Dexter s05e03 Episode Script

Practically Perfect

Previously on Dexter My wife died and it was my fault.
Your dead wife can suck my dick.
That's the first human thing I've seen you do since she died, Dexter.
I don't want to live with you.
I want to live with Grandma and Grandpa.
FBI? Fucking Bunch of Idiots.
We know you didn't kill your wife.
We're just looking for a reason why Arthur Mitchell might have targeted her.
We all good here? The only lead we have now is this Kyle Butler.
It looks like Santa Muerte, the cult.
- Who are you? - Officer Manzon, Cira.
We have sex one day, and then I'm sorry, I'm not the kind of person who would ever have sex with you.
- OK, we had sex.
- Was it good sex? I've said all I'm gonna say.
You're welcome to stay here for as long as you want, whenever you want.
I heard the FBI interview went well.
They're looking for someone named Kyle Butler.
He's a friend of Arthur Mitchell's.
They're having sketches done.
The Mitchell family all gave very different versions.
Do you mind if I keep a copy of these? You married Maria LaGuerta? Such a fine piece of ass.
You fuck! Boyd Fowler.
You're probably used to seeing dead things though, huh? Can't say I ever get used to it.
You want that nice house on the beach.
Take it! I can see having an old girlfriend's lock of hair but identified by only a number? I'm just trying to get to the truth.
However long that takes is up to you.
I'm telling you the truth.
I'm not lying.
First you said you didn't do drugs, and then you said you did.
I said I might have tried some at a Tri Delt party once.
You might have? What the fuck does that even mean? You did or you didn't.
You can't kind of do blow.
But that was six years ago in college.
And I'm supposed to believe you're not on anything now? - I'm totally clean.
- Then why are you so nervous? Because I wasn't expecting on getting these kinds of questions.
I mean, you sound like a cop.
I am a cop.
I work for Miami Metro Homicide.
Look, I don't know what's going on here.
I came for a nanny job.
I'm not, like, planning to kill the president.
Harrison needs a nanny and Deb insisted on running point.
The way it's going, only Mary Poppins would make the cut.
I don't care what doctors say.
I think it's important for children to eat a lot of cheese.
Well, if a child's choking, I just do what my mama always did.
You get ahold of it by the legs and you give it a little knuckle-slap.
No, I've never had martial-arts training, but I can scream real loud.
I have a nursing degree with an emphasis on infant-toddler growth and development.
Why not work at a hospital? Well, I did, but there were budget cuts, and my ward was downsized.
I live alone.
I don't need a big salary.
So a nanny position would work very well for me.
He's tired.
May I? - I don't bite.
- OK.
What a little prince you are.
Bye, baby Bunting Daddy's gone a-hunting Gone to find a rabbit skin To wrap the baby Bunting in And then there was Sonya.
Practically perfect in every way.
Well, you have my number.
I'll look forward to your call.
Again, my condolences for your loss.
We'll be in touch.
Bye, prince Harry.
She's the one.
Are you sure you don't want to keep looking, Dex? I just don't want to lose her.
Prince Harry likes her.
- Ditto me.
- Then call her.
Don't forget, you and Harrison Crisis counsellor.
I won't forget.
Love you, bro.
Me too.
Emptiness wasn't always a problem.
I used to cherish it.
But now it feels like something to overcome.
Emptiness is all she has left.
Boyd Fowler.
Department of Sanitation.
Division of Dead Animal Pickup.
Hobbies - self-improνement and storing women in formaldehyde.
I don't know if killing you will fill the void, but it's a place to start.
- What's this? - ATM surveillance video.
The bank sent it over.
This is our shotgun guy.
- Francisco Alfaro? - Yeah.
It's what he looked like when he had a face.
When was this taken? Two hours before he killed his wife and blew his own head off.
Trying to get cash, but he keeps putting in the wrong PIN number.
- 0371.
His wife's birthday.
- Ouch.
Good thing she's dead.
He never would have lived that down.
What the hell happened to you guys? Battle scars.
We had to get ghetto on some dirt-bag at the club last night.
