Dexter s03e10 Episode Script

Go Your Own Way

Previously on dexter Oh that's pretty.
gift from my first husband.
What'll it be, ladies? How 'bout a foot massage with those big, Gorgeous hands of yours? -they're kinda cold from scooping ice.
- but you're hot.
Miguel went missing last night.
ellen's missing this morning.
I hope she didn't get in an accident or something.
He did it.
miguel really did it.
You don't wanna have to think about what she went through To realize that she's really gone.
she's gone.
You got me.
I'm right here for you.
To get you through.
He's having an affair.
you don't know that.
When you've been married as long as we have, You know when your husband's lying.
Anton is not officially a c.
We used him as bait.
The skinner has anton.
Freebo owes you money? I can get you money.
I loaned freebo that money.
This is about respect.
Anton! Morgan, get out of the way! You found me.
You can't get away from me that easily.
Anton could so easily file a huge lawsuit Against the police department once he finds out how you fucked him over! You don't know what the fuck you're talkin' about! You're the one I wanna spend time with.
My godit's perfect.
You should just get out while you can.
I won't.
I promise.
I gave you my shirt, linking me to freebo's death.
I wish I had another one to prove to you How important this partnership is to me.
The link between freebo's murder and miguel-- It's not even human.
It's cow's blood.
he's been using me.
I didn't create a monster.
I was used by one.
How many was it seven or eight balls? I lost count.
Putting the 18th tee in front of a body of water Is criminal.
I kept on telling him "take the mulligan! Please take the mullig--" This one right here-- no.
I finally got one over didn't i? yeah.
Just what I ordered-- Feigned civility with a heaping side of betrayal.
It's becoming more and more clear That I'm going to have to deal with miguel.
Thank you, chef.
Ah, chef babia.
Option one--i kill him.
But he's too high profile.
A popular ada disappears.
the manhunt would be endless.
Everyone he knew would be scrutinized, And that includes me.
He's also my best man.
I'd be expected to grieve.
How about this pumpkin and sage ravioli here? Oh, no, that's-- There you go.
Option two--get him the hell out of my life.
But it's not that simple.
He taught me how to golf.
I taught him how to kill.
I'm responsible if miguel takes another innocent life.
Tell them miguel.
I can't wait.
Tell us? We got a wedding present for you.
Chef babia and his staff, They're gonna cater your wedding.
We wanted you to have the very best.
It's too much.
I won't take no for an answer.
You might have to.
We're doing this for you.
I insist.
So much for option two.
He won't just let our partnership dissolve.
He's trying to get me under his thumb, And he's using rita to do it.
No You are the very best man.
It's working.
Okay, two, a toast.
To dexter and rita.
May your marriage be as blessed As we are to have you to call friends.
Which leaves option three.
Get him under my thumb And keep him there.
God, wre barely moving.
So much for getting astor home in time r bath.
At least the meal was worth it.
And it was great to see sylvia and miguel getting along again.
Do wehave to serve food at the wedding? Yes.
We have to serve food at the wedding.
It's just-- if we can't afford Chefwhat's-his-name on our own, Maybe we shouldn't accept.
We can't say no now.
I mean it would be insulting.
Believe me miguel's ego can handle it.
What's going on dexter? It's just Miguel isn't exactly who I thought he was.
You two seemed to be getting along fine at dinner.
Yeah Wait a minute.
Is this about sylvia? I mean did you find something out? More than I wanted to.
Oh my god.
he's cheating on her.
No that's not what i-- Oh, that bastard! He looked me right in the eye And he said he wasn't having an affair.
Oh, godpoor syl.
How long has it been going on? Should I tell her? what would I say? I think we should juststay out of it.
Is it his secretary? It's not his secretary! Could we please just drop this? - But there is someone.
- I never said that.
All right syl said that miguel's been Spending a lot of time with maria laguerta, Which makes syl uncomfortable Because they have this big history.
- Is that true?- yes.
Then that's who it is.
I meant that they're spending time together Because of a case.
Miguel's brother did die.
Which rekindled the relationship.
That's why you won't say anything.
You're protecting your boss.
glad to see ya.
Fight? Eh.
his best friend his cheating on my best friend, And he won't tell me with who.
You have a best friend? What'd you use on her chloroform? Ohi hope she was good.
Aw, she was a champ.
She almost made it through saw I and ii.
