Dexter s05e04 Episode Script

Beauty and the Beast

Previously on Dexter I think I may have a lead on Kyle Butler.
I didn't know you people were working this.
The Mitchells are in a safe house.
I just want to show them a photo.
There is a great, big, shit-ugly world out there, Jonah.
What do you want me to do? - OK, we had sex.
- Was it good sex? I've said all I'm going to say.
Lopez collapsed while on duty today.
He's been hospitalized with internal bleeding.
Batista could not only lose his job, he could serve time.
I know who purchased the Santa Muerte icons.
- What'd you get? - Two guys in their 30s.
Strong accents, possibly recent immigrants from Venezuela.
They did this to him because he started talking to me.
Boyd Fowler, Division of Dead Animal Pickup.
Hobbies - storing women in formaldehyde.
We'll do a shift together.
Tomorrow morning, eight sharp.
An old tourist welcome centre.
Totally isolated.
I wish you could see the room I set up for you.
All the women you've killed.
You don't know what you're getting into.
Don't! She saw everything.
She saw me.
I'm not liking the trend here.
You rip a man apart in a public bathroom No one saw.
You nearly botch Boyd's kill.
- He's dead, isn't he? - Yeah.
And now you've got her.
What's the first rule of the code? Never kill an innocent.
Don't get caught.
So what's your plan here? Nurse her back to health so she can go to the police? She gives the cops enough to track you down, then everything falls apart.
Harrison grows up visiting you on death row.
Why are you doing this? Because she's dying.
And you're a serial killer.
I'd think you could handle that.
You didn't do this to her, Dex.
She's not your responsibility.
Go home and take care of your son.
It's OK.
Don't move.
Everything will be OK.
Don't! It's OK.
It's OK! Calm down.
Stop fighting me.
I'm not here to hurt you.
Stop! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! - What? - Jesus.
What's your problem? Sorry.
It's the middle of the night.
In California, maybe.
What's wrong with you? Nothing.
I'm just tired.
You are? I just pulled an all-nighter at a crime scene.
Totally fried and I've got jack shit.
So the babysitter's been there all night? Masuka's trying.
He really is.
But the blood just doesn't talk to him the way it does to you.
I really need your help on this.
- It's not a good time.
I've got Harrison.
- What happened to the babysitter? Probably getting ready to kill me.
Look, I know you're still on leave, and you know I wouldn't ask if it weren't important.
Don't make me beg.
Deb, look, it's Maybe I can use the crime scene to get an ID on sleeping beauty here.
- OK, I'll do it.
- You will? Yeah.
Of course.
You're my sister.
Where, uh Where should I go? Just follow the fucking news vans.
You're the best, you know that? Hello? Dex, over here.
You're just in time, the coroner's chomping at the bit to remove the body.
- It's a bit of a circus.
- You kidding me? It's Barnum and Bailey.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
We're working on it! - What's he saying? - I have no idea.
But the general complaint is there are fewer beheadings in the rich parts of Miami.
Beheadings? Yeah.
And that's not even the fucked-up part.
- Dextrous.
- Vince.
You weren't kidding about the fucked-up part.
It was a potential witness.
And it's the second this week.
So what you got? Uh, we're thinking, uh, machete.
- OK.
What else? - Just machete.
We've been up all night.
We're too tired to think.
That's why I called you.
So? So the beheading obviously went down here.
He was standing.
Whack one, and the victim goes down.
Whack two.
Whack three.
And cervical vertebrae are pretty much toast.
Separation complete.
- We have lift-off.
- That's what I've been saying.
Not really.
Let him work.
- Eyes and tongue removed here.
- That tongue's in the ice chest.
- Do you want to see it? - No, not really.
- Has anyone been smoking in here? - It's 2010.
Who smokes? Uh Machete man, I think.
A small cigar.
Highly unstable ash.
Short, torn tobacco leaves.
It's a cheap one.
Like a Tiparillo.
I'd look for that.
So machete and Tiparillo.
- Definitely styling.
- Fuck me in both ears.
OK, people, our killers left through that door into the alley.