- You guys got in a bar fight? - It's not worth talking about.
True warriors are humble men.
Oh, please.
You got a reason to be humble.
You got fucked up running the other way.
You're confusing cowardice with a tactical retreat.
Hermano, back me up here.
You backed up just fine on your own.
OK, let's focus on the case, people.
- Remember why we're getting paid.
- OK.
I'll go first.
Guy offs his wife, wants to skip the country.
Needs cash, but he's so wigged out, he can't remember the PIN.
Gives up, goes home, kills himself.
Only problem with that theory is Alfaro doesn't have a motive to kill his wife.
- Maybe he's just sick of her.
- Oh, yeah, he got sick of her? Got sick of her, so he cut off her head and put it in a park and put candles all around it? Yeah.
Have you watched the video? Cos he's a little fucking crazy.
Crazy does not explain why he doesn't have a drop of blood on his clothes.
Why don't you think about that for a second? How do you cut somebody's head off and not get a drop of blood on you? What'd he do? Wear a bib? As much fun as this is, we're not gonna hash this out in the room.
I would like to re-canvass the neighbourhood where Mrs Alfaro's body was found.
There are a lot of houses facing that park.
Somebody's bound to talk.
- Start today.
- And I think Batista should be there.
Hispanic neighbourhood.
Hispanic cop.
Might raise the comfort level, loosen tongues.
I get it.
The rest of you, stay with the case.
Work your leads.
- Thanks.
- Beautiful.
Angel? Just how big was this fight? Like I told you this morning, it was a disagreement that got out of hand.
Too much booze.
Too much testosterone.
Uh You punched another cop.
I mean, qué pasó? - What started it? - We hashed it out.
Hombre a hombre.
It's settled.
Pretty sure his appetite's about the same.
He's always been kind of a messy eater.
It's hard to tell.
- His sleeping pattern? - Same.
Unfortunately, he cries about three times a night, on a good night.
So you're not surprised that he's acting pretty much normal? No.
You and Harrison suffered a terrible tragedy.
It's no getting around that, but there is something to be thankful for.
- Thankful? - Yes.
Harrison's cognitive abilities are really just developing.
So you're saying he might not be affected by what he saw? There's just simply no chance that he was able to comprehend what was happening.
I saw something pretty traumatic when I was three.
Harrison's only ten months.
It affected me a lot.
You don't have any idea.
I've seen a lot of children.
We'll keep an eye on Harrison, but I really think your son is gonna be perfectly fine.
He wants his head back.
Children Harrison's age can exhibit what might seem like violent behaviour, but they're just releasing energy.
It's important not to read into it.
I'll try not to.
The most important thing you can do right now, is take care of yourself.
Find some time to release your own energy.
Do something for Dexter.
Dexter will.
I have nothing to say.
I didn't see no one.
Well, if you remember anything, or if you hear anything Yes, mm-hm.
I call you.
Córrele, mi hija.
We're never gonna hear from her.
All this no talking is fucking frustrating.
You know what's frustrating? Nine days, 13 hours.
- What? - Since we, you know? - Just - You're counting? I can't help it.
I have an internal clock.
Well, unplug it.
I'm just saying, at this point, we might as well be married.
Shit on my face.
You ever use words like "we" and "married" in the same fucking sentence again Another case of temporary blindness.
Anything? These people are all afraid of something.
Yeah, I'm getting that too.
Maybe they just don't want to get involved.
No, I think it's more than that.
If the killer's dead, what are they afraid of? I thought I could make some headway, but the reality is, this is a Venezuelan neighbourhood.
- So? - I'm Cuban.
- Officer Manzon's from this neighbourhood.
- Manzon? She's a uniform, but she might be worth bringing in.
She thinks these are about religious murders.
"Santa Mierda.
" Ha! That's Santa Muerte.
It's "Saint Death", not "Saint Shit".
And Manzon might be onto something.
Might explain why no one's talking.
Shut up.
- Hello? - Hi, it's Dexter.