I'm kidding.
She was great.
we bonded.
oh, you You have company.
um this is anton.
Anton briggs the skinner victim? Just anton.
And yes the skinner victim.
Uh you know your sister She saved my life.
Does this mean you're plus one for the wedding? Uh we haven't really-- Talked about-- Uh so you're getting married.
- Oh kudos.
- thanks.
And a baby on the way.
I was hoping to walk down the aisle skinny, Or at least skinnier.
Cocksuck! Motherfuck! Anton wake up.
you gotta go.
Fuckin' penguins! It's just 7:30--i thought you didn't have to be at work-- Your protective detail's gonna think that you spent the night! I did.
they're gonna think that we slept together! We have deb.
oh, god, oh, god! Oh god I know but if they tell my bosses, I'm gonna get in a shit load of shit! Really? from sleeping with your boyfriend? You are a key witness in a case I'm investigating.
So if that comes out in trial, King's lawyers are gonna have a fucking field day When we catch him.
So um are you sure that's what this is really about? Uh-huh.
Umi gotta get in the shower, So I'll call you later okay? Yeah.
Revisiting option three, getting miguel under my thumb.
I need leverage.
Exposing ellen's body was supposed to achieve that.
But miguel wrestled it away.
We have a suspect for ellen wolf's murder.
Is she onto miguel and do I smell leverage? Toby edwards, 32.
Oh, well.
Ellen's incoming phone records show That he called her house three times On the night of her murder-- once at 11:10 p.
From the bar where he works, And then twice more at 3:01 and 3:08 a.
From right outside her house.
She hasn't found the killer, But she might have found a witness.
And I found my leverage.
Soderquist, vamos.
Get an address on this guy.
haul his ass in.
We're also getting a search warrant.
We're looking for a platinum wedding ring.
I've already catalogued one wedding ring into evidence.
Well, she wore two.
One for each ex-husband.
Well why would the killer only take one ring? Maybe he got interrupted.
Or he wanted a trophy.
Whatever it is we're gonna find out.
A potential witness, a missing ring.
Now miguel and I have something to talk about.
Hey not so fast.
not so fast.
I am taking donations for dexter morgan's Bachelor party.
Produced and directed by vince masuka, A vince masuka production.
Dig deep now.
it's gonna be off the charts.
I'm gonna have sergeant cop-a-feel, Jo-jo the lezbo go-go maureen the limber mermaid, And her even more limber friend Nadia the russian gymnast.
What? Vince we're in the middle of two big investigations.
Yeah, tell me about it.
It's hard to get people focused on this shindig.
What I mean is that .
maybe you should keep the party low-key.
Are you kidding? I've got a reputation to live up to.
I mean if my show does not make people vomit And have an erection at the same time, Then I've let my audience down.
Strippers yes.
hookers, no.
And none of that weird shit that you're into.
okay sergeant buzzkill.
I mean it.
Anything illegal I will arrest you.
Come on.
I was just joking.
The party's for opie out there.
A hooker is a terrible thing to waste.
Damn it.
I'm never gonna get my deposit back.
Yes, ma'am, your landscaper.
When was the last time you saw him? Okay.
do you have any empty structures on your property Or unoccupied vacation homes in the area? Right ma'am we'll be sure to clear 'em Just as fast as we can so you don't have to re-sod your lawn, You fuckhead.
What's this? Surveillance report from anton's protective detail.
Pretty thorough.
He came over on official business.
Which took all night.
Sarge is gonna see that.
I'll tell him the truth that nothing happened.
So you're no longer sleeping with the Key witness in this investigation? What's it to you? You're right.
it's your shield.
If you want people talkin' be my guest.
You've run out of people to transfer me to? Your embassy isn't that big.
oyeme George washington king.
No no no do not transfer me back-- Escucheme-- Homicide.
Sarge line two.
says it's urgent.
Sergeant batista.
I'll be right there.
Cover for me.
- Is everything okay? - no.
It's all about strategy outmaneuvering the opposition, Bending into your will.
What are you doing in my office, dex? Winning.
Hope you don't mind.
Just keeping my wits sharp while I waited for you.
You, uh, here to grab Lunch or something? Can't.
Gotta get back to the station.
The ellen wolf case is breaking.
Which way? It seems lieutenant laguerta has a suspect.
And who might that be? Some guy who was Outside ellen's place round about the time She was gettin' strangled.
