Dexter s04e11 Episode Script

Hello, Dexter Morgan

- previously on dexter - lundy misread the pattern.
- it's not three victims he leaves behind.
It's four.
Oh, my god.
The boys begin the cycle.
- we broke up.
- i find out this is bullshit, There will be consequences.
Severe, career-ending consequences.
- i'm married.
- we have this connection.
- i have dexter.
- hey! Kyle butler.
- remembered my name.
- oh, i'm like an elephant.
I never forget.
- you sure got to the crime scene fast.
- there's no traffic at 5:00 a.
- but dispatch didn't put out the call till 5:05.
You were the first reporter on scene at 5:20.
I'm telling you she knows more than she's letting on.
- suspicious, but it doesn't prove a thing.
- how's this for outside the box? Christine's the same height as the shooter.
- you out of your fuckin' mind? No way christine had anything to do With shooting you or lundy! - you've been dating her for, what, two months? How well do you even fuckin' know her? - the dna results on christine hill are back.
- she's fucking related to trinity.
- i went back and i looked through all the postcards You sent me over the years.
Every trip you took-- in every city you went, A woman died in a bathtub.
- i don't know what you're talking about.
- it's all right.
I protected you.
That fbi agent, lundy, i shot him.
- you what? - no! - i'm gonna ask you again.
How are you related to the trinity killer? - and i'm gonna tell you again.
I don't know.
- your dna matches his.
- i don't know anything about that.
- which raises one huge question-- Who are you? - who are any of us, really? We all have our public life, Our private life - and your secret life.
The one that defines you.
- your mother Is listed as lorraine hill.
Where is she? - dead.
Five years now.
- your father seems to be Unknown.
Why is that? - i told you, My mother got pregnant.
It happens.
I never met my father.
- i think you're lying.
- so do i.
I think christine has her own secret life.
She's got to be arthur's daughter.
- because of your relationship with our department, We've been treating you With the greatest of civility.
Please Don't let that hide the fact That you could be in real trouble here.
Give us a name.
- if she says the name arthur mitchell, then - nationwide manhunt.
He's lost to you forever.
- give us a name.
- so what will you do? - he wants a name.
I'll give him a name.
- a decoy.
- exactly.
If i can make the police Think the trinity killer is someone else, Arthur's all mine.
- you've reached christine hill.
Please leave a message.
- which brings us to our next story.
In a very happy turn of events, Ten-year-old scott smith Was reunited with his parents earlier today.
Although police have no leads as to who abducted the boy Or how he came to be returned, His family is simply happy he's home.
- interesting.
- authorities say they will continue their investigation.
- with all the dna samples from my sister's sweep, There should be one bad guy I can cast in the role of trinity.
But i'm striking out.
- hello.
- let me ask you a question.
What kind of a man Witnesses a child abduction And doesn't call the police? Who are you, kyle? What is it you want? - money.
- money? Is that what all this is about? - i want $50,000, Or i'll tell the whole world That arthur mitchell, family man, Schoolteacher, church deacon, Is a pedophile.
- i am most certainly not a pedophile.
- 50,000.
right now.
- i'm a schoolteacher.
I don't have that kind of money.
- take a loan out on your house.
Sell your car.
i really don't care.
I want the money today.
- that's not possible.
I'm not even in miami.
- where are you? - well, i'm not gonna tell you that, am i, kyle? - it doesn't matter.
You have 24 hours to get me the money.
- i'll, uh-- i'll be in touch.
- but i don't know anything.
- you know about morgan and lundy's shooting.
More than you should.
And you share trinity's dna.
I can play this game All day long.
But you're in here Until you tell us what we need to know.
- you can't do that.
You can only hold me for 48 hours.
- if you were under arrest.
But we're holding you as a material witness.
- so you can keep me as long as you want.
- that's right, So you better start talking, bitch.
- she says she doesn't know anything.
- and, what, you believe her? I know this sucks for you, But she's in there because she's involved, So get your fuckin' head on straight.
- we don't have any proof.
- come on, quinn.
you're a detective.
What does your gut say? - i don't know.
- you're too close to this.
- i'm not the only one too close.
- she say anything yet? - nope.
she won't.
- let's hope not.
For quinn's sake.
- fuck you.
- huh.
And you.
Keep me posted.
- whoa, where you going, half day? - to find a trinity decoy Before christine says the magic words.
Lunch with rita, my wife.
