Dexter s08e07 Episode Script

Dress Code

Previously on Dexter: It's no accident that Zach Hamilton is here.
He's drawn to blood, like me.
The arterial spurting here indicates that the killer severed the carotid artery with the first stab.
- I'm promoting Miller to sergeant.
- Are you fucking kidding me? You actually made me want this, and now you're gonna take it away.
I just did a little research on you.
You checked into me, like a criminal.
Hey, Niki Dexter, this is Oliver.
Oliver, Dexter.
- Nice to meet you.
- Yeah, you too.
Zach Hamilton killed Norma Rivera.
He deserves to die.
Isn't that a little intolerant coming from you? What if you were to teach Zach the code? Maybe it's time to see if the experiment will work.
What possibly makes you think Zach could be taught the code? I see something in him.
Why were you going to kill your father? Because he's killing my mother.
She's drinking herself to death because of him.
You killed because you want to kill.
- You should just go ahead and kill me.
- Why? Because if you don't, then I will do it again.
I can't help it.
Am I ready to be a spiritual father? Hey, you okay? - I don't feel so good.
- Deb? Hello, Dexter.
Remember me? - Hello? - Dexter? I was just about to leave you another message.
Where have you been all morning? The last thing I remember is Hannah.
Is everything all right? Not if Hannah got to Deb.
I can't really talk now.
I just thought you should know that Zach Hamilton called.
I'm so glad you decided not to kill him, Dexter.
I have to go.
Deb, are you okay? Dex, where the fuck are you? Just a sec.
I'm outside of Kendall.
Are you alone? Why wouldn't I be? Why are you on the other side of town? I need you to come pick me up.
Are you okay to drive? I think so.
I mean, who the fuck knows? I woke up on the floor feeling like shit.
You were gone.
What the fuck is happening? Just come pick me up.
I'll text you the location.
We'll talk when you get here.
Hannah drugged us left me stranded in the middle of nowhere.
If she's come back because she wants one or both of us dead then why are we both still here? - It was Hannah, wasn't it? - It was.
I saw her before I blacked out, and then I woke up here.
She must have drugged our food.
If Hannah poisoned us, why didn't she kill us? Who the fuck knows, Dexter? Maybe we were supposed to eat more.
Or she wants to let us know she's out there.
Maybe this was just the beginning.
If we were normal people, we would go to the U.
Marshals Service.
We can't do that.
She knows everything about me.
She didn't talk about you last time she was arrested.
Because she was in love with me.
Drugging me and leaving me on the road might suggest that's changed.
So, what the fuck are we supposed to do? There are traffic-surveillance cameras.
She had to have passed them.
I'll put in a request for the footage, get a license plate.
I thought this part of my life was over.
So did I.
The moment I asked you to kill her was the moment I started to lose myself and I'm just starting to get back.
I don't wanna deal with this.
I want her gone.
Deb, I'll take care of this.
I promise.
Just thinking about her throws me off course.
I have to put in a request for the traffic footage.
Zach, what are you doing here? You were supposed to meet me at 10:00 this morning.
- You could have been followed.
- By who? Oh, Detective Quinn? - No, he's pretty easy to lose.
- Yeah.
But one day, he'll be there when you don't expect him.
Don't ever come to my home again.
- I just wanted to talk to you-- - Ever.
We can't be seen in public together.
Do you understand? - That's your first lesson.
- Jeez, I'm sorry.
It's just - I spoke to Dr.
Vogel, and she-- - What exactly did she tell you? That you have this, like, way of living that allows you to do what you and I have in common and that might be something that I can do too.
I mean, fuck, I have so many questions.
And I'll answer them as best I can.
Are you gonna help me be like you? Don't even pretend.
Hi, Dexter.
- Going for a little night swim.
- Enjoy.
- Who's she? - That's my neighbour.
- She's cute.
- Yes, she's cute.
You need to go home.
- When are we gonna talk about--? - I'll call you.
Something has come up that I have to deal with.
It's my day job, which is something you need to get.
Why? I have money.
You're a weird guy who lives with his mom.
You might as well be wearing a sign.
Look, all I'm saying is that you need to have some kind of cover life something that makes you look ordinary.
Yeah, right, yeah.
