down.
But we need to come up with a real plan.
Miguel surprised me last night.
I expected him to say no and he gave me a definite maybe instead.
No doughnuts today? Not today, vince.
Talk about your passive aggressive.
Clemson galt has been on my top ten list for years, And miguel could be a big help.
But the goal here isn't to satisfy my need.
It's to get miguel to find some other hobby.
got a minute? Who's sick? Uh, remember camilla from records? She's in the hospital.
It's not looking good, so I got everyone to sign.
Camilla's sick? Sorry, I thought you knew.
Lung cancer.
it's terminal.
Just like gene.
Camilla's husband.
My folks used to play cards with them when deb and I were growing up.
He died just last year.
lung cancer too.
Smokers? Ah, chimneys.
Life catches up.
So does death.
It's a shame.
she's a good person.
It sounds like she was a friend.
A good friend.
Those are in short supply these days.
Camilla's at good samaritan.
You could drop that off, let her know she's in our prayers.
I'll do that.
Detective gianna, sergeant batista, miami-metro homicide.
How can I help you, sergeant? I was, uh, wondering, detective Maybe we could See each other.
As--as in aa date? Well, yeah.
You could call it that.
Look, um, sergeant, let--let's be clear.
'cause being clear will save us both a lot of agita.
Hey! I, uh I don't date.
Do you eatever? Sometimes.
Good nutrition's important.
I'll tell you what, sergeant.
I get hungry enough, I will call you.
Angel? What? Can I throw something at you that might sound a little crazy? Crazy? from you? -Ramon prado.
-What about him? Do we like him for the skinner? Okay, that's not a little crazy.
He has access to all of our records, So he knows exactly who I've been talking to.
And we've all seen him up close-- this is not a stable guy.
He's a fucking whack job.
I looked into his work schedule.
He was off duty when the last two murders went down.
You seriously wanna look at ramon prado for multiple homicide? If only to rule him out.
Not only have we not found the perp that killed miguel prado's Little brother, now you wanna investigate his other brother for murder? In a nutshell.
Can't ignore something just 'cause it's messy.
If I'm right, this is huge.
And if you're wrong, Everyone involved will be shitting Blood due to acts I'd rather not describe.
Thanks for that, sarge.
I've got a gut feeling.
You, uh, wanna go to the lieutenant with this? I can't go to laguerta with this.
You follow up Off the grid, and it's on you.
Thank you, sarge.
Ramon's off duty tonight and tomorrow.
I'll set up on him, I'll see what shakes loose.
If you need company I've got it covered.
And try to be discreet, will you? For a change? Yeah.
You came.
I also brought you these.
But it looks like somebody beat me to it.
That new mom in maternity donated them to terminal care.
Talk about irony, huh? You know, dexter, my whole life I've been searching for The meaning of life? The perfect Key lime pie.
And what do I get when I'm about to croak? Fucking pie crust, reddi wip, and green jell-o.
I'll see what I can do about finding you the perfect key lime pie.
You'd better do it fast.
Next thing to go is the appetite.
Gene always had this thing about lighting my cigarette.
And he'd pass it to me Before he lit his own.
Sweet, sweet man.
Then it all caught up to him.
I watched him wither to a skeleton.
My 6' tall, 200-pound husband, shitting all over himself.
His last breath was a mercy.
Dying I can do.
Hell, I'm doing it.
The pain sure is a bear, though.
How bad? The worst part of the whole damn thing Not losing my life My time on this earth Is losing mymy Dignity.
That fish was great.
You don't think miguel overcooked it? A bit, but the mango salsa saved the day.
Thank you.
So do you like what you do? I mean, real estate.
I can't imagine doing anything else.
I decided that losing my job at the Motel is not a bad thing but a good thing.
So I'm looking around.
Well, with your people skills, you'd be great at real estate.
You think? How 'bout you start work tomorrow? I'mi'm sorry, what? I need an assistant.
Having someone I can trust is everything.
Listen, I've been giving a lot of thought to this clemson galt thing.
What if we were to travel upstate and arrange an interview with him? About? A career criminal with a record like his, He's gotta be an encyclopedia of intel on tons of other cases.
We would just need to get galt alone long enough To make it look like another prisoner did the deed.
Last week, An inmate is found in a prison hallway drowned in a bucket of water.
This stuff happens all day long in places like that.
An inmate is found dead in custody, dexter, Be a lot of inquiries and investigations.
