Dexter s08e06 Episode Script

A Little Reflection

Previously on Dexter: Who's the guy that dropped you off? We didn't sleep together.
You are certainly allowed to be a player.
You remember Cassie, right? Yeah.
New neighbour.
I kind of need to leave.
I'll take care of Jamie.
Maybe we could reschedule? Yeah.
I'd like that.
Any reason why you haven't taken the exam? I got your brother on my ass about taking the sergeant's test-- What is so wrong about bettering yourself? You nailed it, bro.
Is he your choice for sergeant? I'm ready for more responsibility.
I want you to strongly consider making her sergeant.
I think you may be my father.
Family showing up out of nowhere? A lot of times, they want something.
I you to do a background check on someone.
You think she's here to rip you off? I don't know.
Norma Rivera.
She'd been having an affair with the boss, Ed Hamilton.
Dad, what's going on? The Hamilton's son.
Did you go to where Norma Rivera was killed? I did.
What did you see in your analysis? Leave the kid alone.
He killed her.
You don't know that.
Your only witness recanted.
No reason to make enemies unless we really have to.
Where's Yates? So this is finally over.
My tormenter's dead.
Thanks to you, Dexter.
And Deb.
I'm glad you found your way back to each other.
Well, the family that kills together A few days ago, everything seemed hopeless between Deb and me.
But through Dr.
Vogel, I've got my sister back.
It's beautiful out here, Dexter.
I wanted to be with family.
Accidents happen, shattering our sense of control, if not our lives.
It's no accident that Zach Hamilton is here.
He's drawn to blood, like me.
Did he kill Norma Rivera? After a week of vetting him, I haven't been able to find definitive proof.
But I'm sure if I keep following him the truth will become clear.
Or it could get murkier.
Have you taken on Zach Hamilton as a patient? It's nice to see you too.
I have to protect you from another murderer? How did he get to you? His father contacted me because of my reputation for working with psychopaths.
He's concerned about his son's behaviour, his propensity for violence.
It's more than a propensity.
I think Zach Hamilton killed Norma Rivera.
And I take it that you followed him here today because you're planning to kill him? The thought had crossed my mind, yes, if I can find solid proof.
Well, then it would seem that we have a conflict of interest.
I don't believe this.
You're going to work with another killer after what happened with Yates? Dexter, I appreciate your concern, but I'm not going to talk about Zach Hamilton with you any further.
It wouldn't be ethical.
Suddenly, you're worried about ethics? I know.
I threw them out the window when I met you because my life was on the line.
Now the threat is over.
You're bringing another threat into your life.
It's my work.
What can I say? I treat dangerous people.
It's a hazard of the job.
Besides, you have no proof that Zach Hamilton is guilty of anything.
I will.
If you do, then come to see me first, before you do anything, and we'll have another conversation.
Would you do me that favour? We'll see.
Maybe this is why she tracked me down, for money.
You don't know that.
I mean, maybe she genuinely wanted to get to know you.
What, at the same time her Hyundai's being repossessed? Has she asked you for money? No.
But she always seems to be missing her purse when the check comes.
I thought we had a real connection.
You like having Niki in your life? I do.
Then why don't you wait it out and see how it plays out? In the meantime, you can enjoy her company.
Hm, heh.
Thanks, Deb.
Deb, got a new case.
Let me guess, someone suspects their significant other is fucking around.
Yeah, but this one is a bit different.
How? Because the person is me and the significant other is my sister's ass-chasing, shithead boyfriend.
Kevin Wyman, notorious player, frequents a singles bar in a hotel where he keeps a suite.
Have you tried talking to her? Susan doesn't listen to me.
It'd just push her more quickly into his arms.
So that's off the table.
Well, going behind her back seems kind of fucked up.
It's gotta be this way.
I gotta catch this guy in the act.
Okay, but you're doing it by yourself.
I need your help on this, Deb.
It'd be a lot less conspicuous if we work this as a couple.
Well, I'm not sure if I'm comfortable.
Well, are you comfortable getting a pay cheque? Okay, boss.
Thank you.
Where does this piece go? Right here.
Very good.
Dex? Don't forget, my birthday picnic's in a few days, okay? On the beach, outside of Papa's.
Bring Harrison.
Yeah, we'll be there.
You know who else will be there? Cassie.
I heard you have a date with her.
