Dexter s08e05 Episode Script

This Little Piggy

Previously on Dexter: What did you do to Yates? He has a scar exactly where your killer has been harvesting brain fragments.
High heels are a far cry from brains.
It's not exactly your killer's usual MO.
Albert wouldn't be the first to alter his methods.
She's found herself a hero.
I know her.
Janet Thorton.
Think the girl will be all right? I stemmed the bleeding, dropped her off in front of the ER.
Patient files.
Your patient files.
Dexter, don't.
"Somehow he's deluded himself into thinking his feelings for his sister are genuine.
" You're trying to keep me from Deb.
It's another way to isolate your subject.
See what he'll do.
When Yates is dead, you are out of my life.
You understand? What about you? What makes you crazy? Family shit.
Nothing says family like shit.
I see a lot of your father in you.
Harry wrestled with the same doubts regarding Dexter.
The code is a theory.
What Dexter did-- What we did-- I don't think I can live with this.
Did Dad kill himself? He OD'd on his heart medication.
He thought he'd created a monster.
I think I know how he felt.
But he only got it half right.
Well, we're never gonna get anywhere unless one of you starts talking.
Debra, it seems that you tried to kill Dexter as well as yourself.
Yes, but then I saved him.
You saved me? You only had to save me because you tried to kill me.
I know, but-- You almost left my son an orphan.
Who's gonna take care of him? Who? I don't know.
All I've done my whole life is try to take care of you, to protect you.
Protect? Jesus Christ.
If this is your way of protecting me-- Okay, so I'm not perfect! You think it's easy being your brother? You're not even listening to me.
You don't understand.
I've been trapped in a fucking fog-- No, I don't understand.
Haven't you heard anything she said? I'm stupid that way.
My brain is limited.
So when my sister tries to kill me, for some reason, it doesn't make sense.
It's true, Dexter, what she said.
While in the throes of PTSD, one's thinking becomes cloudy.
The weight of what she has been through has been too much for her to bear.
Debra has been in such a turmoil that she sought out the first solution that presented itself.
I had just found out that Dad killed himself because of you.
Because of what you are.
I was fucking traumatised by all this shit.
Yeah, so try to kill us both.
That solves everything.
You are overlooking an important part of what happened, Dexter.
Yes, she tried to kill you, the both of you.
And that was Debra hitting rock bottom.
But ultimately, as she said, she saved you.
And that was Debra's first step toward recovery.
You should see that as a promising sign for your sister.
I'm so fucking happy for you.
I was trying to catch a serial killer before you tried to drown me.
I think I'm gonna get back to that.
Which, to you, is all I'm good for.
Don't, Dexter.
To hell with both of you.
Don't forget to write all this down.
I've never seen him so mad.
That wasn't just anger.
Fuck, it wasn't? No.
Underneath all that is hurt.
Dexter is deeply hurt by what you did.
Well, that makes two of us.
Family therapy.
Who needs it? Family.
A burden.
They interfere.
They annoy.
Daddy, I wanna watch cartoons.
They interrupt.
You need to get ready for school.
I wanna watch cartoons.
Yates could be anywhere now.
He could've left Miami.
Dexter, do you have any plans for tonight? Um Not sure.
Dexter Morgan.
Please leave a message.
It's me.
Can we talk? Fuck.
Harrison, apple or banana? Banana.
I was thinking of having Cassie over for dinner.
Okay, go ahead.
I mean here.
Why? I think you'd hit it off.
Five minutes of cartoons.
No minutes of cartoons.
You need to get dressed.
So is that a yes? Is what a yes? Dinner tonight.
Two minutes of cartoons? This is not a negotiation.
Eight o'clock? Please, please, please? Yeah, fine.
Harrison, last warning.
I gotta go.
Okay, bye.
This is one of the first days I'm glad Deb isn't here.
I can lock myself in the lab, don't have to listen to anyone's voice but my own.
We gotta go to the briefing room.
