Dexter s04e05 Episode Script

Dirty Harry

- previously on dexter - it's always the same three kills with trinity.
Young woman in the bathtub - [moans] - followed by a mother falling to her death.
- [screams] - and ending with a man getting bludgeoned.
Trinity's likely someone Who's gone his own solitary way through life, Foregone all but the most rudimentary Of human connections.
A lone wolf.
If we can find where he bludgeoned back then Lobby's open 24 hours, guard on duty.
Too much foot traffic-- trinity would have To choose another floor.
- ooh, so sorry.
Wasn't watching where i was going.
- white male, Eyes blue, Something in them.
- super agent lundy has a hunch that the dead woman Is connected to this big serial killer case.
- you still dating that she-bag reporter? After she put lundy's name in the paper? - tell me, is this conversation Going to end up in the paper too? 'cause you have no idea The shit storm you've gotten me into.
Find yourself another source.
- just unsealed the juvie records of johnny rose, Our vacation murder suspect.
Shoplifting with his high school girlfriend nikki wald.
- get down! [gunshots] - i think we should inform the brass About our relationship.
- it's none of their business.
- i get a gig in town to spend more time with you, And you spend all your time With your ex.
- don't go disappearing on me again.
- not a [gunshot] [two gunshots] [radio chatter] [honking] - deb.
- hey, you.
Back behind the line.
- no, i was called here.
I'm dexter morgan.
that might be my sister.
- i understand, sir, but right now i need you To step back and let our people do their job.
- no, no, i'm with miami metro forensics.
My laminate and my wallet are in the car.
- until i see some i.
, i need you to step back.
- and i need you to fucking listen.
My sister was shot, No one can tell me what her condition is, And that's a dead body.
- sir.
- you want to let me go.
- hansen.
hands off.
He's one of us.
- deb's alive.
okay? They're taking her to the hospital.
- i have to see her.
How bad is it? - lost a lot of blood.
- if deb dies, I'll be Lost.
- paramedics think the bullets are through and through.
- she's gonna be okay? - it's looking good.
[siren wails] - who did this? - we got here just before you did.
- quinn was first on scene.
He says it's smelling like the vacation murders' m.
- then that's - lundy.
- what was deb doing with lundy at 5:00 in the morning? Oh.
- dexter, i swear to you, we will find who did this.
- my kit's in my car.
- hey, hey, hey.
You got better places to be.
Like with your sister.
that's an order.
- you'll know the minute we know anything.
- lundy was a worthy adversary.
He deserves better Than to be face down in a hotel parking lot, A random victim of a senseless crime.
- sorry about deb, man.
- did she say anything? - she was in shock, Didn't see who pulled the trigger.
- batista said you think This looks like the vacation murders.
- deb's cash and credit cards are gone.
So's lundy's watch and wallet.
- anything, vince? - surgeon general wouldn't have been able to save him.
Gsws to the neck and chest.
He bled out in seconds.
- lundy was shot twice? Deb was vulnerable and a potential witness.
The shooter could have easily finished her off like lundy.
I should get to the hospital.
- deb, she knows.
Even though we go at it all the time, We're still - yeah, she knows.
- we're gonna get these fuckers.
- not if you're looking in the wrong direction.
- detective quinn.
- not now.
- i didn't come here for a quote.
You all right? - my partner's been shot.
The last thing i am is all right.
- i know this can't be easy, But if you need anything, I'm here for you.
- thanks, christine.
That means a lot.
I got to - it's okay.
- all right.
- sergeant batista.
- no comment.
- come on, sergeant.
Is this the work of the vacation murderers? - i said no On the record.
[clicks pen] It's too early to tell, But one of 'em, johnny rose, We found out has syphilis, And it's real bad.
Multiple partners.
Print that.
With pictures.
- i call it in now, It'll be online this morning And on the stands this afternoon.
With pictures.
