Dexter s04e07 Episode Script

Slack Tide

Previously on Dexter Deb's alive.
They're taking her to the hospital.
Trinity's a monster.
If he was the one who hurt your sister You need to kill him.
I'm gonna follow Lundy's theory And check his hotel room for clues.
You can't let these be logged into evidence.
I've been going over Everything collected from Lundy's hotel And some of it's missing.
If you say that you saw me kill Frank Lundy, Then you're the liar.
Nikki wald didn't kill Lundy.
how do you know? 'cause somebody stole Lundy's Trinity research.
And there's only one person Who would have a reason to do that.
Me? Trinity.
If you could just help me Get an interview with Debra Morgan.
You gotta be kidding me.
It'd be a hero piece about the shooting.
No, add to that the fact That her brother has a bug up his ass about me.
I don't care if you're a dirty cop-- Don't fucking call me dirty.
Last thing I need is a cop mad at me.
How are we supposed to decide what's more important? Our jobs or each other? It's over right.
I'm halfway through the c.
files you gave me.
Maybe then i'll finally get some answers.
I think I know who dad was fucking.
What--wait, who? I'll tell you when I know more.
I know almost everything about you, arthur.
Except where you hide, The dates and locations from Lundy's books.
Arthur's been using four walls builds Around the country as a cover to kill.
And these are his trophies Hanging right up here on the wall.
He's hiding in plain site Right in the center of his family.
How does he do it? Only way we're gonna work Is if I jumped in with both feet.
Jump in with both feet.
There's a moment sailors call slack tide.
When the tide is neither coming in nor going out, But perfectly still.
It's a moment frozen in time.
When all is calm and peaceful.
The only downside to it is it passes so quickly.
Morgan Yeah, text me the address.
Gotta go home.
dead body.
We should get back anyway I got a lot to do.
I start work again tomorrow.
And you move into your new apartment.
Yeah, taking over Dexter's old bachelor pad.
You can take me there on the way home.
As much as we might like some things To remain suspended in time, they never do.
Okay, not what I was expecting.
Well, here's the real surprise.
nix found the alligator on his driveway.
Come up here all the time.
Try to eat my dogs.
This one I was gonna eat.
He shot the animal in the head.
He started to gut him and he found the arm.
Adult female No blood flow from the ruptured blood vessels.
The bite was post-mortem.
What's this? Ligature marks.
Her wrists were tied.
I'm guessing the gator didn't do that.
Well, we got a homicide, guys.
Alligator alley, A perfect spot to dump the body.
And knowing that it won't last.
I'll test for fingerprints.
Let's get a search team here.
Maybe they could find some more body parts.
A head would be nice.
Dexter, finally.
You have to help me finish my report on african animals.
No, I need him to put up the shelves in my room.
Actually, guys, it's been a long day and I'm kinda-- Go easy on him.
he's only one person.
That you know of.
First, you'll help cody, then astor And then you're gonna help me Put harrison's baby bouncer together.
That's a lot of helping.
Well, that's what daddies are for.
"Debra, call me.
I'd love to speak to you.
" She called the other day too.
She wants to do a hero piece on Deb for the paper.
The last thing I need is a reporter Snooping around my house, my family, me.
I'm sick of explaining it to you.
It's like you don't even listen to me.
Maybe I would listen more if the things you said-- I've been hearing them a lot lately.
They don't sound very happy, do they? Better to find out now before they get married.
You and I are doing better, right? Much better.
I'm happy we're in therapy.
You've really opened up to me a lot lately, Dexter.
Don't you think? Absolutely.
Dexter, I'm waiting.
Dear abby, I'm a serial killer.
I need advice on how to keep my kids From taking over my life.
No There's only one person who can help me.
Arthur? Hey Hey, kyle.
Doing a little shopping? Yeah, just a few things.
You? Yeah, we needed some supplies for the next build.
Let me give you a hand.
oh, thank you.
I'll help you load it up.
