Dexter s06e07 Episode Script


Previously on Dexter You're not alone anymore, Dexter.
You can be yourself with me, your real, genuine self.
You can Sorry.
Jonah, why are you still here? I can't leave my mom and sister alone with him.
Everything's ready to mark the whore.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
No, please.
- Where are you taking me? - You're free.
I know it was Nick who shot you.
Tell him that I forgive him.
He's dead, which makes you a murderer.
They got no proof.
Nobody can do anything! Hey, little brother.
Miss me? I've been lost before.
After Rita died, after Lumen left.
But now I've been found.
Brian Moser, my dead brother, it's been a long time since I've seen him.
Too long.
You used to love to play.
Why the long face? Brother Sam had hoped I'd be able to forgive Nick for shooting him.
Cos you don't turn the other cheek, you slice it.
Brother Sam doesn't know you like Brother Brian does.
Admit it.
You're a little glad to see me.
- I feel - Relieved? Relieved.
Like maybe I can stop pretending.
Pretending there's any light in me.
Feel that sun.
Feels good, doesn't it? You know, we don't have to go back.
We could keep going.
It's Debra.
The one that got away.
Hey, Deb, what's up? I'll get there as soon as I can.
We'll talk about this later.
Closing the door.
Must be serious.
Very serious.
It's Trinity.
He's back.
He killed again.
- He What? - Two people.
Family members, his wife, Sally Mitchell, and his daughter Rebecca.
Witpro placed the Mitchells in the middle of Bumfuck, Nebraska, and somehow Trinity managed to track them down.
Well, not Trinity.
You killed Trinity.
What about his son, Jonah? Trinity came after him, too, but Jonah survived the attack.
How lucky.
Didn't he say what happened? According to his statement, Jonah came home from work and saw Trinity push Sally down the stairs and begin to beat her.
Jonah fought him off.
Trinity ran.
And Jonah went upstairs and found Rebecca dead in a tub.
Or Jonah killed them and is masquerading as the Trinity Killer.
And this all happened in Nebraska? Some town called Kearney.
Road trip.
Brother Sam's death is hard enough on you, I'm sure, and to top it off with this Let's go kill Jonah.
- I I'm gonna need some time.
- Whatever you need.
Take the day.
" - What? - Nothing.
I just love having you here.
Usually when you come to stay with me, there's some problem that you need help with.
I can't, for the life of me, figure out how how to turn off the predictive text on my phone.
Do you have any idea how to do that? I texted my boss that I had two tickets to jizz fest.
Well, maybe you'll get a promotion.
Well, I wouldn't hold my breath on that one.
Your boss doesn't mind you not coming in? My boss thinks I'm out tracking down an ancient manuscript from a private collector.
You sure you can't get the whole day off? Parent/teacher conferences are a bitch to reschedule.
I'll only be a few hours.
- I'm done.
- Done? With you.
With everything.
God is the one with choice, Travis.
He chose you and me.
We, however, have no say.
What about free will? Please.
Let me inside.
You see? Free will.
God's will doesn't stop just because you want to play house with your sister.
Until this little detour of yours is over, I will carry on his work.
For the both of us.
Rebecca Mitchell.
Severed femoral artery.
She bled out in minutes.
- Razor blade? - Check.
- Mirror? - Check.
Sally Mitchell.
She was pushed down the stairs, but that's not what killed her.
She suffered blunt-force traumas to the head, neck and chest.
She was bludgeoned.
Was it with a hammer? Hockey stick.
A girl dead in the bathtub, a mom pushed and bludgeoned.
Kind of an efficient little combo pack there.
Jonah's been a very good student.
But Jonah loved his mom and sister.
When has love ever kept people from killing one another? You and I both know how easy it would be to choke Becca out.
Jonah climbs in the tub behind her, cuts off her airway, opens her artery.
Now, Mommy, it's kind of genius of Jonah to bludgeon her on the staircase, why? Because the castoff pattern is consistent with Trinity's height.
