Dexter s03e12 Episode Script

Do You Take Dexter Morgan?

Previously on dexter I can honestly say I know who miguel prado really is.
My first good friend.
We need to go after the root cause.
Blood-Sucking soulless defense attorney ellen wolf! Walk in the park to discredit you counselor.
Try it.
Oh i'm not the one on trial.
Oh you should be.
You should be! This is personal.
Fuck yes this is personal.
And it should be personal for you too.
As my friend.
I'm asking you to do this for me.
Sorry no.
Well then fuck you! Miguel went missing last night.
Ellen's missing this morning.
I hope she didn't get in an accident or something.
He did it.
Miguel really did it.
Wow i didn't get it before miguel But you can't be reasoned with guilted controlled.
This whole back and forth game for leverage is pointless.
That's right! I'll do what i want when i want to whomever i want.
Count on it! Yes we will marry you.
You should be my best man.
What? I trust you more than anyone.
Why are you running your mouth About family business to a god damn stranger? Dexter is not the problem here.
Better keep your fucking hands off of me pendejo ! Ellen wolf's ring.
Ellen wolf was threatening to wreck his career.
He has a black suv and no alibi for the night she died.
You think miguel had something to do with her murder? I found this sample in the back of his car.
While laguerta's deciding I'll be eliminating her problem.
And george king's going to help me.
I'll copy his m.
They won't even look for another suspect.
I am this close to getting my shield And i'm putting it all at risk to be with you! Then debra why are you?! I need for you to seriously think about us.
You've had a bug up your ass about dad for months now.
He didn't cheat on mom.
Who? A c.
Laura moser.
My mother.
I kinda need a favor.
That's what i'm here for.
What do you need? All the records you have on my dad's confidential informants.
George king.
The nicaraguan embassy is still giving me the runaround.
Until we know king's true identity There's not much to go on.
You need to have a long conversation With dexter morgan.
You think i'm done with you? You think this ends here? It doesn't! It does for you.
There are few milestones in life That evoke a stronger response than our final act.
What was once moving speaking killing and threatening Becomes nothing but an empty vessel.
Which is not so different from how i've always felt.
Several patches of skin removed from the uh-- The shoulder area.
Ligature marks on the neck.
Why the fuck would the skinner wanna kill miguel prado? Miguel was after freebo.
King had to figure he knew something.
We all react in different ways to death.
Some like ramon choose anger.
Others cling to ritual.
I know he was your friend.
So if you wanna take a pass on this Nah that's all right.
I got it.
Me i'll play the grieving friend Who buries himself in his work.
You can tell a lot about a person By the friends he keeps.
And this is my best friend.
Good-Bye miguel.
Don't fucking touch my brother.
Let go of my arm.
Come here.
I am going to find out why this happened.
We all want the same thing ramon.
That was awkward.
I don't think i've ever been asked to leave a funeral before.
Ramon didn't ask you to leave he pushed you out the door.
Yeah he was drunk.
I could smell the fumes.
He's just so angry.
He's lost two brothers.
He doesn't know who to blame.
Well certainly not you.
No certainly not me.
How you handling this? Oh you know a lotta different emotions.
I know miguel wasn't the man you thought he was.
But you lost a friend.
You don't have to be so strong.
Can't help it.
Oh poor syl.
She has so much to deal with.
I can only imagine.
She insists we go through with the wedding.
She still wants to come To the rehearsal dinner tomorrow night.
Well Life goes on.
From your mother? Mmm.
She's not coming down.
She started teaching again And can't miss class.
Too bad.
That's my loving mother.
"Let's hope the third one's the charm.
" What's that mean? The kid.
The third kid is the charm.
Cody and astor are charms too.
Like i said that's my loving mother.
Did rita just lie to me? So have you written your vows yet? Not completely.
What should i say? Well you can talk about togetherness Loyalty attraction honesty.
You know i should get home and keep working on them.
You should keep that.
He gave me so much.
Darling rita Once you were a dream and a prayer.
Now our future is as bright as the sun Glinting off the morning dew.
And i vow that i will Sounds like i'm marrying a unicorn.
'Scuse me sir.
You the occupant? Yeah.
I'm detective pratt.
Property manager called us.
They found your door open.
Yeah he called me too.
We're gonna need you to take a good look around And see what's missing.
It's kinda hard to tell.
Your neighbor a ms.
Levin Saw someone hanging around the mailboxes.
Latin kinda burly goatee.
Ring any bells? Ramon prado.
Let me know if you find out anything.
You got it.
Thank you.
Miguel warned you that his death Wasn't gonna be the end of things.
