Dexter s07e04 Episode Script


Previously on Dexter Who is Dexter Morgan? He's just a jerk who works for Miami Metro Homicide.
Now can I please go? Yes.
So you're not interested in alcohol or looking at naked women.
You may be in the wrong place.
I'm taking out the trash that would otherwise be left to putrefy.
There is a legal system for that.
If it worked as well as you think it does, I wouldn't be so busy.
Just gonna get a swab from your cheek.
You do this for a living? Well, I hate it, but I get it, what you do.
But what I don't understand are the blood slides.
They're trophies.
They're like Speltzer's earrings.
I'm nothing like Speltzer.
My bosses at the club, they ordered me to get close to you.
These men are dangerous.
I can't go back to them with nothing.
I'm not gonna let anything happen to you.
- He's gone.
- Motherfucker.
He has a girl in here.
We have to find her.
She's dead.
Just when it seems like Deb and I are making progress we take a left turn.
I showed her a monster, Ray Speltzer a killer who chased his victim through a maze.
I could have prevented that murder, and Deb accepts that.
But she hasn't accepted me what I am.
And I'm not sure she ever will.
I'm getting nothing.
- You? - No.
That maze man, he's good.
He knows what he's doing.
My hat's off to any killer good enough not to leave any DNA at a murder scene.
Plenty of his DNA in this place though.
Well, if this cemetery was his office, it's like this place was his break room.
Something was here.
Something special.
Like a trophy maybe? From one of his victims.
Killers hate to leave their trophies behind.
That means Speltzer stopped by here after he killed that girl.
But there's none of her DNA here.
No blood, no fibres, no hair.
No reception.
Speltzer is loose in the world and Deb will do everything in her power to find him.
But will she and I be able to find our way back to each other? Deb.
Will you? Will you be mine? - Morning.
- Coffee.
- Rita.
- Another left turn.
- Trinity killed her.
- Yes.
- Yes.
- Why? She didn't fit the pattern at all.
Because I was coming after him.
So while we were hunting Trinity, you were too.
I figured out who he was before you did.
And you didn't help us get him? He knew who I was, where I lived, that I had a family.
- I was trying to protect them.
- You wanted to fucking kill him.
And I did.
When? - He's dead.
That's what matters.
- When? I took care of him.
- Did you love her? - Why would you ask that? Because I have no idea what's the truth and what's a lie with you.
- I loved her.
- If you were concerned about family then why were you going after Trinity? Is that what a loving husband does? - Are you even capable of love? - I love you.
How? How can you love me and also love to-- ? It's how I've lived my whole life.
Before you walked into that church did you ever question the way I felt about you? - Why is it any different now? - Why? Jesus, Dexter.
That was Batista.
They found Speltzer.
A security guard spotted him at the scrap yard.
And he had the good sense not to be a hero.
- It took four officers to take Speltzer.
- He put up a fight.
Came close to shooting.
If Speltzer had a weapon, they would've.
- Speltzer is a weapon.
- He was mine.
He hasn't asked for a lawyer.
This is your one shot.
A confession is our only shot.
He was wearing a mask so I couldn't make an ID that would stick.
Can't believe DNA wasn't at the scene.
Masuka and I went over it twice.
Yeah, Dexter and I, we checked Speltzer's mausoleum man cave for evidence of his victim there, but no luck.
Dexter and I can't make the evidence appear.
If you don't get a confession, you won't get Speltzer.
Are you two ready? Fuck,yes.
- That's Dexter Morgan.
- His face.
It looks familiar.
I put everything Jurg dug up on Morgan in there.
He's not a cop.
He's a lab rat.
- Blood splatter.
- It's spatter.
Blood spatter.
He's from Miami.
Normal guy.
Except his wife was murdered by a serial killer a few years back.
The man we killed on the boat? Louis Greene.
He was an intern for Miami Metro.
The boat's owner, this Dexter Morgan.
He works for Miami Metro too.
Viktor's death.
Is it payback for killing that detective? Viktor fucked us real good here.
Of all the people he could've shot, it had to be a fucking cop.
- So it's Viktor's fault he's dead? - Yeah.
He was a loose cannon.
Never listened.
At least not to me.
Everything was going great until he showed up in Miami.
Viktor was a good man.