- while my colleagues Are working the vacation murder theory, I'm gonna follow lundy's theory And check his hotel room for clues.
- lundy devoted his life to hunting trinity.
- he left word for me He'd had an interesting encounter Two days ago.
- you think it was trinity? - every crime scene is a jigsaw puzzle.
So many pieces.
Assemble them right, A picture forms.
If it was trinity, It'd explain why deb is alive and lundy isn't.
- trinity's a monster.
If he was the one who hurt your sister, You need to kill him.
That was my blood down there too.
You can't let these be logged into evidence.
- not until i have a complete picture.
- police so far are refusing to comment On the murder of a former fbi agent And the shooting of a miami metro Homicide detective.
But channel nine has learned There may be a connection To the so called vacation murders.
Sources tell us that - all right.
denver omelet, side of rye toast.
Can i top that off for ya? - coffee's fine, But there are no diced tomatoes in my omelet.
- i'm sorry about that.
Cook is slammed today.
I'll bring you a side of tomatoes.
How's that coffee? - my coffee's not the issue.
My breakfast, on the other hand, is.
You need to start over.
Denver omelet with tomatoesdiced.
- coming right up.
- you're a dear.
[cell phone rings] - astor, will you get that? - but it's dexter's.
- oh, it's okay.
He was in such a hurry he probably forgot it.
Could be the hospital.
- is aunt deb gonna die? - oh, no, honey.
no, she's gonna be okay.
- some man.
he says he's dexter's landlord.
There's something wrong with dexter's apartment.
- oh, there's got to be a misunderstanding.
Uh, yes, hi.
this is rita morgan? - how long have you been there? - not long.
You're sitting up.
It's a good sign.
- i'm fine.
I didn't even need surgery.
Couple stitches.
- looks like more than a couple.
You have any pain? - no.
just tired.
Whatever they gave me has some kick.
- you want me to come back? - it's okay.
i'm fine.
- you remember anything at all? You see anything unusual? - it's all still a blur.
- who was hit first? You, or--? - jesus, dex.
- am i squeezing too tight? - i expect those kind of questions From batista or quinn, But not my brother.
- you said you were fine.
- doesn't matter, anyway.
- just tell me what you want me to do.
- that's just it.
You can't do anything.
No one can.
I didn't feel anything.
I didn't even know i'd been hit Until i was on the ground.
And then two more shots.
So much blood.
- you're safe.
I'm here.
- lundy had this look in his eyes.
Like he was apologizing.
I couldn't do anything.
I was helpless.
Fuck, i can't even walk Three feet to the bathroom.
- do you need to--? - yeah.
- come on.
Okay? - mm-hmm.
- i may not know who shot my sister, Or why her life was spared, But i do know i won't be returning the favor.
- oh, god.
deb, is she--? - peeing.
I'll just--uh Be outside.
- how's deb? - she's lucky to be alive.
- i was so worried.
Can i see her? - uh, she's peeing.
With anton.
- i would have been here sooner, But i got hung up on the phone.
Your landlord called.
A pipe burst in your kitchen At your apartment? - oh.
I was just hanging on to the place Until the lease ran out.
So i could get the security deposit back.
- why'd you tell me you got rid of it? - i said that? [harrison crying] - talk about this later.
This isn't the time or the place, Not with deb here.
Family comes first.
- i'm just so sorry i wasn't here.
- you don't have to keep saying that.
- so glad you're all right.
- i'm not.
- babe, what is it? - i slept with lundy.
- i thought you were happy.
- i thought i was too.
I can move out.
- no.
Listen, i'll see you through this, okay? You did the same for me.
- anton, stop.
You deserve so much better.
- is that what you want? - sorry i hurt you.
- anton? - [speaks spanish] - gracias.
Just hung up from notifying lundy's daughter.
- then you could really use A shot of whiskey in there.
I get that the guy's personally invested in this, But matthews hovering around like a vulture Isn't gonna help us catch bad guys.
