Dexter s03e09 Episode Script

About Last Night

Previously on Dexter I found a fucking leadon the skinner case.
The skinner is usingtree-trimming as a cover for surveillance.
He watchesfrom the trees, and when the time is right,he grabs them.
We met at the scene of oursecond victim, is that correct? yes, that is correct.
Mario astorga? I don't know anythingabout anything.
Then why would george kingsuggest otherwise? What are you so afraid of,mario? This is the shirt I was wearingwhen freebo met his end.
That's his bloodright there.
This shirt implicates mein his death.
I trust you, and I want youto trust me.
but he's being secretive.
He's never home.
He says he's with dexter.
But I thinkit's a cover.
freebo's final resting place.
Hiding a bodyin a cemetery.
You're fucking brilliant.
We need to goafter the root cause- bloodsucking, soullessdefense attorney ellen wolf! We can't kill her.
I see.
- This is personal.
- Fuck yes,this is personal.
I'm asking you to do thisfor me as my friend.
- I'm sorry.
- Well, then, fuck you.
Someone loaned freebosome money and is willing to skin peopleto get it back.
We're gonna spread the word that anton knowswhere freebo is.
Which meansthat the skinner will be looking for me.
What are you hiding? Anton is not officiallya C.
We used him as bait.
I mean, what, are you in lovewith the guy? Anton, you in there? Shit.
Trimmed trees.
The skinner's been here.
I'm readyto get my hands dirty.
I've always done the deed alone.
Never stood outside.
Been a witnessto this moment.
you've set somethingin motion here.
Everything miguel doesfrom now on is connected to you.
Episode09 About Last Night Today I wake up, kiss the wife-to-be feed the stepkids-to-be, dress myself in the usual pants, shirt and pretense.
But last night, it was no pretense.
Miguel and I took a life.
And today, someone knows my truth.
Shares my reality.
I'm not alone.
Sylvia, good morning.
Sorry for coming overso early.
It's okay.
But I need to see your facewhen I ask you.
Ask me? Syl, what is it? Miguel was out till all hourslast night.
He says he was with you.
Is that true? Absolutely.
We were just hanging.
Being guys.
You know.
Miguel was tellingthe truth.
You see,there's nothing to worry about.
Dexter didn't get heretill late.
It was- it had to bealmost midnight.
Miguel got homean hour ago.
He's having an affair.
Um, no.
No, no.
You don't know that.
When you've been marriedas long as we have, you knowwhen your husband's lying.
Something to look forward to.
Maybe dexter knowswhere he went.
I really don'T.
But he did talk about a case he needed to look over.
At the office.
This really isn'tyour problem.
I should go.
No, no, no.
You stay here for as longas you need to, okay? I'll just leave.
With a detour on the way.
Dex, man.
How you doing? You okay? - I'm good.
- Me too.
It's like there wasan imbalance in the world, and we righted it.
With our own hands.
It was deserving.
I don't know.
I feel real.
Like maybe for the first timein my life.
I know what you mean.
If we're thinkingabout continuing these extracurricular activities - absolutely.
- You need to workon your alibis.
Syl stopped by this morning,wondering where you'd been.
Ah, shit.
I'm a moron.
I tried to cover for you,but I thought you went home.
I'm sorry, man.
I went overto jack's hideaway over on 57th.
I was, like, so wired.
The next thing I know,the sun was coming up.
Jack's hideaway.
Don't worry about syl.
I can handle that.
I got a motion hearingthis morning, though, I don't wanna miss.
I'll get betterat this.
With your help.
I stalked a wife-killer at jack's hideaway last year,grabbed him right at closing.
At 2:00 A.
Sylvia said miguel got homean hour ago.
Did he just lie? To me? Another detour.
There's nothing here either.
Well, what about the blinds? What about the glass? Checked 'em.
Deb, there's no blood.
Anton didn't just followthe skinner out of here.
I'll keep looking.
I think we needto recanvass.
We've already talkedto everyone in the building.
