Dexter s06e11 Episode Script

Talk to the Hand

Previously on Dexter Travis, you killed Gellar? If the cops find Gellar, they'll focus the hunt on Travis.
This way, they'll find Gellar's fingerprints, too.
He recently delivered flowers to a Jessica Morris.
- Who sent them? - Thomas Matthews.
Jesus Christ.
Every time the shit hits the fan, I go to him.
- Dexter? - Yeah.
He's your safe place.
- "Wormwood.
" - What the fuck's a wormwood? This is wormwood.
I think I found a new lead.
My wife Beth and I have been chosen to be soldiers in the final battle.
I'll call Quinn, go check it out.
You're too late.
Wormwood can't be stopped.
Dexter, you have to call the police.
They have poison gas.
"Miami Metro Homicide.
" That's where God wants us to stage wormwood.
What are we waiting for? Those guys.
That doesn't look good.
We got an anonymous tip that DDK is using this boat.
- Plus, there's poison gas.
- Poison gas? I know, right? That's all we need.
Part of me was hoping that this tip was bogus, but the uni that we sent down found a body floating near the boat, so here we are.
All clear! What do you got? Chemical traces of two toxic substances.
Put 'em together, you got something a lot worse.
Poison gas? Release it in the right place, say, a closed environment, like a bus or a building, you could kill a lot of people.
Fuck me.
That's Holly Benson.
That's the girl DDK kidnapped and let go.
Multiple stab wounds Looks like they weren't done with her.
There's more inside.
This is where they were handling the stuff.
From the looks of it, they knew what they were doing.
Wormwood, the next tableau, is supposed to represent a meteor falling to Earth.
And poisoning mankind.
- Could this be wormwood, right here? - I doubt it.
These people weren't killed by gas.
This looks like where wormwood is being prepared.
So what's DDK planning to do? Release poison gas on people? We can't just sit on this.
We have to alert Homeland Security.
- Should I notify LaGuerta? - Do it.
What's his story? Upper abdominal stab wound.
Looks like it happened right here Bled out, fell to this position.
There are fingerprints on the knife.
Travis' fingerprints, since it's the knife Travis used to kill Holly.
Holy shit, Steve Dorsey.
It's Doomsday Adam.
- Oh, wow.
- What? I found a video blog post by him yesterday.
He was going on about how he'd been chosen to be a soldier in the final battle.
- Why didn't you tell anyone? - I did.
I told Sergeant Batista.
He was going to Dorsey's apartment to check it out.
Where is Angel? You don't understand, but you will.
When this is over and the new world begins, you will wish you had faith.
I do have faith.
I believe in God.
Well, then you better start praying to him and fast.
Look at me.
There must be something very special about you, Beth, because it is no accident that you are here.
Out of all the people in the world, God chose you to carry out his will.
God reserves a place for those that sacrifice themselves in his name, and it is a place too beautiful to describe.
And I envy you, because you get to see it before I can.
- Now, did you pray? - Oh, yes.
Then we're ready.
Everything is in place.
After I do the switch, how long before it goes off? A couple of seconds to let the chemicals mix.
Now, remember, when you enter the building, you'll see a door with a card reader.
You will take the sergeant's keycard and buzz open the door.
It's the only way to bypass the metal detector.
All right, OK.
I understand.
This is a great day.
It's the beginning of the end.
Yeah? It's me.
I've been calling you for five minutes.
Yeah, I just heard it ring.
- Is Batista with you? - No.
Why the fuck not? I figured I'd meet him at the crime scene, OK? - What, he isn't there? - No.
Louis said that he went to Steve Dorsey's to check out a Doomsday suspect.
You're his partner, you should know that.
Yeah, I missed a few calls from him this morning.
Jesus Christ, Quinn! What the fuck's going on, Deb? Doomsday Adam, the guy that he was going to check out, just turned up dead.
OK, I got the address.
I'm turning around.
Send backup.
Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Dispatch, this is Lieutenant Debra Morgan.
I need all available units at 1203 North Gordon for a probable Code 40.
Copy that.
You think Angel ran into Travis? Well, it sure as fuck wasn't Steve Dorsey.
I'm sure he's OK.
If Travis is there, we've gotta catch him before he does God knows what to how many people.
- Hello? - It's me.
I made it.
- Are you in Homicide yet? - I'm on my way right now.
