Dexter s06e08 Episode Script

Sin of Omission

Previously on Dexter Gellar is pulling you toward the darkness, Travis, not the light.
What's happening? No, please.
You're free.
- I'm done.
- Done? With you.
With everything.
Oh, please.
God's will doesn't stop just because you want to play house with your sister.
You could have asked me before you just took off.
You offered me some time off.
I meant the afternoon, not five fucking days to go wherever it is that you are.
Kids trust everybody.
- For the little one.
- Here you go.
They trust the food you're giving them is safe to eat.
This way, buddy.
They trust you to lead the way.
Not the usual today.
Two coffees and What's good for an apology? Male or female? - My sister.
- I'd go with a cruller.
They don't question your motives.
Give a kid a mouthful of sugar and trans fat, and he's your friend for life.
Thanks, Francisco.
Grown-ups are a lot harder.
My sister gave me a day off, and I took five.
She has every right to be angry, but I can't tell her that I was in Nebraska.
Or why I was there.
Well, look what the fucking cat dragged in.
The cat also brought coffee and doughnuts.
You have five minutes.
Some of us actually have to show up for work.
I see you're all moved in.
Now it's four minutes.
I'm sorry I took off like that, I really needed to get away.
I'm sorry about what happened with Brother Sam.
And this whole Trinity thing sucks, I get it.
And you want to blow me off? That's fine, too.
But you put me in a really shitty position at work.
- I know.
- Everybody thinks I gave you a week off in the middle of this DDK shit-storm, which is only slightly better than them knowing that I didn't give you a week off! I know.
- I took advantage of you.
- Yeah, you did.
I really am sorry.
You're forgiven.
But it's only because I need you in on this DDK shit.
What's going on? Looks like this chick, Holly Benson, was taken by DDK.
She got chained up, was held hostage but she got away.
How? They dumped her in some parking lot.
What, "they"? That's the best part.
Turns out there are two of these end-of-the-world motherfuckers out there.
Gellar and some younger guy.
He's the one that let our vic go.
I think he might be a former student.
Seems like Travis Marshall isn't my secret any more.
Two of them.
Why did they let her go? Why did they tie body parts to mannequins? Why did they hang a waitress from a spiked collar in a greenhouse? They're bat-shit.
That's why.
But it sounds like Travis is having second thoughts.
OK, I have to go.
I'll fill you in on the rest when we get to the station.
Yeah, I'm going to be a little late.
You have got to be fucking kidding me.
Brother Sam's funeral is this morning.
I feel like I should OK.
Fine, go.
Fucking funerals and doughnuts, you're really good.
Travis? Hey, just in time.
I got an egg white omelette, your favourite kind of veggie bacon and scones in the oven.
I can't believe you did all this.
Yeah, well, you're always doing everything for me.
It's definitely my turn.
Go, sit down.
Just let me get dressed first.
All right, hurry up.
I remember that day.
What are you doing here? You said I was free.
And you are.
But I can't say I'm impressed with what you've done with your freedom.
You traded your place in God's plan for the pathetically mundane.
- I like mundane.
- Really? Because when we met, you had plenty of it.
Your sister treated you like a child.
You had no friends.
No faith.
Your life was of no consequence, and were you happy? - It's not like that now.
- No.
Now you have garden gnomes and Someone's made you breakfast.
Want to see what I've made? It's beautiful, isn't it? All it needs is the right whore.
Travis? I bet she'd look lovely in red.
You stay the fuck away! Are you taking that out? Yeah, I'll just I'll do it later.
Travis, you all right? Yeah, I'm fine.
Hey, do you want to get out of here for a couple of days? We We could go to Disney World.
- You mean now? - Yeah.
Right now, let's justgo.
Travis, you know I I can't leave.
I have school.
But maybe in a in a couple of weeks on my break.
That would be fun.
How many people here can say that Brother Sam changed my life? Let us always keep him in our hearts.
"The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not be in want.
"He makes me lie down in green pastures, "he leads me beside quiet waters, "he restores my soul.
"He guides me in the paths of righteousness "for his name's sake.
"Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, "I will fear no evil, "for you are with me.
"Your rod and your staff, they comfort me.
"You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies.
"You anoint my head with oil, my cup overflows.
"Surely, goodness and love will follow me "all the days of my life, "and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.
" - Thank you for coming.
- You're welcome.
Hey, Dexter.
