Dexter s04e12 Episode Script

The Getaway

Previously on Dexter Dexter Morgan, good suburban husband, happy father of three living the dream.
Daddy kills people.
It's always the same three kills with Trinity: A young woman in a bathtub… followed by a mother falling to her death.
And ending with a man getting bludgeoned.
Trinity he doesn't belong here.
It doesn't make sense.
- Hi, honey.
- Trinity's a husband.
A father.
He's like me.
Lundy came to Miami to hunt this guy.
I think he got too close, and I think it got him killed.
I need a partner, Dexter.
Someone I can trust.
Unless you can be completely honest with me, I don't want to do this anymore.
I'm married.
Stay the hell away from my wife.
Ah! There's only one person who can help me.
- Arthur Mitchell.
- Kyle butler.
Four walls, one heart.
We build homes for the homeless.
Still so much to learn about handling the kids And the wife.
- Choose your weapon.
- Or maybe not.
Kill him now.
No more confessions, no more good deeds, …and no more fucking remorse.
This isn't how you die.
It's been my dad's baby for years.
Fucking hate you! Fucking asshole! Get the fuck off of him! I should have fucking killed you when I had the chance.
Did you and my father have a romantic relationship? I was one of his girlfriends, if that's what you're asking.
There were others? Laura Moser, my mother.
- You remember now? - I have a brother.
Watch your mom die It's all right, little guy.
You're safe now.
Arthur! Oh, my god.
The boys begin the cycle.
If I can make the police think The Trinity Killer is someone else, Arthur's all mine.
Stan Beaudry.
A decoy.
I just need to make sure the police find Arthur's DNA.
Stan Beaudry is now the Trinity Killer.
- I killed Lundy.
- Wait-No! Don't, don't! Who are you, Kyle? What is it you want? Hello Dexter Morgan.
He knows my name, occupation.
He can find out about my family.
My family.
What the hell have I done? I'm sorry, sir.
You're on the wrong floor.
No, it's exactly the right floor.
We should talk somewhere else.
Somewhere private so you can extort money from the Trinity Killer? So what do you want? I want you to disappear from my life.
Like a ghost.
A really annoying ghost.
And you'll disappear from my life? I couldn't care less about your life.
Or death.
Unless you get in my way.
If I were you, I’d give up vigilante-ism.
You're not very good at it.
Good-bye Dexter Morgan.
He's right.
I screwed up.
I let it come to this.
But no more.
No fucking more.
Come on, Quinn.
Not today.
Jesus, Morgan, middle of the day, you're out again? Yeah, I have some secondary analysis to do on the Kyle Butler case.
There's a spatter report on Christine hill's suicide Sitting on your desk- You even look at it? I don't need to.
It's a cut-And-Dry suicide.
Yeah, but you have to sign off on it.
That's how it works- You sign off, case closed.
It gets put in a file cabinet So I don't have to think about it or hear about it Or be fucking reminded of- - I'll get to it.
What, when you're done chasing tail? You do not want to question my loyalty to my family, Quinn.
Not today.
Do your fucking job! Great.
Fucking mess.
Do you even have a plan here? Follow him and look for an opportunity.
What if he keeps on driving? Then I keep on driving.
It's Rita.
- Don't answer it.
Could be important, about the baby or something.
Hey, you.
I have something very important to say.
Everything okay? I want my honeymoon with you This weekend.
It's not really a good time.
It's a perfect time.
Astor and Cody will be in Disney world.
- With Paul’s parents.
I know, I remember.
- And Harrison will be with us, but it'll still be romantic.
I think it's fantastic.
I'll start booking flights and a hotel- - Hey! - Gotta go.
What the fuck, man! Told you not to answer it.
I'll deal with it later.
The messes are piling up.
- Isolated.
No security.
Gotta risk it.
May be the only opportunity I get.
Three post cards don't have a match.
Trinity sent these to Christine from Cheyenne, Topeka, and Bloomington, Illinois.
- Morgan- - Lundy never uncovered Trinity killings in these cities which means there could be as many more as nine murders.
- Go home.
- I'm gonna call homicide In each of these cities.
Christine hill just committed suicide.
In front of you.
Four hours ago.
Now, take a personal day.
Get some closure.