Jonah stands on the highest step, and suddenly he's as tall as good old dad.
Kid has some real talent.
It's in his blood.
Son of a serial killer becomes a killer.
What are the odds? Let's go play in your room.
Cute kid.
My nephew.
Kearney, Nebraska is a mere 30 hours from Miami, FLA.
Thirty-one if you must stop along the way.
We could rent a car, take I-95 north.
Don't tell me you're having second thoughts.
What about DDK? Miami Metro could get to them first.
- They're not even close! - I don't know.
When you 86'ed Trinity, you gave Jonah the perfect alibi to get away with murder.
I know how much you hate it when people get away with murder.
Everyone, that is, except for you.
So I'm a little, what, responsible for this happening? Your life is nothing but responsibility.
Look around, Dexter.
Look at your life! Sippy cups, poopy diapers, baby monitors! You've been domesticated! You need to take this trip.
Come on, Dexter.
When was the last time you had fun? Thanks for coming over on such short notice.
No problem.
I shouldn't be gone more than four or five days.
Come in.
Timing's perfect.
The first chapter of my dissertation is due next week, and I never get anything done at home, especially when Angel's there.
It's Brother Sam, isn't it? You miss him.
I just need to get away from it all.
I'll only bug you if it's super important.
- Where you going? - I'm not sure.
Maybe down to the Keys, wherever the road takes me.
Well, have fun.
Let's get you to bed.
- I love you.
- Wow.
" Really? It's weird seeing you with a kid.
Let's go to Nebraska.
Starting your mornings off right, Georgia's Heart to Heart, Rock Hits 96.
Deb, hey, it's me.
You know, I'm gonna need more than a day to clear my head.
It's hard to concentrate.
There's a lot to digest, I guess.
I'll be back in four days, five tops.
Hope that hearing thing goes well.
Seventy percent of the murders in my district were by firearms.
What percentage of murders is by spiked collar? I created a separate category for the Doomsday Killer murders.
So that those unsolved cases don't count against your clearances? What is your division's clearance rate? Forty-two percent.
Add back in the open DDK murders, and your clearance rate drops to Twenty-nine percent, but I can explain Numbers can't hear you.
Moving on.
Six of those murders happened on your watch, before I took over.
The clearance rate is a running total.
It doesn't matter who was in the lieutenant's position.
If it doesn't fucking matter, then what was that in there? Cos it felt personal.
That was my first COMPSTAT hearing, as a captain.
So you were just as nervous as I was.
But it has to be a fuckload easier to sit there and listen to stats than it is to present them.
It is.
But as your captain, they're my stats, too, so they have to be accurate.
My numbers are lousy.
Makes me feel lousy.
That's why I like COMPSTAT.
It's just numbers.
Look, I don't know what happened between you and Quinn, but I lost a relationship because of this job, and I take great comfort in the pure objectivity of numbers.
At COMPSTAT, there's no age, no gender, no feelings.
Improve your numbers, and everything will change.
I promise you.
And if you don't catch DDK, you will crash and burn.
Hey, bro, I got your message.
I know this is a tough time for you, so take today off.
But please don't take four.
What's left of my ass just got handed to me on a paper plate at the COMPSTAT hearing.
DDK is either gonna make my career or end it.
I need your help.
She's cute.
I keep telling you no.
Go talk to her, Dexter.
I told you I don't like fucking when your mom's home.
Register's over here.
I gotta go.
Smile, Dexter.
You know, if it's any consolation, I think boundaries are good in a relationship.
Is that right? Let's do her.
I, for example, would never fuck anyone if my mom were home.
Or I should say if my adoptive mother were home.
I could never have fucked anyone if my actual mother were home, cos she was murdered in front of me when I was three.
Is that right? I don't see any mothers around here.
Do you? That was Thanks.
Wouldn't it have been more fun to kill her than fuck her? I got what I wanted.
Right through the "O".
I don't even like guns.
Faster! Let's go faster! Try different targets.
