Dexter s04e06 Episode Script

If I Had a Hammer

Previously on Dexter Deb's alive.
They're taking her to the hospital.
Who did this? He says it's smelling like the vacation murderer's m.
Then that's-- lundy.
Lundy devoted his life to hunting trinity.
If it was trinity, it would explain Why Deb is alive and lundy isn't.
I'm gonna follow lundy's theory And check his hotel room for clues.
You can't let these be logged into evidence.
I just unsealed the juvy records Of johnny rose, our vacation murder suspect.
Shoplifting with his high school girlfriend nikki wald.
Nikki! Put the gun down.
We got 'em, morgan.
got who? Nikki wald and johnny rose.
well, we got nikki.
Johnny's on his way to the morgue.
This department can't risk a defense attorney Turning your romantic involvement Into a courtroom sideshow every time you work aen here sooner, What are you saying? I am saying I need you to transfer sergeant batista Out of homicide.
this is bullshit.
I would have been here sooner, But I got hung up on the phone.
Your landlord called.
I was just hanging on to the place Until the lease ran out.
Why'd you tell me you got rid of it? So you didn't have an affair with my father? I don't know who you're looking for, honey, But it ain't me.
I'm halfway through the c.
files you gave me.
Maybe then I'll finally get some answers.
Can I help you? I'm taking on a project.
I'd go with the framing hammer.
You made me do this.
What are you doing? He doesn't belong here.
It doesn't make sense.
Trinity's a husband, a father.
He's Like me.
Have you been to jesus For the cleansing power? Are you washed in the blood Of the lamb? Are you fully trusting In his grace this hour? Are you washed In the blood of the lamb? Lay aside the garments That are stained with sin A wolf in sheep's clothing.
Hour by hour, the spitting image Of a normal man.
Study session.
shaping young minds.
Even on a saturday.
Noon, lunch with faculty.
Father, husband, teacher, deacon.
All in the name of blending in.
Camouflage is nature's craftiest trick.
The noise of happy children, The warmth of a full house, The chill of an angry wife.
Is that the last of it? Just a few more things to pack up.
Not like you're dragging it out.
Uh, that's for the kids.
If you're hungry, there's food in the fridge.
Oh, I could go for a sandwich.
We're out of bread.
She has to forgive me for my apartment eventually.
Doesn't she? Maybe I should hang on to it just in case, huh? This is so awesome.
Hello? Dexter.
Move out of the way.
I made an appointment With the new therapist For tomorrow at noon.
New therapist? It's an emergency, Dexter.
Or don't you think so? No, of course.
I mean, whatever you need.
This isn't for me.
this is for us.
This doesn't belong here.
Hey, can you give me a ride to the station? Batista's taking another run at nikki wald today.
She's confessed to everything Except for the part where she shot me and lundy.
Because she didn't.
trinity did.
But I can't tell deb.
I need a head start.
yes, I know where that is.
Got to go.
bludgeoning downtown.
Trinity's latest victim.
About time.
Yeah, how'd you know that? Because that's where lundy thought it would be.
We could have stopped it If fucking nikki wald and her shit-stain boyfriend Didn't shoot us.
Deb, it's gonna be okay.
I'm going to kill trinity for you.
Can you just give me a ride to the station, please? Yeah, I'll drop you off on my way downtown.
Come on.
The last victim in the cycle of three.
Trinity's done For now.
He's retreated to the safety of his camouflage.
His defenses will be down.
Perfect time to strike.
I just have to stay ahead of my colleagues.
Two days' worth of decay.
The body's been here since friday.
Building was closed over the weekend.
No a/c.
What's the spatter say? Blunt force trauma to the head.
Judging from the spray, we're looking At somebody tall, over six feet.
That all you got? That's all I can tell ya.
He moved the arm For a reason.
Can't leave this behind.
It might get them closer.
Give me.
That's okay.
I got it.
Evidence hog.
you got buckets of blood to worry about.
You see the oval grid pattern there? Comes from a framing hammer.
I'll check some out in the spatter room.
See if I can narrow it down.
How do you know so much about hammers? Not a tool I haven't played with, My friend.
