Dexter s05e05 Episode Script

First Blood

Previously on Dexter - What'd you get? - Two guys in their 30s.
Strong accents, possibly recent immigrants from Venezuela.
Masuka found a match on the print we had from the cigar butt - Carlos Fuentes.
He's got a brother, Marco, and I got the address.
Cut him, and I'll blow your fucking head off.
Medic! I need a fucking medic! Don't you dare let him die.
I apologised.
He accepted.
It's assault and battery.
Batista could not only lose his job, he could serve time.
According to Sergeant Lopez's deposition, you give the best blowjob in Miami.
Do you recognise this man? Jonah, is this Kyle Butler? Back away! Back away! You're on unpaid suspension until further notice.
Suspension? Just tell everyone you're taking a few vacation days.
I don't want to be alone tonight.
I'm no good for you.
I'm not looking for good right now.
I just want to find out who that girl is before the M99 wears off.
Lumen Ann Pierce.
- Why didn't you take me to the hospital? - Because you saw me.
- I didn't see anything.
- We both know that's not true.
Every one of these barrels has a body in it.
- Look at this.
- No.
This is what happened to the girls before you.
This is what was going to happen to you.
I saved your life.
I was locked up.
And I thought it would never stop.
But it has stopped.
He's dead.
It's over.
Boyd wasn't the only one who did this to me.
There were others.
We all have something to hide, some dark place inside us we don't want the world to see.
So we pretend everything's OK wrapping ourselves in rainbows.
And maybe that's all for the best, because some of these places are darker than others.
Whoo! Carefully.
I want to believe that smile.
That watching your mother die hasn't changed you, the way watching mine changed me.
Gently falling.
Sweetheart! Sweetheart, what is it? Oh! It's OK.
It's OK! He's got a scratch.
Looks like someone was playing a little rough.
That's a little too familiar.
- Let's get a Band-Aid on him.
- OK.
That's it for today! But I use a scalpel.
All you have are your fingers.
Wiped clean.
Not even a year old, you're already destroying evidence.
And having to flee the scene of the crime.
Oh! It's OK.
Every time you see me, you look disappointed, like you were hoping to find an empty table.
I still think you need to consider my advice.
Leave town? Go home to people who care about you.
I told you why I can't do that.
If you stay in Miami, you'll never get past this.
If you had something horrible happen to you, could you just forget about it and move on? I would want to.
What if you couldn't? If you really want to help me get past this, help me find those guys and kill them.
I saw you kill Boyd.
You knew what you were doing.
Usual? Thanks.
Going after those men won't help you get past this.
It'll only make it worse.
How could it get worse? It'll open up something inside you you don't want to know is there.
Trust me.
Trust you? I don't even know your last name.
The less you know about me, the better.
- Better for who? - For the both of us.
If you're not gonna help me, why do you keep coming back here? I'm trying to help you.
Yeah, I used some miles.
You really want to get rid of me, don't you? I want you to get on with your life.
Lumen She took the ticket.
Maybe this is one problem I can check off the list.
And maybe it'll snow this week.
Where's the fire? Got to get my ass in gear, or I'm gonna be late.
I could take that ass back to bed.
What part of "late" don't you understand? I mean, at least let me make you breakfast or something.
I have no time.
I've got to meet Batista at the hospital.
We're interviewing that kid Fuentes sliced open.
Good luck with that.
"Good luck with that"? Fuentes has killed three people.
I'm running down leads, and you're sitting around in your boxer shorts watching TV all day.
Is that why you're, like, all, "Let me get the fuck out of here.
" - Cos I'm taking a few days off? - Just drop it.
This wasn't even my call.
LaGuerta said I had too many days.
I had to use 'em or lose 'em.
- That's bullshit.
- No argument here.
I gotta go.
Quinn's my partner.
He should be here, not you.
No offence.
What do you want me to do? He put in for his time.
No, he told me he was forced to take his leave.
- That doesn't make any sense.
- Exactly.
So will you talk to LaGuerta - Shit.
- What? - It's the mother.
What is she doing? - She's coming this way.
Fuck me so bad.
What am I supposed to say? "I'm sorry.
It's my fault your son got his throat slit"? No, let me do the talking.
De nada, de nada.
If it's OK with you, we'd like to ask your son some questions.
- Sí.
- Yes.
Jandro, how you feeling? ¿Cómo te sientes? - Poquito mejor.
- A little better.
We were wondering if there's anything you can tell us about the man who injured you.
Uh He's seen him around, but he didn't know who he was.
I asked if he had heard anything about Fuentes around the neighbourhood.
