Dexter s03e07 Episode Script

Easy as Pie

Previously on dexter Remember camilla from records? She's in the hospital.
Lung cancer.
It's terminal.
Dying I can do.
The pain sure is a bear though.
I'll bet.
My whole life I've been searching For the perfect key lime pie.
How about you start work tomorrow? I need an assistant.
Having someone I can trust is everything.
Barber, gianna here.
So it happens-- Uh, I'm hungry.
Are you asking me out on a date, detective? Anton is my contact.
I know how to work a c.
, quinn.
Skinner struck again.
The victim's name was wendell owens.
He was 15-years old.
I can't rule out that I put wendell In the crosshairs.
He trusted me enough to cooperate And look what happened to him.
Hey, look.
Don't beat yourself up.
Real reason she's blindfolded Is so she doesn't have to watch everything She stands for get pissed on by people like ellen wolf.
Miguel has been playing fast and loose With legal ethics for a long time.
Then you've set the stage for your smear campaign Against a stand-up guy.
You ever wanna hear the unexpurgated version Version of your guy, come find me, okay? We've picked up ramone prado.
For what? Kidnapping, False imprisonment and torture.
Internal affairs is investigating you.
And you're finally telling me? I'm finally telling you.
Do you wanna tell me why this i.
chick Is so gung-ho to bring you down? Yuki and I have a history.
Hola, amigo.
I can honestly say I know who miguel prado really is.
My first good friend.
And those are in short supply these days.
Dad? You need to throw up again? I'm feeling great, amigo.
How long till you're done in here? Not long.
Hey, I'll wait.
We'll play a quick nine when you finish.
Work on that slice of yours.
Nightmare? Not sure.
You ever have those dreams where you're exposed? All the time.
I show up at school bottomless.
Body parts out in the open.
It's an anxiety dream.
It's probably about the wedding.
That must be it.
It's a stressful time.
But, hey, we got each other, right? Except I'm not stressed.
Not about miguel.
He hasn't seen what harry saw, But so far he hasn't turned away from my truth.
He's embraced it.
There's so much to do to pull off this wedding Before the baby starts showing.
I'm good at taking directions.
Good, because I need your guest list.
And your head count so we can pick a venue And give a budget to the caterer.
Well, there's deb and, uh Deb, that's it.
That's my list.
That's it? What about your friends? Angel, vince? Miguel.
He's a friend.
See, you're on a roll.
Just make sure you get names, addresses, Spouses and plus ones.
I gotta go.
They're moving camilla To hospice care today.
I wanna stop by before work.
You've been going there a lot.
You holding up okay? Yeah, why wouldn't I be? Well, I know you two were close.
Just give her my best.
Those closest to me have always resided in a box of slides Until now.
Ooh, how about we pop some wheelies, boys? After all, it is the last ride of my life.
You'll be around a long time, camilla.
Sure as hell better not be.
You need anything else you just let me know.
This--this is the room, dexter.
The room I'm gonna die in.
Sooner the better.
Well, it's nice.
It's got wallpaper.
That shoebox there.
Get it for me, will you? I thought you might like to have those.
She loved taking pictures.
Documented every bridge game we played With harry and doris.
Drove me batty with that camera.
But it's nice seeing these now.
Dexter, the awkward years.
And now look at you.
Baby on the way.
I'd love to meet rita.
We'll make that happen.
And that envelope there? Those are my funeral plans.
I thought I was organized.
Simple catholic service.
Nothing fancy.
It's all arranged.
What family I have left lived up north.
If you wouldn't mind calling the funeral director When the time comes.
They'll take care of everything.
Sure, okay.
Isn't this a bit-- What, morbid? Death will be mercy, dexter.
No more pain, no more chemo.
And the best part? I'll get to see gene.
I gotta get to work but I'll be back later, okay? Don't forget.
You promised to find me The perfect key lime pie.
Better move fast.
Where can I get a good key lime pie? You can't.
They all taste like sour dog shit.
It's camilla's favorite.
How's she doing? She doesn't have much time left.
You should go visit her.
I don't do sick people.
I can't.
Reminds me too much of mom.
What's miguel prado doing here? He is pulling his brother ramon out of some deep doody.
