Dexter s05e09 Episode Script

Teenage Wasteland

Previously on Dexter - We are going to take it! - Take it! Cole Harmon, Chase's Chief of Security - torturer, rapist, killer.
It's time to tap into my primal self.
Why did you want to see me? I am very interested in what happened to you.
I would like to discuss your situation in-depth at another time.
Our informant, Yasmin Aragon, was shot and killed.
This is a fucking disaster! If mistakes were made, they most certainly were not mine.
I can confirm that Detective Morgan was in charge of the operation.
As of today, she's being placed on immediate suspension with pay.
It's just your word against mine.
Some people don't agree with your version of the events.
Who did you get to lie for you? It was you.
Don't you want to know about this girl shacked up with Dexter Morgan? Name - Lumen Pierce.
Shows up here in Miami one week before your boy's wife, Rita Morgan, is murdered.
You fuckin' bitch! Who are the others? The guy who held a watch up to my ear.
That's the sound of your life running out.
" It's what I tell my clients.
Tick-tick-tick? That's the sound of your life running out.
Jordan Chase is one of them.
We're gonna take down Jordan Chase? On a good day, when I run, the voices in my head get quieter until it's just me, my breath and my feet on the sand.
Pick up the pace, Dexter.
Today is not one of those days.
When I scheduled a private session with Jordan Chase, I wasn't looking for advice.
Just proof.
Evidence of exactly how he was involved in Lumen's torture, because the code requires certainty.
Faster, Dex.
I just wanted access to his office, the inner sanctum where I could find clues.
Instead, I'm stuck here, running in place.
Look, I get it.
You're frustrated.
You feel like you're not getting what you came here for.
Yeah, a bit.
Intense exercise works.
Tears down your defences, brings out your feelings.
Well, I have the feeling that I'd be more comfortable talking on a couch.
Trust me, this is the way to build a new you.
At the seminar, we went over how tragedy fractures us, right? Yeah.
We're like Humpty Dumpty and the big fall.
What I'm telling you now is trauma is also opportunity.
Tragedy tears us apart, sure.
But it's your one chance to recreate yourself.
You get to put yourself back together again any way you want.
- OK.
- Don't be sceptical.
I know it for a fact.
How? What happened to you? You didn't come here to talk about me.
Something big must have happened if it inspired your entire philosophy.
OK, I'll tell you where it started, if you promise to keep it between us.
- Plato.
- What? The notion of a fractured self.
It's from Plato's Symposium.
You ever read it? Maybe in college.
But you don't remember it, right? Most people don't.
But for me, it was a revelation.
It was exactly what I needed at the time.
So I took it.
I took Plato's idea that we are fractured creatures, trying to become whole, and I ran with it.
Boom, a million copies sold.
So now you know my secret.
You ready to tell me yours? Over your dead body.
An hour on the treadmill, and I came up empty.
Not a clue.
Only upside is I got in my cardio for the day.
Jordan is one tough nut to crack.
You're one tough nut to crack, you know that, Dexter? I wish he'd stop doing that.
We ran for an hour.
You didn't give up anything.
I know you're in killer shape, but you can't outrun me forever.
You have to give me something to work with.
Otherwise how can I help you? Maybe you can't.
Or maybe you can.
Is that blood? No pressure.
It can take several meetings for us to have a real breakthrough.
But I do need your commitment.
I need to get my hands on that vial.
Otherwise, we're just wasting our time.
I really think I can help you, though.
I think so too.
When can I get in to see you again? Check with my receptionist on the way out, I think I may have an opening tomorrow morning.
Well, that was lucky.
He doesn't have anything else for the next two weeks.
- Perfect.
- See you tomorrow.
I didn't notice you last time.
You new here? Just started three days ago.
I don't remember so much security either.
Mr Chase says he's beefing things up.
That's no surprise.
Lumen and I have been knocking off his friends one by one.
How many security guards? I don't know.
Maybe a dozen.
But you think that you can still get to the blood necklace thing, right? Yeah.
While Jordan's in the shower.
- Won't he notice if it's missing? - No, I'm not gonna swipe it.
I'm just gonna extract a sample.
