Dexter s08e09 Episode Script

Make Your Own Kind of Music

Previously on Dexter: I should be focused on who bludgeoned Cassie and why.
But instead, since Hannah came back into my orbit, she's all I can think about.
Have you seen that kid around Cassie? I don't know him.
I'm sorry.
Joey, my friend was murdered.
Once I catch the killer, you won't have to be scared anymore.
If Deb were asking you to stay, you wouldn't put up a fight.
She'd want to catch the killer as bad as I do.
Sorry I'm not Deb.
I think Hannah McKay is back in Miami.
Are you interested? Very.
What are you doing here? I came here for her.
Who the fuck are you? Who the fuck are you? I don't wanna know.
I don't want to know anything else ever.
She's your problem now.
I can't go to jail, Hannah.
Lose my kids again? I couldn't take it.
We've always stuck together.
That's not gonna change now, is it? I found your blood underneath Cassie's fingernails.
Zach had nothing to do with Cassie's murder.
How did my blood end up there? Your plane leaves at 8:00.
Twenty-seven minutes later, you'll land in Nassau.
From there, where you go is up to you.
Where do you think you'll go? I haven't decided.
Argentina? Every contact leaves a trace.
But the changes, they're never what we anticipate.
I believe Hannah McKay was just in Miami under the alias of Maggie Castner.
Stay with me.
I just want to stay here with you.
I know, but you can't.
Dexter, I'm so sorry about Zach.
I know how much he meant to you.
I need to see Dr.
Vogel and figure out our next move.
You should stay here, inside, out of view.
I have to see Arlene this afternoon after her shift.
Why? It's not safe for me to draw money out of Maggie Castner's account anymore.
The only money I have is what I've been sending away to Arlene to hold for me.
And I'm gonna need that money to start a new life.
"Be careful.
" I know.
Actually, I was gonna say, "I love you.
" I love you too.
Poor child.
I'm gonna have to find a way to let the family know.
Just give me a little time before Miami Metro gets brought in.
I will.
This is the song that was playing when I found Zach's body.
Do you know it? Of course.
I used to play it all the time.
Still do.
Does it mean anything? It was just a pleasant song.
Possibly my patients heard me playing it.
There are some signs of a struggle.
They fought here.
This table is out of place.
But whoever did this cleaned up after himself.
There's no blood.
I wish I could understand what this is all about.
Why he's doing this.
I mean, it's clearly not simply to frighten me.
He's trying to send a message.
But what is it? I don't care what his message is.
He killed Zach.
He broke into my apartment and dumped his body there.
What if Harrison had been home? I will find who did this, and I will kill him.
I'm sure you will, Dexter.
But you need to remain focused.
I am focused.
He missed it.
And a few hairs pulled out by the roots.
There's a big fingerprint in the middle of it all.
Zach's, most likely.
Almost like it was put there deliberately.
Zach learned from me.
He knew the importance of DNA.
It's possible that he ripped these hairs from whoever attacked him and stuck them there for me to find.
If this is a clue, as you said, then Zach acted with extraordinary calm, rational thought.
Something I'm not sure you're doing right now, Dexter.
What? Your desire to avenge Zach's death, that's an emotional response, possibly fuelled by having to say goodbye to Hannah.
I didn't say goodbye to her.
How do you mean? We're going to make a life together.
Dexter, how? I don't know.
We'll figure it out.
Over the time I've spent with you, I've come to realise that you're not the perfect psychopath I thought you were.
You have a depth of emotion I never thought possible.
It's true.
I'll find the Brain Surgeon and I'll kill him.
But once I do, I'm gonna focus on a life with Hannah.
I think you misunderstood my point.
Straddling two worlds as you are, it's dangerous.
Killers cannot have a full emotional life.
I think you underestimate me.
So this is Maggie Castner's passport photo.
That's Hannah McKay's.
I won't ask how you got those.
Please don't.
They look pretty much the same.
Have you had contact? I have not.
Her boat left for St.
Kitt's yesterday, but I don't think she was on it.
What makes you think that? Just a hunch.
A lot of good that does me.
Her husband? Supposedly in New York City, but no record of his jet landing or taking off from here.
Don't know.
All right, then.
I'll look into this.
There's one more thing.
I'd actually like to be a part of the team on this.
Thanks, but the marshal service doesn't take on partners.
