Dexter s05e01 Episode Script

My Bad

So, how the hell was your date with Rita last night? Great.
I think I met the right woman for me.
She's perfect, because Rita is as damaged as me.
I can't believe I found the one good, truly decent man left on the planet.
- I have a dark side too.
- Somehow I doubt that.
I watched my mother die when I was three.
She was murdered in front of me.
You have your demons, but I know that you don't have to be a slave to them.
I wish that were true.
I want to someday be content, like everyone else.
- I want - A normal life.
- I wanna marry you.
- Yes! You guys are my family.
Now I have a partner for life.
I'm content.
Maybe even happy.
I hope you're not taking any of this seriously - the wife, the kids.
It's all great camouflage.
It's gotten more complicated than that.
I'm pregnant.
You want to see him come into the world.
- Yes.
Raise him with Rita.
- I know.
I've never wanted anything so much in my life.
Wanna know a secret? Daddy kills people.
There's a monster walking around free.
I call him the Trinity Killer.
Kills in threes.
Trinity's a husband, a father.
He's like me.
What kind of father keeps blood slides in his shed? If I don't figure out how to hide this, I'm gonna lose my family.
Arthur's kept this up for, what, 20 years? My family may not last 20 minutes.
Arthur Mitchell.
Kyle Butler.
Only way it was gonna work is if I jumped in with both feet.
Jump in with both feet, huh? This is your new role model, Dex? Get that axe from him.
Kill him now.
I still have things to learn from him.
You're juggling too many people, Dexter.
Blood tech, husband, father, serial killer.
Now Kyle Butler.
Which one are you? All of them.
Hello Dexter Morgan.
Hello, Arthur Mitchell.
Hey, sweetie.
The moon tonight is gonna be amazing.
So take a moment.
We love you.
Rita? Born in blood.
Both of us.
I thought I could change what I am, keep my family safe.
But it doesn't matter what I do.
This is fate.
Sir, did you call this in? Sir.
What happened here? I've watched 67 people die, and at the moment of truth, I looked into their eyes and they knew and I knew they got what they deserved.
But what if that's not what happens? If you don't get what you deserve? If what you deserve is a white picket fence and your kids all around and a husband who loves you? What if the least you deserve is a real human being and what you get instead is me? Sir.
Sir, we're going to take the child into safe custody now.
- Sir, hand me the child.
- What are you doing? - Back off! - Ma'am! Miami Homicide.
He is too.
I said back the fuck off! What happened? Jesus.
Rita's inside.
It was me.
Skin's wrinkled from hours in the alkaline water.
Rigor mortis full-blown.
Epidermal mottling.
I imagined her naked plenty of times, but never like this.
Single cut to the femoral artery.
We're looking at Trinity's MO here.
Did he ever kill a married woman in a bathtub? First time for everything.
Unfortunately for Dexter.
We're still waiting on the coroner to move the body.
But overall lividity puts time of death somewhere between eight and twelve hours ago.
You OK? Dexter came home to that.
He's gonna need our support here.
What do you want us to do with him? The first thing I want you to do is pack up and get out of there.
- Well - What? The FBI's here.
Trinity is their case.
I already ceded jurisdiction.
What are you looking at him for? It's what I was saying on the way over.
Rita's one of ours.
She's family.
We should be working on this for Dexter.
Damn it, Angel, it's done! Just do what I say.
She's stressed.
We all are.
My father Harry taught me a few simple rules.
Neνer hurt an innocent and never make a scene.
Harry? Where are you, now, when I really need you? When it's my wife in the body bag, everybody's looking, and it's the neighbour crying, not me? Sir? We're ready for you.
The first responders told me when they went inside and found your wife you said, "It was me.
" You sure? That's what was reported to me, yeah.
I don't know what I said.
It could have been anything.
I'm very upset.
Of course you are.
Who wouldn't be? Mr Morgan, before you came home and found your wife, where did you say you were again? Dexter, take off your clothes, then we're going home.
I was asking him a question.
He already said he came home and he found her there.
If you wanna help, why don't you find Trinity? Or is doing something actually useful not in your fucking job description? Detective Morgan.