Okay, the fbi agent, He was shot at a business hotel.
But you were so high, you don't even remember, do you? No, no, no.
I never blacked out.
Bullshit, you fucking junkie whore.
Do you remember shooting at-- Quinn.
you shouldn't be here, morgan.
Watching this is only gonna fuck you up.
I'm already fucked up.
Look, nikki's going away for a long time.
She confessed to the vacation murders And to killing johnny rose.
But not to lundy.
The whole department knows she's lying, But we got nothing.
No evidence, no eyewitnesses, So it is what it is.
I came at nikki wald from every which way, But she's still holding out on us.
Brass wants her transferred to county.
So it's out of our hands.
I didn't want to leave homicide With Deb and lundy unsolved.
That's out of our hands too.
I haven't told anyone yet About me transferring.
There's no need until it's official.
I haven't even turned in the paperwork.
Is that it? No, that's homicide.
Just come in today? This morning.
Didn't make sense to call you in on something new.
You got any leads? Hey, if i'd known you'd be transferred Maria, don't.
Telling matthews about us was the right thing to do.
Working fraud will be good for me.
Promotion to lieutenant, better hours, And chances are I'm not gonna be getting shot at Sitting behind a desk all day.
You hate sitting behind a desk.
But I love being with you.
Blood, snot, tears.
But the emotions that go along with them, Not so much.
Dexter, are you hearing what rita is saying? She's upset.
About the apartment.
The apartment isn't really the issue right now.
It's not? You see? it's like he doesn't even listen.
He's always in his head, And when he does talk to me, It's all lies, all the time.
Not All the time.
I thought we were past this.
You know, with the drugs and lila.
Who's lila? my sponsor.
The homicidal bitch he slept with.
Now we're married.
You know, we have a child together.
And you're still keeping secrets.
Rita, I can see that you're upset.
But, as you describe it, This isn't new behavior for Dexter.
What do you mean? It sounds like you knew about him When you married him.
What? I hoped he would change.
When you married your ex-husband, Did you think he would change too? Okay.
okay, so I have some responsibility here too.
I don't want to keep making the same mistakes.
Me neither.
We'll work it out.
we always work it out.
I need a partner, Dexter.
Someone I can trust.
Unless you can be completely honest with me I don't want to do this anymore.
I'm doing everything I can to save my family, And I'm still failing.
Rita's picturing her life without me, And I can't picture mine without her Or the kids.
Is that the hammer? The depth is too shallow.
Murder weapon was heavier.
Well, narrow it down, Dex.
We need a model number.
Maybe we can track it to a hardware store Or an internet site.
I'll try this 22-ouncer.
What's going on? Dna.
Whose DNA? the victim's? The killer's? wait for it.
Okay, that smudge You found at the crime scene? Cremated human remains.
That fragment was a little piece of bone.
And thanks to the wonders of technology And to my own scientific prowess You rehydrated it and? Dude, I told you to wait for it.
And I found two strains of DNA.
One from the fragment And one from saliva.
Whose saliva? The killer's.
come on, buddy.
Try to keep up.
How do you think he got the ashes to stick to the wall? We got the killer's goddamn DNA? You f-in' know it.
I rock, right? yeah, you do today.
Run it through every database you can think of.
we're gonna find this guy.
No, you won't.
Arthur Mitchell isn't in any Of our police databases.
I already ran him.
he's squeaky clean.
He hides the real him, Except from those ashes.
He can only be honest with the dead.
I need those vacation murder files back.
Got to finish my report.
Just give me another hour.
There's got to be something that puts nikki at m.
I need to.
Morgan, we got it covered.
And you shouldn't be working anyway.
You're on sick leave.
Go home.
I'll keep you posted.
Okay? One unheard message.
Hi, I'm calling for debra morgan.
This is valerie hodges returning your call From a few weeks ago.
Sorry it took me so long To call you back, but when you said You were harry morgan's daughter, I wasn't sure what to do.
I figured i'd just call, be direct, So if you want to know the truth I told you to stop working.
That wasn't work.
That was way personal.
come on.
For you? same difference.
She wants a partner.
One who can open up.
Okay, I'll share.
About what? Work.