Oh, good.
So jonah's not around to help you this morning? No, he's got rotc in the morning, Football practice in the afternoon, And no time to help out his dad.
That's too bad.
No, no.
it's a good thing.
Is it? Kyle, you're a father.
You know we're responsible To push our children out into the world.
To make them prepared and self-sufficient.
Right, yeah, of course.
Push them out.
How do you do that? You have to encourage their outside interests.
Jonah's got all his activities and rebecca's got her ballet And she has college-level science classes.
That sounds very busy.
Well, so busy that I hardly get to see them.
And they hardly get to see you.
Allowing you to do whatever you want.
Simple advice, but there's got to be more.
So hey, if you ever need any extra help, Just let me know.
Oh, thank you.
Really, I mean it.
It's just that-- Just what? Well Honestly, I'm new here and without my family, I don't know anybody.
So What are you doing tomorrow morning? Nothing.
Meet me at my house.
Hey, Deb, great to see you.
Welcome back, detective.
Welcome back.
You're getting the hero's welcome, I see.
Hey, welcome back.
It's not like they haven't seen me, i've been around.
Yeah, but now you're officially back.
So glad you're okay.
Who was that? I have no fucking clue.
Take a bullet and suddenly You're everybody's best friend.
Oh, on the house.
Welcome back.
Fat Jesus on a bike, get me out of here.
Cover me, bro.
Hi, Dexter Morgan.
Of course.
we met before.
Uh, excuse me, I have to talk-- Yeah, that's why I'm stopping you.
As a favor to me, I'd really like you to not write about my sister.
I think she'll make a great story.
I should interview you as well.
You can give me some background-- No, Debra's recovering from a serious injury.
She needs to be left alone.
Stay away.
Why don't you, uh, get us a couple coffees.
What's with the attitude? She's just trying to do her job.
Everybody's trying to get a piece of Debra right now.
She's been through a lot.
Your sister's a big girl.
And she can take care of herself.
I don't see why this is any of your business.
Look, I know you and I have had our little differences.
You might want to keep in mind how all that started.
So what are you saying? I'm saying the guy who saw the other guy Steal the money from the crime scene Wants christine kept away.
Sorry Sorry I'm late.
Actually, that's bullshit.
I'm not late.
I was hiding at the end of the hall So I could tell you all at once and get it over with.
Um Thank you, I'm great.
No, I don't need your help, And no I'm not gonna show you the scar.
So please, can we just fucking move on? And, uh, why is there a picture Of a fucking arm up there? Well, let's all welcome back detective fuckin' Morgan.
I was just about to ask sergeant batista To update us on his case.
Based on the fingerprints, we've i.
'd the victim As estrella carazo-- 19 years old.
She is a citizen of nicaragua, Here on an expired visa.
Uh, the m.
estimates that the arm Was ingested less than 72 hours ago And the time of death less than 24 hours prior to that.
She worked as a cocktail waitress At the bayside club.
But she also did some modeling.
Yeah, she had a job scheduled four days ago With a photographer named Jonathan Farrow.
He's a very big fashion photographer.
That's disgusting.
what the fuck? That is sick.
Even I'm disturbed by this.
carazo didn't report for work The night after she was scheduled to see Farrow.
The kicker is, seven years ago Farrow was arrested In new york on suspicion of rape.
The charges were ultimately dropped.
So he's clean? When I spoke with the lead detective of that case, Uh, he thinks the victim was paid off.
Okay, so he's dirty.
The guy's surrounded by a firewall of lawyers.
He's well protected and playing hardball.
Maybe i'll get a turn at bat.
Well, he's agreed to come in for questioning this morning But I doubt if we'll get anything out of him.
I'd like to be there.
Well thank you, ang-- sgt.
Excuse me.
You're welcome, Lieuteant.
What's with batista and Laguerta? What are you talking about? They're afraid to look at each other.
Why would that be? Because they're doing it? Makes sense.
