Dexter s07e03 Episode Script

Buck the System

Previously on Dexter If we're gonna do this, we're gonna do it all the way.
We're gonna eat together.
We're gonna watch TV together.
We're gonna drive to fucking work together.
Why did you send me the hand? I came to you for help with my game and you said no.
Your game? Kaja was dating someone.
Tony Rush.
He's one of the bosses here.
The night that Kaja died, she left the club with Viktor.
Viktor never made his flight.
I checked.
Well, I don't understand.
Where is he, then? You loved her, didn't you? - What? - Kaja.
Maybe that's why you talked to the police.
You know what? I didn't say a word.
This pretty face belongs to Wayne Randall.
Fifteen years ago, Randall and his teenage girlfriend went on a three-state killing spree that ended here in Miami.
Hannah used to think I was something special.
Now she sees me as just a killer.
There's just one last person I need to kill.
Randall couldn't take life in prison.
Can I? Hey, excuse you.
I feel trapped, like there's no escape.
And it's not because I'm at the post office.
She's got me penned in like a caged animal.
And an animal is never more dangerous than when it's backed into a corner.
How much longer are you gonna be? We have a briefing in 20 minutes.
I'll be out in a minute, Deb.
Why do you look so guilty? Next.
I can't do anything about Deb but there's one irritation I can get rid of.
The morning briefing.
It's the only time Deb's looking at everyone and not just me.
Let's get started.
Batista, where are we on the Mike Anderson investigation? Specifically with Baskov Fuckwad-enov over here.
We're still chasing our tail.
BOLO turned up squat so if Baskov is still in the U.
, he's gone way underground.
If he did manage to leave Okay, he's talking but why's she staring at you? All right, well, let's keep digging around the Russian expat community.
If Baskov is hiding out locally, then someone must be helping him.
The club's owned by Ukrainian business interests with ties to organised crime so I wouldn't count on anybody - getting too talkative.
- She's still staring.
Is she mad at you? Moving on, Simms and Miller brought in a suspect on the I-95 shooting.
Dexter, I'm gonna need you to get a standard.
I'm definitely picking up a chill in her voice.
You fucked up, didn't you? You did.
You screwed the pooch.
We're coming up on the end of the month.
You guys are working open cases.
If you need help, anything I can do make sure you're asking for it.
We need to get our numbers down.
You're under arrest.
The DNA swab isn't optional.
Fuck you.
I can get some uniforms to come in and hold your mouth open for you.
What's the matter, you too much of a pussy to do it yourself? No, I'm just on edge today.
You probably shouldn't push me.
I am quaking in my boots.
What the fuck? He was being very uncooperative.
- He tried to kill me.
- Shut the fuck up.
Get outside.
What the fuck is the matter with you? - You.
Watching me all the time.
- Me? Living with you is driving me crazy.
- I have to watch you, Dexter.
- Why? When I had the urge to-- I called you.
Didn't I? And you talked me down.
It worked.
- Why can't you back off? - Can you promise if I wasn't on you you wouldn't slip? If you don't get off my ass, something bad is gonna happen.
- What's that mean? - If I don't control my need - it's gonna control me.
- I am trying to help you.
- I am trying to help you control it.
- No, you're trying to suppress it.
To lock it away.
But the lock is not gonna hold.
You saw what happened in there.
The only way I control it is to channel it the way Harry taught me.
I do not accept that.
Dad was wrong.
I'm not so sure.
Sometimes I think he knew me better than I know myself.
Think about Harrison.
What you could be exposing him to.
I think about him all the time.
Sooner or later, this is gonna catch up to you and to him.
I'll give you some space.
I'll back off.
Just hang in there with me, okay? I can't go on like this, living by Deb's rules.
Ray Speltzer.
Just paroled for assault.
But there have been more serious charges.
Ann Feig disappeared after a date with Speltzer.
And another date, Nina Fleischer, turned up dead but the police couldn't make anything stick.
Did Nina lose her earring in the struggle? Speltzer will most likely kill again unless I take him out.
A groundskeeper in a cemetery.
That's appropriate.
But he didn't get those muscles pushing a lawnmower.
Speltzer's grown his hair, but he seems no less hostile.
ls Speltzer just blowing off steam or is this the ritual he goes through before he kills? - Hey, Deb.
- Hey, what are you up to? I'm just trying out a new gym.