I'll run it for DNA, hopefully get an ID.
Run it for DNA.
God, I love that you can do that.
So whose blood do you think it is? If it is blood.
Most likely a victim.
Whatever it is, it's important to him.
He's wearing it around his neck.
It's definitely some kind of trophy.
Are you there? - Oh, my God.
- What? What is it? There's someone at the kitchen door.
They're trying to get in.
Go out the front door.
I'll be there in a few minutes.
Dexter, there's someone there too.
- Hide.
- Where? In the bathroom.
I'll get there as fast as I can.
What's happening? - They're inside.
- What? They're coming! Put the phone down.
Leave the line open.
- Jesus! - Who the fuck are you? Who the fuck are you? Who the fuck is she? You wanna try that again, Astor? - Who is she? - Her name is Lumen.
I mean who is she? Why is she here? She's renting the house.
- You said the house was empty.
- Thought it was.
How was I supposed to know he got a girlfriend so fast? First of all, she's not my girlfriend.
She's a tenant, like I said.
Second of all, who are you? I'm Olivia.
I live near her grandparents.
- Anyone wanna tell me how you got here? - Taxi.
It's 215 miles.
From a bus station.
- Where'd you get the liquor? - Does it matter? Yeah, I'd say so.
You're 12.
You said you were 14! Thanks a lot.
If you really wanna know, we stole it from my house.
That's reassuring.
I think I need to sit down.
Do your parents know where you are? My mom thinks I'm at Astor's.
And let me guess, your grandparents think you're at Olivia's.
Don't call 'em.
At least not until tomorrow.
They should really stay the night and sober up.
Then I'll stay too.
With her? Oh I think I'm gonna Here.
Come with me.
I'll get you to bed, OK? Quite a situation we have here.
Unless you have advice on dealing with teenage girls, I don't want to hear it.
My advice? Get Astor out of here.
Tomorrow morning you're collecting evidence on a violent murderer you plan to kill.
You really want a hung-over preteen in the middle of that? - She came here.
- Drunk! I can't just turn her away.
Dexter, there's a reason serial killers don't have children.
You can't be killer and dad.
Haven't you learned anything? Her mother is dead because of you.
Which is why I need to make things right and be a good father.
A good father would get those girls as far away as possible.
Harrison's still at the apartment with Sonya.
I'm gonna go get him, bring him back here.
You're gonna break something.
You relax.
You're not about to have the worst meeting of your career.
It's a union rep.
He's on your side.
You know, just be professional and don't freak out until you actually know what's gonna happen.
I know what's gonna happen.
I'm gonna get fired.
No, you're not.
Even LaGuerta said this isn't gonna stick.
- I'm supposed to trust her? - No.
But you can trust me.
Everything's gonna be OK.
You know why? Cos you're gonna get your job back.
You got everyone at the station on your side and you got a boyfriend who loves you.
Seriously? You're gonna drop that on me now? It's just an expression.
It slipped out.
- I gotta go.
- Fine.
Forget I said it.
- What? - Good morning to you, too, sunshine.
- You alone? - Yeah.
What's up? Your pecker.
Soon as you take a look at these snaps I took of your boy Dexter Morgan and his gal pal on some kind of middle-of-the-night boat run.
- Wanna meet for a beer? - It's 7am.
Beer is good anytime.
- Yeah.
I gotta work.
- Then I'll come to you.
What'd I just say? I can't now! I'll call you later.
You sure you wanna keep your appointment with Jordan? Well, I need to.
There's not gonna be another chance to get the blood.
Besides, it's something I actually know how to do.
You were a teenage girl, right? How do I deal with Astor? Try talking to her.
Last time I did that, she said she hated me and moved to Orlando.
Well, now you get a second chance.
Share something with her What you did when you were her age.
I killed the neighbour's dog.
Well, don't tell her that.
- Seriously, what do I do? - Just cut her some slack.
All kids that age make mistakes.
Trust me, the hangover will be punishment enough.
Is that your brother? Harrison.
He doesn't even recognise me.
Well you didn't look like a raccoon last time he saw you.
It's hangover food, it'll soak up the alcohol.
