Dexter s04e10 Episode Script

Lost Boys

previously on dexter bathtub, jumper, bludgeon.
Lundy came to miami to hunt this guy.
I think he got too close, And i think it got him killed and me shot.
- i can't even imagine looking into the eyes Of the person you love Watching as he takes his last breath.
- how much did you tell christine About the lundy shooting? i learned my lesson.
I never even took the lundy files out of the station.
There's no way she could have seen it.
how did she know that? How tall was my shooter? my height.
then it wasn't trinity.
Look, i know it's really tough for reporters right now, So maybe i can give you That interview you've been wanting from me.
i'm married.
we have this connection.
i have dexter.
- that smudge you found at the crime scene-- How do you think he got the ashes to stick to the wall? - we got the killer's goddamn dna.
going out of town? - yeah.
a four walls build.
an out-of-town build-- Is his cycle starting over again? - this is where it all started.
Vera saw me.
I startled her, and she slipped Shattered the shower doors.
The glass sliced her leg.
She was dead by the time the ambulance came.
Don't touch my sister! fuck you and fuck vera.
get the fuck off him! I should have fucking killed you when i had the chance.
hi, dad.
a hypodermic needle.
The perfect drug delivery system.
Especially in the right hands.
- so how's everyone doing over there? - honey, i know.
everything's gonna be okay.
are you okay? - well, i'm not the one getting four booster shots.
I don't know how you're not a complete wreck.
serial killer.
remember? Well, a little pain now means a lot less later on.
I should know.
I had my chance to eliminate arthur early on.
I didn't and now-- we ready? - okay, buddy, look at daddy.
- i know, i know, i know.
- all right, that's one down.
three more to go.
- the good news is, you won't remember any of this.
I didn't remember what happened to me as a child Until i was forced to.
Keeping my tools in a shipping container Makes more sense than a backyard shed.
After all, it's where my dark passenger was born.
And, after tonight, It's where arthur mitchell will call home.
Arthur is a man of ritual, like me.
Gas up the car, a quick stop at starbucks, Choir practice And that's where i'm going to take him When he's alone in the parking lot of his church.
why isn't he stopping? - scott, hold your sister's hand until we're inside.
you're not my mother.
- if arthur thinks he can lose me in a crowd, He's dead wrong.
"nick, barb, scott Abby.
" i know that look.
I'm not the only one on a stalk.
But it's too soon.
Arthur just finished his last kill cycle.
By saving his life, have i set it all in motion again? Where'd you go? - scott, i'm officer carney.
am-- am i in trouble? no, no.
Are your mom and dad nick and barb? yes.
- i'm afraid they've been in a car accident.
are they okay? - they're gonna be fine, but they've asked me to take you To go see them in the hospital.
- we have to go get my sister.
- no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
My partner's got abby in our patrol car.
Come on.
I'm just glad i found you.
- it wasn't the babysitter he was after.
this isn't a police car.
i work undercover.
wait, where's my sister? - well, let me radio in and see where my partner is.
arthur! shit.
- kyle, i don't appreciate being followed.
- arthur, what are you doing? - i don't know what you think you saw, But i promise i'll preserve this boy's innocence.
i'm calling the police.
- if i so much as see a police car, The boy pays the price.
You like protecting children, don't you? Like my son.
- arthur, just pull over.
tell me where you are.
i have a process.
As long as it's not interrupted, I'll set the boy free.
- arthur, don't do this.
let the boy go.
- dexter, he's gonna kill that child.
- he's never taken a child before.
that you know of.
If this is new, this is on you.
not if i find him first.
butler? where's your mother? - she's picking up rebecca from ballet, But she'll be back any minute.
I really don't think that you-- jonah, don't talk.
Just listen and answer.
Do you have any idea where your father is? - he's at some teaching thing up in naples.
how long? a couple days.
- a couple of days.
If arthur's process takes that long, The boy still has time.
- you know, it's like thanksgiving never happened.
except for this.
Why are you still here? - i can't leave my mom and sister alone with him, And my mom won't leave, so i'm fucked.