Spatter analysis? No.
something personal.
Trinity? too personal.
Food? I'm hungry.
I could tell her that.
We're out of bread again.
I'll go get some.
Arthur's kept this up for, what, 28 years? My family may not last 20 minutes.
Warmth, intimacy.
He's convincing.
But why the show? I'm the only one watching.
Unless it's more than just camouflage.
That's honest affection Sustained for years.
But he's like me.
how does he do it? I will kill him.
I need to.
But right now I need to save my family more.
His cycle is over.
It'll be a while before he kills again, So he's not an immediate threat.
And I have so much to learn.
Arthur Mitchell.
Kyle butler.
Four walls, one heart.
We build homes for the homeless.
We meet at my house, then head to the site together.
My address is right on the flyer.
I've been looking for a way to get more involved.
What brings you to sacred fellowship, kyle? Um Looking for something.
My wife and i, we separated.
She kicked me out And took the kids.
I didn't know where else to go.
You came to the right place, son.
I just got an email from my editor.
Yeah? anything good? Well, he wants more from me on the vacation murders.
I'm not asking for any inside scoop.
Yeah, 'cause we know how well that worked out last time.
What? If you could just help me get an interview With debra morgan You got to be kidding me.
It'd be a hero piece About the shooting.
no way.
She's your partner.
add to that the fact That her brother has a bug up his ass about me.
Let's just say i'd rather you left it alone.
Since when did that ever stop me From getting what I want? Oh, hold on.
it might be the station.
Look out your window.
Be back in a sec, okay? Hey.
I want to be an eyewitness for the shooting.
I thought you said you didn't see anything.
I was in shock.
My memory was fuzzy.
Now it's clear.
There's no doubt in my mind That nikki shot me and frank.
Mine either.
Are you talking about going on the record? And what happens later If you decide you're still confused? I won't.
You sure? Because if this comes back to bite you in the ass, You're screwed.
My dad used to say a good cop Does whatever it takes to close a case.
Other cops.
not you.
Just think about it, okay? I'd hate to have you make a decision When your head's not on straight.
They're on a wild goose chase.
No way they'll find a match to trinity's DNA.
He's too well-hidden.
I could be helping, Finding the hammer he used.
Or I could help someone in need-- Me.
Preliminary spatter report On the bludgeoning.
We land on the specific hammer For the murder weapon? Narrowing it down.
I'll keep you posted.
I'm actually heading out now to do some field research.
Well, how about you, vince? You got anything for me on that DNA? No matches in the criminal database.
You're gonna miss the big reveal.
Because I'm me, and I happen to think outside the box, And I happen to be an awesome forensic tech-- Masuka.
I ran the human remains against the saliva.
And guess what I found? Matching mitochondrial DNA.
English, por favor.
The killer is related to the human remains.
Same family.
He keeps his family with him all the time.
Well, are they gonna go visit him in prison? 'cause this is going to get him caught.
Maybe he wants to get caught.
Or he's sending a message.
Or he's trying to leave Some kind of a legacy.
how come you're not working this case? I'm busy.
Got a report to finish.
His family keeps him safe, But these ashes leave him exposed.
Maybe this is how I get to the truth.
The murder weapon.
He's using it out in the open For all the world to see.
Not something I would do.
But Arthur has tools that I don't.
glad to see you made it.
Kyle butler.
You remember my name.
Oh, I'm like an elephant.
I never forget.
You didn't have any tools to bring? Lost 'em in the move.
Well, here.
take my hammer.
Take good care of her, though.
We've been through a lot together.
So I saw.
Very kind of you, Arthur.
Well, generosity of spirit, kyle.
It's the reason we're all here.
Not all of us.
Come on.
I'll get you set up.
Grant 24-ounce steel framing hammer, model number 514.
Laguerta will be pleased.
Just bang in these three.
They're already marked.
But I have more important questions.
So, Arthur, you and your family been doing this A long time? oh, yeah, for years.
I took sally on a build for our very first date.
And the kids have been coming Ever since they could hold a hammer.
You all seem really close.
We are.
You're Arthur's son, right? I'm kyle.
Oh, jonah.
Nice to meet you.
seems polite.