FBI? Fucking Bunch of Idiots.
Finish up here, then take your brother home.
You wanna talk to Dexter, schedule an appointment.
I'll do that.
He can sleep on the floor until we can bring his crib over from the house.
- It'll be safest, don't you think? - Yeah.
I gotta tell you, Dexter, don't say things like, "It was me.
" People will misunderstand.
In fact, I don't understand.
What did you even mean? Dexter.
This is Dexter Morgan.
What is your emergency? I just got home and found my wife dead in the bathtub.
- What is this? - The 911 call Dexter made.
I just got home and found my wife dead in the bathtub.
- Did you say your wife is dead? - Yes, I did.
She has an approximately one-inch incision midway up her right thigh, dissecting the femoral artery.
All right.
That's enough.
He obviously is in shock.
"Midway up her right thigh"? "Dissecting her femoral artery"? - Habit of precision.
- His wife just died.
He's submitting a lab report.
Seriously, the next-door neighbour, the guy with the, you know, forehead? He was more broken up about Rita than Dexter was.
- So? - So it's weird, that's all.
- What are we working on here? - Not Rita.
It's Dexter's 911 call.
Did you hear me or not? I said the case is with the FBI now.
You should have taken her on a honeymoon.
You were right about one thing - that neighbour Elliot being all broken up about Rita.
I'm thinking now there's some things I shouldn't have told Dexter.
What? What shouldn't you have told him? About a significant exchange of saliva I witnessed at Thanksgiving.
- As in a kiss.
- Elliot and Rita? Dude was totally in love with her.
- And Dexter knew? - Yeah.
If I'd known she was gonna I should have kept my big mouth shut.
Could someone get that? Deb? Damn it.
Dexter, it's Maura.
Hello? I'm sorry if I woke you, but I have got two very excited kids here, and Rita's not answering.
Yeah, there's something you need to know.
But first somebody really wants to talk with you.
Dexter! Hey, Cody, you OK? We've been having the best day.
I had cotton candy for breakfast.
That's great.
Here, give me the phone.
Gimme, gimme.
Hi, Dexter.
Can I talk to Mom? - Not now.
- Why not? She's, uh She's in the shower.
Well, can you tell her we miss her? We miss you too, Dexter, and Harrison.
Here's my grandmother.
So, there was something that you needed to tell me? When you bring them home tonight, uh come to Deb's apartment instead of the house, OK? What happened, did you miss your flight? Something like that.
I'll explain when you get here.
You sure you don't want to tell them about Rita? I just want them to have one more good day.
Look, I know this is really difficult but there are a lot of things that need to happen before Rita can be buried.
I've been on the phone all morning with a funeral director who does a lot of cops.
And he's willing to see us right away.
You willing to do that? I'm sorry for your loss.
How does he do that? My sincere condolences.
He sounds like he actually means it.
Thank you.
Would you like something to drink? Coffee? Water? No.
I'm fine.
There are Kleenexes here if you need them.
What we need to do now, Dexter May I call you that? What we need to do now, Dexter, is make some very important decisions about how your wife Rita will be remembered.
We like to start with the obituary.
It's a good way to let people know about services and where to send remembrances.
But most importantly, it's a chance to express your feelings about Rita in your own words.
Excuse me.
I'll get you something for the paper.
What else do you need? So this is how normal people do it.
No hefty bags.
No diesel fumes.
This is what she would have wanted - a grieving spouse for once doing what a person's supposed to do.
- Dexter Morgan? - Rita? - Hi.
- Hi.
Sorry I'm late.
- That's no problem.
- There was traffic, of course.
I went to the wrong café.
I went to the one in town.
I didn't know there was anything even out this far.
How did you find this place? I, uh tracked it down.
So, I Your sister Debra's told me so much about you.
- Uh-oh.
- Oh.
Nothing bad, of course.
She omitted the fact that I'm an axe murderer? No.
She said that you were a bloodstain pattern analyst.
Which I have no clue what that is.
Believe me, I barely do either, and I do it 40 hours a week.
She seems nice, your sister.