Something more familiar.
Gospel Hour is happy to welcome Pastor Bill O'Connor of Kearney's First United Methodist Church.
He will command his angels, concerning you, and they will lift you up in their hands, so that you will not strike your foot against a stone.
A twister would do this town a favour.
Stay here.
I want to talk to Jonah face-to-face.
Hello, Dexter Morgan.
After Rita Morgan died, Kyle Butler's face was all over the news as her grieving husband.
That's when we realised Kyle Butler was really Dexter Morgan.
No one connected the dots for the FBI.
We talked about it, but decided as a family that you tried to help us.
So we tried to help you.
But why did you lie about who you were? I was trying to protect my family.
I suspected your dad was the Trinity Killer.
I thought I could bring him to justice before he killed again.
I wanted to be a hero.
It was stupid, and selfish.
That's what got Rita killed.
Then my father ruined both our lives.
What happened here, Jonah? What I really think happened? This I want to hear.
My mom probably called him at some point asking for money, making it easy for him to find us.
- Did you see your father? - Yeah.
I mean, I heard him before I saw him fighting with my mom at the top of the stairs.
And I came in, and he looked at me.
Then he pushed her down the stairs like he wanted me to see.
Then he started hitting her with my hockey stick, and I grabbed it and fought him off.
He ran.
I went to my mom and Then I went upstairs, and that's when I found Becca.
What a performance.
Jonah, I'm sorry.
You're sorry? For your loss.
Yeah, well, I'm sorry for your loss, too.
Now, is that why you came all the way out here? To tell me that? I just wanted to see how you were holding up.
I'm gonna be OK.
Go back to Miami.
It's over.
I'd say the fun is just beginning.
The unis took a statement from a woman at St Joseph's.
Says she was chained up for a few days by someone called "the Professor".
Was her name Mary Ann or Ginger? No, it's Holly.
One of them kept calling the other "Professor".
But I didn't see either of them.
I was blindfolded.
There were two of them? The younger guy is the one who let me go.
I sort of could tell that he was the weaker of the two.
The younger guy said He kept calling me Holly, you're safe.
What did he call you? The whore.
They didn't touch me, except when they chained me.
And the Professor, I think, would jam his knee behind my neck and hold my head, so that I couldn't close my mouth.
And then he would pour this stuff into it.
And the younger guy kept saying that he was sorry, so sorry for doing this to me.
What'd they make you drink? It was cold and it made me puke.
It tasted like metal.
I think it was blood.
There's probably no way to get a sample of that blood, but we should run it all past Dexter.
Jamie said she was watching Harrison for a few days.
Yeah, Dex said he needed a break, so he just took off.
I get that.
Did Jamie mention where he was going? No, but it was part of a larger conversation about a date she has with Louis.
- Masuka's intern? - Yeah.
She met him at your party.
Let me get this straight.
The guy who is Masuka's tool all day long is gonna be sexing up your sister? When you get a hold of Dexter, find me.
for the Knights of Columbus Demolition Derby.
Make sure you stop by and give Doc a big hello.
Debra, Debra, Debra.
Is she really worth it, Dexter? What is it with you and her? I feel like I ran over a nail or something.
Let's pull over.
We need to find a base camp, anyway.
This looks good.
And if I can just get your signature right there.
Keep that pen if you want.
That'll be $39.
Please, and thank you.
I saw from your plates that you're from Florida.
Must be happy to get out of there.
From what I see on the news, that Miami is a real sewer.
And now, whatever the hell is going on down there.
Horses running in the streets.
- People say the world is ending.
- Crazy assholes.
So what brings you to these parts? I'm following the Oregon Trail.
Well, so partial to the great outdoors, what is it you do back in Florida? Landscaping.
Never made any sense to me.
Just hiring someone to do what nature does naturally.
This place would turn anyone into a homicidal maniac.
Can you point me to the nearest garage? I have a flat.
I can patch that for you.
- You can do that? - Yeah.
We're pretty handy here.