- What's wrong with the old one? - Well, this one has a smoothie bar.
Look, I gotta go.
I wanna keep my heart rate up.
Thanks for checking in.
- Nadia.
- Hi, Joey.
- What are you doing here? - I came to ask you a favour.
Another one? Oh, it's like giving milk to a stray cat.
Here, sit down.
- I remind you of a dirty cat? - No, no.
I was trying to be clever, which is sort of out of my wheelhouse.
What can I do for you? Kaja was wearing a bracelet the night she was killed.
I know she would want to be buried in it.
It's the least I could do for my friend.
If it's been cleared for DNA, you can have it.
I got a list of her personal effects.
Here we go.
There's no bracelet listed.
Are you sure? I know she was wearing it that night.
I don't know what you're implying but I'm the only dirty cop in this station.
And I didn't take it $0 A dirty cop is better than a dirty cat.
- I believe you.
- Wait.
I was wondering if you'd like to go outwith me sometime.
Or you could come to my place and I'll make you dinner.
Why don't I cook you dinner? I was hoping you'd say that.
Did you see the list with your own eyes? Sit down.
How do you know the detective wasn't lying about the bracelet? Because he likes me.
He likes you? Do you understand what's at stake here? If the cops find that dead GPS chip in that bracelet they're gonna figure out we use them to track our mules.
- And if they get on to our system-- - They'll shut down your heroin business.
Which is a lot more lucrative than the tits-and-ass business, Nadezhda.
George maybe you should accept good news when you hear it.
Your name is Nadezhda, but you go by Nadia.
I always hated Nadezhda.
You shouldn't.
It's a beautiful Russian name.
Did you know that the greatest mezzo-soprano of the Bolshoi Theatre was also named Nadezhda? - No.
- Nadezhda Obukhova.
It was said that her voice could unlock the mysteries of the heart.
She died before I was born but I still listen to her recordings of The Snow Maiden.
My music teacher, Mr.
Chillich he said to me, "lsaak, you think you're strong but you are not strong if you don't feel.
" He gave me an F so I pushed him down a flight of stairs.
I felt bad about it.
After that, my father shipped me off to a disciplinary school in England.
Now I'm afraid my love of opera is all that's left of my sensitive side.
I want you to get close to this detective.
Find out what the police know about Viktor.
You'll do that for me, won't you, Nadezhda? Good.
You can go now.
Viktor is smart.
He probably took the bracelet to keep the police from getting it.
He probably has it and is hiding out somewhere.
But we'll never know because the signal died over a week ago.
With technology, there's always a way.
Find the IT man who set the system up.
If we can track the bracelet we can find Viktor.
So she called and I said, "Okay, let's do a double-dater.
" Five p.
, we're laying down there on the couch and I feel this hand kind of go up my back.
This is what my life has become? Time to start prying one monkey off my back.
Got a package here addressed to Miami Metro forensics.
Oh, yeah, I'll take it.
- There you go.
- Thanks.
I think I drunk-ordered from the Hustler store and that never turns out well.
What the fuck? "Dear Mr.
Greene, when I bought the Ice Truck Killer's hand I assumed it would be in mint condition, not with lines over its palm.
Please refund my money immediately.
" You had the hand the whole time? And you sold it online? - No, I swear-- - After all I've done for you you stab me in the fucking back? - You are so fucking fired.
- Vince.
You gotta-- Out.
I have the worst luck with interns.
One more step and Louis will be out of my life for good.
Now to focus on where I can find Speltzer next.
Lieutenant, I have someone here who'd like to speak to you.
This is Donna Randall.
Wayne's mama.
The one who suicided out there on the highway.
Randall, I'm so sorry for your loss.
How can I help you? It's me might be able to help you.
I got some stuff here that might interest you.
Wayne sent it to me 15 years ago, just before he got caught.
He said it was some sentimental items and would I hold it for him till he got settled someplace away from the law.
Randall, why didn't you turn this over years ago? Look, I know my boy did wrong but I wasn't about to help the state of Florida kill him.
Anyway, now that he's gone I figured maybe something in there might help bring some peace to the families, you know, of the victims.
It's mostly just junk that Wayne and that girl collected on their little tear.
There was some cash in there too but I spent that ages ago.
It might be a waste of time but have the lab go over it.
Just when you think a case is closed, it pops open again.