So let's sweep it for small cigar butts.
Watch your step, fellas.
Watch the ev.
Watch the ev! Thank you.
Watch the ev.
So that, uh, cigar ash stuff - Yeah? - You learn that in grad school? - Uh, Havana Room.
- Havana Room.
Oh, good to have you back.
You know, in a supporting role.
- Assisting me.
- Yeah.
I got to go.
Don't you want to see if we find the cigar? I just want to find out who that girl is before the M99 wears off.
I'll drop by the station later.
Well he's up.
He's been up for hours.
I know.
I missed you too.
I'm so sorry.
I know I'm late.
Late doesn't quite capture it.
It's been all night.
I know, it's just I killed a man in front of a witness I just had to tranquilise to keep her from scratching my eyes out.
- What? - I'll make it up to you.
- I don't think so.
- What's that mean? It means I don't think this is a good fit and I won't be returning.
It is.
It is a good fit.
Harrison likes you.
And I really like him, which is what pains me so much about this, but He needs a reliable parent.
Especially with his mother gone.
- I'm reliable.
- Well, I guess we use different dictionaries.
- It will never happen again.
- Do you think? My mother told me when I was just a little girl, "Never lie to someone who trusts you.
Never trust someone who lies to you.
" It's a shame, really.
We got off to such a good start.
I miss your mom.
I understand that, but the bureau said no.
Even though the only clue you have in the Trinity case is Kyle Butler, and I might know who that is.
That's right.
- Ask again, Ray.
- There's no point.
I thought you had clout.
Not when it comes to doing an end run on safe house procedures.
Look, offer still stands.
Give me the photo, I'll show it to the family.
I told you, I can't do that.
It's a sensitive situation.
- It's your call.
- Great.
Here we go.
There's the safe house, and there's Jonah Mitchell.
OK, we may have finally caught a break in the Santa Muerte case, so listen up, people.
Detective Morgan.
OK, it's too soon to celebrate, and most of us are too fucking tired anyway, but we found this just outside the back entrance of the botánica where Fauzi was murdered.
- Is that a cigar butt? - Very perceptive, Detective Quinn.
And may I thank you for getting your lazy ass off the couch and joining us.
So thank you.
It's a Tiparillo butt, and we have reason to believe it was handled by one of the two assailants.
- So what are we talking about, DNA swab? - Even better.
Uh There's a 3/4 partial thumbprint on the side, and it has to be processed manually.
It's incomplete.
But we expect to hear back within a day.
And there's the man we have to thank for it - my nephew, Harrison.
He lent us his dad.
- Look at those cheeks! May I? - Sure.
- Oh! ¡Qué lindo! - Gordito.
You look like your mommy.
Oh, and he's got daddy's eyes.
And your penis size.
No, it's bigger.
It's much bigger.
Who would have thought? Better than doughnuts.
Is this your idea of quality time, using your son as cover? He's enjoying it.
They're enjoying it.
It's a win-win.
Besides, it's for a good cause.
I need to find out who this girl is before she wakes up.
Which will be soon.
Damn it.
Come on, come on.
What are you doing now? Stealing from a co-worker? Borrowing.
You really think Vince Masuka won't notice half his medicine cabinet is missing? I don't care.
He's a hypochondriac.
She actually needs this stuff.
Lumen Ann Pierce, from Minnesota.
No warrants.
Not even a traffic violation.
Yeah, and no missing persons report either.
No one's looking for her.
- What are you saying? I should let her die? - You can't just let her go.
This isn't some fairy tale where she wakes up and you get to be the handsome prince who saved her.
If she wakes up, she'll call the police.
You think I don't know that? How you doing? - Hey, isn't it about time for his nap? - Yeah.
I know the feeling.
You do? I flatlined hours ago.
I'm heading home to take a nap.
Hey, will you do me a favour and take him with you? I've got someone expecting me.
- What about the nanny? - She needed a break.
After two days? It would be a huge help.
And he's gonna go right to sleep.
He's way overdue for a nap.
All right.
If you carry him to the car.
He's getting heavy.
