Dexter s04e01 Episode Script

Living the Dream

~ Dexter S04E01 ~ ~ "Living the Dream" ~ ~ VO by weiserthomas and BlindesHuhn ~ Previously on Dexter That's for sure, I'm pregnant.
What kind of father would I be? After all, I kill people.
Me, demented daddy Dexter.
This child is happening.
But your role in its live is entirely up to you.
Yesterday morning you said, when the case ends, we end.
I thought you understood when we got involved.
I track killers, that's what I do.
A pattern of bodies was identified in Oregon.
My flight leaves tonight.
If you're leaving, we got to work out logistics.
Do you honestly want to go down this path? I don't know if I'm gonna be a father to the kid.
How could you even say you're not gonna be a father to that kid? I mean, where would you be without Harry? Harry knew my mother.
Laura Moser was his informant.
Was he just using her? Was he using me? Dad wasn't perfect, Deb.
What did he do? Did he cheat on mom? Bullshit! Who? I need all the records you have on my dads confidential informants.
Track the female CIs.
Why? You know something? There's a good reason why Quinn's of interest to Internal Affairs.
Internal Affairs was investigating you.
Is there something you're not telling us? - Anton's not officially CI.
- What do you mean? I never filed an arrest report on him.
You are the best thing that has happened to me.
Just sending out my positive intentions to our baby.
Rita, we're connected.
You're what makes me real.
- Please, say yes.
- Yes, we will mary you.
Sylvia has offered to list my house, so we can buy something bigger.
Better hope she doesn't insist on a place with central air.
I was actually thinking I might keep my place.
"No" doesn't really work in a relationship, Dexter.
Every man needs his privacy.
Some more than others.
Is it possible I had actually made a friend? Someone I can trust with my dark secrets? I didn't teach you the code to share with your buddies.
Miguel really did it and I taught him how.
Harry was right.
He used me.
You're all just unshaved versions of myself.
What I would have become without my fathers code.
I could kill you now.
I've never felt this.
You've never had a son before.
You want to see him come into the world.
I never wanted anything so much in my live.
I have moved on from my father.
But I still need his code.
Up right now, live is good.
Dexter Morgan, family man.
Tonight's the night.
The night when a primal sacred need calls to me.
I've waited and waited, but tonight, this night, it's time.
Tonight's the night I finally sleep.
Oh my God! No! Okay, Harrison.
The driving thing didn't work.
The singing thing didn't work.
You planning on both of us not sleeping for another three month? Apparently so.
Okay, I want to take you inside, but I don't want you waking mommy.
Hey! If you could talk you'd tell me not to worry about you, right? No! Please! Please! It's already over.
Marco? Polo! Marco? Polo! There's this cliché, where serial killers are always described as quiet, kept to themself, kind of a loner.
And it's a cliché for a reason.
Has anybody seen my keys? Astor, I asked you to keep it down.
Why do you hate my music so much? No, I don't hate your music.
You don't? Cody, get the hell out of this pool! It's time for school! If I had an iPod you wouldn't have to listen to my stuff.
You want an iPod, earn one.
- Do your chores, unplug your Metal.
- Mom, you're so unfair! Did you get any sleep? An hour and a half maybe.
You've court.
Look, I appreciate that you're in the night shift.
But when you have a big day like today, it's okay to wake me up.
Well, it's kinda on the job training, you know.
All that matters is his father's there for him.
- I cannot find the keys.
- Cody! Astor, the music! You usually let them lie here by the phone.
I know.
- School, clothes, now.
- Sorry.
If you don't get some sleep, it won't be your keys that get lost.
Rather your mind.
I lost it eight years ago.
Dexter Morgan, good suburban husband, happy father of three On paper anyway.
Hey, Dex! What's the news? Too soon to tell.
Dexter! Dex, you forgot your cellphone.
Good morning, Elliot! That's a beautiful day.
More pool time for the kids.
You already took the morning shift, so I'll watch them this afternoon.
Takes a village.
Carpools and swimming pools How much are we living the dream? So much.
Living the dream Hey, um do you think you can tivo John Steward for me? You're thinking about John Steward? Well, he is handsome and funny.
I love you.
Motherfuck me.
Well, that's kinda where this is heading.
No, I'm late for work.
It's a good thing you moved down or I'd never see you.
Well, one of us has to live here.
At least with the crew ship I get to see you every few days.
I went on tour.
I know.
It's okay, I kinda like it.
Keeps you from getting sick of me.
- That's never gonna happen.
- Yeah, because you're never here.