I have something for you.
Sorry about the blood.
He always had it close by, so when he was shot Last time I saw him, he said he wanted you to have this.
There's probably someone else who would get more use out of it, someone more religious.
I don't know.
Brother Sam used to always say that no matter what the problem is, the answer's in here.
You just have to figure out the question.
Oh, hey.
Have you seen Nick lately? Nick? Yeah, disappeared after Sam passed away.
None of us have seen him.
Maybe he wanted some time alone.
Or maybe I drowned him, right where Brother Sam's ashes are floating.
Is it possible that Brother Sam changed me? I didn't kill Jonah when I had the chance.
Did Sam somehow bring out a little bit of light in me? And did I pass that light on to Travis as well? Is that why he let Holly go? You did the right thing.
I know who you are.
I remember your voice.
I'm not here to hurt you.
You were in my car.
You tried to kill me.
And I let you go.
Just like you let Holly Benson go.
I want to know why.
I didn't want to see her suffer.
You've seen people suffer before? What you said to me made me think.
Think what? That I don't have to do what he says.
I told him I'm done.
I'm not working with him any more.
How did Gellar take it? Not very well.
He's angry.
He won't leave me alone.
Why not just tell the police? I helped him do horrible things.
They'd They'd arrest me.
They'd I am a good person.
I thought we were doing the right thing.
I just I made a mistake getting involved with all of this.
I can help you, Travis.
I can get him out of your life for good.
The police will never know about you.
You just have to help me find him.
Just because I'm not working with him does not mean that I will work with you.
All you have to do is tell me where he is.
I'll take care of the rest.
You don't know who you're dealing with.
Do you have any idea how dangerous he is? He is crazy, I know that now.
He will finish his mission, and he will kill anyone who tries to stop him.
And then what? Assuming the world doesn't end? I don't want to talk about this any more.
Both of you need to just leave me alone.
Travis has a dark passenger all his own, but unlike mine, his walks and talks and breathes and goes by the name Professor Gellar.
And most significantly, his dark passenger can be killed.
What have we got? Call girl, of the high-end variety.
ID says Jessica Morris.
The lobby bar downstairs is a known hangout for working girls.
Not that I would know that for any reason.
Rings and a track mark say it's heroin.
Maid must have wiped everything down before she found her.
No prints anywhere, except hers on the tub.
Looks like she OD'd, then hit her head.
If the drugs didn't kill her, the blow to her skull sure did.
Probably an accidental death, but the ME'll tell us more.
What do you think? Blood coming from her nose Consistent with an overdose.
Yeah, but look at the pattern, sort of a zigzag.
It starts this way, suggesting that she fell in this position.
The blood dries, and then it changes direction, as though her head were turned and then moved back, suggesting the body was lifted and then repositioned.
Heroin overdose kills almost instantly.
Once her heart stopped beating, there should have been hardly any blood flow from the head wound.
Unless Unless someone did chest compressions post-mortem.
Broken rib.
Could have been the EMTs.
She was long gone when the maid found her.
The EMTs didn't attempt CPR.
What do you think? I think it happened pretty much like Vince said.
She OD's, hits her head, she dies.
Someone comes in, sees her.
He flips her over, causing more blood to come out of her nose.
Tries CPR, but he cracks her rib cos he's panicked.
And he realises that he's just causing more blood to flow from the head wound, so he stops.
Puts the body back where he found her, then wipes everything clean.
Someone call the Captain over here? No, why? Because she's here.
- Captain.
- Where's Sergeant Batista? Downstairs.
- What do we have here? - Looks like an overdose.
OK, good.
Make sure to copy me on the ME's report.
- I'm going downstairs.
- Yes, ma'am.
Hey, Dexter.
You're back.
- Louis.
- Hey.
I heard what you did at that crime scene.
You know, the body was moved and then repositioned.
So cool.
You You gotta show me how you figure that stuff out.
Yeah, sure, we'll do that sometime, but right now, I gotta OK, I'm going to make this quick.
The whole city is freaking out over DDK.
We're getting over 100 calls a day.
People saying that they've seen Gellar, people asking if it's safe to go out at night.
I need everyone's asses on the fucking ball.
I'm going to keep rearranging that sentence to make it hotter.
- Holly's experience with DDK - And that's still my sister.
suggests that Gellar is working with an accomplice.