- What's this? - An address.
I didn't want to give it to you in front of everybody else.
It's a hospital.
That's where Sergeant Lopez ended up after your little fight.
- You need to go apologise.
- No.
He's the one that should apologise to me.
He's the one who has a broken nose, a broken rib, and a punctured lung.
Angel, porfavor I should have broken his jaw for what he said about you.
I'm not going to argue with you.
Internal Affairs is coming by tomorrow, and they need to know that it's over.
That there's no bad blood between you, OK? I'm not asking.
Sorry if I scared you before.
Maybe we can start again? You probably have a headache.
The sedative does that.
I got you aspirin for it.
Also antibiotics.
You have a pretty serious fever.
They'll help bring that down.
I'm not trying to drug you.
They really are just antibiotics.
See? You're dehydrated.
Can you drink? Careful, careful, careful.
I'm not gonna hurt you.
Where am I? A safe place.
Far from Boyd.
I'm not taking anything.
What's your name? Look, you really need to talk to me.
- Rachel.
- OK.
Rachel I'm not gonna hurt you.
I just want to see you get better.
Why didn't you take me to the hospital? You know why.
No, I don't.
Because you saw me in the house.
I didn't see anything.
We both know that's not true.
I would never tell anyone.
Please let me go.
- I can't.
What are you gonna do with me? Nothing.
Are you gonna sell me? Sell you? No.
- Then what are you gonna do? - Nothing.
I'm not gonna do anything.
I'm not lying.
Look, you can't even think straight with a fever like that.
You need to take these.
- No, no.
- Stay away from me! I'm trying to help you! - Let me out! Let me out! - I can't do that! No! Please! Let me go! I can't! I can't! I can't go through it again! Just kill me now! Please! Harry's right.
I need a plan.
- How you doing, Lopez? - How's it look like I'm doing? Listen, the other night we both had a little too much to drink and, um when you insulted my wife I just saw red.
I'm sorry.
I'm not the first guy to take a swing at you.
Are you really gonna bust my chops with IA over this? You know that line between a few and a few too many? All too well.
Yeah, well, I had way too many that night.
And I should have held my temper, but I didn't.
And I apologise.
Lo siento.
I don't know what else to say.
So are we OK or what? You're OK.
I'm in a fucking hospital.
We're OK.
I'm not gonna press charges, Batista.
Now get the fuck out of my room.
The babysitter doesn't trust me because of the lies.
Lumen doesn't trust me because of the truth.
There must be a name for that.
Oh, right - Dexter Morgan.
The problem is Lumen knows way too much about me and I know nothing about her.
An unpaid motel bill.
I was hoping for more, but at least it's a place to start.
- Hey, how was your nap? - What nap? - He woke up the second we got back.
- Oh.
Fix you something to eat? I'm too tired to chew.
- Damn it, Dexter! - What? What is it? Nothing.
It's just What is this? It's a little toy keyboard.
No, I mean, why am I sitting on it? Why are we living like this? Between the baby stuff and your stuff and my stuff - which I can barely see anymore - I feel like a fucking refugee.
I get it.
I get it.
You need some peace and quiet.
- We'll head out for a while.
- Where are you going? - So what can I do for you? - I'm not sure.
I think my wife, his mom might have left her luggage here, Lumen Pierce.
Let's have a look-see.
Can you spell that, please? Yeah, it's P-l-E-R-C-E.
The other name.
The weird one.
No offence.
I remember her.
Your wife prepaid two weeks.
It's been over a month.
Yeah, change of plans.
We ended up staying with friends in North Beach.
Well, she never checked out.
We sent her file to a collection agency.
Gee, it'd be a lot simpler if you'd just let me take care of it.
Do you, by any chance, still have her luggage? Yeah, in storage.
I'd appreciate it.
We both would.
Three-twenty and we're square.
Put your John Hancock here, and I'll go fetch your wife's luggage.
Ten months' old and you've had your first cigarette.
Sorry about that.
"Dear Lumen "I know it feels like the end of the world right now, but it's not.
"I understand why you felt you had to leave.