What about the kids? They're awake now.
We'll talk to the kids.
What do we got? The skinner has anton.
Did you see the trees? I saw them.
It doesn't mean he got nabbed.
The coffee potwas left burning.
I mean, he definitely leftin a hurry.
What the hell was anton doingback in town? He never left.
He contacted me, but he wouldn'tagree to surveillance.
Who cares if he agrees? He's a C.
That's why we used himas bait in the first place.
No liner.
The building trash dumpster.
Subscription renewal formfrom rolling stone addressed to anton briggs.
This is his garbage.
So the bag split on impactwith the dumpster here.
he threw it.
Defensive move.
Why the hell didn't he usehis fists? he was hurt.
There's blood and some hair.
Looks like he hit his headagainst the wall.
How bad? Hard enough to daze him.
A blow from behind could havepropelled him forward.
So anton comes down to emptythe garbage, the skinner clocks him, he does a headerinto the wall, throws the bagas a last ditch.
Skinner tosses him in the carand peels out.
Got tire marks here.
all right, we got a confirmed missing person.
Anton briggs.
Find a photo.
Get his face outto all patrols and the media.
Set up a tip line.
Pull in some off-duties to man the phone bank.
Skinner's had himfor 24 hours.
How long do you thinkhe can hold out? Well, the M.
'S reporton the other victims suggests the skinnerstarts slow.
Probably to build fear.
Anton's a big guy.
A lotta skin.
That's meantto be comforting.
George king,we need to bring him in.
We gotta find him first.
We got bolos out on himall night long.
Haven't found him yet.
We could search his house,though.
We still holding king's foremanon resisting arrest, right? He give us anythingthat'll buy us a warrant? Mario astorga clammed up.
Too scared of king.
He would rather be deportedaway from his family than to talk about king.
- Is that all we got? - Yeah.
I'll try and finda flexible judge.
Let me knowwhen it comes in.
I'm gonna go siton king's house.
We'll go siton king's house.
Hey, I want thisaboveboard.
Use restraint.
Wait on the warrant.
And I hope they find somethingbecause even if we nab king, we got nothing to hold him onpast today.
A day can savea lot of skin.
I keep telling you.
You have to listen.
If I knewwhere freebo was, I'd tell you.
Don't you fucking understand, man? It was the cops.
I was- I was fucking bait.
All right, all right, you're right.
I know where he is.
I can show you.
I can show you.
All right, listen to me.
He owes you money,right? He owes you money? I can get you money.
I can find you money.
I don't wantyour money.
I loaned freebothat money.
This is about respect.
With your first cut,you had all night to consider my questions.
This cut,you only have one hour.
And when I return,there'll be no rest.
Use the time to think about the skin you have left to lose.
Hi, how are you? Are you screeningyour calls? Ellen? I'm surprised you missed the motion hearing this morning.
So was chicky hines.
Of course, miguel was perfectlyhappy to get a continuance.
Uh, listen, if you're sick, I can bring you over sopa de pollo.
Either way, let me knowyou're all right.
Okay? Bye.
Miguel went missinglast night.
Ellen's missingthis morning.
Could be a coincidence.
Patrol's been set up hereall night.
King's not inside.
Well, something in there'sgonna tell us where he is.
Warrant should be here soon.
Mother fuck- anton?Anton, you in there? Anton, are you in there? Hey, I don't hear anything.
Yeah, well, I do.
I hearsomebody calling for help.
That's probable cause, right? We're doing this aboveboard.
The warrant's on its way.
- What the fuckare you doing? - Anton? Shit.
Hey, you're not the only oneworking this case, morgan.
prado here.
Hey, just checking in.
How'd the motion hearing go? Continued.
That's too bad.
Oh, no, serendipitousactually.
It worked in my favor.
Listen, you don't haveto keep on checking on me.
Yeah, no, I'm justa concerned friend.
Well, don't be.
In fact, why don't you meet meat cojimar for lunch? 'Cause I been coming upwith some more, uh, projects.