Talk to her.
Share something.
So I need to go to a meeting in a few minutes.
But I was hoping after that we could spend the day together, cos we really should talk.
So is that OK? Can Harrison come? Sure.
I'll call the baby-sitter, tell her there's a change of plans.
I have no idea why he said that.
I barely know him.
Stop lying, OK? I'm not stupid.
She's not your mama.
- Your mama's dead.
- Astor.
I'll tell you this - if you were the one who died, I really doubt my mom would have brought in a tenant so fast.
- I should go.
- I know.
It'll only be a couple hours.
I can handle it.
My family is pretty weird too.
How'd it go with the union suit? They're sticking me in the file room.
Till after my hearing.
You're not fired.
It's good news.
Yeah, it's great.
Except everybody still thinks I'm responsible for that girl dying and all those kids getting wounded in that nightclub.
For the record, my report backed your story 100 per cent.
Not that it mattered.
The brass backed my wife.
Matters to me.
Thank you.
Anybody needs a real fucking detective, I'll be in the file room.
Detective Scapegoat reporting for duty.
They said you'd be joining me.
Come on.
I can get you started.
Right over here.
So how's it going with that man of yours? This morning, out of the blue, he - told me he loved me.
- Oh! - You say it back? - No.
I ran.
What? What's the problem? You don't feel the same way? No, the problem is that - I'm afraid I might.
- Oh.
What is this, the barrel girls case? - File it under creepy? - Under closed cases.
Not read, honey.
That's what I get paid to do, and for the next few weeks, so do you.
- Good session.
- Another hour of running in place.
You seem more open.
You feel the difference? Yeah.
I feel like I might take away something valuable this time.
Well, I got to tell you.
I still feel like you're not being completely honest with me.
Really? About what? About what you really want.
What I really want Just a drop.
A 30-gauge needle should slide right in undetected.
He won't even notice it's missing.
What do you mean? What you want out of life.
Whatever it is, you have to tell me so that I can help you construct a plan to get there.
I have a plan to get there.
Lumen and I follow this blood trail.
We take you out.
Believe it or not, you're helping me already.
I hope so.
I really do.
Each of us deep down, we know what we really want.
It's just a matter of actually doing it.
I gotta get back to work.
New evidence to process.
But, uh, thanks again for everything.
So when's our next appointment? I'll check with the receptionist.
What did I tell you? You're supposed to be filing things away, not makin' a mess.
Wait, wait.
I was reading that.
- Yeah, that's the problem.
- Just give me one more second.
Holy shit! Look at this.
- What am I lookin' at? - DNA results.
Multiple DNA results.
- The barrel girls case? - Mm-hm.
We pinned this on one guy and Iooks like there are multiple perps.
I'm just gonna Tell me what you see.
DNA sequencing report, partial sequences on three, maybe four perps? What case is this? - Barrel girls.
- Didn't we - Didn't we pin this on one guy? - Yes.
Boyd Fowler.
But the coroner found trace DNA on the girls that wasn't Boyd's.
There were partial sequences from multiple people.
It's all in the file.
Why am I only hearing about this now? Because by the time the final coroner report came through, we'd already closed the case.
The only reason I came across this was because I was filing it all away.
This is Cole Harmon, our original suspect.
Jordan Chase's security guy.
We let him go.
We got DNA samples on him.
Tell me what you see.
There are enough common markers that Cole Harmon is looking pretty good for the barrel girls' murders.
At the very least, he can't be excluded.
What are you saying, that Cole and Boyd did this together? Yeah.
With maybe three or four others.
We gotta reopen this case.
I know.
But I can't tell LaGuerta.
I'm supposed to be on file clerk duty.
I I'm not tellin' her.
This case was solved.
If I ask her to reopen it, I may as well put my balls in a vice.
And not in a hot way either.
Well, that just leaves me.
You're late.
Tough morning.
Astor showed up on my doorstep last night, drunk with a friend.
How old's the friend? Just kidding.
What's that? Blood sample? Yes.
It's a blood sample.
Top secret, huh? I get it.
So what is it? Blood alcohol for Astor? She vomited all over the floor.