You seem nice too.
Thank you.
So, um, what's good here? There must be something special to bring you all the way out this far.
I I usually play it safe and go with a Caesar salad.
But I don't see one on here.
You know, I think I'm gonna get the special, the mushroom ravioli.
Dexter? - Do you know what you want? - Yes, I do.
What are you doing? I was just thinking about Rita, how much How much you miss her? How much I lied to her, from the very beginning.
Funeral's the day after tomorrow.
I chose an oak casket.
I hope that's all right.
White roses.
I think she'd like those.
They want to know if there's a particular dress you'd like her to be buried in.
Not really.
I'll find something.
Quinn called, and the FBI has released the crime scene at your house, so there are some things I want to do there and I'm gonna drop you two off at the apartment.
Is that OK? Yeah, that's fine.
You're worrying me.
I really didn't expect you to come.
We're partners.
I'm here.
What are we looking for? Nothing.
Trinity wouldn't leave anything behind.
What are we doing, then? I wanted to clean the place up.
Make sure Dexter didn't see it like this.
The FBI left it this way.
They have people who'll do that.
This much blood, usually you call Dexter.
How you holdin' up? OK.
I guess.
I mean, you know my brother.
It's a little hard to tell.
No, I mean you.
How are you holding up? Oh.
Not used to having to be the strong one, you know? It's always been Dexter.
- And now - He's the strong one? To me it's always seemed the other way around.
Swear to God, I can't even tell what he's thinking.
I didn't mean to make things worse.
It's OK.
- What are you doing? - I don't know.
Open the door! Come on! Hurry, come on, open up! Dexter! Are you there? Open the door! Dexter, you came back early! Hey, guys.
Did you have fun? - It was awesome.
- We got you stuff.
- Perfect.
- There's one for Mom too.
Where is she? She's not here.
Well, where is she? Just sit down.
I need to tell you something.
Dexter? Is everything OK? What's going on? You're You're freaking me out.
Something happened to your mom.
Something bad? Yeah.
Something bad.
Is she OK? A man came into our house, and your mother came home and he killed her.
What? She got killed? - Somebody killed her? - No, she's fine.
What You're kidding, right? I don't understand.
You said spend the day at Disney World.
I'm sorry for your loss.
- Astor? - Go away.
I mean it! Leave me alone! Just listen to me.
Everything's gonna be OK.
It won't be.
She's dead! I know.
And it doesn't even matter to you.
- How can you say that? - Cos it doesn't.
I can tell just by looking you don't even care.
Where were you? Where were you when someone was killing her? You should have been there to protect her.
You're right.
- That was your job! - I know.
I should have been there, and I wish I could take it all back.
I wish that none of this had ever happened and your mom was still alive.
Wanna know what I wish? That it was just my mom and me and Cody and Harrison.
Cos we all would have been so much better off if she hadn't met you! I wish you were dead! - Do you mind? - What? Look somewhere else.
What are you doing? Jesus, Quinn, you can't grab a sheet or something? Sorry.
So, what are you doing? Trying to find a dress for Rita.
You gonna bury her in one of those? You got something better? Great.
I gotta go.
I gotta go home now.
You might wanna put some pants on there.
You wanna talk about it, or are you just gonna act weird? - There's nothing to talk about.
- OK.
I mean, you show up here, which I didn't even ask you to do, so Yeah.
To help.
Is that what you call it? Morgan.
Elliot? - That's your name, right? - Yeah.
Metro Homicide.
You have kids, I take it.
They're with their mother.
We're divorced.
Plus, it just seemed better for them to get away after what happened next door.
Um you know, I already talked to the FBI.
I told them I didn't see anything.
What did you need? How well did you know Rita? I don't know, you know.
We were neighbours.
I just couldn't help but notice how torn up you were about her the other night.
She was a friend, you know? It was upsetting.
A friend.
I, uh, was told she might have been more.
All right, look, I don't know what you've heard, but just so you understand the actual facts, all Rita and I ever did was kiss once.
That was it.
It was nothing.
Her husband was never around.
Anyway, Dexter found out about the indiscretion and, uh came over and punched me out.