I understand-- If I do find her, you'll get your reward money.
Fair enough.
All right.
I saw you from my car and I had this moment where it was just like old times.
Tell me you're here to see me.
Quinn, actually.
I meant what I said the other day.
We'd love you to come back with us.
I don't think Matthews would go for it.
He was pissed that I left so abruptly.
You never know, Deb.
I'll leave you two be.
Thanks for coming.
I need to ask you for a favour.
I think I know who Cassie's killer is, but Matthews asked me to lay off.
The guy's from this rich family.
Could you look into him for me? Sure.
This all you have? Yup.
His info.
Social, address, his name's Zach Hamilton.
Kid's a serial killer in the making.
I think Cassie's the second person he killed.
Yeah, I'll get right on it.
I'm gonna go say hello to Dexter.
The sooner I can identify Zach's killer, the sooner I can be done with all this and get back to Hannah.
You can't go in there.
Who the fuck are you? Hey, hey, hold it.
Deb, uh, this is my daughter, Niki.
Niki, this is former lieutenant Debra Morgan.
Oh, shit.
My dad says you're a total rock star.
Why'd you leave? She's a curious one.
Let's go see some files over here.
Nice to meet you! What the fuck are you doing with Zach Hamilton? Quinn called.
He thinks Zach killed Cassie.
I thought so too, but I checked it out.
Zach didn't.
What was Zach doing with you and Hannah in the Keys? Serial killers convention? I was helping Dr.
Vogel out.
I don't know why I even ask you these questions.
No one else knows.
Zach's dead.
Now I know.
I don't want to know, because now I have to explain how I know.
Kind of, yes.
I was thinking about coming back here.
About being a detective again, doing something good for a change.
But It'll just lead me into another fucked up situation, won't it? A familial match to Dr.
Evelyn Vogel? What? The hairs we found in Zach's studio.
I ran a mitochondrial DNA match on them.
It tests a person's mother line.
Yeah, I'm aware of those tests.
Well, it's a direct match to you.
Zach's killer is related to you.
The Brain Surgeon is related to you.
How is that possible? I have no family.
Well, not anymore.
Well, I was married and I had two sons.
Daniel and Richard.
And now? They're gone.
What happened to them? One day, I found Richard, he was my youngest, at the bottom of our swimming pool, dead.
At first I thought it was an accident.
He wasn't a strong swimmer.
But then I realised the truth.
My older son, Daniel he He killed Richard.
Daniel was-- Daniel was highly intelligent.
But he was also very troubled.
No, it was much more than that.
He was devoid of empathy, had a complete lack of fear or the sense of right and wrong.
He was a psychopath.
Realising this and wanting to find a way to help Daniel led me into this field.
I failed Daniel.
I I was never able to treat him.
Maybe that's one reason I was so determined to help you.
This is Daniel.
My husband and I covered up his involvement in Richard's death.
Said it was an accident and then we put Daniel into a mental health institute.
He was only 14.
Here in Miami? No.
No, I sent him back to England.
Three years later, he was dead.
How? A fire broke out in the wing where Daniel was living.
Some idiot nurse had left the door locked to take a coffee break.
The children couldn't get out.
Seven of them perished.
One of them was Daniel.
Did you see the body? No.
My husband did.
He was horribly burned.
If it was his body.
That's preposterous, Dexter.
He can't be alive.
You said yourself he's highly intelligent.
Could've faked his death.
But after all these years, why would he do these terrible things now? The brain cores.
Do they mean anything to you? Well Well, even as a child, Daniel was aware that he lacked empathy and how I felt about it.
It's possible he boxed some up and left it at my door.
Daniel Vogel would be in his mid-40s.
That guy Cassie was dating.
He was interviewed that night.
Oliver Saxon.
Is it possible this is Vogel's son? Daniel Vogel is Oliver Saxon.
You created half a dozen fake IDs.
He could've done the same.
The easiest way is to assume the identity of a dead person.
Oliver Saxon, death certificate.
The guy's a fake.
Doesn't mean he's your brain surgeon.
I need to get a DNA sample from him.
Dexter, this is Deputy Marshal Clayton.
He's here on a tip that Hannah McKay is back in Miami.
Uh, sorry if I don't seem glad to meet you, this is kind of a shock.
I guess you haven't talked to her.
Why would I? I told him that you dated Hannah before you turned her in for the Sal Price murders.