Further testing is kind of unnecessary.
- STD panel? - Vince, she's 12.
I meant for you.
It's a homicide victim I'm supposed to have processed already.
I made a mistake, forgot to submit it, OK? Morgan.
Dexter, the girls are gone.
- Gone where? - I don't know.
But they're missing.
They felt terrible, and we didn't have any Advil in the house, so I took Harrison to the store.
- You left them alone? - I was trying to be nice.
When I got back, they were gone.
- Maybe they went for a walk.
- I don't think so.
The back door is wide open, and their cellphones are still here.
Dexter, what 14-year-old girl willingly leaves her cellphone behind? - Don't move.
I'll be right there.
- I'm so sorry.
- What's going on? - I went to the neighbour's house - to see if he saw anything.
- What? Hey.
So I saw some guy near the house.
Uh, light hair, average build, mid-30s.
Like Cole and Boyd and Dan.
Oh, he had a white panel van.
And it was weird enough I checked out the plate.
N4B something.
- Why didn't you stop him? - I didn't know the girls were in the house.
I didn't even know you had a tenant.
Just thought he was a painter or something.
Which is why you thought to check the licence plate? Well, no, that's just habit from neighbourhood watch.
- Thanks.
- Yeah.
- What are you doing? - Looking for signs of a break-in.
An abduction, that's what we're thinking here, right? Yeah.
But it doesn't make any sense.
It does if someone came looking for us.
Like one of Jordan's guys.
There's a reason you were worried last night when you heard noises in the house.
But I overreacted.
It was nothing.
Only this time there was someone lurking around the house.
I shouldn't have stolen that blood sample.
Not with the girls here.
We need to call the cops.
They'll just start asking questions.
And if it does have to do with Jordan, they'll probably trace it all back to us.
- Metro.
- This is Dexter Morgan from Homicide.
I'd like to report a probable child abduction.
It's a white panel van.
I have a partial plate.
We've issued a blanket APB on the van.
NCIC has started a file on the girls.
Until we get them back safely, Detective Linker will be our liaison to missing persons.
- Did you call Olivia's parents? - I tried.
I couldn't get ahold of them.
- What about Astor's grandparents? - They hadn't heard from her.
I didn't tell them she was missing, though.
Didn't want to worry them yet.
Most missing children are abducted by someone the parents know.
- Is there anyone you can think of? - No.
You sure? No one new? Where were you, anyway, when they were taken? I can't lie about this.
Not with Astor's life on the line.
I was with Jordan Chase.
He offered me some private sessions to help deal with Rita's death.
What? A lot of fucked up people circling that guy, Dex.
A lot? Who? Besides Boyd Fowler.
Well, his head of security for one.
I thought we cleared him.
- May have been premature.
- OK what's going on? The barrel girls case might not be as closed as we thought.
Can we just find the van? - Don't move! - Show me your hands! - Whoa, whoa, what's going on? - On your knees! Hands on your head now! Yeah, right there.
- Who is he? - Name's Barry Kurt.
No priors.
They found him at a gas station on Coral.
- Where's Astor? - Hey easy! If you hurt her, I'll kill you.
- I'll kill you.
You understand me? - Get your hands off of me.
He's looking for the girls.
Just like you.
- He's what? - I'm Olivia's father.
Sort of, anyway.
I live with her mom.
I'm Astor's stepfather, Dexter Morgan.
You should try to calm down.
He thought something happened to his daughter.
Something is gonna happen to them when I find them.
Olivia broke into our liquor cabinet, stole money from her mother, and took off.
We've got GPS tracking on her mobile phone.
I followed it to your house, but they weren't there.
I figured I'd gas up the van and go back.
Next thing I know, I'm on my knees in cuffs, like some loser on Cops.
- So where are they? - Probably causing trouble somewhere.
Ever since Astor moved down the block, Olivia's been nothing but a pain in the ass.
Is he always this violent? They found the girls at Bayside.
They're holding them for shoplifting.
Astor? Thank God.
We had the whole department looking for you.
We were so worried.
You have no idea what you put us through today.
I'm sorry.
What were you even thinking, running off like that? - Shoplifting? That figures.