That's an order.
- These cities- I'll call their homicide departments.
Stan Beaudry is- Is our number one Trinity suspect.
We're on it.
What's she still doing here? She's going.
Closure, huh? Some of the cities on these post cards what? You're my husband.
And I have a wife.
So what do we do now? We find the Trinity Killer.
I mean, do we move in together? Married people do that.
- My house? - Your house sounds fine.
- Valerie? Debra Morgan.
Yeah, fine.
You said my dad left you for another C.
? You followed him to her house? Any chance you remember where she lives? Really? Great.
My day just got wide open.
You up for a road trip? Finally, it's over.
Savings account closed.
Checking account closed.
You were gonna leave town, weren't you? And probably leave your family destitute too.
Eventually the police will see through Stan Beaudry, And they'll get on to you.
But you'll be missing with all your money, And everyone will assume that you skipped the country.
Luck is finally working with me.
That's the car right there That swiped me over on riverside.
Seriously? Fuck! Hey, that's him! That's the prick.
- Who, me? - You fucking hit my car! Learn how to drive, you idiot.
'Cause being rude always helps In a tense situation, right? Calm down.
Look, I’m sorry.
I was on my way to a crime scene.
Miami Metro, forensics.
Come on, he's working the whole cop brotherhood angle? No one's above the law, pal.
Be cool.
Look, obviously, I’ll pay for whatever the damage is.
You fled the scene of an accident.
I didn't flee.
I was in a hurry.
To solve a crime.
- So you stop at a bank? That's bullshit! I'm just asking for A little professional courtesy here.
You might pull that shit down at Miami Metro, But here at the sheriff's department, We don't put up with that shit.
- Come on! - Caught on tape, asshole.
Don't fucking point that thing at me.
All right, come here.
Okay, buddy we're taking you in.
So much for diplomacy.
You sure this is the right block? Pretty sure.
Want one? - Quit.
I remember when your dad stopped, cold turkey.
If harry said he was gonna do something, he did it.
He was a good man.
- He was a man-whore.
Yeah, but he was a lot of other things too.
Like he always made me feel safe.
And the crowd I ran with- That meant a lot.
Here it is.
What's wrong? - Fucking can't be.
- No.
This is it.
I remember the porch.
Why, what is it? I've been here before.
Aah! Oh, god! He brought me here.
Who did? The ice truck killer.
Brian Moser.
That was her name! Laura Moser.
She had two little boys.
Dad, who the hell were you? I don't have time for this shit.
Why are you even in here? Because of Arthur fucking Mitchell.
All right, I’m here because I didn't follow the code.
Everything you taught me was to keep me out of here.
- What else? - What do you want me to say? I'm here because I lost it? Yes.
I fucking lost it.
On a fucking cop! Like a fucking amateur.
- Fuck you! It's your number one rule, don't get caught.
They were gonna find him.
They were gonna find me with an unconscious man.
That's not why you lost it.
That's not why you're in here.
I couldn't just let them find him, goddamn it.
I have to be the one to kill him.
I have to know he's gone.
For my family.
You can't think clearly because of them.
They've done this to you.
No, my dark passenger has done this to me.
It's ruining my life.
It is your life.
I don't want it to be.
I don't want it.
- You said you had something? - Nothing good.
Been back-Checking Stan Beaudry's trucking routes, Dug up a couple of past employers.
They put him 3,000 miles away from Pittsburgh in '89 And Sacramento in '92.
And Beaudry's only been connected to a prostitute kill.
Nothing ritualized about it.
I told Matthews It was too soon to release Beaudry to the press.
If he's not our guy, we're gonna look like fools.
I knew it wasn't Beaudry.
What? I'm smarter than the rest of you.
Then how do you explain Trinity's DNA showing up In Beaudry's rig and shack? - Yeah, smart man.
Well, I can't yet.
Sergeant, you find something? I spoke with Bloomington homicide.
I asked about the dates on this postmark.
Summer of '92, there was a bathtub murder, A jumper, and a bludgeoning.
I see a big "but" on your face.
What? Guy said it was The worst month of his life.
In addition to those murders, There was a ten-Year-Old boy missing Five days prior to the bathtub kill.
Last week, that ten-year-old boy went missing here.
- Scott smith.
