Dexter s07e12 Episode Script

Surprise, Motherfucker!

Previously on Dexter: Dexter, what the fuck? Maybe we should just get rid of the body.
We make it look like a suicide.
How do we do that? Gasoline.
There's a station nearby.
I'll go get a couple of gallons.
If Doakes really wasn't the Bay Harbor Butcher best thing is look into his final days.
We should start with the cabin in the Everglades where Doakes died.
Maria's convinced that Doakes was innocent - that the real killer might be you.
- Me? Do what you gotta do.
That was Department of Corrections.
Hector Estrada is up for parole.
- Estrada? - I told you about my mother and how she died? Was he one of the men that killed her? He was the leader.
He gave the order.
It's the universe giving you a Christmas present.
No one but you would see it that way.
Estrada! You're working with her, aren't you? That fucking cop bitch, the one that got me out.
- LaGuerta.
- She fucking set me up.
You're not the one who was set up.
Debra's at St.
She's been in a car accident.
Well, I sure as shit didn't swallow a handful of pills.
She poisoned you while she was at your house last night? Find the proof.
Hannah dissolved the pills into Deb's water so that she'd pass out behind the wheel.
Sal Price's pen.
If you test it, you'll find traces of aconite on the end.
- Can't believe you're gonna turn her in.
- As long as she's free, you're not safe.
You should have killed me.
You look like you got some sun.
The boat.
They treating you well? I get 10 minutes outside.
My cellmate seems nice.
She robbed a liquor store so she could buy meth.
- You have every-- - You said you loved me.
- I do.
- Then why am I here? You poisoned Debra.
Because she was trying to keep us apart.
And what was I supposed to do? I don't know.
I don't know, you could have just broken up with me.
And completely free you up to kill Deb? No.
I'm gonna spend the rest of my life behind bars.
- You left me no choice.
- You had a choice.
You were supposed to choose me.
She's my sister.
I never stood a chance.
Why are you even here? I had to see you.
If you're worried I'm gonna tell people what you are, then don't worry.
Your secret is safe with me.
Is it? I would never do that to you.
I came here because I wanted-- I needed you to know.
If there was another-- Any way to keep Deb safe I would have found it.
I miss you so much.
I miss you too.
You're the only person in the world I don't have to hide anything from.
I don't know what I'm gonna do without you.
Dexter, it's not too late.
The only thing they have on me is that fucking pen.
If the pen disappears, so can we.
We can go some place that your sister can't find us.
We can go to Argentina and be together always.
I can never trust you.
- But you just-- - And you know you can never trust me.
We both knew it would come to this, one of us dead or behind bars.
Except I always thought it would be you.
Yeah, me too.
Goodbye, Dexter.
I tried to kill Hannah but couldn't.
I wanna hate her for what she did to Deb but can't.
- Hello.
- An inmate from the Sheriff's Department is trying to contact you via collect call.
Do you accept the charges? - Yeah.
- Connecting.
Arlene, thank God.
- Hannah, what's wrong? - I can't do this.
I can't spend my life in here.
I need you to help me.
I need this to be over.
No, you're stronger than that.
You haven't even had your trial.
I can visit you.
Arlene, you owe me.
I took care of that counsellor for the both of us and now I need your help, okay? I can't live like this.
Tell me what to do.
I don't know who's worse, you or him.
It is Toy-mageddon every time I walk in here.
He can't make up his mind which one he likes the best.
He's a boy.
He wants them all.
I can clean this stuff up.
Go, get ready for work.
I got it.
- All right, Harrison.
- Hey.
We're gonna need to let Jamie pick some things up.
That doesn't mean you can't play with Thomas.
I want Hannah.
Sweetie, Hannah had to go away, but that doesn't mean that she doesn't miss you very, very much.
Okay? Okay.
- Let's see if we can get Thomas to talk.
- One - Captain? - Dexter.
What are you doing here? It might be best if you take Harrison to another room.
Because? Because I'm placing you under arrest for the murder of Hector Estrada.
Dexter? - This has to be some sort of mistake.
- I wish it was.
- Who is Hector Estrada? - Stay back.
- Get your hands off.
- Stay back.
Jamie, just take Harrison to his room.
It's okay.
I'm calling Deb.