Now? Now would be good.
Probably wondering why I'm smiling.
I'm never wondering why you're smiling.
I've just confirmed that I have a daughter.
Someone let you impregnate them? Made a donation to a sperm bank 20 years ago.
You're not saying there's a female version of you? You met her.
The one you showed in.
That chick in your lab? No way.
Yes way.
That beautiful girl came from you? Yes, indeed.
Are you sure she's yours? Who you talking to here? She came in with the paperwork.
I pulled a piece of her hair.
I just finished testing it.
She's a Masuka, through and through.
That poor sweet child.
So you and me, Dex, both dads.
How about that? Great news, Vince.
You know, I'm sure it's all fine, but just be careful, you know? Family showing up like that, out of nowhere? Hey, what do you mean? Sometimes it's just because they want something, you know? Money, a place to stay, a fucking kidney.
Or they wanna kill you.
Lieutenant Batista is currently with Janet Thorton, the, uh, stabbing victim who was dropped at the hospital.
She came to and is ready to make a statement.
She survived.
One less trophy for Yates.
So I'm running the briefing.
The Norma Rivera case.
The victim had sex with someone before she was killed.
We're following the theory that whoever she had sex with is her killer.
Were you able to identify anyone via the semen? Uh, no matches in any of the criminal databases.
Whoever had relations with Ms.
Rivera has never been arrested.
ME's report showed no defensive wounds? Correct.
It's most likely not a rape.
She was probably friendly with whoever killed her.
What about the ex-boyfriend? No, we ruled him out.
He's been locked up in Orlando for the week on assault charge.
We questioned the staff of Ms.
Rivera's former employers.
They led us to believe she'd been having an affair with the boss, Ed Hamilton.
When we tried to speak to him, he lawyered up immediately.
So we got a court order to compel a DNA sample from him, see if Hamilton was Rivera's last visitor.
You think Hamilton killed Norma to cover up their affair? We're looking into it.
Old, rich men don't like having their dirty laundry aired, especially when it's the maid.
Dexter, I'm gonna need you to join me and Miller in paying Hamilton a visit.
Janet Thorton gave us the name of her abductor.
Albert Yates.
We got a home address.
I'm grabbing some unis now and heading over there.
You won't find him home.
All right, let's get moving.
Lieutenant, got a minute? Yeah.
You had Quinn run the briefing.
Yeah, how'd he do? He was fine.
Really? Good.
Is he your choice for sergeant? I haven't yet made that decision.
I used to run the morning briefings back in the Gang Unit.
I'm ready to take on more responsibility.
Good to know.
I just wanna make sure you're aware that the Hamiltons are good friends to Miami Metro.
Be respectful.
Any of Mr.
Hamilton's indiscretions should take a back seat to solving Ms.
Rivera's murder.
I understand.
We're here for Mr.
Mm-hm? These police officers are here to see you.
Thank you, Claudia.
My lawyer made it clear I wouldn't be speaking to you.
You don't have to say a word.
We're just here for a cheek swab.
A what? It's a DNA sample.
We have a warrant.
Failure to cooperate will give us no choice but to arrest you.
Why do you need DNA? Ms.
Rivera's autopsy revealed she recently had sexual relations.
My forensics partner is here to see if it was with you.
Wait, wait.
There's no need for a test.
Norma and I were having an affair.
My wife found out and insisted she be dismissed.
A scorned spouse.
Was it the wife? - So your wife knew? - Just how upset was she? No.
My wife's been in Atlanta visiting her sister for the past two weeks.
Which is giving you time to visit Ms.
I mean, I didn't visit her.
She came by here to pick up a few things she left behind and one thing led to another, and, uh we did have sex that day.
But she left here alive.
You, uh, didn't visit her apartment later that day, did you? I was here all day.
The Hamiltons' son.
Can anyone corroborate that? Dad? Dad, what's going on? Go inside.
You want me to call someone? I don't want anything.
Go inside.
All right.
