Dexter s05e10 Episode Script

In the Beginning

Previously on Dexter I need to get my hands on that vial.
I'm just gonna extract a sample.
I'll run it for DNA.
Hopefully get an ID.
So, whose blood do you think it is? - Your blood results are in.
- Emily Birch.
She's not a victim.
She's alive.
Boozing it up in Coral Gables.
The Barrel Girls case, there are partial sequences from multiple people.
- Cole and Boyd did this together? - With maybe three or four others.
As far as Quinn goes, he wasn't on vacation.
I suspended him.
To protect your brother.
I trusted you.
And while you were fucking me, you were spreading shit about my brother behind my back.
Fuck you.
Cole as a teenager.
Your boy Dexter Morgan and his girlfriend on his boat at 3:00am.
- What's in the bags? - Something heavy.
I'm thinking narcotics.
Maybe a body.
It's time to stop.
Stay the fuck away from Deb! Dexter? No, it's Jordan Chase.
Can I leave a message? Tick-tick-tick.
That's the sound of his life running out.
Take care, Lumen.
They say that history repeats itself, but I will never put my family in danger again.
Now that Jordan Chase knows Lumen and I are onto him, I need to plan for the worst.
Yeah, I think that's the last of it.
I put the grandparents' address in the navigational system.
And I have the print-out you gave me.
And Harrison is going to have such a good time with his big sister and big brother in Orlando.
I'm getting Harrison out of Miami and Lumen out of that house.
I haven't been apart from him since Rita died.
Nothing is going to happen to Harrison.
Love you.
Call me as soon as you get there.
- Bye-bye.
- Bye, Dexter.
Come on.
We'll be safe here.
Jordan doesn't know about this place.
He thinks we're at the house.
What the fuck are you up to now? We can't wait any more.
We need to take out Jordan.
That might be difficult.
He's surrounded at all times by four bodyguards, except when he's on stage in front of 200 people.
- I think we should start with the others.
- We don't even know who they are.
But she can help us.
Is that her? The one whose blood Jordan wears around his neck? Yeah.
Emily Birch.
She looks like me and the girls in the barrels.
But older.
She's the same age as Jordan, and Cole and Boyd.
I think she was the first victim.
How is she still alive? I don't know.
I hope she can tell us.
- We're gonna talk to her today? - I'll come back at lunchtime.
We'll go then.
Stay inside.
Don't open the door.
- I won't.
- To anyone.
OK, by now you're all aware that new evidence has been found in the Barrel Girls case, which this department is again pursuing as a top priority.
Our initial conclusion that Boyd Fowler was solely responsible for these crimes was wrong.
It now appears that he had help.
And the day began with such promise.
Vince, can you take us through the DNA? New evidence "has been found"? Like, maybe the evidence discovered itself.
I'm just glad to be back.
It beats the fucking file room.
DNA reports from the Coroner's Office point to multiple perps.
- Do we have any names? - No.
What we have are partial sequences from very seriously degraded DNA.
But the evidence confirms what we knew about Boyd Fowler.
And it also points with a high probability to Cole Harmon, Jordan Chase's head of security.
As you know, Cole Harmon was our original suspect in the case.
Until I pointed them toward Boyd Fowler.
He is now our main target again.
A target you'll never hit.
He's already buried at sea.
- Morgan.
- Yeah.
Take Quinn and bring in Cole Harmon.
Start at his office.
In the meantime, I'm getting search warrants for his house.
- You should have them within the hour.
- Fuck yeah.
That's it.
Hey, congrats.
Looks like your filing days are over.
Yeah, at least until LaGuerta's mood changes.
So, you got Morgan back.
Thanks for that.
- It's what you wanted.
- She earned it.
- So - I'll keep you posted on the case.
- May I help you? - Miami Metro Homicide.
We're looking for Cole Harmon.
Mr Harmon hasn't worked here in more than two weeks.
What? You should probably talk to Mr Chase.
Are you fucking kidding me? Your head of security disappears and you don't think it's worth reporting? It seemed like an internal matter.
Cole Harmon is wanted for the rape and murder of at least five women.
Hold on a second.
Detective Batista told me and Mr Harmon that you'd made a mistake, that some animal pickup officer was your sole suspect.
He's not any more.
- And I was supposed to divine that? - Do you know where he is or not? Detective Morgan, I don't know where this aggression is coming from or why it's directed at me, but a word of caution.
Aggression can be a powerful motivator, but it can also cloud your percep Save your bullshit for your seminars and answer my question.
I have no idea where Cole is.