- look, i need to find your dad, and fast.
I need your help.
- don't you understand? The longer he's gone, the better, for all of us.
- jonah, we both know what he's capable of.
- did-- did he hurt someone else? i hope not.
That's why i need to find him To keep him from doing something really wrong.
You have the chance to finally break the cycle.
what do you want me to do? - go through his desk, journals, computer.
Anything, everything.
Find out what he's been working on.
he'd kill me.
- i'll make sure he never finds out.
you know, i I'm-- i'm not-- i'm not sure if i can-- If i can do it.
That's my mom and rebecca.
- there is a great big shit-ugly world out there, jonah.
The bad stuff doesn't just end at your doorstep.
You can help put an end to all of it.
- to all of what? - the sins of your father.
Help me, jonah.
where am i? What is this place? - do you like trains, arthur? - my name isn't arthur.
it's scott.
look at that.
It's a thing of beauty.
i want my mom and dad.
Choo-choo-choo-choo-choo choo-choo-choo-choo Choo-choo-choo-choo choo-choo-choo.
- if arthur's ritual, like mine, was born in the past, The past is where i'll find him.
His last cycle of kills took place in new orleans.
Matthew hicks, ten years old, Went to the local pool, never came home.
Five days before a woman was found murdered in her bathtub.
Before? - you always did have a soft spot for kids.
They remind you of what you lost that day In the shipping container.
- arthur said that's what he would preserve In the boy he took.
If each of arthur's victims Represents members of his family, Then the boy must be arthur himself.
He was ten when his sister died.
Omaha, another ten-year-old goes missing.
Five days later, another bathtub murder.
lundy misread the pattern.
- it's not three victims he leaves behind; it's four.
Lundy didn't think to look at missing children Because they were never recorded as homicides.
which means five days Before the lisa bell bathtub murder here in miami - another ten-year-old went missing.
My god.
the boys begin the cycle.
working late.
like always.
is everything okay? harrison isn't sleeping, So i'm gonna keep him in our bed tonight.
i'll be there in a sec.
- arthur could have that boy anywhere, And now there'll be an army of police And volunteers surrounding his parents To help find their son.
I need to be one of them.
If arthur picked this particular boy for a reason, I need to know.
Come in.
- hey, dex, you wanted to see me? - gordy, thanks for coming.
- yeah, sure, no sweat.
what's up? - i dinged a parked van last night, And i left a note, But the driver hasn't called me back.
And i'm thinking, after i totaled my car, I can't afford To let the insurance companies get involved.
You think you can do a stake and notify So i can find this guy, pay him in cash? - yeah, sure.
just, uh, give me the plate, And if patrol spots your van, I'll give you a heads-up on its location.
- hold on.
as soon as he's done with the uni, i'm next.
- next for what? - i have to talk to him.
he's right in there.
- i'm still figuring out how to phrase it.
how gay are you? look, i-- I saw something at thanksgiving i wish i hadn't.
- morgan.
- gordon.
Jesus, ever hear of a comb? It looks like you have a cat on your head.
- i'm kind of on a mission here.
what's up? - i've got that interview with quinn's squeeze today.
christine? Are you sure it's a good idea To dredge up all that lundy stuff? - actually, i've got a few questions for her.
I think she might have some ideas about who shot him.
The real question is, do i give quinn a heads-up or-- no, you don't.
I gotta go.
- just no? he's my partner.
- yeah, he's also her boyfriend.
You don't know where his loyalties are.
Deb, i've got field work i've got to do.
- yeah, and i've got a briefing on trinity In, like, two minutes.
My case.
I need your big brain, bro.
- there's no new blood.
there's no need.
no way.
You do realize i will stand here all fucking morning.
If trinity works in the public school system And we can't get the okay to swab these guys, We are beyond boned.
- if he's even in the school system.
Sorry, deb, but the sooner this is over, The sooner i get to that missing boy's parents.
- we've had better luck with private schools, And so far we're looking at 240 males Who fit our trinity profile.