We bust him for kidnap and torture And he's just gonna walk right outta here.
Fucker's lucky he's got an a.
in the family.
It was an off-the-grid investigation.
Is that what you call, "false imprisonment"? I'm not gonna get railroaded for doing your department's job.
Ramon, if you don't take this offer You're looking at jail time here, okay? The prick isn't even pressing charges, miguel.
My detectives will! Unless they know you're not walking around With a badge and a gun.
What, I give you my shield and then what? Tell me what the hell am I supposed to do? Get some help! Hermano.
You don't have a lot of options here, okay? It's early retirement with benefits.
Union won't be able to do better.
Listen to your p.
rep, will you? And keep the prado name out of the papers, right? You really wanna put sara and the kids through all that? I'll deliver these to his captain, start the paperwork.
Appreciate the consideration, lieutenant.
Yeah, okay.
This really would have been bad for me.
On top of the ellen wolf accusations, The chicky hines case-- Chicky hines wasn't personal, miguel.
Helping ramon, That was personal.
Thank you.
Tense in there.
A lot tenser in here.
I gotta blow off some steam.
After work, you and me, we're gonna go hit something Hard.
We are? At the driving range.
Golf, right.
Yeah, I'll meet you there.
So what, you and the a.
, you're pals now? Yeah, we are.
Another crack like that and you're off the list.
Family and friends I see these people everyday but if they really knew me They'd hardly call me friend.
Miguel might be the exception.
So when I say the skinner is a top priority, I expect progress.
Understood? Now where are we on the national database? We ran it.
nothing came back.
Got a call into interpol too.
Should I invite quinn? He's so tan.
First, someone loaned freebo some money.
And is willing to skin people to get it back.
That same someone is drafting off our investigation.
We are being watched.
Which is why I wanna use Our c.
more aggressively.
Wait, you mean anton? Yeah, we're gonna spread the word That anton knows where freebo is.
You're gonna use him as bait? Ramos, soderquist, I wanna put anton Under surveillance immediately.
That's his name.
Soderquist You're gonna tell him, right? All due respect, sarge.
We tell him, he bolts.
Two of my witnesses have turned up dead.
You wanna see a third? Anton's already got a target on his back By helping us.
This will protect him.
Yeah, right.
Okay, look.
I'm gonna keep anton in the dock For now but I want eyes on him at all times.
Understand? Hey, deb? What? Are you gonna bring a date to the wedding? I don't know, dex.
I might be too busy picking up pieces Of anton's skin to even be there.
So you're a "maybe"? Morgan.
Wendell owens's mom called.
Sounds like she has something on his murder.
I'll drive.
Do not invite quinn.
No quinn.
Yo, morgan.
Grab your kit, buddy.
We got a crime scene.
Fucking mess.
City pays for the tree trimming but not the clean up.
We all can't live in high-class neighborhoods, morgan.
Yeah, I'm sure you live in a real dump, mr.
owens, I understand you have Some new information about your son's murder? Yes, I do.
I found this.
That's my card.
It was in wendell's shorts.
The ones he was wearing that night.
The ones he got killed in.
I am so sorry for your loss.
You stay the hell away from me! I didn't mean to-- you didn't mean to what? You came to my house.
You talked to my son and I told you not to.
Gotta go back inside.
You led that animal here.
Right here to my only baby.
And now he's gone.
Wendell is gone because of you! He's gone! Marriage, children.
You never expect it to end in tragedy.
Unless you're me.
I want all civilians cleared off the street.
We're gonna be rolling out a body.
Lisa morton.
College valedictorian on her way to harvard business school.
Found the murder weapon.
Under the sofa.
Screwdriver's consistent with the wound.
The perp must have used it to jimmy the front window.
I figured the girl heard it, Came down to check it out.
Took a swing at the perp, missed, knocked over the lamp.
The perp freaked, stabbed her, ran.
Apparently without shoes.
These are sock prints.
Sock? Yeah, looks like he cut himself.
Or stepped on the victim's blood? No, if it was hers The prints would become less saturated as he ran away And got back to the window.
But they're more saturated, see? Blood belongs to our guy.
Fucking socks? Run it through the criminal database.
See if anything gets kicked back.