Well adjusted.
how's it going? It's hot.
It's nice that you're here, though.
There's got to be other ways You'd rather spend your afternoon.
Well, no, it's okay.
You know, mom and dad are big on the family time.
That's nice.
For too many kids, family time means fighting time.
Not mine.
never? Not much to fight about, really.
My parents are cool.
Yeah, your dad seems like a special guy.
He is.
I-i really lucked out.
How so? A lot of ways.
like, you see that? It's been my dad's baby for years.
A few days ago, he hands me the keys.
Generosity of spirit.
Foundation of love, man.
Best dad ever.
Father of the freakin' year.
Oh, I got to get back to work.
Dad's not a big fan of idle hands.
Hey, nikki.
You remember me? Yeah.
that cop.
The one you shot.
Jesus christ.
Here we go again.
I told your boss everything already.
Now you're gonna tell me.
Only this time you're gonna tell the truth.
I told you.
I've been telling the truth the whole time.
Well, then come here and tell it to my face.
This is so fucking stupid.
A bit closer so I can see your eyes.
The night that you got shot, I was in a hotel room with johnny.
We did meth, We watched porn, we fucked.
I mean, we were watching cartoons all night.
What do you want? what do you want? You fucking liar.
No matter how many times you ask me, It's not going to change.
I didn't shoot you, okay? I didn't kill that old man.
Ow! fuck! jesus christ! I'm gonna say I saw you.
People get mugged every day.
Maybe somebody else wanted you dead.
Huh? like who? like who? Oh, fuck.
you're a fucking cop for christ's sakes.
You piss people off for a living.
Fuck you.
Fuck you.
fucking hurting me.
You think that hurts? Try watching the man you love Die right in front of you with nothing you can do.
Oh, right.
You shot your boyfriend.
You nasty piece of shit.
I killed johnny.
I know.
I killed I do miss johnny.
I know.
If you-- if you say That you saw me kill frank lundy, Then you're the liar.
You are the liar! I'd like to be transferred Out of homicide.
Always looking for the next best thing, Hey, lieutenant? aren't we all? Yeah.
I could use a change of scenery.
I'm thinking press liaison.
Well, p.
could certainly use your political skills.
And sergeant batista could stay in homicide.
Well, let me think about it.
We both know you're not easily replaced.
That didn't seem to be a problem before.
I'll let you know what I decide.
Tell me that's the last of it.
The last bag from your apartment.
It's not from my apartment.
But, rita, wait, wait.
Surprise for you, for all of you.
No way.
a nintendo ds? I know it's not an ipod a mini dvd player? This is awesome.
For harrison.
And for my lovely wife.
A bread maker? We're always running out of bread.
We're always running out of milk.
Did you get me a cow too? Thank you so much! This is so awesome.
thank you, Dexter.
You're welcome.
What's the matter? you don't like your gift? I appreciate you trying.
I really do.
But we don't need gifts.
We need you.
Need me to do what? Just talk to me.
I'm, uh People just do this? Say what they're thinking? Out loud? How hard can it be? I'm trying.
I'm trying.
You know what? You can try harder in therapy.
I'm moving up our next session.
What's the occasion? I have good news.
You want to guess? Um, you're naked under there, And I get to see? Guess what else you get to do? Okay, now I'm really having impure thoughts.
You get to stay in homicide.
Really? mm-hmm.
how did you-- I had a little talk with the deputy chief, And I told him homicide couldn't afford to lose you.
And neither could i.
You Are Amazing.
So he's okay with both of us staying? Well, we can talk about logistics later.
Right? You told him you'd leave instead.
It just makes more sense.
You're full of it.
You're sweet, and you're beautiful, But you're full of it, And I can't let you do that.
Well, I'm not gonna let you leave homicide.
You love it.
And if you leave, you won't be you.
At least not the you that I want to be with.
What do we do? I don't know.
How are we supposed to decide what's more important? Our jobs or each other? Shit.
Shit is right.
This is Arthur Mitchell At his core.
Is there something in his DNA That lets him keep a family? Some magic gene I'm missing? Looking for something? You're surfing on my turf, blood guy.
Just curious.
