Dexter s06e09 Episode Script

Get Gellar

Previously on Dexter You're saying Gellar does the killing? He's so much stronger than me.
I can protect you.
It's not me that I'm worried about.
It's my sister.
Your sister talked to the police.
She betrayed you.
Just like the whore of Babylon.
No! Ice Truck Killer? It was stolen from our evidence room.
I erased any trace of the sale from the internet.
However, I wasn't able to get the hand back.
So when Jessica Morris OD'd, there was definitely someone in that hotel room with her.
No doubt.
Then why is LaGuerta on my ass to close this thing? My sister's a really nice girl.
You seem like a nice guy.
I just wouldn't want to see you get hurt.
Travis, is he here? Gellar has seen me now.
This just got much harder.
I'll help you.
I'll help you kill him.
I've had my dark passenger for so long that I can't really recall life without it.
Like someone who's grown up with a club foot, or a stutter, or a lazy eye, it's simply been my own affliction that I accept as part of who I am.
But for Travis, his dark passenger is a more recent acquisition, and he's not adjusting so well.
So I'm going to help separate them.
You saved my life.
Gellar would have killed me.
You said you'd help me find him.
Where is he? Travis.
I don't know.
Where else does he stay? Nowhere.
This place was his home.
The only time he left was when we were doing the work.
You mean hunting your victims.
This one.
The bowls of wrath.
The next tableau.
- Where will Gellar stage it? - I don't know.
Then who will Gellar's next victim be? I don't know.
He murdered your sister, Travis.
Gellar was the one who made all the decisions.
Come on, Travis.
You must know something.
" Is that from the bible? I've never seen that before.
Look for anything that'll help us find Gellar.
I feel dizzy.
We need to take care of that arm, and find you a place to stay where Gellar can't find you.
What's this about, Dexter? It's what Brother Sam would want.
Are you sure this is about Brother Sam? I know what I'm doing.
My cell phone's on the speed dial.
Sit down.
Hold out your arm.
So what am I supposed to do here? Nothing.
There's nothing you can do right now.
Not to mention you're wanted for multiple murders.
You can't help me if you're in jail.
I'll be back later with some food.
In the meantime, do not leave this room.
And try to think of anything that might help me figure out where Gellar is.
"2LoT: The Second Law of Thermodynamics.
"Tendency for order to become disorder or chaos.
" What does it have to do with the bowls of wrath? A parking pass.
You visited the Miami South Campus.
Were you stalking your next victim? "Professor Casey's controversial book 2LOT's Tales "claims to demolish every argument offered "for a God-centred universe.
" If Gellar wants to pour out his wrath, who better to receive it than "Tireless crusader for the virtues of atheism.
" Dexter's allowed to have a private life, but is it too much to ask for a little give and take? Would you say that your brother has always been guarded? Well, yeah, that's the problem.
But if he's always been this way, why would you suddenly expect him to change? I don't know.
Would you expect a chair to suddenly become a table? No, but - No, because a chair - Is a chair.
Dexter is who he is.
You're good.
How does it make you feel when he shuts you out? Alone.
Where do you think this comes from? This feeling of being alone? I don't know.
My mom died when I was a teenager.
That must have been hard.
Becoming a woman with with no mother figure.
It would have helped if my dad had paid me any attention.
That's probably why I fell in love with someone twice my age.
He was shot in front of me.
Did I mention that? No.
I was probably looking for someone safer after being engaged to this really great guy that also turned out to be a serial killer.
Would you like it if we started seeing each other more than once a week? Deb.
Listen, I'm sorry about last night.
You don't have to apologise.
- I don't? - Nope.
I get it.
You're a chair.
I'm a what? I don't have time to explain it.
I'm late for the briefing.
You look confused.
Your sister ever say anything that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever? - All the time.
- She ever call you a chair? I don't think so.
Hey, have either one of you seen Quinn? I hope he's OK.
Why wouldn't he be? He got shit-faced last night and started proposing to strippers.
OK, let's get started.
- Where's Quinn? - He's on his way.
Lisa Marshall is DDK's latest victim.
The whore of Babylon.
Where are we on finding her brother Travis? He's gone missing.
Hasn't reported to work in days.
We got unis at his apartment and at Lisa's house.
So far, nothing.
