Dexter s07e02 Episode Script

Sunshine and Frosty Swirl

Previously on Dexter - Where's your lug wrench at? - No! We are investigating the homicide of a Miami Metro Police officer.
Viktor left on an evening flight.
He arrives in Kiev at 5:25 p.
, your time.
What about the dead police officer? - I'll make it go away.
- Good.
- Hello, Viktor.
- Is there anything I can do - to keep you from killing me? - No.
In my game, you can be the serial killer.
I think this is offensive.
Who would choose to be a serial killer? It's a bad idea.
Do something else.
Only one person who ever worked at Miami Metro ever took blood slides.
Sergeant Doakes, the Bay Harbour Butcher.
What happened was too strong.
It got into you too early.
You mustn't ever tell Debra the truth about yourself.
If you think she's upset now that's nothing compared to how she'd feel if she learned what you are.
Dexter, what the fuck? You said Travis came at you with a sword.
Where did you get the knives? There was a roll of them.
I'm just trying to put this together.
Are you a serial killer? Yes.
I've dreaded this moment my whole life.
But I never pictured it like this.
Don't you fucking touch me.
I just want to know you're okay.
I am not okay.
- I am never gonna fucking be okay.
- Just try to take it easy.
Oh, my God, I can't believe this.
How long have you been doing this? How long have you been fucking doing this? Since I was 20.
Oh, Jesus fucking Christ, Dexter.
Those blood slides that I found in your apartment they look like the ones we found in Doakes' car.
Are you the Bay Harbour Butcher? This is not the place to talk about this.
- I only kill certain kinds of people - Oh, God.
like Travis.
Deb, Dad taught me.
He gave me a code.
Dad knew? It was his idea.
He knew everything.
- Oh, fuck.
- Deb.
Please, just Just come back inside with me.
Harry found me sitting in a pool of my mother's blood.
He understood why I had these urges.
A lot of horrible things happen to a lot of people.
And they don't turn out like you.
I don't know about other people.
But I have this need deep inside me.
I call it my dark passenger.
You gave it a name? Harry said it got in me too early and too deep.
He said I couldn't change it.
And so he thought up the code.
He said if I had to kill, I might as well kill people who deserved it.
You make it sound like it's okay, like you're the victim here.
The people in that box, Dexter they're the victims.
Victims? A choir director who raped and murdered little boys? A married couple smuggling refugees who killed the ones who couldn't pay? A psychiatrist who manipulated women into taking their own lives? There's this place called the police department.
Sometimes the system doesn't work.
Killers fall through the cracks.
Don't I fucking know it? I'm talking to one right now.
I am the worst fucking detective in the world.
You're my own brother.
How could I not see what you were doing? - You're not responsible for this.
- Well, I am now.
I helped you cover up Travis' murder.
- I'm an accomplice.
- You walked in on me.
- I had to think on my feet.
- Well, fuck me for ruining your night.
What am I supposed to do here? My name has the word "lieutenant" in front of it.
I can't turn my back on this.
All of this is very, very fucking wrong.
So what are you gonna do? I never wanted her to go through this, Dex.
Neither did I.
Then you should have been more careful.
At least she didn't arrest me.
Not yet.
What is this doing here? Is it some kind of message? Maybe someone else is on to me.
According to FBI Special Agent Frank Lundy: "it's almost certain that the butcher is still at work.
Serial killers have an addiction and will continue to kill until they're caught.
" If the ITK hand in my apartment is genuine then it can't still be in Evidence.
Not here.
Then I was sent the real thing.
No record of it being checked out.
Could it have been stolen? Sorry.
Saw you come in here.
I just got curious.
- Now I wish I hadn't.
- Why? You're looking for the hand, aren't you? Look, I can explain.
Look, remember my former intern Ryan? Blond, stacked and the cause of many sleepless nights? - Yeah.
- Well, she needed some extra dough so she stole the hand and auctioned it online.
That's why I fired her.
- Who won the auction? - Don't know.
- I put Louis on the case to find out.
- Louis? Not even with all his digital skills, he couldn't dig up a name.
At least he was able to erase the electronic trail.