Another kill so soon? I can'T.
I gotta keep an eyeon the situation here.
I heard.
The skinner grabbed upanother victim, huh? Let me knowif I can help.
miami metro hotline.
What location? Who am I speaking with? can you spell that, please? Anton briggs' photo hitthe media an hour ago.
I'm gonna bring king's employeeup from holding, take another run at him.
Mario astorga,already in interview two.
- Thought I'd take a stab.
- I can handle it.
I know.
But I wanna help.
Tired of standingbehind my glass wall.
Well,we can use the help today.
no, I knew, I knew half those hookers were pre-op trannies,but is it true- is it true their junk stillworks, but nothing comes out? It's called slug-fucking.
Hey, vice got wordyou needed extra bodies.
Thought I'd help out.
That's 'causeyou're the best.
Hey, hey, get a room.
Actually, no, don'T.
Miami metro tip-line.
Vince, you gota second? What the fuckare you doing? What? Helping outon my day off.
You're welcome.
Good place to meet chicksfrom other departments.
Yeah, well,that's my chick.
I don't want you talkingyour filth at her.
Whoa, whoa,hold up, gaucho.
I didn't bring that up.
- She did.
- Bullshit.
She's like the wikipediaof perv.
I gotta find mea girlfriend from vice.
She's awesome.
Fucking nothing.
King could be anywhere.
Or right here.
holy shit.
We need his cooperation.
What are you doingat my house? Yeah, mr.
King, we have awarrant to search the premises.
What are you looking for? More like who.
You wanna tell uswhere you've been all night? Oh, I work, ma'am.
Trees keep growing.
It's a good business.
I'm only hometo have breakfast.
You wanna grab a bageldown at the station? Answers some questionsfor us? I'm happy to answerright here, sir.
What, you got somewhereyou need to be? - Trees.
- They'll wait.
Am I under arrest, sir? No, but we can hold youfor questioning.
For the day.
what are you, a lawyer? Oh, no, wait, I forgot.
You're a fucking tree trimmer.
I moved to this countryfor its amazing liberties.
- I know my rights.
- Great.
George king is hanging youout to dry, mario.
I thought you might want a chance- I've seen the fear.
An inch away from death fear.
it'd be a shame to leave your wife and your little baby behind.
His is real.
What makes you so scary,george king? you miss your country,george? I like this country,sir.
I like miami, sir.
Nicaragua can be a rough place,huh? You in the military down there? Death squads, contras.
You woulda beenabout the right age to get caught upin that.
You learn a few things there,george? I learn respect, sir.
No interrogation techniques? Maybe a little snatch and grab.
What do they call that? Renditioning? Oh, I don't know that,ma'am.
Ma'am, sir.
You did learn respect.
Did you show any fucking respectto wendell when you tore his skin off? How about anton when you bashedhim over the goddamn head? morgan, you want a coffee? Why don't you geta coffee? Yeah.
He looks harmless,doesn't he? They usually do.
I don't know.
Maybe he's not our guy.
Well, you should trustyour instincts on this one.
This oneof your creepy insights? Why does it always haveto be creepy? Fucking tell me.
He's heldlife and death in his hands.
He likes it.
I knew it.
So how do I crackthis sick fuck's brain? From what I've readabout these sick fucks, they usually havesome sort of code.
I'd say disrespect is highon his list of violations.
Maybe if you came at himwith deference.
Deference, huh? Yeah, think about it.
Hey, lieutenant.
I heard you sayyour friend ellen is ill.
Was it a stomach thing? Because I just readthis article- I don't knowwhat it is.
I haven't heard backfrom her.
I left her three messages.
I'm a little worried.
Yeah, me too.
I hope she didn't getin an accident or something.
Excuse me.
I have an errand to run.
A home office.
If she were sick,this is where she'd be.
Her car's here.
She could have gonefor a really long walk.
Or borrowed a friend's car.