I'll bet you a night of lap dances I already know who did it.
Albert chung.
Got arrested six months ago on a b&e.
Knocked an old lady down some stairs And he did it all in his socks.
Same old lady, identifies the wrong guy in the lineup.
Shoeless schmoe walked.
How do you remember that? Wasn't even a homicide.
Chung is asian, bro.
He makes us all look bad.
And taking off your shoes? Can anyone get more cliche.
Well, he probably did it to keep quiet Or to not leave shoeprints.
So he leaves "softprints".
Freaking moron.
And asians are supposed to be smart.
Fucking albert chung.
Fucking albert chung.
Fucking albert chung.
First, an old lady, now a college valedictorian.
Well, we've matched his dna to the blood at the crime scene.
Mug shots on every media outlet.
Someone will turn him in.
First I got ramon drinking himself into a stupor.
Then I got syl nagging me for attention.
And I got scumbags like albert chung running free.
Well, the department's working on that last one.
And what if they do catch him, eh? Then what? His attorney got him off once.
I'll lay you odds that chung walks again.
You and i We should take care of this ourselves.
There's a lotta wrong in the world, dex.
Just ask lisa morton's parents.
I guess it can't hurt to keep tabs on chung If the police can't bring him in on their own.
Hell, let them have albert chung.
He's just the symptom.
We need to go after the root cause.
The one responsible for putting him on the streets.
His blood-sucking, soulless, defense attorney, Ellen wolf! She got her client off.
Isn't that her job? Her job is to uphold the law.
But ellen wolf, she twists and bends the law Until it's unrecognizable.
Has she, uh Ever actually killed anyone? Chung wasn't the first evil fuck That she put back on the streets.
The body count is piling up! If she hasn't done the deed with her own hands.
Dexter, you're being too literal.
I don't think I am.
Do me a favor, okay? Keep an open mind about her.
Let me show you some files.
No pressure.
Just research.
Move your back foot to the left.
Ellen wolf doesn't fit my usual code.
But in the interest of friendship I said I'd keep an open mind.
Camilla's request for the perfect key lime pie Is much less complicated.
I'm not eating this crap.
Get it out of here.
Get it out of my room.
All right, honey, it's gone.
Don't you worry.
She's having a hard day.
Got some news.
Bad news, huh? Tumors worse? No.
It's slowing, goddamnit.
Doctors gave me another month.
Another month of struggling to breathe, Of shitting myself, Of this stupid, fucking wallpaper.
I'm I'm sorry.
I already lived through this with gene.
The end-stage.
All I want is to be on the other side of it.
He at least had me.
And you have me.
I'll bring you as many key lime pies as you can stand.
Gene wanted me to end his life, you know? I would have done it if I could have.
It is kind of illegal.
It's more than illegal.
It's a mortal sin to us catholics.
One-way ticket to hell.
I can't take my own life either.
But You're not catholic.
I'm definitely not catholic.
But I do live by a certain code.
Of course you do.
Harrytaught you right.
So what I'm about to ask you is The most terrible thing anyone could-- Camilla I don't-- Justhelp me.
You're strong.
And a good friend.
No, don't-- don't answer now.
Just think about it.
She couldn't have asked a better person.
Taking lives is what I do.
But never someone innocent and certainly not a friend.
Get in.
What's so important you had to see me At the ass-crack of dawn? Do you have any out-of-town relatives? Why, you wanna take a vacation together? Okay.
What's going on? I heard a rumor about you.
That you know where freebo is.
You know that I don't.
I'm just telling you what I heard.
And the other cops heard it too.
Which means that the skinner will be looking for me? Shit.
This shit is crazy.
I've got nothing to do with freebo Except for helping you and no one knows about that Except for the cops.
Wait, are you telling-- Am I being set up? Jesus.
And here you are asking me about out of town relatives.
Everybody's got one.
so you want me to go? I want you to survive.
I don't wanna lose a good c.
Listen, you telling me Me leaving It's not gonna help you any.
I'll find another lead.
So I guess I should go.
You watch that mouth of yours.
Fuck you.
The code has always been my guide.
Why should this be different? Taking an innocent life Could be a dangerous precedent.
I can't just change the rules for a friend.