He told me he needed some personal time.
Your head of security says he needs some time off and you just say OK? I have been nothing but cooperative with your department.
But that was predicated on a certain amount of discretion on your part, and respect.
Now you barge into my place of business, hurling insinuations.
No one is insinuating anything.
Look, if you hear from Cole, give us a call, OK? From now on, any contact between us will be through my attorney.
He'll be hearing from us.
Is there some reason you needed to antagonise him like that? Yes.
Girls are being raped, tortured and stuffed into barrels.
Two rapist killers are directly connected to him.
What are the odds he knows absolutely nothing about it? - Small.
- Yes.
Small, Quinn.
That was my point.
I understand that.
I'm on your side, OK? The search warrants have probably come through.
Let's go fuck up Cole Harmon's living room.
- Emily Birch? - Yes.
Who are you? We're trying to track down some information on Jordan Chase.
The Jordan Chase? We understand that you know him.
Do I look like the kind of person that knows Jordan Chase? Well, he knows who you are.
How? Do you mind if I show you a photo? - I think you need to go.
- Maybe you know some of these people.
- No.
- Could you at least just look at it? I told you.
I don't know who any of those people are and I want you to go.
Emily That went well.
Did you see how she reacted to that photo? She definitely knows who they are.
You'd think she'd want to talk to us.
I don't know.
Security bars, DUIs.
She's got a lot of defences in place.
There's got to be a way to get her to give us those names.
Deb needs me on a search warrant at Cole Harmon's house.
I'll drop you back at the apartment first.
- I don't see any blood.
- You think we'd call you here for nothing? Kid gloves, OK? That's gonna tell us which scumbag friends he's been talking to.
Unless there's such a thing as red mould, this sure as shit looks like blood.
Cole Harmon's blood.
Left there when Lumen hit him to save me.
- It's definitely blood.
- Blood that's been cleaned up.
You don't miss a thing.
There's something fucked up about this whole situation.
Cole's car is still in the driveway.
It's not like he got up and ran.
It's like he disappeared, or he got disappeared.
Rush that blood work.
I want to know if it's Cole's and if someone did a number on him.
Deb, you got to take a look at this.
Come on! DVDs.
They were in that lockbox.
No! No! They videotaped themselves torturing these women.
Lumen was the last victim.
That would make her number 13.
Turn it off.
Despite having considered myself a monster for as long as I can remember, it still comes as a shock when I'm confronted with the depth of evil that exists in this world.
Did the blood work go out? - An hour ago.
- And? Deb, the results won't come back for at least a day.
Oh, fuck.
But you'll let me know? Right.
I need to take a breath, you know? Whew.
It's hard.
There is some seriously fucked-up shit in there.
And if Debra gets eyes on Lumen's DVD, she'll know everything.
It will all unravel.
Deb, Cole Harmon's emails and phone records are up.
- You want to go through them? - Fuck yes.
Let's see who he's been talking to.
No, no, no, no.
Chain of custody, chain of custody.
Your sister's new mantra.
Last time someone came in here, she nearly killed me, which, frankly, would be better than going through another one of these DVDs.
Each one, same creepy place, same creepy shit.
Notice anything about them? They all look like Lumen.
No, not really.
Well, they could be sisters.
All 13 of them.
- Which is weird.
I mean, 13.
- Why? You were at Boyd Fowler's house when we went through it, right? Yep.
Remember those locks of hair? There were 12.
So, there should be 12 victims.
- But there are 13 discs.
- Huh.
He's nearly there.
Yeah, that is weird.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, Dex! Whoa! Back, back, back! - Dude! - Sorry.
You've got to be more careful, man! This is all we got to nail these fucking assholes.
I know.
I'm sorry.
I'll just I'll leave.
I've been trying to get a handle on this Emily Birch and there's nothing.
She graduates high school in 1992 and then it's just a big blank.
Except for those DUIs that you found.
What? They found this in the search at Cole's.
The men who hurt you, they made DVDs of everything they did.
- Did everyone watch it? - No.
I managed to get it out of evidence in time.
Did you Did you watch it? Only enough to make sure I had the right one.
Are you sure you want to keep it? Number 13.
That's what I was to them.
It must've been hard for you to get that.
I know that you risk your life every day that you're with me.
You've been my only way through this.
Well, I guess we both met each other at the right time.
No! No! No! No! No! Let me out of here! No! No! No! No! No! Let me go! Yeah! - No! - Yes! Get me out of here! No! No! No! The DVDs.
Lumen watching at home.