I get it, yeah.
Zach, I understand what you're going through.
I will help you with this.
Not a single sighting since she disappeared? Thank you.
- What you doing? - Nothing.
Why do you look like you just got caught? Come on, what are you doing? Looking at porn? - No.
- Company computer.
- Will you--? - And I am the boss.
Hannah McKay.
Wayne Randall's girlfriend, right? Got arrested a while back for something, then slipped away? - Why you looking her up? - None of your business.
Will you fucking back off? - Jesus, relax.
- No, I'm ser-- You come in here all the time and invade my space.
You stand so close, try to flirt.
You're fucking making me uncomfortable.
I didn't come in here to flirt.
I just came in here to see if you wanted me to pick you up something for lunch.
I'm all set.
Are we done? Yeah.
Yeah, we're done.
You know what? We're not done, actually.
See, Deb, you came to me six months ago an emotional wreck saying you quit the force and you needed a job.
I gave you that job.
I gave you good pay, good benefits.
I didn't ask a lot of questions.
I put up with a lot of weird shit from you because you're good at your job, and because I'm a nice guy.
So I'm really, really sorry if this cramps your style but next time, maybe you wanna try a little gratitude instead of always being such a fucking bitch.
Now we're done.
There she is.
"Vista Marina Car Rentals.
" Vista Marina Car Rentals.
This is Stacy.
How may I help you? Hi, Stacy.
This is Detective Cooper over at Miami Metro.
My badge number is 143634.
We're investigating a hit-and-run.
We think somebody who rented one of your vans might have been a witness.
I was hoping to get some information over the phone.
I can fax you over a copy of the warrant if you'd like.
Oh, I'll just get it for you.
Do you have the license plate? Yes, I do.
It's GLV43951.
The name on that account is Maggie Castner.
The local address is Slip 23, Vista Marina.
Thank you, Stacy.
Want the phone number? Yes, that would be helpful.
You may have found her.
If so, a little too easily.
You think she wants to be found? I think she wants to destroy our lives, mine and Debra's both.
Debra's very fragile right now.
The threat of Hannah coming after her could derail the progress she's making.
- I won't let that happen.
- So, what's your plan? - Slip 23.
- You have her number.
You could call.
I don't wanna let her know I've found her yet.
Why do you seem less scared than excited? Because Hannah doesn't scare me.
Maybe you need to rethink that.
They look like nice apartments but you should work things out with your brother.
Angel and I are gonna be fine.
I've just had it with the whole "big brother ruling over the roost" routine.
And the thing is What? Well, just most of these places, I have to sign a one-year lease and I wasn't sure about About what? Okay.
I'm definitely not pushing you, okay? I'm just trying to be practical here.
If our relationship keeps moving forward we might want to eventually get a place together.
- Yeah, eventually.
- You don't have to decide now.
- It's just something to think about.
- Yeah, I'll totally think about it.
I'm so sorry.
I blew that whole thing out of proportion.
I just felt like you were trying to, like, get rid of me with the cheque.
I was just trying to be a good, you know, father.
That was really sweet of you.
But it's my problem, and I wanna take care of it.
Well, I can respect that.
- So we're cool? - Cool.
How about you and I do dinner tonight? I can't.
I have to work right after class.
- You know, pay off the debts.
- Well, good for you.
Where are you working? It's a sports bar called Lucky Pete's.
I can call you though, when I'm free.
We can get together.
Sounds great.
The Hannah McKay I know hated the ocean.
But it does make for an easy escape into international waters.
Brave of her to be walking around Miami like that.
Or maybe she's found someone to protect her.
- May I help you? - I'm just meeting some friends.
I'm sorry, sir.
Members only.
Oh, but I'm a friend of-- Even so, sir, we have a strict dress code.
Call it a night, Dexter.
- You don't wanna go in there.
- I do wanna go in there.
It's their territory.
You'll be at a disadvantage.
I need to know what she's up to.
Is your father a member of the Red Coral Club? Yeah.
It's full of old farts in suits.
Why? Can you get me in there? Tonight? Yeah.
Good to see you, Mr.
This way.
- So, what are we doing here? - Looking for someone.
I thought we weren't supposed to be seen together.
This is different.
You know her? That's my ex-girlfriend.