Dexter Morgan "you have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say or do can be used against you in a court of law.
You have the right to an attorney.
If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you.
" - What the hell's going on? - Jesus.
LaGuerta arrested Morgan.
I'll call you later.
What are you doing? - Out of my way, Angel.
- Why is Dexter in handcuffs? I have proof he's the Bay Harbor Butcher.
Doakes is the Bay Harbor Butcher.
Have you lost your mind? - What is this? - I don't know.
What the fuck? She thinks your brother's the Bay Harbor Butcher.
How is that possible? It's not.
Take those things off his wrists.
- Leave those.
- Maria, what are you doing? Stand down, lieutenant.
Dexter's my prisoner, you're family.
You need to recuse yourself.
Let's go.
- Angel.
- I'm on it.
Just so we're clear then your official statement is that you went fishing last night then went home to be with your son.
I didn't kill Hector Estrada.
No? You didn't cut his body into pieces and put it into bags, take it on your boat - then throw it into the ocean? - Why would I do that? Because Hector Estrada butchered your mother in front of you.
So how about you start telling me the truth? I'm not the Bay Harbor Butcher.
He's answered your questions.
You've got nothing.
Not all my questions.
These are from my phone last night and that's you carrying plastic garbage bags onto your boat.
It was ice to keep any fish I caught cold.
My cooler broke.
But earlier today, you said you didn't catch anything.
What was in the bag? It was a shirt with Hector Estrada's blood on it and his wallet.
You killed him.
You killed him like you killed all your other victims.
Admit it.
You're the Bay Harbor Butcher.
- Dexter, don't say another word.
- That's enough, sergeant.
I was throwing away my dinner.
It was a bag from Franco's.
You can check.
- Angel, you gotta believe me.
- You framed Doakes.
After I defended you against him.
You betrayed me, this department, everybody around you.
Is that what this is about? Your desperate need to believe the James Doakes you knew or thought you knew, wasn't a cold-blooded killer? You don't have the right to speak his name.
You're so hurt angry, scared.
He's dead because of you.
You were his partner, his lieutenant his lover.
If you couldn't see what was in front of your eyes what does that say about you? I swear to God, Dexter I'm gonna nail you to the wall for what you've done.
- Maria.
- To the wall! Maria, that's enough.
Goddamn it, lieutenant.
You can't be in here.
- Tell them what you told me.
- I reran the blood on the shirt Captain LaGuerta discovered in the trash.
It's definitely Hector Estrada's, but after going over it I found an evidence number.
What? What evidence number? Shirt with Estrada's blood on it is the shirt he was wearing the day he was brought in, back in '73.
Things got a little rough and the arresting officers broke his nose.
That's impossible.
I checked inventory.
The shirt's missing.
What about his wallet? Don't kill the messenger.
There was a partial print and it's yours.
- Were you trying to frame my brother? - Deb.
You son of a bitch.
- You set me up.
- Maria.
- Can I go now? - Yes, you can.
He did this.
He's the Bay Harbor Butcher.
He has to be.
This witch hunt of yours is over.
If you have a problem with it we can take it upstairs.
Everyone else may have bought your little victim routine in there but we both know the truth.
And the truth is it's been a very long day.
You set me up, just like you did James.
Now, I'm sure you've already managed to kill Estrada.
Leaves me no chance to prove any of this.
You've won again.
I just wanna go home and see my son.
James always knew there was something wrong with you.
Surprise, motherfucker.
You got my reports? Hot off the presses.
Twenty-six stab wounds, the first pierced her heart.
- Whoever did this-- - Was making a point.
This is our third vic.
Any Suspects? Walter Munro.
Thinks he's some philosopher or some shit.
Scribbling his fucked-up thoughts in his journals.
Victims are all prostitutes.
Wounds suggest the same weapon.
Consistent with a single killer.
The thing is he's crazy, but he's smart too.
I can never get anything on him.
Hold up.
What's up? What we talked about.
Come on, Maria.
Don't you at least wanna think about it? I'm sorry, James.
Oh, shit, Morgan.
I didn't even know you were there.
You're, like, invisible.
If only I had stayed invisible.
- Maria, wait up.
- Angel.
- Hey.
- I don't wanna hear it.
I just checked with Estrada's parole officer.
