Dexter s03e11 Episode Script

I Had a Dream

Previously on dexter I loaned freebo that money.
This is about respect.
Anton! morgan, get out of the way! You found me.
I never meant for any of this to go down the way it did.
I shoulda told you you were free and clear.
- So that was you? - Yeah.
Debra, you lied to me! I am not the enemy here.
I need for you to seriously think about us.
Life vests? We can't exactly load up the cart with axes and machetes now can we? Last thursday I was having drinks with her, and then the next day I'm staring down at her dead body.
see, she's lucky to have you watching out for her.
It's just like you watched out for me oscar's case.
I told sylvia about miguel and laguerta.
So she thinks miguel is at laguerta's? You fucker! You are too good a liar, miguel.
- come on, baby, listen to me.
- Don't touch me! I'm done! Did you see anyone else on the street? There was some douchebag with his high beams on blinding me.
what kind of car? dark, black, suv.
Think that's funny? Not at all.
They said that stain would come out.
I am the last person you wanna fuck with because I will fuck you back! - Count on it! - I will.
Even harry would agree.
Miguel has left me no other choice.
I kill him.
- Get a good look at him? - His name? Dexter morgan.
you want freebo? Then you need to have a long conversation with him.
Episode11 I Had a Dream so this is how it ends.
I've pictured it a thousand ways, but never this.
Me bound in the trunk of a car.
I am so fucked.
must be what your victims feel like.
Trapped, hopeless.
You got anymore words of encouragement or are you just here to gloat? I'm here for moral support.
You were right about miguel.
He must hara sent mon after me.
- Dexter-- - I know I only have myself to blame.
I don't blame you for wanting a friend.
A normal life.
You don't? I'm actually proud of you for trying.
- It was brave.
- Yeah.
Yay me.
I should have g ckinkilled miguel when I had the chance.
You still can, dexter.
Don't give up.
- What is this? - Your bachelor party, hermano! Ah, watch the grill, george foreman.
All aboard the party boat! holy shit.
Your eye's already swollen.
here he comes.
Ten minutes on.
Ten minutes off.
I'm sorry, vince.
I just thought-- I don't know.
that's fucking hilarious! - You were freaked, right? - Yeah.
Premium alcohol, all-you-can-eat buffet, plus high-class adult entertainment.
Kill me now.
You guys, this is awesome.
No, no, that's fucking awesome! - Hey, ladies, what's going on? - Hi, sailor.
The best man arrives with his brother.
Designated driver or bodyguard? I'll find out later.
Right now, time to put on my party face.
Bachelor parties.
While I do understand the need for ritual, I've heard these events aren't really for the groom.
They're for everyone else.
I have plans to make for my own big day.
The day I kill miguel.
okay, okay, let's get the music down.
Okay, boys and girls! Put those packages away, please.
So as you all know, we're here to, uh, celebrate the impending marriage of our dear friend dexter.
And while my job as best man is to offer a few remarks, you're gonna have to forgive me for keeping them g-rated, because I'm running for office after all.
Better run fast.
Dexter's a hard guy to get to know.
And for a smart guy, sometimes he doesn't have the good sense that god gave little chickens.
I mean, like this doughnut thing.
What's up with that? You bring doughnuts to work so that people can like you? Thanks for the diabetes and the clogged arteries, dexter.
I mean, why don't you just stab a pal in the ventricle, huh? But in all seriousness.
I, uh I wanna say a few words about friendship.
Friends are always honest with each other.
They can see past their differences.
When they have a conflict, friends are there to forgive.
A true friend knows when to bury the hatchet because friendship is a sacred bond built on trust.
And, dex, I have learned so much from you about, uh trust.
So, cono.
Hey, to dexter! I have to be at work in 45 minutes.
Maybe I can squeeze in a power nap and a quick shower.
Maybe not.
Good morning.
Look, bagels.
Soak up the alcohol.
Actually, I'm late for work.
How was it? I survived.
If you're wondering if I did anything stupid I didn'T.
Mmm, well, it must have been very tempting.
Syl told me she kicked out miguel.
How is he? Uh, I think he feels betrayed.
Why? He's the one who threw his marriage vows out the window.
Who does that? - A man without a code.
- Exactly.