No, because you make me happy.
And what conclusions did you draw from the blood evidence, Mr.
Morgan? I was able to determine the victims movement and direction after the initial blunt force trauma to the head caused by the defendants fist.
How so? I reconstructed err timeline and sequence of events by examining It's here somewhere.
I noticed a passive flow patterned blood stain, approximately 2 meters in length, emanating from the head wound and the sample was consistent with the sample from the defendant's shirt.
You did say "passive flow patterned blood stain".
Quote on quote.
What exactly do your notes say? The blood stain described a passive pooling and flow configuration type 0-negative, matching the sample taken from Leon Etti's shirt.
But this is the Gomez hearing.
Yes, Mr.
The defendant's name is Benito Gomez.
I must have brought the wrong notes.
Do you frequently become confused and disoriented while conducting your spatter analysis, Mr.
Morgan? No, I do not.
We just had a new baby.
Things were a little hectic this morning.
So you're saying that you're sleep-deprived and that it's effecting your judgement? No, it's just a momentary mixup.
Wrong notes, wrong blood type, wrong defendant, wrong case, That's what you call a momentary mixup in a murder trial? I misspoke.
- Fuck it! - Your honor, the witness has just demonstrated how unreliable he is in a court room.
I would have to ask how reliable his work is in the lab or on a crime scene.
Moreover, how reliable is a police department, that they would place so much trust in his expert opinion.
I'm halfway through the CI-files you gave me.
If I were you, I'd spend more time with that man of yours and less time looking for some old CI your daddy might've diddled back in the day.
I meet another one tomorrow.
Maybe then I'll finally get some answers.
Say, you do, then what? Then I'll know, that my perfect fucking father wasn't so fucking perfect.
So that's what? The meaning of live? The meaning of my live.
Hey, buddy.
Guess where I was yesterday.
- Well, I'm not sure - I visited a store.
Wanna take guess what kind of store? - I don't know.
Grocery? - Clothing.
You know me, I'm pretty into that shit.
Got to come correct, you know.
But not yesterday.
- Look, if this is about - Come on, buddy.
Let me finish.
I was at a store helping a lady to pick out a suit for her son.
Know why? Cause he had to be in court, see the guy who killed his old man.
Kid's first fucking suit.
Something a father should be doing.
- I'm sorry.
- Little late for sorry.
- That asshole you let walk - Benito Gomez.
Ah! Now you get it right.
Did you actually see what that fuckhead did? Gomez hit the kid's old man so hard his cheekbone broke, pushing his eyeball up and out of his face.
Then Gomez, sweetheat that he is, kills the guy in front of his own son.
- I know.
- How about this beauty? Gomez did five years for beating his girlfriend so bad even her dentist had a hard time with the ID.
So is your "Sorry" gonna keep Gomez from - pummeling somebody else into Dex's world? - Jesus, chill out, Quinn! No, Deb, he's right.
I screwed up in court today.
Gomez walked.
This one's on me.
That means so much.
Why don't you hold on to this for me, ok, buddy? I'm sick of looking at him.
You screwed up? Big time.
Should I be worried? No, I'll be okay.
Maybe it's Benny Gomez who should be worried.
And good solve on the Reynolds case, guys.
Next up, chief's office wants Anything I can do to keep that angry Irish off your ass, let me know.
You're a real friend, Vince.
Quinn is a good cop.
I need a good kill.
And sometimes one just falls into your lap.
We got a body in Kendall.
Morgan, Quinn, you're up.
And Dexter, there's blood.
Lots of blood.
Talk about your blood bath.
Tough room.
Okay, femoral artery severed.
She bled out in minutes.
- Suicide? - No weapon on the premises.
The coroner can suck my uncircumsized dick if he doesn't rule this as a homicide.
It's way too much information, Masuka.
Employment ?records? show she just got promoted to sous-chef.
A total babe and she could cook.
Had it all going on.
Then this.
It's a very well organized crime scene.
The assailant took his time, cleaned up after himself.
Obviously doesn't have kids.
Keep an eye on our expert witness.
In case our girl's parents actually want to see someone go to jail for doing this to their daughter.
Christine Hill, Florida Journal Dispatch.
And? And was Miss Bell the only victim? Who gave you her name? I searched the address on this thing called the internet.
What can you tell me about the murderer? Suspects? Murder? Suspects? We still haven't officially ruled out suicide.
So it's pills? No.
Then she bled out.
Women pretty much only do one or the other.
Do me a favor, if you break this case before we do, give me a call.
It's Detective Joseph Quinn.