- We didn't steal anything.
I swear.
I just tried on a ring and forgot about it.
It was a mistake.
I gave it back.
I'm Detective Debra Morgan from Miami Metro Homicide.
Mind if I take it from here? Just make sure I don't see these two again.
- Come on, we're going home.
- No! - Now.
- My stuff's at Astor's.
I need to go with her.
- You need to come with me.
- I don't want to.
Tell you what.
Their stuff is at my house.
Why don't I take them there, get them packed.
We'll meet you in an hour.
You're gonna need to get your van out of Impound anyway.
Which you're paying for, by the way.
We'll meet you at the roadside café.
It's right near Impound.
They can make you homicidal.
I know what you mean.
- You wanted to see me? - Yeah.
You wanna tell me what's going on with you and Detective Morgan? Nothing.
What do you mean? Obviously you've been talking about the barrel girls case.
We found some new evidence.
- You and Detective Morgan.
- She did.
In the file room.
I was going to tell you.
- What? - You really don't see what's going on? I send her to the file room with one assignment - file.
And then she magically finds evidence to reopen a case she knows I personally closed.
Maria it's DNA.
It's not like she made it up.
She's trying to get back at me.
We pinned this on Boyd Fowler.
I had five detectives tell me he's the one.
And now I am telling you that it's more complicated.
- You need to reopen the case.
- I disagree.
Changing five names on the murder board from black to red isn't gonna help this department.
The department? Or you? What happened? Uh, they were at Bayside.
- Oh.
Thank God.
- Shoplifting.
You gonna introduce us? That's the one I was telling you about.
His new girlfriend.
She's my tenant.
Lumen, this is my sister Debra.
Deb, Lumen.
- I didn't know he had a tenant.
- Didn't know he had a sister.
I'm gonna go check on the girls.
Seriously? - That's your tenant? - Yes.
Where's all her stuff? She hasn't really moved in yet.
But you know her well enough to trust her with your son.
It was an emergency.
I thought the girls had been taken.
Why are you keeping her a secret? I'm not.
Really? Cos at the station we asked you who you were spending your time with.
You didn't think to mention the hot blonde that's living in your house? Didn't seem like it mattered.
Obviously, she didn't take the girls.
That's not the point.
I'm not judging you.
Believe me, I understand rebound as much as anybody.
- But don't you think it's a little soon? - I'm not on any rebound.
Come on.
She's your tenant? - Really? - There's nothing going on.
I give up.
I gotta get back to the station.
Deb knows about my partner in crime.
The whole station knows I'm seeing Jordan Chase.
This is not my day.
Astor! Just stay cool.
No matter what.
You want to tell me what's going on with you? No.
Cos nothing is going on with me.
Something is.
You're drinking, shoplifting.
I already told you, we didn't steal anything.
And it wasn't me anyway.
You want to tell me why Barry thinks you're the bad influence here? - Cos he's an asshole.
- Stop.
This is not a good path you're headed down here.
Look, just tell me what's wrong, OK? I'm actually a good listener.
You want to know what's wrong? My mom got murdered, and you move her into our house and tell me she's your tenant? She is.
She's more.
I can fucking tell.
Astor, you cannot talk to me that way.
I thought you said you were this great listener.
I don't want to talk about this any more.
Then we'll just sit here till you do.
- You ready to go home? - Not really.
You know I ran away once, too.
I ditched out on my own wedding.
I didn't run away.
Who did that to you? The bruises on your stomach.
You don't know what you're talking about.
Actually I really do.
I think we have a problem.
Yeah, I'm in a battle of wills with my drunk, shoplifting teenage stepdaughter, and she's going to win.
Olivia has bruises all over her stomach and back.
Someone's been hurting her.
She told you? No, I saw.
Wait, you knew about this? - Don't be mad.
- I'm not mad.
I'm just I'm I don't know what I am.
I'll be with Olivia.
Promise you won't say anything? I don't want him to hurt her more.
Who? Barry.
Who do you think? He is an asshole.
Does her mom know? He only hits her in places that don't show.
He gets all crazy over nothing.
He doesn't like her hair, she's two minutes late.