Unlike us city people.
Can you patch a tyre? No, I cannot.
Well, I'm happy to help.
I'll give you a good deal, too.
How about 20 bucks? - Sign me up.
- It's a deal.
Not a callous on that hand, is there? I wear gloves when I work.
About how long do you think? It shouldn't take me more than a while.
Town's not too far if you want to grab a bite.
Just follow the road.
It'll take you directly there.
I'm starving.
You're welcome.
Shortcut? Lead the way.
It's a little pot farm.
Now I see why Shady Norm wanted us to stay on the road.
Shady Norm's been a very industrious little fellow, hasn't he? Come on, let's get out of here.
Let's get lunch.
"When the whore of Babylon is revealed, "she is sitting on a scarlet coloured beast "having seven heads.
" There were some pictures of this beast in Gellar's sketch book.
I blew them up a little.
Looks like a dragon.
Yeah, on paper.
Who knows how they'll bring it to life in the next tableau? Listen to this.
"The whore, in addition to being arrayed in purple and scarlet, "will be drunk with the blood of the saints.
" That's why they had Holly drink the blood.
Drunk on the blood of the saints? Were they making her drink their blood? If they considered themselves saints, the creepy fucks.
And why'd the younger guy let her go? Who is he? Probably a former student, right? I mean, he kept referring to Gellar as "Professor".
How do we get an ID on him? Well, Gellar taught at Tallahassee for 12 years.
So if they're gonna continue, the best way for us to stop the next murder from happening is to get a name on Gellar's accomplice in a haystack of 2,400 potential suspects? Fuck just isn't enough right now.
Yeah, unless you're talking virgins.
Maybe I could be of some help.
I'll work on it.
I would kill myself, but it would add to my murder total for the month.
At least we're closer to catching him than we were this morning.
Yeah, I feel a lot better.
Where the fuck is Dexter? I promise I won't tell anyone.
Well, how do I know I can trust you? Oh, well, that kiss is a contract, you know.
- Come on.
- All right.
OK, this is rough.
And it's not even a beta version, but You totally got my brother.
Even down to the way that hat sits on his big head.
Is he like the star of your game? Well, the game is modelled on the department, so if he's the lead on a case, then he's kind of the star.
- You're really smart.
- I know.
Someone's here.
- Debra? - Hi.
Where's Dexter? On a trip.
Where did he go? I don't know.
The Keys? His boat is still docked at the marina.
Well, maybe he took his car.
- Have you tried calling him? - About a thousand times.
But not from here.
If you could go somewhere else, where would it be? I've never been to Portland.
That's a little predictable, isn't it? Isn't that where all serial killers go? Home, sweet home.
Don't answer that, Dexter.
Jamie? What's wrong? Where in fucktopia are you? Deb.
Did you get my messages? What's that sound? I can barely hear you.
The reception's terrible.
We had a breakthrough on the DDK case.
- Deb, I gotta go.
- You know, you could have asked me before you just took off.
You offered me some time off.
I meant the afternoon, not five fucking days to go wherever it is that you are! Where are you? It's, I don't know, personal.
I'm your sister.
Then tell my lieutenant that I'll be back as soon as I can.
I'm sorry, you're breaking up.
We don't have much time.
We gotta do Jonah's now.
Let's go.
There it is.
1965 Walnut Street.
Home of the family formerly known as the Mitchells.
You want to kill him here or just lie in wait? Neither.
Then what are we doing here? I don't know for sure that he's guilty.
Not this again.
Harry's code.
Tell me why it matters if a person is good or bad.
Does it make you feel better to kill bad people? It's part of the ritual.
You don't need a justification to kill.
The code is more than that.
It's kept me from getting caught.
It's given me a life.
A life that is a big, fat lie.
Just like Jonah's story.
What more proof do you need that Jonah's guilty? The FBI didn't photograph the entire living room.
Maybe Jonah made a rookie mistake.
My knives! I'm guessing it's the motel gimp.