Another book of matches from Stuckey's.
You would think one memory of that place would be enough.
Anything interesting? Not so far.
One tightly wrapped young woman's T-shirt.
And inside, we have a little plastic giraffe.
And a lighter.
And a necklace.
It looks like more of the same but why was that stuff wrapped up? Maybe they have a special meaning.
" Name of the woman Randall said he killed.
- Might be a trophy.
- Means Wayne was telling the truth.
Her body must be buried out there someplace.
If the giraffe and lighter are trophies too there might be more bodies.
I just got a call.
The bouncer from the Fox Hole, Tony Rush they found him with a screwdriver through his head.
We just interviewed him.
The Koshka Brotherhood were trying to send a message about oops.
Just got that much harder to find who killed Mike.
No matter what we do, there's always another body.
Yo, Mary Poppins, wait up.
Deb, I'm not gonna be home for dinner tonight.
I'm gonna hit the new gym.
Hey, babe.
What's going on? I'm just watching a video.
Wanna see it? Idea: a video diary app.
One touch, device starts recording.
Tap again and it uploads directly to-- Still waiting.
Yeah, I'm almost done.
Your hour's almost up.
I'm only thinking of you.
Oh, God.
There will never be an app for this.
That was before we started dating.
You're wearing the shirt I gave you for your birthday, asshole.
It was a hooker.
It's not cheating if you pay for it.
Oh, my God, you are a pig.
If I catch anything from you, I'm gonna kill you.
How did you get that disc? It was mailed to me anonymously, probably by your hooker.
- What did you do, cancel her cheque? - Dexter sent it.
Dexter? He broke into your apartment and he stole your porno? Yeah, and he just got me fired.
He's trying to ruin my life.
You are fucking crazy.
I don't ever wanna see you again.
Fuck! Gym, huh? Lying little shit.
- Morgan.
- Ordered you a beer.
You knew I was following you.
I made it easy for you.
You lured me here.
- Yeah.
- Here you go.
Little attitude adjuster.
Think I'm gonna need a little more adjusting.
What's this about? - Do you remember this case? - Yeah.
Ray Speltzer, he was guilty as fuck probably of two murders but we couldn't prove it.
I think he's getting ready to do it again.
- What are you talking about? - He shaved his head today.
His head had been recently shaved when he was questioned about Ann Feig's disappearance and when he was arrested for Nina Fleischer's murder.
I think it's part of his killing ritual.
I think he's hunting his next victim right now.
How the fuck would you know that? Christ on a fucking cracker, Dexter.
You got me here to help you stalk Speltzer - so you could kill him? - I don't need you to help me.
- I just need you to understand-- - Goddamn it.
- Deb, sit down.
- This is not what we agreed to.
- You fucking lied to me.
- Not here.
Come on.
Get the fuck off.
Deb, I lured you here because I thought maybe if I let you in on my process you'd appreciate that there is some value to what I do.
I don't believe this.
You want my approval? I wanna continue to be honest with you, Deb.
I have to be free to be who I am.
It is a capital of fence to be who you are, Dexter.
I'm taking out the trash.
Trash that would otherwise be left to putrefy.
I know I've said this, but there is a legal system for that.
Speltzer got off.
That doesn't mean it doesn't work.
If it worked as well as you think it does, I wouldn't be so busy.
Dad knew that.
Dad taught me that.
What is it about your personal law that is so much better than the one that the rest of us agree to live by? - Sometimes it is.
- How? Speltzer would have to murder somebody for you to arrest him.
I can stop him.
Are you trying to tell me that's why you do this, so you can save lives? End result is the same.
Some girl is gonna be dead soon - if I don't take Speltzer out.
- Based on what fucking evidence, Dexter? A haircut? Dexter, you can't kill people - you think might murder.
- That is not how I do things.
You can't prove that he killed Nina Fleischer.
I will.
I'm not done vetting him yet.
- Vetting? - I am trying to tell you that I will not kill Speltzer until I am absolutely sure that he is guilty.
Oh, fuck.
I This is done.
And nothing better happen to that bald piece of shit over there.
I'm not done with Speltzer.
I've been out roaming free and I like it.
I just have to find the proof that will convince Deb.
Speltzer went in that mausoleum Since when does a groundskeeper keep the grounds inside a private tomb? Why is this mausoleum so special? The last body interred here was over 50 years ago.
