Dexter s08e08 Episode Script

Are We There Yet?

Previously on Dexter: Remember me? What are you doing here? You should leave before my husband returns.
Your husband? Oh, God.
You're still in love with her? No.
We have got to get her out of our lives.
What is it you'd like to do? I would like to take her to Marshal Services and have her arrested.
When the Brain Surgeon was out there, I trusted Dexter to solve the problem.
Before you take matters into your hands, be sure to consider all the consequences.
Can I borrow that high-tech GPS tracker? Zach Hamilton killed Norma Rivera.
What if you were to teach Zach the code? Am I ready to be a spiritual father? Are you gonna help me be like you? Hi, Dexter! Going for a little night swim.
What the fuck were you thinking? That asshole is walking around free.
We have nothing.
That's why I was following him.
Let it go.
That's an order.
By the way, me and Jamie are moving in together.
What? Why did you marry him? He was there when you weren't.
No, Miles, stop.
You'll never leave this boat.
I told the crew that Miles was going to New York for a few days.
Please don't leave town before we talk again.
I won't.
Come on, what the fuck? Dexter! It looks like he's not home.
Norma Rivera was bludgeoned.
Is it possible Zach did this? Every contact leaves a trace.
That idea is the foundation of all crime scene analysis.
I should be focused on who bludgeoned Cassie and why.
But instead, ever since Hannah came back into my orbit, she's all I can think about.
Manner of death? Swan.
Killer didn't plan this.
It was impulsive.
This is just how Zach Hamilton killed Norma Rivera.
She was killed pretty deep in her apartment.
Like she let the killer in herself.
So she knew him.
That guy she was dating.
You said you were coming here to pick Cassie up for a date.
Yes, I was late.
Where were you coming from? I had a-- The building inspection.
I'm a structural engineer.
Well, maybe I was wrong.
Maybe it was the repairman or the delivery guy.
Or Zach Hamilton.
If I'd paid more attention to Zach instead of being with Hannah, would Cassie still be alive? Is that Zach's blood? Zach knew Cassie.
He met her once, here with me.
Cassie was a good person.
You sure there was no one else she was having issues with? I can't think right now.
Will you please--? It's okay, it's okay.
Hey, Deb.
How are you? I'm okay.
It's good to see you at a crime scene.
I'm gonna talk to Dex.
Go ahead.
Harrison's asleep.
That's a break.
Could that be the killer's blood? Here's hoping.
Are you okay? Sure.
Why the fuck do I even ask? What about Hannah? What about her? Is she still here? Hey, Deb.
Who would want to kill Cassie? She owe people money? We're looking into that.
What about customers or a vendor? Sorry.
I have no fucking business being here.
Any time you wanna come back, the door's always open.
Maybe I'll put an application in the mail.
I'll come back to finish this conversation, yeah? Okay.
Can't wait.
I would give everything to feel nothing again.
We need to get you out of town as soon as possible.
I need a new passport.
I have a guy that can do that.
I'll find out what he needs.
That's just a phone call.
You could have phoned me, rather than driving all the way down here.
This was on the way to the lab.
This marina is not on the way to the lab.
You know, we, um We missed a spot of blood cleaning up.
No, we didn't.
Edge of the whisky bottle.
I noticed it this morning.
I was so glad to see it because it reminded me of you.
Did you clean it up? Yes, I cleaned it up.
With bleach? Yes.
Miami is not the place for you to be right now.
The sooner we get you out of here, the better.
I completely agree.
It is Zach's blood under Cassie's nails.
He killed another innocent woman.
What a waste.
He could have had a great future.
Miami Metro can never know.
It's one small step from Zach to me.
Hey, Dex.
Remember Niki, the apple that didn't fall too far from my tree? Hi.
Around here we call Dexter "the king of spatter.
" We do? I do, in private.
Hey, feel free to send any and all paperwork her way.
Here you go.
Oh, uh, the blood under Cassie's nails? No luck.
It was hers.
From a transfer after her head started to bleed.