Whoever it is also took my forensic kit.
Now, that I don't miss so much.
It's the Midwest.
Nobody locks their doors.
There's no blood anywhere.
He cleaned up.
Rebecca died in the bathtub upstairs.
I'm bored.
Why aren't we setting up a kill room? This is where Jonah would have had to stand to make it look like his father beat his mother to death.
Try it.
Take a pretend swing.
Not the best clean-up job I've ever seen.
Now for the living room.
This is the kitchen.
I'm making a test for bleach, which I wouldn't have to do if my forensic kit hadn't been stolen.
Get the fuck out of my house.
Show me where it happened, Jonah.
Your father killed your mother here, on this staircase? Police can be here in three minutes.
Here is where her body was, and here is where you cleaned up your mother's blood.
You're a sick fuck, you know that? Where'd you fight your father off? It was here, right? When you took the weapon from him and hit him, - chasing him off? - Yeah.
- Swinging at him the whole time.
- Yeah, I was.
If that were true, there'd be blood here on the wall, and on the ceiling here.
But there's no spatter here.
Hey, that's because I cleaned it up.
Now go! - With bleach? - Yes.
Not on this wall.
Because there was no blood on this wall, because your father was never here.
I know for a fact that Trinity did not kill anyone in this house.
Is that because you killed him? Yes.
Just like you killed your mother and your sister.
Get him.
Satisfied? Let's go set up a kill room.
That's my baby brother.
What about your knives, Dexter? You're gonna need them.
He's in the shed.
Hey, there.
You're real interesting, Florida, you know that? All these potions and solutions in this kit I found in your car.
And these knives of yours.
They ain't exactly landscaping tools now, are they? I'd like them back.
I know you saw what I was growing out there in that cornfield.
You know what's going on here.
- I don't care about that.
- Really? Then what are you doing here? You obviously have some sort of desk job.
Those hands of yours are so smooth.
You with the DEA, ATF, FBI? Why don't you put the knife down and we can talk? What are they worth to you? I can see you have some money by that fancy car of yours.
It's a rental.
This is not how I was hoping our first kill would be.
I should think knives like those of yours would be worth $10,000 to you.
This guy is leaving you no choice.
He's gonna kill you if you don't kill him first.
So I pay you $10,000, you forget you ever saw me? You can have your knives back.
I'll go find an ATM, but I'm taking these with me.
I found this in your car, too.
Please, and thank you.
Or you're a dead man.
At last, a kill! No lengthy vetting process, no stalking.
One could argue self-defence, maybe.
A little too much talking for my taste.
Did you see his eyes? Yes.
Why do you wake up your victims when they're on the table? I want them to know what they've done.
Bullshit! You like to watch the light go out of their eyes.
Doesn't make a bit of difference if they're guilty or not.
How do you feel? Like anything is possible.
This is the life I've always wanted for you.
Where do we go from here? Jonah.
And then what, Dexter? And then we keep going.
But first things first.
How do you dispose of a body when you're miles from an ocean? Norm's a thief, a pot-grower and an asshole, any one of which would explain his death.
You can just leave his body out in the open.
I have a better idea.
I hope you took a souvenir.
It's nice to see you, Travis.
I thought you were done with me.
These are your things.
I wanted them out of my apartment.
Would have been a little bit easier if you'd just dumped them in the trash, wouldn't it? I thought bringing them here would give me closure.
Sounds like you went from reading the Bible to reading the self-help books.
But if you really came here because you secretly wanted me to beg, well then, please, Travis, come back to me.
I didn't come here to have you beg.
How about a story, then? I read one the other day in the paper about a little girl in California who was abducted.
They went into her room, and they grabbed her while she was asleep next to her teddy bear.
They raped her and then they killed her, and then they dumped her into the woods.
- Don't tell me - There was another story about someone who set off a bomb in Pennsylvania.
Eleven people were killed, 20 maimed.
That's why the world as it is has to end.
Stop talking.
The sins of humankind continue unless we put a stop to it.
