Dexter s07e11 Episode Script

Do You See What I See?

Previously on Dexter Our primary suspect is Sergeant James Doakes.
- Doakes? - If Doakes really wasn't the Bay Harbour Butcher, best thing to do is look into Doakes' final days.
We should start with the cabin in the Everglades where Doakes died.
- I was renting the place to Jimenez.
- Jimenez? He was one of the three men responsible for killing Dexter Morgan's mother.
What if Dexter is the real Bay Harbour Butcher? If somebody's gonna talk to Dexter, it's gonna be me.
All right, tell your boyfriend who you belong to.
- I'm sorry.
- It's okay.
Go, now.
He died in my apartment.
Figured it would kick in while Price was on the road.
An auto accident.
- How'd you do it? - Price liked to chew on his pens.
Last one had a little something on it.
She is a killer.
You will never be safe with her.
When Hannah got out of juvie she killed a counsellor at a halfway house.
She fed him rat poison.
Her roommate, a little gal named Arlene Schram, saw her do it.
He won't be bothering you again.
I love you.
I think I love you too.
I need to find Arlene Schram.
Who's that? According to a message I got last night from Hannah McKay's father she's a witness to a murder.
I've never thought about the future.
About growing old.
Maybe because the future has never been kind to people like me.
Or their loved ones.
Bye, Dad.
Bye, Harrison.
But, suddenly, my future seems very possible.
And growing old is not only a possibility it seems appealing.
- Hello.
- Am I speaking with Dexter Morgan? - Yeah, that's right.
- This is Department of Corrections.
Hector Estrada is having a parole hearing.
- What? When? - This morning at 10 a.
I know this is sudden.
Thank you for letting me know.
You're welcome, sir.
That was the Department of Corrections.
Hector Estrada is up for parole.
He thinks there's good chance he'll get it.
Estrada? Remember I told you about my mother and how she died? Oh, God.
Was he-- ? Was he one of the men that killed her? He was the leader.
He gave the order.
What about the others? Dead.
Estrada is the last survivor.
I'm sure you'll have something to say about that.
Look at it this way.
Maybe it's the universe giving you a Christmas present.
No one but you would see it that way.
Maybe killing Estrada will close this chapter of my life and open me up to a future with Hannah.
Panel has reviewed all the pertinent data in this matter.
We find that the prisoner meets the requirements for parole under the Compassionate Release Statute 463.
Have you read the statute? You understand your obligations? I understand what's expected of me.
I won't screw up.
At this time, we invite any victims present to enter a statement either for or against the board's decision.
I have no objection.
Nadia, it's me again.
This is my fifth message.
Just wanna know where you are.
Give me a call.
Did you get a bad news? Just trying to find Nadia.
Taking a survey.
Secret Santa this year or no Secret Santa? I got enough presents to buy, man.
Man, the Christmas spirit around here sucks big reindeer dicks.
I found Arlene Schram.
Oh, fucking amazing.
She's living out in Hialeah.
Two drug arrests since juvie, has two kids from different fathers.
Temporarily lost custody a year ago due to her drug abuse.
Good to know.
I'll have to go hard.
I might have to take away - her Mother of the Year trophy.
- Any luck in locating Hannah's father? No, zero.
He dropped the dime on his daughter and then skipped town.
Well, he's a drifter.
He could be anywhere.
Maybe we should let your brother know what we're doing.
- We're investigating his girlfriend.
- I told Dexter that if I found anything on Hannah, I'd act.
- I still don't feel right about this.
- And I'm telling you it's my call, okay? Matthews made his choices.
Now he spends Christmas alone with his boat.
How close was I to the same fate? Oh, hand me one of those zip ties on the table there, will you? Thanks.
Fucking Christmas lights.
Every year I put them up, and every year I wonder why I bothered.
You said you wanted to see me.
Yeah, thanks for coming out.
I wanted to give you a heads-up on this idea that Captain LaGuerta has got.
What? The Bay Harbour Butcher.
Maria's convinced that Doakes was innocent and that the real killer is still at large.
Actually, she thinks it might be you.
Me? I know.
Personally, I think she's had one too many Mosquitos or whatever they call that goddamn drink.
But, anyway, here we are.
What makes her think I'm the Bay Harbour Butcher? She knows your life story, your childhood what you saw in that cargo container.
