Dexter s04e02 Episode Script

Remains to Be Seen

- previously on dexter Dexter morgan.
Good suburban husband.
Happy father of three.
Living the dream.
Want to know a secret? Daddy kills people.
- i'm halfway through the c.
files you gave me.
Maybe then i'll finally get some answers.
- tell me again this isn't crazy.
- crazy good.
Some guy on his honeymoon took a shot in the head.
Grave condition.
They're pulling the plug tomorrow.
- last thing our city needs is dead tourists.
- brought you a copy of my article.
My editor okayed a follow-up.
you got anything for me? I'd love to take you out for a drink.
- let's make it dinner.
- dexter.
- how's my favorite serial-killer hunter? - are you here on a case? - actually i'm retired now.
Now i have the time to track down The one twisted son of a bitch who got away.
- so who is the twisted son of a bitch? - i call him the trinity killer.
Kills in threes.
Been doing it all over the country for years.
Trinity's in miami, dexter, Starting his cycle all over again.
- vicky noonan, 22, found in the bathtub.
- 1979? - but this is the gomez hearing.
- yes, mr.
The defendent's name is benito gomez.
- i must have brought the wrong notes.
- wrong notes, wrong blood type, Wrong case.
That's what you call a momentary mix-up In a murder trial? - that asshole you let walk? - benito gomez.
- ahh! now you get it right.
- quinn's legwork may have shown me Where to find our friend, But this, benny, My bloodwork is the stuff that seals your fate.
- fuck you want? - you.
Shutdown for decades way out of town.
A fitting place for a punk like benny gomez To go down for the count.
Tonight's the night i finally Sleep.
[tires squealing] [crash] - hang in there, buddy.
we got you.
[indistinct radio chatter] [indistinct chatter] [siren wails] [tires squeal] [siren wails] - do you know where you are? - ambulance.
what happened? - you were in an accident.
- [grunts] - benny.
- sir, we found something in your car.
- benny gomez is in there.
- you're okay.
- a bag.
Says "pediatric" on it.
Thought you might need to take it with you.
- where are they taking my car? - just relax.
they'll take care of it.
- i have no idea where it's going.
If someone-- when someone finds what's in back - it's never as bad as it looks.
- oh, i'm pretty sure this is worse.
[siren wails] - what's your name? - dexter morgan.
- you know who the president is? - barack obama.
- your pupils are dilating normally, Which is the good news.
Bad news is that you've sustained a concussion.
What's the last thing you remember? - working late.
My wife Asked me to pick up some medicine for our son.
He's been sick.
I haven't been sleeping well.
I must have dozed off at the wheel.
- so you don't remember the accident? - no.
I don't even remember getting in the car.
- short-term memory loss is common For this type of injury.
Can also effect your judgment, cause confusion, Disorientation.
- i just need a good night's sleep, i think.
- not for the next 12 hours.
Any type of head trauma, we want To keep the patient awake.
I'd like to keep you here for observation.
- not an option.
My wife's a registered nurse.
She'll keep an eye on me.
- you got whacked pretty good, mr.
You need to be monitored.
I'll get your admission paperwork going.
Be right back.
- dexter! Oh, my god! - [grunts] - are you all right? - i'm fine.
It's just a little fender bender.
- the nurse said they brought you in an ambulance.
An ambulance, dexter.
- no, it's just a liability thing.
Doc says i'm good to go.
- [sighs] i raced over here.
Look at me.
I'm wearing two different shoes.
Sure you're okay? You look so pale.
- [scoffs] hospitals.
They give me the creeps, which is why I want to get out of here.
- i was so scared.
- it's okay.
i'm fine.
Come on.
Let's go.
I got to get ready for work.
Aspirin, caffeine, whatever it takes.
If i fall asleep, it's over.
And i'm not talking concussion.
If they find benny in my car, it's lethal injection time.
- cody, you butt-breath, stay away from my stuff! - if ever there was a reason to take a personal day, This is it.
- i'm okay.
But i love having someone to worry about me.
- good, 'cause that's exactly what i'm doing.
- who else needs a kiss? - i'm good.
- how about a hug? - oh! - what's the matter? - uh, just a little sore from the accident still.
- you got in an accident? - anyone die? - just a little fender bender.
No one died.
[horn honks] There's my cab.
- dexter, why can't you just call in? - and what? take a vacation day? I'd rather do that when we can all go to disneyworld.
- disneyworld! [horn honks] - i'm fine.