Sorry about that.
Where were we? You were saying you have proof that Ms.
Rivera left the premises.
My security cameras.
You'll see Norma arrive and leave through the main gate, alone.
I never, ever would hurt Norma.
I loved her.
But does he love his son? It's Deb.
Hello-- Damn it.
So you're, like, what, the DNA guy? I'm a forensic technician, specialising in blood spatter analysis.
So did you go to the place where Norma Rivera was killed? I did.
And what did you see in, you know, your analysis? She was beaten to death.
Confidential, huh? Well, for what it's worth, you're wasting your time investigating my dad.
He's an asshole, but not a killer.
That's quite a testament.
In my family, it's about as good as it gets.
One more happy family.
Try and get away, and I'll kill you.
You've reached Dr.
Evelyn Vogel.
I'm not available at this time.
Please leave a message.
Vogel, it's Debra.
I'm-- I need to talk to you, so I'm gonna come by.
Vogel? Fuck.
Graves marked by rosebushes.
Yates' previous victims.
He liked to keep them close.
Three bodies so far.
A rosebush planted on top of each.
You think there are three more? Count on it.
The sick bastard turned his basement into a torture room.
Yo, Dex, check this out.
All of his victims have broken phalanges.
And it looks like the bones were broken in sequence, not all at once.
This bone here had begun the process of mending.
So he kept them there in that room for what, weeks? Looks like it.
He broke each of their toes until he was done, then-- Finished them off with a single stab to the chest.
We think this was one of his first victims.
We believe it's Kendall Jaynes, been missing since 2008.
He buries the victims' purses and IDs with the bodies.
And, get this, with each one, the left shoe.
I mean, heh, I like feet, but this is just cray-cray.
Looking to get your old job back? We could use you.
We have six bodies.
I need to talk to Dexter.
Deb, this isn't-- It's an emergency.
Vogel's been taken.
What do you mean? I went to her house.
Someone had smashed the window.
She's gone.
Have you called her? A fucking dozen times, no answer.
It's Yates.
He's still in Miami.
I should've killed him already.
I wanna help.
Dexter-- You tried helping, it didn't work out.
That was about killing.
This is about saving.
It's dangerous.
I fucking know it's dangerous.
Vogel's life is at stake.
You can hate me, but can we just set that aside until we know that she's okay? I don't hate you.
Why'd you save me? Why didn't you let me drown? I saw the car going underwater.
I knew you were gonna die.
I couldn't imagine my life without you in it.
So now what? Everything just goes back to normal? It was never normal.
I need to do this.
I really need to help.
We need to find Vogel.
We should bring the police in on this.
They're already doing everything they can to find Yates.
This is his work log.
These are all the houses he's worked in, some of which might be empty during the summer.
That's the perfect place to go with a hostage.
That is a lot of places to search, Dexter.
We need Metro's help.
They'll be helping us.
They just won't know it.
Just plot those places out on a map.
Don't do anything on your own.
You still don't trust me, do you? I don't want you hurt.
So who's the guy? What guy? A.
, this is very serious, what you're doing.
The guy who broke into my house! He's a friend of mine.
I don't like him in my house going through my things.
I understand.
Good! A.
, I think I know what this is about.
It's your surgery.
You blame me.
What? This little thing? No! I liked having my skull sawed open and a chunk of my brain carved out.
Who wouldn't? Well, you had a lesion on the limbic area of your brain.
And I thought it was causing your-- Your violent episodes.
I was only trying to make you better.
Well, it worked really well, didn't it? You're a hell of a doctor! I only wanted what was best for you.
I still do.
That's why you sent your friend after me.
I asked him to protect me.
I had no choice.
You should've just left me alone.
I will.
I will.
You made your point.
There's no reason for us to go any further.
If you do, you'll be caught and you'll go to jail and-- Or worse.
My friend is looking for you.
Good! I can't wait till he finds me.
No, no! The way I hear it, the sergeant spot is going to be between you and me.