What? Well, I mean, just-- do you really want him standing beside you on the biggest day of our lives? Actually, no.
But I thought I should play nice until after the wedding.
Just think about it, okay? What is that? Oh, it's a, uh, hour-by-hour schedule for the day of.
There's hair and makeup for me.
Transportation, pictures, ceremony.
Things are bound to go wrong.
The less left to chance the better.
- Wise words.
- I'll make you a copy.
But can we talk wedding stuff later? I really gotta get in the shower.
You want some company? Yeah.
But I'm too late.
after last night, they all think we share a secret.
But miguel's the only one who knows mine.
I could tell the rest of them, but then I'd have to kill them.
Just like I'm going to kill miguel.
What am I, the morgan family punching bag? Thanks for not inviting me to dexter's party, you ass.
It was a bachelor party.
Dongs and gongs required.
Unless you wanna be talent.
In which case-- - gross, he's my brother.
- Not by blood.
Oh, thank god.
My head.
Your head should be in the ellen wolf case, detective.
Let's review.
toby edwards.
Saw a black suv outside ellen wolf's place the night she died.
Miguel's black suv.
And the grid we set up, what did we get? jack diddly.
There's no traffic surveillance footage of any black suv between ellen's house and the cemetery where her body was found.
Maybe I could kill him in his car.
It has that big backseat.
Let's recanvass.
Somebody saw something, and we're gonna find them.
Next order of business.
The skinner.
George king.
The nicaraguan embassy is still giving me the runaround.
Go there in person.
Until we know king's true identity, there's not much to go on.
And finally, anton briggs is coming in today to go over his statement.
Today? What's the matter, you forget your lip gloss? quinn.
I want you to stay clear.
No more sparring.
And, morgan, I know he's your informant, but I wanna cover it.
Get myself up to speed with the case.
All right, people.
That's it.
Go, catch bad guys.
Fuck you, lip gloss.
No unusual activity? There was some douchebag with his high beams on, blinding me.
Actually, it wasn't high beams.
It was those big-ass halogens.
What kind of car? Suv.
Dark, blue black.
Something like that.
Mmm, asi, asi.
Yeah, listen, after that scene with syl the other night, I think we should talk.
That's great.
Get a 20 on anton briggs.
Have his uni watchdogs bring him in.
You always look so happy to see me.
It's 'cause I always am.
I brought you these.
Italian hangover remedies perfected by centuries of over-indulging ancestors.
There's saffron lemon risotto, white pizza, cayenne tea.
Sounds great.
But I'm not hung-over.
I behaved myself last night.
I'm a plus-one now, remember? Still, man has his needs.
Trust me.
My needs are covered.
cold feet? What? No, rita's great.
Getting married's easy, dex.
All you have to do is show up.
But killing miguel prado? KILL PLAN FOR MIGUEL PRADO That'll require some finesse.
He's a public figure.
Well connected.
Dad, I got it.
Miguel dies, people notice.
Which means you can't just make him disappear.
So I'll pin it on someone else.
How about your timeline? Definitely after the wedding.
It'd be crazy to do it any sooner.
And an alibi? The wedding night.
Rita's pregnant, exhausted.
After our wedding and a glass of champagne, she'll be out like a light.
Unless she wakes up and you're not there.
That is not the way you want her to remember your wedding night.
Are you hiding or something? Anton will be here in a minute.
I don't wanna see him.
I know it's real mature, but if I see him, I'll just miss him.
So tell him.
I can'T.
I need to be with somebody who's got his shit together.
Somebody with a real job.
Somebody with strong morals.
Somebody like dad.
Dad wasn't perfect, deb.
Yeah, well, he wasn't a drug user or a C.
Well, anton's not a C.
Dad still wouldn't approve.
You'd be surprised.
What's that supposed to mean? - Nothing.
- Something.
You've had a bug up your ass about dad for months now.
What did he do? You don't wanna know.
No, I really do.
He wasn't on the take.
He didn't break any laws.
He didn't cheat on mom.
Yeah, you're right.
Bullshit! Who? A C.
You always wanted to be like dad.
Seriously? Anton is here to go over his statement with you.
I thought you were covering this.
I was.
But you're the only one he trusts.
Well, it's really hard to find people that you trust these days.
- Deb.
- Blow me.
My sister never says that.