No, it's not a date.
I felt like I owed her one after we both bailed on your dinner the other night.
Why won't you just admit that you like her and that I am an awesome matchmaker? I admit that you're an awesome nanny.
You'll have to settle for that.
We'll revisit this after the date.
Oh, by the way, the TV remote has been missing since yesterday.
I think somebody hid it but I can't get anything out of him.
Harrison, did you take the TV remote? No.
Do you know where it is? No.
He says he didn't take it.
Guess I'll just keep looking for it.
Homicide in Liberty City.
It looks like you're gonna have to finish that puzzle on your own.
I'm doing all the work anyway.
Yeah, you are.
Welcome to spatter-land.
Hope you brought extra string.
Never leave home without it.
Good news.
We have the victim's boyfriend in custody.
A witness saw him taking off from the scene, and he forgot to change his bloody socks.
God bless stupid killers.
Once again, drawn to blood.
Looks like Zach has just given me the in I need.
Zach Hamilton, right? You were at my house.
That's right.
You guys find out who killed Norma? No luck.
It's a dead end.
You like to shoot crime scenes? Yeah, I got a police scanner app on my phone.
Better than playing video games.
You ever been on the other side of the yellow tape? Nope.
This is as close as I've gotten.
Well, come on.
Are you serious? Yeah, just don't touch anything.
This is amazing.
I remember that feeling.
Awe, wonder.
It only fed the urge.
Hey, can I take some pictures? It's usually against protocol, but what the hell? Go ahead.
So, what happened to her? She was stabbed.
Yeah, obviously.
But, like, you know, how? If I open up to him, maybe he'll open up to me.
Come on.
I can handle it.
Well, the victim tried to defend herself.
There were defensive wounds on her body but you can also tell by these big, round drops on the ground.
And this multiple cast-off spatter suggests that she was stabbed several times.
And the arterial spurting here indicates that the killer severed her carotid artery with the first stab.
You can tell all that just by looking at the blood? Pretty much.
So I heard you caught the guy who did it.
Yeah, her boyfriend.
How? He was sloppy.
Left a bloody print and DNA.
He was spotted driving away from the scene.
Oh, yeah? What kind of car? Must have heard his Porsche was seen at Norma's apartment.
No one noticed.
So the killer, he should've worn gloves and long sleeves, made sure he was covered up.
He's making this a teaching moment.
Well, yeah, if he was smart.
The kid's a quick study, but that doesn't prove he killed Norma Rivera.
So, hey, I gotta get going, but thanks.
Hey, why don't you give me a call when you print those up? I'd love to take a look.
Yeah, I guess I could do that.
Time to make another connection.
Here you go.
Thank you.
Thank you for doing this with me.
When you own a food truck, you have to scope out the competition.
Plus I just really love to eat.
Yeah, no problem.
I wouldn't miss these peanut butter and Nutella fries for anything.
So you're indulging me in my favourite pastime.
What do you like to do for fun? You know, normal stuff.
Like what? Um Heh, heh.
I like spending time with my son.
I already know you're a great dad.
What else? I love my job.
But that's work.
What are you passionate about? I like to bowl.
You're passionate about bowling? No.
Heh, heh.
Of course not.
I just do it for fun, once in a while.
What about your weekends or your free time? Oh, I have a boat.
Oh, I love to sail.
No, it's a motorboat.
You water-ski? No.
Race? No.
Do you scuba dive? No.
Heh, heh.
What do you do on your boat? I just Take it out and Turn around and come back.
That's it? That's all I can tell you.
I think we may need some alcohol.
Dating is harder than I remember.
Oh, this guy is fucking pathetic.
I get that you hate the guy, but looking isn't cheating.
It's a slow night.
Give him a minute.
So you said Susan doesn't listen.
Does that mean you all have a strained relationship? Not from my end, no.
But from hers? Yeah, you know, probably.
I mean, look, I couldn't wait to get away from my old man, and Susan was just a kid.
You know, I should have at least picked up the phone.
But I never did, you know, so Well, you can't undo the past.
And families fuck you up.
That's just the way it is.
I can stop Susan from fucking up her future.
I can do that.
It looks like he's packing it in for the night.
If you wanna catch this guy, why don't I set him up? We can see if he takes the bait.
No, I don't want you doing that.
I worked Vice.
I've done worse than that before.