Or maybe laguerta's rightand ellen is comatose in some hospital,post-accident.
One can hope.
Not that there are any signsof foul play here.
But harry did raise meto be paranoid.
Damn it.
Miguel wouldn't do this.
We agreedellen wolf is innocent.
It's just blood.
There's no body.
He would even knowwhat to do with one.
I never taught himhow to dispose as far as miguel knows,the best place to dispose of a bodyis beneath an open grave.
Good thinking.
Uh, set-ups arein the kitchen.
Miguel? Hi.
Any bites? No, just nosy neighborsso far.
Syl's office saidthat she would be here.
Is she out back or- no, she wasn't feeling upto an open house, so I'm sitting it for heR.
Well, you'rea good friend.
You should have these.
How about I make suresyl gets them? Miguel.
Flowers are a good start,but can I be honest? I like honest.
- You're an idiot.
- That's honest.
You were smart enoughto ask her to marry you, and she's stillthat same fantastic woman.
You don't thinkI know that? Well, you're not actingthat way.
I am not havinga goddamn affair, okay.
- All right, let's say that's the truth.
- It is.
Either way,you violated her trust.
I just needed space.
I've got everything falling apart around me now, you know, oscar, ramon,now my cases- and the same thingsare falling apart for her, because she's your partner.
You're a wise person,aren't you? Well, if I am, it's onlybecause I've learned from my many, many mistakes.
You have insight.
And I tell you what.
I'm gonna followyour lead.
So point the way.
King, I understand that respect is very importantto you.
Yes, ma'am.
And I'm sure you feel that people have to earnyour respect.
Yes, ma'am.
I feellike you've earned this.
What's the matter,little gardener? Huh? You feel disrespected? You'll get used to itin prison because your foreman mario'snext door, and he is spillinghis guts.
You are so surehe's afraid of you.
Why? What did you doto him? What did you doto anton?What did you do? Morgan! Fuck.
Help! Help me! You know, we're supposedto be working together.
You keep going off half-cocked.
How am I supposed to trust you? You trust me? That's unbelievable.
You're lucky batista wasn'twatching the monitors.
What the fuckwere you thinking? I was thinkingabout anton.
You oughta try itsome time.
I want to find himjust as bad as you do.
If you gave a shitabout anton, you wouldn't have made himyour fake C.
And he wouldn't be messed upin this.
You're the onetoo busy boning him to provide himwith protective surveillance.
You are so crossing the lineright now.
Am I? You knew anton was in town.
And I fucking told himto call it in.
You should have called it inyour fucking self.
I know.
It's my fault.
No, you're right.
I used him.
I just fucking used him.
We can only hold george kingfor a few more hours.
We better get backto work.
Schedule says there arefour funerals today.
Graves back-hoed last night.
That's fourmiguel could have chosen from.
She's not here.
That's one down.
That blood might not even belongto ellen.
Could be a client's blood.
Or the previous owner'S.
He did it.
Miguel really did it.
And I taught him how.
I guided him to this.
I created this.
I'm sorry.
Miguel's making his own choicesnow.
Look who he chose.
She didn't deserve this.
You can say it.
Won't change anything, dex, whether I told you so or not.
Easier to accept it.
'Cause there'll be plenty morewhere ellen came from.
No, there won'T.
Hey, miguel, is it too lateto grab that lunch? So what do you thinkof this george king sicko? Skinner suspect? I gotta go from hereto your precinct to discuss whether we're gonnafile charges against this guy.
- You thinkhe's the guy? - He's the guy.
Well,if the law can't get him, you and I can.
In fact, I could have this guy outon the streets in a few hours.
You need some helpon this one, or is this another solo project? We agreed to leaveellen wolf alone.
Technically, we agreednot to kill her together.
And we didn'T.
- Technically? - I know.
That's-that's bullshit.
I didn't tell you because I knowyou wouldn't approve.
'Cause she wasn't guilty.
Apparently, we have a differentdefinition of that word.
You got rid of herbecause she got in your way.