You were behind his release from prison? Somehow Dexter figured out I was watching him.
Everyone thinks that you're trying to frame Dexter.
- I am-- - Dexter.
I don't care what everybody else thinks.
Well, you better start caring.
Do you wanna keep your job? - I wanna keep my job.
- Then better back off - and drop this whole crazy idea.
- Angel, I need you to be on my side.
I am on your side and that's why I'm telling you this.
But you have to stop.
- It looks pretty bad, doesn't it? - More than pretty bad.
And you're gonna have to work really hard to fix this.
But come on, Maria.
If anyone can work their way out of a jam like this it's you.
Thanks for your advice, Angel.
We need to talk.
Harrison just went to sleep.
I'm glad one of us will sleep tonight.
Heads up next time you're gonna get arrested or make our captain look like a lunatic.
It worked, didn't it? Everyone thinks LaGuerta framed me.
She won't be able to come after me anymore.
All it cost her was her career.
How many careers has LaGuerta destroyed? That still doesn't make it right.
Not that I even know what that is anymore.
I wish it hadn't come to this, but it was either her or me.
She almost caught me trying to kill Estrada on the docks.
Whose fault was that? LaGuerta's the one who set me up.
So you repay the favour? Would you prefer my normal method of conflict resolution? Not fucking funny.
There was a problem, and I solved it the best way I knew how.
And it's over.
That's what you keep saying.
What about Hannah? What about her? Well, I assume she knows what you are.
- Yeah, but-- - Her arraignment's tomorrow.
How do you know she won't use that to get a better deal? - She won't.
- How do you know that? Because she's in love with me.
I pray to fuck you're right.
Take tomorrow off, all right? At least until the dust settles with this LaGuerta thing.
You know this isn't over.
Despite what LaGuerta thinks, Estrada's still out there.
I know.
It's been six days since I let him go and I haven't found him yet.
If he resurfaces, LaGuerta gets wind of it-- She'll offer him a deal.
Put him up in some safe house.
You're left to explain to the DA why you came after him with a chainsaw.
I'll find him.
I'll do What I have to do.
You sound like Hannah.
According to Estrada's parole officer this is the last known address of his wife.
Hector has nowhere else to turn.
He's wanted by the police, me.
Estrada? I'm Arthur Curry, Hector's parole officer.
Why are you here? I haven't seen Hector in years.
Hey, honey, who's that? The neighbour.
Don't come here again.
My Tony doesn't like it.
Well, if you haven't seen Hector, why are you still married to him? I'm Catholic.
Is it that guy again? - You sure he hasn't been around? - You should go.
It's been 40 years, but Florencia hasn't let go of Hector.
Sometimes it only takes a moment to reveal who we really are.
Looks like you spun a goddamn web.
Yeah, it's more like a puzzle.
Connect the dots.
Can you pin this on Munro or not? Entry wounds on the victim are consistent with wounds on previous victims.
She was standing when attacked.
- Get another one.
- She stumbled, her body turning.
The killer's behind her now, stabbing her in the back repeatedly.
Then she's down on all fours, crawling away until the killer grabs her and flips her over.
He's on top of her now.
He slices her carotid artery.
She's terrified, heart's racing.
It's releasing more blood in thick arterial spurts here and here and Here.
I've never seen someone so excited about a crime scene before.
You like this blood shit too much.
I'm just doing my job.
Wipe that smile off your face and help me find the creep who did this.
I let my guard down.
For an instant, my real life bled into my fake life and Doakes caught his first glimpse of the real me.
Thanks for coming, Tom.
Chrissakes, it's all over the station you tried to frame Dexter.
- You know that's not true.
- Do I? Commissioner's going to open an investigation into your recent conduct.
If called to testify, I'll be dragged into this and have no choice but tell the truth.
That we found definitive proof that Doakes was the Bay Harbor Butcher.
And that despite me advising you to cease and desist you continued on this reckless course.
- So, what's your advice? - Start kissing anything that even remotely resembles an ass.
I'm serious, Tom.
I was hoping for your support.
And make myself look as crazy as you? People still respect you here.
I need someone to have my back, Tom and you could say I had reasonable suspicion.
- You carried it too far.
- Then say that.
Say that due to my overzealous nature as a police officer I got too caught up in the case.
- You got too caught up being an idiot.