He was loyal.
He was committed.
And he was here to do what you couldn't.
Keep the Colombians from taking over our traffic! - Fuck.
- Gentlemen.
Let's go.
Get up.
And here we go again.
- Why? - Come over here, please.
Good afternoon, everyone.
I'm Detective Quinn.
I'll be your pain in the ass for the day.
Can we get that music turned off? Ladies to the left, customers to the right.
Keep it behind the bar.
Ma'am, I need you to go ahead and stand over there.
- Officer.
- It's detective.
Detective Quinn.
Do not tell me you are fucking her.
What makes you think that? You're not the only one who's a detective.
You really think a stripper's a good idea? No, it's a horrible idea.
Seriously, how long is this gonna go on? I'm thinking every day until we lock up Mike Anderson's shooter.
Or you could say a number.
It'll be just like old times.
You leave your car unlocked you'll find some cash, maybe some blow.
All this goes away.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Get the fuck out of my face.
None of this makes any sense.
Viktor's dead.
They got him.
Not everyone at Miami Metro knows this.
Otherwise, they wouldn't be here.
Maybe this Morgan and Greene were working alone.
Why the fuck would these two assholes cover up Viktor's murder? I believe Dexter Morgan knows why.
Well, say the word.
I'll take him out.
- No.
I wanna talk to him.
- Talk? Hey, what are we supposed to do in the meantime? We got two boats waiting to drop off our supply even though we can't move what we already have.
We are bleeding money.
The bartender, Alex.
One of ours, isn't he? Yeah.
So let's give them what they want.
For my money, four on one is not really a fair fight.
I did a little boxing myself back in the day.
I didn't take on four cops, but, you know, I held my own.
You don't wanna chitchat.
I get that.
Here's the thing though.
My lieutenant is gonna come in here and say that she saw you at the maze where that waitress died.
- Don't know what you're talking about.
- Right, guy like you was at the gym.
But she's a woman.
They get shit wrong all the time.
And this one, man, she's my boss.
If you can believe that.
I have to fucking answer to her skinny ass every day.
And she's always squawking at me, you know? Her beak is, "Squawk, squawk, squawk.
" To tell you the truth, I envy you.
I've been wanting to pop my lieutenant in that beak of hers for years.
She's dying to get a shot at you.
Should we let her? Could be fun.
Right? - Nice job in there.
- He's all ready for you.
Good luck.
He was mine, but Deb needs this more than me.
And she needs to get him her way.
Remember me? I saw you just the other night.
That is some maze that you built.
What is it for, Ray? Are you sure you don't remember me? Maybe I'm not pretty enough.
Your morn sure was pretty.
She died a few years ago, right? Cast a long shadow, I bet.
Hard for any girl to measure up to those looks but you keep trying, don't you? What do you think about the girls that go home with you? That they're stupid? Easy? That they're whores? They'd have to be, right? To go home with you, take their clothes off for you.
Girls like that are vulgar.
But girls like that sure do look like your mom.
So I have to wonder.
Your morn was so pretty.
She probably had a lot of admirers, right? Men that would go home with her and watch her take her clothes off? And then take her any way that they wanted her? Shut up.
There are many ways to break a body down.
You could hear it, couldn't you? You could hear her through those thin walls that the two of you shared.
You could hear how much she loved getting fucked by all those men.
You could hear her kissing them.
All the things that she might do with her mouth that same mouth that she would kiss you with.
But be honest, Ray.
You kind of liked it, didn't you? Weren't you kind of wishing that it was you inside her? I should've killed you like I killed that other bitch! Go to hell.
We got him.
- Way to go, lieutenant.
- Good job.
Hey, Deb.
Jamie said she was good to watch Harrison till late tonight if you wanna grab a drink or something.
I thought you'd be in the mood to celebrate.
I'm really glad we got Speltzer, but celebrate? No.
Melanie Garrett is still dead.
But you got Speltzer.
He'll never hurt anyone again.
- Well, outside of prison.
- Dexter.
I've been thinking a lot about Rita.
About how she died.
She died because of you.
Because you were selfish.
You have a son.
Harrison is three years old.
- Someone needs to protect him.
- I do.
Someone needs to protect him from you.
He could go live with Astor and Cody.