"The victim collapsed into a pool of her own blood.
" Hey, are you--? Are you okay with all this? I mean, I am a little bit worried about the energy around here.
Well, then maybe we can hang a crystal in the corner.
Yeah, we should sage the place first.
Could I talk to you for a sec? Actually, I'm-- Real quick.
You recognise these? Yeah, I took them.
Yeah, now look at these.
Norma Rivera, Cassie Jollenston.
Are they fucking similar, or what? They were both bludgeoned.
Bludgeonings can look pretty fucking similar.
Do you think Zach Hamilton could have done this? Zach knew Norma.
How could he have possibly known Cassie? I know, it's crazy, I-- What's crazy is Batista and Matthews wanted you to lay off looking into this Hamilton kid.
This Hamilton kid is a fucking monster.
You know it too.
Not really.
I think you should drop this.
Think about your career.
It's not like I'm gonna make sergeant.
Do me a favour.
You see any of Zach's DNA at the crime scene, just let me know.
He hasn't returned my calls.
I tried to reach him too.
I spoke to his parents, they haven't seen him.
He could be on the run, hiding out somewhere.
Were you with that Hannah person? Is that why this woman is dead? She's dead because you talked me out of killing Zach in the first place.
He showed real potential.
You saw that.
I thought you were having an impact on him.
Zach spoke to me of trying to live up to your rules, your standards.
I thought he was processing it all.
Yeah, Zach's smart, but he can't control himself.
We both should have seen that.
Zach's just a boy.
A boy who knows too much about me, about you, who's killed two innocent women.
No, I guess you don't have many options, do you? No.
I wonder if it will be different for you, because of what could have been.
I doubt it.
But surely there have been people that were more difficult for you to-- How do you like to say it? Take care of.
Zach Hamilton is not one of them.
I'm not sure I believe you.
Zach rented a room in Fiesta Key.
He's on the run, and using his own credit card.
Rookie mistake.
I forget the impact murder has on real people.
Any luck? With what? Cassie's case? Is that why you're here? No.
Hey, Jamie.
How are you doing? I don't know how you two do this every day.
I don't.
On a scale of one to 10, where the fuck is Hannah? She's not a threat.
Last time we talked, you said, "I'm on top of it.
" And I am.
Are you on top of it, or on top of her? Deb-- Is she in Miami? What the fuck is she doing here? It has to do with her husband.
The casino guy? He's abusive, verbally and physically.
They seem perfect.
What about him? She wanted me to-- Why didn't she do it herself? Too much scrutiny.
Did you do it? No.
Well, that must have pissed her off.
What's to keep her from trying to kill us again? She didn't try to kill us.
She wanted my attention.
By poisoning me and leaving you on the side of the fucking road? You have the fucking altitude to see all of this, that she's using you, and you still want to protect her? Once she gets her passport, she'll be out of our lives forever.
You believe that? I do.
Well, that's the thing that you can't see, that you're lying to yourself.
She's a murderer.
She needs to be locked up.
She could talk.
After LaGuerta, I can't afford another round of questions.
She's a fugitive.
She's a poisoner.
She's easily discredited.
Enough already.
We were supposed to have lunch together, Cassie and me.
Jamie, I'm sorry.
I can't be here right now.
I can take Harrison with me.
I moved in with Joey.
I thought we'd go there, since you're on the next few days.
I mean, if that's okay with you.
Yeah, that's okay with me.
Don't smile? Just send this to the passport guy.
He'll have a new identity and all the paperwork for you by tomorrow.
Do I get to pick my name? I doubt it, but I'll ask.
So does he drop it off, or--? No, I will.
Okay, so just wait here? Maybe you should come with me.
Where? I have to go to the Keys tonight.
The Keys? It would just be for the night.
Besides, it's not safe for you to be here.
Safe? You know, alone.
I sent the crew away for a few hours because I knew that you were coming.
They can protect me from almost anything.
It's the "almost" that concerns me.
So, what's in the Keys, or should I say who is in the Keys? I'll tell you on the way down.