- angel I made official disclosure yesterday That we're seeing each other.
- we talked about this.
- i know.
But it was the right thing to do.
- i said i was uncomfortable with the disclosure stuff, And you go ahead and do it anyway? - i made a judgment call.
- the problem, maria, Is that you made it for the both of us.
You shouldn't keep the deputy chief waiting.
- [sighs] - what do we got? - not much.
No witnesses, no security cameras.
Took a statement from deb, She can't remember seeing anything.
- forensics.
- waiting on trace and ballistics from the lab.
- apbs out on rose and wald.
County's increased patrols at the airport And the higher profile tourist hotels.
- if my face was all over the media For shooting a cop and a fed, I'd be digging a fucking hole All the way to china.
No one fuckin' go there.
- or you'd be watching the press To try and stay one step ahead of us.
It's a hail mary, But i planted a story With quinn's girlfriend.
- she's not-- we're not-- - you're the paper's unnamed online source About johnny boy's drip? - i figure if johnny has syphilis And nikki wasn't listed by the county As one of his sexual partners - she may not know.
- exactly.
Maybe we turn these two against each other.
- rita was right.
Family does come first.
Finding who did this to my sister comes first.
Is this a new page of the code? Revenge? My sanctuary.
It's private andsacred no more.
If i have to give up this place, What will i do about my roommate, The dark passenger? This apartment is the only thing That's helped me keep the mask in place.
Without it I'll burst.
[cell phone rings] - they're letting me out tomorrow.
- that's great.
- any chance you can give me a ride? - of course.
- i'm also kind of gonna need a place to stay.
I broke up with anton, And, no, i don't want to talk about it.
- we can make room for you.
- rita won't mind? - don't worry, deb.
i'll take care of everything.
- trinity's a lone wolf.
Unable to connect.
Except with his victims.
He never deviates.
Bleeds out a young female in a bathtub, Forces a woman to jump to her death, And five days later Bludgeons an older male.
I'll look at potential sites.
This may be the closest to trinity i've ever been.
- lundy got closer than he thought.
- he just couldn't see how all the pieces interlock, What they form.
A sacred ritual.
- if there's anyone who knows the importance of ritual, It's you.
- lundy underestimated How far trinity would go To make sure his ritual Wasn't interrupted.
- lundy was an obstacle.
- and trinity killed him.
- if anyone has ever deserved to be on your table, It's this son of a bitch.
- can i help you? - i'm taking on a project.
- how big? - almost more than i can handle.
And i don't have a lot of time.
- maybe you need another hand or two.
There's plenty of laborers out there.
- no, no.
i work alone.
- sounds like you need the right tool for the job.
- so much work.
But i have to finish what i started, right? - yeah, i--i guess.
[ominous music] - what would you do? - me? Oh, i'd go with the framing hammer.
Got a lot of heft.
It's versatile.
You can't go wrong.
- i see what you mean.
You've been very helpful.
- lobby's open 24 hours.
[tape fast-forwards] hundreds of rooms.
Trinity could strike anywhere.
He'll have to set up shop in the surveillance room.
Trinity's the perfect predator-- Camouflaged, waiting for his victim to be alone, And then he strikes.
- trinity struck here A bartender, father of two, Was found bludgeoned to death In the men's room of a tavern At this same address.
If history is going to repeat itself, This is where trinity will be.
- problem is, you have no idea who you're looking for.
- lundy was so methodical, He would have commented on trinity's physical appearance If their paths had ever crossed, But there's nothing in his tapes.
I've listened to them all.
- you sure about that? that's your recorder.
Where's lundy's? - it wasn't in the hotel, Because lundy had it on him.
Must have been logged into evidence--shit.
- dexter, you need that tape.
You need to be certain It's trinity on your table.
- there's still time.
He won't complete the cycle until tomorrow night.
And i'll be here.
- oh, god! Oh! [moans, laughs] - that was, uh - unexpected.
- that's not an adjective i usually hear.