Now, thanks to Louis, we have a list of male Tallahassee graduates Iiving in the Miami area that have taken classes with him.
We have over 200 names to investigate, so I'm going to take some myself.
Batista, Quinn, Mike, you guys can divide up the rest.
And let's not let on that we know Gellar has an accomplice.
This fucker thinks we don't know who he is? Let's keep it that way.
How do I get Travis to trust me before the cops get to his name on the list? I'm sorry I wasn't at the crime scene this morning.
It's fine.
Mike was there.
I got a way to make it up to you.
There's a new place opening on Washington.
Opening night's invitation only.
Guess who's got two of these? I'll pass.
I've got Auri on Friday night.
- Auri always cancels on you.
- Take Masuka.
Your loss.
- Hey, sis.
- Hey.
What brings you here? We were just at Harrison's music class, and he wanted to see his daddy.
Come on, admit it.
You wanted to say hi to your big brother.
Hey, I got your text.
Yeah, we were just in the neighbourhood.
Want to maybe go for a walk with us? Yeah, sure.
Let me just tell Mr.
You're still seeing that guy, huh? - You don't like him? - I don't really know him.
You know what? - You should come to dinner with us.
- I don't know If you're going to judge him, then maybe you should have some idea who you're talking about first.
OK, sure.
Why not? - It'll be fun.
- Yeah.
Children trust that when we put them to bed at night, they'll live to see another day.
Adults are not always so fortunate.
Travis is my only way to Gellar.
I have to convince him to help me.
Maybe I need to learn to speak his language.
Brother Sam did say all the answers were in here.
I'm not sure he meant the answers to my kind of questions.
What are you doing here? I told you I know, you don't want to get involved.
I understand that, but you are responsible for hurting a lot of people, Travis.
I'm sure you don't feel good about that.
You've wandered from God's path.
I was led astray.
I know, the blood.
Long story.
But what's more important are the words underneath the blood.
It says here, "Anyone then who knows the good he ought to do" "and doesn't do, sins.
" The sin of omission.
James 4:17.
So? So it sounds to me like you're in some trouble, Travis.
If you allow Professor Gellar to continue doing what he's doing, according to James here, it's just as much of a sin as doing the killings yourself.
I know.
I wish that I could take it all back.
But now I can't risk antagonising him.
I can protect you.
It's not me that I'm worried about.
It's my sister.
Gellar's threatened her before, and I can't let anything happen to her.
Can I blame him? As long as Gellar's out there, she's still in danger.
- I can protect her.
- What if you can't? OK.
I'll try to convince Lisa to go to her friend's up in Pensacola for the weekend.
Gellar won't leave Miami.
Let me get her safe, and then I promise, I'll do whatever you say.
Sam was right about this book.
Hi, can I help you? I'm Lieutenant Debra Morgan, Miami Metro Homicide.
I'm looking for Travis Marshall.
His building manager said that they were forwarding his mail here.
Travis is my brother, but he's not here right now.
Can I Can I help you with something? We're investigating a college professor, James Gellar, in connection with three homicides.
The Doomsday Killer.
Oh, my God.
Has something happened? No, we're just looking into former associates of his.
And according to our records, Travis took some classes with him up in Tallahassee.
We just want to ask him a few questions.
I I doubt that Travis would be able to help you much.
I don't think he stays in touch with anyone from school.
He must have been pretty shaken up when he found out an old professor was a murder suspect.
I guess so.
He didn't mention it? Well, Travis isn't really the type to talk about how he feels about things.
Not even to his sister.
So you aren't close? Our parents died when Travis was still a teenager, so I pretty much raised him the rest of the way, so Tragedy makes you tight, you know? But, with Travis, I think it also made him closed off, I guess you would call it.
I don't know why I'm telling you all this.
So you haven't noticed any unusual behaviour? - Nothing out of the ordinary? - No.
Same old Travis.
I actually have to get back to work.
OK, if you could just have him give me a call the next time you see him, so we can check him off our list? OK.
I'm sorry I couldn't have been more help.
No, thank you for your time.
So, any luck finding DDK's accomplice? No, not yet, but I crossed five names off the list.
And I'm going to go back out there as soon as I make a couple of phone calls.
Thank you.
Sounds like detective work, Lieutenant.
Well, it's a team effort.
One of these names is going to pan out.
Well, until it does, I've got good news for you.
The ME report came back in on Jessica Morris, the prostitute.