- sure you are.
- i'm sorry? - where is it you really go every day? - cut him some slack.
His girlfriend's a psycho.
Say hi to rita and harrison for me.
- will do.
- warrant came through on christine hill's apartment.
Let's get a team over there.
- shit.
- great.
i'll drive.
If she won't talk, maybe her apartment will.
- i'll ride with you.
- no, absolutely not.
You're not searching your own girlfriend's apartment.
Take batista.
- send him my way first.
I want both of you.
In your office.
This is security footage Of a robbery in coconut grove last night.
Fortunately, our detectives Were able to i.
the suspect And make an arrest.
But they sent this up to me For a whole other reason.
A half hour before, The security cameras recorded this.
- chief, we were off duty, and - two of my senior people Who had signed sworn affidavits with the department Stating that there was No romantic involvement between them.
- if you'd just let me explain-- - there's nothing to explain.
You both lied under oath.
You committed perjury, and that's a felony.
- look, i understand that we made a mistake, And if necessary, we're willing to accept the consequences, But this is-- - you went back on your word, And then you rubbed my face in it.
Your board of review hearing is the day after tomorrow.
I suggest you call your union reps And start looking into career alternatives.
- wait a se-- hang on.
This isn't the first time That you and i have squared off, So what exactly is your beef with me? My gender? my race? What? - your arrogance.
- lundy's trinity books.
- lundy ran down lots of suspects over the years Who looked like they might be trinity.
Stan beaudry.
- a long-haul trucker Based right here in miami.
- travels all over the country.
Arrested for killing a prostitute with a crowbar, Left her on the side of the highway.
The chain of custody on the crowbar was contaminated.
They dropped the case.
- so he's ours.
- rita.
- hey! What the fuck? - oh.
I'm sorry, is, uh, is this your house? - fuck yeah, this is my house.
- i made a mistake.
I thought it was my friend's place.
- so you're breaking into your friend's place? - no.
- you were gonna steal my shit.
- i assure you, i was not going to steal your shit.
- uh-uh.
No, you ain't going anywhere, old man.
All right? i got your license plate number.
I'm gonna call the cops.
- sorry i'm late.
it's just one of those days.
- oh, it's okay.
You're here now, so - uh, sorry.
It's work.
one sec.
- all right.
- morgan.
Uh, can it wait? I'm kind of in-- Okay.
Yeah, no, i'll be there.
- let me guess.
crime scene? Dexter, we have an appointment.
- i know, but it's-- it's an emergency.
- so is this.
- why? We're doing better.
I'm Being all open, and - i kissed elliot.
- what? - well, actually, uh, he kissed me, mostly.
Look, i was waiting to tell you.
In therapy.
So let's just go to our session, so that we-- - no, i told you, i can't.
- dexter, please.
- i got to get to work.
- 10-4.
this has been reconfirmed.
- i came over to borrow his lawnmower.
I--i saw him through the window.
The door was unlocked.
- bruising around the neck.
our guy was choked.
Hey, uh, how was, uh, Lunch/therapy with rita? - fine.
Vince, stop reading my desktop calendar.
Impact marks here on the floor.
- you can talk to me, you know.
- actually, multiple impact marks.
Somebody smashed his head against the floor.
- i saw rita kissing another dude at thanksgiving, okay? - i know.
she told me.
- oh, thank christ.
- we've lived next door five, six years.
- and what's his name? - kyle.
uh, kyle butler.
- arthur mitchell's in miami, And he's looking for me.
Another death of an innocent man That i'm responsible for.
- shoes.
and more shoes.
- man, christine has a lot of shoes.
- shoes.
- not shoes.
Des moines, denver, san francisco.
- let me see.
These are all cities in lundy's books-- Where trinity killed.
Look how it's signed.
- "love, daddy.
" Trinity is-- - christine's fucking father.
She's been in contact with him the whole time.
I knew it.
i fuckin' knew something was off with her.
- it still doesn't give us trinity.
- no.
But it gives us something to make the bitch talk.
- arthur will come here next, And i'll be waiting.
Soon as that door closes, it's over.
What the fuck? - good night.
- see you later.
- shit.
- not much of a resemblance.
- at least he's not looking for kyle butler anymore.
- san francisco, 1996.
Same cycle.
Girl dies in a bathtub.
A woman jumps off a building.
A man gets bludgeoned outside of a bar.
There were trinity killings In every single one of these cities.