That so? Not gonna ruin our friendship when one of us gets it and the other doesn't? I didn't know we had a friendship.
Excuse me.
Miami Metro Homicide.
Don't worry, you're not in trouble.
What's your name? Armando.
I'm Quinn.
This is Detective Miller.
There was a murder here a few days ago.
Take a look at this.
We were wondering if you saw that man around this time of day, early afternoon? Sí, I saw him.
Can you point him out to me? Uh, this one.
Are you sure? Yes.
He drive a Porsche.
You don't see many Porsches around here.
Would you be willing to give a statement that that's the guy you saw? I can come by later today.
Yeah, that's fine.
Ask for me at the front desk.
Wanna get his information? Hey.
Hey, what's up? Just got an eyewitness to place Zach Hamilton at Norma Rivera's around the time of her killing.
The son? I wasn't expecting that.
- Me neither.
I'll let Matthews know.
He's been all over me about this case.
All right, bye.
All right.
This is awkward, isn't it? Heh, heh.
Uh, why'd you decide to look me up now? Ahem.
Um Well, you know, partly because I moved down here from St.
Augustine for school.
And what's the other part? My mom passed recently.
So, um, it's just me now.
Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.
And, uh, your mom never married? No, it was always just the two of us.
So now that she's gone, I guess I've been feeling kind of alone.
Well, I'm glad you reached out.
Me too.
What about you? Are you still single? Yep.
Heh, where do you live? Oh, I've got a house down in Coconut Grove.
Are you, like, Mr.
Rich-Guy? Ha, ha.
Well, uh I bet you drive a Ferrari.
Masook, what can I get for you? Hey, Marty, um, just a coffee for me.
And, uh, Niki? Um, can I have a double cappuccino and a blueberry muffin? And a veggie burrito to go, please.
I left my bag in the car.
I'm sorry.
Can you get this one? Yeah, no, no.
Heh, heh.
I'll get the next one.
No problem, my treat.
Thank you.
Oh, hey, uh, can you add, um, cheese to my burrito? - Yeah.
- Thank you.
Yates has installed cable and Internet from one end of Miami to the other.
If I only look at homes he worked on in the past two weeks, it'll still take days to figure out which homes are vacant.
If he's even in one of them.
And with Vogel being held by Yates, doing what he does Batista should be done looking into Yates' money trail.
Time to see if Miami Metro can help me narrow this down.
Yeah, I'm on hold.
Come in.
Just checking to see how your end of the hunt's going.
Well, just got his credit history.
He hasn't used his charge cards in the last three days, so that trail is cold.
So he's using cash? Yeah.
He's on the run.
He'd probably have to be withdrawing his funds from his bank or ATM.
I got a judge to expedite a warrant on his accounts.
I'm on hold with the bank.
Thank you for holding.
Withdrawals were in Morningside Park.
Would you like receipts? That would be fine.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Good news? Yates hit up an ATM near Morningside Park two times in the last couple of days.
He could be holed up in that area.
We'll get some unis out there.
If he shows his face, we'll get him.
Yeah, we'll get him.
No, it's a clusterfuck.
We had a witness place Zach at the murder scene within the time of her death.
We bring him in, he can't remember anything.
Not unusual for a witness to change his mind.
Someone paid him off.
Rich parents like Zach has, it's not hard to put two and two together.
You have any other witnesses that put Zach at the scene? No.
I'll bring that kid in for questioning and get a confession out of him.
Waste of time.
You have nothing to go on.
His lawyers won't let him say a word.
He killed her.
You don't know that.
Your only witness recanted.
You have no case.
Now, look, you find something more concrete, you'll have my full backing.
But until then, leave the kid alone.
No reason to make enemies unless we really have to, especially when there are people trying to move up to sergeant.
Capiche? Yeah.
What exactly are we looking for in the Morningside Park area? We need to start figuring out what kind of buildings these are.
Any apartments or condos or businesses can be scratched off the list.