Did Louis find the hand and keep it? No one needs to know, right? But why send the work of a serial killer to me? Does Louis know what I am? Dex? What? We're cool, right? Yeah.
No one needs to know.
Oh, thank God.
- I was ready to blow you.
- Not necessary.
- Briefing.
You coming? - Yeah.
I have to find out what Louis knows about me.
Some time alone with him and he'd open up one way or another.
But I need to put out fires, not start new ones.
Remember him? It's been three days since Mike was gunned down.
The son of a bitch that pulled the trigger is still walking the streets.
Where are we? We're continuing to hit the club where Miss Soroka was employed.
Someone there must've seen something related to her death.
We think it's our best shot at a lead, Gonna shut them down every night.
You know, those places do big business during lunch too.
- Just saying.
- Start shutting them down twice a day.
- With pleasure.
- Moving on.
This pretty face belongs to Wayne Randall.
Fifteen years ago, Randall and his teenage girlfriend went on a three-state killing spree that ended here in Miami.
He's currently serving two consecutive life terms at Dade.
Randall now claims to have evidence on three other murders that he committed in the Miami area, and he wants to come clean.
He wants to lead investigators to where he buried the bodies.
That's nice of him.
He says he wants to clear his conscience.
His lawyers are just trying to swing a deal.
What's he telling us? He told us about one victim, a brunette in her mid-20s that matches a missing persons report from that time, a Janice Dubois.
There's a chance he's not completely full of shit.
County has requested one detective and one lab tech to help them process the scene.
- Miller? - Yeah.
- You're volunteer number one.
- I'll go.
- I want Masuka on this.
- I don't to work a dumpsite.
Come on, I'm up to my ears on Mike's case.
I'm sorry.
You're with Miller.
Contact info will be in your boxes.
You'll start tomorrow.
That's it.
Thank you.
Can I talk to you outside for a second? I was this close to arresting you this morning.
I even thought about what I would say to the press.
I wouldn't want to have to write that speech.
I don't know what to do.
Every alternative I can think of is fucking crazy.
Such as? It's fucked up.
Try me.
They say people like you are addicts.
Like drugs.
It's not untrue.
Well, when addicts want to get better, they go to rehab.
I don't think there are clinics for what I've got.
We can make one.
I could be your clinic.
- How? - You move in with me.
I watch you 24/7 and make sure that there's no way in hell you can do what you do and if it is an addiction, then maybe Maybe you can get over it.
You're right.
It's crazy.
Dexter, if you can channel your urges why can't you control them? What if Dad had taught you how to quit instead of teaching you how to live with it? - He fucked up.
- There's a big problem with this idea.
What? I've tried stopping before.
It didn't work.
Well, now you have me.
Someone who loves you more than you will ever fucking know.
And in spite of all of this, I still believe that there is good in you.
Maybe more that's in most people.
What if it doesn't work? I don't I don't want to think about that.
And how much choice do I have here? None.
Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.
I'm curious.
Your facilities are state-of-the-art.
Why go through a private lab? Just trying to lighten the load.
It's been a hectic few months.
Look, just to confirm the blood you sampled from the glass fragment is a positive match with Travis Marshall's? No question about it.
Thank you.
Remember, keep this confidential.
And when you send back the findings, address them to me personally, okay? - No problem.
- Great.
- Yes, captain? - Regional FBI office, please.
We are back! Hey! I won't allow this to go on.
This is harassment.
No, this is an inconvenience.
We're working our way up to harassment.
I told you the last time you were here, I don't know who killed Kaja.
I don't know who shot your policeman.
Kaja was clubbed to death in the parking lot - 15 yards from where we are.
- No one saw anything.
- Sell that somewhere else.
- What are you gonna do? Gonna keep coming every day and shut me down? No, I'm coming back tonight too.
- What the fuck do you want from me? - I want the shooter.
You rack your brain and give me something or I'm gonna turn this place into a fucking monastery.
You got that list? Follow me.
You know, the money we make here is all we have to live on.
What you're doing is really unfair.
What's your name? - Nadia.
- Come here.
Have a drink.
We're not supposed to drink while we're working.