- well, collect their samples and get them to masuka.
- oh, wonderful.
more old man spit.
- dexter, i need the blood evidence in that bar stabbing.
proofing it.
- proof faster.
prelim's tomorrow.
Where are we on the lundy shooting? - i'm still on the foreign nationals That were staying at the hotel.
So, no significant developments.
- when you say it like that, no.
- hey, uh, dex, you got a minute? It's about thanksgiving.
later, vince.
uh Okay.
- uh, lieutenant, could you authorize this requisition? Could it be so wrong if you and i Hopped on the first plane to an island somewhere? - yes, and this isn't a requisition.
It's a thai menu.
- mm-hmm.
- thank you for bringing that to my attention, sergeant.
- start at community colleges, work our way up? detectives.
babe? - keep it in your pants.
she's here to see me.
- oh, you're finally doing the interview? she is persistent.
tell me about it.
and when i'm done, Everyone in miami is gonna know what a true hero is.
- don't forget your partner.
that's quinn with two ns.
- oh, shit, i forgot to run something by batista.
Will you show her to the box? And i'll be there in two seconds? yeah.
- i need you to watch christine interview me.
and i would do that why? - this could have something to do with the lundy shooting.
No significant developments, remember? okay.
i'm hungry.
- well, why don't you put your pajamas on And we'll have something to eat.
no, i won't do it.
I won't do anything you tell me to.
don't you understand? Father drinks, and mother pays the price.
I'm just trying to protect you, arthur.
my name is scott! very well.
- mr.
- yes.
- i'm dexter morgan, miami metro.
I'm not here in any official capacity.
I just want to do anything i can To help find your missing son.
- we haven't set up phone banks yet, But, uh, we have some flyers.
may i take some with me? great.
- i'm the only one here who knows what happened.
I could point the police in arthur mitchell's direction.
But the slightest misstep on their part Ensures this family is never whole again.
- is there any information at all on your son? A tip, a lead, a phone call? Anything that could point me in a direction? none.
I keep waiting for a ransom note.
- i'd better go post these.
I'm gonna do everything i can to help you get your son back.
thank you.
- can you imagine walking by your kid's empty bedroom, Not knowing where he is? no.
i can't.
- how does a guy like this make a dead body Just disappear into thin air? - the gulf stream does the trick for me.
- but there's no ocean in omaha, Des moines, st.
paul, or denver.
the four walls houses.
He goes to each one of those cities on a build As a pretext for his killing cycle.
construction site Would be a convenient place to bury a body.
or to hold a boy captive.
three years on patrol, Two years in vice.
Why homicide? - my dad was a detective here.
- but it was completely different being a cop back then.
- yeah, i bet.
talk about your man's world.
- oh, no, no, it wasn't just that.
I think you had to rely more on your instincts back then.
There wasn't all this forensics stuff To lean on to break a case.
Back then, you had to rely on your gut.
amen to that.
have you seen these? - forensically, we're at a dead end with the lundy case, So i just stare at these, looking for answers.
you know what? I've got enough background info.
How about i just write this up and give you a call If, uh, we didn't cover everything? sure.
Can i ask you something? You live over in the gables, right? yeah.
- ah, that must be really nice, Being away from all that touristy stuff.
- well, i got lucky.
found a great building.
- yeah, so the gables, that's what, like, uh, where frank was staying? - i guess.
- wow.
You sure got to the crime scene fast.
There's no traffic at 5:00 a.
oh, i know that.
But dispatch didn't put out the call till 5:05.
You were the first reporter on scene at 5:20.
- i like to roll out of bed and hit the gym early.
I was on my way there when i heard the scanner.
- bullshit.
she's lying.
- um, how do i get out of here? - you just follow the windows Till you get to the elevator.
- we've got to tread very, very lightly with it.
If quinn-- - no shit.
That's why i'm asking you to help me sort through this.
Tell me i'm not crazy.
- you're not crazy.
I spoke to christine at your crime scene.
Hair made, full makeup.
No way she rolled out of bed at 5:00 a.
looking like that.