I just need pictures of him hitting on you.
Certainly nothing more than that.
Are you sure? I mean, I could marry him, maybe pop out a couple of babies.
Let's go.
Dexter, thanks for coming.
Couldn't wait to show you these photos.
Yeah, no problem.
It's on my way to work.
Doughnut? Fucking A.
Well? He treats the blood like a swimsuit model.
Well, very colourful.
You know, a lot of photographers like to mute down their reds.
You know, find it too distracting, but I like to ride the saturation.
You think I overdid it? No way.
These are you.
That's the important thing.
Well, I can work you up some prints, if you want.
I wouldn't have them if it weren't for you.
Actually, I think I have plenty of my own.
Of course.
I forget it was a crime scene.
Keep thinking that dead chick spilled all that blood just for me.
Who's she? Uh, it's nothing.
Just a lens test.
New 300 millimetre.
Fucking monster.
Excuse me.
Yep? Jesus, you still drunk from last night or are you starting a new bender? Yeah, okay.
Yeah, I said okay.
Uh, I gotta go.
Anything wrong? It's fine.
I just gotta go.
Sure, some other time then.
I'll have to find another way to get to him.
Ah, lieutenant.
Tell me something.
Did you decide you don't need a sergeant? Sir? I expected an announcement by now.
What's going on? To tell you the truth, I'm having trouble narrowing down my choice.
I know you want me to pick Miller, and on paper, I can't argue with that.
Scored higher on the test, got the experience, the record-- She's African-American, a woman.
Here's the thing, Quinn has his attributes too.
Name one.
He's street-smart.
Look, I know what's going on here.
What do you mean? You want me to be the bad guy.
You want me to insist that you promote Miller.
That way you can tell Quinn, "I had no choice.
" I'm not sure that's-- You're lieutenant now.
Time to grow a set of balls.
I wanna hear something by the end of the day.
Just like old times, huh? You, me, steak, beer.
Yeah, it's been a while.
So how are things? Good, great.
You? Fine.
I'm glad.
Me too.
I think these are done.
Well, how's work? Uh, crazy.
Elway wants to catch his sister's boyfriend fucking around on her, so I offered myself as bait so he'd get it done.
What--? You did what? I used to do it all the time in Vice.
Yeah, and you hated it.
Why put yourself in that position again? Because he's my boss.
And because I can only take one control freak at a time.
This is tough.
A little.
Not exactly worth living for.
What? You said that once when you tasted one of my steaks, that it was worth living for.
For some reason, I've always remembered that.
It'll get easier, Dex.
We're just getting back in the saddle, you know? Yeah, I think we might be eating a saddle.
Are you still seeing Dr.
Vogel? Yeah, it's too bad for me there's no magic pill to cure PTSD.
Well, as long as she's helping you.
Like, she knows everything about our lives because of Dad, but I know jack shit about her.
Where'd she get that fucking accent? And who the fuck is Rich? Her husband.
She was married? When I first looked into her, I found out some stuff about her background, and she was married to a Dr.
Richard Vogel.
Okay, so Harrison's asleep.
And look what I found under his bed.
Ooh, someone's in trouble.
He lied about it.
At least now we know why.
I hope it's under warranty, or I'll be stuck with whatever's on PBS Kids for the foreseeable future.
I'll talk to him.
Enjoy your dinner, guys.
Should I be worried that Harrison's lying? He's 4, doofus.
This steak tastes like asshole.
Let's order pizza.
With pineapple, please.
Not on my half.
Sorry, cow.
What's up? I'm promoting Miller to sergeant.
Say that again? I'm giving Miller the job.
I'm sorry.
I just think she's the most qualified candidate.
Are you fucking kidding me? I mean, after all the quizzes, and the speeches about bettering my life? You actually made me want this, and now you're gonna take it away.
Why, because I didn't solve the Rivera case? No, of course not.
It's just a lot of other stuff I can't ignore, man.
The Nadia thing, shooting Novikov.
You know what? Fuck it.
You did what you thought was right.
Leave it at that.
I need everything you got on the Norma Rivera case, anything that points to Zach Hamilton.
Uh, well, forensically, there's not much.
There's nothing, actually.
Fuck it.
I'll just tail the little prick 24/7 until I get what I need.
If Quinn's stalking Zach, how can I? Won't even know I'm there till I bust him.
