Dexter s06e12 Episode Script

This is the Way the World Ends

Previously on Dexter - What do you believe in, Mr Morgan? - Nothing.
You can believe whatever you wanna believe.
But it's not just about you any more.
It's why I'm making you Homicide's new lieutenant.
Fuckballs, you're serious.
There's something inside.
Holy frankenfuck! Snakes! So it's begun? Yes.
No! This Revelation expert, James Gellar.
The professor, from the University ofTallahassee? Gellar disappeared three years ago after he got fired.
Travis Marshall.
I suppose it was God who told you to kill all those innocent people.
God speaks to the professor.
You're saying Gellar does the killing? He's so much stronger than me.
He's been dead all along.
Travis, you killed Gellar.
"Miami Metro Homicide.
" That's where God wants us to stage wormwood.
Dex, you saved a lot of lives today.
You saved my life.
Every time the shit hits the fan, I go to him.
He's your safe place.
You're making it sound like I want to be with him or something.
Well, do you? This is a job of trust.
And I can't have a partner I can't trust.
The beast is coming for you.
You didn't really think you could foil God's plan, did you? I guess it's fitting that I end up where I've left so many others.
I only wonder if the world will be a better place without me.
It's wrong what people say about dying.
I'm not flashing back over my life, over the lives I've taken.
I'm thinking about the life I'll miss.
I'll miss watching my son grow up.
Are you OK? You are very lucky.
God is looking out for you.
Where are we? Florida.
Maybe five miles away.
We'll be there soon.
He's robbing us, and I have nothing to give.
I can give him death.
You're safe.
We'll be there soon.
"It's finished.
" Those were Travis' last words to me, and he's right.
There's no way to find him now.
I'm going home to my son.
Excuse me.
- Do you have a phone I can use? - Oh, sure.
More on the ball games later.
And now, in other news The solar eclipse is due at 3:28 tomorrow afternoon.
It's a great opportunity to trick your kids into learning a little science.
Stick with us, and Dr Mehler will teach you how to make a simple pinhole camera that will allow you to watch in safety with your children.
But first, this message.
Stare at the sun, you idiots.
Better you be blinded than face the horrors that await you.
I can't stay here much longer if you're gonna stink like that.
I cannot believe you fell off your boat and swam to shore.
You must be exhausted.
Mostly, I feel dumb.
I'll be OK.
Let's go home.
I lost my keys, wallet, cell phone.
Yeah, of course.
Are you OK? Yeah.
Just thirsty, hungry.
I can't imagine if he would have lost you, Dexter.
You're very lucky.
What can I do to help? - We're good until the morning.
- OK.
Don't forget, his pageant's tomorrow.
I'll be there.
Thank you.
If some God or some force did save me today I'm sure it was for you and not for me.
Today's the day.
Dex! I got a report that your boat had washed ashore.
I'm OK.
I'm OK.
Kept calling your cell phone, there was no answer.
God, you can't keep doing this to me.
I've almost lost you twice.
I love you.
I love you, too.
You do? Of course I do.
I don't think you've ever said it before.
It's a double murder.
There's blood.
Will you write down the address for me? Are you sure you're up for it? Yeah, I'm good.
- You been inside yet? - No.
We've been waiting on you.
This was Travis.
He killed these people because he needed a place to hide.
Well, we'll take care, we'll find out.
It's about fucking time.
I had to get gas.
I'll never get used to that.
The sweet smell of hydrogen sulphide, carbon dioxide, and methane all liquefying into a frothy treat.
Where's Dex? Fuck me.
Fucking Travis Marshall was here.
Looks like it.
What's the painting of? It's the beast being thrown into the lake of fire.
It's the last tableau.
Why do you think he smashed in the face? I can't imagine.
Better go photograph the bodies.
I'll take care of this room.
What do you think happened here? I don't know.
Either way, it's a horrible way to go.
They were both killed by blows to the head.
Her, once.
Him, multiple times.
Blunt instrument.
Most likely that frying pan.
When? At least 48 hours ago.
You're looking at me weird.
- Am I? - Aren't you? I'm just taking pictures, Deb.
Let's just focus on work right now, OK? OK.
Where the fuck is Travis Marshall? He could be anywhere.
You think he's done the lake of fire yet? I don't know.
He could just be hiding out somewhere.
He could just be kicking back with a beer, waiting for the eclipse.
That's very possible, Deb.
OK I'm gonna go back to the office.
I gotta find a way to catch this fucker.
- I'll see you back there.
- OK.
Despite what Travis said, maybe it's not quite finished.