I got to go to work.
And i need one slow day at the job Where nobody gets murdered.
I already have a killer to clean up after.
- hay cafe con leche in the kitchen.
- i'll grab some at work.
Got to make sure to get there before you do.
- don't want to arouse suspicion.
- mmm.
Speaking of arousing - you keep this up, there goes your head start.
- [chuckles] What if we showed up together, hmm? What's the worst that could happen? Better get to the station.
- yeah, i should get in the shower.
You've got a ten-minute head start.
- make it 20 just to be safe.
You should Leave your hair down.
It's beautiful.
- yes, ray's tow yard, - dexter? Car trouble? - i--little accident.
It's my fault.
i'm a knucklehead.
- you got a minute? I'd like to pick your brain.
- i need to get over to the motor pool Before they run out of loaners or something.
I need to pick up.
- not a problem.
i'll walk with you.
- uh yeah, i do have a minute.
- just want to follow up on that crime scene investigation From the other day.
Lisa bell? - lisa bell? - the girl in the bathtub.
- right! uhof course.
The trinity killer's most recent victim.
- if my theory holds.
You sure you're okay? - i'm just, uh, tired.
long night.
What can i tell you about lisa bell? - you run across any hair or fiber In that second blood sample you found? - nothing yet.
- really is kismet, you know? - [sighs] kismet? - fate.
I mean, if trinity had struck in buffalo Instead of miami, i wouldn't have access To a blood guy of your caliber.
- well, thanksfor that.
But the person that you should really be talking to Is my sister.
She's lead on lisa bell.
- see? Already putting good ideas in my head.
- [chuckles] More like self-preservation.
Last thing i need right now is frank lundy, Rock star fbi profiler Standing between me and benny gomez.
No crime scene tape, no coroner's van.
That bodes well.
Unless s.
's lying in wait for me.
Ah! The bag's still there.
wait, a bag.
Not the six it takes to hold a body.
My kill tools.
If they're here and benny isn't, He must have been thrown from the car.
[tires squeal and car crash] I have to get to the crash site.
[cell phone rings] Shit! Shit! Morgan.
- dexter, i need you at a crime scene.
Someone found the body.
- oh, you make it sound so easy.
- vizcaya reef hotel.
- just one murder-free day, miami.
That's all i asked for.
On my way.
- okay, i need you there asap.
This is high priority.
- one stop first.
higher priority.
If that one stop doesn't give me benny gomez, I'll be running out of options.
- all right, let's get moving.
Yale, soderquist, morgan, quinn - sarge, i'm working a lead on the lisa bell case.
I have to-- - where the hell's quinn? [elevator bell dings] - here.
i'm here.
- not for long.
Another tourist caught a bullet.
You do what you have to do with the bell case, But check in, we may need you at the hotel.
- okay.
- you came up with something on our case? - yeah.
While you were looking for your panties On some chickie-do's floor.
Frances, hey, deb.
Were you able to pull anything up On that 30-year-old homicide i was asking you about? Perp's name's eddie noonan.
can you bring it up? Thanks.
- [sniffs] My keen forensic sense of smell Tells me you're wearing a perfume.
Anything to do with the return Of one special agent frank lundy? - i already have a boyfriend Who happens to be coming back in town tonight.
And if you smell me again, i'll punch you in the throat.
[door opens] - so much for keeping these shootings low profile.
- "a string of robberies turned deadly "in what authorities are now calling 'the vacation murder'.
" - imagine how thrilled the mayor is This thing had a brand name.
- wait till he hears it's "vacations murders," plural.
- jesus.
Does anyone know this christine hill? - we might have met a few times.
- well, see if you can get her to tone down The creative writing, okay? I'm gonna need an arrest here soon.
- don't worry, i'm on it.
- actually, i'm on it.
I told the mayor i'd take lead on this case.
- okay.
- no reflection on you, sergeant.
- it's your call, lieutenant.
- you are so boning this reporter.
- shut the fuck up.
- guys, vamanos, we got a crime to solve.
- you here to lend a hand? - more like find one.
If those body parts were thrown from the car, Locating them is a matter of-- - velocity and trajectory.
Should be right around here.
- just imagine if harrison had been-- - he wasn't.
- if your ritual hadn't been interrupted To go pick up meds for harrison-- - you saying he's to blame for this? - i'm not.
- [shudders] - dizzy? - [sighs] I'm fine.
- unless you can't find benny gomez.