Or maybe I don't want to.
But I can honor miguel's request to research ellen wolf.
Keep an open mind.
Murderers, rapists, car-jackers set free To commit more heinous crimes.
Maybe my code could include the person Who unleashed them on the world.
Hey, you.
Hey, did you get my messages? The list.
you need my list.
Working on it right now.
Thank you, dexter.
We still don't have a head count, So I can't start looking for a venue.
It'll all get done, I promise.
Just made an appointment with the florist.
We can drive by after caravan.
I'd be having a complete meltdown If it wasn't for you, syl.
Believe me, I'm happy for the distraction.
From what? You have such a charmed life.
On the outside, in front of company.
But miguel, when we're alone he's-- Syl, what? He just He goes to this dark place.
I know he lost his brother And now his other brother's in trouble but-- That would put a strain on anybody.
But he's being secretive.
He's never home.
He says he's with dexter, but I think it's a cover.
Are you sure you're not reading into it? I mean, I went through the same thing with dexter.
He was disappearing, Acting weird.
What happened? He was-- He was Going through a difficult time.
Rita, tell me.
He was doing drugs and he was having an affair.
Dexter? God.
If someone like dexter can do that-- Look, we hadn't defined Our relationship yet.
It wasn't like you guys.
It was different.
But the important thing is that I confronted him, We talked about it, and it actually Brought us closer together.
You just confronted him? Well, if you don't deal with your problems They only get bigger, right? Dexter? Really? I know, I know.
There's no way your nickname was worse than "fat-tista".
'cause "gianna" just rolls off the-- "va-gianna.
" Okay, you win.
Kids can be cruel.
"fat-tista", huh? You can call me whatever you want.
Ah, too soon.
Ah, it's okay.
I'm very patient.
Actually, angel, i, uh-- I think you're great but-- But.
I hate that word.
I like spending time with you.
It's all right.
You can say it.
You want us to be just friends.
I like our friendship.
You gonna make me feel bad for that? No.
I like it too.
But you want more.
You gonna make me feel bad for that? You rang? Ellen.
I didn't expect you to come over.
I didn't expect you to call.
So? I'm starting to think I'm too close to the prado family.
I know one side of them.
Maybe there's more.
There is.
Such as? Broad strokes? Uh, missing evidence, Witness intimidation, jury tampering.
I've got details.
you wanna hear 'em? You have proof? He's a bad guy.
He's not a stupid guy.
He couldn't have changed that much.
Hmm, maybe he didn't.
My ex-husband was always a prick.
I just didn't wanna see it.
It's a little hard to take in, you know? It's about to get much harder.
That's actually why I came in person.
Miguel's on his way over here right now.
What? Why? To negotiate the terms of albert chung's surrender.
You're not representing albert chung.
Chung saw himself on tv And called me.
I'm here as his counsel.
You call miguel prado a bad guy While representing someone like that? It's not my job to judge, maria.
Well, you're certainly judging miguel.
And if he ever gets arrested, I will defend him too.
Fucking albert chung.
That dipshit's photo has gotten more prime-time play Than any asian face in years.
Way to represent.
It also got over 600 tipsters calling in.
Folks up in arms over this one.
Hey, guys? I need your addresses for the wedding And I need to know if you're bringing dates.
Can we bring "just friends"? I never bring dates to a wedding.
Best man always hooks up with the maid of honor.
The maid of honor is rita's daughter.
She's ten.
Masuka's your best man? I, uh, hadn't really-- why? Are you asking batista? 'cause I'd be honored, hermano.
Um, uh, I don't-- I'm not having a best man.
What about ushers? I need back copies of your reports On the skinner cases.
All of them.
You looking for anything in particular? Something, anything.
I need a fucking lead, dex.
I'll be here all night if I have to.
Not really.
Did you ever You know, compromise an investigation For personal reasons? Never.
Where did you get these? Camilla.
She's in a lot of pain.
Then I hope she goes fast.
Not likely.
Just shoot me if I ever get like that.
Really? Hell yes.
I'd do the same for you.
Pull the plug, put a pillow over your head, whatever.
I'd never let you suffer.
You wouldn't, would you? Dexter.
Will you bring the prelim blood report On lisa morton to the briefing room? Miguel prado's asking for it.