When you put two people in a room together long enough Eventually they're gonna fuck.
Oh, wow.
that's so romantic.
You should have that tattooed across your fat head.
What? I'll need to find the right activity for astor.
What did I like to do when I was 12? Okay, then, moving on.
Hi, this is mr.
Farrow's assistant, hold please.
Uh, no, I'm sorry.
Farrow is not available For any bookings right now.
You have nothing better to do? I wouldn't say Farrow's nothing.
Compared to Trinity, he is.
Trinity's not going anywhere.
With his kill cycle over He's not a threat to anyone for the time being.
Not sure I could say the same about this guy.
I haven't the faintest idea who estrella carazo is.
Oh, yes.
God, she had a nice ass.
I shot her in my studio last thursday For a jamaican rum campaign.
Nothing sells rum like a nice booty.
What time was that? Yeah, then I drove down to the keys For another commercial shoot That lasted well into the night.
That can be verified? By my assistant and about a dozen other people.
Tell me, Dexter, What's the real reason you're stalling On killing Trinity? I still have things to learn from him.
I spent my entire life trying to teach you Not to be like him.
You also taught me I couldn't be with people, I couldn't get married.
You taught me a lot of things I learned were wrong.
You're taking a risk here.
Isn't that what life is? A risk? Any ideas who might have wanted to harm miss carazo? Look, the girl was gorgeous but she was f.
? Fresh off the jumbo jet.
Very rural, you might say.
Sensitive guy I like you.
I could make you a star.
I just need to get you in my studio Whip your clothes off and rough you up a little bit.
I think you just jumped to the top of my list.
It's gonna be so nice To finally have my own place again.
Nice apartment.
Yeah, right? I've wanted it for years.
Who's was it? Dexter's.
No shit? How come you're just now getting it? I mean, he got married, like what, eight months ago? Well, he kind of held on to it for a while.
For what, like his secret fuckpad? No I think he just has a problem with change.
He's very slow to evolve.
Anyway, I should be going.
Yeah, thanks for the help.
I'm not suppose to lift anything for a while.
You kept your apartment after you got married? What kind of guy does that? What are you hiding, Dexter? Stay out of my life.
I know this is, like, your place now But are you always gonna, like, Have people here? Yes, dex, sometimes I'm gonna have people over.
This is, uh, the rest of your stuff from the house.
I'm picking up right where Lundy left off with Trinity.
I owe him that much, right? So look There are over 60 deaths linked to Trinity.
I have every little iota of evidence Frank collected Except what was stolen by Trinity.
And I'm gonna run it all by Laguerta tomorrow With the kicker That Trinity shot me and Lundy too.
Wow, that's a lot.
Fuck yeah, it's a lot.
Deb's right but it sounds like Some mad conspiracy theory.
Which is exactly what Laguerta will think When she hears it.
I'm gonna fuckin' blow her away.
Are these-- They're dad's old c.
Didn't know you had them.
So you haven't told me how it's going-- Your search.
I finally got some real info On who dad might have been seeing.
My mother, you mean? I'm having coffee with her tomorrow.
Okay, now I'm confused.
Coffee? Her name's Valerie hodges.
I left a message for her, like, a month ago, And she finally called me back.
Not my mother.
Debra's headed in the wrong direction.
But when she realizes that and gets headed the right way-- Laura Moser leads to brian Moser, Leads to the ice truck killer, leads to Harry Morgan.
So many little stepping stones That lay a path directly to the real me.
Let me know how it goes.
I will.
Hi, Dexter.
Hi, Dexter.
Hey, sweetie.
Hey, buddy.
Tough day? Elliot's girlfriend moved out this afternoon.
Oh, that's too bad.
What's too bad? What's too bad is That I found all this fun stuff for kids to do today And I can't do any of it 'cause I'm too big.
Like what? Well, for cody, I thought he might like to join the young sailors club.
Yeah! Wow, that's great.
Elliot's son danny's in that.