Deb watching here.
Both wanting some sort of resolution.
But I can only help one.
Watching these DVDs, watching it actually happen, is worse than any fucking crime scene.
What these women went through, I don't know, maybe it's a fucking blessing that they're dead.
No one could go through something like this and have a life again.
People may be stronger than you think.
Believe me, on this one, you're wrong.
There's no coming back from something like this.
- Where's 13? - Disc 13, it was damaged.
I was actually grateful I didn't have to watch another one of these.
Have you been here all night? Yeah.
And I think it was worth it cos I think I'm starting to figure it out.
I went through Cole Harmon's contacts.
And do you remember that weird plastic-wrap murder a few weeks back? Those two guys at the warehouse.
Yeah, one of them was a dentist.
A kids' dentist.
Dan Mendell.
Well, it turns out he and Cole are buddies.
They fucking poke each other on Facebook.
And you see that ring on the DVD? It matches photos taken at the warehouse crime scene.
So, I think he's one of these guys.
So, Dan the dentist is dead.
He was shot to death.
Looks like somebody attacked Cole Harmon in his house.
And Boyd Fowler's disappeared.
This is a group of guys that like to get together and they like to do this for fun.
So, what else do they have in common? They're all missing.
But they're not on the run, I can tell you that.
Not one of them bought a plane ticket, or emptied their bank account or used a fucking credit card.
- Someone is taking these guys out.
- Who? Well, at first I thought they were turning on each other.
Then I thought, "That doesn't make sense.
Why would they do that after all this time?" So, I started asking myself, "Who would want to take these guys out?" And you know the first person that came to mind? Me.
You? Someone who knows what these cocksuckers have been up to and wants to give them what they deserve.
So, what are you saying? There's a vigilante out there? Yeah, I think that's what I'm saying.
This is what happened to me.
No! No! Let me out of here! No! Is it also what happened to you? No! Let me go! There were 13 of us after you.
I didn't know.
I didn't know there was anybody else until you knocked on my door.
I'm the only one who survived.
Oh, my God.
Emily, I need you to tell me what happened to you.
Can you do that? It was almost 20 years ago during the summer at camp.
I was a CIT, counsellor in training, a year older than them.
They were just like everybody else.
Except Jordan.
Only, he wasn't called Jordan then.
He was Eugene Greer.
That's Jordan Chase? When he was Eugene Greer.
I felt sorry for him.
Became his friend, you know? We would take these walks, and one day we were walking and I blacked out.
He must have drugged me or something.
They drugged me too.
I woke up in a cabin.
My clothes were off.
And I was tied to a bunk.
Eugene started in So, he attacked you.
Eugene never touched me.
But he got those guys going.
He talked them into it.
Told them to seize their desires.
And And they did.
And I was watching Gene's face.
The look that came over his face, it was just a flash.
But it's the same look he has all the time now.
And I got dressed.
And they made me take their picture.
This photo.
So, this is Cole.
And that's Dan.
And that's Boyd.
And Jordan.
Who is this one? Alex.
Alex Tilden.
He's the fifth.
Can I help you? Yeah.
You got a pen? Sure.
Just, uh, leaving a note for Joey.
I'm an old friend.
Thank you.
You're You're Harry's kid, right? - Blood guy.
- That's right.
And your sister, Detective Morgan Usually it's the boy child ends up doing the police work, not the girl.
But here you are in the geek squad.
Blood spatter suited me more.
- You like the blood, huh? - I like catching bad guys.
That's cute.
Yeah, I'll be right down.
- Got to go.
- So long Dexter.
Hey, beautiful, I got to pick up a few things for a stake-out.
It's for Detective Quinn.
You see his name there.
Let's see.
Surveillance cameras, wireless mics, and a portable wireless recorder monitor.
- Yep.
- Be right back.
- Thank you.
- Mm-hm.
So, Emily never told anyone.
She said she was afraid of her father.
He hated her friends.
He hated the way she dressed.
She was afraid he would blame her.
That's probably the reason Jordan let her live.
Listening to her talk, I could just see it.
Jordan's whole philosophy, transforming your life, blah blah blah.
It all came from destroying hers.
That moment turned Jordan into a monster.
My guess, he already was a monster.
You weren't supposed to see her alone.
You were supposed to stay in the apartment.
- I tried.
I couldn't.
- It's not safe.
You understand that, right? Did Emily name the other one in the photo? Yes.
What? I want to be the one to do this.
It's one thing to watch it.
It's another thing to actually do it.
- I know.
- It will change you.
I'm already changed.