So he and Gellar either got the fuck out of Dodge or they're holed up somewhere planning their next installment of what the fuck.
Travis is holed up waiting for me.
They have three tableaus to complete.
Now, according to Gellar's notebooks, the bowls of wrath are next.
Now religious experts that I've consulted say that it's punishment poured on the people.
Each bowl is a plague.
Disease, darkness The ocean turns to blood.
You know this shit? I've been studying.
Gellar updated his blog.
It's the first post since the killings began.
- Which is huge, right? - Let me see it.
"In six days, the end will be marked with a solar eclipse.
"All those following false prophets are doomed.
" Could be Professor Casey.
Or me.
I'm the one Gellar saw in the church.
Look at all the comments.
People are taking this shit seriously.
Professor Gellar, I support your quest.
I'm inspired by your courage and faithfully follow you to the end.
" Well, a blog update's not gonna help us find their location.
Well, I could take a stab at tracking down the blog's Internet Protocol address.
I hope you're not as good as you think.
Do it, Louis.
I don't want to know how you do it, but do it.
We're running on fumes here.
I need people following all leads, whatever it takes to catch these assholes, OK? Let's do it.
I hate to root against my own team, but I want a shot at Gellar first.
All right! Jesus Christ.
You missed the morning briefing.
Hey, I overslept.
It happens.
Yeah, well, it's happening a lot.
Get dressed.
Your gun, where is it? - Oh, fuck me.
- You got to be kidding me.
The whole city is looking to us to fix this DDK shit, and you lose your gun? I went to the strip club with Masuka, he bailed on me And then me and this stripper went to her car, and she You banged a stripper in her car? Maybe my gun fell out in her back seat.
You better pray that it did and that it's still there.
Please, tell me you at least got her number.
- Oh, fuck me.
- Dios mío.
I got enough to babysit with my kid sister.
Your phone's got GPS.
Track it.
That address is halfway across town.
We just lost a whole morning because of your dumb ass.
I'll make it up to you.
Mr Morris.
I'm Jessica Morris' father.
Thank you for seeing me.
I am sorry for your loss.
How can I help you? I'd like you to reopen Jessica's case.
Mr Morris, I know this must be very difficult, but the medical examiner ruled that your daughter's death was an accidental overdose, not a homicide.
Yes, I know.
But her sternum was cracked.
And the paramedics said they never performed CPR because she was already dead when they arrived.
- How do you know that? - Does it matter? If someone was with her when she died, why aren't you looking into that? I'm sorry, but the case is closed.
Well, then reopen it.
What if that person killed her and then tried to cover it up? I am sorry, but my hands are tied.
Please, just listen.
I don't know if you have kids, but I hope you never have to see them turning tricks on Collins Avenue.
I will run it upstairs.
I'll see what I can do.
Thank you.
Thank you.
How is your magic working? This is a tough nut, but I want to prove Sergeant Batista wrong.
I can do this.
I can do this.
What's his problem with you? He doesn't think I'm good enough to date his sister, so I backed off.
Stop with the fingers.
We gotta talk.
Look, I I understand the whole cowardly geek response.
- I'm not a geek.
- One bridge at a time, Louis.
You're into Jamie, right? Yeah, she's amazing.
Well, you have to tell her that.
When it comes to matters of the heart, always follow your dick.
Yeah, but how am I ever gonna win over Batista? You don't.
If Jamie's into you as much as you're into her, she's gonna take care of Batista for you.
Just don't tell him I told you so.
Yeah, I wanted to talk to Dr Casey about this D he gave me.
When's his class again? Brunner Hall of Science.
Got it.
I'll catch him after class.
I brought you a sandwich.
Did you find Gellar? No.
But he updated his blog.
He did? You have any idea what this means? "All those following false prophets are doomed.
" It's a message for me.
He's offering me a way back in.
And I'm the false prophet.
You ever heard of this guy? Trent Casey? Yes.
Gellar hates him.
He's an atheist.
Does he hate him enough to want to kill him? The painting of the bowls of wrath in the church had "2LOT" written on it.
- You think he's the next victim.
- Yes.
How do we find him? I'll let you know.
Oh, man! All right, boys and girls, time for a snack.
- I want one.
- Good job.
Time for a snack.
Is this your penance, too? What? Catering for the toddler horde.
My wife's in a meeting.
What's your excuse? I'm here for my son.