Miami Metro, extension 3734.
Cell number? Nice touch, Joseph.
Damnit! Can anyone fill up the fucking water thing? - Tough crime scene? - No.
I know of nothing.
You know, when things are going good, I think that's God's way of saying to cover your ass because something is gonna jump up and bite it.
Well put.
You and Anton are doing okay? Like on what? Any sign your ass is gonna get bit? None.
So this is you just making yourself crazy? That's kind of what I do.
What? It's just that I've taken that trip a thousand times before.
- And? - And knock it off.
Is that an order, boss? Just some free advice from someone who has been there before.
Hey, did you ever go out with that guy that Anton wanted you to meet? Musicians, not really my dream.
He owns a restaurant.
Three of them.
Cuban restaurants.
What the fuck is wrong with musicians? That came out wrong.
What makes you think a Cuban restaurant matters? That came out wrong too.
I'm not looking for anyone new anyway.
But when and if I'll let you know.
Finally, peace and quiet.
No crying baby.
No Marco.
No Polo.
Just me and blood.
And Mister Benito Gomez.
Hard to find a ?lock stock? boxer like you.
Trailer park.
Great, kids, neighbours.
More kids.
Sounds like my world.
But this, the only still open for business establishment in a lonely strip mall.
That's kinda calling to me.
This feels good.
Hey, you.
Hey, Dex.
You're alone? Yeah, why? Well, Harrison won't go down for his nap.
Surprise, surprise.
You think maybe you could sing to him? You bet.
I will gonna put you on speaker.
Oh beautiful for spacious skies, for amber waves of grain, for purple mountain majesty, above the fruited plain! America! America! God He's finally calming.
Thank you, Dexter.
I love you.
Me too.
First up today finish the Lisa Bell blood work.
Tonight, a little Benny Gomez recon.
Then go home and sing the last 95 verses of "America, the beautiful" to my baby son.
Who knew live can get so unsimple? I can deal.
I can deal.
Yo, Quinn.
Boobs plus drinks equals Tell you, boy, I can't.
Got a date.
How about you, Morgan? Stud-muffin still out of town? It's tempting, Masuka.
Anyhow again, fuck off and die, - and die again.
- So that's a no? I'm feeling no love here, folks.
Then it's working.
Hey, slacker! Half-day? This is me leaving, Vince.
I do it everyday.
But everyday wasn't like today.
What you went through? Come on! Drinks are all on me.
And it'll cheer you up! I'm not uncheered.
Yeah? Tell that to your face! I'm going home to my family.
Vastly overrated.
Just got a call from robbery.
Some guy in his honeymoon took a shot in the head.
Grave condition, they're pulling the plug tomorrow.
Nice fucking wedding gift.
Yeah, the file is gonna land on my desk first thing in the morning.
And robbery has got squad.
It's gonna be a total goat fuck.
It sounds like you need a drink, papi.
You know what, Vince? I can use a Cuevo or ten.
My dark passenger is like a trapped coal miner, always tapping, always letting me know it's still in there, still alive.
Quinn's legwork may have shown me where to find our friend, but this, Benny My bloodwork is the stuff that seals your fate.
No security cameras, parks away from the lights, You just come and go as you please.
But as of tomorrow night, those days are over.
I wasn't sure you actually come by.
I did my face-time with Masuka and then I came to where I really wanted to be.
Tell me again this isn't crazy.
Yeah, it's crazy.
Crazy good.
Keep shooting.
He's so sweet, when he is sleeping.
Pure and innocent.
Well, then we grow up, things happen.
Nothing's gonna happen.
Not when he has a great dad watching over him.
Yeah, he's a lucky guy.
Astor! - Mom! - Turn that down! We wouldn't have this problem, - if you would just give me an i - This is not how you go about getting an iPod.
Now since you woke your brother up, you can walk him around in the living room until he falls asleep.
- But he never sleeps! - Think about that next time.
Here you go.
You'd like an iPod, wouldn't you, little Harrison? Why not just end the terror and give her an iPod? No, it's a power play.
She is trying to manipulate us to get what she wants.
That's not how it works in this family.
Oh, right.
Of course.
Cody? No more Marco Polo in the mornings.
- But it's important! - So is being ready for school.
When I grow up I wanna be just like you.
Do what I want, when I want.
You and me both.
I wanna be just like you.
- Marco? - Polo! Great time last night, huh, Angel? What? ?Give it to? you'd fuck that stripper.
Get to work, gentlemen.
What's got into her? What is this? "Extreme Home Makeover, Forensics Edition"? When I first passed through, I found some blood that didn't belong to the victim.