How would you like to make a boatload of cash? I'm assuming that's a rhetorical question.
Marshal Service is offering $25,000 for information leading to the arrest of Hannah McKay.
Sal Price's publisher is offering another 125,000, his family, another hundred.
Put that together-- Two-fifty.
Yeah, I can do math.
I think Hannah McKay is back in Miami.
And you think this because? Are you interested or not? Very.
No fucking way.
They're gone.
You sure this is the Castner slip? I'm sure.
You sure McKay was under the alias of "Maggie Castner"? Yes.
What, you don't believe me? Lot of pretty blond girls in Miami.
You sure Hannah McKay was here? I know for a fucking fact that she was.
How? I just do.
You really don't like her, do you? Nope.
I'm just saying, emotions cloud your judgement, you know? You keep it about the money, someday you may have a yacht.
I don't want a fucking yacht.
Well, I do.
So let's keep it about my money, all right? So the yacht may be gone, but we don't know if they were on it.
Maybe the dock master knows something.
I'll see.
I'll meet you back at the office, all right? Joey, I don't want to be here alone.
You're not alone, you got the kid.
My name is Harrison.
And a fine name that is.
Don't you got some cartoons to watch? Joey, I am freaking out.
My friend was murdered.
I-- Look, I know, but once I catch the killer, you're not gonna have to be scared anymore, okay? You know, if it were Deb asking you to stay, you wouldn't even put up a fight.
Deb wouldn't ask me to stay.
She'd want to catch the killer as bad as I do.
Sorry I'm not Deb.
Hey, hey, hey, come here.
You need me to stay here, I'll stay here, okay? Motherfuck it.
Hey, Deb, what's up? Hey, just checking in about Hannah.
I haven't seen her.
Where are you? Grabbing some dinner.
Oh, yeah? Want company? No, I'm good.
No, seriously.
I'll join you.
Where are you? Um Look at a fucking street sign.
I'm on the highway.
How about tomorrow? Sure.
Dick for brains.
She's a ray of sunshine, isn't she? So, what'd you say to the crew? I told them to head on to St.
It was our next stop after Miami anyway.
They're paid not to ask questions.
So who are you after? His name is Zach.
What did Zach do? Disappoint me.
He was someone Dr.
Vogel thought I could, uh, mentor.
Who's Dr.
Vogel? Dr.
Evelyn Vogel.
She studies psychopaths.
My father went to see her about me.
How did that conversation go? "Hey, I've got this son who has these urges.
" He was at the end of his rope.
Vogel's the one who came up with the idea of the code.
She created me.
I know.
So how does it feel to finally meet her, to find out that she even existed? Like finding a family member.
Well, she must be very proud of you.
Are there others of you out there? Just Zach, as far as I know.
She thought he She saw a little of me in him, or who I used to be.
There's one big difference though.
He'd already killed an innocent woman when I met him, and now he's killed another.
So he's a terrible student.
I wasn't exactly a hands-on teacher.
He's fled to the Keys.
I can't have him out there in the world.
He's a problem you have to solve.
I was a problem you had to solve too, and I escaped.
How come you never tried to find me? And do what? Solve the problem.
I liked knowing you were out there.
Elway, it's me.
Hey, I was just about to call you.
Dockmaster ends up being a gabby fuck.
He heard Mr.
Castner flew yesterday to New York sans Mrs.
Castner, who just sent the yacht to St.
Kitts earlier today.
Where she is now is anybody's guess.
I'll venture one, the Keys.
Is this something you just know, or you have a source? I'm on my way down there now to check it out.
You know about her husband being with her? You said Castner was in New York.
I checked the airport, the Gulfstream never left the tarmac, so I wonder if she killed him.
There's a leap.
That's what she fucking does.
She murders people and she gets away with it.
I cannot wait to fucking find her.
Remember what I said.
No crusaders on the payroll.
Let's find her, let's bring her in, let's get paid, okay? Thank you.
Shrimp? Yeah.
Bottom feeders.