"And believe me, you have nothing to be ashamed of.
"And as for your father, "I know he said things he regrets, "even though he'll never admit it.
"We miss you.
We love you.
"Take all the time you need, but then please come home.
"It's not a family without you.
Loνe Mom.
" Dexter.
I woke you up.
I was trying to be quiet.
You were gone a long time.
I was worried about you.
Just went for a little drive.
Sorry about before.
And in case you didn't know, you and Harrison are the most important people to me.
You're the only important people.
You guys can stay here forever.
I don't care about the mess.
I'm the fucking slob in the family anyway.
- You want a beer? - Yeah.
I would love a beer.
Mr Morgan.
Please give us another chance.
- I don't think it's a good idea.
- I know I screwed up.
There's no need to apologise.
Harrison is a wonderful child, and you will have no trouble finding someone else to watch him.
I don't want someone else to watch him.
- Well, I'm flattered And I heard you - about how you need to be able to trust me.
What I said was I don't trust you.
Look, there was an emergency.
A girl was badly hurt.
She was very near death.
I spent the night trying to help her, and then I was called to a crime scene by my sister.
That's where I was.
And I'm here now because we interviewed 30 people, and you're the one who didn't scare me, basically.
You're the only one I could trust Harrison to.
Well, you are holding him a little bit like a football.
Now what do they call it? A leap of faith.
I guess it's one on both our parts.
One more chance, Mr Morgan, but that's it.
Look at this.
- Look at what? - Notice anything missing? How would I know? Somebody's been dipping into my meds, and methinks me knows who.
Yeah, Dexter was back here alone yesterday.
- I don't know, maybe it was him.
- No motive, Detective.
You, on the other hand, have been getting down and dirty with the hottest potty mouth in the South.
Now, I appreciate you taking preventative measures so as not to pass on whatever sick scurvy you may carry on to her.
I'm willing to share.
All you have to do is ask.
OK, I didn't take your meds.
And I'm not getting down and dirty with Debra.
OK? May I just say that I admire your chivalry? It's a rare man who won't kiss and tell.
Make sure you get the names and numbers - Get back to me when you finish.
- Mm-hm.
Excuse me.
Just wanted to let you know that I paid Sergeant Lopez a visit yesterday.
- So I heard.
- I apologised, he accepted.
We're Jake.
It's all good.
Hey, you put a cop in the hospital.
What happens now is up to the department, not him.
Meaning what? Fact is, it's assault and battery against a fellow officer.
It's a few punches against a drunken loudmouth.
- Good morning, Jim.
- Lieutenant.
You mean to tell me you have nothing more important to do than to investigate a bar fight? How's the timeline coming on the Santa Muerte case? The timeline's just fine.
I'm due upstairs in 20 minutes, so we should get going.
- Would you like some coffee? - That would be wonderful.
- My husband's not wrong, you know.
- How's that? Considering the fact that the other officer involved The assault victim.
It was just a bar fight, Jim.
Now, you and I both know they happen all the time.
- OK, I'm wondering what can end this.
- See, I'm more interested in what started it.
Because according to Sergeant Lopez's deposition, he said, drunkenly, that you give the best blowjob in Miami.
Is that part of the official record? Should it be? Hey, good news.
Masuka found a match on that partial print we had from the cigar butt.
Or are you no longer interested in solving homicides? - Huh? - Carlos Fuentes.
You're gonna love this.
He's got a brother, Marco.
They live together, and I got the address.
Two of them.
Does that sound like what we've been looking for, or does that sound like what we've been looking for? I'll get a team together.
Let's get these guys.
Where's Quinn again? Fucknose is gonna miss the party.
I have no idea.
Who knows? Fuck.
Hold on.
Hold on, hold on, hold on.
OK, go.
Go, go, go, go.
Morgan, you, you, you, the other end of the hall.
You, upstairs.
- Freeze! - No, no.
We want Fuentes.
Let him go.
Let him go.
Go! Open up.
Nobody move.
Holy shit.
We want these guys.
No habla.
Cut him and I'll blow your fucking head off.