- Dexter.
- Shhh.
He's sleeping.
Brought some dresses for you to look at.
Where are Astor and Cody? At a hotel with their grandparents.
How'd it go talking with them? Astor's upset.
They got me a hat.
She'll be OK.
I don't see how.
Her mother's dead because of me.
No, she's not.
She's dead because of Trinity.
I know you keep blaming yourself, but you can't.
There's nothing you could have done differently.
I could have killed Arthur Mitchell the first chance I got.
You loved Rita.
You never would have let anything hurt her.
She was lucky to have you.
She told me that all the time.
How lucky she felt to have found you.
I was wondering what you were doing, sitting here by yourself for so long.
Now I see.
I paid her to say that.
You did? No, I was just kidding.
Me too.
So what does a blood spatter analyst do anyway? Excuse me.
Is this yours? What's the deal here? I have to go.
Is everything OK? It's a stomach bug.
It's going around the station.
I'm really sorry.
It was nice meeting you.
Lucky to have me.
I wouldn't say so.
She trusted me, and now she's dead.
Like your sister says, I'm toxic.
You'd all be better off without me.
Delete the past.
Leave nothing behind.
You're up early.
What are you doing over there that's so important? Getting rid of every trace of me.
- Nothing.
- Dexter Look, I know this is tough to talk about, but the funeral's tomorrow, and there's still a lot of stuff you have to do.
Like sign the coroner's release.
I need to grab my tools.
And go over the guest list one more time.
And torch the container.
And the eulogy, Dexter.
I can't do that for you.
That really has to come from you.
I need to top off my boat.
I'm low on fuel.
And the FBI interview, or the debriefing or whatever they're calling it - that's really important.
They're total dicks for wanting to do it today, but maybe you're better offjust going in there and getting it over with.
You sure you don't want me to come with you? No.
I'm fine.
All right.
I'm off.
I've been thinking about Harrison.
How he needs his mother.
Someone decent in his life.
You've done everything for me.
Not just now.
My whole life.
But I need to ask you this one more favour.
That that person be you.
That you Iove him as if he were your own.
He is my own.
And he has me in his life.
Of course he does.
But more importantly, he has you.
You're decent and good.
I'm not.
You are.
What's her mood? How would I know? I don't know, there's this rumour floating around the two of you are married.
Look, I just need to talk to her about something.
I was wondering if this is a good time.
Just remember she's the boss.
All right.
No further comment.
"Serial killer murders cop's wife.
" The press won't let up.
They want all the gory details.
- So what do you tell them? - Same thing I told you.
It's not our case.
So, what can I do for you? There's, uh, something I think you should know, having to do with Rita.
And Elliot, the next-door neighbour.
I was at the house with Debra Detective Morgan, cleaning up.
And this Elliot and I struck up conversation.
Turns out he and Rita had like a mini-fling.
What's that mean exactly? Well, nothing really happened.
But apparently, Dexter found out about it.
Why are you telling me this? What are you implying? I'm not implying anything.
And what are you doing interviewing witnesses? I wasn't interviewing.
I was there What, cleaning? Please.
Look, if this were anyone but Dexter, we'd at least be thinking like detectives.
Which means what? What do you always say? When the wife is dead, LaGuerta.
Um Hang on for a second.
I need to take this.
We'll finish later.
Can you repeat that? Yeah.
I just got a call from the FBI about your brother's interview.
Don't tell me.
What'd he say? Nothing.
He didn't show.
So now they're asking for his personnel files.
God damn it.
I knew I should have gone with him.
Morgan? I so did not fucking need this.
Yeah, you and me both.
I'm headed home now.
I'll figure out what happened, and I'll get him down there.
Dexter? Who the fuck are you? Excuse me? Who the fuck are you? You're the sister, right? - Yeah, I live here.
- Well, I'll be leaving, then.
He said you would know what to do.
He said what? Don't go.
Dexter Morgan.
Please leave a message at the tone.
Guess who I just met.
The fucking cat lady from downstairs.
She was feeding ice cream to your son.