So his plan was to make me hire a housekeeper? Your suit for the wedding.
That's personal.
Ramon prado's like a gut-Shot animal.
You know what to do with a wounded animal.
You put it out of its misery.
I can't kill him.
He doesn't meet the code.
Can't kill him.
Can't ignore him.
I have no intention of ignoring him.
I can use the ring to tie miguel to ellen wolf's murder Threaten to destroy Ramon's sainted brother's reputation forever.
That's enough to get ramon to back down.
Dexter? How are you? Honestly not so great.
I'm sorry is--Is ramon in? No.
He didn't come home with us from the funeral.
Doesn't answer his cell.
He's been on a bender dexter; i have no idea where he is.
I'm really worried about him.
If you hear from him Will you let him know i stopped by? Ramon's blood family doesn't know where he is.
Maybe his blue family does.
Sheriff's department.
Yeah could you put me through To sergeant jessie whitaker please? One moment please.
Gail brandon.
Future mother-In-Law.
While i'm waiting i may as well check into my new partner.
Sergeant whitaker's in the field.
Would you like to leave a message? This is sort of important.
I'm with miami metro homicide.
You think you can track him down? Please hold.
Before she left michigan rita bennet would have been Ritabrandon.
Paul bennet wasn't her first husband.
She was married before at 16.
Ending in divorce six months later.
An impetuous teen marriage.
Which makes me her third husband.
The charm.
The brass is giving us a blank check As far as overtime is concerned Until this man is in custody.
Jorge orozco.
George king.
Affectionately known back home as the blade.
Orozco was a captain In the resistencia nicaraguense.
The contras.
He headed an interrogation unit.
He tortured people for a living.
And killed 'em.
Now this already was a big case.
With miguel prado's murder It's officially huge.
This is whitaker.
Hi my name is dexter morgan.
I'm trying to track down your old partner ramon prado.
Why? I'm a family friend.
Sara told me he's been missing since his brother's funeral.
I figured with his problem and all Gotcha.
Actually i haven't seen him since he left.
I know a few places he used to hang out at.
I mean basically any bar within a ten-Mile radius.
I can give you a few of his favorites if you like.
I'm sure sara would appreciate that.
Yeah i'm sure.
I'd love to help them with george king But i've got a more pressing situation to deal with.
Miguel's wounded messenger.
Morgana minute? Sure sarge.
So it took a couple of months and a lot of wrangling But my budget request finally came through.
Homicide is gonna get a little extra money.
Oh that's great.
We should get one of those crime-Sight imagers.
Have you seen 'em? Their pictures are amazing.
Really? I mean that's what you'd spend it on? 'Cause i was thinking maybe we'd spend it on Adding another detective to our squad.
Maybe somebody who saved the life of a c.
Who id'd our skinner.
I don't know what to say i mean wow.
Thank you.
I put in the recommendation to lieutenant laguerta.
She's just gotta sign the paperwork.
Oh fuck.
Thank you thank you.
We could use it a little joy around here.
Good work.
Thank you.
I got it.
I'm guessing "it" is something good? My detective shield.
Oh big news.
It's gigantic news.
All laguerta has to do is sign the papers and i'm golden.
Well i'm silver.
We should celebrate.
Yeah come on.
I mean later.
I gotta pick up the kids go to the tailor's Oh yeah yeah.
You know dad would be proud.
That still means something no matter how flawed he was.
Yeah look at us.
You're getting married.
I'm making detective.
The morgans are gonna be all right.
I'll see you at the rehearsal dinner.
Yo francis.
Any progress on my dad's c.
Files? Ooh he knew a lot of folks i'll give him that.
Anyone of interest? I haven't culled through everything yet.
Are you sure you want me to? So things are better left in a box.
I justI need put a face on her Uh,you know all the details isn't gonna change In the fact that he was messing around on the sly.
I know.
I'll send 'em up as soon as i can.
Thank you francis.
I need a word.
City council has voted to name the freeway interchange Near my house after miguel prado.
I drive that way every single day.
He was a hero.
To some.
He was a cold-Blooded killer.
He murdered my friend and now he's got an interchange? I'm sorry.
I'm sorry-- You're the only other person who knows the truth.
Maybe it's time we let others in on the secret.
There is nothing to link miguel To ellen wolf's murder Except evidence that was obtained illegally And therefore inadmissible.
I'll find something.
I'll tear his life apart if i have to.
He doesn't have a life anymore.
It's his family you'd have to tear apart.
The community.
The cuban community.
And you still might not be able to prove anything.
So i just keep it a secret.