Remember, it's Lieutenant Morgan that is leading this attack against us.
You must get to her.
I will.
God bless you, Beth.
I'll see you on the other side.
Can I help you? I have information regarding the Doomsday Killer case.
Fill this out, and we'll send an officer out to interview you No! I have to speak to Lieutenant Morgan in person.
Tell her it's wormwood, the next tableau.
- "Wormwood"? - Tell Lieutenant Morgan that.
Lieutenant Morgan's out in the field right now, - I'm not sure when she'll be - I'll wait.
Take a seat.
I've kept you alive in case we ran into problems.
Everything's going perfectly.
So you don't need me any more.
I'd still like to get that prayer.
Go ahead.
Your time is up.
I'm all right.
It's Travis Marshall.
He went out the window.
All units, we got Travis Marshall heading west on foot on McNulty, he's armed.
- I'm OK, go after him.
- Fuck you.
We have a tentative match on the knife fingerprints.
- They're Travis'.
- I don't get it.
If Doomsday Adam was working with Travis and Gellar, then why kill him? Maybe he was done with him, and the knife was his severance package.
Tough gig.
Homeland is putting their regional teams on alert, and they're sending agents to the station.
Sounds like they want to take over the case.
Well, it wouldn't fucking surprise me.
It's what the Feds do best.
Angel's OK.
- Thank God.
What happened? - Travis Marshall had him.
He took off on foot.
Got a head start, but I got unis setting up a perimeter.
Order up as many men as you need.
- Angel? - He's fine.
Did we find Travis? No, he got away, but there's still a chance we might catch him.
At least Angel's OK.
Thank God we got that anonymous tip.
She's right.
If I hadn't brought in the police, Angel would most likely be dead.
You know that dead call girl, Jessica Morris? What about her? I think I know who the john was.
- Who? - Matthews.
- Matthews? - The fucking Deputy Chief.
I don't know what the fuck to do.
He was one of Dad's best friends, he was practically my mentor.
I can't just bust him.
I owe him more than that.
- You want to know my opinion? - Yes! That's why I'm talking to you.
Put this on the backburner until Travis is in custody.
You need to focus on DDK.
I'm having dinner with Matthews tonight.
I can't just sit there and talk about the salad.
OK, so bring it up, but maybe Matthews has a reason for what he did.
Yeah, ass.
No, I mean about leaving the scene.
There are worse secrets you can have, Deb.
I'm just saying, maybe you should keep an open mind.
Yes, I get what you're saying.
The hunt for Travis has hit a wall, but maybe there's a way around it.
Steve Dorsey, a.
Doomsday Adam, Travis' recently deceased acolyte.
There might be something in your history that can lead me to Travis.
Or lead us to Travis, since anything I find, I'll report to Deb.
Unfortunately, Dorsey has led a squeaky clean life.
He's a potential mass murderer with eight outstanding parking tickets.
Hey, any update? No, nothing yet, but search teams are expanding the perimeter.
Which means Travis Marshall most likely got away.
- We don't know that.
- I'm not trying to be critical, I'm just trying to get a lay of the land.
Homeland Security will be here within the hour.
They'll need an update, and they've requested all relevant materials on DDK.
Which means Travis probably isn't the only thing I've lost today.
However it shakes out, we'll handle it.
- Excuse me, Lieutenant? - What is it? There's a woman here who says she has important information about DDK.
Which is? She insists on speaking to you personally.
She says it has to do with something called wormwood.
- Wormwood? - Yeah.
How the fuck would she know about that? - Send her in.
- Yes, ma'am.
What did stalkers do before the Internet? Is this wormwood? Thank you, again, for coming.
Get everyone out of here! Evacuate the building! Go! Now! Dex, she's gone.
Let's go.
I'll give you everything you need.
I just need to go check on my brother.
I'll be right back, OK? Homeland Security? Yeah, you were right.
They want everything we have on DDK.
It'll slow us down to a crawl.
Is he all right? I'm fine.
I love you, but I wasn't talking to you.
I mean, he was lucky.
The exposure was very mild.
But this gas attacks the upper respiratory tract.
You could get nosebleeds followed by extreme dizziness, especially after physical exertion.
- You need to get to the hospital.
- Got it.
- You gonna go to the ER? - On my honour.
Stop with the sarcastic bullshit, all right? No bullshit, I will.