Most people, that would screw them up for life.
Your brother went through the same thing, look what happened to him.
He saw your mother dismembered before his eyes then he went on to dismember his own victims.
Drink? No.
The Bay Harbour Butcher also dismembered his victims.
Of course, your brother wasn't the Butcher.
The murders continued after his death.
But it's weird, huh? Another thing that's weird, that cabin where Doakes died.
What about it? Was rented to a man named Jimenez.
He's one of the men who killed your mother.
I mean, what are the odds? He's interrogating me.
You knew my father, you've known me my whole life do you think I'm the Bay Harbour Butcher? Of course not.
But if I don't ask these questions, Maria will.
You know, I always had a bad feeling about Doakes.
He obviously didn't like me too much from the get-go.
Not exactly a secret.
But then that whole Bay Harbour Butcher case came along and something happened that I've never told anyone about.
- What? - I saw Doakes on his boat.
Doakes had a boat? Yeah.
I figured he used it to dispose of his victims.
He kept it at the same marina as mine.
I moved my boat to get away from him.
Why didn't you come forward? Because I didn't know what he'd do to me or my sister.
Doakes was a pretty formidable guy.
I can imagine how scared you must have been.
Sorry to put you through all this, Dexter.
I'll talk to Maria get her to move on.
No hard feelings? None.
I've given them a boat to search for.
Now I just have to make sure there's something for them to find.
Hey, don't splash your sister.
I'm not gonna tell you again.
Sorry, they are non-stop.
No, I have a nephew their age, so I can relate.
Traded one vice for another.
At least they can't take your kids away for tobacco.
First Christmas clean and sober, and it won't be the last.
Knock on wood.
Just wanna keep looking forward, you know? That's kind of why I'm here, Arlene, to keep you looking forward.
To keep you out of jail, actually.
- Why would I be going to jail? - As an accessory to murder.
He was a counsellor at a halfway house where you resided 10 years ago.
Someone spiked his coffee with rat poison.
- I don't have any idea.
- I'm not after you.
I'm after Hannah McKay.
She was your roommate at the time.
It was her idea, but you had part in it.
You either helped or you kept quiet.
- What do you want'? - I wanna know what happened.
In return, I'll promise immunity from prosecution keep you out of jail, make sure your kids have their mother to put presents under the tree.
I'd like some time to think about this.
Okay, do that.
And play with your kids.
Because depending on what you decide you might not get to do that for a really long time.
Quiet now.
So turn this way now.
Do you remember the first and last time Dad took us to see Santa? You yanked his beard and I asked for a gun.
Where the fuck are you, the North Pole? You haven't said anything.
What is it? You sure you wanna know? Oh, Jesus.
Tell me.
LaGuerta is still looking into the Bay Harbour Butcher.
I talked to Matthews.
She's pulled him into the investigation.
- What? - It gets worse.
They think it's me.
You weren't gonna fucking tell me? Do they have anything? I don't know.
I need to put them off this once and for all.
How? Give them proof that Doakes was the Butcher.
It will mean planting evidence.
You can't do that, not with those two on your case.
I'll just have to be very careful.
Now, were you a good boy? So, what do you want for Christmas? - Fuck it.
It's too risky for you.
I'll do it.
- Deb, no.
I'm not gonna let Harrison grow up without a father.
I just want this to be the end once and for all.
Hey, guys.
- Ready? Say "cheese," everyone.
- Cheese.
I'm sorry, I don't think Dexter Morgan has anything to do - with the Bay Harbour Butcher.
- You're letting your feelings completely cloud your judgment.
You're letting whatever you had with Doakes make you blind to his guilt.
I've heard of people fucking their brains out, but God.
- Well, that's low even for you, Tom.
- Look, let's just follow up on this boat.
Look, if James had owned a boat, I would have known.
Well, call it a wild guess.
But if he was using it to dump victims into the ocean he would have tried to keep its existence a secret.
I swear, I never told anyone I saw you poison that man.
I don't get how that stanky detective could know about it.
Must have been my dad.
Why would he do that? He needed money and I wouldn't give it to him.
You know my dad.
Yeah, unfortunately.
I can't go to jail, Hannah.
Lose my kids again, I couldn't take it.