Those bags aren't here, dexter.
What did you do with his body? - rita called about harrison and Everything else is just fog.
- come on, dex.
- [snorts] - where is benny? - i don't know.
[cell phone rings] [keypad beeps] Fucking dead people.
- everything we've got on noonan's Evidence logs, witness statements.
Plea agreements in there too.
- frances - mmm? - if i hadn't already gone through that phase in college, I'd kiss you.
- so why are you interested In a murder that happened while you were in diapers? - a guy kills his wife while she's taking a bath We found a new victim a few days ago at, Get this, his old address.
A coincidence? i think fucking not.
- you forgetting something? Your father's old confidential informant folders Aren't gonna re-file themselves.
- sorry.
Susannah coffey.
another blast from the past.
- hmm, was she at least useful? - only as a reminder to wear sunblock.
But i'm still waiting on a few call backs From some other names on the list, But so far, i'm starting to think Maybe i fucked around more than my old man did.
- just work the scene.
Don't raise flags.
Just work the scene Then get the hell to the boxing arena.
[indistinct radio chatter] - get those news trucks out of here.
I got a coroner's van coming through.
- copy that.
- hey, joey.
- this is an active crime scene, ma'am.
I'm gonna need you behind that tape.
- "ma'am"? - your article, "vacation murder"? - "murders" now, it seems.
- see, how am i supposed to talk to you When i got to watch everything i say? - which means you do still want to talk to me? - yeah, i do.
- good.
'cause i like talking to you.
Amongst other things.
- those things are good, but we got To have some ground rules.
- quinn, i need you to run an inventory On the victim's personal effects.
- i'm on it, boss.
- stay back here, ma'am.
You know better.
- [sighs] Your timing sucks.
- what have we got here? - shot from behind as he was coming in the room.
Caught a medium-caliber bullet in the back of the neck.
- empty wallet, watch missing, drawer's empty.
- someone figured out it's easier to rob People who are dead first.
- directional swipe pattern of one of the assailant's shoes Shows he went that way.
- okay, angel, start a canvass.
Guests, employees, security cameras.
- already handled.
- next of kin will have to be notified.
- got it, if you're good with that, lieutenant.
- you got your hands full here.
I'll deal with it.
- what's up with the boss lady taking lead on your case? - chain of command is there for a reason, vince.
Just do your god damn job.
- [groans] - dude, your gills are green.
You gonna blow? - uh, i need to get some air.
[sighs] don't have time for this.
Are we blood? - join you? - 1:00.
some things-- Holy-what-the-fuck is that? - sushi.
- what happened to the daily cucumber sammy? It retire along with the rest of you? - all that cream cheese wasn't exactly Helping my cholesterol.
- [scoffs] I'm sorry.
this is too fucking weird.
- i can get a sandwich if it makes you more comfortable.
- no, it's This.
I haven't seen you, spoken to you, Or exchanged so much as a fucking christmas card With you in two years.
Now all of a sudden you're in miami Holding a pair of chopsticks without so much As an email saying, "hey, remember me? "we used to fuck.
i'm coming to town.
You want to grab lunch?" I mean, seriously.
what the fuck? I know.
same old mouth.
- not without its charm.
- really? That's all you have to say to me? - i should have let you know i was coming to miami.
This task force they're trying to put together Is hush-hush.
Plus i knew you'd be busy, What with making detective and all.
- yeah, well, tell me about it.
I have a suspect en route.
- the lisa bell case? - what do you know about lisa bell? - only what your brother's told me.
- well, "check this," she brags.
We found another murder.
Same m.
, same address, Same fucking bathtub.
A guy was convicted.
He's back out in the world.
So how do i not like him for slicing up lisa bell? - sounds like he deserves a good hard look.
- i had patrol pick him up.
Should be here any minute.
- mind if i tag along? - to the interview? - i'd like to see detective morgan in all her glory.
- sounds like someone's bored with retirement already.
- here you go.
thanks very much.
Keep the change.
Come on, guys.
Come on, boys.
- oh, sorry, sir.
It was an accident.
- it's okay, kiddo.
It happens.
What is that, strawberry? - uh, bubble gum gelato.
- how, uh repulsive.
[chuckles] You better catch up with your mom.
You don't want to lose her.
- just had to find blood, didn't you? - it is my job.
- and you've got a family to support And people to dismember.
You're spinning too many plates, dexter.
- the sooner i wrap this up, The sooner i get to the boxing arena.