What's the last guy's name? I'm Alex Tilden.
How can I help you? Detective Quinn.
Metro Homicide.
Homicide? OK.
What's going on? Well, we're investigating a recent series of murders.
You may have read about it.
A number of girls were killed and stored in barrels.
Yeah, I saw it on the news.
It's pretty shocking.
What does it have to do with me? Cole Harmon is a suspect in our case.
Your name turned up on a list of acquaintances.
We're talking to everyone on the list.
Ye Uh, yeah.
Well, sure.
Yeah, I know Cole.
You two talk on the phone a lot? We're in a fantasy football league together.
I was trying to get him to give up a player all season.
Have you heard from him lately? No.
- What's going on here? - Do you know any of Cole's friends? - Dan Mendell? He's a kids' dentist.
- I don't have kids.
- Do you know him? - No.
Boyd Fowler.
That name ring a bell? No.
I don't know either of those men.
You want to tell me what this is all about? Then, unless I'm in some sort of trouble, I need to get back to work.
I have a closing in 15 minutes I should prepare for.
One more name.
Jordan Chase.
Jordan Chase Jordan Chase? He's messed up in this? - Do you know him? - I never met him.
You know, I've always wanted to.
Well, if you, uh, do hear from Cole, give us a call, OK? I'll do that.
Thank you.
"If you do hear from Cole, give us a call"? Might be hard for him to get cell reception from six feet underground.
You really think a vigilante's killing off these people one by one? Anyone who knows what these guys were up to would do something pretty extreme.
Watch the tapes again.
You'll get it.
- I'm not dressed right.
- No, you're fine.
But I did get you something.
They're just like yours.
Try them on.
From now on, we have to be especially careful not to leave anything behind.
No fingerprints, no evidence.
Nothing that points back to us.
You sure we have enough time to get it all done? Yes, if we move now.
His bank closes at 7:00.
We have to be in and out of his house before he gets back.
I'm used to hunting on my own, and here we are, hunting as a pair.
Looks like Alex believes in karma.
And it's all become so natural.
- Should we take it? - No.
He'll know someone was here.
This is just a fact-finding mission.
I think we know what the facts are.
There's a way to do this.
It protects you.
It protects both of us.
One of these days, you've got to teach me how to do that.
My grandparents gave me this when I graduated from high school.
I was wearing it the night they took me.
This is mine.
Let me.
How do you choose the what do you call it, the place? The kill room.
We need someplace inconspicuous and secure.
Like this? Maybe it's true that pairs survive better in the wild.
It's not easy talking to a stranger.
But I did it anyway.
For you.
You told her everything, about what happened at the camp? It was hard, but yeah.
You told her about Alex? I told her the truth, like you said.
Even though I didn't want to.
Are you in trouble, Jordan? The girl you talked to was making waves.
But everything's fine now, thanks to you.
She was pretty, the girl.
No one could ever take your place.
You know that, right? We have a bond that no one can ever break.
You made me what I am today.
Do you know how special you are to me? Eugene Greer has arrived.
The parade's here.
Four bodyguards? That's it? Detectives, I'd like you to meet my friend and attorney, Stuart Frank.
How do you do? You've requested a DNA sample from my client.
I'd like to know why.
There was unidentified male DNA found on the Barrel Girl victims.
We want to clear Mr Chase as a suspect.
Why on earth is he even considered a suspect? Because the DNA we have identified belongs to men directly connected to your client.
Cole Harmon is your head of security.
Boyd Fowler is a devoted fan.
We found your books and tapes in his home.
That proves exactly nothing.
A million people have connections with my client.
I assume the two men you're talking about drive cars.
Are you going to start interrogating automobile CEOs? Detective Morgan, I've helped a lot of people over the years.
Many of them were broken individuals going through very difficult periods in their lives.
Is that what you call this? Someone who's going through "a very difficult period" in their life? If Mr Chase knew anything about this, he would have informed the police.
Now, unless you're working your way toward some more reasonable line of inquiry, we're done here.
No, we're not.
I want to do anything I can to help you find the people who did that.
If you want my DNA, you're welcome to it.
- Jordan.
- It's OK, Stu.
I know it's your duty to be suspicious.
But I swear, no one is more disturbed than I am that people I've helped could be responsible for something like this.
So, how does this work? It's just a cheek swab.
It won't take but a second.
- You don't have to do this.
- Dexter will help you.
Have a seat.
I was hoping we'd have a chance to speak again.
- We don't have anything to talk about.
- Oh, I beg to differ.