"wish you were here.
Love, daddy.
" - i've never seen those before.
You planted them.
- are you trying to piss me off more? 'cause i'm sure that detective quinn Will be displeased When he finds out this is why You cozied up to him, To keep tabs on daddy.
- i didn't.
I don't know who my father is.
- he is the trinity killer.
And he's been sending you postcards from hell.
You've been drafting on us, And when you heard lundy was on to your father, You shot him.
I want to talk to my lawyer.
- first smart thing you've said all day.
- she lied.
- fuck yeah, she lied.
Just fucking admit it.
You shot me and you killed lundy.
- she fucking used me.
And i fell for it.
For her.
I'm a fuckin' asshole.
- don't--don't do that.
- what? - beat yourself up like that.
- why the fuck not? - because i know where it gets you.
I was engaged to the ice truck killer.
He cut people up, Drained their blood, Wrapped 'em up like bloody fuckin' christmas.
As in ready to spend the rest of my life.
- yeah.
- so we can play who's a bigger asshole, But i guarantee you i'll win.
- we're keeping christine overnight again.
- good.
let her fuckin' rot.
- stan beaudry lives off the grid.
A shack in the middle of nowhere.
Lone wolf personified.
He's not home.
Or is he? - look out for an 18-wheeler With a tackle box on the driver's side door-- - where are you, mr.
beaudry? Making a delivery in jacksonville, Due back late tomorrow.
Or if i leave now, I can be in jacksonville by midnight, And cut the time and himin half.
- you can't just disappear all night, dexter.
Got to get home to your family.
- hey.
It's late.
You can't sleep? - i stayed up, so we could finish our talk.
- can it wait? I have a huge day tomorrow.
- no, it can't.
- are the two of you--? - no.
No, of course not.
It's just a huge mistake, And i am so--so sorry.
- well, okay then.
Apology accepted.
- shouldn't we talk about this? - i thought we just did.
- you didn't say anything.
- i'm putting it behind me.
Isn't that what i'm supposed to do? - i mean, i'm glad, But if i were you, I would be hurt, angry, disgusted even.
- is that how you want me to feel? - no.
- well, good.
see? Everything is okay.
- you've reached christine hill.
Please leave a message.
- mom's at work, Kids are at school, And for all i know, Trinity's out there doing Exactly what i'm doing at his house-- Prepping for a kill.
- arthur's dna.
- if the police search stan beaudry's house And find those, They'll think he's the trinity killer.
- for a while, anyway.
- long enough for me to kill the real trinity.
- dexter, i need you at the station.
- wow.
i, um Kind of right in the middle of doing some stuff.
Any chance masuka can cover for me? - no chance at all.
be here.
- you're juggling too many people, dexter.
- i know--arthur, beaudry, Rita, now batista - i'm not talking about them.
I mean dexter morgan-- Blood tech, husband, father, Serial killer, and now kyle butler, extortionist? Which one are you? - all of them.
- you still playing "who's your daddy?" with christine? - i thought she'd come clean After spending a night in a cell.
No such luck.
- tell you what.
Before her lawyer gets here, Let me take a shot at her.
I thought you might want to refuel.
Breakfast burrito.
- no, i don't eat that shit.
- i figured.
that's for me.
- you put some kind of drug in there to make me talk? - you watch way too much tv.
I get it, why you did what you did.
To protect your dad.
I would have done the same thing.
My dad and i were close too.
Actually, we weren't.
I wanted us to be, But he never noticed.
He was always too busy with my brother and work.
- is that why you became a cop? - yes, actually.
- hmm.
You thought that maybe, Just maybe, if you became a cop like him, He'd give you that approval You'd been so hungry for? - well, when you say it like that, It sounds like a giant cliche.
- that's because it is.
I don't want to talk about your daddy issues, okay? - fine.
Let's talk about yours.
- hmm.
Oh, you don't know anything about me.
- i know you can still do the right thing.
One day, i grew up.
And i realized my father wasn't the end-all, And it didn't matter what he thought of me, Because i realized i didn't think that much Of him anymore either.
- you think just because you shared, I'm gonna open up? You watch too much tv.
- how'd it go? - it didn't.
Now what? - well, her lawyer's insisting that we let her go.
- let who go? - christine.
- well, if she cares enough about her father To lie for him - he could be her first stop if we cut her loose.
- lead us right to him.
- you take care of this? i got a meeting.
- i'm here.