- you might want to give some thought As to what happens when somebody else Finds that body.
- [sighs and clears throat] - manager's on his way to open the safe.
- what's the date of birth on his passport? - 5/5/72.
[keypad tones] - [sighs] geez.
- don't sweat it, quinn.
I've got much bigger things to worry about.
- i filled in the lieutenant on what we found.
- "we"? - dude, there's no "me" in "team.
" Well, technically there is, but-- - blood deposit on the yucca On the assailant's escape route.
He probably scraped himself.
- does that mean we have his dna? - i'll run it through the database Soon as i get back to the lab.
- go.
You, come with me.
- i'm going Just not where you think.
- you were convicted of killing your wife back in '79.
Sliced open her femoral artery.
She bled to death in your bathtub.
- do i need to talk to a lawyer? - at this point, we're interviewing you To get more or less an expert opinion.
- see, your case bears an uncanny resemblance To a case we're working on now.
Same m.
a la that femoral artery.
Same house.
- same everything.
- no fucking way.
- yes fucking way.
Sort of puts you at number one, person-of-interest-wise.
- i didn't kill my wife.
- oh, no? You're just another innocent man behind bars For no good reason.
- the fucking deck was stacked Before i walked into that courtroom In a death penalty state.
- you copped to doing the deed.
You took the deal.
- i did my time and i moved on.
- you moved on to lisa bell.
- who is lisa bell? - the young lady that you killed last monday night In your old house.
Whatever sick fucking poetry you find in that.
Tell us what you did, mr.
- it was muggy for so late at night.
And vicky, my wife Wanted to cool off in the tub, so I went out to score some shit and i came back.
And i found her.
[weeping] - i wish i could buy the tears.
I just I can't get there.
- monday night i was working a swing shift At the homeless shelter in allapatah Hosing piss off the sidewalk From the folks waiting to get inside Until 8:00-fucking-a.
- we'll call the homeless shelter.
Verify your story.
- one, the guy's a train wreck.
Two, he's a total slob, he smells like a sewer, And his fingernails are disgusting.
- our killer's meticulous.
Zero dna left at the crime scene.
- obviously you caught his case of the shakes.
- given his rehab history, i'm voting dts.
- and lisa bell was cut with surgical precision.
- so, detective morgan Are we in agreement here? - violent agreement Retired special agent lundy.
- if noonan didn't kill lisa bell, Why is the m.
the same as his wife's murder? - copycat? - of an obscure - do we think noonan's telling the truth That he didn't kill his wife? - i believe we do.
- shit.
- i have a theory i'd like to run by you.
We could grab dinner, review the case, Maybe catch a bad guy.
- iuh Okay, i guess.
Um, i've got to cut noonan loose And make sure he talks to a lawyer.
If our side railroaded him into that plea bargain, He could have one fuck mother of a case.
- you have a good heart, debra.
Pick you up around 8:00? - yeah, so i'll-- Yes.
- the boxing arena's at the next off ramp, But i still have miles to go before i sleep.
Bits and pieces.
Memory fragments.
All i have from last night.
Looks like i got the job done.
I was off my game.
With harry's code ingrained in me, Cleaning a kill room should be automatic.
The code.
Etched into my memory to ensure survival.
What would i do if i couldn't properly dispose of a body? I'd hide it.
I investigate crime scenes all the time.
But this one My crime scene It's giving me nothing.
Damn it.
Track it.
Where did i go from here? The pharmacy.
Harrison's ear ache medicine.
The only stop i made before the crash.
The only stop i remember.
- if you thought you were coming right back, Not a bad hiding place.
- why are you wearing those? - this is the way i was dressed the first time we met.
Your mother's murder was the last time Your memory was a blank.
Why do you suppose that is? - not in front of my baby! no! [screaming] - because not remembering saved me.
- and now if you want to save yourself, You have to remember.
If you don't fix this screw-up, Harrison's only memory of his father Will be of you behind bars.
- it's not a screw-up.
I just can't remember.
Got to check today's incident reports.
Make sure benny's body hasn't surfaced.
It's in this city somewhere.
- thanks for meeting me here.
The sooner we get an estimate and file a claim, The sooner my husband gets his car back.
- well, that much damage, i wouldn't even try To talk you into fixing it.
- i thought it was a fender bender.
- well, i'm sure there's a bent fender Somewhere in this mess.
- oh, my god.
- everybody got off easy on this one.
Your husband, my company.
He should count his blessings.