Does he remember anything about that day, anything Fuentes said or did? Anything at all? He doesn't remember anything else.
He was really scared.
Fuentes said he was going to kill him.
Uh He had a mark on his hand.
- A small one.
- Like a tattoo? Sí, como un tatuaje.
Can you draw it for us? Lumen needs to stay away from the darkness.
I, on the other hand, always need names for my table, and there are few people more deserving than Boyd Fowler's accomplices.
Nothing in Boyd's arrest record even hints he had help.
Zero to go on.
I'll have to look elsewhere.
You didn't have to do that.
No, it really is yours.
You left it on the hood of your car.
My head's in 50 places.
Masuka didn't even begin to keep up the caseload.
Well, good luck getting the midget porn off your hard drive.
He might have shown it to me.
How was Mommy And Me? Harrison break any hearts? No, but he drew his first blood.
I think his little black book still has a few blank pages.
- Well, not for long.
- He missed you this morning.
He's used to having his Aunt Deb feed him his mango oatmeal.
Yeah, sorry.
You didn't come home last night.
No, it was late, and I didn't want to wake you.
- I just crashed at a friend's house.
- Oh.
What friend? What, are you Mom now? You want to do lunch? I think I'm gonna be dining on backlog.
And paying a visit to Boyd's house.
All right, well, I'll bring you something back.
Wait a second.
What? Give me your opinion as a female.
- As a female? - As a woman, you know? McCourt.
- What about him? - Do you find him attractive? Do you? I mean, would you ever? I would rather put a campfire out with my face.
OK? I checked in with Cira.
She's gonna stay on the ATM video surveillance - while I track down the tattoo.
- Let me see that again.
See, it still looks like a UFO to me.
- Who the fuck knows, right? - Yeah.
- We need to talk to an expert.
- An expert, huh? Mm-hm.
The dragon lady represents the dualities of my inner warrior.
Or your inner idiot.
Hey! If you can't muster up the appropriate respect, I'm dropping the curtain.
When did you get this? I've been adding to it over time, but the main work started about two years ago.
I was having a bit of a crisis, and this was my way of working through it.
- Viagra probably would have been cheaper.
- This was a crisis of the soul, Morgan.
Don't you have to have a soul before it could be in crisis? - Point is, you know a little about this world.
- I know a little.
The person you want to talk to is my body artist, Michael Angelo.
- You're kidding.
Michelangelo? - Two words.
Michael Angelo.
And, yes, I'm serious.
If your tattoo were done by anyone local, Michael Angelo will know.
You can lower the curtain.
From the outside, a normal home is indistinguishable from the home of a monster who puts women in barrels.
But step inside There must be something around here that will point me to Boyd's accomplices.
Somebody's been here.
Oh, great.
They were going through Boyd's files.
Whoever Boyd was working with must have panicked, tried to cover up any trace of their existence.
Here he is, freshly bathed, clean as a whistle and ready for bed.
- Thanks.
- I'm gonna get going.
Cheque's on the counter.
Sonya, can I ask you a question? Sure.
Have you ever noticed Harrison being aggressive? Aggressive? What do you mean? Scratching, stuff like that.
He's a very gentle child, really.
Why? There might have been an incident at one of the Mommy And Me classes.
Can't be sure it was Harrison or not.
He's a little boy.
My little brother used to bite people.
Bloody little cannibal.
Now he's a vegetarian, works for Greenpeace.
Well, that's comforting.
Not to worry.
You've got a little angel on your hands.
Nothing can change that.
- See you tomorrow morning.
- Night.
No match for Daddy in the criminal database.
You're absolutely right.
Maybe he drives.
Let's check the DMV.
Lumen Ann Pierce.
She broke into Boyd's house.
She beat me to it.
Oh, my God.
Dexter, this seem like the product of a stable mind? A closet was the only place she felt safe from them.
She's remade it here.
- Dexter, are you listening to me? - Yes, I'm listening.
She's not a killer.
She's not you.
She's coming undone.
What's that now? This is the letter she took from Boyd Fowler's house.
From his ex-cellmate, Robert Brunner.
"I'm getting paroled next week.
Need a place to 'sleap'.
" S-L-E-A-P.
She's found a target.
You don't know what she's planning.
I know this isn't gonna end well.
She keeps going this way, she's gonna get herself killed or thrown in jail, and you're gonna be right there with her.
Dex, she's gonna bring you down.
I know what you're doing.
- Having breakfast? - You're looking for the men who hurt you.
So What, you're spying on me now? What are you gonna do if you actually find one of these guys? Maybe - what you won't.
- Are you gonna kill them? Is that it? I'm sorry.
You don't get to tell me what to do.