Who's the guy? I'm gonna find out.
All right, you keep an eye on him.
- You text me when he's coming back.
- Got it.
It's Maggie now.
You shouldn't be here, Dexter.
I'm not leaving until you tell me why you drugged me and left me on the road.
After what you did to me, I'm not sure that you get to ask questions.
But here I am, asking.
What are you doing back in Miami? I was about to enjoy a martini.
You should probably leave though, before my husband returns.
Your husband? You're married to that guy? Yes.
I'm very lucky.
Well, he seems rich.
You were always a pragmatist.
Well, the money's nice, I have to admit but he has other talents.
Miles is the adventurous type.
- What are you doing here? - My husband will be back any minute.
It's in your best interest that he not see us together.
I'm not leaving until you tell me why you did what you did.
I see you've made a friend.
This is my husband, Miles Castner.
Dexter Morgan.
Maggie has told me about you.
How you were her boyfriend until you betrayed her turning her in to the police.
Quite a predicament you left her in.
Shall we finish our drinks? I think it's time for us to go.
Well, that's an excellent idea.
Make sure Mr.
Morgan is given whatever he needs.
Didn't you get my text? I warned you the guy was coming.
I know.
So why didn't you walk away? I mean, I watched him.
I stayed on him.
I didn't fuck up.
I screwed up, not you.
You did exactly as I asked you to.
- So, what now? - Nothing.
I'll call you.
We'll talk tomorrow.
So that guy, are we go--? You gonna kill him? I only kill people who deserve it.
--do you hear? Because something sure ain't right.
While them orphans was camping in the woods something gave them a proper fright.
Miles Castner made his fortune in international casinos.
He has the power and the reach to get Hannah a new name, new passport.
But if she's as happy as she seems in her new life then why is she here, messing with mine? Miles Castner.
What kind of name is Miles, anyway? Don't be a chump, Zoomer.
Ain't no such thing as - Hey.
- Hey.
Hello? Harrison, hello? That's it? I remember when I used to get a hug.
Hey, even I don't matter when Rastamouse is on.
I checked in with Marshals, FBI, fucking Homeland Security.
There hasn't been a single sighting of Hannah McKay.
- I'm hoping you've had better luck.
- Yeah.
I found her.
She's married.
Well, there's someone for everyone, I guess.
I hope he's sleeping with one eye open.
What's her married name? The guy she's married to is worth $700 million.
He owns casinos.
The name, Dex.
Miles Castner.
They're staying on his yacht.
I don't know what they're doing in Miami.
Maybe he has business here.
He seems to know who she is even knows about her and me.
And she seems to like him.
Or maybe she just feels obligated to him.
I doubt Hannah McKay feels obligated to anyone.
It's gotta be operational.
She needs a cover life.
It's not like it's a real marriage.
She can't actually love this guy.
Oh, my God.
- You're still in love with her.
- What? No.
She's probably trying to kill me.
Trust me, no one knows what it's like to fall in love with the wrong person more than I do.
But you better get your fucking head on straight.
She is everything that is wrong with our lives.
She is a vortex.
She is a black hole.
She sucks everything into her being, leaving nothing behind.
We have got to get her out of our lives.
I'm working on a plan.
Are you sure you can be objective? One little toss of Hannah's pretty blond hair and you turn into a fucking moron.
Hannah? Hannah is here? Both of you? Jesus.
Really? Deb, I'm on top of it.
I'm gonna figure out exactly what she's up to.
Are you? Where is Hannah? Right now she's on a very big boat with her husband.
Hey, what are you doing here? I came here to see you.
I didn't realise this place was a breastaurant.
I mean, it is a sports bar, it's just topless.
- And I make really good money here.
- Are you really okay doing this? Yeah.
It's not the best job in the world, but it's also not forever.
I'm fine with it.
I can tell that you're not.
Me? Look, I go to places like this all the time.
- See? - I've-- Look, I've stared at a million boobs, but until now I've never considered them to be daughter boobs.
- Daughter boobs? - Well, come on.
You know what I mean.
Guy, hey.
Her face is up here, okay? Come on.
It's so sweet that you care.
I'm just gonna stay here until something better comes along, okay? Yeah, I'll I'll let you do your thing.