- this is our witness? - uh, dexter morgan, say hello to judge belford.
- i need you to sign here and here.
And can i see some i.
? Well, these are the kind of life sentences I like to hand out.
Angel, you may kiss the bride.
- excuse me, dex.
- and i'm late for my tee time.
Enjoy your life together.
- thank you.
- thank you.
- thank you.
- did you two just get married? - according to that piece of paper, we did.
You can be the first to congratulate us.
- mazel tov.
That's what i got called in for? - you're the only one that knows about us.
- yeah, so keep it to yourself.
- come here.
- patrol just called in.
Surveillance is up and running On christine hill's apartment.
- good.
- shit.
I've got work to do.
- breaker 1-9, This is little chopper Heading north on the 95 big road Just north of miami.
Looking for the 10-20 On one stan "the man" beaudry, Driving a black peter car out of j-town.
- uh, copy, little chopper.
Just saw him pulling into freddy's truck stop Off the 91 exit.
- thank you, driver.
- i'm standing in front of your house, kyle.
- what? - i called the four walls office For your home address.
Seems to be johnny's jet skis.
- they're fun.
you should try one.
- what this tells me is you've been lying to me From the very beginning.
- well, in the big scheme of things, Being a liar isn't nearly as bad as being a pedophile.
- do not call me that! - i want my $50,000.
Why should i trust you to be silent After i've given you the money? - here's what you can trust.
If you don't meet me with the money, I'll call your family, your school, And then the police.
- give me until tomorrow.
- how do i know i can trust you? - i guess that's just the world we live in, kyle.
? ? - you don't let me out of here, I'm gonna kick your fuckin' ass! Aah! you fuck! What the fuck are you doing? - normally, we'd have a little chat.
I'd show you the error of your ways.
But i'm kind of in a hurry here.
- oh, i am gonna fuck you up! - uh-huh.
- i'm gonna rip your heart out! - yeah, i heard.
- i'm gonna gut you like a fuckin' pig! You'll be sorry that you ever crossed me! Aah! - i just need to make sure The police find arthur's dna.
When they see this picture of christine, They'll think she's beaudry's daughter.
Lundy's trinity books.
- thanks.
Only be a minute.
Mine's dead.
Don't have a land line.
- hello.
- daddy.
It's me.
I'm sorry i haven't returned your calls.
I've been - i know where you've been.
Don't call me anymore.
you understand? - d-daddy, i just-- - it's slightly unbelievable that beaudry Would even own a toothbrush, But i'm gonna go for it.
And now, the final piece of the puzzle.
I think i'm done.
Stan beaudry is now the trinity killer.
Love thy neighbor.
I should leave it alone.
Go inside.
Watch the history channel.
Hey, elliot.
- dex.
- stay the hell away from my wife.
- jesus.
dex Aah.
Uh, i guess i deserved that.
Now, now wait.
I know i'm an asshole, But just wait a minute.
I got caught up in a moment.
Rita's amazing.
- you think i don't know that? - and i'm an idiot.
And if i were you, I would want to kill me too.
- don't ever touch her again.
- your hand.
- yousaw? - i saw.
You're not mad? - no.
I'm not mad.
- what are you? - glad.
That you cared that much.
Can't believe you hit him, though.
- i know.
- i didn't see that coming.
- i didn't either.
- professional courtesy dictates We give you a heads up.
- mm-hmm.
we're married.
- as in man and wife.
- well, i don't see how that changes the facts of the matter.
- it's certainly gonna change the context of your accusation.
- do you really want to go in front of the board of review And attack the sacrament of holy matrimony? - the issue here is perjury.
- alleging an affair is one thing, But now you'd be going after us For embracing the bedrock of family values.
- in heavily catholic, And heavily latino miami.
- you'll come across as a soulless, Anti-family schmuck.
- but if that's what you want to do, We'll take the fight.
- it's also worth noting That the chief of police Met his now wife On the job as well.
- you can lecture him On how he is in violation Of department protocol.
- i can only marvel at the level of cynicism.
Using the institution of marriage As a cheap political ploy.
You must be very proud of yourselves For being so clever.
- you didn't give us a lot of options.
- i hope that your life together Will not be as empty and as amoral As your decision to get married was.
- we did the right thing.
- of course we did.
- batista.
We just got a lead on the trinity killer.
- according to this, He had a delivery two days ago in jacksonville, And due back here last night.