I asked for your help.
You turned me down.
For your own good.
Look You saved my life.
I'm grateful for that.
But what I need from you right now is to leave me alone.
- Lumen - Don't touch me! These men put five women in barrels.
They're not gonna want to be found.
Please stop this before it's too late.
She's not going to stop until she finds Brunner.
- My favourite colour.
- Help you, Sergeant? Morgan has been all over me the last two days about Quinn.
- What about Quinn? - The vacation he's being forced to take.
She's feeling shorthanded without her partner.
- To tell you the truth, we need him.
- Well, it's the union.
Not my call.
That all? Is there anything I need to know about my case with IA? Mm-mm.
Is there anything I need to know about anything else? I'm sorry, Angel, but I gotta go.
I'll see you tonight? Yeah Um I might be late.
OK, so I'll let you know.
OK? Hope you didn't have to dig too deep.
Only eight boxes, but I always remember to lift with my back.
Well, here's the guy you asked for - Robert Brunner.
- Nuh-uh-uh! Like we agreed.
- Right.
- Hm.
- There you go.
Oh! That face! Abduction, torture, rape.
He's so big.
Is he a year yet? - Ten months.
- He's beautiful.
- Thank you.
- Mm-hm.
Seven years for sexual assault.
Out in three for good behaviour.
Good behaviour.
You ever seen scars like that? Yes.
On Lumen.
And he's out now.
Thank you, State of Florida.
Looks like she stumbled on to the right guy.
It says he's living under Tuttle Bridge.
Is this current? Mm-hm.
Sex offenders can't live anywhere near kids.
Tuttle's the only place they can go.
- Can I keep this? - Well, that depends, now.
You gonna bring this little cutie by to see me? - Will do.
- OK.
Tuttle Bridge is the perfect place for Brunner to hide in the dark, but not from me.
I've got to get to him before she does.
Yo, what's up? Tramp stamp.
I think I'm in love.
She's into needles.
Why don't you show her your dick? That's disgusting.
You are so judgmental, Morgan.
I mean, come on.
We all have our own ways of expressing ourselves.
I have my ink, and you have your man-boots.
Yeah? Well, expect my man-boots up your ass if you're wasting my time, OK? Vincent? Now, what can I do you for? - That's Michael Angelo? - The one and only.
- M, how are you? - Come here.
- Good to see you.
- Always good to see you.
M, this is the detective I was telling you about - Detective Morgan.
- Enchantée.
- Right.
You mind taking a look at something for us? Any friend of Sugar's is a friend of mine.
"Sugar"? OK.
We interviewed this kid who saw this on the hand of a suspect we're looking for.
Any idea what it means? Crude, simplistic, but it's definitely an eye.
The similarity.
- See? - And that would mean? Eyes symbolise the third eye in our minds, like the god Horus and also just like the back of a dollar bill.
Have you ever done something like this? Well, if I had, I would have remembered it.
Anything else you can tell us? We're kinda desperate here.
Without it in front of me, that's the best I can do.
- I'm sorry.
- No, it's OK.
M, thank you so much, anyways.
Always for you.
And you You come see me anytime, OK? OK, thank you.
- OK.
- OK, bye.
- I'll be in soon.
- Bye.
Hey, I think she likes you.
Don't ever speak about this.
Since we're already here, why don't you get Quinn's name put on your - Hey, I have a gun.
- I'll just wait in the car.
- Hello? - Cira, it's me.
- Any luck? - Just a steaming pile of fuck-all.
Please tell me you have something.
I've gone through most of the bank's ATM footage.
Eight names and counting.
They're all freaking out about something while they're withdrawing maximum amounts from their accounts, just like our first Santa Muerte vics.
I want addresses for all eight names and any others you can find.
I'll pick you up on my way to work tomorrow, and we'll check 'em out, OK? Poor Julia Tuttle.
The Mother of Miami.
They named this bridge after her in her honour.
Now it's crawling with paedophiles and sex offenders.
So much for honour.
Japan's total area is slightly smaller than the US State of Montana You mind if I watch? The kid fuckers stay over by the tracks.
That's not why I'm here.
And why is that? A stuck-up little co-ed and I had a legal disagreement concerning the meaning of the word "consent".
Take a load off.
Appreciate it, brother.
Where'd you do your time? Okeechobee.
My last stretch was in that shithole.
Rough place.
Told everyone I was in for armed robbery to keep a target off my back.
- You from Miami? - Used to be.
Guy I bunked with lives down here now.
Thought I'd let him show me the town and have some fun.
Did that fun include Lumen? That is until my parole officer, the cunt, started giving me shit about staying with someone from the joint.