- Exactly.
So I called a few cities.
Ten-Year-Old boys missing? Every time.
Five days before each cycle began.
And Lundy was only looking at homicides, Not missing persons.
Get Scott Smith down here.
Let's check every Trinity city For missing ten-year-olds.
We may be looking at a whole new pattern.
"Brian and Dexter Moser"? Dexter Morgan? Yeah.
It's your lucky day.
It feels like it.
We're outta bunks for the night.
There's a shot Arthur's still unconscious.
Yeah, well, budget cuts are gettin' worse and worse.
But since you're Miami Metro, We figured we could at least do you the favor Of calling your wife, have her come pick you up.
My wife? How is it I can kill people and feel no regret but disappointing Rita Makes me feel like the scum of the earth? I'm sorry.
I know.
I just had a bad day and let it get to me, I guess.
First it was smashing that light, Which was weird.
And then you punched Elliot, which I actually liked.
But now you pick a fight with a sheriff? I don't understand.
I want to, but I wish I could explain.
- Try.
Sometimes I’m just goin' along, And everything seems okay, and then this darkness creeps in, and it takes over.
Makes you sound crazy.
Maybe I am.
No, I don't believe that.
I'll be right behind you.
Well, you actually think Dad'll let you go to the winter prom? - He doesn't have to know.
- We can figure something out.
Arthur! We didn't know when to expect you- Bring me your jewelry- Gold, silver, Anything with a stone in it.
And all the cash in your purse.
Why? What's wrong? And your wedding ring.
This is mine.
Arthur! - Hey! Don't, Jonah, no! Okay.
- Daddy, what's happening? I need the money you keep behind your headboard.
Don't pretend.
I know it's there! - No, daddy-Daddy, why- - The silver pendant I gave you.
Now! - What the hell is goin' on? What did you do? - Arthur, please, no! You're lucky I don't pull the fillings out of your teeth! Don't ever question me! I gave you everything you have.
I will take it all away! Collect your things.
I've got some business to attend to.
Other than stealing from your family? Someone stole something from me.
And I’m gonna find him.
We-We should just go.
Leave and never come back.
He'll find us.
This-This is our chance.
He's-He's in trouble.
He's insane.
Mom! - What? Please.
We'll live in fear.
We already do.
Oh, sorry.
Detective Morgan.
Have a seat.
Thanks for your time, deputy chief.
I know you're busy.
I need to talk to you about a case.
It was one of my father's old cases from a long time ago.
And you're the only one still around from those days.
Suddenly I feel ancient.
Look, it was a quadruple homicide out at the ports.
In a shipping container.
- You were there? - No.
Wasn't my case.
But I remember Harry's face when he came back from it.
Said he'd never seen so much blood.
My dad said Dexter's parents died in a car accident.
That's not true, is it? No.
My father's C.
, Laura Moser, Was murdered in that shipping container.
She had two boys.
One of those boys was Dexter? Please tell me the truth.
Harry adopted him.
The other boy was too damaged by the incident.
No shit.
He grew up to be the ice truck killer.
You knew.
Debra, your father wanted to protect you.
He didn't want either one of you to ever know.
And you both turned out pretty damn well.
So I think he made the right call.
Yeah? Well, I know now.
What the hell am I supposed to do with this? You keep it to yourself.
Oh, fuck! Jesus! Quinn, what? I'll be right there.
We should go to the keys tomorrow.
For our honeymoon.
No, I’m not sure that's- You can fly down in the morning.
I'll follow you after work.
Have a spa day.
Please? Dexter, uh look, I know you're upset.
You have every right to be.
You had to pick up another husband from jail.
Y-You think I’m upset because you're like Paul? I'm worse.
I know.
- Dexter.
Whenever they picked up Paul, it was a relief.
And life got easier.
Without you you're the most important person in our lives.
What's upsetting me is the idea of losing you.
You have your demons.
I accept that.
Because I know that you don't have to be a slave to them.
I wish that were true.
It is.
I know you.
Better than you know yourself.
You can conquer Whatever darkness there is in you.
I know you can.
I want to be that man.
- You already are.
- Please.
Please fly to the keys tomorrow morning.
I wanna meet you.
Truly, there's nowhere I’d rather be.