I hate secrets.
We all have them.
Well then tell me dexter.
How am i supposed to live with this? You just do.
Can i get an everything burrito and a side of beans Maybe a little bit of-- Anton.
You're here.
Yeah i was just um picking up some things from evidence.
My wallet watch chapstick.
I could've brought that to you.
Oh it's cool.
It's cool i got it.
So how you doing? I'm all right.
Oh but-- Looks like i'm gonna get my detective shield.
Debra wow that's great.
Thank you.
That's good.
That's good.
You wanna get some co-- I should probably go.
I'll see ya.
I'll see you.
I stopped at four bars got a new appreciation For how many alcoholics there are in miami.
But still no ramon.
What's up? I just found out from the a.
'S office That they're requesting logs From the anton briggs surveillance detail.
Now i didn't know why until i read 'em.
You slept with our key witness? The a.
'S looking into it? Miguel prado was.
I don't know what the status of it is now.
But it's a conflict.
And you should have given me the heads up.
Especially before i sent My recommendation to laguerta for your shield.
You're gonna spike it now? Laguerta has final say.
But she deserves full disclosure.
Disclosure? Really sarge? Did you disclose that you met gianna Because you were out strolling for a hooker? Where did you hear that? I-- Where'd you hear that? I know someone in vice.
I'm the only one that knows i think.
It's not even that big of a deal.
Fuck fuck! I am sorry.
I'm sorry.
It's just my chickens coming home to roost.
Oh fuck.
I met detective gianna While seeking the comfort of prostitutes.
'Scuse me? I propositioned her.
She revealed to me to be police.
She had mercy on me; she let me off with a warning.
It was a dark time for me.
I completely understand if you wanna pursue a case against me.
As cases go Laying you out for thinking with your dick Is pretty low on my list of priorities.
Actually i was looking for simple human connection.
You're right.
We all have secrets we prefer not to share angel.
Feel free to keep yours in the closet.
Deep in the closet.
Thanks maria.
There's something else you should hear from me Instead of the grapevine.
Angel how--How dark of a time was this? It's regarding my recommendation of debra morgan for detective.
So when you and mom get married What should we call you? Um i think mr.
Handsome Would be a good name.
Is that you ramon? Uh you can call me whatever you want.
I think we'll just call you dexter.
That sounds good.
Following me With kids in my car? Now you're just pissing me off.
Moment of truth.
Stop or get a ticket asshole.
Did you see that dexter? Yeah that's what happens when drivers do stupid things.
Looks like he's okay enough to walk away.
Until i get a hold of him.
This is gonna be a nice dinner.
Thank you for doing this dexter.
Just doing what grooms are supposed to do.
So how are you coming along with your vows? Still working on 'em.
I'm going to lob this in nice and easy.
What kind of vows did you do the first time around? The first time? Well paul and i just recited whatever the pastor said.
Liar liar pants on fire.
Maitre d' said we'd be seated in 15 minutes.
Ramon why don't we go outside and talk about this.
Fuck you.
You don't tell me what to do.
Look these people have nothing to do with this.
This is between you and me right? I should put a bullet in your head.
In front of everybody.
So they can see what it's like to lose someone.
Come on you need to put the gun down Before anyone gets hurt.
Freeze asshole.
Get your hands off me! I will as soon as i get Some of your sheriff buddies down here! Thank you.
They all say the same thing.
"King was a very polite gardener.
I can't believe he's the skinner.
" I hate polite killers.
I heard you took down ramon prado last night.
Yeah the prados must love me.
You gonna eat that? Not anymore thanks.
That was robbery.
There was a hit-And-Run fender bender Involving a stolen car.
Traffic enforcement caught the guy's face.
Guess who.
They're sending a photo over right now.
George fucking king.
God that's definitely him.
Robbery's sending the car in right now.
I'll grab my kit.
We'll tear that car apart.
By the book mr.
If you need us we're right outside lieutenant.
How's it feel ramon? How the fuck does what feel? Wake up sober for the first time in a week.
Like shit.
Yeah that shit's called reality.
It's gonna be life as you know it for a long time.
I'm gonna be outta here in a couple of days.
One last coupon from your famous brother's reputation.
Something like that.
So you don't really have to bother with reality.
That must be nice.
You know what my fucking reality is? Miguel takes me on as a bodyguard And i ask him why.
You know what he says? To protect him from you.
Did he say why? No.
The only one miguel needed protection from was himself.
The man was paranoid.
That's not true.
That's true.
You know it as well as i do.
Look i spent a lot of time with your brother But it wasn't 24/7; i don't know what he was up to When i wasn't around.