How did you know that crazy bitch was a threat? Just luck, I guess.
Fuck luck, I'll take you.
Dex, you saved a lot of lives today.
You saved my life.
I'd never let anything happen to you.
Come here.
It's just for a little while, OK? Daddy's gonna miss you every second of those 48 hours.
If Travis can attack Miami Metro, he can find his way to me.
I can't take that risk.
I've always known something could happen to me, but now it's more than my life I have to worry about.
Hey, thanks for coming back.
I knew I shouldn't have left.
Sorry to ruin your date and your weekend.
It's OK.
It's not every day your boss becomes a bona fide hero.
Yeah, well, I'm not feeling too heroic right now.
I'm starting to feel the side effects that that doctor was talking about.
I realised I'm probably not best person to be in charge of this little guy.
Well, it's no problem.
You just get some rest.
I'll keep him out of your hair.
Better idea, I booked you guys a room at The Ritz, in Coconut Grove.
Sweet! Have you picked your animal yet? Must've slipped my mind.
At the pageant, every child is paired with a parent to bring the story of Noah's Ark to life.
I think Harrison's a little scared of the whole thing.
Don't worry, buddy.
Daddy will be there.
I promise.
And you should pick one of the good animals soon, or you'll end up being rats or turtles or something.
King of the beasts.
Something feels right about that.
Travis has one tableau left, who knows how many people he'll try to kill next.
And he might go after Debra again, just like he did with Holly.
So you're changing your plan about working with Miami Metro? Miami Metro has been sidelined by Homeland Security.
It's time for my dark passenger to take the wheel again.
According to the seven keys, the next tableau will be the lake of fire.
"And Satan, who is the beast, "was thrown into the lake of fire, which is the second death.
" It says, the beast gathers the kings of the Earth and their armies, to prepare for war against God.
And he's responsible for killing the two witnesses.
Gosh You really should have gone to the ER, Dex.
I don't have time.
I have to find Travis.
You have no leads.
He could be anywhere.
It's time for a Hail Mary.
I'm gonna make Travis come to me.
Maybe it takes a beast to catch a beast.
That's for you.
Pick up an OpenX today, and never You don't need help operating I'm standing outside the Miami Metro headquarters, where earlier today, a local woman, Beth Dorsey, attempted a poison gas assault on the station's Homicide Department.
Channel 9 has learnt no officers were hurt in the brazen attack.
The only casualty was Miss Dorsey.
It's OK.
It's It's OK.
It's gonna be OK.
Her sacrifice will be enough.
It must be what God wanted.
It's up to me now.
My time has come.
I must pass the test.
Half the stuff on here costs more than my rent.
My treat.
For a job well done despite some enormous challenges.
Yeah, it would be a lot easier if Homeland Security wasn't breathing down my neck.
Well, just don't let them become a distraction.
I know only too well how easy it is to get bogged down in your job.
That call girl from the hotel is a perfect example of what I'm talking about.
I think I'm gonna have the duck.
I have to admit, I was a bit puzzled when I heard you were still looking into that.
What kind of wine goes with that? You know, some cases are better left alone Fuck.
I can't do this.
- I know you were one of her clients.
- Excuse me? Jessica Morris.
I found a card for flowers sent to her the morning that she died, from Thomas Matthews.
Were you the one in her hotel room the night she died? White.
You should order the white wine.
Sir You can talk to me.
You don't know what it's like, Debra.
Since Maggie died I've been alone for a very long time.
I went to the hotel.
We And when I came back into the bedroom, I found her lying on the floor.
I saw the drugs.
I tried to revive her, but she just wouldn't breathe.
She was dead.
And I couldn't change what happened.
So What do you intend to do? I don't know.
Debra, I've known you since the day you were born.
You cried in my arms the night your father died.
I've always looked out for you, and I made you lieutenant, and now I'm the one who needs a favour.
I want to help you, but what do I tell that girl's father? You tell him you found nothing.
She overdosed.
No one needs to know any more.
It's not gonna help anyone.
It'll only hurt me.
I'll call Mr Morris in the morning.
You sure it's safe to be here? Relax, sidekick.
Hazmat gave brass the all-clear.
I think I prefer "intern".
Bukkakee, bukkake.
The point is, me as boss needs you in Evidence for the next few days.
We're suffering from a serious case of backlog.