Wasn't the smoothest breakup.
I guess not.
And that makes you a target.
Frankly, the Hannah McKay I knew would be too smart to risk coming back to Miami.
Could be.
Look, I got no definite information she's here.
I'm just following up on a tip.
But until we know for sure, we should put unis on you till this plays out.
That's the last thing I need trying to help Hannah hide.
On the other hand, the Brain Surgeon's still out there.
He knows where I live.
I don't need unis to watch me, just my apartment and my son when he goes to school.
Don't worry, we'll watch Harrison like a hawk.
Deputy Marshal Clayton, how do you plan to find Hannah even if she is here? Getting her picture out with local media, asking anyone to call if they spot her.
But if by some chance she decides you two need to talk things over, be sure and give me a call, won't you? Of course.
I want her behind bars as much as you do.
This is exactly what Vogel warned you about.
Trying to straddle both worlds.
You should be following up on Saxon right now.
Let Hannah handle her own problems.
I can do both.
Have you gone to see Arlene yet? No, I was just about to leave.
I just had a federal marshal in my office.
They know you're here.
Oh, God.
You can't go to Arlene's.
Lay low.
I can't start a new life without that money.
I can give you money.
Half a million dollars? Well, no.
I'll drive you.
I'm not letting you go by yourself.
Okay, but hurry.
This marshal changes everything.
We can never be together here.
I know.
What are we gonna do? Let's get your money, figure it out later.
You were right, the hotel manager in Key West positively ID'd Zach.
He was down there when she was killed.
Where do you get your information? I have my sources.
Wish I had your sources.
Thought I had this one nailed.
Well, you're at square one.
You've been there before.
You'll close it.
Just after the whole sergeant dick dance, you know, I got something to prove.
You're a good cop.
You don't have to prove anything.
Then there's Jamie, you know, I'd kind of like to solve it for her.
She was really close to Cassie.
I just haven't been there for her lately.
I thought she moved in.
I mean, like, emotionally.
Since when are you Mr.
Sensitive? Fuck you.
It pours right out of you.
You know, she's always accusing me of comparing you to her.
Um Well, I mean, I can't really advise you on that.
Puts me in an awkward position.
Why? Because of our history, asshole.
I mean, history is history, right? Jamie knew Cassie better than anyone.
Question her again .
Maybe something'll turn up.
She's been a wreck, it's hard walking the line between boyfriend and cop.
I'll talk to her.
Really? Yeah.
Be fun to play cop again.
That'd be great.
You can buy me lunch.
And two fucking desserts.
Nice place.
Found that when you're a fugitive, asking somebody to hold half a million dollars, incentives help.
So Arlene gets a cut? She gets what she needs to keep the kids off welfare, I get-- The bank of Arlene.
Hey, babe.
Hey, Arlene.
You're the asshole who turned her in.
That would be me.
Long story.
Can we come in? Yeah.
So now we're back together, huh? How's that gonna work out? We're figuring it out.
I told the kids there's snakes in here so they wouldn't go near it.
There you go.
Ah, shit.
Who's that? Federal marshal.
Stay here.
I'll handle this.
You answer the door.
Come with me.
Like you've got nothing to hide.
Can I help you? I'm Deputy Marshal Clayton.
You mind if I ask you a few questions? - Uh, Yeah.
- Yeah.
Dexter Morgan.
What are you doing here? Arlene's a friend.
We met through Hannah.
Really now? Yeah, I stopped by to tell her what you said, Hannah might be in Miami.
Yeah, I gotta keep an extra eye on the kids.
Looks like you recently changed your address.
Seems like a step up.
Better school district.
Says here you work part-time waiting tables at Denny's.
That's right.
That won't buy you a doll's house, let alone pay rent on this.
You sure you haven't gotten help from Hannah McKay, who just happened to have married a man worth over half a billion dollars? Didn't even know she was married.
Says here you got a record.
Do you have any idea how many years aiding and abetting a fugitive buys? I'm the one who's been helping out Arlene.
Now I see what you two really bonded over.
You sure can pick them.
Listen, do me a favour.
Either of you hear from your old friend, Hannah McKay, you give me a call.
Of course.
Yeah, we will.
Hey, Deb.
Dexter's not here.
I know, I was driving by.
Wanted to say hello to the little man.
Look, Aunt Deb, I can write my name.