If it was a friend of Speltzer's, then Ray is holding up really well.
- Hey, Deb.
- Why aren't you at work? - I'm kind of in the middle of-- - I need you.
Okay, okay.
Yeah, I'll be right there.
- Now, Dexter.
- Bye.
What's up? Fortunately, we set up a secure cloud framework that syncs up to the receivers.
You're able to reconstruct the GPS tracking points? Now get to the point, the bracelet.
Chip kept moving after the girl was dead.
- Where? - Viktor's apartment.
- And from there? - Miami airport.
Then a marina.
Then eight miles out to sea, where the signal stopped.
Maybe he took a boat offshore to avoid the police - and then he threw the bracelet-- - He's dead.
He was dumped in the ocean like a load of garbage.
Whoever killed him left from this marina.
Can you pinpoint the exact slip? I'll need some time.
It's worth the wait.
Okay, I'm here.
You don't have to fire me.
Tell me you weren't stalking Ray Speltzer.
I was at the cemetery where he works as a groundskeeper.
Goddamn it, Dexter.
He was lingering inside a mausoleum, treating it like it was sacred ground.
I think he's hiding something in there - something that may prove his guilt.
- "I think he may.
" That's not evidence.
I'd already have the evidence if you hadn't ordered me back here.
But even without it, I can tell Speltzer's gonna kill again.
An alarm is going off inside my lizard brain.
Great, now my brother has a lizard brain.
The amygdala.
The most primitive part of the brain that senses danger.
- Harry taught me to listen to mine.
- You'll excuse me if I don't put my faith in your amygdala.
But you already have, Deb, dozens of times.
All the murderers I've helped you catch who got brought down because of my hunches.
My lizard brain has been your secret weapon all along.
You just didn't know it.
- You're fucking with my head.
- Don't take it on faith.
I'll give you proof.
I'll go break into the mausoleum right now.
If you're right and get the evidence illegally - then I can't use it in court.
- That doesn't make it any less true.
- Which is why you need to let me do it.
- No, we follow the law, remember? I'll get a search warrant.
If evidence is there, I'll put him away before he can hurt anyone.
You're not listening.
There isn't time.
I just said that I will take care of this.
Do not fuck with me on this, or I swear to God I will take us both down.
Am I being clear this time? - Yeah, that's pretty clear.
- Good.
Now I have a job for you.
I need you to go with Batista to visit Hannah McKay.
- What? - Randall's sidekick from his killing spree.
If we're gonna find those bodies, we need her help.
That's the detective's job.
Why do I go? I need her DNA.
She was a minor at the time of the crime so she was able to get her record expunged.
You're giving me work to keep me away from Speltzer.
It's important we find those bodies.
And yes, I am trying to keep you away from Speltzer.
- Dexter, ready to roll? - Yeah.
We just gotta make a quick stop on the way.
You piece of shit.
I know what you people did to Tony Rush.
Excuse me.
You wanna talk to me? How about we do it in my office? You're making me nervous.
Why don't you sit down? - I'm waiting for someone.
- Aren't we all? Doesn't mean we can't enjoy ourselves in the meantime.
Have a drink, or a lap dance or festoon a thong with neatly folded dollar bills.
Yeah, I'm fine.
So you're not interested in alcohol or looking at naked women.
You may be in the wrong place.
I could say the same of you.
What brings you here? - Me? I'm looking for something.
- Aren't we all? - So we're both here just killing time.
- Yeah, that's exactly what I'm doing.
Killing time.
Ironic, isn't it? We're both here for a different reason than these other leering cretins and yet the net result is the same.
And what's that? We're frustrated.
Let's go.
I hope you find what you're looking for.
So Hannah McKay.
Were you around for the spree killings? I was still in uniform but I remember it pretty well.
Hannah was, like, 15 when she ran off with Randall.
She wasn't in on the murders, just a kid who fell for the wrong guy.
She testified against him for a reduced sentence.
Did six years in juvie.
Since she got out, she's laid low.
Now she owns this nursery.
Sounds like she really managed to change her life.
Yeah, I think I envy her.
- What do you mean? - I don't know.
Since Mike's death, I've been thinking maybe there's more to life.
I used to think murder police was it.
Maybe there's something else out there for me.
Something new and exciting.
And sometimes there's nothing more exciting than getting back what you had and lost.