You mind if I come along? You want to come along? Things are slow here.
I'm going a little stir-crazy.
Maybe you could use another set of eyes? Sure.
I mean, you think Miller's clean? Come on.
You dig deep enough on anyone in this department and you know what you find? What? The shit.
It's there.
I mean, we all got it.
I know you know what I'm talking about.
Yeah, I can't argue with that.
We've all got the shit.
Big difference is some people get away with theirs and some people don't.
You're a good detective.
It'll work out.
Yeah, I'm just worried about how Jamie's going to take it.
I think she was all excited about me moving up in the world, making something out of my life.
She'll probably break up with my ass now.
Jesus Christ, how many pictures of fucking women in tights does this pervert need? Apparently, a lot.
How's Deb doing? I've been worried about her.
She's good.
She's much better.
You guys work out whatever your issue was? What do you mean? I mean, you guys have been connected at the hip for most of your lives.
All of a sudden, you're not talking, you don't see each other.
Somebody shit in somebody's Cheerios.
Just typical brother and sister stuff.
It's no big deal.
Something had her fucked up.
How weird was it that she confessed to killing LaGuerta? I should have stayed in my office.
What was that about? That's the woman in the photo that Zach didn't want me to see.
And he isn't looking at the class, he's looking at her.
You know what I'm saying? Fortunately, Quinn isn't.
Well, people do weird stuff when they're under a lot of stress.
We may never know what that was all about.
All right, see you guys later.
Looks like they're done.
- So is our guy.
Buckle up.
Uh What? You look incredible.
Good job.
Well, that's the point.
Don't look so fucking surprised.
Didn't leave me a lot of places to put the transmitter.
Are you bitching? I'm the one helping you, remember? I just don't wanna touch anything I'm not supposed to.
Thank you.
Mic? There you go.
I'm not looking.
I'm not looking.
Okay? Yep.
All right.
Quickly, just say something for me.
You blush like a little girl.
Heh, heh.
Okay, just Just get him alone.
That's all I need, okay? Okay.
Thank you.
I'm really glad we met.
Me too.
You know, I didn't know if I mentioned it, but tonight's kind of a celebration.
Yeah? Closed a huge deal.
Two blocks downtown, prime views of the bay.
It's gonna rent through the roof and I get a big piece of it.
Something tells me you like getting a big piece of everything.
Whenever I can manage.
Thank you.
I just wish I had a present for you.
What do you say we migrate to my suite? Got a nice little private bar.
It's a lot quieter than this place.
All done here.
You're gonna love the views.
It's beautiful.
Nice, light music.
It'll be real nice.
No, save it for the room.
What, you playing hard to get? I don't kiss in public.
You're bashful.
Get your fucking hands off of her! Jesus, Elway.
The hell is going on? She's wired, douche bag.
You're done.
You fucking son of a bitch.
You're gonna call Susan tonight.
Tell her it's over.
If you don't, she's getting an e-mail.
You got it? You got it? Yeah, I got it.
You're an asshole.
The fuck are you thinking? I'm sorry, all right? I just-- Seeing him paw all over you like that, I don't like that shit.
I'm sorry about your top.
That's okay.
It's all right.
I got it.
Sofia Fuentes, current place of employment: the Cypress Harbour Yacht Club, which is owned by Zach's family.
That's where Zach must have first laid eyes on her.
If Zach takes pictures of his victims before he's killed them, chances are he likes after photos as well.
If he did kill Norma Rivera, then he's got the photos to prove it.
Probably his next victim.
Now I just need to find any photos of Norma Rivera.
Norma Rivera.
Taken seconds after she was killed, the pool of blood around her head growing from one image to the next.
Zach Hamilton, murder weapon in hand.
All the proof I need.
You wanted proof.
There it is.
Zach Hamilton killed Norma Rivera.
I know.
You know? Mm.
Zach told me during our first session.
But you didn't tell me because of your sense of ethics? Oh, forget ethics.
Why would I help facilitate the death of someone I see potential in? Potential? He's a killer.
He deserves to die.
Heh, heh.
Isn't that a little intolerant, coming from you? I don't kill innocent people.
But you might have, if it hadn't been for Harry and me.
You could even be on death row right now.
But you were spared.
Yeah, spared because of the code.
That's an interesting idea.
What do you mean? What if we were to teach Zach the code? You can't be serious.