He's here? He and ellen wolf.
To negotiate the terms Of albert chung's surrender.
Wear your flak jacket.
I'm not interested in your terms, counselor.
Albert chung needs to turn himself in.
If you want albert chung I suggest You get interested, counselor.
Preliminary blood report as requested.
I'd actually like dexter to stay.
wolf might need A forensics expert to explain to her How hopeless her case really is.
Oh, please, do stay.
He wants me to see how bad ellen wolf really is.
This is me open-minded.
Go ahead with your terms, counselor.
My client requests the news media be present And that he be allowed to make a statement.
He requests the charge be kicked down to manslaughter.
Hmm, you've gotta be kidding.
He also requests conjugal visitation.
Jesus, you have no shame! And no case! Run the evidence From the crime scene, will you? Blood at the scene belonged to albert chung.
Dna matched his sample in our database.
Odds are 170 million to one That it's anyone but albert chung.
Mmm, it won't hold up.
You do know what odds are? The jury won't.
Not when I get done discrediting you And your chain of custody.
I think we all know How easy it is to plant evidence And, well You look the type.
Do I see sheets of plastic in your future? Dexter's work is solid, ellen.
Your prosecutor isn't.
Walk in the park to discredit you, counselor.
Try it.
We're gonna add slander to aiding and abetting.
Oh, I'm not the one on trial.
Oh, you should be.
you should be! Getting your brother off with a slap on the wrist! Not to mention the chicky hines debacle.
All right, let's stay on point here.
if albert chung kills again While you pursue this bullshit, that blood is gonna Be on your hands.
or do you even care? Like you do? You spout off about justice And the constitution Except for that pesky part about everyone Deserving a fair trial.
While you set free the scum of the earth For a fast buck, right? How many pro bonos do you take on, miguel? How many innocent people have you saved From fascistic prosecutors-- Ellen.
Don't kid yourself.
You might as well be walking the street, The way you make a living.
Okay, enough, enough! Dexter, would you step outside, please? Yeah.
Miguel, you know that that was completely out of line.
I'm no fan of ellen wolf's, but all I see Is a defense attorney doing her job.
Maybe too well.
But I can't kill her for that.
Now I have to tell miguel no.
Not what he wants to hear.
You're going the wrong way, morgan.
I'm just grabbing dinner, sarge.
I'm gonna do some overtime on the skinner case.
What do you hear from anton? He's not answering his calls but I think he probably-- Yeah, that's good.
Okay, see you.
Gianna? Hey, just heading out.
A buddy of mine is getting married in a few weeks And he asked me if I was gonna bring a date And you're the only one I want to invite.
You're inviting me to a wedding? Maybe you don't get the concept of friends? It's not a date.
It's--it's a plus one.
The wedding is beside the point.
It made me realize That you're the one I wanna spend time with.
And if us being friends means I get to keep doing that, I'm in.
This isn't some kind of weird end run is it? Make me see how sensitive you really are? I'm not all that sensitive.
yeah, you are.
I'm confused.
I'm-- Hand-holding.
So simple.
So intimate.
Sorry about the pie.
I was told it was the best.
Got five stars.
Don't worry about it.
Until you find me the perfect key lime pie I have something to live for.
Dexter, I'm so sorry For putting you in that horrible position.
Asking you to violate your conscience Was one of the worst things I've ever done.
I want to you help you, camilla.
If I were someone else, I'd do it.
I know.
I should have thought about your past Before I asked.
My past? I know your secret, dexter.
You think If you help me die You'll be like him.
Your brother.
Brian moser.
The ice truck killer.
I don't have a brother.
You did.
I read your file before I destroyed it.
Your birth mother was laura moser.
When the newspaper said brian moser Was the ice truck killer I made the connection.
Camilla-- It's all right, dexter.
I'll take it to my grave.
And you could never be like him.
I had a high opinion of you, deb.
Guess I was wrong.
I told you repeatedly to stay out of my shit And you wouldn't.
So you told quinn I was investigating him, He did what he does, and now the case is dead.
You chose the wrong friend.
Hey, you're the one who fucked him.
Not my fault he didn't want an encore.
Is that what he told you this was about? He didn't have to.