Trinity sure went through a lot of effort To make us think that Beaudry was our guy.
- Planting DNA.
Planting Lundy's murder books.
Have we heard back from any more homicide departments? Almost every town.
Ten-Year-Old boys missing in all of them.
Quinn is talking to Scott Smith now.
No, I’m not.
I called in someone who knows about being kidnapped.
Someone took me once too without my permission.
Were you scared? Most scared I’ve ever been in my life.
And as much as I want to forget, There are all these little things I remember.
The way his breath smelled like medicine.
The bad man.
Used medicine on me.
When I was getting in the van.
Do you remember any little things about the van? It was empty.
Except for some papers.
There was a picture on it.
Do you remember what it looked like? Uh we're looking for this logo.
We've got something.
We walked cadaver dogs over the whole area.
They led us to this spot, and the guys started digging.
They found something buried under the patio.
All right, hold up.
Male victim.
Approximate age ten years old.
Badly decomposed.
Looks to be wearing pajamas.
They found Scott Smith wearing pajamas.
I'll call judge morales at home, Have her get a warrant started.
I'll get the names of everyone who volunteered on this build.
Make it everyone who volunteered for four walls Nationwide.
Cross-Check 'em with Trinity's cities.
We'll find Trinity's real name, Then we'll take this motherfucker down.
You're a little piggy, Dexter Morgan.
"Debra Morgan.
" Debra Morgan! Fucking Debra! Astor and Cody, Disneyworld awaits.
They'll be safe there with Mickey, Minnie, And their Goofy grandparents.
Now for the rest of my family.
Found it! Oh wish I could go with you right now.
Me too.
I just got a few loose ends To tie up at work, and I’ll see you tonight.
Can't wait.
Me either.
Can't wait to be with my family.
Can't wait to be done with Arthur Mitchell.
I just need a clue where he's headed.
Drug store.
Auto shop estimate.
Dry cleaner, groceries, gas.
No bus, train, or plane tickets.
Only one other place I can check.
Butler, what- Jonah, have you seen your father? Yeah, he blew through here last night Looking for anything he could sell.
Jonah! Who is-Kyle.
He's asking about dad.
Can you tell me what's going on? I'm not sure.
I hope he stays gone this time.
He took everything.
It's gonna be okay.
I promise.
I'll make sure you get Arthur's money.
Did he say where he was headed? He never does.
Did he take his tools pack a bag? Does he have a passport? I don't know.
When we got up this morning, he was gone.
Aah! Get down! Down on the ground! We create our own destiny every day we live.
- Freeze! Hands up.
- Forensics.
All right.
Where's your flak jacket? I left it in the car.
Do you see this? Cabron! And over here look.
It's a framing hammer.
I'll get Masuka in here, get some DNA.
What? How'd you get here so fast? Word's everywhere.
You found Trinity.
Yeah, the four walls national database Led us to Arthur Mitchell.
Can you believe that fucking monster had a family? And he abandoned them? He's gone? Yeah, he emptied out his bank accounts and disappeared.
He's probably halfway around the world by now.
Deb, what's- Why don't you get your fucking flak jacket So everyone knows you're one of us? Hey it's the fucking Karate Kid.
Yeah, about that, uh you pull that shit again, Next time I won't be the one who's on my ass.
This is their future, Dexter.
We both know it's inevitable.
Arthur abandoned his family.
I would never do that.
Arthur left his family too late.
The damage was already done.
You can still save your family.
By leaving them? You'll always need someone on your table.
If you stay, Sooner or later, you'll be caught, And they'll pay a terrible price for what you've done.
Because long after you're executed they'll still have to go through life With your name branded across their foreheads.
I have something to tell you.
And maybe I shouldn't.
I don't know.
I found another C.
dad was sleeping with.
A woman named Laura Moser.
Harry was right.
This is it.
Does that name mean anything to you? - Should it? - It doesn't? Look, she died, But she left behind two little boys.
And one of those little boys was you.
Laura Moser is your biological mother.
- Don't say the rest.
Don't know it.
The other little boy, your brother, Was named Brian.
Brian Moser.
The ice truck killer.
She knows who I really am.
It's over.
I wasn't gonna tell you, but then I saw Trinity's family, And I thought that it's better for you to know the truth.