Possible DNA from the Killer? Don't think so, the sample was pretty degraded.
And what's the source? Not sure yet.
Coming from you, why does that not surprise me? You know he's my brother, right? Found something.
It's blood.
Whole pattern.
Not an incidental spatter from the recent murder.
This is something else entirely.
Where is it from? Bathtub.
So, you're taking an already extremely difficult case ?including? it with your what, 'theories'? I didn't put the blood there.
And according to you neither did our killer.
Joey, why don't we step outside, that the geeks get their geek on? Okay, I gotta be somewhere, so see if you can work things down around here without going all asshole on my brother, okay? Blood tells.
Blood always tells.
How is my favorite blood spatter analyst? Uh, great.
How is my favorite serial killer hunter? You just missed Deb.
Actually I'm here to see you.
- Oh.
- Database has a girl killed here recently.
Severed femoral artery? Pretty brutal.
Crime scene telling you anything? Not much.
Killer was careful, right? Immaculate.
Well, you're in the middle of something here, I I don't want to interrupt.
Mind if I drop by the station later? Sure, not a problem.
Good seeing you again, Dexter.
Shit! Hello detective.
Why don't you come in? I'm here to talk about Harry Morgan.
I'm his daughter, Debra.
Debra Morgan.
Handsome Harry Morgan.
How is he? He died a while back.
Life does tend to suck.
Did you and my father have a good relationship? No.
Your father was a driven man.
He saw something he wanted, nothing got in his way.
Are you talking about women? Women, bad guys, anything, anyone.
Harry always said, the only word, that wasn't in his vocabulary, was 'No'.
Did you say no to him? Dear.
I said yes.
All the time.
Hundreds of times.
Only problem was Only problem was what? I was saying yes to a question he never asked.
So you didn't have an affair with my father? I don't know who you're looking for, honey, but it ain't me.
Shut down for decades, way out of town.
I'm liking this.
Broken down box room, broken down arena.
A fitting place for a punk like Benny Gomez to go down for the con.
Where've you been? - Looking for misery.
- No upside to that.
So I'm fucking learning.
That's all we got on the groom.
Plug was pulled 4:45 this morning.
It's all your's.
A man's life and death reduced to a few - What do you call them? - Bytes.
A few bytes.
Just like that.
With this economy, last thing our city needs is dead tourists.
Hey, "Welcome to Miami.
Have a nice day.
" - Is that our tourist, sergeant? - It is, lieutenant.
Okay, the mayor has already given me an aneurism over this one, so - make it a quick solve.
- Okay.
So, whatever happened between you and that Barbara Gianni from vice? We broke up.
Wanted different things.
Office romances doom before they fucking start.
Do you mind if I ask her out? Knock yourself out.
The perfect husband would have gotten rid of his old appartment, but I kill people.
Not exactly the perfect husband.
Someone new is moving in.
Be nice.
The land, the time and "Florida Electric" forgot.
Look at this place! All the cheering, all the triumph, all the blood, all for sport, until tonight.
Keep at it, Benny, and you'll be feeling no pain.
Better that way.
Tell me you got a reason for sleeping alone in your car outside a bar other than you're drunk.
I'm tired.
License and registration please? Sorry about this, officer, it's not what it looks like.
You're with homicide? Yes, sir.
Then you ought to know better.
Get out of the car, please.
- You know your ABC? - Of course I do.
Give me 'em backwards.
Z, Y, X, W V, U, T, S, R, Q P, O, N, M, L, K - Shut up already.
You're not drunk yet.
Damn it, Benny! I can't go chasing after you with a cop up my ass.
You got more important places to be, Mr.
Tell me about it.
Thought you were working late.
So did I.
Baby is down.
You know what that means? Sleep.
- Sex! - Oh.
And I'm not talking the ?diminished?, frantic, the kids are asleep sex.
but slow, hot, steamy, naughty sex.
No, look, I'm feeling too tired.
Dexter, ever since the move and the baby - we have slept zero time together.
- Yeah.
Well, aren't you as horny as I am? Of course I am.
Very well, just close your eyes.
Maybe I can squeeze in a power nap.
Okay, open.
Or not.
I was saving this for when we finally got some real time alone, and, and, tonight is the night.
It's alright, I'll go.
You've already done so much.
Look at that.
Yeah, who's a good boy? Who's a good boy? Yeah.
Wanna know a secret? Daddy kills people.
Well, bad people.
Not really anybody else I can tell about that, you know? Daddy's not going anywhere, buddy.