Come on.
You hear any music playing? Now, what you said isn't true.
I do care who killed Kaja but no one around here seems interested in helping me find out who it is.
Okay? Do you know anybody who might be interested in hurting your friend? You've been told not to cooperate with us? Kaja was dating someone.
Tony Rush.
He's one of the bouncers here.
They were on and off, but Tony is a good guy.
Can you point Tony out to me? He's not here today.
I really hope you catch the person who did this and put a bullet through his head.
That's not generally how we work, but I get where you're coming from.
Here, if you can think of anything to help, give me a call.
I will, Detective Quinn.
- Joey.
- Excuse me.
- Tell me you got the shooter.
- Possibly.
One of the bouncers hasn't come to work since the murders.
Tony Rush.
- How'd you know? - He and Kaja were an item.
Suspicious timing, don't you think? The sudden absence? Come on.
You're gonna sleep in the bedroom.
I'm not gonna put you out.
Yes, you are.
I'm sleeping out here.
Deb, that's ridiculous.
This isn't a fucking pyjama party, Dex, okay? You're gonna take my bedroom and I'm gonna sleep out here on the couch.
- Between me and the front door? - I will be by the door.
You've really thought this through.
Yeah, well, I found this website: "How to cure a serial killer in ten easy steps.
" And this is the first step.
You'll have to print me out a copy.
I'm figuring this out as I go along, Dexter.
But if we're gonna do this, we're gonna do it all the way.
We're gonna eat together, we're gonna watch TV together we're gonna drive to fucking work together.
Hope you got a big shower.
Why don't you go unpack.
I'll heat us up something to eat.
You have to be completely honest with me.
That is the first rule.
My new code.
Don't you think Deb has gone through enough without you lying to her? I'm not lying.
You're a killer, Dex.
Deb didn't raise you.
I did.
She never saw what you were really like.
I did.
I was right to channel your urges instead of trying to suppress them.
You think I can just walk out of here and call the whole thing off? If it were this simple, watching you for 24 hours a day don't you think I would have tried it? Maybe you should've.
How does it feel? This need to kill? What do you call it? My dark passenger.
You make it sound like you're possessed or something.
That's how it feels sometimes.
Do you know how many assholes in prison blame their actions on someone or something else? I'm not copping a plea, Deb.
I'm giving you honesty.
It's rule number one, right? How's the spaghetti? Overcooked.
First rule.
So how does it feel? It starts with blood.
Blood? Yeah, the image of it trickling down the back of my eyelids.
The trickle becomes a stream and then a flood.
It fills me up all my empty spaces.
But then the blood isn't red anymore.
- What is it? - It's black.
And pressing.
It feels like my head is gonna explode.
And the only way to relieve the pressure is to open the floodgates let it spill out.
I can't believe you're like this.
You're a sick fuck, Dexter.
Jesus Christ.
Well, maybe we shouldn't talk about it.
Yeah, maybe not while I'm serving fucking tomato sauce.
Are you seeing blood now? Nope, just spaghetti.
Well, if you start seeing red, will you fucking call me? And say what? "Deb, I'm seeing blood"? Say, "I really feel like wrapping someone up in plastic and stabbing them.
" And I can say, "No, Dexter, don't.
" Second rule.
There have to be families out there that are more fucked up than us.
But I sure as hell wouldn't wanna meet them.
What the fuck am I doing here? - What you think's right.
- Right would be turning you in.
I'm doing this because I can't stand the idea of you living the rest of your life in prison.
Or worse.
I told Deb I'd be honest with her, but it's not like I'm stalking a kill.
I just need to get into Louis' penthouse and find out what he knows about me.
You Okay? - It's late.
- Yeah.
I'm just doing some work.
I'll sit with you.
Deb, I'm fine.
No, you shouldn't be alone right now.
I mean, awake and alone.
Yeah, maybe I should try to get some sleep.
Just know that I'm here for you.
How could I forget? Now that Deb is my Siamese twin getting into Louis' penthouse is going to be next to impossible.
But how long can I wait? You know, for the tenth time I barely saw Kaja that night.
I was working.