And why are we? I can't.
I know, got it.
Top-secret shit between you and your brother.
Look at that, a paying client.
I guess I should go and-- Oh, that's a friend of mine.
Hope he needs a favour.
Masuka, what's up? I pass by here all the time.
I figured I'd finally see where you work.
This is it.
It's nice.
Can we go somewhere more private to talk? Sure.
What's up? I wanna hire you to do a background check on someone.
You do background checks all the time.
Why would you waste your money? I know, right.
It's more of a personal situation.
Who are we stalking? Heh, heh, heh.
It's, uh, a family member.
Ooh, gotta be careful.
Don't always wanna know everything about family.
Yeah, well, I really need this.
All right.
Give me a name.
Niki Walters.
Who is it? A cousin? Daughter.
I know, right? I donated sperm back in college.
I've got a 20-year-old daughter.
She just showed up out of the blue.
Wow, that's fucking weird.
I mean, she seems really nice, you know? She's smart.
She's pretty.
Seems normal.
But I keep asking myself, "What's the catch?" Maybe she just wants to get to know you.
Or maybe she saw an easy mark to hit up for money.
You really think she's here to rip you off? I don't know what to think.
I've got no family except for my parents.
And they're off, retired, living la vida loca in Tampa.
So it's just me.
And now Niki shows up.
I mean, I like the idea of having a daughter, family, right? But if she's here just for my money I'm sure it's fine.
And either way, it's-- It's really nice to have family.
Trust me.
You'll be discreet? I don't want her to know I'm looking into her like this.
She'll never know.
- Yes, please.
- Oh, yeah.
You want a beer? You remember Cassie, right? Cassie, yeah.
New neighbour, hi.
Yes, it's good to meet you again.
Jamie, can I talk to you for a sec? Sure.
Joey, keep stirring that.
What are they doing in my apartment? Did you forget we had plans? Plans? Dinner, remember? Right.
I figured we'd make it a double date.
Less awkward this way.
I'm gonna have to reschedule.
Excuse me just a sec.
Joey, keep stirring that.
I'm stirring it! Dexter.
You can't do this.
Do what? I went out of my way to set this up.
I made platanos fritos.
I planned this whole night for you.
I'm sorry, something came up.
No, you do this to me all the time.
And I don't mind, I really don't.
But I invited Cassie and Joey.
You can't be rude to them.
Jamie, really, I have to go.
If you even try to walk out that door, Dexter, I will leave.
You'll be stuck here with Harrison all night long.
Jamie-- This is for your own good.
You haven't gone out with anyone since Hannah.
Stay for dinner.
When we're done, I'll stay with Harrison so you can go do whatever you have to do.
Serial killer bested by 100-pound nanny.
Born and raised.
Dexter's lived in Miami his whole life.
I'm gonna get some more wine.
I've got 12 potential homes Yates could be using as a hideout.
I've got seven.
That's a lot to cover.
Let's go.
I'll call you back in five minutes.
- So another S.
- Yeah, to you.
Saving Private Ryan.
I love blunt things in my mouth.
Oh, jeez.
Excuse me.
Want some help opening the wine? Ah, actually, this is a little embarrassing, but I kind of need to leave.
Oh, work? I get it.
When I worked in finance, I was at it 24/7.
Yeah, 24/7.
But the thing is, Jamie's put a lot of time into this whole thing.
Right, you don't wanna piss off the nanny.
Look, um, go.
I'll take care of Jamie.
We'll be fine.
Maybe we could reschedule? Yeah.
I'd like that.
I'm really sorry to be the party pooper but I've got an early morning.
Mind if I call it a night? Yeah, turns out I have to take off too.
Thanks for watching Harrison.
I'm sorry.
I know you went to so much trouble.
What the fuck took you so long? It's a long story.
We have 19 houses we have to look into.
At night? Fuck me.
How are we even gonna see if Vogel and Yates are in a house, if they're even holed up in one of these? What if he's already killed her? He hasn't.