It was obvious.
Little miss heartbreak Turns a cadillac and a fancy watch Into a fucking i.
How is that even original? What an empty room your world must be If those are the dots you connected.
I'm happily married.
Seven years.
Working on our second kid.
With zero interest in a waste of clothes like quinn.
I really don't give a shit.
Well then give a shit about this.
A cop's dead 'cause quinn cut all of the wrong corners.
I came to you for help To get him out of circulation.
You refused.
Next dead cop's on you.
A dinner party.
Washing dishes.
It seems so mundane.
But it's oddlysoothing.
Maybe this is what belonging feels like.
Keep this up, we're looking like dishpan hands.
I should add rubber gloves To our gift registry for dexter.
We can do that? Oh, you can register for anything.
Furniture, motorcycles, power tools.
Power tools.
Ah, jesus, sylvia! Come on, use your brains, baby! We just got this thing re-stained! I got it.
It's fine.
Uh, why don't syl and I finish the dishes And we'll put dessert in the oven? And you guys pop a movie in for the kids.
Uh, yeah, sounds good.
Movie time, kids.
Come on, muchachos.
Uncle miguel's gonna put a movie on for you.
Sorry about that.
He probably invited you guys over So he wouldn't have to be alone with me.
Things haven't gotten any better? Worse after I confronted him.
Oh, no.
He just completely shut down.
Now he can't even be civil in front of company.
I'm so sorry.
I never should have said anything.
It's not your fault.
Maybe dexter's a bad influence on him? I know.
Wishful thinking.
He'd be a problem I could actually fix.
He's going to bring up ellen wolf And I have to tell him no.
Can friends do that? So, uh, ellen wolf.
Piece of work, right? Go easy.
Be tactful.
We can't kill her.
I see.
She'sjust doing her job.
You should tell that to the parents of all Of those people that her clients have killed.
Yeah, I read about them.
I also read about the wrongly convicted people She got off death row.
The defense fund she set up.
She's fucking with the system.
Eating away at it from the inside out.
Control, dexter.
that's what she likes.
And now she's trying to control me.
Re-opening my cases.
Undermining years of all my hard work.
So this is personal? Fuck yes, this is personal.
And it should be personal for you too.
As my friend I'm asking you to do this for me.
I'm sorry, no.
Well, then fuck you! She's fucking with my life! I'm gonna go.
I've never been great at conflict resolution.
Not without a blade and several rolls of plastic wrap.
Did dexter and miguel have a fight? No, sweetie.
Did you? Uh, why don't you guys go get ready for bed? So what happened? You grabbed us outta there so fast And you've been grinding your teeth the whole way home.
I disagreed with him.
About the affair? What affair? Syl thinks there's someone else.
He's definitely obsessed with someone But there's no affair.
And there's not Going to be one either.
What? I'm confusing my metaphor.
Well, friends fight sometimes.
I'm not sure he'd consider me much of a friend right now.
Hey, you're a great friend.
The problem's his.
Well, either way, Life was good before him.
It'll be good after.
It's all right to be upset.
I'm not upset.
Yo, dex.
Put me down for a plus one to the wedding.
The list.
Hey, that's a plus one.
yeah? I think morgan needs an intervention.
She's been here all night.
She find anything? I don't know.
She's waiting on you for the big reveal.
Batista may be plus one, but after last night I'm minus miguel.
But with or without my help, camilla's on her way out.
It's okay.
I'm better off on my own.
I can't believe this jackass is still on the run.
You know, he kinda looks like you.
That--that-- That's called racism, buddy, so don't even-- Oh, shit.
He does look like me.
I found a fucking lead on the skinner case.
In the trees, Right? We've had our heads up our asses, sarge.
We've been looking down at the bodies But no one has been looking up.
How much caffeine have you had? A metric fuck-ton.
You should stop.
It's giving you tourette's.
Our second victim, right? Javier garza.
I'm looking through it And I remember talking to this george guy.
This tree-trimmer, george something.
It reminds me of that fucking mess At lorna owen's house, right? Where somebody had trimmed the trees And they didn't bother to clean it up.
So I'm thinking, "trimmed trees.
" Maybe there's a connection? Okay.