You wanna have dinner on my next free night? Yeah.
That's great.
It actually makes sense in a way that Dexter would have been involved with another killer.
Well, she's back.
And she poisoned us.
Who knows what else she has planned? What does Dexter say? He's trying to figure out what she's up to but he's thinking with the wrong head.
- You're concerned for your safety.
- And for Dexter's.
Let's take a step back.
From what you've told me if she wanted to kill you, you'd be dead by now.
Maybe she just wants to prove that she has control.
She can kill us whenever she wants.
- It's a very unsettling feeling, isn't it? - Yeah.
What is it you'd like to do? I'd like to take her to Marshal Services and have her the fuck arrested.
- But Hannah knows too much.
- Yeah.
But at least I wouldn't have to worry about what might be in my coffee.
When the Brain Surgeon was out there, a threat to me, I could hardly sleep.
I trusted Dexter to solve the problem, and he did.
And if I can't? Before you take matters into your own hands be sure to consider all the consequences of those actions.
The husband is a complication I don't need.
I have to get Hannah alone, in a situation I control.
Have you done the blood work on the triple in Lummus Park? - Not yet.
- There's the prints on the bottle to run and the decomp over in Coconut Grove we have to process.
We could use an extra set of hands, right? Someone lower level an extra warm body to offset the cold ones, don't you think? At least to make a dent in the paperwork.
- Sure, I guess.
- Excellent idea.
What's he doing here? Quinn.
My client requests that you cease and desist this 24-hour watch you have on him.
He requests it.
I'd like you to back the fuck off.
- You took these photos, Zach? - Yeah.
- Those are just the best ones.
- Quinn, you have anything to say? - I think the kid's guilty.
- I'll answer for you, Detective Quinn.
On behalf of the entire department, I can assure you we will-- Well, how did you put it, Zach? --back the fuck down.
- "Off.
" - Yeah, that too.
Right Detective Quinn? , - Right.
- That's right.
Gentlemen, let me show you out.
What were you thinking? That rich asshole is walking around free.
- We have nothing on this kid.
- That's why I was following him.
If this was any other case, I would sign off on the overtime.
But this one let it go.
That's an order.
By the way, me and Jamie are moving in together.
You're what? You're doing what? - Hey, you got a minute? - Make it fast.
Okay, well, Dexter and I are buried in that glass box.
- We need an assistant.
- I don't know about that.
We've been under budget the last three quarters.
- It was Dexter's idea.
- Okay.
You're one hell of a lieutenant.
The photos were a nice touch.
I thought so.
Well, now he's off my tail, we can get down to business.
You know, find someone to - You know.
- Eventually.
What do you mean, "eventually"? I mean Long before my father taught me how to do what I do he taught me how not to do it.
Why would I want to not do it? Timing is everything.
One thing you need to learn, the first thing that I had to learn is to wait.
Control your urges.
Channel them appropriately.
Dexter, I can't wait.
- I can't control it.
- Yes, you can.
You're gonna get your chance, Zach, I promise.
But the only way I've survived as long as I have is by being careful.
I'm gonna teach you how to do that.
And then? And then you'll be able to do what I do and get away with it.
- What do you want? - I saw you with your son.
Maggie never mentioned him.
Hard to picture her as the family type.
There's nothing going on between Hannah and me.
Then listen.
I'd sooner see her in prison than lose her.
Do you understand? Because I could call a few people and ruin your life.
And being a family man, I'm sure that's not what you'd want.
People are so impatient.
Dexter, what are you doing? This is something you don't wanna get in the middle of.
He said he'd sooner see her in prison than lose her.
If that's what he thinks this is about, she's the one in danger.
I thought you were gonna find out if Hannah was a threat to you and Debra not if Miles was a threat to Hannah.
Why can't I do both? Your flowers.
That's the thing about plants.
You don't look after them, they die.
So, what's up? Miles just confronted me at a gas station.
- He likes to be dramatic.
- Is he a threat? A "chop you up and toss you in the ocean" kind of threat? No.
But he could make your life miserable, have people look into you and follow you around 24/7.
He sounds like a great guy.
And you're really in a position to judge? Why did you marry him? Because he was there when you weren't.
I needed him, Dexter.