She's fine.
He keeps his women alive for weeks.
We'll find her.
Yeah, we will.
We have to.
I'll pick you up in five minutes.
We'll find her.
Stay still.
Unless you want me to restrain you.
You're not angry with me, A.
You're angry with her.
Shut up.
And you have every right to be.
Your mother abused you horribly, beat you.
Probably caused the lesion.
Don't talk about her.
But I understand, A.
I understand the terror you felt.
She hit you, slapped you.
You'd find a safe place under the bed.
And she'd look for you, raging.
And you'd curl up under there, looking out, waiting.
She'd pace back and forth in front of the bed.
Shoes clacking.
Feel the panic rising.
The pain you knew awaited.
Don't say another fucking word.
No, no.
Now, you can take the pain and live a little longer or you can stop struggling, and I'll kill you right now.
So which little piggy won't be making it to market? Albert, stop it! Don't call me that.
Only my mother called me that.
Stop that, Albert, now.
Don't you talk back to me, you little shit! I'm not afraid of you.
All you ever do is disappoint me.
Enough! Stay.
Don't know this number.
Not this house.
Let me help you with that cut.
You shouldn't call me Albert.
My name is A.
I'm sorry.
It's Vogel.
She's alive.
What? She is with Yates.
She called me.
She left her phone out or something.
Oh, my God.
You're still bleeding.
It's local.
You think Elway can trace this? I don't know.
I can fucking ask him.
Let me take care of you.
Deb, what's up? Look, I don't wanna explain to you why I can't go through the police, and I know it's illegal, but I need you to trace a number for me.
What's the number? You're no different than Mom.
Yes, I am.
I understand.
How long is this gonna take? Fuck if I know.
What if he kills her? I thought you said it takes like a week for him-- I know what I said.
It's bullshit.
You're angry.
Let's not think like this.
You had a horrible childhood.
But you don't have to live your life Yeah? One-five-seven Montgomery.
You're a fucking saint.
Thank you.
One-five-seven Montgomery.
You know where that is? You shouldn't have hit me.
She hit him? I was scared.
I can still help you.
You don't have to be angry at me.
You can't help me.
I can.
I understand what you've been through.
No child should ever have to hide under a bed from a parent.
You sought connection with her, and all she gave you was pain.
What-- What you do for your women, it's a search for that same connection that you never got from your mother.
But what we have here now, in this moment, you and I? This is real human connection.
What you have with your victims, that only pales in comparison.
Do you understand? My poor, poor boy.
All you want is to belong, don't you? I can help you.
I can, trust me.
Oh, what did you do? I didn't.
Who did you call? Is this your friend? Dexter, Dexter! Yeah, you call him.
Fuck you, Dexter! Fuck.
You okay? Yeah.
Oh, fucking Christ.
Are you all right? Yeah, I think so.
Did he hurt you? No.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Where's Yates? Let's get you out of here.
Then we can find Yates.
Debra, are you okay? I'm good.
Really, I'm good.
Let's just get this cleaned up and get out of here.
Brain cores.
I'll dump them with Yates' body.
So this is finally over.
My tormentor is dead.
Thanks to you, Dexter.
And Deb.
And Deb.
I'm glad to see that the two of you have managed to find your way back to each other.
Well, the family that kills together You're doing well, Debra.
You're very resilient.
We'll see.
You are.
And you never gave up on her.
I'm impressed.
I know Harry would be too.
He was always concerned that, as you grew older, you might drift apart.
Well, we never really had a choice.
If anyone really knew us, they would run screaming.
This is everything.
So is this it? A few days ago, everything seemed hopeless between Deb and me.
But through Dr.
Vogel and Yates, I've got my sister back.
Not like things were before.
It's something different.
But for now, it's enough.
It's beautiful out here, Dexter.
I like it.
It's peaceful, alone on the water.
Tonight, you brought us.
Why? I wanted to be with family.