She got off at 2 a.
and I don't know what she did after that.
Whatever you decide to get into after this, forget writing because you could not make up a story to save your fucking life.
Security tapes back him up.
- Shit.
Are you sure? - No doubt.
He was at the club all night working.
Well, it looks like some of what you said wasn't bullshit.
You were working when Kaja was killed.
We still don't like the fact that you vanished the day after she died.
Smells like guilt to me.
- You could have had someone do it.
- No way.
What happened? She start sleeping around on you? - Kaja was loyal.
- Loyal, huh? So she was doing you.
At least we're getting somewhere.
The problem is now we know you've been lying to us about you and Kaja.
And that's bad form, Tony.
We tend to get cranky when people bullshit us.
Now, if you think what we're doing to the club is bad wait till we start on you.
She was with Viktor.
Say again? The night that Kaja died she left the club with Viktor.
- Fucking sleazebag.
- Who the fuck is Viktor? Hey, how's it going out there? Don't ask.
Bad as you thought? Worse.
We sit in the sun waiting for the diggers to find a body.
I mean, so far they've uncovered a telephone cable and a bag of used diapers.
I mean, all this waiting around it's like dating a born-again Christian.
If I don't have Deb watching my every move it'll be a lot easier to slip away to Louis' apartment.
I'm getting a little stir crazy.
- I wouldn't mind a day out of the lab.
- Dude.
Oh, my God, I would be eternally grateful.
But you'd have to clear it with your sister.
For some reason, she really wants me out there.
- You think she secretly hates me? - I'll see what I can do.
Masuka's miserable on this whole Wayne Randall thing.
He's begging me to take over for him today.
I'll drive.
- You'll drive? - I could use some fresh air.
Let's go.
- Just got a break on Mike's shooting.
- What? The last person to see Kaja alive was Viktor Baskov.
He's a Russian expat.
We couldn't find anything on him in here but we got a hit on the Interpol database.
He's a member of the Koshka brotherhood.
Known for narcotics - and human trafficking.
- Hold on.
I have to take care of this.
Are we good? Deb, I'll be surrounded by federal marshals.
I think I'll be okay.
It was 15 years ago.
Give me a fucking break.
Where are the bodies, Wayne? Closer to the road.
- Why'd you tell us to dig here? - Because this place looks different.
Look at these mini-malls.
You think I like being out here with you in the fucking heat? - All right.
We're moving.
- Damn.
Strike this.
One more wit, he'd be a fucking half-wit.
Oh, it's hot as a pig's asshole.
All this asphalt.
You know, this used to be a real pretty place.
Now look at it.
Yeah, nothing stays the same.
That's the truth.
Well, at least the Frosty Swirl is still here.
You surprised a lot of people.
- How's that? - Leading us to these bodies.
Why the change of heart? Why do you care? I'm just curious.
People say you grew a conscience.
It was always there.
It was just buried under a lot of Wayne Randall.
I just surrendered.
- Surrendered? - All right.
Let's break for lunch.
We'll pick this up in an hour.
Oh, here we go.
Getting to Louis' penthouse and back in an hour will be tight but I'm not exactly flush with options.
I can appreciate the mind-set of a collector but toys? Seems like a waste of a good obsession.
My charge card numbers? So Louis killed my credit cards.
Why is he messing with my life? It features 29 points of articulation five more than the last figure they put out so at least they're listening to the collectors.
Still, they could have-- Idea: a video diary app.
One touch, device starts recording.
Tap again and it uploads directly to Still waiting.
Yeah, I'm almost done.
Your hour's almost up.
I'm only thinking of you.
Oh, God.
There'll never be an app for this.
This is going to be worse than Bob Henley.
He got off easy.
I want to see Dexter lying in his own piss and vomit and I won't stop until that represents the high point of his day.
No one fucks with me.
No one.
Now, on to more important things.
Four-ninety-- Bob Henley.
"Henley arrested after the FBI found child pornography on his workstation.
Skanda tech has announced his dismissal pending charges which could fetch up to 15 years.
" Is this how Louis took control of his software company? By setting this guy up? What's he planning for me? With Deb on my case, I don't know when I'll have this chance again.