They eat all the garbage at the bottom of the ocean.
They take out the trash.
Is that what you do? You take out the trash? Thought might have crossed my mind.
You have all these clever sayings inside your head, don't you? About what you do and who you are.
Yeah, I think a lot.
I'm sure you do.
So, what brilliant turn of phrase have you come up with to describe me? The evil temptress? Passionate poisoner? Heh.
Fiendish florist.
Really, when you're lying in bed at night and I happen to cross your mind, what do you call me? Hannah.
You're just Hannah.
You're such a flirt.
No, I'm not.
I'm just being honest.
Please, you're the master manipulator.
I am? Yes, you are.
Is that what you call me? No, I have a million names for you.
Really? I'd love to hear them.
What can I get you guys? Are you sure this is the place? Just wait in the car.
What is all this? A for effort, huh? He made a lot of mistakes.
But for a first try, it's not bad.
It's not bad.
It's not great either.
Better than your first try.
Do you have to do this? Yes, I do.
And when I find him, I'll use this room.
Detective Quinn.
Hey, how are you holding up? I haven't slept much, to be honest.
We, uh, talked about a life together, Cassie and I.
I know it's fast, but-- No, no, no.
I move fast too.
Too fast.
Well, when it's right You're going through a tough time.
I was wondering if you could take a look at a photo for me.
Have you seen that kid around Cassie? Maybe at her food truck? Is this who you think killed her? Just a person of interest.
I don't know him.
He looks familiar, but I'm sorry.
What on earth is your daughter doing? She's just clearing the bad murder juju out of the lab.
Does she realise this is a department founded in bad murder juju? Where are we on this Cassie Jollenston murder? Been working on the customers from her food truck, but most of them paid in cash, so So they're hard to track down.
Any other leads? None worth talking about.
I thought you said you weren't a real hands-on teacher.
I didn't teach him this.
You did this to him? Yes.
And he escaped.
I let him go.
Like me? Not quite.
Dexter? What the fuck? I told you to control yourself, and what did you do? You killed Cassie.
Cassie? Who's Cass--? Who the fuck is that? You killed her next door to me, to my son! No, no, no! I went after Shawn Decker.
Shawn Decker, who is that? Wait.
Aren't you that old guy's wife? Your ex-girlfriend? She's with me now.
Did you take out her husband? Who is Shawn Decker? This asshole I knew in high school.
He offed a girl two years ago on spring break then bragged about it.
Is she cool? Yes.
She's cool.
Where were you two days ago? I stopped by your place after you blew me off, then I came straight here.
I met your neighbour, the hot one.
That was Cassie.
She was alive when I left.
I've been on Shawn the whole time.
I'll show you on my camera.
How did you--? How did you find me? I tracked your credit card.
Shouldn't use my own card, fuck-up on my part.
What'd you think of the room? Did you do something to it? Just show me the pictures.
This is Shawn Decker.
He lives here.
You can see by the time stamp, I've been hunting him.
So I decided to go after a killer.
Someone who deserves it.
He was following the code without even knowing it.
Do you have proof that Shawn killed someone? Yeah, he pulled me aside at a party, showed me this video of this redhead he met in Daytona.
He accidentally strangled her while they were having sex.
Believe me, world's better off without him.
Where is Shawn now? It-- It didn't go exactly as I planned.
I thought I could just knock him out.
You sedated me, didn't you? What did you use? What happened? I hit him over the head, but it wasn't hard enough.
He barely went down, so I just kept hitting him, like, a lot.
Did anyone see you? No, we were alone.
What were you planning on doing with the body? I didn't totally know.
I was gonna come back here, get my camera, my knives, I don't know, guess I just thought drop him in the Everglades-- So you didn't have a plan.
I did.
I was gonna do it here.
I mean, this place isn't bad, is it? You see that second floor? Anyone could see you moving a body.
That wasn't on the website.
Pick a different place.
I'd already paid for the room.
You need to have a plan and a backup plan, always.
Driving with a body in your trunk in this heat is no plan at all.