That's awesome.
I am so sorry about Cassie.
You doing okay working here and everything? Honestly, no.
Not really.
The cops are watching the place, which helps.
She have a lot of friends? Yeah.
She's pretty popular.
Everyone's just in shock, you know? Especially Oliver.
Who's that? This guy Cassie was dating.
Were they dating for a long time? Just a couple weeks.
I guess it was love at first sight.
At least for him.
What do you mean "for him"? Between us, I think Cassie was gonna break it off with Oliver.
Then he was all, "Let's go to the Bahamas for a week.
" After two weeks of dating? He kept pushing her into it.
He wouldn't take "no" for an answer.
You weren't a fan, I take it.
I thought he could be a little clingy.
But he was great to Cassie.
Hey, we should all have someone who worships us like that, right? Hm.
When was the trip supposed to happen? This week, I think.
Quinn, it's me.
I just talked to Jamie.
We need to revisit the boyfriend.
Oliver Saxon.
So you think Clayton bought your little story? I'm not sure.
Either way, he's got your photo all over Miami.
It's not safe to go to the hotel.
You need something private.
Yeah, but where? I do know of one place.
Something tells me it's the last place I'll want to go.
Debra's, if I can talk her into it.
I was right.
I can't think of a better option, can you? Unfortunately, I can't.
Answering more questions? Anything I can do to help find who did this to Cassie.
This must be hard on you.
The last few days have been a nightmare.
I still can't even believe it.
I just wish I had time to breathe, I'm so busy at work.
I'm already late for an appointment.
Won't take long.
What is it you do, exactly? Building inspections.
Where you were when Cassie died? Yes.
You're welcome to look at my workbook, I was in Sunny Isles inspecting a new condo.
- Just a few minutes from here.
You must be pretty busy, huh? I'm booked wall-to-wall for the next few weeks.
Oh, really? I thought you and Cassie were planning a trip to the Bahamas.
How were you gonna work that in? I guess that was a little crazy.
Cassie kept pushing, I didn't want to disappoint her.
Oh, it was her idea? Yeah.
She wanted a romantic getaway.
Seems a little fast, don't you think? After a few weeks of dating.
I know it's hard for most people to understand, but we had something special.
And we both knew it.
Look, I'm really sorry, you guys.
I've got to get going.
Maybe we can pick this up later? Yeah, no.
We'll come back another time.
That would be great.
He lied to us.
About what? Jamie said that whole Bahamas thing was his idea.
A way for Cassie not to dump him.
That doesn't mean he's a killer, you know.
He just could be fucking obsessed with her.
It wouldn't hurt to look into it.
Look a little deeper into his alibi.
I'll get on that.
Feel that? What? Us, you know, working together again.
It's nice, you know? Yeah, it's a lot better than doing background checks for Elway.
I forgot how much I like it.
Uh I'm sorry.
I don't know why I did that.
Let's just pretend you didn't.
What the fuck? Sorry, we let ourselves in.
You two should talk alone.
I need a place where Hannah can stay.
And you want that to be my place? There's a federal marshal after her.
He knows she's in Miami.
He's gonna do everything he can to find her.
It's the only move I could think of.
To bring Hannah to my house? I know.
It's only for a couple of nights.
Just until I can get her out of Miami.
Please? A couple of nights, that's it.
Thank you.
You could also thank me for getting Quinn off Zach's trail.
How? Simple.
Get him to focus on the boyfriend.
Oliver Saxon.
Saxon? You think he did it? Well, he's a damn good suspect.
Quinn and I talked to him today.
If Saxon thinks the police are onto him, he'll know that I'm onto him.
You should stay away from Saxon, Deb.
He could be more dangerous than you think.
What are you talking about? I can't go into it right now, but please, just do as I ask.
I knew going back to the force would put me in a fucked up situation.
Here it is, ahead of schedule.
He's all yours.
You'll be okay here? Sure.
We'll just hang.
If Deb and Quinn did anything to spook Saxon, I have to act fast.
I'm too late.
He's already moved out.
But if this has his DNA I can check it against the hairs I found at Zach's studio.
Here you go.
Are we going to see Hannah? Hannah? Why? I saw her on TV.
They said people are looking for her.
Is she in trouble? No, she's fine.
Hannah's just popular.
You miss her? Yeah.
I liked playing with her.
She was nice.