I'm not gonna let that happen.
Hey, look at me.
When that counsellor was putting his hands on us and I shut him down for good, you backed me up.
Always stuck together.
That's not gonna change now, is it? But that detective's gonna come back.
She's not gonna let up.
I'm gonna figure something out.
You just have to stay strong, okay? Not this one.
This one looks like Doakes.
Did you have to get the biggest tree? Well, anything smaller than this looks like a Charlie Brown tree.
By the way, you still doing Christmas day with Debra and Harrison? Yeah.
You can join us.
Not sure if Debra and me in the same room would be very Christmassy.
Maybe we could start a new tradition.
Christmas Eve this year and next year, the year after that.
I like that, except there is one problem.
- What? - I haven't got you a Christmas present.
I don't really need anything.
Suit yourself.
Guess I'm just gonna have to go out and buy you a pair of socks.
Hold up! Hey! Hey! That's not the walk of a dying man.
I guess freedom was the tonic he needed.
But I'll soon change that.
- Jenna.
- Hey, Quinn.
I'm looking for Nadia.
Know where she is? Hey, pal, find your own.
Sorry, does your wife know you're here? No, so shut the fuck up.
Nadia's in Vegas.
- What are you talking about? - She moved there to work.
Got a job in one of the casinos.
- When? - Couple days ago.
She left you a note.
It's in my locker.
- I probably shouldn't have read it.
- What did it say? She's sorry, but she needed a new start.
Staying here was too hard for her.
She was really broken up.
That all? Oh, that you mean a lot to her and she'll never forget what you did for her.
I'll be done in a few minutes and I can go get it.
Last Christmas, I was down in the Keys.
This Christmas, your garage.
- No one's forcing you to be here, Tom.
- Oh, I'm too afraid to leave you alone.
You might decide I'm the Bay Harbour Butcher and haul me in.
- What is it? - Come here.
Take a look.
It's a tackle box.
These are deep-sea fishing lures.
Meaning? Meaning they're the kind you need a boat to use.
Jeez, what a mess.
Well, it's been empty for years.
Doakes probably scrapped his boat once we were closing in on him.
We don't know Doakes used this place.
You're jumping to conclusions.
This address came from the tackle box which came from the cabin where Doakes died.
This isn't jumping to a conclusion.
This conclusion's hanging from your ass.
- That private forensics team of yours? - Yeah, what about them? Get them out here.
I think we just struck oil.
The blood's too degraded to analyse, but we found one print on the hilt.
It's a match for James Doakes.
You're certain? No question, captain.
Well, that sews it up.
This evidence could have been planted.
Dexter is a forensics expert - and he has the skills-- - Maria, it's over.
The fat lady isn't singing, her song is done.
She's getting humped in her dressing room.
Jesus Christ, Tom.
What is wrong with you? Maria, why can't you let this go? I guess because I feel I owe it to James to clear his name.
Why? Because you two were a couple? Because he was innocent.
You're not an investigator, Maria.
Your talent's in playing the game, and you play a great one.
Hell, you beat me.
But either way I'm done here.
Now, I expect you to live up to your end of the bargain.
Forty-year pay scale on my pension.
I remember, Tom.
Don't worry, you'll get what's coming to you.
I expect to.
Feliz Navidad, Mafia.
What the hell are you doing here? Don't tell me we're neighbours.
I'm not here to fight with you or trade insults.
That's a good thing, you probably wouldn't last one round.
I came here to talk to you about Dexter.
Dexter? If you care about him, listen to what I have to say.
Just hear me out, that's all I ask.
I'm all ears.
Dexter is happy.
- and I know him well enough to understand that this is a pretty big deal.
He's been through a lot of trouble and a lot of pain.
- I can't deny that.
- I think for the first time in really a long time, he's actually looking forward to the future.
He talks about it.
About me and him together.
And I think that Dexter could be a whole lot happier if he knew that you and I could find some common ground.
- For Dexter's sake.
- Yeah.
He really does seem to like having you around.
I love him.
- And I know that you do too.
- Yeah, you bet I do.
Can't we work out our issues? I think we can.
It's because I love Dexter that I'm willing to do whatever it takes to protect him from you.
I'm not gonna give up until your murdering ass is behind bars for good.
That's how we're gonna work out our issues.