I'm on it.
Whoa, Amazon, 9 o'clock.
OK, everyone, listen up.
This is agent Hubbard from Homeland Security.
They'll be taking over our DDK investigation.
Until my team and I can assess all known associates of the Dorseys.
So what, we're just supposed to sit on our ass for the next four days until the world ends? You want to take that one? I understand your frustration, but this police station came under a gas attack yesterday.
In the government's eyes, that poses a potential on-going terrorist threat.
Steve and Beth Dorsey weren't terrorists.
They were nut-jobs following a bigger nut-job.
Let me and my team be the judge of that.
I promise, this will go faster if everyone cooperates.
They all hate this.
Can't say that I blame them.
Please make yourself available for interviews.
I'd like to start with Sergeant Batista, since he was the last one in contact with the suspects.
Can I set up in your office? Right this way.
This whole thing's fucking bullshit.
They have one hand tied behind their backs, but I don't.
Not when I have Gellar's.
- Hey.
- Not a good time, Quinn.
Yeah, I know you got that interview, but this'll just take a sec.
Not now.
Look, I'm so, so sorry.
Look, you saved my life, and for that I will always be grateful.
But this is a job of trust.
And I can't have a partner I can't trust.
You've been talking a lot about your department this morning, but how are you doing since the attack? I'm fine.
Pretty much, I mean I'm worried about Dexter.
He wouldn't go to the hospital.
He keeps saying he's OK.
You must be very proud of him.
He saved everyone's life.
Including mine.
It all happened so fast, you know? If that canister had gone off any sooner Your brother holds a very important place in your life.
He's really all I have.
You think I'm crazy now, I can't even imagine what a fucking mess my life would be without him.
I don't think you're crazy.
Can I get that in writing? From what I do know about you, you feel things very deeply.
Like your bond with Dexter.
Where do you think that stems from? Maybe because he's the only guy in my life that I haven't dumped, or cheated on, or isn't dead.
Is it possible that your feelings for Dexter are the reason that you've chosen men in the past who have been either inappropriate or unavailable? Because they're what? Not Dexter? That's insane.
Is it? He's my brother.
Yet you're not biologically related.
- So? - It would be understandable, given the past traumas the two of you have shared, for you to develop complex feelings for him.
Why the fuck are we even talking about this? You mentioned Dexter.
He comes up in these sessions a lot.
Aren't you curious as to why that is? He's a huge part of my life.
That's it.
End of story.
You getting upset? Fuck, yes, I'm becoming upset, because you're making it sound like I want to be with him or something.
Well, do you? Look I love my brother, but I am sure as shit not in love with my brother, if that's what you're getting at.
We're done here.
Travis got everyone's attention by staging his tableaus.
It's time I got his by staging one of my own.
I stashed Gellar's hand in the morgue, now I need it back.
Hey, Dexter! I was looking for you in your lab.
Heading home.
Looks like you got a minute.
Haven't we done this before? I just wanted to thank you for being so honest with me the other day about my video game.
Glad I could help.
You just made me realise that I have spent my whole life on the sidelines, playing make-believe games, and now I want to get out there and make my life count for something.
- OK, I really should - Yeah, go.
All right.
I hope you're feeling better.
I have no idea where Travis is hiding or what he's up to.
The lake of fire is his next tableau, but mine doesn't require a name, just the right message.
And the best way to get Travis to pay attention to that message is if it comes from me.
Sorry about this.
The hand is bad.
I've had my tongue in places that smelled better.
It was on ice for three years along with the rest of Gellar.
Decomposition will accelerate faster the longer it's in the sun.
Looks like the cut was made just above the palmar carpal ligament.
What's up with that? Travis will know.
- What do we know? - Street cleaner called it in.
I checked security footage.
If Travis and Gellar did this, they were out of view.
Well, Travis worked in the museum, so he would know every inch of the square.
- Hey, guys.
- What is it? All right, cue the music, hold the applause.
Shoot him.
The hand belongs to Gellar.
What? It's a positive match.
Why the fuck would Gellar cut off his own hand? Well, the cut looks to have been made post-mortem.
Gellar's most likely dead.
So student offs professor? Why? Good way to get rid of an accomplice.
- I mean, look at Steve Dorsey.
- Travis is a psycho.
He may not even be sticking to the Enesserette game plan, cos if this is supposed to be the lake of fire, I don't get it.