Or was she stabbed first? I can't remember.
He couldn't have seen anything.
You sure? All right.
so what do we do? We? ha.
We are partners.
Yeah but see here's the thing, miguel.
I don't really want a partner.
Hey I'm not giving up on our friendship, dex.
Hell i-i'm standing up at your wedding.
but after that you go your own way.
And we both go back to who we were Before all of this-- You an honorable ada Dedicated to upholding the law of the land And you? A trusty spatter analyst Who always gets his killer.
In exchange for what? I'm in a position To protect the ada's interests in this case.
I'll do what it takes To keep the innocent people of miami safe.
And that's what you want? That's what I want.
Game over.
- Barbara gianna? - in there.
-What do we know? -not much.
The meds for the pain have her pretty blurry.
Hey you that uh homicide guy she keeps talkin' about? She talks about me? She says you snore like a motherfucker.
Hey, yourself.
How you doing? I feel like I got a buick parked on my head.
Wasn't rapedif that's what you were thinking.
I just got beat on a little.
By who? any ideas? Best I can tell Some would-be john saw me on the stroll.
Asshole followed me home.
So you got a look at him.
Tall blond good looking.
My weapon was in my purse.
All I had were my keys.
Got my licks in.
He'll be a little Less handsome tomorrow.
You did good.
I'm glad you're here.
Hell, yeah, I'm here.
You're not gonna go through this alone.
And uh just for the record I don't snore like a motherfucker.
Excuse mewe need to get Detective gianna upstairs for a cat scan, See if we can release her.
Release her? I'm not that bad angel.
Of course you're not.
I'll talk to you later, okay? Detective gianna thinks she got A piece of the assailant with these.
You're looking for a blonde guy, tall.
Could be a john.
Maybe one of your other decoys might have seen him.
We're all over this.
thanks, sergeant.
Get this down to the lab fast.
What can I do you for? I uh need you to test this for blood.
If it comes back positive, Run it through the criminal database.
No prob.
Might take a day or two for sequencing.
Uh, grease it.
I mean it's it's a priority.
Is this ellen wolf or the skinner? There's no case number.
uh, it's It's more of an internal thing.
You know? my eyes only.
Your eyes only.
I'm not hiding anything.
I swear.
You were coming on to ellen.
I was there.
She came on to me.
I flirted back.
It's part of the job you know? How you earn tips.
She left me 20 on a $30 tab.
You figured there was more where that came from.
You called her again At 11:10 p.
then at 3:01 and 3:08 a.
That's pretty late to be calling someone you just met.
I called on my break.
I told her I didn't get off work till after 2:00.
She said to come over anyway.
And then I called again To tell her I wasn't going to make it.
She didn't answer.
I called one more time just in case.
No one picked up.
For someone so innocent he sure looks guilty.
Looks like a killer to me.
He's not.
Well, but he could be.
You wanna know what I think happened? I think that you showed up at her house unannounced, Looking for sex.
She wouldn't give it up and you lost your temper.
That's not what happened.
And then you called twice To make it look like you thought she was still alive.
That's crazy.
you're not listening to me.
Any priors? You seem to have a problem with the word innocent.
No one's gettin' framed for this.
Hey, your ball game.
Why are you here? Curiosity.
You can't blame me can you? So you didn't go over to her house? No.
I went home.
You're fucking lying, toby.
These two calls were routed through a cell phone tower A block away from her house.
You were there-- All right! I have a fiancee Who's not gonna like hearing about a booty call.
So you went there.
she changed her mind.
You got angry-- no.
no! I mean yes I went to her place, But she didn't answer the door.
So I called--twice.
I figured she fell asleep.
I went home.
I swear to god.
- Not much of a suspect.
- not much of a witness.
Lieutenant do you have a second? Hmm.
new development.
Never know what'll pop up.
Welli'll know.
I'll keep you posted as promised.
You're a good friend to have.
I'm just gonna stay here.
My curiosity's piqued.
He's lying through his teeth.
We can put him at the scene.
He's uh not our guy.
The fuck he's not.
Four people put him at the bar all night long.
And there's security camera footage of him closing out When the vic went down.
The vic's name is ellen and he was there.
He's our guy.
The time code on the tape checks out.
I'm sorry, lieutenant.
You were there at 3:00 in the morning.
Did you see anyone else on the street? No.
it was dead.