- With their grandparents in Orlando.
- I am a good father.
I am the right person.
The only person who can and should raise my son.
Who, like me, lost his mother.
It is not fair of you to expose a child to your life choices.
- You have to decide.
Your desires or-- - No, I don't.
You said it yourself, Dexter, that you can't stop, that you don't wanna stop.
And if you keep doing this, you're like a fucking magnet.
Bad shit is gonna find you.
And if that happens, I'll handle it.
What if you had been three minutes later to Speltzer's fucking maze? - But I wasn't.
- You were too late for Rita.
I should've killed Trinity the first time I saw him.
- That's the mistake I made.
- That's the mistake? Yes! And I will never, from this moment on-- Do you hear me? I will never ever make that mistake again.
It is not in your control.
Everything is in my control.
I am not giving up my son.
Sirko, George.
I wasn't expecting visitors.
That's all right.
We don't stand on ceremony here.
Have a seat, Alex.
You have a beautiful family.
Thank you.
That is why I came here.
They are still in Kursk.
Your son and daughter, what are their names? My son's Zakhary and my girl, her name's Yulia.
- They're twins, yes? How old? - Five.
- Their birthday's in April.
- Wow, five.
That's the best age.
Learning to read, walking, seeing the world and yet, they still want to be held.
You're probably wondering why I stopped by.
Well, you see Tell me, how much money do you send back to Kursk each month? - From your job at The Fox Hole? - Seven-hundred-fifty dollar.
I take out only my rent, my food, some money for my car.
A sacrifice for you, I'm sure.
But still, it's not very much.
What if your family could have a lot of money? Security.
College for Zakhary and Yulia? - You'd want that for them.
- I would give anything for them.
That pleases me.
Because that is why I came by here today.
- To ask you a favour, Alex.
- Yes, of course.
I have a problem.
One of my men killed a police officer and I have to give the police a suspect so they'll stop harassing us.
- And that suspect is you.
- But I didn't kill anyone.
- Sure, you did.
- I want you to write a note.
Pen, paper? This is what I want you to write.
Kaja I cannot live with what I have done.
I'm very sorry.
I will take care of your family now.
Zakhary and Yulia will want for nothing.
That's for you.
It's the gun that killed the police officer.
What do I do with it? Bang.
Look at your children's faces.
They're looking at you.
Wanting you to give them the best life this world has to offer.
- You will do this for them.
- And if I don't? We'll kill you anyway.
And throw your wife and fucking kids in the river.
No need for threats.
We're all friends here.
But I think you understand the situation.
You won't feel a thing.
It'll be quick.
Like turning off a light.
For my family? Hannah McKay.
She spent six years in juvie after pleading guilty to being Wayne Randall's accomplice.
She always claimed she was just another one of his victims.
Wayne called her the Robin to his Batman but with better legs.
Dexter Morgan.
You look a little lost.
Well, I haven't been inside a police station in 15 years.
Still smells the same, like fast food and sweat.
Hospitality isn't exactly our main concern.
I heard the sheriff's department found the body of one of Wayne's victims.
Yeah, they went back one last time after Wayne died.
And expanded the perimeter.
Is that what you're doing here? To help us find the other bodies Wayne buried? My lawyer said it was for the best.
There's a rumour going around that you were the last person to talk to Wayne before he died.
His last words were about you.
He said something about every day being like an unwrapped present.
I remember when he got that fortune from a cookie.
You two didn't stay in contact? Too painful.
Where were you and Wayne going anyway? Or was there a plan? Not much of one at first.
We were just trying to get out of Clopton, Alabama which isn't even a town.
It's an intersection and a cemetery.
But somewhere around Sarasota, a plan did begin to form.
We were gonna go find a farm in Argentina and settle down.
- What? - We were living on farms in Alabama like somehow it would all be so different in South America.
Do you miss him? I miss the way I felt with him on the road.
That life was just beginning, and that anything Anything was possible.
You know the feeling? No.
It's my lawyer.
I'm sure he's wondering where I got lost to.
We have a big problem.
Get down.
Stay down there.
- What's the problem? - Watch the Miranda.
Put him on the fucking car.
You know how this goes.
If you want an attorney we'll get one for you, even if you can't afford one.