You hear me? Let him go.
- You let him go! - Everybody clear? Report in.
Diaz, clear.
- Manzon, clear.
- Responder.
- Detective Morgan, you clear? - Responder.
Yes, clear.
You stupid bitch.
Argh! Help! Medic! I need a fucking medic! Don't you dare let him die.
- You OK? - Fine.
Fuck, I should have shot Fuentes when I had the chance! - And risk killing that kid? - He might die anyway.
And he might live, thanks to you.
We nearly caught those fucks.
- You did good.
- You weren't there.
Lumen Ann Pierce, from Minnesota.
If I can get the crotchety judgmental babysitter from Ireland to trust me I say, why not you? Yah! Stop! Stop! Help me! Help! Help me! Do you need a ride? Yeah, what are you doing out here? Hey, where are you going? Man, she is fucked-up! No! No! - No! No! - Lumen - No! No! - Lumen.
Lumen Lumen.
Would you stop? Stop.
Would you stop! Shh! You know how close you came back there? If she'd gotten in that car, it would have been all over.
Where are we going? Believe me, she will never trust you.
Where are you taking me? First rule of the code - don't get caught.
And you're out of options now.
- Let me go.
- She's left you no choice.
Jonah? Hey.
Don't be afraid.
I'm a cop.
- Miami Metro.
- Do I know you? I think I know who Kyle Butler is.
Do you recognise this man? - Why do you want to know? - Is this Kyle Butler? - Hey, back away! Back away! - I'm a cop.
It's OK.
Keep your hands where I can fuckin' see 'em, and shut the hell up.
Jonah, go to the car now.
Turn around.
Come on.
- Please.
Don't! - Just move.
What are you gonna do? - Look at this.
- No! No! Look.
This is what happened to the girls before you.
This is what was gonna happen to you.
Every one of these barrels has a body in it.
Boyd preserved them in formaldehyde so he could come and visit.
Do you understand? I saved your life.
How do I know that you didn't kill these girls? You don't.
It's a leap of faith for both of us.
My wife was murdered brutally by someone like Boyd.
I don't want to see any more innocent people die.
Here, you don't believe me? Take it.
Take it.
It's yours.
Are you done? I tell you to leave Trinity's family alone, and instead you go behind my back.
And based on what? This? A cut-and-paste sketch you think resembles Dexter Morgan? - The kid recognised him.
- He identified Dexter as Kyle Butler? He didn't get a chance, but I could tell.
Oh, you could tell.
And did Jonah convey this ID to the FBI? - No.
- Right.
Because it's bullshit.
You have your suspicions, you come to me.
- I tried.
- And when I say no, Quinn, it's over! You're on unpaid suspension until further notice.
Suspension? Just tell everyone you're taking a few vacation days.
You kidding? Am I fucking kidding? You're lucky I don't terminate your ass.
And you know the one reason I don't? Because there'd be a mandatory hearing, and this whole embarrassment would become a matter of record.
No one needs to hear about your stupid theories.
It would tear this department apart.
- Understood? - Sure.
He just lost his wife, for Christ's sakes! Hey, skeezey.
Where you been all day? Very long, fucked-up story.
I heard about the raid.
Perp got away.
What I heard was you saved someone's life.
I let you down.
I should've been there to back you up.
- Yeah, you should've.
- Yeah.
You OK? I guess not, cos everybody keeps asking me that.
I don't want to be alone tonight.
Deb, I'm no good for you.
I'm not looking for good right now.
Is that true? What you said about your wife? Yes.
How did it happen? Knife.
Painful and cruel.
I'm sorry that I cut you.
I thought you were a monster, like Boyd.
I thought you were going to kill me.
Or worse.
I was locked up.
I don't know where, or for how long.
All I know is that it was horrible.
And I thought it would never stop.
But it has stopped.
He's dead.
It's over.
You can go home.
I don't think so.
You can.
I read your letter.
I know you have a family who loves you.
You should go home to them.
It's not that simple.
It is.
It really is.
Boyd wasn't the only one who did this to me.
There were others.
It's not over.