Shit, this was a bad idea.
Send in the other guy.
What? It's pretty clear you don't wanna be here.
I'M sorry.
This is not about you.
I mean, it's about you.
It's just something else just happened.
Are you okay? No.
Can I help? You can take a look at this and see if there's anything that you wanna change or add-- you know that's not why I'm here.
Right now I really need it to be.
What? Is there a mistake? No.
It's just, um these words, they don't really say it.
You know, what-- what happened to me.
What do you mean? Debra, I could hear it, you know? The sound of the blade cutting into me.
That and, uh, the sound of me screaming.
Like it was somebody else.
And I remember thinking, "that guy screaming he's gonna die.
" But, um, then he just stopped.
Why? To go through my pockets.
He took my wallet and my cell phone.
Cocksucker even took my change.
Your change? How fucked up is that? He give you anything? Nothing we can use.
Sure, we'll walk the crime scene.
See if there's anything we missed.
Whatever it takes to fucking catch this guy.
Please tell me you're not freezing sperm in there.
This only gets down to minus 40 degrees centigrade.
Freezing sperm requires a vessel to be at least minus 200.
What? I'm a donor.
It's my way of giving back.
God help the children.
Hey, um, is the, uh, server down? Why, what do you need? Um, I wanted to run a background check.
On who? Tammy okama.
You slept with her, didn't you? Vince masuka does not kiss and tell.
Okay, fine, I banged her.
And? AndWe just stayed up all night just-- just talking.
So you like her? The problem is she likes me.
I mean, there's gotta be something wrong with her, right? Well, I'll let you know when the server's up.
if home is where the heart is, where do you go when you don't have a heart? In miguel's case, a five-star hotel.
I used to know miguel's schedule inside and out.
After all, we were best friends.
But things change.
Now that syl kicked him out of the house, he has a new routine I need to learn.
Can I get my keys? I forgot something.
Oh, yeah, there you are, mr.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Or I could wait for him to do something stupid.
Like ditching ramon.
You close to your father? No.
He was, uh, deadbeat trailer-trash.
It's why I became a cop.
You got a rich mother or something? She died when I was five.
Why? The car, the watch.
Just wondering if you had a trust fund, or you were day trading, or something.
I got an uncle in boston.
He died, left me a building.
Total surprise.
Family's are full of 'em.
Just wait till dexter's wedding.
Brings out the best and the worst.
Weddings kinda suck when you're single.
Single? I thought you and anton were-- we're not.
Not anymore.
So, uh you wanna, you know, carpool? What? High gas prices, you know? - Are you hitting on me? - I'm sorry.
- Hello? - Morgan.
- Hello? - Hello? God damn it, fucking cell phone reception.
It's batista.
Probably wants a status update.
We should give it to him.
Hey, you have any change? I saw a payphone up the street.
Think so.
Motherfuck! - Holy jesus on a stick! - What? No cell phone reception.
That's why george king took anton's change.
To use that payphone.
We gotta dump the phone records.
- Oye.
- Si? I'm glad you called today.
I was surprised, but, uh, glad.
The last thing I wanted to do was put you in the middle of-- maria, you gotta know that I've been thinking about us for a long time.
Way before ellen wolf, rest in peace.
'Cause, hey, what we had-- we were different back then.
Really different.
So why is it every time I look at you I still feel the same way I felt when we first met? - Water's boiling.
- Boiling, yes, ooh.
It's mi sopa.
And I got you some red stripe.
Oh, wow, great.
Shit, I left it in the car.
- Oh, I'll go get it.
- No, no, no, no.
You stay and make sure it doesn't boil over.
Miguel probably thinks he's getting lucky.
Looks like he's getting screwed.
They make a cute couple.
Too bad they're both lying through their teeth.
LIFTGATE/GLASS AJAR Don't go there, miguel.
You start thinking laguerta's on to you, you'll decide to do very bad things to another innocent person and I can't let that happen.
Things to do today: Find a non-blowback way to dispose miguel's body.
I need you to run hair and fiber for me against all victims for the last ten days.
But I'm the blood guy.
Who also does forensics.
Who I trust to keep a confidence and the lab results off the record.
Well, keeping secrets is one of my strong suits, but I kinda got my head handed to me the last time I did some off-the-grid testing, by you.