Cause of death was the overdose.
Why is that good news? Because the case can be closed as an accident, which means you have one less homicide to worry about.
Wait, why were you looking at the ME's report on that? Your plate is so full with DDK.
Came across my desk, and I took a look at it.
- Team effort, right? - Right.
OK, so you can close the case now.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you.
- Hey.
- Hey, where are you? I'm on my way back from lunch.
Look, will you do me a favour and put a rush on Jessica Morris' blood report? - LaGuerta's acting weird.
-Weird how? She's being helpful.
I just want to see what she's up to.
- I'm on it.
- Thank you.
Come on.
Hurry up, Lisa.
Stop following me! Sorry, Travis.
We don't have time for your little journey to find yourself.
We have work to do.
You know, when Jamie told me you got the Trans-Am, I was jealous.
That is one awesome car.
You drive a VW, right? Yeah, it's a limited edition.
Actually, it's very rare.
I'm going to go to the restroom.
You guys keep talking about car things.
She's amazing.
I can't believe that a girl like that could be interested in a guy like me.
She's interested in a lot of people.
My sister's a really nice girl.
She has a hard time saying no.
So she dates a lot of guys? She's young.
She's in school.
She's not in a place in her life to be taking anybody too seriously.
I know you seem like a nice guy.
I just wouldn't want to see you get hurt.
So when Jessica Morris OD'd, there was definitely someone in that hotel room with her.
No doubt.
Then why is LaGuerta on my ass to close this thing? Maybe she wants to keep it low-profile? So what am I supposed to do? If I do my job and I investigate a possible homicide, then I piss off Captain Close-it.
And if I close it, this guy walks.
Maybe you should talk to LaGuerta.
Maybe I should.
Either way, I have to sign this fucking blood report.
Do you have a pen? Here.
Why do you have a pen from the Shady Lane Motel at Kearney, Nebraska? Must have picked it up somewhere.
Yeah, at the Shady Lane Motel in Kearney, Nebraska.
- I can explain.
- Kearney, Nebraska, is where Trinity's family was murdered.
Which you found out about the day you took your little joyride.
So that is either one motherfucker of a coincidence, or you were "just driving" to fucking Nebraska.
- OK, yes, I went to Nebraska.
- Why? Guess I just felt drawn there.
Did you talk to Jonah? Yes.
Why? I don't know, Deb.
We both lost people we love to the same killer.
I just felt a connection with him, and I needed someone to talk to.
And you couldn't talk to me? I didn't want to burden you.
Burden me, my ass.
I burden you all the time.
It's not a burden for me to be there for you.
It was a mistake.
I shouldn't have gone.
That's not the point.
The point is that you lied to me about it.
The point is that you thought you had to go to buttfuck-ville to talk to somebody about Trinity.
Dexter, don't you think I get it? I lost Lundy because of Trinity, too.
Hey, guys, looks like DDK struck again.
Janitor found this early this morning.
The whore of Babylon.
The next tableau.
Shit! I interviewed her yesterday.
Her brother was a a student of Gellar's.
Travis Marshall.
Find Travis Marshall right the fuck now, and if you can't find him, put a BOLO out on him.
I think he's Gellar's accomplice.
Travis just shot to the top of Miami Metro Homicide's most-wanted list.
Did Travis go back to Gellar, or was this the price Travis paid for defying him? A ripped seam.
" This used to be some kind of vestment.
A robe, maybe.
What do you think the letters on her forehead mean? We'll find out.
Hey, I got something.
It's your card.
What the fuck? What the fuck do you think that means? Maybe it doesn't mean anything.
These assholes are all about messages.
You think it's because I talked to her? - You think it's to keep her quiet? - This isn't your fault, Deb.
But it could be mine.
Sorry for the chain.
I couldn't risk you disappearing on me.
You know you're far too important.
What do you want? Penance, to cleanse your soul.
It's not your fault, Travis.
The devil comes in many forms.
Sometimes he tempts you with an apple, or fame, or riches, or a mundane life with your family.
Do not talk about my sister.
Your sister whom you hold in such high esteem talked to the police.
She betrayed you.
Just like the whore of Babylon.
What did you do to my sister? No.
No! She's part of it now.
Don't you get it, Travis? She was doomed to hell on Earth.
But now her soul is pure.
She can go to God.
Just like you wanted.
And you can come back to our mission.