You didn't even put plastic in your car.
Oh, okay, that would've been a good idea, yeah.
You and I are gonna deal with this body, and then scrub the car clean of DNA, because one drop of blood, a single hair, could lead straight back to you.
Then after that, we're gonna dump the car.
Well, how am I gonna get home? We'll take you.
Can you deal with the room? We should be a few hours.
Yeah, drive safe.
Do not "dude" me.
Get in the car.
Watch yourself on the handle.
I cut myself on that piece of shit a few days ago.
Have you cut yourself on this before? No.
Is that somehow how Zach's blood ended up under Cassie's nails? I bled all over the place.
Fuck me.
Gloves! Just put your seat belt on.
Don't even think about it.
Where's Dexter? Out.
Great, that'll make this a lot easier.
I'm supposed to just put those on? You're under arrest.
You're not a police officer anymore.
Citizen's arrest.
Oh, right, really? How about I arrest you for aiding a serial killer? You want that information out? Talk all you fucking like.
No one would fucking believe you.
Better people than you have tried it.
Go ahead.
No! The only way I'm leaving is if you shoot me, and you're not gonna.
I have done terrible things in my past, but I've come to realise that as people, we're all horribly flawed, some more than others.
I'm not interested.
But we all have a will to survive, and when in extreme situations, people do extreme things.
That doesn't make it right.
Right or wrong doesn't make it into the equation.
There are other forces driving us.
What's driving you? Dexter.
The passing of the torch.
I taught you the code.
Now he's learning it from you.
And look at him.
You used to feel like that after a kill.
At peace.
Life was so simple then.
Killing consumed you, crept into everything you did.
It was all you had.
But now? Now I have Harrison.
He isn't a complication.
Hannah is.
She's more of a distraction.
Or is it possible there's a stronger desire in you now? Stronger than the need to kill? I don't enjoy killing.
Why do you do it? Sometimes it's the only way to solve a problem.
When somebody comes at me or threatens me, my life-- Like me? I could've killed you the other day and it would've made my life easier, but I didn't.
Why? Because I love your brother, and I-- I've learned how much he cares about you.
I didn't want to hurt him.
He loves me too.
Do you really want to hurt him? Fuck.
My brother screws up everything.
Oh, you're both still breathing.
That's a good sign.
What are you doing here? I came here for her.
But how did you--? GPS.
I put it under your car.
You what? I knew you wouldn't stay away.
Who the fuck are you? Who the fuck are you? I don't want to know.
I don't want to know anything else ever.
She's your problem now.
I'm sorry, you got girls fighting over you? Let's get out of here.
Are we there yet? Zach.
Zach, it turns out, is a fast learner.
Well, I'm very relieved to hear that.
Why don't you come in, have dinner? I'm starving.
I can't.
Who is that in the car? That's Hannah.
Hannah McKay? You weren't going to introduce us? Well, we've had a really long drive, and she's leaving early tomorrow.
I think we're tired.
Surely, you must be hungry.
She can join us for dinner.
No, that's not-- I insist.
Either you invite her in or I will.
Vogel, um, this is Hannah.
Hi, nice to meet you.
Call me Evelyn.
I trust there are no vegetarians here.
Hand me your plate.
It looks delicious.
An old family recipe.
Hope it holds out.
I can pass it along to you if you'd like.
I guess you know your way around the kitchen.
I'm an okay cook.
You're better than okay.
Well, I prefer gardening.
Bringing things to life.
The best hobbies are the ones that take us furthest from our primary occupation.
So you have a fascinating field.
How did you get interested in it? Oh, an incident long ago that I won't bore you with.
As to what keeps me interested, well look around the table.
I've always maintained that the greatest obstacle in life isn't danger, it's boredom.
Boredom? Mm.
The battle against it is responsible for most of the events in the world, good or ill.
I'm convinced of it.
Anyway, my patients never fail to surprise.
They make life interesting, thus, worth living.
For example, I would never have imagined that the affection you two share could be possible, for people like yourselves.