You got the bleeding hearts comin' outta The woodwork whining about prison reform.
it doesn't sound like much of a plan.
That is the plan So that miguel finally includes himself out.
But, um I'm in the middle of trying a racketeering case right now.
Money laundering.
The aryans, they're masters at moving cash around.
I subpoena galt as an expert witness, Corrections transports him down here to testify.
Then galt is within our reach, hmm? And on my turf.
Guessing it would take a long time to set something like that up.
It would.
But I've already issued the subpoena.
Galt'll be here tomorrow night.
Onlyhe's gonna be a no-show on the witness stand the next morning.
Swing by the courthouse tomorrow, I'll walk you through all the details.
say thank you, dexter.
Miguel seems to have way more aptitude And appetite for this than I ever imagined.
Just calling to check in.
Just having a look-see in ramon prado's car.
-Deb, you really need to-- -relax.
He's scarfing down his second plate of Arroz con pollo at a restaurant up the block.
He's got a wife and kids at home, got the night off, So why is he eating alone? Well, maybe the wife's arroz con pollo isn't pollo enough.
You find anything interesting? A set of german steel filet knives, a couple of straight razors, And like 12 pounds of human skin.
Just be careful out there, will you? Yes, sir.
Deb's got her mission.
I've got mine.
Hey, I can get out and give you a great, Big hug so everyone can see what good friends we are Or you can talk to me.
You know, after 12 hours on surveillance detail, How 'bout you blow me instead? I've been given the directive to either Step up my investigation of quinn or close it.
Because you haven't found dick.
If you weren't such a fuckwad, I'd almost feel sorry for you for working for i.
Where careers go to die.
You need to get next to quinn, be his go-to girl.
You'll be wearing a wire.
Are you on crack? How many times have I told you to eat shit? What the fuck makes you think I'm suddenly willing to play now? Because if you don't, I'll put the word out that you've been cooperating all along.
Everyone'll think you're a rat anyway.
Hard to believe even you would sink that low.
So that door right over there? hmm.
Check this out.
That's supposed to be kept locked, and it never is.
The smokers use it as a shortcut to get outside.
Shortcut to a shorter life.
You know, statistically, most escapes happen out of a courthouse.
The security's a little bit more lax, The defendant is wearing a suit and a tie.
It makes it easy for him to just walk away.
Easier for us to cover our tracks.
That too.
must be good to be you.
Real reason she's blindfolded-- so she doesn't have to watch Everything she stands for get pissed on by someone like ellen wolf.
You know, She had this client once who threw a Five-year-old into an industrial washer for talking dirty.
She got him off with six months in a mental hospital.
Diminished fucking capacity.
She probably got paid more that than you took home in a year.
And I gotta tell you, I'm very disappointed with your boss over there.
I never thought that she, of all people, Would hurt me like this and throw in with these fucking bottom-feeders.
My dad used to say be careful what you think you know about someone.
You're probably wrong.
Smart man.
Well, sometimes.
Maria! I appreciate your, um, cooperation in the deposition.
I've never had a problem telling the truth.
We've got, uh, more than enough to get the hines conviction set aside.
And you've set the stage for your smear campaign against a stand-up guy.
You know, you ever wanna hear the unexpurgated version of your guy, Come find me, okay? Looks like a church.
The holding cell is through that door.
Connects to a hallway, then goes out to a parking garage.
On your right, there's gonna be an emergency exit.
And that deadbolt is gonna be taped Open.
Why risk it all? Your career, reputation, freedom.
You could just walk away.
You didn't walk away from ethan turner.
Because you understand, dexter, that we're living in We're living in crucial times, Crucial times that demand extraordinary measures.
Miguel's convinced himself he wants this Kill tonight for lofty and noble reasons.
I'm not quite as high-minded.
You didn't answer my question.
Asshole drunk dad Maybe I'm still trying to clean up the mess That I couldn't when I was a kid, I don't know.
Come on, I'll, uh, show you where you're gonna be hooking up with galt.
Morgan, what's the hurry? You meeting someone? More like avoiding someone.
Hey, this is me not telling you I'm tailing ramon prado again tonight.
Well, this is me not hearing a word you're saying.
I'm also unofficially and off the record Telling you to be smart and watch your ass.
'scuse me, officer.
how can I help you? I was just, uh, released for this legal thing.
You were arrested.
And released.
totally victimless.