Why not? It never occurred to me to try again, because I didn't have Harry.
But now I have you.
Maybe it's time to see if the experiment will work.
This isn't a science project.
No, but it's a matter of life and death.
Zach's life is on the line.
What possibly makes you think Zach could be taught the code? I told you, I see something in him.
And it worked with you.
Zach and I are nothing alike.
No, of course not.
You are definitely one of a kind.
He killed an innocent and he's getting ready to do it again.
He needs to die.
I never intended to have a son, but now he's the one thing in my life that seems most right.
There she is! Hi! Yay! Aw.
Happy birthday.
Aw, thanks, Dex.
Thank you.
Can I go play? Yeah, sure.
Have fun.
Stay close, Harrison.
Yeah, I'm-- I'm not sure if he's a date or just a friend.
I mean, what I do know is that she's very attractive, and men like her, so if you want a chance, you better move fast.
I think I'm gonna go grab a beer.
You know, this may sound weird, and I don't mean to sound creepy or anything, but I think I really like you.
Aw, I like you too.
I'm not really ready to call you "Dad," but you're cool.
"Cool"? Usually, I'm the only one that calls me that.
So that's awesome.
Oh, hey.
I got you something.
What? It's really not a big deal.
It's not a big deal? You're giving me $5000? Why? Hey, I know you could really use it.
But you should know that that's really all that I can afford.
I don't understand.
How do you know that? Well, you know, I just did a little research on you.
You checked into me? Like a criminal? No, I just wanted to make sure you were who you said you were.
And that I wasn't after you for your money? I just-- Look, I have debts, but they're soon to be paid, and that's not really any of your business.
I wouldn't ask you for this.
I'm really sorry.
Do you understand that it was hard for me to do this? To find my father? But I felt like it was worth it to get to know you.
You know, maybe I was wrong.
Here you go.
No, thank you.
Hey, Niki-- All right, everyone.
I'd like to make a toast.
To the best kid sister a guy could ever have, Jamie.
Thank you.
I love you.
Happy birthday.
I love you too.
Aw, thank you, guys.
Thank you so much for coming.
You guys are the best, and it really is so nice to have you all here in one place together.
I love you guys.
Happy birthday.
And here's to you, Sergeant Quinn.
I know it's premature-- Way premature.
You didn't tell her? I didn't want to upset her on her birthday.
You didn't get the job? You didn't give it to him? I had to go with the person best for the job.
And how is that not Joey? Hey, it's okay.
He gave the promotion to Miller.
It's, you know But going for sergeant was your idea in the first place.
You set him up.
I didn't mean to.
Jesus, Angel.
Dexter, hi.
How are you? I'm great.
You? Great.
Nice party, huh? Yeah.
The beach.
Harrison looks like he's having a really nice time.
Uh, Dexter, this is Oliver.
Oliver, Dexter.
Nice to meet you.
Yeah, you too.
I didn't know if you wanted the Belgian brown or the pilsner, so I got you the one with the moose on it.
Can't go wrong with a moose.
Heh, heh, heh.
I'm gonna go check on Harrison.
Okay, take care.
- Is that okay? - Yeah, that's great.
- That's your neighbour, right? - Yes.
What happened with Susan? Wyman break up with her? Yeah.
Yeah, he did.
So it's a win.
Why do you look like someone just ran over your dog? I just got off the phone with her and she couldn't stop crying.
She thinks it's all her fault, like somehow, she's not good enough or something.
Well, she would've caught him cheating eventually.
The result would have been the same.
Yeah, but it wouldn't be me that made her cry.
Jesus, I just feel like shit.
People can't help sticking their noses in when it's someone they care about.
I know.
I know.
You tried to tell me.
So does that mean you care about me? Only to the extent that you sign my pay cheque.
Okay, what are we gonna read tonight? Let me guess, Wee Monkeys.
Wee Monkeys! Before I read to you, I gotta talk to you about the TV remote.
You said you didn't take it, but Jamie found it under your bed.
I didn't mean to break it.
I was pretending it was a Thunder Blaster and I dropped it in the kitchen.
Well, yeah, that's okay.
Accidents happen.
But you lied to me.
That's a big deal.
We should never lie.
But, Daddy, you lie.
What do you mean? You told me Doggy got lost.
I saw you throw him in the trash.
I had to rescue him.
You're right.