Can I help you? - Ms.
McKay? - That's right.
Sergeant Batista, Miami Metro.
I'd like to talk to you about Wayne Randall.
What a surprise.
He's the detective.
What are you? - Lab geek.
- This just gets better and better.
I'm sorry, I'm a sergeant and this is Dexter Morgan.
He's a forensic analyst.
I've said everything I have to say about Wayne Randall.
It was a long time ago and I just wanna put it behind me.
Ma'am, this is very important.
Now, I could bring you in to the station house but I'd rather not put you out if I don't have to.
But I have work to do.
So you know nothing about these other people that Wayne claimed to have killed and buried? - How is that possible? - We weren't joined at the hip.
I don't know what he did when I wasn't with him.
The leaves are sharp.
How do you stand this humidity? If it bothered me, I'd be growing cacti.
- Are we done? - Not quite.
Wayne's mother recently brought in a bag of mementos - from your time together.
- Lovely woman.
Mind taking a look at these photos and letting me know if you recognise anything? Yes.
Yes, I would mind, detective.
- Sergeant.
- Sergeant, I'm sorry.
Look, I feel terrible about what happened back then.
It's something that I have to live with for the rest of my life and I deserve that.
But the only way that I have been able to survive is to move on with my life.
What about the families of the victims? Don't you think they deserve some closure? Absolutely, but they're not gonna get it from me.
I've told you everything that I know.
Now I would appreciate it if you would both just leave me alone.
But before we go, my colleague has to get a DNA sample - from you to exclude-- - I understand.
I understand more about police work than I care to.
You wanna show me that court order in your back pocket, Mr.
Morgan? Dexter's fine.
If I were you, I'd stick with "Mr.
" Please be quick.
I Will.
If you don't mind, I'm gonna go and crank up the AC in the car.
Nice to meet you, Ms.
All right, I'm just gonna get a quick swab from your cheek.
This won't hurt.
But then you probably know that.
You do this for a living? Sorry.
That should do it.
Thanks, Ms.
- Hannah.
- No, you were right.
I think we should keep things on a last-name basis.
How would you like to catch this fuck? Ray Speltzer.
- I still lose sleep over this one.
- He's hiding something in a mausoleum that might connect him to Nina Fleischer's murder.
I can't get Judge Perez to sign a warrant so I need you to wet the wheels a little bit.
What was your probable cause? There's some circumstantial stuff.
It's thin but basically, Speltzer is setting off an alarm in my lizard brain.
So you'll talk to Perez? No, not on behalf of your lizard brain.
- I know it sounds fucked up.
- Look, Debra I think you're a good cop.
If you think this is worth pursuing, I trust you but that's not gonna get you a warrant.
Tried getting permission from the family - who owns the mausoleum? - I can't track them down.
- Stay on it.
You'll find someone.
- If you knew there was a murderer and you could do something to stop him before he killed could you let it go? We're the police, Debra.
We have to follow the law.
You could put a patrol car on Speltzer.
Watch him.
But I better not see it on the budget.
That one.
Nice boat, you arrogant asshole.
Too bad it won't be afloat too long.
Kiss my ass, you ginger freak.
Is this your boat? Yeah, this is my boat.
That's why I'm on it.
Who are you? Are you a cop or some kind of security? Who are you? I don't have to tell you anything.
Show me a badge.
- Why did you kill Viktor? - What? What are you talking about? - Hey, just get the fuck out of here.
- I want answers.
I will call the cops-- I am gonna put your eyes out.
Now, the trick is, to keep from drilling into your brain.
Look, look, I don't Look, I don't know anything.
Look, I didn't kill anyone.
I swear.
This isn't even my boat.
Why did you say it was? It belongs to this douchebag named Dexter Morgan.
I hate this guy's guts.
I came down so I could sink his boat.
- Who is Dexter Morgan? - Like I said, he's just a jerk who works for Miami Metro Homicide.
Now, can I please go? Yes.
Get rid of him.
- Morgan.
- Lieutenant.
This is Officer Hewitt.
We followed Speltzer home.
There's been no activity for over two hours.
Seems like he's in for the night.
We just got dispatched on a 211.
Can we take it? Or do you want us to stay on Speltzer? Negative on Speltzer.
Take the 211.
- Copy that.
Good night, lieutenant.