This is different.
That was bureaucratic bullshit.
And this is, "do as I say, not as I do"? You ever get a voice inside nagging at you? I'm aware of the phenomenon.
Well, I'm hoping I'm wrong about this.
But if I am and anyone finds out, it'll bring a shit hurricane down on the entire department.
And if you're right? Same hurricane, different landfall.
Got it.
Either way, I need a raincoat.
No, I don't want you getting into any trouble over this.
Use my authorization code to make it happen.
Procedure aboveboard, results under the table.
You good with that? Absolutely.
If you need something under the table, I'm your guy.
That didn't come out right.
How soon before you can get back to me with this? A- s-a-P.
Accessing samples from homicides in the last ten days.
Fast tracked and confidential.
Authorization code requested.
You're the best.
I have to be.
muds and luds from that payphone.
George king was using it like an office line.
He called clients, he called workers, he ordered nicaraguan take-out.
- That doesn't help us.
- Well, maybe it does.
I just got off the phone with some lady that he called up in new jersey.
She winters down here at coconut grove.
She just re-hired george king to re-landscape their lawn.
- So - so he knows the place is empty.
You think he'd be using it to lay low? We got fuck-all else.
The server's back up, so I ran your girl.
Bad news.
She's got a rap sheet.
She rammed her car into someone else over a parking space.
Big fine, anger management.
That means she's got issues.
So she's not outta my league.
Happy to help.
Both caucasoid.
Evenly distributed pigment granules.
Same dye job.
In other words, both ellen wolf.
No news there.
Do I let laguerta in on this? But why stir up the hornet's nest? Miguel's going to get the justice he deserves soon enough.
Hey, dex.
Too late to bring a date to the wedding? No, rita's still collecting rsvps.
What you working on? I, uh, found a gray hair.
I was curious.
Oh, dude, I've totally done that.
You're bald.
Maybe we should call for backup? Let's see what we got first.
Someone took the jungle cruise at magic kingdom.
Creeping mother of mary! Door.
Fuck, there he is.
Go around front.
Requesting all units, 931 harbor drive.
Fuck! Fuck! Jesus, quinn, are you okay? Officer down.
931 harbor drive.
Requesting an ambulance, also air surveillance of our 20.
What's this? Dexter, I need to see you for a minute.
You found the hair analysis results? Sorry, it-- you were out, and they were just sitting there, and I really needed to know what came back.
Now you know.
Question is, what are you gonna do? It's complicated.
I understand complicated.
Maybe I can help.
You're close with miguel prado, and so am I, which is what makes this very difficult.
What's this gotta do with miguel? Ellen wolf was threatening to wreck his career.
Well, he has a black suv and no alibi for the night she died.
You think miguel had something to do with her murder? I found this sample in the back of his car.
I told you this was complicated.
I need your word this stays between us.
Yeah, you have it.
No wonder all the secrecy.
I'm assuming there's no chain of custody on this? I'll go to a judge for a warrant.
Get evidence through proper channels.
Which will tip off miguel and put laguerta in his crosshairs.
You really think a judge is gonna issue a warrant against a well-respected officer of the court without probable cause? I don't know, dexter.
And I can't do nothing.
Not after these results.
Maybe you could sit on it.
For a while.
Let miguel think he got away with murder.
It'd give you time to build a solid case.
I've got some serious soul searching to do.
Take as long as you need.
- Thanks for your help, dexter.
- Yeah.
While laguerta's deciding, I'll be eliminating her problem.
And george king's going to help me.
I'll copy his M.
They won't even look for another suspect.
- What happened? - king.
I told him to go home, but he's hell-bent on proving he has cajones of steel.
- You good? - Superficial cut.
Let's keep moving.
All right, get me your report as soon as you can.
The brass is gonna be asking questions.
We had aerial surveillance, a security perimeter, at least 50 officers.
It's like george king is a ghost.
Sorry, sarge.
I'm not.
I need king out there long enough to peg miguel's murder on him.
How long have you known? About dad and his C.
Uh, couple of weeks.
Camilla told me right before she died.
- I didn't know if I should-- - tell me? Yes, whenever you have an earth-shattering, ball-crushing, mind-fuck of a secret, you should tell your fucking sister.
You can get that now.