But, hey thanks for stopping by.
Son of a bitch.
You got a dead one.
Well, it's gonna have to stay dead.
There's only so much a man can do.
- What brings you around? - Merry Christmas.
- I noticed you were on empty.
- Thanks.
I was thinking about the last conversation we had.
I owe you an apology.
I should have come forward with my suspicion about Doakes.
- More people would be alive.
- If anyone should apologise, it's me.
I was stupid.
I should never have entertained Maria's theory about you being the Butcher.
- You think she'll ever accept the truth? - She already has.
- We found Doakes' boathouse.
- Really? What's even more amazing is what we found hidden inside it.
I won't go into details, except to say it leaves no doubt as to Doakes' guilt.
Believe me, you won't have to worry about LaGuerta anymore.
Well, I gotta say, that's about the best Christmas present I could've imagined.
You and me both.
Have a good Christmas with your boy.
We Will.
Christmas just got a lot less merry for Hector Estrada.
My late lamented Dark Passenger would be very pleased.
If I can break this last strand from my past do I get the future I want? - Yeah.
- I went to see Matthews again.
They're calling off the investigation.
You sure? Yeah.
They bought it.
Well, let's hope they stay bought.
Thanks, Deb.
- You're Hector Estrada? - I know you? You do now.
Steve Gaskill.
Come on, man.
You're a legend.
You're gonna be a stain if you don't crawl to where you came from.
I know I'm way out of line.
I gotta tell you about my situation.
I have this contact in Honduras, an old Army buddy.
He sends me a crate of sativa every other month.
I've been trying to lay it off.
You know, college campuses and whatnot.
But it keeps piling up.
It's too much for me to move.
- How much are we talking about? - Enough to make you shit your pants.
I've been trying to find a way into the Hispanic market.
- Here you are.
It's Kismet.
- Kiss who? It's good luck for both of us.
I can show you the stuff.
If you're interested, maybe we can work something out.
Let me hear you say you're not a cop.
I'm not a cop, man.
Jeez, we know a lot of the same people.
Tuerto, Pepe Chap.
- I've sold plenty of shit to them.
- Fuck.
Long time since I've dealt with those guys.
- Where and when? - Thirty-five Quayside Road.
Ten o'clock.
Unless you got something else to do on Christmas Eve.
I'll see you then.
- Yep.
- Dex, it's Angel.
Debra's at St.
She's been in a car accident.
I'll meet you at the hospital.
Did you fill out all the questions? - Dex.
- How is she? She's fine.
Her wrist is broken, lots of bruising, but she'll be out by tomorrow.
What happened? Apparently, she blacked out or something behind the wheel.
Does Debra have a prescription for anti-anxiety medication? Not that there's a problem.
Most people do.
Yeah, she does.
Why? Doctor said there was a lot of that in her system.
Almost three times the normal dose.
Maybe she lost track on how much she took.
You know, it happens.
Well, why is she here in Hialeah? Where was she going? Debra drove here for an interview.
A second interview with a woman, Arlene Schram.
Now, look, Dex, maybe I should've told you this before now but Deb got a tip that this woman, Arlene Schram, was a possible witness to a murder.
A murder committed by Hannah McKay.
You should've told me.
Debra has a bug up her ass with this girl.
Maybe that's why she took all those anti-anxiety pills.
Because she's convinced that her brother is dating a killer.
I don't know what happened.
I was tired.
I was driving.
I kept getting sleepier.
And, I don't know, I must have closed my eyes for a second.
- But the next thing I knew, I was-- - Hanging upside down in a ditch.
Hanging by my seat belt.
This is the most fucked-est Christmas ever.
And you were gonna spend it with Arlene Schram.
Hannah told you? Hannah knew? She was at my house yesterday asking me to back off.
Arlene must've called after I left her house.
Hannah was at your house yesterday? Yes.
And now I'm here.
- Fucking hell, Dexter.
It's like-- - She didn't poison you.
Well, I sure as shit didn't swallow a handful of pills.
The doctor said that it's possible the drugs built up in your system.
I took one.
Last night.
That drug has a short half-life.
Gotta hand it to her.
That's a really good plan.
Making it look I accidentally took too much of a prescription that I have? It's not a hard drug to get.