I already lost my innocence, I'm not gonna sacrifice yours, too.
"Triple Red Eye", please.
It's your third one today, bro, I feel if you're not backing, You're tempting the heart gods.
Least of my worries, bro.
Brought you a copy of my article.
Think you'd do a dumb cop not knowing the paper.
Thank you, some I've read.
I never miss the obituaries.
Front page.
Yeah, I do what I can.
My editor okayed to follow up, you got anything for me? Would, if I could, but I got nothing.
Besides, off the record, we got bigger fish to fry.
What kind of fish? Off the record.
You know those pricks who've been shaken down tourists? The vacation robbers? No, the vacation murderers.
They shot some poor newly wed.
Didn't make it, so we're more than a little distracted.
You want another distraction? I'd love to take you out for a drink.
You know, to thank you for your help with the bathtub story - I'm so not hitting on you.
- Yeah, me neither.
Let's make it dinner.
I've got the bloodwork back from the bathroom do-over.
Did you run it through the database? No point.
The bloody swab shows shit all on the DNA front.
Our chances of finding out who it belongs to are about uh one in six fucking billion? What was Lisa Bell's adress? Well, the DNA won't tell us who it belonged to, maybe the adress.
Vicky Noonan, 22, found in the bath tub, bled out.
An incision to her thigh.
What are the chances of that? What are the chances of what? Special agent Lundy.
Vincent Masuka, if memory serves.
That's right.
LFI on the PHB.
You're working a case, right? - Feds need us to - Mind if I speak with Dexter? Uh, well, I go to records and get the write-up on Noonan.
Just doing my job.
He's right.
About? Why I'm in Miami.
It is a case.
Yeah, i figured.
So why do you need me of the full resources of the FBI? Not anymore.
I'm retired.
Their loss.
Yeah, well.
I fish, travel and now I have the time to track down the one twisted son of a bitch who got away.
So, who is the twisted son of a bitch? I call him the trinity killer.
Kills in threes.
Been doing it all over the country for years.
Problem is, I can't prove he exists.
Law enforcement doesn't talk to each other.
So no one at the FBI is even on board.
Just me, and I'm looking for a break.
- Then this happens.
- Lisa Bell.
Her murder profile fits the previous victims.
Trinity is in Miami, Dexter, starting his cycle all over again.
No! No! No! How far back do your cases go? About fifteen years.
The house and room, where Lisa Bell was murdered, was the site of a very similar homicide thirty years ago.
Take a look.
No! No! Always come full-circled.
He's back where his ?coming? began.
Thirty years.
You know, what this means? Trinity is the most successful serial killer, who would ever get away with it.
What? I'm fine.
Can't wait to see you.
Anton, I have to go, I have a meeting.
Hello, Debra.
Motherfucking fuck.
Nice to see you too.
What are you doing here? Are you here on a case? Actually I'm retired now.
Yet you're here.
Life has a natural forward momentum.
Certain things are inevitable.
Like you, making detective.
- Congratulations.
- Thanks.
I never had any doubt.
So, how long will your foward momentum keep you in Miami? Not sure exactly.
Be seeing you.
I guess, I maybe I mean, I don't know.
Big plans this evening, sergeant? The usual, lieutenant.
Hey, guys.
Drinks? I had Benny Gomez on the ropes and let him slip away.
No way I can go to that bar again.
Officer Alphabet made sure of that.
Which means I grab Benny, where he lives.
A higher degree of difficulty, but I don't have a choice.
If I wanna be around for my son, I have to do this right.
I'm killing for two now.
What do you want? You.
Look at him.
Fast asleep.
Lucky guy.
I know you.
I'm the blood guy.
You've made a lot of people very miserable.
Me included.
So now Because now I get to answer live's big question.
My live anyway.
Can I do it? Can I have it all? Ah, shit! Hello? Dexter, I need you to go to an all night pharmacy right away.
I'm kinda in the middle of something.
Harrison has an ear infection.
He's in a lot of pain, Dexter.
Whatever you're doing can wait.
Oh, right, my mistake.
I wasn't thinking.
I'm on my way.
Kids Got to go.
No time to savor this.
The clock's ticking.
Well, this is all about sacrifice, the good of the family.
Maybe the night wasn't perfect.
Maybe I need to reboot the way I do things.
But at least I'm on the right road.
I'm on my way to taking care of my family, raising my son, and all the while doing what I have to do to satisfy a calling that I can't ignore or deny.
I can do this.
Dexter! You don't need to sleep! You need to wake up!