I think they have an outing this weekend? I wanna sail.
Then sail you shall.
What about me? How does soccer grab you? You get to kick things.
No, thanks.
Okay, how about ballet? Yuck.
How about the little scientists association? Why do you hate me so much? We'll keep working on astor.
But this is a good idea.
How did you decide to do all this? Well, I feel it's my responsibility as their father To help push the kids out into the world.
Make them prepared and self-sufficient.
I'm impressed.
Dinner's almost ready.
Good, i've got an early-morning meeting.
Okay, two serial killers go for a ride Why do I get the feeling this joke ends With only one of them coming back? I've barely skimmed the surface Of arthur mitchell.
Still so much to learn about handling the kids.
The wife Choose your weapon.
Or maybe not.
I have plenty of experience with the chainsaw.
But it's heavy, difficult to wield, Has a short reach.
Um, axe.
This is a little too into the woods for me.
So what is it we're doing out here? We're gonna cut down a tree.
God damn it! Want me to give it a try? Stand back.
So about the kids, Uh, one of them doesn't wanna do Any of the things I suggested.
So don't make them suggestions.
What do you mean? They're just children, kyle.
If you let them do whatever they want, They'd suck their thumbs and diddle themselves all day.
So why did we come out here Instead of just go to the hardware store? I don't want the lumber in the hardware store.
This is better-- Yeah, it's better.
Okay, arthur, you're a bit off today.
Uh Kyle, I didn't mean to hit it.
Of course not.
it was an accident.
Huh, we should go.
It's gonna die.
it's suffering.
It needs to be put out of its misery, arthur.
You need to kill it.
No, i--i can't.
He spent his life killing innocent people, But he can't kill bambi? This is your new role model, dex? It's in pain, arthur.
Please, I can't.
Get that axe from him.
Kill him now.
Would you like me to kill it? Would you do that for me? Now, Dexter.
kill arthur, now.
Man, early mornings with Trinity can be murder.
Lieuteant? The judge won't issue a search warrant On Farrow's studio.
No probable cause.
Well, that's bad news.
Very, cause I'm still sure he's our guy.
I think this means he's my guy.
And this case may be bigger Than what we originally thought.
I've got the names of at least three models From central and south America Who have all gone missing over the past year.
All here illegally.
Now we know that at least one of them Worked for Farrow.
I figure he picks his victims Knowing that once they've disappeared, Their families have no way Of getting an investigation started.
And I can't get a search warrant on this come mierda.
Fortunately, unlike batista, I don't need a search warrant.
Keep working it.
find another way in.
Can I ask you something? Off the record.
Go for it.
Is it true that you and batista Are in some kind of relationship? Excuse me, detective? It's just that there's a rumor going around-- Then please stop spreading it.
As a fellow woman in the largely male work force, I'd think you'd have a little more sensitivity To this kind of situation.
batista and I are co-workers and friends.
Farrow has a reputation for partying Late into the night.
And tonight should be no different.
Farrow's trusty assistant closing up shop.
Right on schedule.
Estrella carazo, Are those tears for real? I know you like to create images of violence, But this isn't fake blood I'm seeing.
Someone was hit right here Managed to make it this far Before she was Hit again.
And then here A fingernail.
Not exactly cinderella's glass slipper.
But it is a fit.
Valerie? that would be me.
Debra Morgan.
I figured.
Sit down.
I left you messages weeks ago.
I figured you weren't gonna call.
Well, I was on a cruise.
Rich old men love to spend money on me.
Um, so you use to work for my dad, Harry Morgan? I did.
I still have my sources, If that's what you're wondering.
Pick up where we left off.
Of course, my fee's gonna be a little higher now.
No, actually, I just wanted to ask you about my dad.
Did you and my father Did you ever have a romantic relationship? Oh, um, I'm not sure romantic is the right word.
I was one of his girlfriends, If that's what you're asking.
There were others? I think he picked the c.
s Based on how good we were in the sack.
