Dexter s03e08 Episode Script

The Damage a Man Can Do

Previously, on dexter We need to go after the root cause, This bloodsucking, soulless defense attorney Ellen wolf.
Has she ever actually killed anyone? Keep an open mind about her.
Miguel's on his way over here right now.
I know one side of him.
maybe there's more.
Missing evidence, Witness intimidation, jury tampering.
You got proof? he's a bad guy.
he's not a stupid guy.
I'm pregnant.
They say this part should pass soon.
This isn't some kind of weird end run, is it? Make me see how sensitive you really are? I'm not all that sensitive.
yeah, you are.
Someone loaned freebo some money And is willing to skin people to get it back.
Which is why I want to use Our c.
more aggressively.
you mean anton? Yeah, we're gonna spread the word That anton knows where freebo is.
You're gonna use him as bait? Which means that the skinner Will be looking for me.
Am I being set up? I found the fucking lead on the skinner case.
The skinner is using Tree-trimming as a cover for surveillance.
He watches from the trees, And when the time is right, he grabs them.
I know what you did for me.
I will be your bait.
So you told quinn I was investigating him.
Hey, you're the one who fucked him.
Not my fault he didn't want an encore.
Cop's dead 'cause quinn cut all the wrong corners.
Next dead cop's on you.
What did it feel like to end his life? Felt like justice.
We're like-minded.
Together we can make a difference.
It's said that everything is connected to everything.
The butterfly effect.
You drop a pebble into a pond, And the ripples radiate outwards, Touching and affecting everything.
Until finally a fish grows arms and legs And crawls out of the water.
And picks up a rock and smashes the next two fish over the head.
And we have the first serial killer.
This is good pizza.
On television What channel's espn over here? I think it's a big number.
Yeah, there you go.
And now we got gary going the other way.
Tryin' to get in.
No way.
that's not a foul, man.
That was definitely wrong what that guy did.
You're clearly not a sports fan, are you? Not really.
I'm more of a national geographic kind of guy.
Sharks, bears, the occasionally penguin.
You do have other interests, though.
Yeah, I suppose I do.
Speaking of which Uh, boundaries.
Eh, it's encrypted.
Oh, yeah, that's right.
trust issues.
you do know your sports.
This guy right here.
Billy fleeter.
Should I know him? Not yet, but hopefully, you will.
This was from maybe five years ago.
He never went pro.
Drug problem.
turned to gambling.
Unfortunately, he wasn't very good at it.
More than once he's paid his debts off To his bookies by working as an enforcer.
Breaking fingers? Crushing skulls with a baseball bat.
I went after him A few years ago, but I just couldn't get the evidence.
I had to tell the children of a 70-year-old man That he had just killed That there was nothing we could do.
So here it comes.
Miguel wants me to kill him.
I don't want you to kill him.
No? I wanna do it.
I've let you do all of the heavy lifting so far.
Now it's my turn.
I'm ready to get my hands dirty.
It's one thing to let miguel provide a little backup, Another thing to share the reins with him.
I'm gonna need your help, dexter.
Not a good idea.
Just, uh, think about it.
No, dexter, Don't think about it.
The waffle is a lot like the pancake, Only square.
Why is it square? Because it was invented by simon p.
waffle, And he liked to stack his waffles in boxes, And that's just easier to do if they're square.
You're making that up.
I'm hurt that you would even think that.
Oh, god, dexter, you're making a mess.
That's okay.
we'll clean it up.
It's not the point.
What is the point? I don't know.
The point is not to make a mess to begin with.
Rita's pregnancy hormones seem to be Ganging up on us this morning.
How come there are no english muffins left? Uh, I think you ate the last one yesterday.
waffle? Uh, that's disgusting.
Cody, you need a haircut.
Let's seefour, five, six more months Till she delivers.
Rita, are you okay? No, I'm not okay.
Right, I am starting a new job And I'm planning a wedding all by myself.
What can I do to help? It's not like you can pick out the deejay.
Last time I got into your car, Your radio was tuned to marching music.
It helps me think.
And it's not like you can pick the florist Or the caterer or even the wedding bands.
I could pick the wedding bands.
Just like the engagement ring you never gave me.
You said you didn't want one.
I don't want one.
Who drank all the orange juice? Jesus christ.
what? You have like no hot water in your shower.
All right.
Yeah, I told you to wait, remember? Well, I can't wait.
some of us have jobs to get to.
I'm a musician.
I work nights.
Yeah, and what do you do with the rest of your day? You take a nap, you watch cartoons.