So, I don't know where the fuck you are or why you think you can fucking run away from the FBI, but you better get back here Fuck! Dexter, where are you? Hope you don't mind I chose that dress.
You were wearing it when we first met.
So I thought since I won't be at the funeral, since I don't deserve to be Kids'll be fine with Deb.
Way better off without me.
I think we agree about that.
I was never really honest with you.
I'm a serial killer.
That's what I am.
I know I led you to believe I'm a human being, but I'm not.
That's a lie.
There are only a few things you really need once you decide to moνe on, what you'll require wherever you land.
A fine suit of clothing the tools of your trade and some token of your past, a reminder of who you really are.
Everything else you just don't need.
So, where are you, Harry? Speak now, or forever hold your peace.
I've disappeared so many people.
My turn now to disappear myself.
Fucking FBI.
Damn it, Dexter, don't do this.
The sea breeze has always brought me clarity.
It's hard to get enough oxygen on land.
It's hard to breathe.
Hey, you.
Hey you.
It's Rita.
Yeah, I know.
I was just checking in.
Wanted to see if you were feeling better.
Much better.
Glad to hear that.
The way you left the restaurant so quickly, I don't know, I felt maybe I said something to offend you.
No, you were fine.
Uh, very understanding.
I wasn't completely honest with you.
Um You didn't really get stuck in traffic? I have two kids.
Astor and Cody.
They're nine and seven.
I like kids.
You do? Yeah, they're fun.
Besides, Deb already told me.
And my ex-husband and our problems? Did she tell you? Yeah.
So, you know all about me.
I'd like to know more.
So So, maybe we should get together again sometime.
I would like that.
A lot.
A lot.
I know I should hang up right now, but I just need to say it.
I don't know why exactly, but you make me feel good.
Like things could be different.
So do you.
Make me feel that way too, I mean.
Glad I called.
I don't know, I felt up in the air the way things ended.
You know, like we never said a proper goodbye, so Goodbye, Rita Bennett.
Goodbye, Dexter Morgan.
I'm sorry.
Where's the key to the fucking bathroom? Or should I just dump out on the floor? What's your problem? Nothing.
Fucking retard.
Get the fuck outta here! He's right.
I should keep moving.
Hey, hey.
I said what the fuck is your problem? I've had a bad week.
My wife died, and it was my fault.
Well, I'm real sorry for your fuckin' loss, but your dead wife can suck my dick.
I never meant to hurt her.
That's the first human thing I've seen you do since she died, Dexter.
I thought you'd left me.
I'm here.
It's OK, son to show what you're feeling.
They're not better off without you.
You're not better off without them.
You need to go back.
Deb says she's sure he'll be here.
Better be.
If we don't get going soon, we'll be burying Rita by candlelight.
So you're not talking to me now? Is that it? I have been trying to talk to you.
You're right.
You have.
I just need you to understand So, tell me.
I could have fought for this case, but part of me didn't want to.
Rita died.
She died, and it scared me.
We'd been married, what, ten hours? Dexter was the witness at our ceremony.
For all I know, he was there with us while she was - being - I know.
Well, I didn't want to be reminded of that.
I didn't want to investigate.
I just wanted I just wanted it to be our wedding day.
I don't like it, Angel.
I don't like the way this makes me feel.
I don't know what to do with any of it.
What? No one does.
What's more important than his own wife's funeral? People are getting restless.
Thank you for reporting in with the obvious, Quinn.
Like I'm such a moron that it's lost on me.
You ever given a eulogy? No.
Well, I can't do it.
And those agents, those vultures, are just waiting for him.
Look, there's something you should probably know.
What? It's not exactly an easy thing to say.
The next-door neighbour Elliot, I spoke to him the other day.
- What the fuck? - I know I shouldn't have She had a big heart.
Big enough for both of us.
Had to be.
I wasn't even human when we first met.
I never expected that to change.
She reached out and found something I didn't even know was there.
She never hurt anybody.
She was innocent.
And she died a brutal death and and I can't fix it.
But I know I have to try here in Miami with the people who knew her and who who cared about her.
And who loved her.
Like I did.