Yeah, I don't know if I mentioned, but for his nap, Harrison likes the puppy blanket just touching his face.
It's on your checklist.
Uh, item eight under "sleep preferences".
OK, good.
How's he doing? We just read The Very Hungry Caterpillar, for the seventh time.
Don't worry.
He usually gets sick of it around the 20th read.
I gotta go.
Yeah, you call me if there's anything.
Thought he'd never spot me.
Some coinkidink, huh? You find any more dead animals? Looks like you're working on something.
Tastes a lot better than it looks.
Have a seat.
- Boyd Fowler.
- Daryl Tucker.
You work around here? I just love the arabica.
Actually, I'm between jobs.
Hence the want ads.
- What kind of work you looking for? - Oh, not choosy.
Whatever pays and gets me out of the house.
- You like what you do? - I love it.
Probably wouldn't think so, driving around, picking up dead animals.
Ah, beats working in a cubicle.
You get out in the fresh air.
Well, I guess most of the time it's fresh.
It's not boring.
Never know what's around the next bend.
Full of surprises.
You know If you're interested, we might have an opening at animal pickup.
- Really? - Yeah, there ain't exactly a line either.
You should take a ride with me.
See if you like it.
You got to be OK around dead things though.
I don't think that's a problem.
Tomorrow morning, eight sharp.
I would have settled for your work schedule, but this could be better.
Only 24 hours to get ready.
Boyd's patrol route.
Need to find a place where we can spend some quality time.
An old tourist welcome centre.
Not very welcoming now.
Totally isolated.
Thank you, City of Miami.
You're gonna kill him in daylight? Doesn't matter out this far.
It's still very risky.
What if someone comes by? That could also happen at night.
But it's a lot less likely.
You have to do this right, Dexter.
It's important.
It's your first kill since You don't have to tell me how much I need this.
That's the problem.
What? This kill won't put everything right.
It won't bring Rita back.
It might bring me back.
If you make it mean so much, you'll only invite mistakes.
I won't make any mistakes.
I'm following the code.
Are you gonna help me or not? I only want to help you, Dex.
This is a big room.
I hope you brought enough plastic.
It feels good getting the details right.
It's more than just preparing a kill room.
It's like I'm putting my life back in order.
And it's almost enough.
If anyone knows about these murders, it's Fauzi.
He knows everybody in this neighbourhood.
You really grew up around here? You make it sound like a disability.
I'm asking a question.
I'm not about to burn a cross.
I used to ride my bike around this block.
There was this mean dog that lived there.
I mean, I used to pray to Saint Anthony to make me invisible.
I never got bit.
You think prayer was the reason? Yeah.
That and some homemade pepper spray.
¿Podemos hablar con Fauzi? ¿Por qué razón? Policía.
Es importante.
Por favor.
Un momento.
I was surprised you called.
Thought you didn't believe what I said at the crime scene.
Who says I do? At this point, I can't rule anything out.
Well, bringing me in was the best move, Detective.
You won't be sorry.
Me llamo Manzon.
Es el Detective Morgan.
Ask him if he's heard of the deaths of Mr and Mrs Alfaro.
Qué cosa tan terrible.
This was found at the crime scene.
Did he sell it to Mr Alfaro? He says Alfaro was a strict Catholic.
Came into the store now and then to buy some things, but he wouldn't have been caught dead back here.
Did he sell it to anyone else? He says he doesn't keep track of who buys what, and he doesn't even believe in this shit.
Is that why he has the tattoo? I got drunk one night, woke up, it was there.
You tell me.
- ¿Te llamas Manzon? - Sí.
Ah, coño.
Eres la hija de Andrés.
Hey, hey.
We're doing great in English.
You live in Miami.
Why you no learn Spanish? Because me too busy making a living.
Is there anything else you can tell us? Anything that will help us with this case? Yo no sé nada.
Fauzi's holding back.
I should have talked to him by myself.
Might have been in a more sharing mood with someone he knows.
Oh, yeah? Maybe he would have said nothing, like everyone else in this neighbourhood.