Jack off.
Oh, I rarely watch cartoons.
Fucking hilarious.
Well, you better not be writing any more songs about me.
Most ladies would be flattered.
Well, most ladies aren't cops.
Oh, right.
I gotta go.
You okay? Come get these.
Freebo's dead.
And now there's a tree trimmers' convention in here.
It seems random, but it's not.
The butterfly effect again.
Of course, it's an odd sensation When you happen to be the butterfly.
And if I were to help miguel kill billy fleeter Who knows the effect that would have on the world? Is this the beginning Of a whole new level of friendship? Is it the end of life as I know it? Mr.
king, We met at the scene of our second victim, is that correct? Yes, that is correct.
have you ever worked at any of these addresses? No, no, see, these are city jobs.
I'm a private contractor.
Okay, well, I'm gonna need a list of all of your employees.
I can get you a copy of my payroll records.
That would be a big help.
How soon do you need this? Ten minutes ago would be great.
Very well.
thank you.
Looks like someone got lucky last night.
Uh, let's just say That barbara and I have taken it to the next level.
You know that now you've done the deed, She's gonna be taking notes, Making a checklist of your every move, To see if you're relationship material, right? That's not true.
wait, is it? Well, it's not like we write anything down.
It'smore of a mental process.
Morning, loo.
Third day in a row of this, huh? Let's hope something shakes loose on this.
come here.
Uh, I have a favor to ask you.
You know I got to go to that peace officers Association thing tomorrow night.
You wanna--you wanna be my date? Maria, um, Thank you for the invite.
But I have plans.
And if I bail, I don't think it's gonna go over too well.
Like that.
good for you.
Relationships are complicated.
Letting miguel kill fleeter would be a gamble.
This guy's a gambler.
look where it got him.
Something to consider when miguel and I do Our research tonight at the casino.
How'd you find out about this place? Research.
Always a first good step, right? Move a little closer? Tonight is just about watching, learning his routine-- Where does he go, When does he go, what does he do when he gets there.
later, we'll meet him.
We? Yeah, we'll see how it goes.
Right now, we don't want him to notice us.
We don't want anyone to notice us.
Cameras all over the place.
Number one rule of the code is "don't get caught.
" Code? what code? How much do I tell him? It's just a series of precautions.
Learned where? Common sense mostly.
A little more than that.
Well, my dad was a cop.
Right, right.
So he taught you what cops look for in an investigation.
Oh, and so you work it backwards from there, right? Plus I spend all day looking at other people's mistakes.
You pick things up.
I'm sure.
Am I forgetting something, dexter? Was there one final lesson where I said, "go now, Far and wide, and preach the code, my son"? I don't think so.
So when you popped anton for drug possession, Was it just pot, or was it coke or-- What was it? Uh, pot, I think.
right, it couldn't have been Anything too serious, Or you wouldn't have made him a c.
I guess.
You're just full of answers today.
I-i-i just busted guys like him every day.
I don't remember, And it's all written down somewhere.
Hello? Hey, lazy, hope I'm waking you up.
Hey, lazy? I haven't been to bed yet.
Look, I need your c.
I'm gonna file a status report.
What's a c.
number? Your assigned confidential informant number.
It should be on your paychecks.
What checks? Hello.
your paychecks from the county.
I don't get any paychecks.
Quinn always pays me in cash.
I'll get it from him then.
My client was supposed to be sent to county yesterday.
Apparently he was, but then they put him On the next bus right back here in the afternoon.
I've been chasing him all over the place.
We shouldn't have those mix-ups.
Is it a mix-up, Or is miguel fucking with me? Ever since I started looking into him, He's been going out of his way to make my job harder.
Well, you knew that was gonna happen.
Doesn't mean I can't bitch about it.
Oh, anyway, I should go see my client And ask what perfectly logical reason he had For lighting his ex-wife's house on fire.
Oh, I wanted to ask you.
Any chance you'd go to a police charity function With me tomorrow night? Room full of cops? I can't imagine anything more fun.
Shouldn't have asked.
I'm kidding.
I'd love to go.
Okay, next on your list, mr.
king, Santiago ramirez.
He no longer works for me.
That didn't end so well.
Why? he was run over.
Uh, mario astorga.
didn't I talk to him? Yes, if you remember, He's the one who found the body of that man.
second victim.
Mario's one of my best foremen.
So he's a good guy? What, he's not a good guy? He has a temper.
he gets very angry.
Keep going.