- i'm telling you she knows more than she's letting on.
She's a hard-boiled crime scene reporter, And she couldn't even fucking look at those photos of lundy.
- suspicious, but it doesn't prove a thing.
- well, there's something else.
I know it sounds weird, but the other day, She was talking to me about how i was Looking in lundy's eyes when he died.
How the fuck does she know he didn't die instantly? - laguerta got broward county school district To let us collect samples.
Still working on dade.
- great.
everything okay? yeah.
Be right there.
- we can't be doing this with quinn around.
thank you.
build's nearly finished.
No one's here.
They're not here.
Fuck! Hello? - kyle, i went through my dad's desk.
You know, there's nothing here.
what about his computer? i already looked.
There's-- it's just school stuff.
- look at the search history.
does anything stand out? - okay, okay, okay.
one sec, one sec.
Nothing, really.
We got some bible stuff.
A hardware store.
a real estate agency.
The local paper.
- the real estate site.
What was he looking at? uh, let's see.
It's just a bunch of homes for sale.
an empty house.
Good place to ensure his process isn't disturbed.
- i can email you the list if you want.
I don't have email.
- who doesn't have email, kyle? - off the top of my head, people who don't exist.
Fax them to the kinko's near your house under my name.
I'll pick them up there.
- jonah, you're doing the right thing.
you know, how-- How come you're the only one Who can see my dad for what he is? - we have a few things in common.
- police are searching for a north miami boy Who went missing last night.
Ten-year-old scott smith was in an arcade with his sister And their nanny at around 7:45 p.
When the nanny, susan peterson, Realized that scott was no longer at her side.
fight, fight, fight! Fight, fight, fight, fight, fight! cody? - let go.
let go of him, cody.
- cody! cody, come here.
cody, what are you doing? - he said he saw dexter leave the young sailors camp-out In the middle of the night 'cause he was scared, So i hit him.
- i'm so sorry.
boys, huh? - if my son said that's what he saw, I believe him.
Come on.
why, hello.
I'm so glad i finally got you.
- actually, i'm in the middle of a project.
- dad, i really need to see you.
- you just did.
thanksgiving night.
- i can't wait another four months until my birthday.
Can we meet in between our usual visits? Just this once? - there's a reason why we only see each other A couple of times a year, christine.
I have a full life and a family who needs me.
i'm your family too.
I need you.
more than they do.
- sorry, sweetie, it'll have to wait.
Love you.
i think i'm in trouble.
Dad? - so are you gonna let me go? in due time, arthur.
- why do you keep calling me that? is that food for me? - you can have something to eat Once you put your pajamas on, arthur.
Oh, this is delicious.
- so far i've looked at six empty houses on jonah's list.
This one, not so empty.
- dexter, are you on your way home? - just finishing up a few things.
- oh.
the baby has a fever.
How long do you think you're gonna be? not very.
There's still another house i can check on the way home.
scott? Scott smith? - me and my kids got nowhere else to be.
My babies just need a place to feel safe at night.
We don't make a mess or nothin'.
You ain't gonna tell? no.
No, i won't.
Thank god.
Hey, can you take him? yeah.
Oh, he's so warm.
- yeah.
those shots really did a number on him.
Look, can you take his temperature again? The thermometer's on the counter.
You're late.
big day? - yeah, i was helping out with that missing boy.
- oh, that's so sweet.
those poor parents.
Speaking of which, paul's folks called.
They want to take the kids to disney world one weekend.
- you sure that's a good idea? I've never even met them.
they're nothing like paul.
He was the abusive black sheep of the family.
Plus, i think it would be good for cody right now.
what happened to his eye? - one of the young sailors said you disappeared The night of the camping trip.
Cody was defending your honor.
The only time i left my tent that night Was to find a tree.
- well, cody doesn't want to be part of the group anymore.
He said he doesn't want to be around somebody who tells lies.
too late.
You mind giving him a sponge bath, cool him off? Food will be ready when you're done.
- okay.
- okay.
this is so frustrating.
None of it makes any fucking sense.