- i'm not complaining.
I'm just-- I'm just wondering why you're really here.
- my way of saying i appreciate you running that story For my boss.
- okay.
You fucked me to thank me? - technically, i went down on you To thank you.
[laughter] - i thought you said this was just too complicated, You being a cop and me being a reporter.
- i guess i like complicated.
- look who's here.
- sorry, astor.
I promise it won't be for long.
- it's okay.
i get cody's room.
- sorry, cody.
- come on, guys.
it's time to go to school.
Check in later.
[door closes] - everything all right between you and my brother? - we just need to have a talk.
- it isn't about me staying here, is it? - no, you're family.
you're always welcome here.
I'm gonna let you get settled in, And i'm gonna get you some water For these pain pills, okay? - rita.
Thank you.
[dramatic music] - thanks for letting deb stay with us.
- it was either here or your apartment.
Look, we can't keep putting this off.
- it's still not a good time.
I need to get to the station.
- so when do you suppose It'll be a good time To discuss why you lied to me? I'm really trying here, dexter.
[horn honks] - dexter.
- i'm just asking for a little patience, all right? Not for me, but for deb.
Right now i need to focus on finding who did this.
- okay.
- you didn't come over last night.
- so little time to sleep lately.
I thought i'd get more rest in my own bed.
- i'm sorry i went behind your back to matthews.
It was wrong, and i apologize.
If you haven't noticed, I'm a bit of a control freak.
- you mean like how like to guard the remote control With your life? Or how you need to be the first one in the shower Or how you like to-- - look, the reason i went to the brass Was because it'd be One less thing to worry about ruining what we have.
- the only thing that would ruin what we have Is if we're not honest with each other.
No more secrets.
- no more secrets.
[timer dings] - then i'm not going anywhere.
- that's everything collected From the parking lot and the hotel rooms Back there on the right.
- [sighs] thanks for doing this.
My father gave deb the ring, And it means the world to her.
- i checked the inventories.
Masuka never logged it in.
- yeah, deb doesn't remember if she was wearing it or not.
The shooting has her pretty messed up.
If my coming down here to double check Helps ease her mind, So be it, right? - yep.
- ah, fuck.
Damn it.
- you morgans and that mouth.
- do you mind? - oh, yeah.
don't sweat it.
There's plenty more where those come from.
- thanks.
- here you go.
- guess who just found her ring.
Sorry for the trouble.
Thanks a lot, though.
- no problem.
- i appreciate the personal tour.
- any time i can do rounds With a fellow human being is a win.
- you're alone every night? - yeah, economy's a bitch.
There used to be two of us on every shift, but now-- - oh, say no more.
I'm recently laid off myself.
From here on out i'm gonna be my own boss.
- well, there's plenty of office space here.
You know, more tenants means more money.
Then maybe i won't have to do these double shifts And i can see my kids once in a while.
Oh, you end up setting up shop here, I guarantee this'll be your favorite destination Come lunch time.
- right on schedule.
And you brought me a customer.
- it's a future renter.
- well, possible future renter.
- can i get you any? - no, no.
Caffeine makes me a different person.
Appreciate the offer, though.
So you say you walk this whole place Every two hours? That's quite a workout.
- my wife calls it low-impact aerobics Or some shit like that.
It takes about 45 minutes, Give or take a smoke break.
- well, we all have our vices.
- so how'd you like the building? [elevator bell dings] - it's perfect.
- great.
- thanks a lot.
- mm-hmm.
[baby crying] - rita, i think something's wrong with harrison.
- i know that cry.
Someone's wet, isn't he? - good.
Thought it was me.
- oh, no.
No, harrison loves his aunt deb.
Can i ask you something? - i don't do diapers.
- did dexter tell you he kept his apartment? - what the fuck? Are you kidding? He told me he got rid of it.
- me too.
Just thought he might have said something Since you two are so close.
- not a word.