- Cookie.
- Cookie.
Thank you, Harrison.
That one's mine.
How are you? OK.
How are you? This is a little awkward, but I think I left something in your car.
I don't have a car.
Didn't I meet you last night out at Virginia Gardens? Oh, you're looking for my mom.
Hotness like that's got to run in the family, right? I mean, she must be like Holy shit.
We got the wrong house.
- Joey.
- Hey.
So you two met at the club? Oh, no, no.
We met across the street at the Waffle House.
I work the late shift, and this one was all hands.
I'd love to hear more, but Joey and I have to get back to the station, and we think he may have left some things in your car.
It wasn't his innocence, if you know what I mean.
It's unlocked.
Thank you, ma'am.
You can't tell anybody about this.
I can say anything I want.
Got it.
Oh, my God.
We took pictures.
I hope you at least wore Oh, no, no, no.
Oh, great.
Fucking great.
Just call the station.
Have them send a tow.
The station doesn't know that we're down here getting your gun back, and we got to keep it that way.
Or that you're driving a car the '70s wants back.
Stow it, will you? I wouldn't have to be racing back if it weren't for you.
I could have handled this on my own.
You can't handle your balls right now.
When are you gonna grow up? Like you're one to talk.
Come again? All you want to do is try and control everything and everyone around you in order to feel better about your own fucked-up life.
You're so full of shit.
Yeah, really? Cos your first wife up and left you.
Your second wife, she was your wife for what? Six months? You got a daughter that wants nothing to do with you.
I think you need to shut up.
And now your panties are in a big wet wad.
Why? Because your little sister's dating someone you don't like.
Am I right, Lieutenant? Oh, wait, no, my bad.
I'm sorry.
You're still sergeant, cos you fucked that up, too.
Come on, is that all you got, you motherfucker? Little motherfucker.
Hey! Leave him alone or I'll call the police.
Now, creationists say the second law of thermodynamics doesn't allow order to arise from disorder.
So Why does this idea make their bible-clutching fingers twitch with excitement? Because for creationists, it means that the idea of evolution, life arising from chaos, contradicts the second law.
It can't happen.
Can I look at your syllabus? I forgot mine.
And you need God to explain everything, right? Wrong.
He's kind of a self-important asshole, but I like him.
Casey's office is in Scarnes Hall and he has late office hours tonight.
In case Gellar decides to show up, I'll be here as well.
This coming from people who think there are no unicorns because they were late getting to Noah's Ark.
All right, that's all for today.
Read chapters 9 through 10 for next week.
Thank you.
- Professor Casey.
- Yes? I believe you're in danger.
What variety of lunatic might you be? I'm only trying to warn you.
Well, then you're one of the good ones.
Do you have any idea how many threats I get each week? - This one is real.
- Please.
Unless you have some proof One elevator and one set of stairs equals two exits.
Finally, some use for Travis.
Nice place.
Thank Gellar.
He found it.
So this is where it all started.
And where it's going to end.
This has become very important to you, killing Travis's dark passenger.
I would have done anything for a chance to get rid of yours.
I'm not sure you even tried.
You just refocused it.
So what will you do with him once Gellar's gone? Allow him to start over.
I know of a few people who aren't using their identities.
Your slides.
I kill Gellar, and Travis gets a second chance.
The one I'll never have.
What is Gellar like? First year of college, I took his class, and he took me under his wing.
Made me feel like I was part of something important.
And I know it sounds crazy, but he convinced me that God had chosen us to become the two witnesses.
And what do the two witnesses do? They enact the Book of Revelation and bring about the new world.
By ending this one? Why would you want to do that? Have you ever wanted to wipe everything clean and start your whole life all over again? Once Gellar's gone, you can start again.
There's Gellar.
Let's go.
I'm gonna take the elevator.
If Gellar took the stairs, maybe I can head him off.
Watch the stairs, make sure he doesn't double back on me.
Stay here.
Gellar doesn't have much of a head start.
He knows I'm here.
Come on.
You told me not to move.
- Did you see Gellar? - No.
Stay behind me.
This is all my fault.
Travis is proving to be my penance.
There's not that much blood.
Casey could still be alive.
Let's go.
I can't believe we lost him.
And Casey, he's gonna kill him.
We can still stop him.
How? Through you.