No, no, shut up.
You shut up! Are you gonna kill me? Is that what you want to do, Travis? What I want is to be free.
I'll talk to God.
I release you.
I can go? You know where the door is.
You have no messages.
You're looming.
I came to apologise.
I apologise for being an asshole at your party.
And for sleeping with that professor chick.
And I apologise for proposing to you.
I just thought it was something people did after a while, you know? Like buying a coffee table.
- We never bought a coffee table.
- Well, we talked about it.
And we couldn't talk about getting married? We did have something good, right? I mean, I'm not crazy, am I? Yeah.
We had something good.
You know, there's times when I come home, and I still expect to see you there.
And then I open up the door, and everything's so neat and clean.
And it hits me all over again.
You're gone.
- I'm right here.
- Yeah.
- In LaGuerta's office.
- Fuck, I know, right? It still feels like her office.
I think that's why I haven't unpacked anything.
At all.
I wanted to tell you first about this before anyone.
- I made that difficult.
- Yeah, but you were hurt because of me.
And for that, I am truly sorry.
I really miss you, Deb.
You, like, kept me glued or something.
Sometimes I don't know what I'm doing.
I feel like the last day my life made any sense was the last day I spent with you.
We can't.
We're over, aren't we? Like "over" over.
This is what our life together could have been like if you hadn't have killed me.
- Here's the call.
- Jonah.
Hello? Dexter, can we talk about this? Sure, Jonah.
Maybe somewhere private.
I was thinking the shop's closed.
I'll meet you there.
Jonah doesn't want to chitchat, you know.
I know.
He has every reason to want to kill me.
I'm the one person who knows what he did.
Don't you just love it when things fall into place? You shouldn't have come to Nebraska.
I had to.
I didn't believe it.
Believe what? That I turned into a killer like my father? Yes.
I thought I set you free.
Set your whole family free.
I wanted to kill him myself.
But you'll settle for killing your mom and your sister? Yeah, and you.
Do it, Dexter! Do it! Kill me! What did you say? Please.
- You want me to kill you? - What are you waiting for? Kill me for what I did.
Tell me what happened.
Who cares what happened? I didn't kill Becca.
She killed herself.
I found her like that in the tub, my baby sister.
God, I should have gotten her out of that house sooner.
She couldn't take it any more.
- Take what? - Dexter? My mom.
How she just She blamed us for everything he did.
She just She was still in love with him.
She kept defending him.
She just wished he would come and whisk her away to Thailand or Mexico.
Then I found Becca.
And I just I exploded on Mom.
I kept hitting her over and over, just like Dad! I'm my father's son! Time to put him down, Dexter.
You brought me here to provoke a fight, hoping I would kill you.
Death by Dexter.
Fantastic idea! Kill him! What if this were my son? We have come so far.
He's not a monster.
Don't you want to see the light in his eyes go out? No.
- Think how good it will feel.
- He has a conscience.
And regret.
This is the wishy-washy part of you I can't stand.
Biney's mad.
This is like Debra all over again.
You're weak.
I'm stronger than you.
We had a plan, Dexter.
Just you and me.
I'm going home.
- Baby brother.
- Wait! How am I supposed to live with this? Forgive yourself.
Have you been a good girl, Debra Morgan? Because it's about to be Christmas.
Show her, Louis.
I created a programme that cross-referenced former students of Gellar with people living in a 20-mile radius of Miami.
- I excluded a few variables.
- And presto! - Two hundred names.
- It was that easy? - But not all that legal.
- Not a problemo.
Louis Greene is not an employee of Miami Metro, just an unpaid intern.
Thank you.
I think.
Here to serve.
If you want a ride to work, I'm leaving in seven minutes.
- Not six? - Not eight.
I'll be ready.
Brother Sam believed light can keep darkness at bay.
But I wonder if darkness is defined by light.
If so, darkness can't exist on its own.
There must, by definition, be light somewhere, waiting to be found.
Welcome home, Son.