- Good night.
This is a waste of fucking manpower.
My father worked sometimes three jobs to take care of us so I decided the best way I could help was to leave home so he has one less mouth to feed.
He'd be so ashamed if he knew what I do to make money.
You're not gonna be stripper your whole life, right? No, I have big dreams.
I want to start my own dog-walking business.
No matter what happens, rich people will always be lazy and they will always have dogs.
What's wrong? I like you, Joey.
I don't want to lie to you.
About what? My bosses at the club they ordered me to get close to you so I could find out what the police know about Viktor Baskov and their business dealings.
So that's why you said yes to the date? No, I said yes before they told me to do this.
- So then you do really like me? - Yes.
But I'm scared.
These men are dangerous.
I can't go back to them with nothing.
Don't be scared.
I'm not gonna let anything happen to you.
Look maybe there's a way we could help each other out.
What do you mean? Well, I could give you enough information - to keep your bosses happy.
- What if the other cops find out? They won't.
And, in return, if you hear anything around the club about Mike Anderson's murder you pass it along to me.
I can do that.
I'm still worried for you.
You should not get involved with the Koshka Brotherhood.
Don't worry about me.
If I can protect you and catch a cop killer it's worth sticking my neck out a little.
It is a nice neck.
Hey, Ray.
I got off work early thought I'd take you up on your offer.
Well, you will not be disappointed.
I make the best mojito in Miami.
Looks like Speltzer's taken over the family shrine.
Nina Fleischer's missing earring.
She didn't lose it in the struggle.
Speltzer took it as a trophy.
If I take it, he'll know I was here.
But I can still show it to Deb.
No cell service in a mausoleum.
Goddamn it.
This is Dexter.
Leave a message.
Dex, it's me.
I just wanna let you know I'm gonna be late getting home tonight.
You've got me paranoid about Speltzer so I'm gonna drive by his house make sure he's tucked in for the night.
Thank you for fucking up my evening, bro.
So how long did you say you've been here? A few days.
I promise I'm going furniture shopping this weekend.
I mean, you could have at least taken the plastic off.
I'll get around to it.
Have a seat.
- How about some music? - Soon.
Sit tight.
I'll be right back.
I'll get us a drink.
- Ray.
- Yeah? I gotta be honest with you.
This mojito sucks.
There's, like, no alcohol in it.
Well, you have to be in control of your faculties.
Otherwise, there's no challenge.
Well, you certainly are confident.
You look strong.
I guess.
I like it when they're strong.
What are you talking about? Let's play a game.
Night-night, fuckface.
Hey, Dex, it's me.
I just wanna let you know I'm gonna be late getting home tonight.
You've got me paranoid about Speltzer.
Gonna cruise by, make sure - Shit.
- he's tucked in for the night.
Oh, my God.
Oh, God.
Freeze! Oh, fuck! - Deb.
- Motherfucker.
He has a girl in here.
We have to find her.
Beat the shit out of her.
Speltzer took her earring as a trophy, just like he did with Nina Fleischer.
I found hers at the mausoleum.
Put a BOLO out on Speltzer but there's nothing yet.
House was a foreclosure that he broke into to set up his fucked-up maze.
We found burned plastic in the oven.
Explains why there weren't any prints or DNA on the things we found.
I sent some unis over to the mausoleum and the door was open.
Nina Fleischer's earring was missing.
I think he's in the wind.
Behind you.
Oh, you're up early.
The coffee is fresh, if you want.
You were right.
If I'd let you do things your way, Speltzer would be dead.
That girl would be alive.
But he's out there, free to kill again.
Well, you can't change the way you think overnight.
I haven't.
I mean, I have but I haven't.
I get it.
What you do.
I hate it but I get it.
So you accept it? I understand it.
I understand that it might be Might be a necessary evil.
But what I don't understand are the blood slides.
They're trophies.
They're like Speltzer's earrings.
- I'm nothing like Speltzer.
- But on some level, Dexter you like to kill.
I like the way it makes me feel.
Same thing.
Deb, I can't change who I am.
I know.
And I can't change who I am.
What are you saying? I don't know what I'm saying.
But I think you should move out.
I think you should move back to your place.
Deb I'm still your brother.
Nothing's changed.
Everything's changed.
I don't know if it can ever be the same again.
I'm finally out of my cage.
But freedom comes with a cost.