- Wound up here.
- Hmm.
- Beats a cell.
- Barely.
Once my parole is done, fuck Florida.
I'm going north.
Get me some of that farm-fresh pussy.
- You ever tap that? - Can't say I have.
A couple weeks ago I had this hot, little blonde on all fours.
A few of us did.
Believe me, that bitch got every fucking inch - of my motherfucking - That's enough.
This room was meant for Boyd, not his cellmate.
They were co-workers, partners.
- Basically the same.
- You're sure? I need to kill him so Lumen doesn't have to.
I don't want her down that road.
- Think about what you're doing.
- I am.
- He's a sex offender - I know.
on parole.
- What are you saying? - Think! Are you listening? OK.
He's wearing an ankle bracelet.
It couldn't have been him.
She had the wrong guy.
I was ready to kill him.
I was ready to kill him! Robert Brunner isn't one of the men who hurt her.
Harry's right.
I have to convince Lumen to do what I never could - to move on.
You're home early.
- Where's Sonya? - I sent her home.
She said you were gonna be working late.
- Hope you don't mind, I grabbed a beer.
- What's he doing here? He wanted to borrow - a book.
- He reads? - Yeah, he does.
- Here.
Little vacation reading.
Quinn was just leaving.
What she said.
I will call you in the morning, Joseph.
OK, Debra.
Kinda warm for gloves.
- Good night.
- Thanks for the book.
What was that about? It's late, so I'll take the couch.
Are you and Quinn? We're fuck buddies.
That's it.
You need Quinn for that? I know it's insane.
I know it's wrong for a fuck-ton of reas Will you please stop looking at me like that? It's your life, Deb.
Just don't bring him around when Harrison's here.
- What's that supposed to mean? - He's at an impressionable age.
- We don't know what might rub off on him.
- What will rub off on him? - Just keep Quinn away from my son.
- Fine.
You know, you're wrong about Quinn.
He's not that bad.
Long day.
Dinner's in the oven.
You mind if I, um, hop in the shower first? You never called.
Yeah, I know.
I just lost track of time.
Why so late? Budgets are due at the end of the month, so I'm gonna - I'll set the table.
- Thanks.
She's not there.
You just missed her.
- Did my wife say where she was going? - You two still not seeing eye to eye? Look, I really need to find her.
It's important.
She was asking about Tuttle Bridge.
I told her that is the last place she wants to be.
What the fuck, asshole? Nice.
Where you going, baby? What are you doing? - I'm taking you out of here.
- Give me the gun.
- No.
- Give it to me! You have no idea what those animals did to me.
Passing me around.
I couldn't move.
I couldn't stop them.
- It wasn't Brunner.
- It was.
He was Boyd's cellmate.
He raped three women! He tortured them, just like he did to me.
- That's impossible.
- You weren't there! Just listen to me.
He's wearing an ankle bracelet as part of his parole.
If he leaves this place, it gets reported.
I checked.
He was here the whole time you were taken.
Robert Brunner's never seen you before.
He's never touched you.
He never hurt you.
You were about to murder the wrong man.
Oh, fuck.
You see? This is where it leads.
But it's not too late.
There's still no blood on your hands.
I just I just want to feel better.
I want all this to go away.
It will.
I don't see how it can.
Go home.
Back to your family.
If you don't put this behind you, I swear what you're feeling now will only get worse.
Oh OK.
OK, OK, I'll go.
Next one on our ATM list.
that's how I like to start my fucking day.
You want to make a bet why this one was taking a wad of cash out of the ATM? Gambling, hookers, drugs? You're very cynical.
It's called being a detective.
And blow me.
You have to put positive energy out into the universe.
Blow you.
You smell that? Holy shit.
- Little help here? Anytime you're ready.
- Yeah.
This is Detective Morgan requesting CSI and body transport at 2075 Ocean Way for a possible double homicide.
And you need to tell Masuka and Dexter that they need to bring a bug kit and some fucking crackers.
You good? You son of a bitch.
- Angel! - Sergeant, you're making a big mistake! The only mistake I made was not kicking your ass when you first laid eyes on my wife.
Angel, let him go! This is a sting! Let him go! - You're wearing a wire? - No shit.
You idiot.
What would have happened - if he barged in here a half-hour ago? - I know.
Just give us a minute, Jim.
You just don't learn, do you, Batista? Have you completely lost your mind? - I thought - What? That I was fucking him? What am I supposed to think? You barely talk to me.
The late nights, the sneaking around.
How'd you find us? Wait.
You I don't even want to know.
IA needed my help to bust a narcotics cop on the take, and I said yes.