Whatever happenedto serving justice? Is that reallywhy you do this, dex? To serve justice? We don't have to pretendwith each other.
- That's what I thought.
- Okay.
I should have told you.
It was a chickenshit thingto do, and I abused your trust- a trust, by the way,that wasn't easy to earn.
That's not lost on me.
I gave you my shirtlinking me to freebo's death.
I wish I had another oneto prove to you how importantthis partnership is to me.
I'd takea little remorse.
You would knowthat I don't feel it.
Yeah, you'll feel itif you get caught.
I didn't leaveany evidence.
They're just gonna think it wasone of her scumbag clients.
Right, just another lowlifewho beat and stabbedan innocent woman.
Again,different definitions.
This is the natureof a real friendship.
We're gonna disagree.
And when we do,we just go our own way.
No, no moreindividual projects.
Individuality is what makesamerica great.
I don't think that's whatour forefathers had in mind.
I'm a big boy.
I know what I'm doing.
Eventually, you're gonna trust that too.
I'll see youover at the precinct.
He thinks he's untouchable.
He's not.
It's time he learned that.
Probably not a lot of leadson that screen.
King's a ghost.
He grabbed anton without a single security camerain the area picking up him or his truck.
There's not one shotto implicate him.
So we'll have to get itout of king.
You gonna let quinn do iton his own.
My time is better spent here.
Away from people.
You know, someone- a good friend, actually- told me I had a big wallaround me.
I thought it made me a better cop.
I don't think it did.
They look at himand see a defender of truth, justice, and the american way.
I see a man about to learna hard lesson.
tire tracks in the alley are consistent with king's truck.
And several otherthousand trucks in the miami metro area.
King's companytrims trees.
Now trimmed trees were foundin every one of the victims' homes.
That's the leadthat nailed him.
I don't know about nailed.
The trees at my placejust got trimmed too.
- Yeah, but mario astorga- - we're talking about a foreman,right? A foreman who's terrifiedof his boss.
You can arrest my bosson that same evidence.
He's the fucking guy.
- Sir.
- miguel.
May I? We really need your helpon this one.
And you do owe usfor getting ramon off.
I do.
But I can't very well charge mr.
King with assaulton a palm tree.
You have your ways,miguel.
You've bent rules before.
Getting people lostin the system.
We need to buy timefor anton briggs.
For you.
I'll do everythingin my power.
We'll be right there.
Dex, get your kit.
You too, masuka.
- Hey, it's called off-duty.
- Not anymore.
You two, you stay on king.
Don't let up.
We got another body.
Anton? A female at the cemetery.
- Cause of death? - Take your pick.
Sever beating,strangulation plus three stab wounds.
Whoever did thiswas not a fan.
You have no idea.
Think our killer's a pro.
I haven't seen many body dumpsthis clean.
I made sure of that.
Miguel getting caughtisn't part of the lesson plan.
angel, don't let her see this.
no, they said it was her.
But it's not, is it? Maria, I'm sorry.
No, I don't believe- - oh, my god.
- Walk with me.
Too many people are affectedwhen the innocent die.
That is partof the lesson plan.
No one is untouchable.
I learned that the hard way.
So will miguel.
His own vulnerability is aboutto become very real to him after the stage show ends.
- They won't find anything.
- I know.
So you're just makinga point.
Am I? We follow the code.
Or else.
There are a lotof other subtleties, but if that'swhat you've gleaned, then yeah,that's my point.
You're a wise person,aren't you? - You're being facetious.
- No, no, you have insight.
I'd be a foolnot to follow your lead.
I thinkyou're gonna save my life.
Is this real? I should go make a statementto the press.
I wouldn't want anyone gettingideas about killing lawyers.
Lesson learned.
It seems.
Oh, good.
You're here.
Come here.
Taste this.
This one.
And now this one.
Which one? I'm more in the moodfor steak.
No, this isfor the wedding cake.
We have to choose one.