Hey, I know you're up against it, but you might just want to take a breath.
Why don't we give him the night to stew over this and then you come visit him tomorrow alone? Fine.
Sonya? Where are they? Hi, this is Sonya.
Leave a message.
Yeah, it's Dexter.
I just got back and you're not here, and not answering your cell.
Call me now.
Can't help but think the worst.
Harrison's been stolen.
I shouldn't have left him with a stranger.
Rita would have never allowed it.
Finally fallen asleep.
Where were you? Well, he was keyed up after his Yo Gabba Gabba! Videos.
I thought some fresh air would make him drowsy.
It worked.
- You didn't answer your cell.
- Well, I had my hands full.
Oh, I left a note on the fridge.
Oh, I didn't mean to worry you.
No, it's fine.
I'm just I'm not used to checking the fridge for notes.
Just messages from other serial killers.
- Oh, I feel terrible.
- Don't.
You were just doing your job.
Hey, I'm lucky to have you.
We both are.
Oh! A little courtesy, please.
You hitting the club tonight? No.
Oh, good.
Cos I won't be there to watch your back.
There could be wingmen out there looking to settle the score.
Just drop it.
With all due respect, this man is a knight in shining armour.
You should be polishing his lance.
Excuse me? I meant that metaphorically.
Not how it sounded.
Good night.
OK, I want to know exactly what happened at the bar.
I told you it's settled, tesoro.
I'm not asking as your wife.
Vince and I were having drinks, keeping to ourselves.
And then out of the blue, Sergeant Lopez starts talking shit.
- What shit? - You know shit.
- He was out of line.
- Specifics.
He asked if you and I were married.
Then he said you were a fine piece of ass.
- And you were my sugar mama.
- Sugar mama? Yeah, cos you're my boss and your paycheck has more zeros.
- Does that really bother you? - A little.
Do you know any guys it wouldn't bother? - So you hit him? - No, there's more.
- More? - You wanted to know everything.
He then said you gave the best blowjobs in Miami.
And then I hit him.
And he's lucky that's all I did.
Angel, I'm a woman in a position of power.
Some men have trouble dealing with that, - so they spread garbage around.
- I know.
I know.
And I'm trying to work through it.
Could you work through it without the bar fights? I'll keep the bar fights at a minimum.
He sleeping? Like a baby.
How was work? Dire.
I've been saddled with this uniform on a homicide case, and she's driving me ape-ass crazy.
- How's the nanny? - Aside from a little message hiccup It was totally my fault.
She did great.
I wonder why she left Ireland.
- Maybe she's running from something.
- I don't know, Deb.
Maybe you better check Interpol.
What about you? What'd you do today? Not much.
Cody called.
He wanted me to send my recipe for pancakes.
How are they? Cody sounds happier.
Astor wouldn't come to the phone.
She'll come around, Dex.
Well, other than that, I ran some errands.
That's good.
Get back in your routine.
When you lose someone close, routine can be a ladder that can help you climb back into some kind of normalcy.
- Where'd you hear that? - I am capable of independent thought.
I watched her when I was laid up.
That's good.
Keep getting better, Dex.
I'll try.
Yeah, I'd like to report a dead animal.
Uh, County Road five, mile marker 31.
I'm not sure.
I think it was a gator.
It was long and scaly.
Thank you.
It's on Boyd's circuit, so he'll get the call.
When he does, Boyd will take a little nap and wake up in the tourist welcome centre.
But he won't be collecting any brochures.
Wasn't sure you'd be here.
Wouldn't miss it for the world.
Hey, I'm a safety guy.
Never be too safe.
- Where we off to first? - Dead cat on Lindgren.
Pretty neighbourhood though.
Lot of trophy wives out jogging at this hour.
There's a bonus.
You have to embrace the now.
Every second you waste is one more second you'll never get back.
Ever hear this guy? When I was searching your house.
Changed my life.
Really helped me see what's important.
Do the same for you.
Ease you through that divorce.
Divorce? Ring dent.
I didn't want Boyd to know that part of my life.
For a roadkill janitor, he doesn't miss much.