This blog that Gellar writes, it's important to him.
Send a message to him.
Tell him you've changed your mind and you need to see him.
I'll do it right now.
Just keep sending messages.
Call me as soon as he responds.
Travis posted as the prodigal son, asking if it's OK for him to make his way back home.
No response from Gellar.
Hey, good morning.
Someone helping you fight crime? All wiggles present and accounted for.
DDK struck again at Miami South Campus.
I'm on my way.
Casey's lecture hall.
Of course.
Gellar laid him out where he preaches his godless doctrine to the young and impressionable.
This is Professor Trent Casey.
He's an evolutionary biologist and a noted atheist.
Check it out.
The abdomen's got an alpha-omega carved into it.
- Similar to the fruit vendor.
- Only this guy's missing stitches.
And a hand.
That's new.
The puckering on the wrist tissue indicates the hand was removed post-mortem.
And judging from his pallor, all his blood's been drained.
Looks like he was strung up and bled out.
Gellar took another page from my brother Brian's playbook.
The stomach cavity's been hollowed out.
Any bets on the prize that DDK left inside? Unis swept the room.
They didn't find any tripwires or blood.
So if this is the bowls of wrath, then what, is it gonna show up in a bowl somewhere? Open him up.
Brace yourselves for awful.
He's empty.
So, then, where are the bowls of wrath? Let's get him to the ME's office.
Somebody get a gurney.
I got it.
Quinn's right.
If each bowl is a plague that God poured No, don't! Oh, my God! What the fuck? Gellar hasn't seen wrath until he's seen mine.
Are you serious? Bowls of blood dropped on my head? It's like a perfect fucking metaphor for my entire fucking life.
I'm not even sure I believe in God, but I'm pretty sure he hates me.
Losing your parents is difficult.
Having a loved one shot in front of you is unthinkable.
Finding out that your fiancŽ is a serial killer Did I mention that he was Dexter's biological brother? No, you did not.
So wait a minute.
The Ice Truck Killer was your brother? No.
Dexter was adopted, so we're not blood-related.
What? What does that "oh" mean? You mentioned that your father didn't pay much attention to you.
What was his relationship with Dexter like? They did everything together.
And without your mother I was left behind.
You can move forward, Debra.
But it's gonna mean taking responsibility for your feelings and your choices.
What does that mean? Please don't misunderstand me.
I am very sensitive to the trauma and the tragedy that you've experienced.
But as far as your failed relationships are concerned What? We are responsible for the partners we choose.
How the fuck was I supposed to know that Rudy was the Ice Truck Killer? Are you saying that I chose to be with a serial killer on purpose? I think you have a history of choosing inappropriate or unavailable men.
Well, what the fuck do you want me to say? That my life is a train wreck of a disaster? That my life is a shithole? Well, I already know this.
This isn't news to me, OK? I know that I am broken.
Do you know that you don't have to be? You can pick up the pieces.
- How? - By making different choices.
By breaking your patterns.
Debra, it's gonna be hard.
But you can make yourself whole again.
You can.
I heard about the bloodbath at the crime scene.
You OK? I'm fine.
I was actually coming down to talk to you about your request - to open the dead call girl's case.
- And? You can't afford to put an unsolved back on your plate.
Jesus fuck.
Are we really gonna do this again? Careful, Lieutenant.
I'm just gonna stop you right here, OK? - Excuse me? - We've been through this.
You're gonna say it's not happening and that I better do what you say cos you're gonna give me some scary, squinty-eyed look, but I am so fucking sick of having this conversation.
So I'm just gonna break the pattern right now.
If you have a problem with me investigating a potential homicide, which is my job, then fire me.
Otherwise, I am reopening the case.
Morgan won't let the call girl's death go.
God damn it.
I could have pressed harder, but she'd only be more suspicious.
You know, it wasn't until I did CPR that I saw the drugs and realised she OD'd.
Maria, I swear to God, I did all I could.
Your career would have been over if you'd stayed.
What the fuck is Morgan thinking? Doesn't she know when to back off? Well, isn't that tenacity the reason you promoted her in the first place? Against my advice, of course.
- We have to stop her.
- Don't worry.
Hello? The police found Casey's body.
The bowls of wrath.
He's done it.
The body was missing a hand.
Any idea why Gellar took it? The writing is on the wall.
What? The expression.