Chocolate or hazelnut? Is sylvia still here? No, because of me.
I intervened.
Apparently,I'm a very wise person.
Apparently? According to miguel.
He came to the open house I was sitting for syl.
- Really? - We-we talkedfor a while.
Actually, I talked.
I just-I gave himsome insight.
He said he thinksI could Save his life.
Every word, bullshit.
When did he start lying? With ellen? Before her? So, chocolate? What about that shirt? The shirt.
Dexter, what's wrong? I have to lookat some blood.
For a crime.
Maria, why don't you head home,get some rest? I can'T.
I have to - do something.
- Sure.
I'm here if you need me.
Okay? Tell me that we're closeon the skinner.
'Cause this ellen wolf thingis about to take over.
Still running down tips,but they're bullshit so far.
They're gonna keep beingbullshit because no one saw king take anton.
What about mario astorga? As tight-lippedas king.
Maybe I can help.
She could use a winright now.
we all could.
You gonna charge king? Not with what you have.
We release him,he's in the wind.
Anton's dead.
So has king askedfor legal counsel yet? King knowswe have nothing on him.
Why would he wastethe money? Well, technically,if he's not represented, I can't walk in there and offer him any deals.
Not on the record,anyway.
Come on.
No one'll know the difference.
still a year from now, the recorded document shows upon cnn, uh-uh.
Actually, that camera's beenon the fritz.
It wouldn't surprise meif it didn't record anything.
Freebo's blood.
The link between his murderand miguel.
If I go down,I can take miguel with me.
Mutual assurance.
A symbol of trust.
That's it? No way we're gonna letthat monster walk.
Are we? I hope we meet again.
I'd like to getto know you better.
But how wellcan you really know someone? How muchdo you want to know? There's gotta be something.
All we got is mario, who won't say shit.
I mean, we can start skinninghim ourselves before he'd talk.
Morgan,we're not skinning mario.
I got a better idea.
Wanna sharewith the whole class? No, just you.
I need a partner on this.
Here we are.
Home sweet home.
It's too badanton won't ever get to do that.
Thanks to you.
What? los arboles.
Holy shit.
You told him I revealed things? We didn't tell him shit.
He knew you were in holding.
He must have thoughtyou caved.
I didn't tell anyoneanything.
Look, I'm sorry.
We didn't mean to getyour family caught up in this,all right? We'll do everything we canto help you.
What can you do? Nothing.
You're right.
We don't even knowwhere this guy is.
You gotta help me, or I can't doanything to help you.
Then that's it.
I'm sorry.
Wait! He has a building.
We wentthrough all of his holdings.
There's no record of himowning any building.
He rents it with cash.
He had me go thereand pay once.
- He's trying to grow trees to sell.
- Where? On 164th under the highway.
It's all I know.
Mi familia.
Go inside.
Lock the door.
I'll send a patrol car.
- It worked.
Get in.
- Thank you.
Anton! Anton, are you in there? Anton? Fuck restraint.
Morgan! Get out of the way.
It's me.
It's okay.
You're safe.
I need an ambulance at the 164 and the 94 asap.
Get an apb outon george king.
You found me.
You found me.
You can't get away from methat easily.
And the results are I, uh Come on.
I'll take you home.
I can't go home.
There's too much silence.
I know.
You don't want to have to thinkabout what she went through.
- Only to realizethat she's really gone.
- Don'T.
- Pero, corazon, she's gone.
- Don'T.
Okay? And that's gonna hurt like hell.
I know that too.
But you have friends.
You got me.
I'm right here.
Okay? I'm right here for you.
To get you through.
It's not freebo's blood.
It's not even human.
It's bovine.
Cow's blood.
He's been using methe whole time.
I didn't create a monster;I was used by one.
He used me.
Miguel! Nine holes tomorrow? You bet.
today I keep up the pretense.
But soon,maybe tomorrow, miguel will knowexactly how I feel.
Because finally there's anemotion I don't have to fake.
Today,I feel something real.