- Why are you fucking with me, Louis? - God, please, don't hurt me.
Give me a good reason not to hurt you because right now I want to break your neck.
- Why'd you send me the hand? - It was a stupid joke.
I just, you know, the lifelines, you know, time is short.
It was a clue.
I was screwing with you.
Why? Because I came to you for help with my game and you said no.
Your game? Yes, I swear that's the reason.
This is about your game? I spent five years on that game and you shit all over it.
And now I'm too depressed to even look at it.
It was my whole world! I never wanna see you again.
Do you understand? I'm done.
I'm totally done.
Where the fuck have you been? Running an errand.
What errand? Deb, I didn't kill anybody.
How the fuck do I know that? I've been calling you and calling you.
- I didn't get the messages.
- Well, check your fucking phone.
I need to know where you are at all times.
- That is what we agreed on, right? - It won't happen again.
Finish what you need to do here and we'll go visit Harrison together.
Here you are.
Seems you rode that wagon till the wheels came off.
- Trouble in paradise? - No, she's my sister.
Also my boss.
You just redefined hell.
What crawled up her ass? It's a long story.
Randall, what'd you mean earlier when you said "surrendered"? I just accepted my situation, you know of being where I am.
People watching your every move.
It is what it is.
Once I stopped fighting it the anger just fell off like a bad scab.
Left me open to try and make things right.
They still use real ice cream.
At least everything hasn't gone to hell.
We're still not getting anywhere, George.
I mean, you must like us coming here.
- There's nothing I can do about it.
- Stop protecting Viktor Baskov.
- I told you-- - Yeah, he doesn't work here.
Just comes in for a drink now and then.
- That's all I know.
- Right.
We'll see you soon.
I might even bring a portable polygraph next time.
You know how long it would take to poly everyone in here? Okay, everybody get your asses back to work.
- Rough day? - lsaak.
What are you doing here? I heard the police.
It would appear that I'm here for the same reason, to find Viktor.
Yeah, I swear I I have no idea how they got his name.
I'm sure of it.
But we'll get to that.
Anyway, I thought he was in Kiev with you.
If Viktor was in Kiev why would I be here? Viktor never made his flight.
I checked.
Well, I don't understand.
Where is he, then? Viktor's caused us some problems.
I won't deny it.
Shooting a policeman is never good for business.
I can't help but wonder if someone in the brotherhood decided to make an example of him.
Without your approval? No.
Oh, no.
Viktor was impulsive, yes.
He did a stupid thing, yes.
But he was one of us and we would always protect him.
You're in luck.
Why? I believe you.
I've had a long flight.
We have a lot to discuss.
- Hello? - Hello, Joey? It's Nadia from the Fox Hole.
Yeah, how many Nadias do you think I know? - What's up? - My car won't start.
I was wondering if maybe you could give me a ride home tonight.
Yeah, sure.
What time do you get off? - Hey.
- Hey.
We were just having a little dinner.
Look who's here.
Hey, bud, I missed you today.
How was school? - We had toy share.
- Toy share? - Did you bring your train set? - Fire truck.
- Fire truck beat out the train set? - Yes.
Oh, hey, Dex.
Just grabbing one for the road.
I know you don't like me being on this side but it's all right when Jamie's here, right? - Why not? - Sweet.
This is such a great place to hang out.
Right by the bay.
- Yeah.
- I love coming over here.
Well, I better get going.
I'll see you tomorrow.
And I'll catch you at work, right? Yeah.
He's not scared of me at all.
And he's not going to quit unless I stop him.
You're a lifesaver.
Not all cops are so nice to strippers.
To tell you the truth, I was hoping you had something more for me.
- More for you? - About the murders.
What? You think this is just some ploy so I could get you alone and spill my guts? Look, I told you everything that I knew.
My car really did break down.
I'm sorry.
- I could pay you for the gas.
- Stop it.
It's fine.
It's the least I could do after all I'm costing you in tips.
You'll have to do a lot more than give me a lift to make up for that.
This is it.
On the left.
What'd you have in mind as far as compensation? I don't know.