Only I live like a million miles away from here, and I really need a ride.
How 'bout the bus? How 'bout you take me home and I think Of some victimless way of saying thank you? I'll have dispatch call you a cab.
Just like that? Just like that.
Agent batista.
Sergeant, barbara gianna here.
So happens, uhI'm hungry.
Hungry enough to-- to see if you are too.
Are you asking me out on a date, detective? I don't date, sergeant.
Marino's trattoria, 7:30? Aren't you gonna ask me if I really turned over a new leaf? It could be I'm just not partial to redheads.
I have no idea what you're talking about, detective.
I'll see you at 7:30.
Delivered fresh daily from a little bakery down in key largo.
Supposed to be the best in the keys.
Well, it's not.
Pardon my bluntness, but This pie is green.
Means they used food coloring.
Something purists frown on? Which I'd be doing right now, except even my face hurts.
The other thing they fucked up-- this wasn't made with condensed milk.
No, it's fresh and organic.
Only they didn't have fresh milk in the keys back in the day.
Here comes miss morphy.
Bringer of bad dreams and less pain.
Dexter If you're as serious about key lime pie as I am You can do better.
Tonight's the night.
but it feels different.
I won't be alone.
Uncharted territory for me not without risk.
And strangely exhilarating.
So what do you think? Best pizza night ever.
No, I meant about syl's job offer.
If real estate's something you're interested in, I think you should go for it.
And syl's great at what she does.
In a market this bad, she's still always closing.
And I could learn a lot.
I just But Well, what if i See a side to her that I don't like? I guess that's the risk you run when you go into business with somebody, Especially a friend.
Makes things more complicated, no doubt about it.
Still Without my friend syl, I wouldn't have this opportunity.
So I think I'm gonna take the risk and jump in With both feet and see if this new thing calls to me.
It's getting late.
You don't wanna stay? Miguel and I have a early morning run.
I can sleep in longer if I stay at my place.
Don't be surprised if he's a no-show.
What makes you say that? He's been a complete wreck lately.
Not sleeping, terrible mood.
I mean, syl thinks something's really bothering him.
I saw him today.
he seemed fine.
Well, you may be his buddy, but you're not his wife.
And besides, it's not like you can hide anything from your partner.
So true.
Why would you want to? Looks like miguel's got a bad case of nerves about tonight.
He isn't sleeping like a baby anymore.
If you're gonna bail of of this, now would be a good time.
What the hell are you dressed like that for? I figured the more the merrier.
Why don't we swing by and pick up rita and the kids? Bring them along too.
What makes you think you can count on miguel? He's just a little jumpy.
he's new at this.
Mark my words, dex, he'll give you up in a heartbeat to save his own ass.
This is not a guy who wants to spend the rest of his life in a cage.
Just one more thing miguel and I have in common.
You don't know what you're getting into.
You've never had to rely on anyone else before, dexter.
Because you taught me loneliness as an art form.
But guess what? I finally have a life with a family and now a friend Who I trust.
We only see two things in people What we wanna see and what they wanna show us.
You don't know miguel any more than he knows you.
You aren't seriously gonna lecture me on Relationships after the debris field you left behind.
No matter how close two people are, an infinite distance separates them.
Look at you and me.
Mind if I get a picture with you, jefe? You got a cam--oh.
Oh, yeah.
No problema.
Any truth you're gonna run for d.
? Uhif I do, I'm gonna need your support.
You got it, jefe.
Thanks, officer.
You listen to me, pulled pork.
I got no clue why the fuck you dragged me down here in all this humiliation, But you can suck my white dick, You think I'm helping your spic ass with shit.
This all ends right here, right now, clemson.
This makes us even.
When you walk out the door, One of your nazi pals is waiting for you in the parking garage.
From now on, all of the threats to my family, they stop, understand? I knew my aryan brothers would come through, ese.
Have any arrangements been made in case this guy's Testimony runs a little long and he has to stay another day? We're holding a spot for him in protective at miami-dade.
My good man.
appreciate it.
I got a witness in there, man, he's taking a nap.
I'm gonna really need him fresh for court in a couple of hours.
I gotta put a county wristband on him.
Just take a second.
Clem galt£¬I'm your wheel man.
Welcome home.
Heil hitler.
Let's get the fuck outta here.
ride's this way.
Have ya outta the country by lunchtime.
Fuck! Shit! what's going on here? I don't know.
come on.