My one advantage is that he thinks I'm dead.
Now, where do I go? Please, God.
I've done everything you've asked of me.
Thank you.
You know, my last day is coming up fast.
A dark day indeed.
You will be missed.
I was wondering there's no way I could stay on permanently? Maybe as an assistant? What about your video games? It just doesn't seem important any more.
Louis, Miami Metro Homicide is an elite crew, OK? Just because you're the world's greatest batboy doesn't mean that you're ready to pinch hit for the Yankees.
In other words finish training, you must.
Save you, it will, Luke.
Maybe I'll throw you some consulting work, just to keep your dick wet.
That'd be great.
This is the lake of fire.
It's the last of seven keys that's supposed to bring about the end of the world.
It was Travis' last tableau.
A picture taken last night about seven miles off the coast.
Some guy in an aeroplane saw it and took a picture with his cell phone.
Now based on this, I'm thinking that Travis has already completed tableau number seven.
- Does anyone think I'm wrong? - I think we're in agreement.
We've got the coast guard out there looking for signs of a wreck or a body, but nothing yet.
Cos I'm right here.
So Travis is done with his work.
Now what? Well, now all Travis has to do is sit back and wait for the end of the world.
Which means he could be anywhere.
Or maybe not.
Maybe he's somewhere very specific.
Somewhere where we can grab his crazy ass.
Check this out.
This is Gellar's last sketch.
- The two witnesses.
- Yeah.
And their dog.
I guess Fido wanted to watch the end of the world, too.
So you're thinking if Travis is following Gellar's drawings, this points to where he'll be next? And what time he'll be there.
All this shit's gonna go down when the eclipse is happening.
Which is four hours from now.
Where do you go to watch an eclipse? Well, you'd want a good view.
No obstructions.
High ground.
Yeah, look where they are.
They're on a mountaintop.
Could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure there are no mountains in Miami.
Unless you find a substitute.
- Fucking A - Skyscrapers.
Fucking big-ass, tall-as-shit skyscrapers.
- Makes sense.
- It does, right? I'm gonna call LaGuerta.
I want to station unis on top of Miami's tallest buildings.
There's a lot of tall buildings in Miami.
I mean, that's gonna require a lot of manpower.
I don't care.
IfTravis gets away, he is gone for good.
Travis redid that same sketch yesterday, and it looks different.
I thought it was a mountain, but maybe it's a building.
What was the last thing Travis said to me? He'd be standing atop a shining pillar of light.
"The solar-powered Transcorp Building "was designed to capture and reflect the sun "as it moves across the Miami sky.
" A pillar of light.
- Hey.
- Hey.
The abandoned church where Travis and Gellar were hanging out What about it? I need you to do a final forensic sweep so we can clear it.
I have Harrison's Noah's Ark pageant this afternoon.
I promised him.
Afterwards, then.
Copy that.
Hey What? Do we need to talk? I don't know.
Is there something we should talk about? I don't know.
You almost died.
I didn't know if you needed to unload or whatever.
I think I'm OK, but thanks, sis.
Don't forget about the church.
Got it.
I have plans for that church.
Whatever it is, I didn't do it.
This is exactly why I'm doing this.
You never take anything seriously.
Why you're doing what? I wanted to give you the heads up about your transfer.
What fucking transfer? I didn't ask for a transfer.
- I'm putting one in for you.
- The fuck you are.
I am.
You've been screwing up for the last few months.
And when you almost got me killed - I thought we settled that.
- We did.
But as sergeant, I can't risk myself or anyone else here in Homicide any more.
Good talk, Sergeant.
So even though Travis Marshall killed Gellar, at some point, we're not sure when, he's still recreating images from Gellar's sketchbook, and this is the last one.
It's two witnesses looking at the eclipse from a mountaintop.
And skyscrapers are the mountaintops of Miami.
So you think that Travis Marshall will watch the eclipse from a skyscraper.
Can you narrow down which one? The Four Seasons is the tallest building in Miami, but we're not sure where he'll show up.
And that's why I want to put unis on top of every building over 400 feet.
Do it.
You're agreeing with me? If you think this is the best use of your resources, I trust your judgement.
Yeah, so when this blows up in my face, you can fire my ass.
I know that you think that I'm some heartless bitch, and sometimes I have to be.
But everything I do is always in the best interest of Miami Metro.
Matthews might disagree with that.
Well, Matthews put his dick before his department.
Yeah, and you cut it off.
You didn't hesitate to take advantage of that situation.
Was that really the best for Miami Metro? Morgan, we need to get Travis Marshall.
All I need to know is will this plan of yours work? Yes.