Rita wants to know if you're bringing anton to the wedding.
Bad timing.
No, I'm not bringing him.
Quinn sort of asked if I would go as his date.
But as much as I'll hate going stag to my own brother's wedding, being quinn's date depresses me even more.
He seems okay.
Yeah, he's fine.
On paper he's a cop.
Good career.
Like dad.
Well, it seems I don't know dad as well as I thought I did.
Turns out I'm just as big a fuck-up as he was.
You're not a fuck-up.
You're the hardest working person I know.
You're loyal to a fault.
In all the years I've known you, you've never let me down.
You should be my best man.
What? Miguel is your best man.
He's not even a good man.
I shoulda asked you in the first place.
So why didn't you? I don't know.
I thought the best man was supposed to be a man.
But I trust you more than anyone.
That's way more important.
You better not be doing this because you feel guilty.
Would you just stand up for me? Abso-fucking-lutely.
Long time.
Too busy with that new boyfriend of yours to come down and talk shit with me? What? Word travels.
Well, not fast enough.
We broke up.
Hey, fuck him.
His loss.
Yeah, well I kinda need a favor.
That's what I'm here for.
What you need? All the records you have on my dad's confidential informants.
Your dad? I know it's a big dig, but I just need the female C.
And probably just the attractive ones.
Someone said something to you about harry and one of his C.
'S? His attractive female C.
'S? Why, you know something? What I know is, your dad wouldn't be the first cop to fuck around on his wife.
Look, I know you have a lot of requests, but-- but nothing.
My dad stepped out on my mom.
Woulda cut off his dick if I coulda.
I'll put a rush on it.
Thank you.
Miguel's a night owl and a newly minted bachelor.
No way he's in bed this early.
are you kidding me? I'm not going to sleep.
The way the prados are knocking them back, they're not going anywhere soon.
Just as well.
I have some stalking to do.
- Hotel belvedere.
- Miguel prado, please.
Yes, sir.
I'll connect you right away.
Got it.
- Excuse me.
- Si? Could I get turndown service? Room 138.
Hello? Yeah.
I'm sorry, you're breaking up.
Can I call you back on a landline? Okay, bye.
I'm sorry, that's my boss.
Can you come back later? Oh, si.
- Gracias.
- De nada, senor.
I can park right there.
Use this as my point of entry and make the grab.
I'm in and out undetected.
A life vest? Shit.
He's been back to that hardware store.
He's planning to kill again.
Fucking miguel and his innocent victims.
That's why he's at the bar.
Get ramon blackout drunk so miguel can claim he was here the whole time.
Tonight's the night.
Maria? Lieutenant, dexter here.
Hey, I came across something you'll be interested in.
Kinda has to do with the whole miguel prado, ellen wolf thing you wanted me to look at.
You there? We should meet.
I'll be at the rising moon cafe at 91st and channel at 8:00 P.
I'll try your cell.
- Jesus! - finally.
No, no, no, no, man.
Oh, god.
Okay, okay, I-- I know I-- I crossed the line here.
I know that now.
It doesn't have to come to this.
But it always does.
I had higher hopes for you.
For us.
But I finally just have to accept it.
I'll always be alone.
That's not true.
You talking truth? That's good.
You actually had me believing I could have a friend, 'cause I swallowed your bullshit.
It wasn't bullshit! I tried.
I tried to crack that damn armor of yours.
Because I saw the possibility.
I still see the possibilities.
So this is my fault for being a shutdown? No, I just want you to let me in.
Why the fuck would I do that now? Because I know you.
Dexter, I know you better than anyone else.
No, there've been quite a few who've seen the real me as they laid on that table.
You're all just unchecked versions of myself.
What I would have become without my father's code.
They deserved it! I'm not like them! You are.
Admit it.
- I'm like you.
- No, no, no, no, no, no.
I know I'm a monster.
I accept you.
I accept you, dexter, like a brother.
I killed my brother.
I killed yours too.
Oscar? You? I didn't plan to, but it was kill or be killed.
You! You killed oscar! What did you say in your bachelor party speech? "Friends are always honest.
" Friends forgive.
Friends forgive.
But I don't forgive you.
And I don't get to have friends.
You little freak! You think I'm done with you? You think this ends here? It doesn't! It does for you.
Adios, amigo.