- what if christine was covering for a source That knew something about this? possibly.
I couldn't even look quinn in the eye.
don't worry.
We're gonna figure this out.
We just gotta think outside the box.
- how's this for outside the box? Christine's the same height as the shooter.
- christine shoots lundy.
why? - beats the mother-fuck out of me.
She doesn't have a record.
you ran her prints? after the interview, I lifted them off some pictures i got her to pick up.
- maybe she has priors that she hasn't been nailed on.
- we get her dna, we check it against the database.
you and i both know We don't have enough to get a warrant.
- think outside the box, sergeant.
- nothing like clean, cool water, Huh, big guy? You'll be as good as new in no time.
But will i? I killed an innocent man When i left the campsite that night.
Now rita and cody have been drawn into defending a lie.
My lie.
Trinity's not the only one Using his family as human shields.
- are you out of your fucking mind? No way christine had anything To do with shooting you or lundy! - you've been dating her for what, two months? How well do you even fucking know her? - what is this, some morgan vendetta against me? Is your asshole brother behind this? - why the fuck would my brother have anything to do with this? forget it.
it-- Look, you're probably right about christine, And i am totally off-base, But you're a cop, and a good one, And i know you know what it's like When you have a hunch.
- who else knows about this? batista.
- great.
you're making me look like a fucking asshole.
- don't make this about you.
Does she keep a toothbrush here? Christine will never know about this.
And when the results come back clean, You can shove this up my ass anytime you want.
I need you to get a dna panel on this asap.
that's your emergency? project runway is on.
fuck you.
- i'll owe you one, all right? - who's it belong to? - we may have a big fucking lead on the lundy case, And just fucking run it.
- six houses down, another eight to go, And i'm running out of time.
- dexter, where the hell are you? - en route.
- okay, well, the da's all over me about that blood report.
- i'll have it on your desk in half an hour.
what? i was just thinking.
Christmas is coming up.
You got any plans? you and me.
what about your family? - hmm.
we're not that close.
- i guess that's why you never talk about them.
- have you seen my toothbrush? - oh, the cleaning lady must have thrown it out by mistake.
- she's jealous of my perfect teeth.
brand new.
are you okay? yeah.
yeah? Are you sure? now's not a good time.
- well, maybe it is a good time for me.
You ever consider that? wow.
um - this is about your partner, isn't it? Did she say something to you? about what? - she gave a shitty interview.
I'm ditching the article.
- so you think she's pissed about that? - i don't know.
it doesn't matter.
I'm gonna be late for work.
Daddy, i can't wait.
i need to see you now.
We might be in trouble.
We have to talk about, uh That woman in the bathtub that night When i was little.
Please call me back.
- now what'll we call this station? why can't i go home? - northern springs? rainbow valley? How about, uh, copper flats? this is stupid! You should take me home.
I want to see my mom and dad.
? hey, venus? ? oh, venus? ? venus, make her fair? ? a lovely girl with sunlight in her hair? ? and take the brightest stars up in the skies? ? and place them in her eyes for me? - ? venus, goddess of love that you are? - ? surely the things i ask? why are you so sad? - ? can't be too great a task? - it was vera's favorite song.
? venus, if you do? she was my sister.
- ? i promise that i always will be true? what happened to her? - ? i'll give her all the love i have to give? ? as long as we both shall live? she died.
It wasn't my fault.
It wasn't my fault.
- ? goddess of love that you are? ? surely the things i ask? listen.
Uh, i'm sorry about your sister.
And if it'll make you feel any better, You can call me arthur.
- ? i'll give her all the love i have to give? you'd let me do that? sure.
Now how about we play trains a little bit more And then you can take me home.
? venus? ? make my wish come true? - you're a dear boy, arthur.
So innocent.
Promise me you'll always stay that way.
- hey, do you like ice cream? After you've, uh, Finished your treat I think it's time to let you go free.
- yeah, i'm calling about the house on olive.
Yeah, i'm sure the curbside appeal is great, But i need to know, is the house occupied? Oh, the current owners are still living there.
yes, okay.