I didn't want this! I understand.
It'll take time.
Pray for your sister.
Do whatever it is you need to do.
And when I come back, I sincerely hope you have a change of heart.
I was just on my way up to see you.
I hear DDK has struck again.
We have a BOLO out on Travis Marshall.
Everyone in the city is going to know what he looks like.
Meanwhile, you now have two suspects and no arrests.
Yes, I know.
Actually, I was coming to talk to you about Jessica Morris.
The dead prostitute.
Why hasn't that case been closed? Because I saw Dexter's report.
Someone else was in the room.
The woman overdosed, Debra.
What does it matter who else was in the room? Because some dickhead left a dead woman in a bathroom.
Aren't we talking involuntary manslaughter, not to mention solicitation, obstruction? - Hell, we could get murder two.
- Stop.
I'm going to level with you.
That COMPSTAT hearing did not go very well for either one of us.
Another open case will put our clearance rate at 19%.
- But if we let a guilty man - 19%, Debra! Do you understand what's happening? We have a city in an all-out panic.
Last night, a woman tried to drive her car into Biscayne Bay with her infant son inside, because she thinks it's the end of the world and she didn't want him to go through the tribulations.
Now Don't take this the wrong way, but being young and personable and saying bad words on TV just is not going to cut it right now.
Trust me.
Find the men who killed four innocent people, not some john who bailed on a fucking junkie prostitute who overdosed.
And that's an order, Lieutenant.
- Fine.
I'll close it.
- Good.
Yeah, it's me.
It's taken care of.
Yes, I'm sure you have nothing more to worry about.
My search for F.
Galway has turned up nothing.
This is the last of them.
And there's not much I can do with intern puppy dog watching my every move.
You know, Google's kind of five minutes ago, right? Try Eliot.
Yeah, it uses a targeted algorithm to aggregate content without getting tripped up by all that sneaky SEO bullshit.
Intern puppy dog has skills.
I'll let you do your thing.
Got the ME's report.
Looks like Lisa Marshall was killed the same way as our fruit vendor and our jogger.
But get this, the ME didn't find any of those paper 1,000-whatever-the-fuck number things anywhere on the body.
That's because it was Travis who put the numbers there.
That means this kill was all Gellar.
Any luck finding Travis Marshall? Not yet.
But I found out he works at the museum, restoring old bibles.
I'll fuck Masuka if this isn't our guy.
Sounds like you're getting close.
Too close.
I'm going to have to work fast if I want to save Travis.
Hey, listen.
You want to grab dinner after work tonight? You know, chat? Talk? Can we do another night? I'm pretty tired, and I just want to spend some downtime at home with Harrison.
Sure, another night.
I'm sorry I'm late.
I saw the news.
I wasn't sure you'd be able to make our session anyway today.
Yeah, I almost cancelled.
But I don't know.
I could use the break.
That must have been a difficult thing to see.
You could say that.
I mean, I show up, right, to question her about her brother and twenty-four hours later I can't help but feel responsible.
You know, I knew that there was something that she wasn't telling me.
Do you think she knew that her brother was involved? I think she knew something was up with him.
And I think she was trying to protect him, which is what a good sister does.
And then he ends up killing her.
Oh, Jesus.
Are all brothers assholes? Who are we talking about now? Who else? Dexter.
So you think he might kill you? No, I don't think he's going to kill me, I just I think he treats me like shit.
He shuts me out.
He won't tell me things, like really important things.
Sounds like you two are having a little trouble communicating lately.
We aren't having trouble communicating.
He's the one that's keeping all the secrets.
But normally, you're pretty open with each other.
I tell him everything.
I tell him about boyfriends, work.
I tell him about everything.
Sounds like a lot of talking about yourself.
Aren't you supposed to be on my side? I'm just telling you what I'm hearing.
OK, yeah.
We talk about me.
A lot.
But that's what I'm saying.
I can't get him to tell me shit-all about jackshit.
Or maybe he doesn't think there's any room in the relationship for his needs.
Maybe next time you get together you could just make some effort to focus on him and his issues.
Need another round? Next one's on me.
I'm pacing myself.
I need to retain my ability Oh, yeah! to focus.
Sure, I get that.
- All right.
- Thanks, cutie.
Hey, be honest with me.
I wasn't your first choice to bring here tonight, was I? Not really, but does it matter? Not really.
Hey, excuse me.