Do you understand your rights? Do you understand? Did you guys see that? Looks like a yes to me.
Fucking cocksucker.
Never got confirmation that Speltzer understood his rights.
- No.
- But Speltzer fucking nodded.
He didn't say yes.
And at Speltzer's arraignment, his PD was able to make the case - Don't.
- that because Speltzer was knocked unconscious, it is possible that he did not understand his rights.
That it wasn't a nod.
That it was a temporary blackout.
And the judge fucking bought that? The judge threw his confession out of court.
- He walked.
- When? - Two hours ago.
- Motherfucker.
And apparently, Speltzer's planning to file a lawsuit against us.
Use of excessive force? - I don't believe this.
- So all that's left to do is - ls what? - Yeah, we-- - We'll wait till he kills someone else? - There's nothing else we can do.
- But there is something I can do.
- Fuck that.
Fuck all of this.
The bartender from The Fox Hole blew his brains out last night.
Why don't they wear uniforms? There's no respect.
You would never know they were police.
Unless you knew who you were looking for.
We got a single gunshot wound to the right temple what appears to be GSR on the right hand.
It was through and through.
Based on the height of the bullet in the wall Alex was sitting at the table.
He put his gun to his head.
- We got a White Russian on ice.
- Very funny.
I'll have you know I have a major following on Twitter.
This gun is a 9-mil.
Same type of weapon used on Mike Anderson.
I'll go to Ballistics and run this through.
And confirm this turd is our shooter.
But I know that Viktor killed Mike Anderson.
Why would Alex take the fall for him? Unless there's someone at the club who wants the investigation to end as much as Miami Metro does.
Quinn, read that note again.
"Kaja, I cannot live with what I have done.
I am very sorry.
" - Sorry to Kaja? - Yeah.
It makes sense.
It's obvious this Alex Dubrozny had feelings for her.
And she was in love with Tony.
Which probably didn't sit very well with him.
So he kills her, kills Tony and Mike was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.
I mean, this guy still has pictures up of his kids, his wife.
Yeah, he probably feels horrible having to look at her face all day.
That's just it.
He doesn't have to.
Take the pictures down.
Put them away.
Leaving the pictures up tells me he cares for them.
He's a guy.
Once something's up, why bother taking it down? - I don't know.
- What don't you know? - I don't know if it all adds up.
- Look.
We'll talk to the neighbours.
See if they saw anyone coming in or out of Alex's apartment - if it'll make you happy.
- It's not about happy.
Angel, this is our fucking guy.
Everyone yearns for clarity, for closure.
But is that ever really possible? - Jamie? - Harrison's outgrown half these toys.
I know we had to go through them.
Didn't know it was gonna be now.
I'm almost done.
I wanted to do it while he's asleep.
Anything we're unsure about, we can put in the keep-for-now pile.
- What's the other pile? - Trash.
- You put Lamby in the trash? - Lamby smells like pee.
And Harrison hasn't slept with Lamby in more than a year.
Used to be he couldn't go to sleep without it.
I remember.
Keep? No.
Yeah, a lot of kids sleep with security blankets when they're little but once they start socializing you know, learning how to be part of a group they don't need it.
And Harrison, because he's a genius, hit this milestone early.
He was so small.
Lamby was a gift from Rita's mother when he was born.
Maybe we should keep it for Harrison.
For Harrison, of course.
Some toys are more difficult than others to part with.
Speltzer is already back at work, digging graves.
He should start by digging his own.
Miami Metro impounded Speltzer's little pied-é-RV when he was arrested but they had to give it back once he was set free.
Ray's been juicing.
At least he doesn't mind needles.
I can hide up here, wait for Speltzer to come home.
I'll use the RV as my kill room and transportation to get rid of Ray's body.
And his trophies.
I'm still alive, but I don't think I'm going to like the reason why.
Speltzer couldn't have done all of this in a day.
Is this place his masterpiece? I don't run.
I make people run.
However, I do run if there's a bull coming after me with an axe.
You should really try taking a shower once in a while.
Where are you? Speltzer keeps forcing me down to the next floor.
So if he wants me to go down, what happens if I go up? He knows my face now.
If I want a rematch, I'm gonna have to be smarter.
To take Speltzer down, I have to make sure I have nothing to lose.