I thought she'd be safe here, but then there's Lumen, and Barry showed up, and we just ran.
- Why didn't you tell me? - Cos I didn't think you'd care.
Of course I care.
Even when we all lived here, you were so busy out doing stuff all the time.
Olivia's my friend.
My only friend since Mom died.
I wanted to help her, and I didn't know what to do.
You did know what to do.
You came home.
I'm gonna take care of this.
OK? Everything OK with Astor? Nothing turning 20 won't fix.
What'd LaGuerta say? She's not gonna reopen the case.
She thinks that you have some kind of vendetta against her.
- That's fucking ridiculous.
- Give her a day to cool off.
We'll try again tomorrow.
You're not gonna reopen the case? Are you serious? Come right in, Detective.
There are at least five dead girls in barrels.
And now there's DNA evidence saying that some of the people that are responsible are still out there.
And you think that's about me trying to get back at you? Did you even read the file? - There's fucking proof.
- Just watch your tone.
You know you throwing me under the bus for the Fuentes brothers, using your husband as a chess piece, putting Quinn on bogus vacation days so that I don't have a fucking partner? If that's all just some game to you, I'll try to understand it.
But those girls are dead.
Don't you want to make sure that that doesn't happen again? I mean, what the fuck are we doing here? Enough! - OK.
- OK what? I'm reopening the case.
But you need to hear me, because you have no idea what you're talking about.
I made the Fuentes situation go away.
I was trying to help Batista.
As far as Quinn goes, he wasn't on vacation.
I suspended him.
To protect your brother.
Protect him from what? You're so interested in the truth, ask Quinn.
- Hey.
- Can I talk to you? In private? Look, if this is about this morning Last month, when you told me that you were taking some vacation days, were you actually on suspension? - Why? Who told you that? - Were you? - Did LaGuerta say something? - She told me I should talk to you.
Did it have something to do with my brother? Yeah.
But it was nothing.
Then why did you lie? I was investigating Rita's murder, trying to help.
I had a lead on Kyle Butler.
I figured if we could find the person who knew Trinity, then maybe we could track down the creep who killed your sister-in-law.
LaGuerta told me to back off, leave it to the FBI.
When I didn't, she suspended me.
What was the lead? Doesn't matter.
It didn't pan out.
LaGuerta told me that she was protecting Dexter from you.
Why would she say that? You remember those composite sketches of Kyle Butler? I got this crazy idea that maybe it was your brother.
Nothing came of it, so I dropped it.
I'm an idiot, OK? Yeah, you are.
Deb, I Shit.
What's this? Where's Olivia? I just wanted to speak to you first, parent to parent.
You talked to Astor? Yeah, I did.
Honestly, I'm not sure what I should do.
I feel for you, man.
It's tough looking after somebody else's kids.
Sometimes you just gotta show 'em who's boss.
Is that what you do with Olivia, show her who's boss? What's that supposed to mean? I know about Olivia's bruises, how they're strategically placed so they won't show.
I don't know what you're talking about.
No? Let me show you? That's your solar plexus.
Right now, your diaphragm is partially paralysed, which is why you're having trouble catching your breath.
What are you, man, some kind of psycho? Not today.
Just a concerned parent.
That's your liver.
The nice thing about the liver is, if you hit it just right, you get the vagus nerve, which tentacles out to the rest of your body.
Your brain short-circuits, your body shuts down, and you feel, what's the word, terror? Which is what Olivia felt every time you hit her there just so the bruises wouldn't show.
I want you to listen to me carefully.
Listen to me carefully, because this is what you're gonna do.
You're gonna call Olivia's mother.
You're gonna tell her you're sick of her fat ass, you can't stand to look at it any more.
And you're gonna make her believe it, because if you don't, she may take you back one day and let you near her kid or mine.
And I can't let that happen.
You're not even gonna swing by to pick up your stuff.
You're just gonna leave.
Tomorrow when I drop Olivia off, you will be gone.
If you ever come back, believe me, I won't go so easy next time.
By the way, that's your kidney.
- I can't believe it.
- I don't want to hear it, OK? "This isn't your business, Dexter.