I met him a few years ago when I did some flowers for him at an event and he found my background intriguing.
I could tell he had a crush on me, so when I made my escape when I had nothing and was desperate I knew that he could give me a whole new life a new identity, money.
Plus, he makes me happy.
If you're so damn happy, what are you doing back here? Why'd you drug Debra and me? - I think you should go.
- Answer me.
I wanted to make sure you weren't gonna put me in jail.
- I had to see if you would come to me.
- I did, and you haven't told me why.
Because it doesn't matter why anymore.
- I changed my mind.
- About what? I wanted you to kill Miles for me.
You what? He's possessive and controlling and obsessed with me to the point where he follows me everywhere.
I might as well be in prison.
If I were to try and leave him, he would just turn me in.
Why haven't you dealt with this in your usual way? His family already thought I was some gold digger when we got married.
If he was gonna drop dead suddenly I would be the first person that they would turn to.
- Once the cops get a good look at me-- - You wanted me to make him disappear.
I thought you might feel like you owed me.
- Owed you? - You didn't have to turn me in.
- You ruined my life.
- I did.
It doesn't even matter anymore, because like I said, I changed my mind.
This is my problem, and I'm gonna deal with it.
Why did you change your mind? Because the moment that I saw you there unconscious I realised that despite the shitty way that it all ended you were it for me, Dexter.
I've never felt that way about anyone before or since.
You're the only person that I can be that honest with.
And I didn't wanna ruin that by manipulating you into doing something that might be bad for you.
It was the same for me.
No, just leave it at that.
I have to go before Miles finds out where I've gone.
- Hannah.
- Goodbye.
Can I borrow that high-tech GPS tracker thingy that you have? Please? Yeah.
Being nice when you need something, huh? I'm not surprised.
Sorry that I overreacted earlier.
I know that you're interested.
You act like you are.
But, Jake, you don't wanna get involved with me.
You have no idea who I really am.
I just want a chance to find out.
Can I help you? Is that your car? It's my brother's car.
I think I left my sunglasses in the passenger seat.
- He's not answering his phone.
- Your brother is? Dexter Morgan.
He lives in the building.
Oh, you're Dexter's sister.
I'm Cassie, his neighbour.
Oh, fuck.
You're Cassie.
You went out with him, right? Really? He mentioned me? - You look surprised.
- I am.
I guess I figured he thought I was the worst date ever.
He didn't exactly follow up.
But he's nice to me when I see him.
He's kind of impossible to read.
- Yeah, that would be Dexter.
- Oh, okay, good.
- I was starting to think it was me.
- Nope, definitely not you.
Hey, since I've got you here, what's his deal? Jamie seems to think he's not over his ex which makes him more attractive.
Apparently, I have a thing for unavailable men.
That was an overshare.
- That's all right.
I get it.
- It's so crazy, right? I meet this totally nice guy who's completely into me and I'm still hung up on the mysterious man next door who hasn't called.
I don't know you at all, actually, but you seem like a normal girl, you know? If I were you, I would stick with the guy that's obviously interested.
Trust me, Dexter is not a mystery that you wanna solve.
Sorry about all that.
- It's all right.
Have a good one.
- See you.
- Hey.
- Hey.
You could've come inside.
I just got your text.
Well, you know, I think I've seen enough of that place, you know.
So, what brings you by? I wanted to let you know that a lab-assistant position just opened up at Miami Metro and it's yours if you want it.
What does it pay? Thirteen seventy-five an hour, plus dental.
I make a lot more money than that here.
You did say that this wasn't your first choice as a line of work.
I figured you'd jump at the chance for a future that didn't include pole dancing.
I'm not gonna be a stripper, Dad.
Hey, it just slipped out.
That's okay.
Well, listen, just do me a favour.
Just think about it, okay? I think it would be good for the both of us.
All right.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Well, that's probably best for all involved.
Two psychopaths together.
- Never a good mix.
- Hannah's not a psychopath.
- She has feelings.
- I'll have to take your word for that.
Anyway, I called you over here tonight because I'm concerned about Zach.
He came to me today in a very agitated state.
I didn't let him kill his father and now he's feeling the urge more than ever.
And how do you plan to handle it? I was 10 years old when Harry told me what my future would be.