I knew his family back in nicaragua.
We're both from san marcos.
But mario had to leave.
Why? The police were looking for him.
I heard he killed someone with a knife.
Do you know where I can find mario? I don't know where he lives.
But tomorrow, he'll be at bayside park.
You sure? I make the schedule.
Fleeter pays off his gambling debts By eliminating people for his bookie.
A schoolteacher here, a mother of two there.
People who can't settle their debts.
Sending a message to others-- "pay up.
" Do I help miguel move forward on this, Or do I listen to harry and shut it down? Hey, you.
Yeah, I just heard a love song on the radio That reminded me of you.
Oh, that's sweet.
And it made me really angry.
So have you gotten the wedding bands yet? Um, I'm still doing my research, but I'm on it.
I gotta go.
Hey, you know anything about wedding rings? Yeah.
Wedding rings and nuclear fission are Like my secret specialties.
Your brother's kind of a dweeb, huh? You say anything more about my brother, And I will kick your fucking nuts down your throat.
That doesn't even make any sense.
So, hey, anton doesn't have any priors, You pay him in cash, And I can't find him in the c.
Should be in there.
What are you hiding? Anton is not officially a c.
What do you mean? Come here for a second.
Look, it was just easier for both of us.
I never filed an arrest report on him So he has no police record.
I did him a favor.
Plus, it saved me the hassle of all that paperwork.
You have got to be fucking kidding me.
We used him as bait.
He was putting his life at risk, and he was Under no legal obligation to help us.
No, no, no, there was just no paperwork, that's all.
Not to mention the fact That because he's not officially a c.
, There's no end date to when he's done working for us, So you can just string him along as long as you want to.
What are you getting so upset about? What, are you in love with the guy? No, I'm not in love with him.
But you're sleeping with him.
Jesus christ, Do you know what kind of a bonehead mistake that is? Sleeping with an informant? I mean, it's that kind of judgment'll Screw up your career.
He's not an informant.
you just said it.
But you didn't know.
Either way, it makes you look stupid.
No, you don't get to lecture me, asshole.
Anton could so easily file a huge lawsuit Against the police department Once he finds out how you fucked him over.
Yeah, if someone told him.
Of course I'm gonna tell him.
You'll sell out a cop for some dope you're fucking? That's not half as bad as being responsible For another cop dying Because you don't like to play by the rules.
What? Yuki told me.
You don't know what the fuck you're talking about.
Despite harry's warnings, Here I am with miguel, outside billy fleeter's house.
If I'm gonna stop this, it's gonna have to be soon.
Are you sure you want to do this? It's breaking and entering.
But you know that.
Yes, I do.
let's go.
Here, put these on.
Forensics guy who always has latex gloves on him.
No one would ever think twice, huh? I guess you're right.
I don't want miguel to see how easy this is for me.
Uh, you want me to try? No, I think i-- I got it.
So what are we looking for? Proof.
That he's guilty.
We know he bludgeons people to death, So look for something bludgeony.
Uh, this looks like it's been knocked around some.
Hold it up.
Purple? Ergo Blood.
How easy is this? I'll test it against the blood of his alleged victims.
Let you know later today.
You know it takes me two days To get a search warrant, Then another day to catalog evidence, And then, a week before I can get the lab results.
This is definitely the way to go.
We also need to make sure that he's likely to kill again.
Why is that? It's just one of the rules.
One of these days I'm gonna make you sit down And write out all these rules for me, but okay.
He--he kills whenever he needs money.
That's how he pays off his debts to the bookie.
Dex, I've tried a lot of these gamblers before, And they all keep records.
They're like anal about their numbers.
There's got to be like a ledger Around here somewhere.
Maybe there's a hidden wall safe or something.
We're talking about the man who leaves his murder weapon In an umbrella stand.
Yeah, you're right.
What if we don't find anything? Then we don't move forward.
Leave it, dex.
Just put it back.
You can stop this right now.
Call it off.
Why should I call it off? I didn't teach you the code to share with your buddies.
I taught you the code to keep you alive.
You don't get to have friends, dexter.
Nothing good can come out of this.
Hey, dex, you know what, I don't think We're gonna find anything here, man.
Look at you.
It's my life, dad.
I think we know how he's gonna pay that off.
So, look, we moving forward? Yeah, moving forward.
If the blood matches.
I can't believe we are just now sending out invitations.
This is so last minute.
It's okay.
there's plenty of time.
And dexter's no help.
Do you know, I asked him for menu suggestions-- Do you know what he says? I don't know.
he says steak.