I wish she could be my mom.
It's a match.
Saxon is Vogel's son.
He's going by the name Oliver Saxon.
He dated my neighbour until he killed her in her apartment two doors down from mine.
Do you have any idea where he is? No, he cleared out of his place.
He could be anywhere right now.
Suppose you do find him, Dexter.
What are you going to do? What do you think? I don't know how I feel about that.
He's murdered four innocent people and he killed Zach Hamilton.
He's my son.
There's nothing you can do for him.
I can try putting him back into a safe facility where he can't hurt himself or anyone else.
I'm not going to let you kill him.
I'm sorry.
You brought me into this.
I didn't know who he was then.
Try and understand, my youngest son is gone forever.
Maybe I have a second chance with Daniel.
You really believe that? You have a son.
Wouldn't you believe it? This second chance she wants could get us both killed.
For her own sake, I have to tell her what she wants to hear.
Fine, we'll do it your way.
Just Help me find him.
Is there a way to reach out to him? I don't know.
The Mama Cass song that he left playing in your apartment What about it? One of the few happy memories I have with Daniel as a boy was, every Saturday, I'd take him to the King's Bay Cafe in the marina.
There was a juke box there.
And Daniel would always play that song.
Maybe it's more than a happy memory.
Maybe it's an invitation.
King's Bay Cafe.
It's still there.
Saxon's been one step ahead of us this whole time.
We know he stole your computer files.
But how could he have known about Zach Hamilton? We met him after that.
The detailed notes you keep on your computer Yes? I think Saxon's been monitoring your laptop.
It wouldn't be hard.
You just need the right spyware.
We can use this.
Write an entry in your journal saying you're going to King's Bay Cafe tomorrow morning.
You think he'll read it and go? You said yourself he's been trying to send you a message.
He wants to see you.
I don't like deceiving Vogel, but if it's the only way to get to Saxon You had no choice, Dex.
You had to lie to her.
I just can't believe Vogel still thinks her son can be helped.
Well, it's not that crazy.
After everything he's done.
You would want to help Harrison, wouldn't you? Vogel pretty much made the same point.
She's right.
I mean, look at what your own father did to protect you.
Right or not, Saxon needs to be stopped.
I'm putting him on my table.
And how is Vogel going to feel about that? I can't worry about it now.
At least she'll be alive.
Well, you'll figure it out.
I'm glad you're here.
I wanna be able to keep being here for you, Dex.
But? But there's no life for me here in Florida, we both know it.
I can have a life somewhere else far away from here.
In Argentina.
Maybe we all can.
You and Harrison could meet me there.
We can start over.
It would be hard on Harrison, uproot his whole life.
At first, it might be, but sometimes change is a good thing.
Sometimes it can-- Yes.
Me, you, and Harrison.
We're gonna move to Argentina.
We'll make it work, Dex.
I can give my notice at Miami Metro, say I'm burnt out.
I'm taking Harrison to travel for a while.
Only Debra will know the truth.
Have you heard anything on the whereabouts of Zach Hamilton? Zach Hamilton? You made it pretty clear that we back away from him.
I just got a call from his parents.
They haven't heard from him in days.
Did they file a missing persons report? They just did.
Look, in case he does turn up, I wanna be the first to know.
I'll make sure of it.
Deb, thanks for coming in.
What's up? Welcome back to Homicide, detective.
You'll earn your way back up.
You don't know how happy this makes me.
Like the family coming together again.
We gotta celebrate.
What? It's all happening so fast.
And? Would you rather it happened slow? I just need some time to think about it.
What's to think about? Thought this is what you wanted? It is.
I mean, I thought it was.
I don't get it.
I just need a little time, you know? Take all the time you need.
Hold on to this.
I, uh, tried getting in touch with Saxon, but he's not answering his phone.
Went by his place.
He cleared out.
At least we're on the right track.
Good luck with that.
I, uh, wouldn't have gotten this far without you.
I'm glad I could help.
You cleaned.
A little.
Well, I hope I can still find shit.
I used to know where everything was.
Hungry? Are you kidding? Totally fair.
Well, I am gonna eat, and I made enough for you too.
You going back? How the fuck can I go back? My brother's a serial killer.
And I have another one hiding out in my house, eating salad.
It was stupid to think that I could go back.
Well, I know a lot about wanting things that you can't have.