I'm sorry--that's just That's just not the picture I have of my dad.
Oh Hey, I knew he was a hound when I met him, We all did.
I was one of his favorites though.
I use to drive him crazy with this one thing-- That's enough-- that's enough.
Thank you.
Does this mean you're not gonna hire me? I should have listened to everybody.
It was a huge mistake to look into dad's past.
What happened? It's too much.
I don't need to know all this stuff.
What stuff? Dad was fucking Valerie hodges.
Really? But apparently she was just one of many.
It's every father's nightmare Disappointing his children.
That doesn't sound like Harry.
Thank you, dex.
I don't even know who Harry is anymore.
He's still everything you remember him to be.
Is he? We all have secrets, Deb.
Some of them shouldn't be found out.
I don't have any secrets like that.
No, me neither.
I should just leave it alone.
My mother Yeah, I think that's probably for the best.
I'm gonna turn these in and be done with it.
No, you don't have to.
i'll do it.
You need to destroy that file, Dexter.
Close that door forever.
I can't let her be cut up again.
Hey, sweetie.
Not another gift.
No, it's not a gift.
It's a push, remember? What's that for? It's for you.
it's your new guitar.
Why? 'cause you're gonna take guitar lessons.
Says who? Me.
We'll see.
I learned a long time ago you can't force them To do things they don't wanna do.
Yeah, I guess.
So are you ready for your big weekend? What big weekend? The overnight camping trip with the young sailors.
I'm not a young sailor, cody is.
I'm a 30-something sailor.
But you have to go with him.
that's part of the deal.
They need adults with boats.
You're signed up to take four of the boys.
I didn't realize that.
I didn't know I'd have to get so involved.
This isn't a good weekend for me.
Dexter, what do you have to do That's so important? Stuff.
Stuff? stuff.
You can't cancel because of stuff.
Cody will be so disappointed.
Well, what time do we have to leave in the morning? If I can't do Farrow tomorrow, i'll do him tonight.
Everything's ready.
Where are you going? I gotta prep the boat.
If we're camping out, we'll need a tent, Sleeping bags, food, water.
I gotta get two children's life vests.
Abduct Jonathan Farrow take him back to his studio, Kill him, cut him to pieces, dump him in the ocean.
Honestly, rita, this is gonna take me a while.
Do you need some help? No, I got it.
This really means a lot to cody.
Me too.
And suddenly Tonight's the night.
Jonathan Farrow, party animal.
Okay, Jonathan, party like there's no tomorrow.
I'm on mr.
Farrow's list.
I don't have all night.
Neither does Jonathan Farrow.
Excuse me, could you tell mr.
Farrow I just saw a homeless guy throwing up In the back seat of his car? Quinn? What is he doing here? It couldn't be coincidence.
This whole thing just became too risky.
Can you believe he's here? Uh, who is he? That's quinn.
I've never heard of him.
You'd be making a big mistake.
Hello yourself.
You must be quinn? I am.
This lab geek just fucking ditch me? Okay, tonight's not the night.
Guess I'm prepping the boat to go camping after all.
The biscayne bay, boys! Home of the seminole indians, the spanish conquistadors, Cutthroat pirates And now Dexter Morgan and four skinny boys.
Harry used to take me camping.
If I can't kill Jonathan Farrow tonight, At least I can make the most of my time with cody.
See, you just pull it tight, like that, And that's your bowline.
That's my personal favorite.
You might prefer a taut-line hitch, though.
I'll show you on the other side.
Or maybe you wanna see a trucker's hitch That's a fun one.
Dexter? What? Can I throw dirt clods? Oh, okay.
You forgot the rope.
Right You seem a little distracted.
Yeah, well, arthur's technique Of keeping the kids busy and therefore keeping me free Isn't working out like it was supposed to.
So maybe it's time to kill him.
After Farrow.
I just got the official go ahead from Laguerta To open a Trinity killer investigation.