Then you'll be interested to know That the mitochondrial DNA Female.
So mother, daughter, Sister Could even be his granny he smudged on that wall.
Probably whacks off with her ashes.
Why would he do that? Why wouldn't he? Because she's important to him.
His history with her shapes who he is.
Like how my mother breast-fed me till I was six And now no one will ever match up.
It's a grant 24-ounce steel framing hammer.
Sorry? It's the murder weapon in the bludgeoning case.
I did some independent research.
Updated my report.
If it's okay with you, I have some personal stuff to take care of.
Take care of the personal stuff, Dexter.
Take very good care.
Sure as hell trying to.
You know those things never go bad.
Well, yeah, tell me about it.
I've had these since I was a rookie.
So I never heard back from you about being an eyewitness.
That mean you changed your mind? Yeah.
Just 'cause nikki's a piece of shit And my dad was a lying sack Doesn't mean I have to be.
Thanks for talking some sense into me.
Just looking out for my partner.
What's all this? I'm thinking maybe nikki wald was telling the truth.
Since when? Since I talked to her myself.
Wait, you what? I've been going over everything you collected From lundy's hotel and All his personal effects.
Here's the thing.
Some of it's missing.
No way.
It was all logged in.
by me.
Lundy had research books On that serial killer he was hunting.
And audio tapes.
I saw them in his room.
You still wrapped up in that, deb? I don't mean to speak ill, But the guy was chasing a ghost.
I think that ghost stole his books.
You got to stop.
You're making yourself crazy.
I'm telling you, someone took lundy's stuff.
And I'm telling you, you got to let this go.
Look, I'm sure you're tired.
Why don't you go home-- and what? Paint my fucking nails? I'm kind of sick of hearing it, quinn.
Then I guess I won't say it anymore.
I am no longer seeing lieutenant laguerta.
I mean, I see her every day, but We broke up.
And permanently.
Are you sure? Because, frankly, I'm getting a little sick Of the back and forth.
I apologize for the inconvenience.
Well, it's middle school bullshit, lieutenant.
I really don't want to have this conversation again.
You won't have to.
We've both signed affidavits to make it official.
Our relationship didn't interfere With any ongoing investigations, And the department will not be held liable for any fallout.
Well, that's something at least.
For the record, neither one of us was sexually harassed.
Yeah, all advances were very welcomed.
And there was not nor will there be A hostile work environment.
So it's done.
We're both staying in homicide.
Let me be clear.
The paperwork you're filing is serious.
If I find out this is bullshit, There will be consequences.
Severe, career-ending consequences.
Don't, angel.
It's over.
I should get back to work.
This is the last of it.
My dark passenger'sstuff And the reason I can't let go of my apartment.
If I don't figure out how to hide this, I'm gonna lose my family.
Trinity has the answer.
He's kept his family close.
even after death.
Who did you lose, Arthur? Vera Mitchell.
Sister of Arthur Mitchell.
Found dead in a Bathtub.
Marsha Mitchell.
Jumped to her death off the collins canal bridge.
Henry Mitchell.
Died in an alley of a fatal head wound.
Sister, mother, father.
He's recreating their deaths.
Decade after decade.
Cycles of three.
I watched my mother get sawed into pieces.
Now I cut people up.
We both have skeletons, Which means we both get a closet to keep them in.
Arthur has a closet.
I know almost everything about you, Arthur, Except where you hide.
Ready or not, here I come.
Oh, my goodness.
kyle, you all right? Yeah, cut myself at the build.
I didn't think it was a big deal, But it won't stop bleeding.
Right out in the open.
There must be more he's hiding inside.
Come on in.
We got a first aid kit in the house.
No boots in the house.
Here, I'll get the kit.
You make yourself at home.
I will.
Tacky, but normal.
His secrets must be under lock and key.
Not the dirty laundry I'm looking for.
Arthur has a place to put his lamp.
The dates and locations from lundy's books.
Arthur's been using four walls builds Around the country as a cover to kill.
And these are his trophies.
Hanging right up here on the wall Just like his hammer in the garage.
His blood slides.
He doesn't need a secret apartment.
He's hiding in plain sight, Right in the center of his family.