God, it's like a morgan family curse or something-- Make the worst choice possible.
At least dexter's don't get people killed.
- you think you're responsible for lundy's death? - he never would have been anywhere near that parking lot If it weren't for me.
- is that why your pain pills are in the trash? Punish yourself? What happened to lundy isn't your fault.
You had no control over it.
This isn't about choices Or even about you.
Sometimes bad things just happen.
- that's the answer to this? Bad things happen? - life happens.
- i've yet to find trinity's signature At any of his crime scenes.
[tape fast forwards] Trinity moves from state to state.
Law enforcement never links his kill cycles To one another.
Over 30 years of killing.
- the cycle, the ritual, They tell me where trinity will be, But i have to know who i'm looking for.
I have to be sure.
- lobby's open 24 hours.
Guard on duty.
Too much foot traffic.
Trinity'd have to choose another floor.
- ooh.
- bus number 432.
Maybe 6'4".
Age around 60.
Hair gray, eyes blue.
Something in them.
- lundy saw a ghost.
- okay, listen up, everyone.
I just got word there was a shooting at a motel.
You all need to get there as soon as possible, guys.
So quinn's already en route.
Angel, you're with me.
Masuka, grab your stuff.
- what's going on? - motel shooting.
Body's a match for johnny rose.
- i'm going with you.
- you can't work this.
You're next of kin.
I've got it.
Let's just hope deb Is finally gonna get some justice.
- that's the plan.
- karma.
What a fuckin' concept.
uno, dos, tres.
- the first bullet didn't quite make her point.
- lieutenant, we've got nikki wald Cornered in the alley behind al's liquor store.
- let's go.
- prick.
Son of a bitch.
[muttering] - what do we got? - found her in the alley.
Altered, agitated.
Every time we get near the gun goes up.
- we good? - yeah.
- why? why? [muttering] - nikki! - damn it.
He fuckin'-- He fuckin' cheated on me.
- we need you to put the gun down.
- he ruined everything.
You fuckin' ruined everything.
- she's wasted.
She doesn't even know where she is.
Cover us.
- nikki.
No one's gonna hurt you.
We just want to talk.
- the alley's sealed off.
You can't go anywhere.
- did you hear that, johnny? What about the boat? What about bermuda, johnny? Wasn't that the plan? You piece of shit! [electricity crackles] aah! [cell phone rings] - we got 'em, morgan.
- got who? - nikki walden, johnny rose.
well, we got nikki.
Johnny's on his way to the morgue.
- what happened? - she fuckin' shot him.
long story.
Look, i know this doesn't change what happened, But hopefully you'll find some peace of mind Knowing this thing's over.
- yeah.
Peace of mind.
- i got to take this skank down to booking.
Congratulations, partner.
- such a waste.
Lundy, those other tourists.
For what? a boat to bermuda? - hell hath no fury like a meth addict scorned.
- your office, lieutenant.
- was--was that a smile? - i don't know.
- congratulations, maria.
That was really good police work out there today.
- thanks.
But it was sergeant batista's good police work.
- yes.
Well, i know he's an asset to your team, But this department can't risk A defense attorney turning your romantic involvement Into a courtroom sideshow Every time you work a case together.
- what are you saying? - i am saying i need you to transfer sergeant batista Out of homicide.
- tom, this is bullshit.
We followed protocol.
Christ, he made this bust.
- which is why i'm going to make sure That sergeant batista gets a promotion Along with his transfer.
Have the papers on my desk by monday.
- fuck.
what is it? - while everyone's chasing their tails over nikki wald, I'm going after the man who really shot my sister.
In a few hours, the enigma that is trinity Will be on my table.
A riddle wrapped in plastic.
[cell phone rings] Morgan.
- i need to see you.
- i'm kind of in the middle of something.
Can it wait? - no.
- well, i'm way over on the other side of town.
It'll take me at least an hour to get there.
- i'm not home.
I'm where frank was shot.