- I'm already down, Tom.
Stop kicking.
My job is at stake.
Tom? All right.
I'll see what I can do.
Thank you.
You just keep your head low.
And for God's sake, start doing your job if you have any hope of keeping it.
What brings you here? I'm the arresting officer.
How's the wrist? Stronger every day.
How's facing life without the possibility of parole? Last time I checked it's innocent until proven guilty.
This is your last chance.
You can save yourself a lot of time and trouble, confess what you've done.
I will if you Will.
My conscience is clear.
All that Xanax.
My, how you must have trouble sleeping at night.
You don't know shit about me.
- A minute? - Except you're lieutenant of Homicide and you wear a big shiny badge and yet you know exactly what your brother is.
Don't worry, I'm not gonna tell anyone.
They wouldn't believe me even if I did.
But knowing that you have to live with it is punishment enough.
Still, I'm curious.
How do you justify arresting me and not him? Or is the law just something that you make up as you go along? Turning a blind eye whenever you feel like it or whenever Dexter is involved? Fuck you.
You are a liar and a killer.
But not a hypocrite.
Miss McKay.
Come on, let's go.
You're charged with murder, first degree with the death of Salvador Price.
How do you plead? My client pleads not guilty.
Miss McKay, you are remanded to the state of Florida and bail is denied.
- I'm so sorry.
- Listen to me.
It's gonna be fine, okay? - Ma'am, you need to step back, please.
- Thank you.
Good bye.
Just checking in.
It's nice of you.
Seems everyone else is avoiding me.
You know how it is.
Everyone is waiting to see where this lands.
I'm doing everything I can to make sure it doesn't land on my head.
You need to show up to my party.
I really don't think anyone wants to see me there.
Of course they do.
It's also an opportunity for you to apologise to Dexter.
- A public act of contrition.
- If you straighten it outwith him he can tell the people upstairs that it was just a misunderstanding.
Either way, show up tonight.
It's not just New Year's Eve.
It's also my retirement party.
It wouldn't feel right without you.
I'll be there.
It's the best Jet Ski out there.
Yeah, I just can't see spending Shit! What the fuck? Seward Memorial Hospital, now! She's having some sort of seizure.
She seems stable.
We're wheeling her into Seward Memorial Emergency now.
We'd better contact her next of kin.
Hang on, sweetheart.
Go ahead and get her an MRI.
Make sure it's with contrast.
ETA is Let's hope my hunch is right that the pull of a past romance is enough to compel Florencia to help Estrada.
You wanted to talk? Deb, come in and have a seat.
What's up? You were right.
About? Me.
I let my feelings for Sergeant Doakes affect my decision-making.
What I put your brother through was negligent and unforgivable.
And I'm sorry.
If it's any consolation, my career is gonna take a hit.
Suspension, probably worse.
I hope not.
You don't have to say that.
Either way, in the event I'm not around much longer I wanna leave things in some kind of order.
I was trying so hard to prove the Butcher was still active I overlooked some loose ends on Travis Marshall's death.
I was hoping you could help me with the time line.
According to Dexter's statement previous to the day we found Travis Marshall's body he was doing his final forensics sweep on the church.
Yeah, that's right.
- Under your supervision.
- No.
I mean, yes, I sent him, but he was on his own.
He doesn't need someone to watch him.
You didn't go to the church? - That day or evening? - No.
You sure? Yes.
Going through the mail, I got a package from Mike Anderson's widow.
And it seems that before Mike died, he ordered security footage from all gas stations around the church.
This got lumped into his personal belongings.
It recently got sent to me, so Can you see that? That's two blocks from the church and there's a time stamp.
It was 22 minutes before the fire department got the call on the burning church.
What were you doing there, lieutenant? What it looks like.
I was getting gas.
Then why lie about it? I didn't lie.
I forgot.
It was a crazy night.
You were certain about it a moment ago.
No-- I'm-- I am sorry, I Took some food to Dexter at the church.
I was only there for 30 seconds so I didn't think that it was worth remembering.
Then you got some gas.
- Yes.
- That you put in a gas can? Yeah.
Why in the world-- ? Captain, where is this going? That's up to you, lieutenant.
Debra we've known each other a long time.
Is there something you wanna get off your chest? Yes.