Yeah, that's great, dexter.
That's really great.
We'll start with a steak appetizer, Followed by steak salad, Followed, of course, by a steak, And then, of course, it'll all be topped off By a steak fucking cake.
What? The envelope.
You're making a mess.
Why don't you stuff for a while? And I'll do the addresses.
I've got big news.
Yeah, about the skinner? No, about you.
You're free.
Oh, yeah, ever since abe lincoln.
I mean from the police department.
You're no longer a c.
Hold on, wait a second.
The way quinn explained it was, if I play ball, It would knock down my felony possession To a misdemeanor, and if I worked hard enough, It would go away all together.
Well, it's gone away.
Hmm, how's that? Clerical error.
The necessary papers were never filed, So there were never any charges for you to work off.
Wait, so I've been doing all this shit When I didn't have to? Just be glad you don't have to do it anymore.
Well, thank you.
And I want to put protective detail on you.
What? no.
no, debra.
You said I'm free, So I'm free of this.
So we should celebrate.
Dinner tonight.
Mm, no, I'm working tonight.
How about we celebrate now? I've got to go back to work.
So I'm guessing we got a blood match, huh? That's why we're here.
Life vests? We can't exactly load up the cart With axes and machetes, now can we? Exactly right.
So, um, have you given any thought As to how you want to do this? Mm-hmm.
small caliber gun to the head.
Then I walk away.
That happens all the time.
Guns make noise.
And they leave evidence behind--bullets, Casings, powder residue.
Not to mention the body.
You don't want to create a crime scene.
It's where experts like me gather evidence against you.
Okay, okay, I get it, I get it.
What do you suggest? Up close and personal.
Hey, in case we have to tie anybody up.
I'm gonna put together a starter kit for you.
Hey, you got better.
Yeah, what do you know? What better place to gamble on miguel Than a room full of games of chance? Where slot machines go to die, huh? And at least one gambler.
I think that's it.
Now we pick up mr.
You ever drop a quart of milk? Watch it spread over the whole kitchen floor, The mess it makes? There's six quarts of blood in the human body.
This isn't gonna be pretty.
There's no shame in backing out.
Dex, after 14 years of filing briefs, Trying cases, and dealing with bullshit This is all gonna look nice and neat in comparison.
I have been to some lame-ass rubber chicken dinners In my day, okay.
I know, I know.
A no-host bar is punishment enough, But no bar at all is cruel.
And unusual.
All right, I'm buying the first round.
Thank you.
That's pretty.
Gift from my first husband.
Nice, nice.
You're handsome.
Dire ethanol emergency here.
What'll it be, ladies? Uh, cuba libre for this one.
And a double scotch neat soda back pour moi.
Very nice.
Oh, and who was that guy, that--that suit and haircut Sitting next to you that wouldn't shut up? Oh, the, um, the senior liaison For the greater mi-- who knows? I don't know-- what's sad is that this is The only social event I've been to in six months.
Oh, that doesn't qualify as a social event.
Can I get you anything else? Yeah, how about a foot massage With those big, gorgeous hands of yours? They're kind of cold from scooping ice.
Hmm, but you're hot.
Nothing shy about you, huh? no.
Well After a pair of empty marriages, I realized the secret to long life and happiness is, well, chocolate and flirting with young, hopefully hung men.
Sounds fattening and dangerous.
Oh, but so fun.
Which, clearly, you're not having enough of.
I am.
Look, believe me, I've had my fun.
You need to be raising hell and breaking hearts.
I need to be? you need to be.
The skirt-wearing days do not last forever.
We all end up old and in the way.
I tell miguel to be inconspicuous, And what does he do? He shows up looking like the unabomber.
I've got my work cut out for me.
Oh, close game, close game.
Yeah, good deed.
Good game, huh? No, it's not a good game.
Good game is when they don't beat the fucking point spread.
Oh, you got a little money riding on this? A little bit.
Not half as sorry as somebody else is gonna be.
Here we go.
Buenas noches, patron.
Hey, who was that guy? Uh, I don't know.
some guy.
How do you know him? I don't.
Dex, sometimes people recognize me.
It's off.
We're not doing this.
We need to take down the kill room.
No, no, dex, let's just wait.
No one ever goes in that room there.
You saw.
Tranquilo, huh? We decide tomorrow, okay? We'll see.
me again.
Waiting on you still.
The way I figured it, You gigged until closing, And then you went home and smoked some of that herb That you keep in your cereal box.