I wish somewhere I'd learned to take "no" for an answer.
Would have made my life a lot easier.
But you didn't.
I'll take that one.
Well, it's just who I am.
And, uh Something tells me you might be the same way.
Maybe that's the one thing we have in common.
I can't believe I'm eating food you made.
It's not bad, though, right? No.
All right, two-minute warning, Harrison.
Swim lessons are calling.
Almost done.
Sorry about this police-protection business.
No, it's good.
I'm actually glad that they're here.
If Hannah were to stop by, poor Harrison would probably run right to her.
He's not the only one.
Dexter, hope I'm not intruding.
No, not at all.
Come in.
All right.
What can I do for you? Checking in, making sure everything's okay.
Yeah, everything's fine.
Well, good to hear.
I'm thinking the Hannah McKay threat has pretty much died down.
Oh, yeah? I mean, if she was here I'm sure she's gone.
I'll recommend we pull off your protective detail.
All right.
And what's your name? Harrison.
Is this your family? Mm-hm.
Is this your daddy? That's you, right? Mm-hm.
Now, who's the pretty lady? That's my mom.
Your mom? Hey, why don't you go grab your towel, bud.
Swim time.
Come on, let's go, little shark man.
He lost his mother when he was a baby, drawing her helps him feel closer to her.
Well, we really do need to get going.
Thanks for checking in.
All right, take care.
Hey, you got a sec? Sure.
Closing the door.
That's never a good sign.
Hannah McKay dated your brother? You didn't think to mention that to me at all? Never crossed your mind? I didn't think it was important.
What else are you not telling me? I don't know, but if I told you-- Drop the bullshit, Morgan.
What happened in the Keys? You see her? No.
I don't believe you.
You either saw her or your brother told you to lay off.
What if he did? What does it matter? I'll give you 250,000 reasons why.
But clearly we have different priorities.
My brother? We do.
After all I've done for you, I find it hard to believe you could do this.
And maybe you need to ask yourself if this is the right job for you.
And if not, why don't you get the fuck out.
Because I could use the office space for somebody that gives a shit.
Oh, Dexter.
Sorry, I know I'm early.
I'd make you coffee, but I only have tea.
That'll do.
I warn you, it's strong.
I need all the help I can get this morning.
Just so we're clear, I'm meeting up with Daniel and I'll lead him out of the cafe, where you will sedate him.
And then we'll take him to a facility.
Every time I close my eyes, I still see his face.
Now to learn that he's alive is so difficult to accept.
It is hard to believe.
But another part of me knows it's true.
And I'm going to see him.
My son.
My little boy.
He still exists.
No matter what he's done.
I thought one of Hannah's potions would be gentler than my needle.
Now Vogel will never have to face what her son has become.
Can I get a cup of coffee please? I'll bring that right over.
Here you go.
- Hey, Lucy.
- Hi.
He's played that song three times.
When is he gonna give up? I'll follow him until I find a quiet place to grab him.
For Vogel's own good, it's time I kill the messenger.
Saxon must have spotted you.
He's good at this.
He might think Vogel sent you, Dexter.
He could be going to her house right now.
You've reached Dr.
Evelyn Vogel.
I'm not available at this time.
Please leave a message.
Evelyn! You drugged me.
You have every right to be upset, but I was trying to protect you.
Where's Daniel? He got away.
That's why I'm here, to warn you.
Well, I consider myself warned.
And I think it best from here on out that I handle this myself.
It's not safe.
Or smart.
I appreciate your concern and I'm grateful for everything you've done.
But this is a family matter.
You once called yourself my spiritual mother.
Doesn't that make us family? Well, after what happened this morning, Dexter, how can I trust you? Well, trust me or not, I'm going to take care of Daniel.
Your safety and mine depend on it.
And after that, I'm on my way with Hannah.
On your way? Leaving Miami with her.
We're going away with Harrison.
That won't end well.
And you trusting Daniel, that he's not gonna hurt anyone again? How will that end? Leave this alone, Dexter.
Vogel thinks I'm unique, caught between two worlds, my humanity and my darkness.
Maybe I always will be, but I can't imagine a life without Hannah in either one.
After this morning, I won't have to.
Vogel is on her own, and so am I.
I'll kill Saxon and leave Miami forever.
So now do you believe me? Yes.
You didn't send him.
Are you hungry? How about a little breakfast? Okay Mom.