- yes, he should.
- hey, buddy.
you lose something? - there's an understatement.
Can't find my i.
- use mine to buzz you in.
- all right.
- look, the other day after court, I was totally out of line going off on you like that.
Gomez is the criminal, not you.
- no, not me.
- plan on having a heart-to-heart With the prick when i find him.
- benny? - yeah, want him to know he's still on my radar, But he's been laying low.
[door buzzes] - look, can we do this another time? My password.
- access denied, dex.
- i can't even remember my own password.
- i'm here to help.
- h-a-r-r-y.
Thanks, dad.
Bank hold-up.
Alligator in backyard.
Kidnapped three year old found safe.
But no body parts turning up.
[sighs] From boxing arena, to pharmacy, to the crash.
What am i missing? - girl scout cookie time again? - no, i froze them in case of emergency.
- what's the emergency? - frank lundy.
I haven't heard from him in, like, forever, And then he shows up out of the blue For some hush-hush task force and wants to know All about my case.
Not to drag you into my shit.
- drag away.
In this boys' club, who else you gonna talk to? - this is about him trying to get next to me.
- maybe, but you do have a boyfriend.
- hell yeah, i do.
A good one.
And i'm really fucking happy.
- can i make a suggestion Before you eat the box too? If there is still something, anything, Between you and lundy-- - there's so not.
- closure will set you free.
Does my hair look better up or down? - down definitely.
- thanks.
- okay, benny, i got to find you Before anyone else does.
Better fucking start all over again.
Nothing on the dna results from the blood on the cactus.
No match in the database.
- hang on.
no one's going anywhere.
- oh, shit.
- listen up, guys.
Everyone working the vacation murders, I'm holding over your shift until further notice.
Call home, let your people know they'll see you When they see you.
- quinn, my office.
I'm gonna ask you if we have a problem And i expect the truth.
- look, lieutenant, what happened at the hotel, It's not what you think.
- detective I'm not gonna tell you who to date.
It's none of my business.
But you should know there's no such thing As off the record with reporters.
So watch the pillow talk with that woman.
- not a problem, lieutenant.
Talking isn't what we do best anyway.
- debra? I thought i was picking you up.
- i need to clear some things up And i owe you nothing less than complete transparency.
- want anything? Tea? water? - i don't want to mislead you.
And i certainly don't want to hurt you.
It's just that what i have with anton, It's great.
It's really fucking great and we live together.
And It's great.
Andfor the first time in so long, I'm actually Happy.
No offense.
- you sure you don't want something to drink? - did you not hear a word i just said? - everything's great.
- exactly.
So if you've come back here to Rekindle something between us It's not gonna happen.
- in the interest of transparency, My purpose in coming to miami is-- - work related.
Cut the shit, frank.
you're retired.
- the reason i'm in miami Is because i'm convinced that these bathtub murders-- Noonan's wife, lisa bell-- are connected To a series of murders all over the country.
- oh.
- it's become something of an obsession of mine and I'm not about to ride off into the sunset And dump something this horrific On whoever gets my office next.
- christ.
I-- [chuckles] i've got to go.
I'm an idiot.
- debra.
- rita, what are you doing here? - you lied to me, dexter.
I saw your car.
it wasn't a fender bender.
It was destroyed.
- i didn't want you to worry.
- yeah, well, you're not doing a good job.
I'm worried sick about you.
- i'm fine.
All right, a little headache and a stiff neck.
- get your stuff.
i'm gonna take you home.
- i can't.
The lieutenant is holding over the shift Because of these murders that are in all the papers.
- you fell asleep at the wheel.
Almost got killed because of the hours That they keep you here night after night after night.
- so much for my standard alibi.
This is a job i signed on for.
- i'm sorry.
I didn't sign on to be a widow.
You know what? i'll just talk to maria myself.
- rita, no.
don't do this.
Not here.
this is my job.
It's how i support all of us.
- what if you wind up dead in a ditch? - all these people put in the same hours that i do.
- yes, but you were in the hospital last night.
They weren't.
- and the doctor gave me a clean bill of health.
You could talk to him yourself.
[keypad tones] - no.
no, i don't-- I don't want to talk to your doctor.
- i want you to.
- i mean, i guess he wouldn't have released you If it was anything serious.
- i'm sure they'd all rather be home with their families, Just like me.
- i know.
- come on, i'll walk you out.
[elevator bell dings] [sighs] - you gonna pick that up? - no, i am not, vince.