And now, like all self-indulgent, Vaguely adolescent musicians, You are sleeping in till noon-- and I'm okay with that.
Okay? I'm okay with that.
As long as you're alone.
Okay, okay.
too much caffeine.
A dutch farmer sees his crop fail.
No money to his name, he takes a job working on a boat.
An unseasonably strong wind blows him to indonesia.
He drops a bean into the soil.
And voila, 400 years later Java.
Everything is connected.
Hello? Dex, wanna hook up for breakfast? I'm buying.
I would, deb, but I'm already freshly bageled.
What are you doing up so early? Trying to be a good fiance.
Rita made me vice president in charge of wedding rings, So I'm off to the jewelry store.
And what do you know about buying women jewelry? Zero.
Less than.
jesus, dex.
Look, I'll meet you at that place on second street At 10:00, okay? The wedding band has to match the engagement ring, So what does that look like? She said she didn't want one.
My god, you just get dumber every day.
How do you survive in this world? Of course she wants one.
How am I supposed to know that? You're such a y-chromosome cliche.
Just buy her a beautiful, romantic, I love you with all of my heart fucking engagement ring.
And dex, Size matters.
Can I ask you something Non-jewelry-wise? Go for it.
Okay, hypothetically Let's say that this guy has to work With this girl, but he fucking hates doing it, And too bad 'cause he has no fucking choice.
And? And one thing leads to another And this hypothetical guy Starts having sex with this hypothetical girl.
Hypothetical sex? Real sex.
Really real sex.
But then the guy is told that he no longer has to work With this girl, and poof, he just disappears.
You know.
thin air.
So I'm wondering, is it possible If mr.
hypothetical never really was all that into this girl? And he was just getting it on to, I don't know, pass the time Or satisfy primal urges or whatever? Sounds perfectly reasonable to me.
What the fuck do you know? That one.
I gotta go sit in a hot car and wait for a suspect.
Hey, anton What the fuck? call me.
I can bring mario in myself.
Let you get all the credit for catching the skinner? No fucking way.
We don't know he's the skinner.
Closest thing we got.
That was really fucking unfair what you said yesterday.
Well, is it true? That a cop died because of you? It's not that simple.
Try me.
Yuki amado was my partner in narcotics.
There was another detective on our team, stewart.
He made a bad judgment call and shot an unarmed coke dealer.
I remember that.
Paralyzed him, right? Then stewart went on a bender Until he finally swallowed his own bullet.
How does yuki make that your fault? Because stewart had a problem with crystal meth.
And I knew it.
And rather than bust him, I tried to protect him.
So it is your fault.
Listen to you.
Everything is so black and white.
You could have stopped him.
Yeah, sure, if I knew what I knew now.
But that's not the way things work.
I'm sorry.
you're just making excuses.
Yeah, of course I'm making excuses.
Don't you? I mean, how else do you sleep at night? Who the fuck said I sleep at night? Then you must be killing yourself Over hooking up with anton, huh? Yeah, it was probably a mistake.
I think he lost all interest Once he realized he was free.
Not so black and white, is it? Mario.
Mario astorga? Fuck! I'm guessing he didn't want to come in for questioning.
He made a run for it.
Interview two.
What's his story? So far, he hasn't said a word.
Ah, you keep at it.
And you check with nicaraguan authorities on priors.
We're just waiting to hear back.
I'm never gonna get out of here.
I gotta call barbara and cancel our dinner.
Oh, she's not gonna like that.
I mean, it--it's work.
I'm not here.
Leave a message.
Hello, barbara.
This is sergeant angel batista.
Angel to you.
How are you? Good I hope.
So I have to cancel our dinner tonight.
And I am deeply, deeply apologetic.
And I hope that you will let me make it up to you In whatever possible way You wish things made up To you in.
Oh, I can tell By that look on your face, You're trying to figure out how to tell me something I don't wanna hear.
Calling off the kill.
It's over.
Really, dex? Just because some guy recognized me in a bar? No one is ever gonna make that connection Once fleeter disappears.
I'm not taking that chance.
'cause that's not the way you do things.
No, it isn't.
Tell me about that.
What are you asking? I wasn't gonna bring it up before, But I'm guessing You've been doing this for a while.
Freebo wasn't your first.
Was he? How many, dex? Okay, you know what, it doesn't matter.
I will respect your privacy.
But I just don't understand Why are you not gonna help me here? Just because we--we broke this little rule from your code? Come on, dex.
it's okay.
No, it's not okay.