Then count on having all the manpower you need.
Did you look under your bed? Maybe Blanky's in here.
We're late.
Here it is.
OK, let's go.
So the beast has a son.
Be a big boy lion.
Just in time for the flood.
Sorry I'm late.
I was getting worried the world would have to make do with only one lion.
Just a few minutes, everybody, before the show begins.
Break a leg, you two.
OK, bud.
Remember what the lions say? Sorry.
It's OK, it's OK.
We're lions.
That's just what lions do.
All right, now we got an ark to get on.
And that boat has a place for all the animals, not just the sheep and the zebras, but the lions, too.
I'll be right with you, by your side.
Let's get that mask on.
Two by two, the animals went inside the ark.
The bunny rabbits, the tigers, even the lions.
All of God's creatures.
Noah welcomed them all on his boat.
And the rain kept falling for 40 days and 40 nights, until the whole world was covered in water.
The tallest building in Miami is the Four Seasons building, and this is where we believe Travis Marshall will be.
Sergeant Batista and Detective Quinn will accompany the two officers that are stationed there.
If you see Travis Marshall or contact is made, call for backup immediately.
He is highly unpredictable and very dangerous.
Let's go get this fucker.
Check in with me every 15, OK? I want to stay on top of this.
I spoke to my union rep.
We decided I have a problem with alcohol, and as long as I seek help and admit it, I can't be transferred or fired.
It's a disease.
Are you shitting me? That rule is for people that really have a problem.
You're not an alcoholic, you're just a fuck-up.
Look, you said to take control of my life.
That's what I'm trying to do, OK? I like Homicide.
I'm in it for the long haul.
Why can't you put this much effort into actual police work? We remind you to not look directly at the sun.
The eclipse will happen within the hour.
And the two witnesses will watch the world end with their dog.
I still don't get the dog.
Why do they want to bring the dog? Are you sure that's a dog? What else could it be? A sheep, a lamb.
Lamb of God? A lamb.
We've seen that before.
Yeah, it was that hot chick that Quinn fucked.
Carissa Porter, right.
She was in that tableau that Gellar staged at the University of Tallahassee.
She slaughtered a lamb.
The school newspaper sent the contact sheets from that day.
I've got them right here.
The lamb has only an omega on its forehead, no alpha.
An omega.
The end.
Killing the lamb signifies the end.
Holy fuck.
What ifTravis isn't done killing? - Deb.
- I think Travis is gonna kill again.
- When? - Before the eclipse.
That's an hour from now.
I know, but I think he's gonna make a sacrifice.
An offering to his god.
It makes sense, right? A spilling of blood to bless the new world.
I mean, I'm not 100% sure, but In the last drawing from Gellar's book, one of the witnesses has a sword, and the animal approaching them is A lamb.
And that tableau that Gellar did on campus a few years back, the slaughter of a lamb.
I don't know what a lamb means to this crazy prick.
It could be an actual lamb, it could be an innocent of some kind, but I think that could be his next kill.
I gotta go.
Excuse me, Sister.
Have you seen Harrison? Yes.
He just left.
He left? He was with a man wearing a lion's mask.
- I thought it was you.
- Where'd they go? The time is nigh and the end is near It's time for God's children to listen and hear For his word has said that the world will end And the mountain will fall when he comes again Hey! Hey, little boy! Hey, come back here! The time is 3:26.
Get ready for the eclipse Should all be in place by now, right? Yeah.
Four Seasons, this is Lieutenant Morgan.
We're all clear up here.
No sign of Travis or a lamb of any kind.
Copy that.
Miami Tower, this is Lieutenant Morgan.
All clear? All clear.
Copy that.
Transcorp Building, this is Lieutenant Morgan.
All clear? Transcorp? Transcorp? All clear.
So jump to the sky Repent of your sins Run to your saviour and you'll be saved again It is done.
I am the alpha and the omega.
I am the beginning and the end.
I am making everything new.
No! Stop! What? Get away from him! I killed you.
Stay back! You're supposed to be dead.
How's the world going to end if the beast is still alive? It won't.
Until the beast is dead, a sacrifice is meaningless.
Time is running out, Travis.
I know that.
Stay there! Take me, and let my son go.
You need me.
You don't need him.
Let him go.
Take him to the elevator.
Do you have any of your needles with you? Yes.
Let's see it.
Show me.
Inject yourself.
I will, but not until you let him go.
It's OK, buddy.
Stop! You stay there! Inject yourself, or I'll kill him.
Do it now! The eclipse is here, Travis.
Daddy's here.