So I looked through every fucking photo Of every fucking crime scene and guess what I found? Trimmed trees? No, I didn't find shit.
But when I looked at the homes of the victims-- Motherfucking trimmed trees.
The skinner is using tree-trimming As a cover for surveillance.
He watches from the trees and when the time is right He grabs them.
Tree-trimmers, landscapers Blends right in.
Check city maintenance schedules.
Get sub-contractors names.
Anyone who's worked near any of the victims' homes.
Let's bring 'em in.
I still can't get a hold of anton.
I think he might have skipped town.
Then it's a good thing you found a new lead.
Huh, morgan? Good work.
Anton skips town.
You find a new lead.
Pretty convenient.
Up all fucking night.
Nothing convenient about it.
Not all of us cut corners, detective.
You haven't been answering the phone.
I've been busy.
I can see that.
I can also see that you're troubled.
That conscience I don't have? It's been eating away at me.
I know.
I'll turn my client in.
Then I'll feel better.
You're only half-joking.
You wanna bring in albert chung As badly as we do.
I'm here to help.
You can't.
I canif you let me.
If I let you I'll be violating privilege.
Well, that's where the help part comes in.
See, I'm getting to know you and that granite set Of ethics you've got.
Couldn't crack 'em even if I wanted to.
You know that about me, huh? Yep.
But it's your job To make sure albert chung has his day in court.
And it's my job to make sure that happens.
I've got several ways of doing that.
For instance, Sometimes I set up surveillance Outside his attorney's office.
Only an idiot would ask for a meeting here.
Only an idiot.
I am not good at this.
Letting people help me.
I know that about you too.
Why do you think I brought the scotch? Deb, angel plus one, vince Maria laguerta Doughnut guy? I see him everyday.
If you don't know his name, he's not invited.
We can come back.
Dexter, bring that girl of yours in here.
I'm here.
I'm right here.
It's so nice to finally meet you.
Oh, rita.
You know, I've got it.
Hey, you came.
You called.
What the fuck are you doing here? I live here.
Not here.
We thought you left.
We pulled your security detail.
I have two dead-bolts and a nosy neighbor.
I think I'm safe.
Well, you'd be a lot safer in chicago.
I didn't wanna go without talking to you first.
I wanted to say thanks, you know, For giving me the heads up.
I do get free long distance.
You could have called me from chicago.
I didn't wanna go to chicago, debra.
I know what you did for me.
And I know what it could cost you.
And I know how badly you want your shield.
Not if it means using you as bait.
But I'll do it For you.
I'll be your bait.
Thanks for coming.
You hear about albert chung? Who hasn't? You hear how they got him? No.
He showed up at ellen wolf's office for a meeting.
Cops got wind of it.
Sent s.
They did the whole shock-and-awe thing.
Apparently ellen wolf was in on it.
She helped get him into custody.
You were right about her, dex.
I told you when we first met I usually don't take no for an answer.
That's kind of a button with you, isn't it? It couldn't have been easy for you.
But a good friend-- A real friend does the hard thing.
I was out of control.
Letting personal shit cloud up my thinking.
You, you reigned me in.
Well, friends fight, right? I guess so.
They also apologize when they're wrong.
I was wrong.
I apologize.
We're not gonna man-hug, are we? How about a beer? Yeah, I'll get it.
Two bottles.
Am I really a good friend? Miguel thinks so.
Rita Camilla I wouldn't know.
I don't have a lot of experience in that area.
To ellen wolf.
Maybe with practice.
Hey, you wanna be my best man? Miguel says a friend does the hard thing.
I agree.
And I'm about to become A true friend to camilla.
My secret ingredient.
Sodium pentothol.
Coma in half a minute.
Pancuronium stops her breathing and then Peace.
For her, anyway.
I have a gift for you.
It'll make you feel better.
Thank you.
Are you sure? I'm sure.
You finally brought me The perfect pie.
I'll tell gene You say, "hello".
I'm doing a good thing, aren't i? Then why does it feel so Bad? I want you to know that you were right About my brother.
But there's something else.
I killed him.
It's good You did.
All the lives I've taken, they've always begged for mercy.
I've never understood that concept until now.
This is mercy.
But only for a friend.