Hope it's not a touchy subject.
No, it just didn't work out.
If you need help moving on, listen to these CDs.
Take it.
Take it now.
That's the main idea.
- Take it now? - There's more to it than that, but it really makes a difference.
Of course, you got to know what it is you want to take.
What is it you want, Daryl? That's kind of a hard question to answer.
Yes, it is.
But I really think it's what we're on this earth to find out.
Justin Bieber.
Not that I know who that is.
I know who purchased the Santa Muerte icons, and it wasn't our dead husband.
- Fauzi talked? - I was right.
He was holding back.
- What'd you get? - No names, but a description.
Two guys in their 30s, strong accents, possibly recent immigrants from Venezuela.
Criminal types.
Those were his words.
And big into Santa Muerte.
What if Alfaro isn't freaked out because he just murdered his wife? What if he's freaked out because someone's got his wife? And they'll kill her unless he pays cash.
This isn't drug related.
Maybe she was fucking held hostage for ransom.
You think Fauzi spilled everything he knows? He's been asking around.
Thinks he can dig up some more.
Well, let's fucking find out.
Sometimes it gets so hot, these things actually start frying.
And you got to you got to scrape 'em off like diner food.
Two hours and no call about my gator.
They must have sent someone else.
God almighty.
That stink gets in your soul.
Which means this kill is dead.
Man, you got a nose of steel.
You're made for this job.
Now I'm stuck with Boyd.
So much for getting my life back.
It's almost lunch time.
I usually eat at home by myself, but there's a Chinese place not too far.
Hang on.
Maybe the universe is showing mercy on me.
What's the location? - I'm on it.
- What's up? Dead gator out on County five.
First promising thing all day.
But if you're starving, we can push it till after lunch.
- I'm good.
- Then let's rumble.
Gator runs can be hairy.
You got to be on your toes.
- Hairy how? - Can't always tell if they're really dead.
- Yikes.
- Don't worry.
Like I said I'm a safety guy.
Must be at lunch.
Hello? Shit.
Call it in.
Do it.
This is Officer Manzon.
Mile marker should be right around here.
Be careful.
Sucker could be anywhere.
You really don't want to step on it.
Finally it's right.
Where am I? On your way to County Medical.
- You know what city you're in? - Miami.
What day is it? Wednesday.
What happened to me? A motorist spotted you lying on the side of the road, called 911.
Seems this guy shot you with a tranq dart.
Boys have an argument or something? No.
Went off by accident.
Crazy asshole, you were supposed to shoot the gator.
You got in my way, you fucking numbskull.
So what's your excuse? Why were you unconscious? They must not have found my needle.
I guess I was just so upset that I passed out.
There's one piece of good luck.
I really need to get back to my truck.
Yeah, sorry.
I can't let you jump out of a moving ambulance.
We'll be there soon.
Need to get you both checked over.
Got him.
Dropping it.
Let's go.
Let's go on three.
Trauma two.
I'm Dr Lorre.
I understand you suffered a loss of consciousness.
- That's what I'm told.
- That ever happen before? Um First time.
You have any history of headaches, dizziness, - blurred vision? - Uh-uh.
- Hypoglycaemia? - Not that I know of.
We're gonna run a chem profile and check your glucose levels for possible dehydration.
We'll follow up with a tox screen.
See if anything's in your system.
I'll be right back to draw your blood.
Just lie still.
He's in there, OK.
Just give him aspirin.
No painkillers.
I'm sorry, Doctor.
I didn't know about his addiction.
Well, you got to check the patient's records here, he's Fifth time he's been in the ER this year.
This is his fifth accident.
- It won't happen again.
- All right.
Another head? And I was in such a good mood.
It's my fault.
I got him killed.
Fuck that.
You didn't cut his head off.
They did this because he started talking to me.
If I hadn't come back here, Fauzi would still be alive.
It was my call.
We're in this together.
And we're closer to catching him because of you, OK? You did good.
Looks like the same treatment as our other head case.
Eyes and tongue have been excised.