You never should have asked me to help you.
You're not ready.
I'm not-- or is it you that's not ready? Because we could have dealt with this fleeter problem like three times already, And you keep throwing up all of these roadblocks With all this code bullshit.
It's not bullshit.
Oh, come on.
keep telling yourself that, dex.
Come on, it's like wearing a fucking strait jacket, man.
No, miguel, it's just the opposite.
If I didn't have the code, the darkness-- I could stand here and tell you Another story about my abusive father, But what I haven't told you about is the time That I kicked the shit out of him And knocked him down a flight of stairs.
And I really enjoyed it.
That was the first time in my life That I've ever felt Powerful like Like I was in control of--of something.
And ever since then, I've been trying To--to get that feeling back again.
So when you talk to me about The darkness inside of you I understand.
I really do.
I just want to let some of mine out too.
I know you understand that.
You know what, mr.
astorga? Maybe I should have opened with my closer.
Meaning? We know about the incident in managua, The one where you stabbed a cab driver.
He touched my sister.
Sadly, he survived.
That's a heartbreaking story.
Still you are an illegal guest Of our country.
immigration's on the way.
You're gonna be on a plane before the sun comes up.
But I have a son.
He was born here.
He's a u.
He's my life.
Your boy's a u.
citizen? Yes.
Then he stays.
maybe your wife too.
We don't know yet.
But we do know is if you keep Stonewalling us on this skinner case, You are gone on a one-way ticket.
No matter what you try to do to me, The facts ain't changing.
'cause I don't know anything about anything.
Then why would george king suggest otherwise? Senor king said I knew something? In a word? Yup.
And senor king will be very disappointed To hear you're calling him a liar.
No! Please.
What are you so afraid of, mario? Yeah, what'd this guy do to you? What can he do to you? Please.
Send me back to nicaragua.
Alone? Si.
We mentioned george king's name once and he turns to jell-o.
Scared to death of him.
You thinking what I'm thinking? Yeah, king jobbed us.
I'm gonna issue a bolo for him.
Hello? Shit.
Who was it? Uh, me.
I was checking to see if my phone was working.
Barbara never called me back.
I think I ruined it.
Dating sucks.
Well, I'm outta here.
Still no george king, but we put the word out.
You got my message.
been listening to it all day.
Makes me laugh every time.
It's pretty bad, huh? Um, the worst.
I'm glad I amuse you.
Not half as glad as I am.
Hey, did they finish already? They never even started.
What do you mean? Where's anton? He never showed.
Why? I don't know.
They waited an hour.
they called.
Doesn't answer.
What the f-- Poetic.
Are you ready? I am.
Thank you.
Thank you for this.
For letting me in.
For showing me the way.
Look at him.
Look at him trying to figure it all out.
What the fuck? We're here because of them.
Those lives that you destroyed.
Who are you? We're justice.
Hey, man, I was just doing what I had to do.
As are we.
I've always done the deed alone.
Never stood outside.
Been a witness to this moment.
The moment of truth.
Can miguel go through with it? Can he step out of the cocoon and fly? How do you feel? Fantastic.
Shouldn't we get him out of here? As bonded as we may feel, there are still things I can't share with miguel.
I got it.
No, it's--it's too much work.
Leaving no trace is my area of expertise.
Yeah, but, dex-- Get home before sylvia starts to wonder where you are.
I mean it.
I'm going.
Not a good idea.
That would be against your code, huh? Sorry.
Anton, you in there? Hello, anton? Oh, god.
Trimmed trees.
The skinner's been here.
You were wrong.
It went well.
Who knows? You can't admit it.
He did good.
That was never the issue, dex.
I was only thinking about you.
Of course.
You've set something in motion here.
Everything miguel does from now on is connected to you.
It's a lot of responsibility teaching him what you just did.
A heavy burden.
It was too much for me to bear.
I hope you're a stronger man.
You're still up.
I can't sleep.
I hope it's okay.
My god.
It's--it's perfect.
Dexter, god, you've been such a saint through all this.
I don't know how you've put up with me.
If you need me to help out With more of the wedding stuff-- no.
No, it's It's the hormones.
I go crazy when I'm pregnant.
Tell me about it.
That's not true.
You should just get out while you can.
Just run for your life.
I won't.
I promise.
It's like I have this monster living inside of me, And I don't know how to control it.
Maybe I can help you out with that one.
It's so beautiful.
It's been said That a butterfly can flap its wings in brazil And set off a storm in florida.
I'm taking the chance that's not entirely true.