Let's have the unis sweep the area, maybe we can turn up Gellar's body.
It might lead us to Travis.
Not likely.
I left Gellar in pieces in the swamp.
Right on time.
My tableau should send Travis right to me.
Now he just needs to know where to go.
if they have any leads at all.
And now we go to Museum Square for this breaking news.
Authorities are still baffled by what appears to be yet another bizarre end of days tableau plaguing the city of Miami.
We warn you, these images are very graphic.
Investigators made a gruesome discovery early this morning in Museum Square.
Blood covered the angel statue in the square's fountain, and also contaminated the fountain's water.
A human hand was found nailed to the angel's chest.
On the forehead, the numbers 666 - The beast.
-were also written in blood.
Channel 9 has learnt that the hand depicted in these startling images may in fact belong to one of the suspected Doomsday Killers, Professor James Gellar.
No! Mark this day, witness.
The end is not upon the world, it's upon you.
You know who I am.
You know what I am.
The beast is coming for you.
"Slice of Life.
" Close the door.
- Everything - God damn it, Debra.
I thought we had an understanding.
- I'm a little confused here.
- Don't get cute.
Chief Lane has somehow come to learn about my indiscretions.
He's asking me to retire! Is this how you repay me after all I've done for you? I was at a crime scene all day.
I haven't talked to anyone.
It doesn't matter.
You just wouldn't let this thing go! Your father would be so disappointed.
So would your late wife.
All due respect, I didn't do anything wrong here.
No? What you did was screw over the only person that can protect you from a job that you are clearly not ready for.
Good luck.
You're gonna need it.
You wanted to see us? - Is everything OK? - Agent Hubbard just called.
Homeland Security has concluded that the Dorseys have no ties to terrorists.
No shit.
They want to be kept in the loop, as does the FBI, - but we're back in control.
- That's good news.
It would be if I hadn't just read your reports on what happened at Steve Dorsey's apartment.
What the fuck? Seriously, I should write both of you up.
That was all my fault, Deb.
It's Lieutenant.
And I got that.
You guys, we have two fucking days to catch Travis Marshall before he does God knows what in something called the lake of fire.
We just got this case back.
I cannot afford to have this department falling down around me right now, OK? No more fuck-ups.
We get Travis Marshall, you got it? I made sure the Slice of Life was in the video I sent Travis.
He'll be expecting to find me on my boat.
Not this one.
The owners use it twice a year, but I only need it once.
For Travis' final tableau.
Captain! Morgan.
You going to pick out blinds for Matthews' office? - You heard the news.
- From Matthews.
Because he thought that I ratted him out, but we both know that it was you, right? Rumours do have a way of spreading.
So Matthews comes to you and asks for help, and you go along with it, until Jessica Morris' father shows up.
Now, is that about the time that you realised you could stab him in the back? Interesting theory, but I have no idea what you're talking about.
Fucking used me to take him out and help yourself.
Don't be so naive, Morgan.
This is how the game is played.
Did you really think that Matthews made you lieutenant because you were ready? It was all politics to get back at me.
And that was his last mistake.
How do you sleep? Very well, knowing that from now on, you'll do what I say when I say it, or I'll find a lieutenant who will.
So LaGuerta's going on and on, and I'm dying inside.
And all of the sudden, I have one of those those moments where everything sort of comes together.
- An epiphany.
- Exactly.
And I realise that I have completely fucked myself into a corner.
What would you have done differently? Ignored a grieving father? Kept a case closed that didn't sit right with you? No.
And fuck no.
And I was trying to give you a compliment.
You've grown so much.
You made the best out of a bad situation, because now you see Everything isn't always so black and white.
Did you try the noodles? You have always blown at that.
And you're so good? Show me.
It's this finger, dumbass.
- Like this? - Yeah.
Your hand's shaking, what is it? This.
One minute, everything's perfect.
And the next minute The next minute what? You're rushing off.
Deb I am always with you.
Right here.
Oh, fuck.
It worked.
Oh, no.
Not now.
You didn't really think you could foil God's plan, did you? This was how it was always meant to be.
I will wait on a pillar of light for God's return.
And you'll burn in eternal hellfire.
It is finished.
I thought I was headed in the right direction.
My dark passenger back behind the wheel.
But if I was so sure I knew where I was going, how did I get so lost?