No unusual activity? There was some douche bag with his high beams on.
Blinding me.
So someone was on the street.
He was coming the other direction when I pulled up.
Actually it wasn't high beams.
It was those big ass halogens.
What kinda car? Suv.
Black-- i-i-i don't know! Something like that.
I am indeed a good friend to have.
And one can never have too many friends, right? My friend miguel isn't giving up without a fight.
He'll do whatever's necessary to regain the upper hand.
If he controls laguerta he controls the investigation, And my leverage disappears.
But she's a tough sell.
he won't get far.
I hope.
You Are so Beautiful! All right.
Now you come over here and admire yourself While nina checks the fit.
I feel like cinderella.
Except for the whole disney virgin thing.
Oh, don't worry.
No one'll know prince charming knocked ya up before the ball.
Hey, syl, are you okay? Yeah.
I was just remembering my wedding day.
I was never happier.
It's supposed to get even better over time.
Sweetie your marriage will, I'm sure of it.
Things still aren't great with miguel? Well we're working on it.
At least I am.
And what's he doing? Wish I knew.
Do youreally? What the hell are you doing in here? Forensics? On which case? The new bean counter is questioning this lab request.
What is this key that you're testing? It's, uh It's for an investigation.
Then put an active case number on it, okay? With all these budget cuts, They're flagging everything and coming straight to me With all this bullshit Which I really don't need right now, dexter.
I don't need it.
I'll straighten it out.
I'm sorry.
I just-- No.
I'll take care of it.
She's ripe for the picking and miguel knows it.
He'll use her to protect himself.
And there goes my leverage.
Better keep an eye on her.
No no no no.
y-you can't cancel.
The party's in two days.
You're sorry? Well you can take your sorry and shove it up your ass! Fuck! The erotic clowns just cancelled.
Why is this wedding happening to me? Bro let me help ya out.
I've been the best man At more weddings than I can count.
Never a groom thank christ, But I've planned a ton of these.
"platinum enterprises"? It's a full-service operation, Party boat food alcohol.
One phone call and you're done.
Ask for tammy.
God bless you joseph quinn.
he lives.
Hey, man.
Good to see you up and moving, man.
Thanks thanks um morgan, she here? Ah, no, she's out.
Running down a file On the bastard who did this to you.
- We're gonna find him anton, I swear.
- yeah, I know.
Hey, I just wanted to say I never meant for any of this to go down The way it did, you know? You didn't sign up for this.
Hey listen I was the idiot who got busted In the first place right? so It's kind of on me.
Yeah but it was me thinking I was doing you a favor Keeping you off the books.
Should have told you you were free and clear.
I messed up.
I wanted to apologize to your face.
Deb told me that was a clerical error.
That was you? Yeah.
I assumed she told you.
You lying son of a bitch! You almost got me killed! Shit! It's all right.
let him go.
What the hell is this? Ramos let him go.
let him go! This shit ain't over, man.
Anton You okay? Yeah.
Anton, stop.
Goddamn it will you just stop? His punk ass deserved it! You can't just walk into a police station and punch a cop! Here you are standin' up for him.
- I am not the enemy here.
- debra, you lied to me! Clerical error, my ass.
Quinn kept me As his c.
bitch When I could have walked away at any time.
You're right, I lied.
But telling you wasn't gonna change what he did.
I almost died because of that prick.
Without that prick we wouldn't have found you.
You're lucky if he doesn't press charges.
What? let him! I'll sue this whole fucking department! Don't talk like that.
I'll talk to quinn.
Are you sure you're not afraid He might find out we're sleeping together And tell everyone? He already knows and he hasn't told anyone.
And where the hell did that come from? From your brother's surprised face when he met me, debra.
From your boot on my butt Kicking me out the door this morning.
Are you serious? I am this close to getting my shield, And I'm putting it all at risk to be with you! Then debra, why are you? You feel guilty? You feel responsible for what happened to me? Shit.
you're bleeding.
You're gonna need new stitches.
Debra, I tell you what I'm gonna need.
I need for you to seriously Think about this.
Think about us.
No, no, para mi, no.
I think I've had enough.
Wineinvented for the sole purpose Of handling grief.
Believe me, I know.
When oscar died I drowned my share of sorrow.
I know how you feel.
you miss her.
Justjust Last thursday, I was having drinks with her.
And then the next day, I'm staring down at her dead body.