I think we have a lot to discuss.
After all, you are a client.
Your programme didn't work for me.
Regardless, when I see someone on a self-destructive path, I can't just stay silent.
Often, people get involved with someone who is toxic to them, unstable and dangerous.
Bad things happen.
You're just now putting your life back together after a terrible tragedy.
I implore you, don't invite another one.
For yourself or for what's left of your family.
You know, I'm glad you didn't touch any of them.
Really? Why is that? Because this DNA test will clear you and leave you all to me.
And to her.
Your time is up.
There you go.
You're done.
Thank you, Dexter.
I'm here for you.
Don't forget that.
And soon, I'll be there for you.
I appreciate it.
What else did Jordan say? That you were toxic and dangerous, and that I was on a self-destructive path.
That sounds like a threat.
He was trying to make me doubt you.
What do you think? Uh You look - I look stupid, don't I? - No, no, no.
You can tell me the truth.
You look perfect.
- Really? Look at those.
These are beautiful.
- May I? - Sure.
The other way.
Just be careful.
Oh, my goodness.
I'm thinking maybe I should leave town for a while, take some sick days, get the hell out of here.
The police could come back with more questions about Cole.
If you're suddenly gone, it might look suspicious.
Well, at least I'll fucking be alive! Alex, you need to calm down.
I've taken steps to resolve the situation.
What steps? What are you talking about? - I'm on top of it.
- No, not so far, you're not.
I am.
And I need you to trust me.
I do trust you.
You know that.
Now, listen to me.
It's very important that you keep acting like everything's normal.
You're not gonna leave town.
You're gonna maintain your regular routine, to the letter.
Do you understand? Alex? Tell me you understand what I've said.
- I understand.
- Now go home like you always do.
Have a vodka tonic.
Watch TV.
I'll call you as soon as I know more.
Everything's gonna be fine.
I promise.
Right on schedule.
Detective Morgan, please? - Morgan.
- Detective, it's Jordan Chase.
How can I help you? My lawyer doesn't know I'm making this call.
- OK.
- But those images you showed me, I haven't been able to get them out of my head.
They're very disturbing.
They are.
I just want you to know, I've always considered myself a friend of the police.
Well, uh, thank you, friend.
What What is this about? A strange call came into my office from an Alex Tilden.
Alex Tilden called you? What did he want? I didn't speak to him myself, but my secretary said that he was looking for Cole Harmon.
She said he sounded panicked, that he wanted to speak to Cole about a flight he needed to arrange.
A flight to where? That's all I know.
It's not much, I realise, but I hope it can be useful.
Thank you, Mr Chase.
Saddle up.
It looks like our fantasy footballer's leaving town.
No! No! Let me out of here! No! No! No! No! Stop! No! Let me go! Oh, my God.
Help! Who are you? What's that? What Aagh! It's for her.
- Who? - I think you know.
I mean, what's her name? Now you want to know her name? Look, you really have this all wrong.
Save it for her.
- What's the address? - Alex Tilden, 3040.
That's 3048.
Here it is.
And he's home.
I look different, don't I? Without my hands tied behind my back.
But you recognise me.
I can tell.
- I ne I never wanted to do any of it.
- Really? It wasn't It wasn't me.
It was Jordan.
It's all Jordan.
You know He has this way.
Of getting inside your head, getting you in touch with your primal nature? He made me do things I never would have done.
No, you made me do things I never would have done.
Ever! What do you people want? I can give you Jordan Chase.
- We've got Jordan Chase.
- Well, what do you want? Everybody wants something.
I mean, that's what brought us to this fucking unfortunate situation.
Am I right? I'm a banker.
I can get money, lots of it.
We can work this out.
So, tell me, what's this gonna cost? Just give me a number.
I There's a first time for everything.
A first step.
A first word.
A first kiss.
A first kill.
Somehow you know when the time is right.
Aim for the heart.
Are you OK? Yes.
We should lock down the airports in case he tries to flee.
He's not going anywhere.
Look at this.
Looks like a partial footprint.
It looks small.
Maybe a woman's.
And she was just here.
Remember at Boyd's house, that fucking hair book, it had 12 pieces in it? But there are 13 DVDs.
One of them didn't get their hair taken.
So, what are you saying exactly? Well, what if one of them escaped somehow and after everything they'd done, they've come back to get even? What if the vigilante is one of their victims? Harry tried to mould me into the image of the monster he thought I was.
He told me to flee human connection, so that became a way of life for me.
But with Lumen I'm someone different.
In her eyes I'm not a monster at all.