Don't get involved, Dexter.
"You put too much at risk, Dexter.
" That's not what I was gonna say.
I'm proud of you.
You are? You protected Astor, put yourself out there for another person.
I had no idea you had that in you.
I underestimated you.
Assumed you were a monster when you were capable of so much more.
If only I'd seen that, maybe I wouldn't have led you down this path.
- Deb? - Hi, honey.
Get the fuck out of my apartment.
I brought you a present.
Don't you want to see what it is? Your boy Dexter Morgan and his lady friend on his boat at 3:00am in the morning, and they are not fucking.
- What's in the bags? - Something heavy.
I'm thinking narcotics, maybe a body.
- Are you crazy? - Yeah, but that's beside the point.
Point is that when they came back, those bags were gone.
So whatever they're hiding, it's something big.
This was a bad idea.
Consider this your severance package.
We're done.
Really? What? You think you can just pay me off like I'm the corner whore? I'm just saying, it's time to stop.
And I'm sayin' bullshit.
If this thing is as big as I think it is, LaGuerta and all them other douchebags in Homicide are gonna be kissing my ass.
Back off, Liddy.
I mean it.
I told you, don't fuck with me.
You know, I just think I may call up that sister.
Give her a ring, see if she wants to get together, have a drink, maybe talk about the brother.
What do you say? Stay the fuck away from me! And stay the fuck away from Deb! So you really did change your mind.
I read the report.
Thank you.
Does this mean Stop sleeping on the couch.
We still got a long way to go between the couch and the bedroom, Maria.
So, what, now you're not even talking to me? Deb, look, I had an idiot theory and I dropped it.
Yeah, because LaGuerta suspended you.
No, because I was wrong.
Look, what I said yesterday is true.
I love you, and I'm not taking it back.
You don't even know what that means.
It means I'd never do anything to hurt you.
I trusted you.
And while you were fucking me, you were spreading shit about my brother behind my back.
You think that's not hurting me? Fuck you.
- You want us to come inside with you? - No, I'll be OK.
I could barely understand my mom on the phone with all the crying, but she actually said Barry did her a favour leaving.
He definitely did me a favour.
He told her she has a fat ass.
He is not coming back.
Thank you.
Call you later.
Are you gonna tell Grandma and Grandpa? About you getting drunk in Miami and shoplifting? Nah, that's up to you.
We all have our secrets, right? Thanks.
But if it ever happens again It won't.
- And if Barry ever shows up - I'll tell you, I promise.
- I'm proud of you.
- You are? Yeah.
You put yourself out there for another person.
I want you to know something.
If Lumen's your girlfriend, I want you to tell me.
- But she's not.
- She's not just your tenant, though.
She's a friend who's been through some really really bad stuff.
I'm helping her deal with it.
Does it make you feel better? - What do you mean? - About Mom.
Being there for Lumen, does it make you feel better about what happened to Mom? I love you.
You know that? You should come in, say hi to Cody.
It'll blow your cover, about Miami.
This is Mama? Mama.
OK, bud.
Jordan Chase told me to figure out what I want most.
The answer is simple - to be a good dad.
But now that Astor's safe, what I want most is Jordan on my table.
I need to get an ID on that blood.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- How was Orlando? - Uh, it was pleasantly uneventful.
Astor's back with her grandparents, - Cody grew about a foot.
- Oh.
Glad to hear it.
Your blood results are in, by the way.
So, did you get back an ID on your homicide victim? No.
- Then what's that? - She's not a victim.
She's alive, boozing it up in Coral Gables.
Two DUls in three years.
I guess I messed up.
If she's not a victim, then who is she? No worries.
When you mess up, it makes me feel better about me.
- Dexter? - No, it's Jordan Chase.
But I'm looking for Dexter.
Is he there? He He's not available right now.
Can I leave a message? Uh-huh.
Tell him I'm just checking in, and I'd like him to schedule another appointment as soon as possible.
I will.
Hang on a second.
Tell Dexter one more thing.
- OK.
- Tell him time is of the essence.
That's the sound of his life running out.
Could you be sure to tell him that? Take care, Lumen.