You are obviously quite taken with each other.
You both have a healthy blush response.
I'm embarrassing you.
Gee, you think? The truth is, you make a good couple.
And probably a bad one too.
Bon appétit.
There's too much red wine.
Yeah, there is.
No, it's perfect.
Dexter, you haven't said much.
Something on your mind? It's, uh, Cassie's murder.
I doubt there's anything this table can't handle.
The scene, it doesn't make sense.
Did you take any pictures? Whoa.
It's just like Norma Rivera.
Look at the blood.
When someone's bludgeoned to death, blood is no longer just blood.
It's cast-off blood, atomised blood, pooled blood.
Different first names but same family, with one story to tell.
I found your blood underneath Cassie's fingernails.
But Zach had nothing to do with Cassie's murder.
So how'd my blood end up there? I'm wondering if it came from your car door handle.
Think someone could have done that to your car on purpose? To set you up for her murder? If so, they went to a lot of trouble to frame you.
And why would someone do that? Money? You see? Never a dull moment.
Hey, look at this, full house.
Welcome home.
Hey, buddy, what's that? A zombie.
I hope you don't mind that we're here.
Not at all.
Something happen with Quinn? No, we're fine, I just-- You're still shaken up about Cassie.
Is it okay if we stay with you tonight? You two can stay here as long as you want.
Especially if you're gonna cook.
Oh What happened with our fugitive? Does it look like she's handcuffed to my desk? It does not.
You couldn't find her, so we will-- We'll keep looking.
Oh, fuck that, Hannah's probably left the country by now.
It's a lost cause.
What happened to Miss Personal Vendetta? She took your advice and let it go.
There's a lot of money in this.
I don't care about the money.
What the fuck are you doing here then? I don't know.
I've been asking myself the same question.
Okay, is there something you want to say to me? I'm not sure I'm cut out to be a private investigator.
You're the best I've ever worked with-- Given the work we do, I'm not really sure that I want it on my tombstone.
Fuck, sorry.
I don't mean to offend you or anything.
It's all right, it's all right.
Forget it, forget it.
I want to wake up now and then and feel like what I do matters more than a pay cheque.
So, what are you gonna do? You--? You gonna--? Gonna go back to being a cop? That what you're gonna do? I don't know, maybe.
There's a reason they call it a public servant.
You want to put your life on the line for slave wages, be my guest.
But I'd advise you to think carefully about throwing away this opportunity.
Hannah, I wish you the best of luck with whatever's next.
Thank you.
And thank you for dinner.
It's refreshing to see a girl who can really eat.
We have to go.
Can you drop Zach off at his home? Of course.
Can I drive? Not a chance.
My car's older than you.
It's not too bad.
Yeah, it's nice.
I'll be by at 6 tomorrow to pick you up.
I'll take a cab.
It's no problem.
I don't want to do this again.
I-- I can't do this again.
Say goodbye.
You need anything? Are you hungry? We just ate.
I'm sure if I get hungry there's room service here.
I'm just gonna shower and go to bed, get up, go to the dock.
Your plane leaves at 8:00.
Twenty-seven minutes later, you'll land in Nassau.
Destroy your old passport.
From there, where you go is up to you.
Where do you think you'll go? Haven't decided.
Argentina? Maybe.
Will you let me know? Yes.
I'll wait to hear from you.
Dexter, my passport.
Oh, right.
Almost forgot.
"Claire Thompson.
" I guess I look like a Claire.
He assured me it's a name that won't get flagged.
It's perfect.
Thank you.
And here's a "Claire Thompson" credit card.
I have some cash too, so When you land in Nassau, make your last withdrawal as Maggie Castner.
Keep it under 10 grand.
I can talk you through how to set up an international bank account.
You should go.
I should go.
Every contact leaves a trace.
Everything and everyone we touch is changed in some way.
But the changes they're never what we anticipate.
That's right.
I believe Hannah McKay was just in Miami going under the alias of "Maggie Castner.
" Hannah.
Don't go.
Stay with me.