Why? To close the books on your bar fight! So I don't want to hear about sneaking around and late nights! - Why didn't you tell me? - Why didn't you trust me? Maria, I Morgan needs us on site - double homicide.
- My car's outside.
- I'll ride with Patrol.
Fuck me.
Come on, Liddy.
Lieutenant, any comment? - Not now.
- Lieutenant LaGuerta It's like the fucking food chain in action in there.
Flies - the blowflies are attracted by the smell and they lay eggs, and the beetles, they're drawn by the larvae, - and they burrow into every orifice - I get it.
What do we know? The vics' names are Daniel and Awilda Ortiz.
ATM footage showed Daniel trying to make a maximum withdrawal about 4 weeks ago.
Officer Manzon and I show up to interview him, and we find the bodies.
The remains have already started to mummify, but the wounds are consistent with a machete.
I can make sure when I get them back to the lab.
- We like the Fuentes brothers for this.
- Only weird thing is, we can't find any Santa Claus Muerte mumbo jumbo bullshit.
We might be looking at the Fuentes brothers' first victims.
The defensive wounds and heavy smearing suggest our killers were still inexperienced.
Beheading requires skill.
So we got their goddamn training wheels kill? Means we're back to fucking square one.
A little downwind, please.
Oh, yeah.
That's never coming out.
I liked this shirt, too.
I'll get a jacket out of my car.
All right.
It was never a tattoo.
It was a stamp from a nightclub.
It was a fucking nightclub! It's a nightclub! - What's gotten into her? - Find out, Sergeant.
I'm gonna go deal with the press.
Nice to have you back, Dexter.
Good to be back, Lieutenant.
Reports on my desk, first thing.
Ah, all together once again.
One big happy family.
Eh, Dexerino? Yeah.
- You don't have to wait.
- I don't mind.
I can pay you back for the ticket.
I'll send you some money.
Except I still don't know who to send it to.
Dexter Morgan.
And it's not necessary.
The ticket.
I came to Miami for a fresh start.
- Somewhere warm.
- You're doing the right thing.
Your parents will be happy to see you.
I tried to call them, but I I couldn't.
What would I say? Just give it some time.
I can't tell them what happened to me.
I can't tell anyone.
You're the only one who knows.
You have my number.
Call me if you need to talk about it.
- I should - Oh, yeah.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Go ahead, put it through.
And your bags.
Make sure everything's out of your pockets.
Jewellery, belts.
Step to the mat, ma'am.
- Is there a problem? - I can't let you through to your gate unless you consent to a hand search.
Lift your arms.
I need you to stay still.
Spread your legs.
- Are you home? - Uh - Not quite.
- Are you at a bar? I had to gas up the car.
My fault O'Malley's is on the way? - So ask me how my day was.
- How was your day? It was better than yours, slacker, cos I know where Carlos and his brother have been hanging out.
- At a local club called the Mayan.
- You got your lead.
We stake this place out, they show up, then we take these Santa Muerte no-dicks down for good.
How about I get steaks and beer and we celebrate? There's nothing to celebrate just yet, but I have a good feeling about this one.
- Now get your ass moving, I'm starving.
- On my way.
Thanks for the Cuervo, Stud.
No problem.
I heard what happened.
Fuck those IA rats.
And your boss.
She's the reason I'm here.
Unpaid leave.
Why? For doing my fucking job.
That bitch put handcuffs on me, then that no-nuts McCourt parades me around that station like I'm a goddamn carnival prize.
Well, they can both go fuck the dog.
They think I'm gonna cop a plea, they're both cracking walnuts up their ass.
I'm gonna fight this thing to my last damn dime.
You need some extra cash for those lawyers - I might have a job for you.
- Really? - What would that be? - Looking into someone.
- Who? - Guy I work with.
- Interested? - I don't know if I should be, considering who's sitting in front of me making the offer.
What are you talking about? Have I ever fucked you over? No, but LaGuerta just taught me there's always a first time.
Look, Quinn you fuck with the bull you get the horn.
- You understand? - Yeah.
Do you? - You got a name? - Dexter Morgan.
What the fuck kind of name is Dexter? Rainbows are an illusion - refracted light to make us think something's there when it's really not.
Is there darkness in Harrison? Or is it just my own fear being reflected back? I just know he's the one who scratched Teddy.
He was right next to him.
Did you read about what happened to his mother? That boy will never be the same.
There's nothing wrong with my son.
I'm sorry for ever thinking the worst, Harrison.
You'll always be my son.
Whatever we have to face, we'll face together, OK? Ow! Hello, ma'am.
Where you headed this afternoon? You need a cab? Welcome to Miami.