The truth? The truth that's a lot to take in.
I know.
And that's all she knows? You think Brian knew about me? I don't know.
He must have glommed onto you as a way to get to me.
Don't you see, it wasn't your fault.
He wasn't your fault.
If I’d never been in your life- Fuck you.
Fuck me? If you hadn't been in my life, I wouldn't be who I am.
You've given me confidence And support.
And you've been the one constant- The one constantly good thing in my life.
I've been good for her.
And Rita says I’m good for her and the kids.
No one would ever say that about Arthur.
Maybe Harry's wrong.
Maybe things could turn out differently for me.
Debra Morgan.
Need you inside.
- I'll be right there.
I love you.
I'm so thankful.
The Mustang.
Arthur brought it in two days ago.
Should have known he wouldn't leave it behind.
Take the rest of this.
Mitchell, this gonna be nice.
Ah, it's beautiful work, Julio.
Especially on such short notice.
Por favor, the paint.
The paint.
It needs more dry! tres horas mas! The wife had no clue what the husband was up to.
Do we believe her? She threw up when I showed her the pictures of what he did.
That can be faked.
This is the team that broke the case.
Lieutenant Laguerta, Special agent Davis of the FBI.
First-Rate job.
It was detective Morgan Who brought these killings to the department's attention.
Building on the work of one of your own.
Special agent Lundy.
Fuck yes, special agent Lundy.
- He told you guys- - It's been a long day.
No disrespect, but she's right.
I agree.
In retrospect, The bureau should have proceeded differently.
Well, your retrospect cost a man his life.
We'll be taking over from here.
So after we do all the heavy lifting- You get all the credit.
I'm sure they're grateful for all your hard work.
We are.
I know.
But it is what it is.
baby won't you let me Damn it to hell.
darlin' won't you let me have your number we can go and dance la bamba let me, baby, let me do Where's my fucking oil cap? Hello, Arthur Mitchell.
Ah! Guess you were picturing a different scenario.
I was following my path.
So was I.
God led you to me.
Is this who you are? ta da Oh, look at you.
I never took pride in what I did.
No, you're a very special kind of monster.
You destroyed your own family.
- I gave them everything! - No, you took everything.
Their future.
Their dignity.
Their hope.
Christine even killed herself.
No! Because of you.
S- She was weak.
I can't believe there was a time When I actually thought I could learn something from you.
You think you're better than I am? No.
But I want to be.
You can't control the demon inside of you Any more than I can control mine.
Did you ever actually try? Oh, my god, yes.
I prayed to be changed.
To be made different.
That's not trying.
That's waiting to be stopped.
It worked, didn't it? Case in point.
So what's the alternative, Arthur? Leave? Disappear? Fake my own death and start over again? No.
You'll still be you.
I have a family too, Arthur.
And I’m good for them.
You're like a child.
A child with a big knife.
You dream of a heaven you'll never see.
- I don't believe in heaven.
- Oh, but you do.
This isn't your doing.
This is god's plan.
I accept that now.
You have to do the same.
I accept nothing.
Nothing is inevitable.
It's already over.
It's already over.
Could you thank you.
I promise that I always will be true I’ll give her all the love i have to give as long as we both shall live ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh hey, venus oh, venus Now it's over.
make my wish come true ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh I wonder if Rita's looking at this same moon At this same moment.
I like that connected by light.
The dark passenger's been fighting against it, trying to keep me all to himself.
But it's my turn now to get what I want.
To embrace my family.
And maybe one day not so long from now I’ll be rid of the dark passenger.
It all begins with a getaway.
Time away from the old me.
It's okay.
Life doesn't have to be perfect.
It just has to be lived.
Unheard message.
Hey, sweetie, I’m a dope.
I was in such a rush to get Harrison organized I forgot my ID.
For the plane, so I’m zooming home for it.
Means I’ll be on a later puddle jumper, but we'll still be there waiting for you.
Oh, and I know you're not into this stuff, but the moon tonight is gonna be amazing.
So take a moment.
You deserve it.
We love you.
Rita? No.
Born in blood both of us.
Harry was right.
I thought I could change what I am, keep my family safe.
But it doesn't matter what I do, what I choose.
I'm what's wrong.
This is fate.