If you're gonna end up in a grave, It should at least be your own.
And so the only thing you got to go on right now Is that suv, huh? We're checking every Intersection surveillance camera From ellen's place to the cemetery.
See, she's lucky to have you watchin' out for her.
It's just like you watched out for me with oscar's case.
Some good that did.
Hey, maria, come on.
You helped me.
You helped me.
You've always been important to me.
You know that.
You remember that weekend when we took oscar with us To the keys? I kept telling him "i am not sharing The hottest girl in florida with my baby brother.
" And then you talked me into letting him come.
He was so cute.
Those skinny little legs.
Up until that weekend, He was always my annoying kid brother, you know? Always in the way.
And then when he was taken from me, I kept on thinking back to that weekendyou know? 'cause that's the way I wanna remember him, Like you said.
You know before all the drugs And all the run-ins with the cops and all that.
That little boy with the skinny legs, My brother.
I wouldn't have had that memory if it wasn't for you.
Thank you.
I miss that.
Oh, man, I don't know what came over me.
It's okay.
it's okay.
Hey, lieutenant, I am sorry to show up unannounced.
I know it's late, But I feel so bad about that case number screw up, And I just wanted to-- Miguel.
- I'm interrupting - no, we're just, um - Casework.
- talking casework.
If this was so urgent, dexter you could have called me.
I know, I'm sorry.
it's just I feel bad and this is too important.
The key I tested came from a colleague In monroe county.
His department doesn't have our resources, And I did him a favor.
I'm sorry.
I know how you value the truth.
Look, don't worry about it.
Just let me know next time.
And call first.
Again, I'm sorry to interrupt.
I couldn't let laguerta become miguel's collateral damage.
I need to keep his focus on me.
After tonight I have his full attention.
Hey, there.
Please don't hate me, But i-i may have done a bad thing.
Do I need to sit down? I told sylvia about miguel and laguerta.
I'm gonna sit down.
I was trying on my dress.
We were talking about the wedding.
She seemed so sad.
I mean, I had to say something, didn't i? I suppose you did.
So she called miguel's office and his assistant said That he was meeting with lieutenant laguerta, But then syl checked with your precinct, And neither of them is there.
Soshe thinks miguel is at laguerta's? What do you think she's gonna do? I'll call you tomorrow hmm? About the case? Sure.
at the office.
Maria You fucker! You are too good a liar, miguel.
Syl, what are you doing here? I don't know when you're telling the truth anymore.
You say you're at work.
I believe you.
You say you're not having an affair.
I believe you.
Syl, nothing happened here, okay? I swear to you.
you swore to me last thursday When you were out all night.
You swore to me you weren't with another woman.
But now I think you were here.
- Wait.
last thursday he was not - you You'll probably be a lot better At seeing through his bullshit than I was, Being a detective and all.
Good luck.
syl, come on, ven.
Don't touch me.
I'm done! Syl.
Get out of my life! She--she's got it all wrong.
I'll straighten it out.
all right? Hey, francisco! What'll it be today, mr.
morgan? I said you'd take the usual.
You're a creature of habit.
Come on, take a seat.
while you wait.
Kind of a bitch move there, man.
Sending my wife over to maria's.
Surprisingly it wasn't me.
You wouldn't play games with a man's family, Or, uh Cause pain to an innocent woman.
Neither would i.
That's why I wanted to give you a heads up That my office is thinking about doing A little ethics probe on your sister.
Cops don't come any cleaner than deb.
Yeah, huh? Like, uh, sleeping with a c.
? 'cause it's all here in this surveillance report For what's-his-name.
I got it right here.
"anton briggs.
" Now, mi'jito this don't look so good.
Pero I'm gonna keep a close eye on it Just like you're gonna keep a close eye On ellen's case for me.
And any other favor I might have.
The usual, mr.
It's a copy.
'cause after all Familia is sacred.
Right? He has no idea what door he just opened.
Hey, norma.
The prados they're not home.
That's what I was hoping.
Did you know that miguel Is gonna be best man for my wedding? Yeah.
I heard him talking about it with mrs.
Well the groom is supposed to buy his best man a gift.
And I know how much miguel loves garcia marquez, So I thought I'd pick up A limited edition of one of his books.
He would like that very much.
Do you think it'd be all right if I looked in miguel's den Just to see what he already has? Our secret? Okay.