Can I get a refill, please? Wait, no, no, no.
Don't go anywhere.
If I said you had a beautiful body, would you hold it against me? - Please.
- Come on, it's a song.
I can sing it to you.
Yo, man.
Come on, relax.
Look, just look around, enjoy the scenery.
Look at that right there.
In the green thong.
That's a thing of beauty.
I'm going to marry her.
I'm going to marry Green Thong.
Come on, Quinn.
Sit down.
Will you marry me? No, I mean, of course no one wants to marry me, but can I at least get a kiss from you? Hey, back off, buddy.
All right? We got to cut you off, man, OK? But wait, she's not finished breaking my heart yet.
If you don't take him outta here, I gotta take him out.
OK, no, no, no.
We don't need that.
No problem, we out.
We out, let's go.
Green Thong! I love you, Green Thong.
All right.
Let's get you home, come on.
Nah, man.
I ain't going anywhere.
I'm just getting started.
Louis' search engine turned out to be useful.
Father Nicholas Galway, retired Catholic priest.
You understand that Father Galway's dementia has progressed extensively? It isn't likely he'll remember you.
I'm not sure if that's good or bad.
- Father? - Yes? You have a visitor.
Thank you.
Father Galway? Yes, that That's me.
I'm I'm having trouble remembering your name.
Actually, we've never met.
- My name is - Francis Connolly! You've come to apologise for breaking the window in the narthex, I take it.
I'm sorry, Father.
I'm in the wrong place.
You're not going anywhere, young man.
You must confess your sins.
Actually, I'm OK.
If I could just "Bless me, Father, "for I have sinned.
" My sins? OK.
I've exceeded the speed limit a few times.
Who hasn't done that? What other sins must you confess? I lied to my sister.
The freckle-faced one, Mary Grace, isn't that it? She always had a cookie in her hand, that one.
What else? He's too far gone.
- I really should get going, Father.
- Son! How do you expect to get into heaven, unless you let me absolve you of your sins? - You can do that? - Anything you confess, God will forgive.
I'm waiting, Francis.
I've killed people.
A lot of people.
Murder is a mortal sin.
You must Where were we? Confession.
Oh, yes.
Of course.
I absolve you of all of your sins.
In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.
Thank you.
It's sad, isn't it? He was a wonderful priest back in the day.
Yes, he was.
Now half the time, he doesn't know where he is.
Some Sunday mornings he asks to be driven to his church because he thinks he's supposed to lead Mass.
His church? - Santa Maria De Loreto.
- Right.
- And that's in - It's out in Davie.
But But don't waste your time.
It's been abandoned for over 20 years now.
Not much left of it.
An abandoned church.
Very sad, huh? If Gellar's at that church, his hideout will make an even better kill room.
I'll say good night to Harrison, and then I'll be on my way.
Hey, Dex.
Deb said I could take off since she's here.
- I told you tonight wasn't good.
- I know.
But you got to eat, right? So you can just relax and kick back.
I'm making steaks.
Which is a big deal, because I can't remember the last time I cooked something that didn't involve pierce film with fork.
Something came up.
I have to go out.
I just came to say good night to Harrison.
I'm sorry for the mix-up, Jamie.
Oh, that's OK.
I can stay.
- Daddy.
- Something came up? What the fuck do you mean, something came up? Would you please watch your language in front of him? I'll go give him his bath.
- Night, buddy.
- Night-night.
So when you said you wanted a quiet night at home, you were just blowing me off.
I told you, something came up.
You're not going to tell me what it is? I can't talk about it right now.
You can't talk about it, or you can't talk about it with me? Deb, this isn't the time.
I gotta go.
Do you know why I came over here tonight? It was for you, asshole.
- So you could talk to me.
- Talk about what? About whatever stuff you drove to Nebraska to talk about.
Deb, please just let this go.
I am just trying to have a conversation with you.
Is that so fucking hard? Deb Fine.
I don't want to hurt you, Travis.
I think you do.
I think you like watching people suffer.
There's only one way to get the demons out of your head.
Who's out there? Don't you say a word.
Did Gellar do this to you? He killed my sister.
Where is he? Travis, is he here? Damn it.
Gellar has seen me now.
This just got much harder.
I'll help you.
I'll help you kill him.
I've gotten Travis to trust me.
In my own way, I'm going to eliminate a small bit of darkness and let some light in.