- yeah, well, i'm guessing christine Found a way to warn him off.
- well, hello, mr.
- don't forget mr.
- oh, yeah.
We've got some dna going on in here.
- great.
- dex, That guy that was bludgeoned, You remember the kind of hammer? - uh, it was a grant-- - 24-ounce framing hammer? - we got him.
- it's a little hard to believe this is the same guy That never made a mistake in 30 years.
- ah, i'm sure he made mistakes.
We just weren't looking.
- a truck stop employee Noticed stan beaudry's truck during the night.
Preliminary investigations Reveals evidence pertinent to the trinity killings.
At this point, We're trying to locate mr.
stan beaudry.
He's become our number one suspect.
- stan beaudry? - kyle? - daddy.
- i told you not to call me.
- i'm in trouble, daddy.
The police are - you're putting us both at risk.
- it isn't safe for us to talk.
- i'm on a neighbor's phone.
I would never do anything To put you in danger.
- you already have.
You're a stupid girl! Always getting in the way.
- i was protecting you.
- you've ruined everything.
- i--i did it because i love you.
Just, uh Just, um Meet me.
I can get past the cops.
- i don't care.
it's not my problem.
- but i need your help.
- you did this to yourself.
You're on your own.
- how could you say that? I'm your daughter.
- i'm sorry, christine.
- i'm sorry too.
- i'm sorry you were ever born.
- dad - do not call me again ever.
- no electric, no water.
Can't track him through his utilities.
- well, someone needs to take a look in here for-- - detective morgan? We just got word that christine hill Would like to speak with you.
Only you.
- fuckin' a.
she wants to confess.
- i'm coming with you.
- joey, come on.
- i'll stay outside.
She won't even know i'm there.
- let's go.
- it hasn't been easy, But i was able to pull together The funds you are demanding, kyle.
- well, that's good news.
That'll make both our lives a lot easier.
- i'll have the money at 7:00.
I'll drop it in the trash container Nearest the lighthouse at cape florida.
- that location doesn't work for me, arthur.
The palmetto marina on the miami river.
Leave it at the entrance to dock c, - you're the boss, kyle.
- glad you understand.
- i'll see you in 15 minutes, Because i know exactly where that music is coming from, And why you're there-- Unfinished business.
- christine, it's detective morgan.
Open up.
- over there.
- is there something you want to tell me? - that motherfucker.
- who? Quinn? because he had nothing to do-- - no, not quinn.
my dad.
- christine, you can stop protecting him.
We have his name.
- that's bullshit.
- we know he's stan beaudry.
- wow.
- just tell me where he is.
- i tried to be a good daughter.
You know Make him love me.
But he hates me.
- you don't need him to love you.
- mm-hmm.
- he's a killer.
- he is.
he is.
He's a killer.
- he made his own choices.
- and i'm just like him.
- you're not.
- i am.
- your dad was a cop, right? - mm-hmm.
- so you said, "hey, i'll be a cop too.
Maybe then he'll love me.
" You know what i did? I shot you.
I killed lundy.
- okay.
- i'm so sorry.
- let's just get you to the station.
- can you forgive me? - are you kidding me? I came here to do a job.
I came here to take you in And to get justice for lundy, But forgive you? Fuck you.
Let's just get to the station.
no, don't! don't! - what happened? - quinn, don't.
- i've searched the entire fucking arcade.
Where are you, arthur? Hey, deb.
- where are you? - just taking care of business.
What's up? - trinity's daughter just confessed to everything.
And then killed herself.
In front of me.
- are you okay? - i'm in one piece.
Could really use some family right about now, And you're it.
- who am i right now? Dexter morgan, serial killer, Or dexter morgan, brother? I'm on my way.
I need to be a good brother now So that i can be a good serial killer later.
- excuse me.
Could you tell me if there's a kyle butler working here? - sure.
Mm, sorry.
There's no one by that name.
- my mistake.
? ? - excuse me, sir.
You're good.
- hey.
- i'm afraid to erase his name.
- why? - 'cause then this is all over.
- i guess it is.
- and frank's still dead.
- yeah.
he is.
- i mean, i'm not stupid.
I knew finding his killer Wouldn't bring him back, but I thought it would bring something.
- you want me to do it? - yeah.
I've got it.
- hey, hang tough, hermano.
- my, my.
Why, mr.
beaudry, You've done me a kindness.
- no.
- hello Dexter morgan.