Come in.
I'll be out in a jiffy.
Miguel stepped over a line and he'll keep stepping Until I have something he can't top, Something that could put him in jail, If and when I want him there.
That's the only way he'll back off.
I know miguel killed ellen wolf.
And I know he took one of her rings as a trophy.
The question is where did he hide it? Somewhere no one else would ever look.
Unless Unless they're me.
No more games.
are you vince? Yeah I'm tammy okama.
platinum enterprises.
May I sit? Yeah, sure.
You're tammy? I was expecting someone - Trashy? - yeah.
That's sweet.
So! we are planning a bachelor party.
Yeah but uh keep it down, Because party boy's in the next room.
We have any number of themes you can choose from.
What's your favorite? Mm.
I'd stick with a nautical theme.
Riverboat casino.
pirates in petticoats.
Nautical's good.
you have such nice eyes, vince.
Hey dex I got your message.
Did you get a dna match on that key? Uh, seems so.
Thank you.
I mean it.
So where's the report? If angel wants to kill this guy that's his business.
I'm done getting involved with friends.
I heard uh laguerta gave you shit for this.
It's all right.
But i-i knew that I could trust you.
Don't get involved.
I heard about detective gianna.
How is she? What are you doing? Okay.
no concussion.
Dex, the--the file.
I know how hard it must have been To see her like that.
I know what it is to Wanna rebalance an unbalanced world.
But it's just Unbalanced angel and that's it.
Some doors should stay shut.
You open it it's too easy to walk through it a second time.
I've seen it before.
recently, even.
I'll keep it in mind.
Thanks, dex.
Well at least I didn't teach him How to get away with murder.
I'm learning.
Thought you said You'd be gone by the time I got back.
I'm just getting some work stuff here.
Just make sure you get everything.
I don't want you using it as an excuse to come back.
Syl, look, i-- Damn it! Please, sir, This stain just wouldn't come out.
You know once blood sets it's really hard to get out, So no charge.
Devon parks? Hey, deb, I wanted to talk to you about the thing you got going With your c.
Well, he's not a c.
And we don't have anything going, not anymore.
Well that settles that.
Only a retard would have gotten involved with anton In the first place.
I don't know.
He seemed like a nice enough guy.
You seemed to like him.
When he went missing all I could think was, "please god don't let him be dead.
" And then I get him back, And all I can think is How wrong he is for me.
You know like how bad it makes me look.
Doesn't matter that he makes me happy Or he makes me feel how you're supposed to feel When you're with the right person.
Is that crazy? I got nothin'.
You are useless.
Love you anyway.
Think this is funny? Not at all.
They said that stain would come out! Fuck you! I didn't get to where I am, Who I am by letting some little gusano like you Walk all over me! - Where's my ring? - it's not your ring.
it's ellen's.
But you did leave a nice, clean print on it.
Oh there's plenty of blood on your hands too! Ethan turner clemson galt.
All deserving With nothing to tie me to their deaths And no bodies to prove that they're even dead.
Maybe in a court of law.
But how's that little bride of yours gonna feel When she has to start answering some questions? 'cause she's gotta wonder where you go, What you do, who you really are.
She knows everything she needs to, And it's gonna stay that way Or that ring might show up someplace very inconvenient.
I am the last person you wanna fuck with, Because I will fuck you back In ways you never even imagined! An anonymous tip couple of search warrants.
Hmm? who knows what the police might find in your apartment Or in that little boat of yours.
You got the ring.
I got city fucking hall! Wow.
I didn't get it before, miguel, But you can't be reasoned with guilted, controlled.
This whole back and forth game for leverage is pointless.
That's right! I'll do what I want when I want To whomever I want-- count on it! I will.
Thank you.
Harry was right.
he's always been right.
There are the innocent and there are the deserving.
Have barbara gianna i.
this guy.
Some doors should stay closed.
Some people can understand that.
Harry also said it's all about choices.
Good and bad.
My search for connection always ends in blood.
You get a good look at him? Yes.
How do I know this is not a trap? Oye.
if I wanted you in jail, I wouldn't have let you loose in the first place, okay? You believe this man knows where freebo is? He's the only one who does His name? Dexter morgan.
You want freebo, You want your money Then you need to have a long conversation With him.
Even harry would agree miguel has left me no other choice.
As challenging as it will be it's back to option one.
I kill him.