Use your imagination.
Well, you're gonna have to give me a hint.
I'm very unimaginative.
George says the problem with my car could be the transmission.
It means it's going to be in the shop for at least a few days.
Well, maybe you could pick up the bill.
I'd really appreciate it.
You're awfully quiet tonight.
Anything you wanna talk about? Anything I can do? Yeah.
What? Do you have any A-1? I think so.
Just enough for a good night's sleep.
That's all I need.
- Success! - Thank you.
Just finishing what you started.
I promised Deb.
Hello? Where are you? Sorry.
I got here as fast as I could.
Almost drove off the road.
I'm so fucking tired.
What are you doing here? I snuck out of the house while you were asleep.
- Dexter, what the fuck did you do? - Nothing.
I couldn't go through with it, but I wanted to.
I needed to.
I didn't care about anything else.
I lost control.
All I could see was blood.
All I could feel was the pressure in my head.
Fuck! It is too deep inside me.
Harry was right.
I am a monster.
You should arrest me.
You should take me in.
Get me off the street.
Dad was wrong.
The fact that we're here tonight proves that you are in control.
- But I wasn't.
- But you stopped.
That's what's important.
It must've been so hard for you to call me but you did, and that's a huge step.
It makes me think maybe you can control this.
You really believe that? I didn't.
But maybe now I do.
What happened tonight is a good thing.
It was really, really good.
I'm not gonna give up.
And I'm not gonna let you give up.
- Are you okay to drive? - No, I'm gonna stay with you.
I just need to be alone for a couple of minutes.
Nothing's gonna happen.
You'll wake up with a headache.
Probably have a decent idea how you got here.
Maybe that's a good thing.
I still have to get you out of my life.
But not by taking yours.
What the fuck? Who the fuck are you? I'm your employer or rather, former employer.
I believe you recently gave notice.
I work for George.
Well, worked.
And he works for me.
My name is Isaak.
I'm the owner of the Fox Hole chain of gentlemen's clubs amongst other enterprises.
What do you want'? It would appear that George neglected to do your exit interview.
It's company policy and I'm a stickler when it comes to rules.
You got to be kidding, right? Keeping good employees is essential to running a successful business.
Your feedback is important.
Would you mind telling me why you quit? Well, I trust it wasn't the hostile working environment.
No, I I just felt it was time to move on.
So it was nothing to do with the tragic death of one of our dancers? Kaja, I believe her name was.
Because if it did, I would completely understand.
It must have been quite a traumatic loss for you.
What do you mean? Yeah.
Maybe that's why you talked to the police.
- No way.
- I had you followed.
You know what? I didn't say a word.
I swear.
I lied.
I didn't have you followed.
You were just the most likely candidate.
You loved her, didn't you? What? Kaja.
You were in love with her.
It's nothing to be ashamed of.
It's the one thing that gives meaning in this life.
I would have done the same thing if I was in your position.
It's terrible to lose someone you love.
You still thinking about last night? Actually, I'm thinking about how much I could go for a Frosty Swirl.
That's good.
A sudden craving for sugar is good? If you're thinking about normal things then maybe you're becoming more normal.
I'm never gonna be normal, Deb.
None of us really are.
Where you going? I want a Frosty Swirl.
I'll bring you one.
She'll always be watching me, but maybe that's okay.
If Wayne Randall can make peace with his sentence who am I to complain? Especially considering the alternative.
Well, well.
Looks like you two are ready to eat each other's shit.
Oh, yeah.
We kind of patched things up.
I'm happy for you.
I never got to do that with Hannah.
It's Robin to my Batman.
I was never as alive as I was when I was with her.
Every day was like Christmas Day unwrapped present.
I wish I had a chance to tell her how I felt.
You can still tell her.
I'm afraid the clock has run out.
I sure as fuck gonna miss that.
Hannah used to think I was something special.
Now she sees me as just a killer.
And you know what? She's not wrong.
There's just one last person I need to kill.
He never cared if anyone found the bodies.
He just wanted a couple of days of sunshine and Frosty Swirl.
Randall didn't change, and he couldn't take life in prison.
Can I?