It's from the bible.
The fingers of a human hand appeared and wrote out, "Your days are numbered.
" Gellar's sending another message.
What's the message? I don't know.
But it doesn't matter.
Gellar contacted me through his blog.
He wants me to meet him at the church tonight.
Stay in the motel.
I'll pick you up later.
You have the bowls of wrath blood work? Yeah, just finished.
Good news.
The blood was pathogen-free.
So the shot I got was just for fun? Are you OK? Yeah, I just threw away a pair of shoes because they're full of blood, but I'm great.
Cos I'm here if you need a chair.
What? What you said before.
I'm a chair.
Yeah, but I don't want a chair.
I want a table.
- What are you even saying? - Never mind.
Are we OK? I have no idea if you are.
I'm sure not, but I'm working on it.
Louis Greene is the man.
Easy with the bromance.
You're gonna pitch a tent.
Well, just remember that I discovered him when I'm up for review.
What'd he do? Unscrambled the IPA of Gellar's blogs and tracked it to an address.
Anderson, grab your gear.
Right behind you.
Yeah, that's my IP address, but it's unsecured, so I couldn't tell you who all uses the signal.
What's the signal's range? Give or take 500 feet.
Well, you're putting out I'm guessing it's probably closer to 900 feet.
These guys ever come in here? I wouldn't know, but I can keep an eye out if you want.
- Yeah, we'd appreciate that.
- You bet.
You know, your guys could drive up anytime, use their laptop, and never even get out of the car.
- Up to 900 feet? - Give or take.
Further if there's an antenna within range.
What would that do? Boost the signal by a couple of miles.
What are you thinking? I want to bring in some unis, have them fan out, canvass the surrounding area, see what they come up with.
Louis, I'd buy you a beer, but it has been a long day.
Well, thanks.
I have plans anyway.
Wow! People love their games.
- There's a lot of money in it.
- Yeah.
I guess.
You have quite the collection of collections.
Yeah, I don't I don't let a lot of people in here.
It's kind of obvious I'm overcompensating for something.
I've been known to collect.
Yeah? I went through an '80s phase in high school.
I had a zillion of those black rubber bracelets.
Wore them like body armour.
- So - So weird, I understand.
But why did you blow me off? I was I was trying to be respectful of Sergeant Batista, AKA your brother, who happens to carry a very large gun, by the way.
He sort of gently suggested that I back off.
He scared you.
Does it make me a pussy if I say yes? It makes you honest.
There's another door along that side at the west narthex, and a door at the very end, just off the sacristy.
But you always go in the main entrance? - We both do.
- Then go in that way.
And then what? Just talk to him, tell him you made a mistake, that you're sorry.
Keep him engaged.
- And what will you do? - I'll go in the back way.
And then? It's better you don't know.
You don't trust me.
- Oh, it's not that.
- No, I understand.
Gellar's too smart.
I'd just give it away.
Just do what you have to do.
I will.
Hello, Travis.
Professor Gellar.
I'm kind of surprised you haven't burst into flames.
God is very kind.
God doesn't want to hurt me.
Don't fucking tell me what God wants or doesn't want.
You have no idea.
You're wrong.
I don't believe in a God of violence Then go read your bible.
Because God promises that the devious tongue will be cut out, and he will tear you limb from limb and destroy thee forever.
Repent your sins, Travis, or you will burn for all eternity.
I have only tried to do what I thought was right, what I thought No! God has given you so many chances, and you disappoint him time after time.
But he loves you.
He truly loves you.
He's gonna give you one more chance.
And all you have to do is listen to me.
Come to me.
You've got a lot riding on this second chance for Travis.
It's up to him what he does with his life once I'm done with Gellar.
What about your life? My life? Dexter, the police are closing in on Gellar.
You're taking a risk here.
This isn't just about Travis.
You're not that unselfish.
I'm more than you ever thought I'd be.
So if you remove Travis's dark passenger, what are you getting out of this? Maybe I can learn to control my own.
Maybe I can be better.
A better what? A better person? I don't care about being a better person.
It's too late for that.
Then what do you care about? A better father to my son.
Is that so surprising to you? I want to be a better father for Harrison.
I have work to do.
He's still breathing.
Where is Gellar? Gellar.
He's been dead all along.
Did Travis act alone? Did Travis kill all those people?