I didn't kill until I was 19.
Zach can wait.
He just doesn't know he can.
Apples and oranges, Dexter.
- Sorry? - You thought you had no choice but to wait because your father told you to.
But you were just a boy who'd never taken a human life.
- Zach has already killed.
- Don't get me wrong.
I'm glad you took him off your table.
But the moment you did, Zach became your responsibility.
He's relying on you, Dexter.
You need to take this very seriously.
Hi, you've reached Zach Hamilton.
Please leave a message.
Hey, Zach.
It's Dexter.
Let's meet tomorrow afternoon, 2 p.
I'll come to your studio.
It's good that Hannah's leaving.
I have enough on my plate trying to turn a young killer into someone like me.
Miles knows that Hannah and I saw each other yesterday.
If Miles will do this to me what will he do to her? So who you tracking? I'm just kidding, obviously.
I don't wanna invade your privacy.
I just wanna see if you need anything.
- I'm good.
- Okay.
I know I can be kind of a dick sometimes.
You don't deserve that.
It's okay.
Most people think I'm a dick too, so I guess we're even.
This past year hasn't been my best.
The truth is, I wouldn't be surviving it if it weren't for you, so thank you.
You're welcome.
Dexter? Come on, what the fuck? Dexter! It looks like he's not home.
- Can I give him a message? - Yeah.
Fuck him.
Hey, babe.
Good hunting? Yeah, I found a couple dresses.
I think you'll really like them.
I'm guessing today's shopping went better than yesterday's.
- About the same.
- Really? That's surprising, considering there probably isn't much of a selection at your old greenhouse.
What are you talking about? You were with your friend Dexter Morgan.
Well, he a-- He asked to see me.
He wanted to make sure that I was all right after you confronted him and I told him that everything was fine that we were very happy together, end of story.
Don't lie to me.
I know the truth.
No, Miles, I told you, I don't care about him anymore.
- So you won't be too upset, then.
- About what? About what yesterday's excursion is going to cost your friend.
- Miles, that's unnecessary.
- You've made it necessary.
No, please, don't hurt him.
Don't hurt him? Why, because you love him? No, I promise you, I'm not ever gonna see him again.
He's the reason you insisted on coming with me to Miami returning to a place where you're a wanted criminal.
He's the unfinished business you mentioned.
I want you to know I forgive you.
We're going to make a new beginning.
I've already told the crew we're leaving tonight.
We'll sail up the coast and cross the Atlantic just the two of us, for the rest of our lives.
- That's how much I care about you.
- No, Miles.
Stop it, please.
- You'll never have to leave this boat.
- Stop, please.
I've given you everything.
You belong to me.
No, stop it.
Get off.
I I tried to run but he just grabbed me.
I didn't mean for it to happen this way.
Are you hurt? I'm okay.
We need bleach, bags something to cut with, an axe or a saw or something like that.
You think you can get me those without letting the crew know that anything's wrong? Yeah, I think so.
Wait, you need to change.
- Right.
- Hannah.
It's gonna be okay.
I'll take care of everything.
I believe you.
So that's how you make people disappear.
Give or take a plastic room and a kill table, yeah.
Yeah, I remember that part.
Do you ever wish that you had followed through? With killing me? No.
You ever wish you had? I was never going to kill you, Dexter.
It's just Well, I knew I couldn't live with Miles for much longer and unlike you, I don't actually enjoy any of this.
So, what's next? I told the crew that Miles was going to New York for a few days so that should buy me some time.
What's wrong? I have to go to a crime scene at my apartment building.
- What does that mean? - I don't know.
I have to go.
Please don't leave town before we talk again.
I won't.
This could be my apartment.
Dexter? What happened? I don't know.
I just got here.
Cassie and I, we were supposed to have a date tonight.
I'm sorry.
I know you were friends.
You okay to work this? Yeah.
What do you see? She was bludgeoned.
See those marks on her neck? Someone held her down and beat her to death.
Norma Rivera was bludgeoned.
Is it possible Zach did this when I was with Hannah? Harry was a good teacher to me because he was normal, human.
But can anything good come from putting two killers together whether it be student and teacher or whatever Hannah and I have? Or will it always end the same way like this?