Damn, don't people just shoot each other any more? Excuse me a sec.
Hey, thanks for calling me back.
No prob.
Sorry it took so long.
We're up to our necks on this Trinity thing.
Yeah, that's what I want to talk to you about.
I think I may have a lead on Kyle Butler.
Kyle Butler? Yeah, you know, the guy who was hanging around with Arthur Mitchell? Yeah, I know who he is.
Just didn't know you people were working this.
I'm sort of, uh flying off the record.
Is there any chance I could talk to the Mitchell family? The Mitchells are in a safe house.
First stop before witness protection.
Just want to show them a photo.
Take five minutes.
Give me the photo.
I'll show it to them.
Ah, it's too sensitive.
If I'm wrong, it could mean my ass.
Come on Ray, as a friend.
- I'll see what I can do, but no promises.
- Thanks.
Let me know.
Take it.
- Now, before you can take anything - What the fuck? you have to know what it is you want.
May sound easy, but you can't know what you want unless you know yourself.
But if you want something, there's only one option.
Take it.
You want that promotion? Well, then, take it.
You want that new car, that house? Take it.
That could have gone smoother.
Could have also gone worse.
Least he's down.
- Hello? - Hi, it's Dexter.
Wanted to tell you that I'm gonna be - a little later than I expected.
- It's no problem.
My sister should be there any minute though.
Actually, she phoned too.
She's tied up at work.
It's OK.
I don't mind staying late.
I I like watching him sleep.
You're a lifesaver.
I was gonna call you.
Is everything OK? He took his first step.
At least I think it was his first.
- He did? - It was only one step, but you could tell he was really proud of himself.
That's amazing.
I managed to get a shot for you.
Check your email.
I'll call you when I'm on my way home.
My son is walking like a normal little boy.
I'm on my way there right now.
Just start trolling for eyewitnesses.
Maybe we'll catch a break.
Maybe someone saw something, OK? - Lieutenant LaGuerta? - Yes? Jim McCourt, Internal Affairs.
I wonder if I could have a word with you in private.
Of course.
So what's this about? Well, this is really a courtesy call.
We're about to launch a formal investigation into one of your detectives, a Angel Batista.
I understand he's your husband.
Yes, he is.
Apparently, he had a physical altercation with one of his fellow officers.
A Sergeant Lopez.
I was under the impression the matter was settled.
Far from it.
Lopez collapsed while on duty today.
He's been hospitalised with internal bleeding.
My God.
We believe that he'll pull through, but he's filed charges.
Something else you should be aware of - we have two eyewitnesses who claim that they saw Batista kick Sergeant Lopez while on the ground.
Now, if that is true, that is assault with a deadly weapon.
And he could not only lose his job he could serve time.
Had to borrow this from you.
I hope you don't mind.
What the hell? Normally, I bring my own plastic, but I had to improvise.
Let me the fuck out of here.
I bet you've heard that before, "let me out of here", from all the women you've killed.
I wish you could see the room I set up for you.
But you fucked everything up, Boyd.
All those pictures I took of the women you killed.
It's a shame you'll never get to see them.
I'll just have to paint a word-picture for you instead.
They were young.
Just starting their lives.
Now they're floating in formaldehyde and stuffed into barrels strewn around a swamp.
Who the hell are you? Just a fellow traveller, who also likes to pick up dead animals.
I did 'em a favour.
They were all suffering and I put 'em out of their misery.
Yeah, you'll be doing one more favour tonight.
What are you talking about? I've recently suffered a loss.
My wife was murdered by someone like you.
Someone like me.
It turned my life upside down.
Why is it my problem? Because you're the start of my healing process.
I knew you were fucked up the minute I laid eyes on you.
I was fucked up long before that.
You don't know what you're getting into.
Remember in the truck you asked me what I want? I want my wife back.
But this will have to do.
No church bells.
No hallelujah chorus.
Nothing feels different.
If anything, I'm emptier.
It's OK.
I'm not gonna hurt you.
It's OK.
No, don't.
She saw everything.
She saw me.