I think you have been under a lot of stress.
You know what I think? I think I'm not the only one who made a mistake trying to protect someone they care about.
Is there anything else, captain? Not for now.
But this is just the start of a much larger conversation.
Count on it.
I guess some bonds are unbreakable.
We never leave behind the ones we love.
He could be there all day.
And you can keep that, all right? Hey! Hi, Deb.
Well, now? Okay.
Give me 15 minutes.
Still unconscious, but seizures have stopped.
We've got her stabilised.
We're waiting for a doctor.
We could use your help over here.
Just-- Okay.
LaGuerta knew I was lying, Dex.
Wait, wait, let me think.
What? This is bad, Deb.
I don't wanna fucking hear you say that.
You always say that you can fix it.
I Will.
Just don't know how yet.
Dangerous enough when she was focused just on me but now that she's pulled you into this, well, it's worse.
Tell me about it.
- I've said this a hundred times.
- But you're sorry I got involved in this.
I am.
Are we really that fucked? Look, all she knows is that you bought some gas.
That's not a crime.
Yeah, but buying gas to burn down a church to cover up the fact you killed Travis Marshall is.
She knows that.
But she can't prove it.
I need to know what else she has, what her next move is.
If all she's got is that DVD, I can handle this.
Is this ever gonna end? Yeah, it will.
Just go back to work and try and act normal.
Normal? What the fuck is normal? Just do the best you can.
I'll deal with LaGuerta.
- What the hell is that? - Estrada.
Oh, shit.
Let's go! Officer Armes calling for backup.
We need units at Seward Memorial.
LaGuerta's house.
What is it you're hoping to find, Dexter? I don't know.
Not this.
With a judge's signature allowing LaGuerta to track the GPS on my phone and Debra's the night the church burnt down.
Once this goes through LaGuerta will have the time line for the night I killed Marshall.
She'll know Debra went to the church, then the gas station.
And then back to the church proving that we both were at the church when it burned down and proving that Deb was my accomplice.
I think it's time to run, Dexter.
But Deb.
I can't leave her behind.
Take her with you.
Debra and Harrison, just go.
You knew one day it would come to this.
Deb could never live like that.
That's always been the plan, Dexter.
That was before.
It's not just Deb.
I don't wanna run either.
Before? Before what? Before everything.
Before I married Rita, before I had a son before Deb knew who I was, before I fell in love.
What difference does that make? Somewhere along the line, the fake life that we created as a cover for me to kill became real.
It's not fake to me anymore.
I don't wanna lose it.
I'm gonna stand my ground.
I don't see any other options here, Dexter.
But I do.
Dexter, you have never done a kill like this.
I'm about to.
LaGuerta's an innocent.
She doesn't even begin to meet the code.
It's the only option.
I can't let Deb go down for what I've done.
My God, Dexter.
How did we end up here? Morning, Dex.
Gonna pick up some steaks and beer tonight, yeah? Sounds good.
The kind of doughnut you choose says a lot about a man.
Avoid Doakes.
Bad mood.
First, Lt dumps him, now his prostitute killer seems to have gone missing.
- I love these.
- Hey.
Get one while they last.
I don't want no fucking doughnut, Morgan.
Hell, it's not you.
It's LaGuerta.
I should have never gotten involved with her to begin with.
Never jump the fence if you're not willing to face what's on the other side.
Where the fuck did you hear that? A friend said it to me in a moment of stress.
You don't have any friends.
This is the journal of that motherfucking hooker killer Walter Munro.
I took it from his place a couple of weeks ago while serving a warrant.
Locked up in my drawer since.
"Never jump the fence if you're not willing to face what's on the other side.
" That's a weird coincidence.
Fuck coincidences.
I don't believe in them.
- I should-- - There's something off about you.
I should have seen it before.
The fake smile, the doughnuts.
You don't even walk like a normal person.
You glide.
Like a fucking lizard on ice.
It's all a fucking act and I ain't buying it.
I think you're overreacting.
You're hiding something and one day I'm gonna figure out what it is.
You are one creep motherfucker.
It was a mistake to try to act human in front of Doakes.
All I did was reveal how fake I was.
- Captain LaGuerta.
- Oye, this is Hector Estrada.
You're alive? I need your help.
I'm back here at the shipyard.