- How would she know you were on it? - You must have mentioned it.
I never did.
That's the thing about people that poison people.
They're really fucking sneaky.
So she what, poisoned you while she was at your house last night? I didn't let her inside my house last night.
- Deb-- - I went for a run.
Maybe she broke in after I left or something.
She broke into your house and did what? - I don't know how she did it.
- Because she didn't.
Fuck, this is what happened to Sal Price.
He got close to knowing the truth about Hannah, she killed him.
There's no proof she killed Sal Price and no proof that she poisoned you.
Well, maybe we need to find the proof.
There's another explanation for what happened.
You took more of those pills than you think you did.
You've been under a lot of stress, Deb.
No shit, Sherlock.
So you took one and you lost track.
You took another.
And another.
It's possible.
It happens.
You have to admit that, right? Deb's more right than she knows about what happened to Sal Price.
But Hannah wouldn't do that to Debra.
Would she? I make my living at crime scenes, proving what happened.
But now can I prove what didn't happen? Prove that Hannah didn't poison Debra? Is this proof that Hannah was here? Did she break in? Or did she simply walk through an open door? Or did this fall off me? Did I track this in just now? The drug works quickly.
Deb would've passed out minutes after ingesting it.
Sorry for your loss.
- No, my sister's doing fine.
- Yeah.
Can't say the same thing for this poor baby.
You'll have to go in through the passenger side.
I'll see what the lab has to say about what's in this bottle.
Hannah didn't poison Debra.
All I want for Christmas is for that to be true.
Merry Christmas Eve.
We're having a Nochebuena at the restaurant later.
Auri will be there.
You should come by.
Thank you, but I'm not up for it.
Holidays, family, cheer.
They're keeping Debra overnight at the hospital.
You should know that.
I know.
You wanna tell me the real reason you're here? I've been thinking about what's next for me.
Yeah? I'm enjoying the restaurant, even with all the headaches.
It's real.
You open up, you feed people you clean up, you close up, then you go home.
That's it.
That's your day.
You don't carry it with you.
- Not like this job? - No.
And up until, I don't know Mike's death maybe it never got to me.
It's time, isn't it? You ever think about what's next? Sometimes.
I've been looking back a little too.
You know, wondering about some choices I've made wishing I'd made different ones.
Are you talking about me? Are you talking about you, about us? Are you wishing that it would've worked out? No.
Okay, just checking.
So when are you retiring? Thought about putting papers in on the first.
Happy New Year.
Let's hope.
Dexter, hey.
I was worried about you.
- Look who's here.
- Daddy's home.
Come here, bud.
Oh, yeah.
- Thanks for staying over tonight.
- My pleasure.
Ever since I've gone vegetarian, watching my brother roast a whole pig grosses me out.
Besides, you guys are family too.
Yeah, and so are you.
How's Debra? Yeah, how's she doing? She's fine.
She should be out tomorrow.
Oh, I'm glad to hear that.
Well, I hope you're hungry, Dexter.
Look at her.
So beautiful.
But can you ever fully trust a poisoner? Okay, Dexter? Dexter.
Earth to Dexter.
I think your food coma's hitting way early.
- You're right.
- What do you want'? A little bit of everything.
Christmas is a time of expectation.
If you're good, a red-suited fat man will break into your house and leave presents.
But Santa Claus doesn't exist.
The most wonderful time of the year celebrates a lie.
ls the future I imagine with Hannah nothing more than a vision dancing in my head? It's funny how we started off in Santa's Holiday Adventure and here we are, Christmas Eve together.
A place I never thought I'd be with anyone again much less you.
I'm not saying this quite right.
All the men that I've been with there was a lot of running away.
But when I'm with you I don't wanna go anywhere.
Stay with me tonight.
No, I can't.
I have somewhere to be.
Debra? Estrada? Good for you.
He's somebody you've wanted for a long time.
Someone I thought I'd never get.
I imagine that will be deeply satisfying.
When Deb had her accident she was heading to Arlene Schram's house.
She was hoping Arlene would give her a statement that would let her arrest you.
But Deb never made it there.
She blacked out behind the wheel.
- Does that sound familiar? - Familiar? Sal Price.
It's what you hoped would happen to him before you poisoned him.
Are you? Do you think that I had something to do with Debra's accident? Did you? Oh, I can't believe you would even think something like that.