Really? She went for the whole Serial killer thing? Okay, let's call it a limited Trinity investigation.
What's that mean? Right before I went in, I realized if I pitched the entire Trinity theory And I added that he also shot me and Lundy, I'd look like a fucking lunatic.
So I boiled it down to the bare essentials.
Which are? The bludgeonings.
They still go back 30 years.
So I can investigate Trinity Without Laguerta knowing I'm investigating Trinity.
What's the next step? I don't know.
I don't know, but what I do know Is that Trinity killed Frank.
And I'm gonna catch him.
I'm sure you will.
So sarge.
What's this about you and Laguerta? A little bump and grind? Do not talk about Lieuteant Laguerta that way.
Comprende? Wow, I'm sorry.
You must really dig her.
Quinn just asked me If you and I were bumping and grinding.
Debra Morgan asked me the same thing.
Well, not in those words.
Where are they getting this from? I don't know.
It's you.
The way you keep looking at me.
Everywhere I go you're staring at my culo.
Okay, that is so not true.
It is too.
Now I know That I have a pretty nice ass, But you gotta stop.
I miss you, angel.
I miss you too.
But we made our choice.
Yeah, yeah.
When all of a sudden They heard a scratching noise on the roof of the car.
What was that? And they thought, "let's get out of here.
" So they drove home as fast as they could.
And when they got home, He went around to open the car door For his girlfriend And there hanging from the handle, A bloody hook! That doesn't even make sense.
Your turn, Dexter.
Uh, actually, I don't know any scary stories.
Oh, come on.
give it a shot.
All right.
There's a man.
You can call him the man of three.
You can call him Trinity.
You can call him anything you want But the fact is he's not a man at all.
He's a monster.
He was born in a bathtub filled with blood.
For countless years he's roamed the countryside Killing the innocent, leaving behind Bits of his dead sister.
Sometimes he'll sneak up on a man And raise his hammer overhead, And then he'll swing it down-- And smash his own thumb and then go crying all the way home, Like a little baby.
That's what happens.
That was funny.
thanks And now I think it's time to hit the sleeping bags.
You guys are beat.
you've had a huge day.
Hey, buddy.
You need anything? I'm good.
Do you need anything? No, I'm good too.
The kids won't wake up till it's light out.
Plenty of time for me.
What the hell is going on-- what is this? This Is the decisive moment.
What's the name of the photographer Who always talked about that? Cartier-bresson.
Once you miss it it's gone forever.
A perfect moment Frozen in time.
Something like that, right? Yes, but-- Ow, fuck, fuck, fuck! Who are you? I'm the person who's going to to keep you From killing any more women.
What? I've never killed anyone.
You killed Estrella Carazo.
Who knows how many others I didn't fucking kill them! I photographed them! It's too fucking bad they're dead but i-- Too fucking bad they're dead.
Life is hard, and it's brutal and ugly, And way too fucking short.
That's why I shoot what I do, beautiful women.
Who are bruised and cut and bleeding.
Oh, fuck It's for the contrast! You add a little bit of the real world It makes them all the more beautiful.
Until you kill them.
If they could thank me, they fucking would.
Because of my pictures, Those women will live on forever! Nothing lasts forever.
Man has always been drawn to the sea.
But it's an unnatural setting for us.
A place of great danger.
Tides, currents, waves, wind Each presenting their own hazards.
None of which can be ignored.
The slightest lapse of judgment Can be a mistake you might never recover from.
But a good sailor doesn't fight Against these elements.
A good sailor works with them, Using them to his advantage.
While others less fortunate might be forever cast adrift, Often in several pieces.
He always comes home safely.
What the hell? Isn't that-- Farrow's assistant.
I just arrested him for the murder Of estrella carazo.
But, no, I thought-- Yeah, at first it looked like Farrow, But this is airtight.
We got camera footage from the tollbooth Of him heading over to alligator alley.
We got dna evidence.
we got everything.
I killed an innocent man.