No need for a drive-by.
You stay blessed too.
Lieutenant, blood report on the bar stabbing.
- hey, dexter, just got word on that stake and notify.
We found your van about 20 minutes ago.
It was at a diner on flagler and fourth.
Hope you find your guy.
me too.
If arthur's van was spotted close to where he has the boy, That should narrow my search down considerably.
Fourth and flagler.
Four listings in the area.
Two within a mile.
uh, hey, dex where are you off to? - kill the guy you're looking for.
Save a kid.
remember to pick up diapers.
I have to be two places at once.
Not a great day.
i hear you.
I'm half out of my mind trying to crack this lundy thing.
debra morgan! - fuck me twice on sunday.
that's all i need.
who's that? - one of dad's old fuck buddies.
Emphasis on old.
- harry's past is a minefield.
But i've got my own ticking bomb to defuse.
Let me know what happens.
what's up, valerie? - i'm sorry i said those things about your father.
He dumped me for another ci, And all this time, it still hurts.
- do you happen to remember this other woman's name? - no, but i bet she'd remember me.
God, i was completely out of my mind.
Went to her house, confronted her.
- valerie, i have to go.
i will call you.
- so, um, pick you up later? Get a bottle of wine? you're - in love with a beautiful woman.
So shoot me.
The dna results on christine hill are back.
- she's fucking related to trinity.
bomb shelter.
Cuban missile crisis.
Irony is, places like this were built To keep people safe.
i hate irony.
They were here And i just missed them.
i'm sorry, daddy.
Thanks for meeting me.
I never told you because i thought it was a dream.
And i wanted it to be, but it wasn't.
- now, now, now, now, now, slow down.
What are you talking about? i saw you that night.
Back when i was five.
- you told me to stay in the car, but i didn't.
So i got out and i went into that woman's house.
And i saw you in the bathtub with her.
The water was so red.
it was a dream.
You were right the first time.
it wasn't.
I knew it wasn't When it happened again in the same house - i couldn't figure this out in time.
- you'll have another shot at arthur.
Isn't that what you want? - what if it was harrison or cody? - your priorities have changed.
I'm a father now.
- i went back and i looked through All the postcards you sent me over the years.
Every trip you took in every city you went, A woman died in a bathtub.
- you don't know what you're talking about.
- it's all right.
i protected you.
That fbi agent? lundy.
He was starting to get close, but i stopped him.
I got in with the homicide department So i'd know what they knew.
And i followed lundy And i saw you run into him.
And he started putting things together, And he was never gonna stop, so i shot him.
you what? it's okay.
I made it look like another crime spree.
The vacation murders.
the police had no idea.
had? - well, they still don't have anything solid.
But they're starting to ask questions.
- you put yourself at risk For me.
- i'd do anything for you.
More than your other kids.
They would never do what i did for you.
- it's gonna be okay, baby.
I'm not gonna let anything happen to you, i promise you.
- you've always been so special to me.
now go home.
i'll drop by tonight, And we'll figure all of this out, okay? Go on now.
it's gonna be fine.
Stupid fucking cunt! - no wonder none of those missing boys Has ever been found.
encase a body in cement And it's preserved forever.
The four walls build.
you were already there.
arthur wasn't ready then.
He is now.
Burying a child in cement.
that's not very christian.
no closer.
- i'll take that to mean the boy is still alive.
- walk away, kyle.
this doesn't concern you.
- there's no way i can do that.
i need to do this.
I can't stop this.
i can.
Arthur! Daddy.
hey, you.
hey, you too.
long day? oh.
The longest.
they found that boy.
- well, do the police have any idea what happened? - if they do, they're not saying.
Those parents must be so relieved.
Do you hear that? crickets.
For once, the house is quiet.
jinxed it.
- i got this.
i got it.
no, but you're so tired.
it's okay.
I want to.
- yeah, it's okay, big guy.
It's okay.
I'm sorry you're in pain.
I promise you, no one's ever gonna hurt you again.
Especially me.