I'll get ya outta here.
We just gotta get to the car.
Galt had to have an accomplice.
Just set up a perimeter around this building right away.
No one should get in or out.
Fuckin' spic set us up.
This guy cannot get away! And I'm gonna return the favor.
That's mighty white of you.
Galt's right.
he's selling you out.
Never underestimate the capacity of other people to let you down.
It's not the time, dad.
There he goes.
Looking out for number one.
Which is what you should have done.
Like the man said, nobody gets in or out.
Might as well give up.
No sense risking death by cop.
You keep miguel's involvement secret, He might let you off with a few years.
Unless they find those blood slides when they toss your apartment.
Stop! Hola, amigo.
I'm gonna drop you off at your car.
Then I'll meet you at the stash house as soon as I can get outta here.
-Wait for me, huh? -Thanks for this.
That's what friends are for.
Hey, I'm gonna do a loop around the building until you get more backup here, Okay? You got it, jefe.
Gimme a fucking break, ramon.
Don't fucking lie to me You can make this stop right now If you tell me where he is.
I don't know.
You're making this very hard on yourself, felipe.
Whoa! You scared the fuckmother out of me.
You're the one that called me.
What do we got? Kidnapping, for starters.
Who's the special guest? That's felipe cepeda.
He's one of freebo's hemp suppliers.
I questioned him a couple of weeks ago.
Now ramon's got a few questions of his own.
Well, so far, I've only heard one-- where's freebo? I'm just waiting for the skinning to start.
Tell me where he is.
I don't know! Okay.
Nothing like a nice cold soda pop before a good skinning.
Aah! Fuck, that's gotta hurt.
-Wait, wait.
-Wait? We need to be sure he's the skinner.
Felipe You have some answers for me now? I don't get it.
I don't get it.
That's not the skinner's m.
Maybe he's just warming up.
Here he goes Vete.
He's not the skinner.
I gotta take this.
don't go anywhere.
So ramon prado's a sick fuck, But he's not the sick fuck we're looking for.
I'll talk to you about it over breakfast.
I gotta go.
What's up? So, why are you calling us in at midnight? We've picked up ramon prado.
He's, uhoutside.
We got a uni watching him to keep his mouth shut.
For what? Kidnapping.
False imprisonment.
And torture.
Are you sure? We witnessed it ourselves.
-My god, i-- -We can't give him a pass on this.
No, we can't.
Thank you for being politic at least.
I woulda perp-walked him right through here.
Morgan insisted we be discreet out of respect for his family.
Were you aware of this investigation? Yes, I was.
And you didn't inform me? I wanted something solid before involving you.
Thank you for that.
Morgan, you handled a tough situation the smart way.
How do you wanna do this? Book him.
I'll notify the family.
That went well.
Internal affairs is investigating you.
What? They've been giving me a sandpaper enema to wear a fucking wire.
-This has been goin' on for a while.
-And you're finally telling me.
-I'm finally telling you.
Do you wanna tell me why this i.
chick is so gung ho to bring you down? Wait.
does this i.
chick go by the name of yuki amado? As a matter of fact, yes.
You wanna tell me what's going on? Yeah.
yuki and I have ahistory.
It's a totally personal vendetta on her part.
I'll handle it.
I appreciate the heads up, though.
Even in prison, I'm sure you heard about the big slump in the real estate market.
What the fuck Shit! There is an upside to the downturn, though.
Plenty of empty houses.
Do you recognize this one? It's where you killed jenna kendrick.
I got no idea what the hell you're talking about.
I'm talking about hammer time, clemson.
You got me mixed up with somebody else.
You can't imagine how much I've been looking forward to this.
And none of it would be happening if it weren't for my Friend miguel prado.
You remember him? He really came through tonight.
In a big way.
I never had a partner before.
I had my doubts initially, but everything worked out.
But this part, the ritual The connection and certainty Followed by that pristine silence Is for me.
And me alone.
Miguel will be disappointed.
I'll explain to him I took galt straight to the cemetery And dumped him in a grave after the screw-up at the courthouse.
Truth is, I'm not ready to share this part of me with anyone else just yet.
Present company excepted.
I'm not sure I ever will be ready.
Even if miguel senses my deception, He'll forgive me this one small untruth.
How can I be so sure? Because after tonight, I can honestly say I know who miguel prado really is My first good friend.
And those are in short supply these days.