Say something.
You will do whatever it takes to protect yourself.
That does not include trying to poison your sister.
You yourself told me Arlene saw you poison that counsellor's coffee.
And I can't tell you how many times I saw Arlene shoot up.
I was nervous about what she could do, but then I went to see her and she's a mess that any law student could discredit.
She's not a threat to me.
But Deb is.
Do you think I would be that stupid to try and poison the lieutenant of Homicide? And to think that you wouldn't figure it out? Wouldn't exactly bring us closer together, would it? You know I love you, right? Yes.
Do you love me? Yes.
I don't know if I believe you.
You were at her house last night.
I thought if she knew how much I cared then she would back down a little.
But she never will.
What happens next week when Deb has a heart attack? Do you hear yourself? If anything happens, I'll wonder if you had something to do with it.
Well, that's your problem, your lack of trust.
Your inability to trust.
God, it's like It's like you have something deep inside of you that you think is undeserving of love.
- Don't turn this back on me.
- You're accusing me.
I ju-- I know what you're capable of.
Okay, I'm not sure quite how to say this but I've never made a mistake.
If I had poisoned Debra, then she would be dead.
If you know me the way that you say that you do then you know that that's true.
Maybe it all was just an accident.
It must have been really scary to see her in the hospital like that.
It was.
It's understandable you would try to make sense of a situation that doesn't make sense but you're doing that at the expense of this relationship.
I'm not trying to.
I I don't wanna lose you.
I'm sure about you.
I'm 100-percent sure but you need to be able to say the same thing about me.
I know.
We could have it all.
I think you need to figure out what it is that you want and what type of future you wanna have.
It's right in here.
What the fuck is this, huh? Where's the stuff? Fuck.
Estrada, it's time.
The Department of Corrections kept that for you.
That was very thoughtful.
You've changed a lot in the past 40 years.
So have I.
Three men murdered my mother.
Juan Pablo Aliso, shot in another deal.
Santos Jimenez.
You remember him.
He testified against you.
I cut him into six roughly-equal pieces with a chain saw.
Just like he did my mother.
Like I'm gonna do to you.
Holy fuck, you're Dickie Moser.
Dexter Moser.
I am Dexter Moser.
And I'm gonna kill you.
Is that what all this is about? I was 3 years old when you left me in that container.
Who am I gonna be when you're dead? Still some fucking freak, probably.
We'll see.
You're working with her, aren't you? What? That fucking cop bitch, the one who got me out.
Oh, yeah, they said that there was a big push for my release from the captain of Miami Metro.
LaGuerta? She fucking set me up.
You're not the one who was set up.
We followed him here, but we lost him.
Till we heard the gunshot.
That's when we called you.
- All right.
Anything else since? - No.
Show me where.
What is going on in this place? Keep looking for Estrada and anyone else with him.
Estrada's not alone.
Don't make a fucking sound.
Around the other side.
It wasn't the universe giving me a gift.
It was LaGuerta.
I can make sure one member of the Morgan family has a good Christmas.
It's Sergio.
You told me to call you when I ran that water you brought in.
What'd you find? That water's like That's an anti-anxiety drug.
Someone must have wanted to knock themselves out.
But this time of year, who can blame them? - Thanks.
- You got it.
It was no accident.
Hannah dissolved the pills into Deb's water so that she'd pass out behind the wheel.
A problem in Hannah's life solved.
Hannah poisoned Debra.
It's not the future I had wanted with Hannah but maybe it's what I deserve.
You barely said two words on the ride home.
I have something for you.
A present? A new car, I hope.
I guess it's a present.
It's Sal Price's pen.
If you test it, you'll find traces of aconite on the end and Hannah's prints.
So that's how she did it.
I found it the next morning.
I kept it out of evidence.
I can't believe you're gonna turn her in.
As long as she's free, you're not safe.
Dex, I know how hard this must be for you.
You're here.
Does that mean that you know what you want? Yes.
- Hannah - You have to kiss me or it's bad luck.
What's the matter? I'm sorry.
Sorry? Hannah McKay, you're under arrest for the murder of Sal Price.
You should have killed me.
I should know better than to count on the future.
All you can ever believe in is now this moment.
Because in a blink everything can change.