Harrison's only going to Orlando for a few weeks, Dexter.
- Yep, I know.
- He's gonna be fine.
All he'll wanna do is follow Cody around.
Thanks for driving him up.
I actually might spend a few days there, see what trouble I can get into.
- Knock yourself out.
- Thanks.
I'll take these down to the car.
Astor and Cody are excited to see you.
I want you to be good for your grandma and grandpa, okay? I'm not sending Harrison to Orlando because Deb asked me to but because Speltzer is a problem I need to solve.
Once I do, Harrison will come home where he belongs.
- You mean more to me than-- - Pizza! That's right.
Let's go.
I will avenge your death.
Everything I do is for you.
- Deb, you okay? - Yeah, yeah.
I wanna get back to the station finish up the paperwork on Mike's shooter.
Be there in a minute.
You impotent fuck.
- You got some mouth.
- What are you doing? - Haven't you done enough? - Oh, I'm just getting started.
You fucking motherfucking cocksucker! - All right-- - You fucking piece of shit! - Deb, get your shit together.
- You're so easy, just like the others.
Get the fuck out of here.
Come on.
Fuck you up.
I'll you see around.
Batista called.
- I'm sure he did.
- What happened? I fucking lost my mind.
I saw Speltzer at Melanie's funeral.
- Fucking smiling at the hearse, and-- - What'd you do? I fucking attacked him! I wanted to fucking kill him.
Fuck you.
Is that why you came here? To prove some fucking point that everybody wants someone dead? I came here to see how you are.
That's all.
I'm just fucking great.
Is this ever gonna get easier? Nothing's really all that different, Deb.
The only thing that's changed is now you know more about me.
What I know about you makes you a completely different person.
But I'm not.
I'm the same person I've always been.
Your brother, the same person who will always be there for you.
Maybe the question is whether you'll be there for me.
I don't know if I can feel the same way about us.
I do.
I do.
And I don't too.
Are we sure this Alex Dubrozny guy shot Mike Anderson? - Why are you trying to rattle this? - It smells like a set-up.
And what does a set-up smell like? This bartender had no record back in Kursk.
Suddenly he decides to murder three people? Alex had a short fuse, a broken heart and a loaded gun.
A gun that Masuka confirmed was the same one used on Mike.
And we got a sweet little suicide note that helped us solve not just Mike's murder, but two others.
That's what a set-up smells like.
It's all too neat, too easy.
Alex wasn't even on our radar.
- Why would he off himself now? - His conscience got to him.
Let's just swing by the club one last time, ask around.
This is Mike we're talking about here.
Not tonight.
- What's her name? - Nadia.
- The stripper? - She's a dancer.
- Doesn't keep a lot of clothes on.
- You serious about her? I don't know what I am about her but she was real close to Kaja and Tony and all this is real hard on her.
I'm so glad you're there to comfort her.
- Come on.
- I'm just jealous.
At least you got someone in your life.
She's got a lot of pretty friends.
I'm a twice-divorced detective staring down the barrel of retirement.
I'm already a cliché.
Don't need to add a stripper to that list.
We'll go by tomorrow.
Make sure Alex isn't some patsy for the mob.
Have a good night.
Fight or flight.
That's a part of everyone's lizard brain.
Speltzer may have a lizard brain like me but his shortcoming is he doesn't have much of a human brain.
What the fuck is this? The end of your run.
Get me out of here! Yell all you want.
No one's gonna hear you.
Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Feels good.
Fuck! Now is when I'd slice your cheek with my scalpel and get a drop of blood to remember you by but I can't risk anyone finding a blood slide ever again.
You're a fucking freak.
Everything's different now.
The memory of killing you will have to be enough.
I'm gonna kill you.
That would be a twist.
But not one that's gonna happen tonight.
You were supposed to be a way out of the tangle I was in with my sister a thread she could follow to understand me better to accept me even.
But she and I lost each other.
She almost lost herself going after you.
She wanted to catch you just as much as I did.
Who knows, maybe our relationship can rise from your ashes.
It's time for everyone to move on.
Goodbye, friends.
You came.
I wasn't sure you would.
Me neither.
What am I doing here? That smoke.
It's Speltzer.
Did you do this for me? No.
How do you feel? Glad.
What does that make me? Human.