I lied.
Doggy got dirty, and I tried to clean him up, and when I couldn't, I threw him away.
I'm sorry I lied to you, Harrison.
That's okay.
But can I keep him? I really love him.
He's soaked in blood that links me to a murder.
Yeah, but maybe he should live under the bed.
Wee Monkeys.
Wee Monkeys! It's no accident, Harrison catching me in a lie.
I can live with my lies, but how long can Harrison before he finally sees through? I should be back in a few hours.
Sorry to keep you late on your birthday.
Trust me, it'll probably be the highlight of my day.
Vogel doesn't want me to kill Zach, but she's wrong about him.
He deserves nothing but my table.
He's here.
Hey, Zach, it's Dexter.
Where is he? Why would Zach buy a car for $1200? Because the one mistake he made with Norma Rivera was showing up to kill her in a red Porsche.
He's going to kill Sofia tonight.
Cypress Harbour Yacht Club.
Could you tell me if Sofia Fuentes is working tonight? She gets off here in a few minutes.
Thank you.
Zach, waiting to make his move.
And Quinn, still trying to prove he's a good cop.
Hey, Dex.
Look, this is probably none of my business, but I feel like I should tell you about Quinn.
He thinks you're gonna break up with him.
Break up with him? Why? Because he didn't make sergeant.
That's crazy.
Why would he think that? Maybe you should, um, invite him over.
I think he's feeling pretty down.
Yeah, of course.
Thanks, Dex, for calling.
That really is so sweet of you.
Quinn problem solved.
And there's Sofia.
Zach's father.
Sofia is Hamilton's mistress, just like Norma before her.
What is he doing? Hey.
I know what you're doing.
You playing detective? Watching Zach? Yeah, you caught me.
I'm going to see Jamie.
Keep an eye on Zach.
What the fuck? What are you doing? Why were you going to kill your father? What? I wasn't trying to kill my-- I know you killed Norma Rivera.
I thought you were going to kill Sofia, but you were going after your father.
Why? You're crazy.
I didn't try and kill my father.
You tell me one more lie, and I'll kill you.
I had to.
Why? Because he's killing my mother.
She's drinking herself to death because of him.
Over the years, one affair after another, and he doesn't even try and hide it.
I thought killing Norma would put an end to it, but two days later, he's banging some hostess from the club.
I knew if I wanted it to stop, I had to kill Dad.
So that's what this is all about, you trying to protect your mother? You actually care about her? Of course I do.
She's my mother.
But showing up at crime scenes, accidents, taking pictures of all the blood.
This is about more than just your mother.
No, I had to protect her.
Yeah, I believe you.
But you killed because you want to kill.
To take a living person and make them dead, imagining that you can actually hear the moment when their heart stops beating, smell the blood as it pools across the floor.
I can't help it.
It just builds up inside me all these years.
But Norma was the first time I ever followed through.
And how was it, once you'd killed her? It felt like this huge weight was lifted off my chest, this release of something horrible inside me.
Like you were finally in control.
You should just go ahead and kill me.
Why? Because if you don't, I know I'll do it again.
I don't want to be like this, but I can't help it.
I just am.
I'm some kind of freak.
A monster.
You haven't told anyone else about this? Besides Dr.
No, I couldn't.
You never had a Harry.
A what? Someone to talk to.
Someone to teach you.
Some things happen to us by accident.
Others are choices.
There are parts of me that I can never share with my own son.
But with Zach, could I teach him? Am I ready for this, to be a spiritual father? So how'd your sting go with Elway? Terribly.
Didn't work out? No, it worked out fine, but-- What? He likes me.
That's a bad thing? Well, he likes me because he doesn't know a fucking thing about me.
"Yeah, I killed two people and tried to kill myself and my brother.
But, sorry, what kind of wine would you like to order?" I mean, what the fuck? Yeah, I kind of know what you mean.
How are things with Cassie? Um I don't think there's much of a future there.
Maybe the Morgans just aren't meant for relationships.
Yeah, maybe not.
But, hey, life is good.
I'm feeling optimistic for the first time in a while.
I'm even thinking about taking on a kind of Intern.
Hm Well, that's a big step for you, right? Letting some novice into your private lab.
Hey, are you okay? I don't feel so good.
What's wrong? I feel kind of dizzy.
Deb? Hello, Dexter.
Remember me?