Same container.
That's good.
Very convincing.
- You're gonna let me go now, right? - No.
- You said-- - You think I'm a killer and not a liar? Now, this is a kill I've been looking forward to for a long time.
You're the one who started this all, so many years ago.
Should auld acquaintance be forgot? - No, but look.
I can-- - It's a rhetorical question.
Look! I'm sorry I killed your mother, all right? Was it hard? Making the decision to kill her? Yes.
Yeah, man.
It was the hardest decision of my life.
Look, I didn't wanna do it.
You're lying.
She was a snitch.
It was a matter of survival.
It was her or me.
Come on! This was 40 years ago! Why are we still talking about this? When we finish talking, I kill you.
Okay, okay.
What else you wanna know? Did it make you feel bad? Look, I said I-- It was her or me.
Survival of the fittest? Yeah, exactly.
Killing you will be easy but I have another kill I have to do that's not so easy.
So why are you doing it, man? To protect myself.
And my sister.
Survival, right? The normal reasons.
The normal reasons? I've never killed for normal reasons.
I used to think I was special, a special kind of killer but tonight I'm not.
I hear you, bro.
I hear you.
So then what are you, right? What am I? I'm just a creep motherfucker.
- Jamie.
- Hey, Deb.
- Have you seen Dex? - He was supposed to pick up Harrison.
So tired, I put him down in the back office.
You see him, let him know I'm looking for him? - Yeah, of course.
- Thanks.
Happy New Year.
What? Fuck, sorry.
Happy New Year.
- You wanna dance? - Okay, let's go dance.
Come on.
Oh, slow down, cowboy.
I'll share.
I heard that you broke up with your girlfriend.
She dumped me.
So are you gonna get all sloppy drunk and make an ass of yourself - like when you broke up with Deb? - I was thinking about it.
You gonna hit on me again too? I'm just saying, fair warning.
I do not need my brother to protect me.
And if you don't show me respect I will fuck you up and serve your balls in a shot glass.
How do you make that sound so fucking sexy? - Everything good here? - Just fine.
Yeah? Good.
- Hey, hermano.
- Hey.
So how's it feel knowing you're putting away your badge? Honestly, a little scary.
All I've been is a cop.
I'm putting it all behind me, you know? Unknown territory.
That takes balls, man.
Oh, hey.
It's almost time.
Where can I go to change? No, you're not gonna put on a diaper and come out as Baby New Year.
- Try and stop me.
- No.
You're gonna scare people is-- - Great party.
- Thanks.
ls your brother here? He said he was gonna be here.
Maria too.
Maybe after what happened, they wanna avoid each other.
- I'm gonna call, make sure he's okay.
- Okay.
- Dispatch.
- This is Lieutenant Debra Morgan.
I was hoping to get a 20 on LaGuerta's vehicle.
I'll Wait.
Heading north towards the Miami Port, by the shipping yards.
- The shipping yards? Are you sure? - That's correct.
Thank you.
Whatever you're thinking of doing, please don't do it.
So, what's the plan? I gave LaGuerta half a dose of M99 so it won't be found in her system.
I'll use her gun to shoot Estrada in his puncture wound.
Destroying any evidence that he was stabbed.
And then? Tell me.
I'll use Estrada's gun to shoot LaGuerta.
So it'll look like they killed each other.
Where will this end? Shit, Dex, what have you done? Deb? Oh, God.
You shouldn't be here.
Why shouldn't I be here? What are you doing? What needs to be done.
- Are you gonna kill her? - You need to leave.
- I need to finish this.
- Dexter, you can't.
I can and I will.
Dexter, you can't do this.
The only solution, the only way to end this.
No, no.
I can't let you go through with this! Shoot him, Debra.
You have to end this.
Shoot him.
- Stop! - Do it, Debra.
Shoot him.
Do it! Shoot him! This is not who you are.
You're a good cop.
You're a good person.
You're not like him.
Put him down! It's true.
Everything she said.
You're a good person.
It's okay.
Do what you gotta do.
Oh, my God! Oh, my God! We all make rules for ourselves.
It's these rules that help define who we are.
So when we break those rules, we risk losing ourselves and becoming something unknown.
Who is Deb now? Who am I? Is this a new beginning or the beginning of the end?