Neither does syl neither do you.
What i do know is this You got a really ugly history.
Kidnapping brutality abuse.
You trashed my apartment you followed me.
You put a gun in my face in front of my friends In front of my pregnant fiancee.
Why ramon? What's your endgame? To hurt you.
Until you came into our life everything was fine.
Fine like what? Like oscar's drug problem? Like miguel'sdarkness? What do you know about that? We were close.
Miguel and i.
He told me things.
He told me how he pushed your father down the stairs To protect oscar and you.
And that he enjoyed it.
He fucking told you that? It was me that did that to our father.
Miguel took it from me; made it his story.
Part of his god damn legend.
Miguel always had to be the star.
He got the looks the charm Maybe even the brains but i got the strength.
I spent my whole life trying to hold it together And now it's all gone to shit.
It doesn't have to.
Those cases you're talking about The kidnapping the brutality That was me sweeping up after miguel's fuck-Ups.
He wasn't making my problems go away I was risking my ass to cover his.
I know the frustration the disappointment Of wanting to help your brother and not being able to.
Where's your son right now? Soccer practice.
Your daughter? Preschool.
Where do they think their father is? Sara told them something.
I--I don't know.
Someday your kids will be old enough To see the truth for themselves.
Just like you did with your father.
I know.
I've been there.
The sins of the father go on and on From kid to kid to kid.
Unless someone--You-- Chooses to end them.
I've been there too.
You don't always have to destroy a wounded animal.
Sometimes you just remove the thorn.
Those dark lines Reticulated veins.
Oh holy shit it is skin.
No more like More like leaf.
So the only evidence we got from the car that skinner stole is a frigging leaf? You gotta be fucking kidding me.
Tobacco leaf.
Tobacco? Fuckin'-A wasn't there a-- King's uh former employer What was the name? Thank you vince.
You're welcome.
Cigar company.
What was it called? El royale cigar company.
It's listed on the first tax form Filled out by king in 1992.
Come on let's go.
What do you think? It's great.
Thanks for doing this so fast bruno.
Happy to help.
Now you do that.
And i'll get your shoes.
All right.
Remember what i taught you.
How could i forget? Mom's funeral.
The rabbit Hops over the log.
Your mother would be so proud.
Both of them.
The rabbit crawls under the log.
The rabbit runs around the log One more time Because he's trying to outsmart the fox.
The rabbit Dives through his rabbit hole.
Safe and sound.
Safe and sound.
Safe and sound.
What's this? All we got out of searching the cigar factory.
Total waste of time.
No sign of king? The security guard's there 'round the clock.
No way king gets in or out.
Tomorrow is my wedding day.
Some men would be excited.
Others panicky.
Me? I feelcalm.
What are you doing here on a saturday? I'm just uh reanalyzing some of the evidence From king's stolen car.
Francis you came through.
Glad you're here.
I wanna talk to you.
Oh shit.
I didn't know she was here.
Did i say anything bad about her? You're not the one she's gonna ream.
That's okay.
It seems the a.
Has noticed That your personal and professional lives Are colliding.
All right.
Listen anton wasn't officially a c.
When that happened.
So it was a one-Time thing? No.
Still going on? I'm not sure.
Do you want it to? I don't know.
He could be a key witness in my case.
Doesn't have to be your case.
You know what.
You go ahead.
You take away my case you take away my shield.
I don't care anymore.
Because it wasn't the wrong decision.
I wanted to be with anton.
I still want to be with anton.
And there is no possible way That us being together is a mistake.
Which means you're not Sacrificing your personal life to work.
Good for you.
Congratulations detective morgan.
What? You're one of the smartest hardest working Most annoying pain-In-The-Ass cops In my department.
And you've earned this.
What about the a.
'S ethics probe? The a.
Is dead.
Try one of these.
Ganache frosting.
You hold onto that personal life.
Reminds us what's important.
Such a familiar situation.
Such an unfamiliar perspective.
George king.
So ramon wasn't the only one following me.
I underestimated miguel after all.
This is the part where my fear is supposed to build.
I know his m.
By heart.
But you're not afraid.
I'm not.
I am.
I've been scared of it coming to this your whole life.
A violent end.
I tried to protect you.
And you did.
This is my fault for not trusting you.
Instead i trusted miguel fucking prado.
You did the best you could.
I need you to understand something dexter.
So did i.
The very best that i could.
I hope to be half as good a father to my son.
Your son.
I forgive you.
I've never seen you cry before.
They're not my tears dex.
They're yours.
I know but i've never I've never felt this.
You've never had a son before.