Looks like the moon has just finished traversing the sun.
Lieutenant, it's the Four Seasons.
We're all clear.
Miami Tower's all clear.
Marquis, all clear.
The eclipse is over.
Nothing happened.
Marinablue, all clear.
Transcorp hasn't checked in.
Transcorp, this is Lieutenant Morgan.
Are you there? Are you there? Transcorp, do you copy? God fucking damn it! on top of the Transcorp Building.
Get the paramedics up here now.
Search every fucking inch of this place! - Yes, ma'am.
- First quadrant, clear.
- Second quadrant, clear.
- Third quadrant, clear.
- Fourth quadrant, clear.
- All clear.
No sign of Marshall.
Lieutenant! What the fuck is that? Looks like it was some kind of altar.
Maybe the officer was the sacrifice.
Let's go! Move! South quadrant.
Deb, what happened? He got away.
Lieutenant, the officer's dead.
Deb, you OK? What does it matter? How does any of it fucking matter? Shit.
Where's Morgan? She needed a moment alone.
She's over there.
Oh, fuck.
Don't, OK? You made the right call.
What is this, you being understanding? Pragmatic.
You kick a horse during the race, not after it's over.
Travis Marshall was here.
Yeah, and an officer is dead.
Because of Travis Marshall.
Who's still out there.
Who knows what he'll do next? He's capable of anything.
And if he fucking disappears, this case could stay open forever.
You'd always have that to throw back in my face.
I won't do that.
Why, it's not best for Miami Metro? Because you'll find him.
You have the potential to be a good lieutenant, but you need to prioritise.
You're letting your emotions take charge of you.
You know what worked for me? Making my job the centre of my life.
Puts everything else in perspective because the control is all mine.
And that's what you need to do, Deb, take control.
One thing I'm sure I have faith in is the staying power of animal tranquilisers.
Is that my shirt? The mighty kings return! It's a jungle out there.
Here, I'll put him to bed.
No, I got it.
I have to go back out.
- Late night? - Probably not too late.
Deb wants me to go back to a crime scene, - collect some evidence.
- OK.
Let me see those paws, let me see those paws.
I'm glad you're safe.
Whether you're a lion or a lamb, I'll always love you.
Maybe that's all I need to pass on to you.
You were right.
Debra, we can schedule a time I told him.
I fucking told my brother that I love him, and he said "I love you" back.
Not, "Me, too," or something like that.
- He actually said, "I love you.
" - Wow.
That's big, isn't it? Yeah, I mean, I don't think he understood that I'm in love with him, but still, he said the actual words for the first time.
So what do you think it means? I don't know what the fuck it means.
That's why I'm here.
Is this just horribly wrong? Does it feel wrong? It makes my whole life every man I've ever loved, make sense.
It's like I've always been looking for someone like Dexter or someone who's the opposite of Dexter as a way to avoid the fact that I'm in love with him.
That's just clear to me now, and I want it to be clear to him.
I want him to understand.
You want to tell him how you feel in a way that he can hear you.
Is this how it feels to be in control of your emotions? But you can't control his.
You don't know how he's going to react.
Hello, Jesus.
Hello, Travis.
What? What is going on? This is the way the world ends.
- Your world, anyway.
- No! No, no! I'm supposed to finish enacting the seven keys.
- Sorry.
- But I was chosen! I was chosen to bring about the new world.
Chosen to kill innocent people? No one is innocent.
My son is.
You tried to kill him.
God allowed his son to die.
How could you believe in that? Because I walk the path of the righteous.
I've known people who believed in God.
They would never use their faith as a convenient excuse to kill 10 people.
You used God.
It's not the other way around.
You You are a shining example of how putrid man has become.
I am a father, a son, a serial killer.
You're going to burn in hell.
No, I think I belong right here.
Because maybe there is a place for me in this world just as I am.
Light cannot exist without darkness.
Each has its purpose.
And if there is a purpose to my darkness, maybe it's to bring some balance to the world.
Because, let's face it, the world is going to be a better place without you.
The world is going to end.
And when it does, I will be by God's side.
- You sure about that? - Yes.
Good for you.
You're mocking me.
No, I almost envy you.
It must be nice to be so certain.
You're wrong about everything because you don't believe in God, but I have faith.
I trust in God's plan.
Really? Then it must be God's plan that you're on my table.
Do you think it's God's will that I'm about to kill you? God has nothing to do with this! You are wrapped in plastic because I want to kill you.
This is not how it's supposed to be! Maybe this is exactly how it's supposed to be.
Maybe everything is exactly as it should be.
Oh, God.