You can't even see our blood.
It's like it never happened.
- deb? - what the fuck's your problem? - i got here as fast as i could.
- you have everything, And you're doing your goddamn best To throw it all away.
- rita told you about the apartment? - what the fuck were you thinking? You have to make this right.
- i'm not sure i know how.
- you figure it out.
I'm the fuck-up in the family.
not you.
- don't say that.
- you have a choice.
To be a good husband.
To be a good father.
- i know.
It's just, uh Sometimes i feel trapped.
- by what? Three kids? A wife who adores you? Yesterday, i had lundy and anton.
And now they're gone because of me.
- you didn't do anything wrong.
- it doesn't matter what i do.
Or what i choose.
I'm what's wrong.
There's nothing i can do about it.
If i'm not hurting myself, I'm hurting everyone around me.
There's nothing i can do about it.
I'm--i'm broken.
I'm-- - no, you're not.
I am.
Why don't we go back to the house? - don't! don't.
I need to be here.
Where lundy died.
I can't do a fucking thing about it.
- my sister doesn't deserve to be in this kind of pain.
But i know who does.
Trinity hurt my sister, And i'm going to hurt him back, And it's going to feel-- uh-oh.
- your manager let me in.
He had no idea we were married.
Funny thing is, i'm getting to wonder myself.
- rita, you're upset.
- i actually convinced myself That by coming here This would all make sense Why it was so important That you keep this place a secret.
[harrison whines] As i was coming over here, All i could think about-- That you were using drugs again.
That you were having an affair again.
- that will never happen.
- i went through your cabinets, Rifled through your desk, Looking for anything That would explain What would be so horrible That my husband would have to keep a place To hide it from me Or his own sister.
- and? - i was gonna break the lock, But i was too scared of what i might find.
And you know why? 'cause you put me in this position, dexter.
This is not the type of person or wife that i want to be.
- you really want to know what's inside? - yes.
- it was harry's.
I wasn't comfortable having it in the house with the kids, So i kept it here.
See? I have nothing to hide.
Except for the syringes, scalpels, and bone saw Hidden in that secret drawer underneath.
- nothing to hide.
Like your car accident And your concussion and this apartment? The most disturbing thing About your lying is that I'm beginning to see Just how good you really are at it.
You should sleep here tonight.
When you're ready to come home, We have a lot of work to do If this marriage has any hope.
- hey.
pulling an all-nighter? - yep.
no rest for the wicked.
- have a good one.
- always do.
- it's almost poetic-- One serial killer Ending the 30-year reign of another.
Trinity could be anywhere in this building.
I've got to get To the security surveillance room.
- huh.
where's that security guard? He was here last night.
[man whimpering] - i've been so focused on trinity, I've neglected who his victim might be.
- the bludgeoning victim Didn't he have two kids? - it's the security guard.
[man cries out] [elevator dings] - if he's here - then where's trinity? - aah! - take the bait.
Take the bait.
- [whimpering] oh, no.
I'm a father! - you were no father.
- aah! - you made me You made me [thud] - the recording disc is gone.
- where are you, trinity? - [grunting] - oh, my god.
- you made me do this.
- trinity.
[suspenseful music] Shit.
- the elevators aren't moving.
He's using the stairs.
- which one? I can't risk picking the wrong exit And miss trinity.
His car has to be here.
[gate raising] No way i lose you again, trinity.
[indistinct voices] In miami, nobody sees.
- he's scurrying back To whatever hole he crawled out of.
- the lone wolf thinks this is over.
[tires screech, horn honks] - asshole! - what the hell's he doing? Where are you going, trinity? - stay with him.
He's not getting away.
- he doesn't belong here.
it doesn't make sense.
- hi, honey.
missed you.
- hey, kids.
- daddy.
- hey, dad.
- lundy was wrong.
I was wrong.
Neither of us Knew pieces of the puzzle were missing.
Trinity's a husband, A father.
He's Like me.