You got a problem with that? - dude, seriously, You're freaking me out.
- i have someplace i need to be.
- i also have places i need to be.
Not good places, butplaces.
- come on, blood.
Talk to me.
If somebody tested positive for an std, Would they have to register with the miami health authorities? - and why would you ask me that? - yes or no, vince? Lieutenant.
Found your guy.
Name's johnny rose.
- you found a suspect? - all his info's in there.
- how? - i reworked the blood sample looking for other markers And found a street 14 strain of drug-resistant syphilis.
I checked that against the std registry For anyone being treated with heavy-duty meds Over the last week.
Turned up a few prostitutes and one johnny rose.
Good science says he's your guy.
- okay, briefing room in five minutes.
Strategy meeting.
Dexter's turned up a lead on our shooter.
- hey, dex, hold up.
- i need to be somewhere.
- good work back there.
This rose guy gets syphilis and fingered for murder? That's burning it at both ends, huh? - yeah, i really got to go.
wife, kids.
- come on, dex.
What do say we grab a beer this week, Figure out how to come at benny gomez next? - quinn! I have a life.
you have a life.
Just leave it alone.
all right? [engine turns] Benny gomez.
The last place i'm gonna look Is the last place i saw you.
- moment of your time, lieutenant? escuchame, maria.
- angel People will think something's up.
- something is.
- angel, if this is about the mayor, I had no choice.
- i'm not angry about you taking me off the case.
It's how you did it.
- angel, por favor.
I don't even know how to act around you anymore.
- this isn't easy for me either.
Maybe we need a Break.
- yeah, you're right.
It's probably for the best.
So that's that.
- so that's that.
- so? - so.
Why are we thinking ourselves out of a good thing? - what do you think's going on in there? - who cares.
[door opens] - i'm so glad you're home.
- hey, it's not my birthday.
- can't a girlfriend be glad her boyfriend's home? - i was gone for two days.
- i fucking love you.
- i love you.
- i love you.
I love you.
- i love you.
- back to square one.
[cell phone rings] Yeah? - dexter.
frank lundy here.
- the last person the world i want to hear from.
Glad to hear from you.
- i need to talk to you About trinity.
I'm tired of swimming against The bureaucratic tide by myself.
Can we maybe toss a few ideas around? You seem to have the dot-connecting gift.
- more like had.
[sighs] I'm glad to help, but tonight's not really, um Optimal.
- i get it.
New dad, new family.
Your life has changed in so many ways.
- [chuckles] yeah, i see that now.
- trinity is going to kill again.
Another woman.
Older than lisa bell this time.
Somewhere out there is a woman who is going to die And she'll have no idea why.
[dog whimpers] - whoa, whoa! Watch your step there.
- oh, hey.
How cute are you? [chuckles] smell my puppy, don't you? What's his name? - this is checkers.
- [chuckles] - my mother was a lifelong republican.
- well, no family's perfect.
- indeed.
What kind of pup you have? - um, just a mutt, but she's great With my children.
- so you must live around here, huh? - yeah, it's such a great neighborhood.
Everyone's so friendly.
- well, in the interest of friendly, Let me help you with these.
- oh, it's really okay.
i'm just up there.
- so i'll take one, you take the other.
Lighten the load, huh? - i appreciate it.
My arms were falling off.
[chuckles] - my dog won't get your puppy all riled up? - molly? oh, god, no.
She's the calmest little thing in the world.
- how long have you lived around here? - uh, three years next month.
- oh, surprised we've never run into each other till now.
I'm allen, by the way.
- tarla.
- tarla.
- um, this is me.
Thank you so much for your help.
- sure.
- great.
Oh, and bye to you too, checkers.
- until next time.
Off you go, checkers, or whatever your name is.
- lundy thinks he can predict the future, But i'm more interested in the past.
My past.
I already cleaned this.
That i remember.
Now it makes sense.
Harry was reminding me the whole time.
I was reminding myself the whole time.
Hello, benny.
Good-bye, benny.
Got to admit pretty clever.
Hiding benny gomez like that Until i could come back and get him.
- you turned to the code.
A core memory.
I taught you well.
Finding gomez was a band-aid.
You're juggling family, work And a dark passenger who's always got one hand On the steering wheel.
- i can do it.
I can manage All these moving parts.
- until you can't.
Then what? - night, dad.
Just one beautiful night's sleep Will make everything betteragain.
[snoring] [harrison crying] Fuck.