I'm the one who's lurking in the shadows.
And here she is, Arthur's own dark passenger-- His sister vera.
The tank is low, But then, she's been on the road for 30 years.
Kyle! Hiding in plain sight is one thing, But this is your weak spot.
What happens when it's exposed? Come out, come out, whoever you are.
Let's have a look at that hand Don't touch My sister.
I'm sorry.
I didn't know.
I can't breathe.
I'm sorry.
Forgive me.
I'm so sorry.
Jesus, Arthur, what the hell was that? It's just My sister She died when I was young.
It was very painful for me.
I understand.
I've lost people too.
have a seat.
If the ashes bother you so much, Why do you keep them out? Because she's a part of me, kyle.
Helped make me who I am.
But if your family ever saw you so upset They'd understand.
This is my home.
I can be myself here.
You make it sound easy.
I used to push people away Because of my past.
Even lost a relationship over it.
Like you.
But you changed.
Yeah, I met sally, Had my kids, And I realized The only way it was gonna work Is if I jumped in with both feet.
Jump in with both feet.
And that saved your family? Kyle, My family saved me.
I want to give you something.
For the next build.
I thought you should have your own tools.
It's the least I can do.
For giving me your murder weapon.
See you at the next build then.
Wouldn't miss it.
I want to be a part of this family.
And I know I need to jump in with both feet.
I'm glad, but I want to let you in.
Honestly, I don't know How.
I never learned.
No, of course you didn't.
God, i I mean, with your mother and-- What about his mother? She was murdered right in front of him.
Wow, that's That's quite a history.
And it shaped who I am.
But I want to change.
Let me ask you a question, Dexter.
And i'd like you to be honest.
I'll try.
Would you say that you're afraid To let rita get close to you? Yes.
why? Because of my past.
Are you afraid she'll abandon you? Yes.
But rita is not your mother.
No, definitely not, but if she Ever sees me for who I really am Then what? You think I would leave? Yes, absolutely.
Well, then you've got something to learn about me.
I married you because I want to get To know the real you.
That's what i've been trying to tell you.
Tell rita the truth.
Why did you keep your apartment? Because I need space To keep my stuff.
We have a house.
There's plenty of room.
I think what Dexter is trying to say Is that he needs space for himself In the marriage.
Okay, yeah, But I really do need a place To put my stuff.
Of course.
Of course.
I'll--I'll give you space.
You will? Yes.
See what happens when you're honest? You get what you need.
I know you're here.
You always catch me.
Mind if I join you? Look how beautiful you are.
I'll never get tired of hearing that.
You look better.
I feel better.
You know why? Nikki wald didn't kill lundy.
How do you know? 'cause somebody stole lundy's trinity research.
And there's only one person who'd have a reason To do that.
me? Trinity.
You're kidding.
He must have realized lundy was getting close.
Think about it.
that newspaper article.
Maybe he even saw lundy staking out that office building.
I guess.
He killed lundy, he shot me, He stole lundy's books to cover his ass.
Not exactly, but you were on a roll there For a while.
Do you know how awesome this is? It means that cocksucker is still out there, And now I don't have to sit around and wait For someone else to take care of it.
I can get him.
Great, now I have got to worry About you getting on trinity's radar.
Have you told laguerta your theory? Not yet.
I need to make sure I have a case first.
I don't want to step on my dick.
No, definitely not.
I got to get to the station.
Lots of work to do.
By the way I think I know who dad was fucking.
What? wait, who? I'll tell you when I know more.
I don't want to step on my dick with that either.
So you ready? I was born of primordial ooze.
I crawled out of my own mother's blood.
I hid among the humans, hoping not to be seen.
But somewhere along the way, I grew legs, Stood upright.
Would you give me a hand? Absolutely.
So what do you think? Is it too stuffy? Nope.
It's perfect.
Thank you.
I became a husband, A father.
I had to evolve.
It was the only way to survive.
I have something else I want to give you.
Being myself in front of my family Will take some getting used to, But Arthur was right.
It does feelgood.
Got it.
A padlock? For the door.
To keep it locked.
Shouldn't I leave it open? Please, we have three young children.
There's dangerous stuff in there.