You want to see him come into the world.
To raise him with rita.
To watch him grow up.
To protect him.
I know.
I didn't.
Until now when it's all gonna be taken away.
I wanna be there for him.
I've never wanted anything so much in my life.
Come in.
You're completely different from me.
You're laid-Back And musician-Y andun-Ambitious.
You're like valium.
And you're like red bull.
You are the best thing that has happened to me.
I'm still a witness in your case.
It's not my case.
I recused myself.
You gave up a case--This case? I had a choice.
I chose you.
Your turn.
I've already chosen.
Hold on.
Hold on i'll turn it off.
Wait just uh-- What? George king wasn't at that cigar factory.
Fucking duh but that's not my case anymore.
Why? Well i re-Ran the tobacco That we got from george king's stolen car.
It turns out it's at least a dozen years old.
I called the cigar factory.
They only moved in there three years ago.
Where'd they move it? I know that look.
I've had that look.
He likes control.
Needs it.
So i'll take it away from him.
I killed freebo.
Sorry 'bout that.
I tied him up.
Not unlike this.
Stabbed him in the left carotid artery.
Used his 16-Inch carbon steel Bone saw to separate his limbs.
I don't believe you.
Divided them equally Amongst six biodegradable trash bags.
Which are long gone now Carried north on the gulf stream.
You're lying.
Not now.
No point.
Why would you have done such a thing? Oh i have my excuses and justifications But really i just Need to.
Like you.
You have your excuses Finding freebo getting your money.
But you know he's dead.
You know there's no money.
So really you're just A killer.
A monster.
The stuff of nightmares.
I could kill you now.
If you can convince yourself i'm lying.
That you need to skin me to get information out of me.
You are lying.
You do know where he is.
Miguel prado tell you that? He wanted me dead.
So he used you.
He played on your obsession.
It probably wasn't too hard.
I mean you're a little single-Minded.
Let's hope you're this talk active Once i get my tools.
A wolf would chew off its own paw.
Its survival instinct is that fierce.
So is mine.
Fuck! King's truck 11:00.
Shit! No way i could stop in time ma'am.
He fucking came out of nowhere.
Jesus officer.
He scraped his fucking skin off.
Yeah well what goes around comes around.
And it's detective.
Dexter's here.
He just pulled up.
Oh finally.
Nothing to be concerned about But he kind of had a little accident.
What happened? He took a tumble down some stairs.
Broke his hand.
Oh my god.
Rita he's fine.
He can't wait to get married.
Dexter! Dexter your room is down the hall.
You cannot be in here.
You look You can't see her 'til the wedding.
It's bad luck.
I think i got that one covered sweetie.
Oh baby are you okay? Just embarrassed more than anything.
Sweetheart why don't we go and do your makeup? I'm sorry.
It's okay.
You're not angry? Why would i be? It's not like you broke your hand on purpose.
I'm just glad you're here.
Me too.
All right now go go.
Be ready in a jiffy.
You really do look beautiful.
She wants to hold onto her secret.
And i'm going to respect that.
It seems only fair Given the secrets i keep from her.
We all have secrets.
In that way i'm just like everyone else.
Heard about your little fall.
Are you okay? Yeah i'm fine.
I heard you nabbed george king? Yeah.
Great big scary contra boogeyman Gets surrounded and takes the chicken-Shit way out.
Death by cop.
I'm glad he's the only one who got hurt.
Yeah me too.
Me in a dress.
I feel like a transvestite.
Come here.
Rabbit goes under the log Hops over the log Again Then Through his hole.
Safe and sound.
Just remember cody has your rings.
And don't lock your knees when you're standing up up there.
You'll drop like a god damn stone.
Where are your vows? Right here.
I'm so happy for you.
Just wish dad could be here.
I have a feeling he is.
Enough of this sappy shit.
Let's get you fucking hitched.
I honor you.
I love you.
I marry you.
I promise To be the very best husband And father That i can be.
A completely utterly honest vow.
Dexter Morgan.
Family man.
All my previous attempts at human connection Have ended in well death.
And now i have a partner for life.
How did that happen? Am i drawn to the safety of belonging Or being part of something bigger than me? Either way i'm a married man.
Soon to be a father.
But what do i have to offer a child? Justme.
Demented daddy dexter.
Maybe i'm making the biggest mistake of my life.
But who's perfect? Certainly not me.
Certainly not harry.
Sure i'm still who i was, Who i am.
Question is what do i become? There are so many blanks left to fill in.
But right now at this moment i'm content.
Maybe even Happy.
And i have to admit when all is said and done Life is good.