Dexter s08e11 Episode Script

Monkey in a Box

Previously on Dexter: Harrison and I are leaving Miami with Hannah.
You act like this doesn't even affect me.
You can visit.
I'll look you up the next time I'm in Argentina.
So you any closer in your search for Saxon? I wish we could just leave.
I still have feelings for you.
I used to feel like something was holding me back.
- Now? - Now, I-- I want you to help me like you helped Dexter.
- I'll find a way.
- What about Dexter? He's still after me.
I'll talk to Dexter.
You don't think he likes killing.
Let me show you how much he doesn't like killing.
No! That's Zach's head he's sawing into.
I'd like to be a part of the team on this one.
Thanks, but the Marshal Service doesn't take on partners.
Looking for a new forensic tech? - Dexter's moving on.
- Really? It just struck me as odd that he's leaving town at the same time Hannah McKay is rumoured to be here.
If Dexter were dating Hannah McKay, I would know about it.
Deputy Marshal Clayton thinks Dexter's hiding you.
Oh, God.
- What happened? - He fell and hit his chin.
It's a deep cut.
It won't stop bleeding.
Hello, Dexter.
Mother chose the wrong son.
Evelyn? Vogel warned me I've been straddling two worlds and I ignored her.
For that, she paid the price with her life.
Now I have to remove myself from her life.
I never imagined the last homicide I'd work would be one I'm now a part of.
I have to call this in.
I can't be seen leaving the scene of the crime.
The last time I was in a pool of my mother's blood I was too young to do anything about it.
But I'm no longer a child.
She didn't say why she wanted me to stop by.
The two of you were friends? Your father knew her, right? Yeah, she reached out to both Deb and me.
She was a good person.
So you pull up to the house.
- You see the door kicked in-- - And I ran in.
That's when I found her.
You moved the body? Yes.
I tried to stem the bleeding, but she was already gone.
Did you see anybody suspicious? Miller was talking to the neighbours.
One of them saw a white male in his 40s take off in a white or grey pickup.
- Which is it? - It was dark.
That's the best they could make out.
Give Miller a hand, and canvass the whole block.
Updates every half hour.
The media's gonna be all over this.
- You should go.
- No, I can help.
As much as I could use the hand a defence attorney would have a field day with a forensic tech who not only found a murder but knew the victim and then worked it.
We gotta protect the case here.
So I'll see you first thing in the morning.
Last day on the job.
Last day.
- I should-- - Go.
We got this.
All right.
Saxon may have a head start, but I intend to catch up.
Jesus, what are you doing here so early? Is Harrison with Hannah? Yeah, she's helping him get dressed in my room.
That kid wakes before the fucking sun.
You all right? Evelyn's dead.
Saxon killed her last night in front of me.
He got away.
- Fuck.
- I wanted you to hear it from me.
Miami Metro is working the case.
It's all over the news.
Jesus Christ.
You all right? - Evelyn was - I know.
If it weren't for her-- We might not have found our way back to each other.
If Saxon's out there Harrison needs to be with Jamie.
She's back at Batista's.
He'll be safe there.
Are you gonna go after Saxon? Yes.
Then I will too.
I'll call Batista.
I'll go back to work today.
She was important to me too, Dex.
You're putting yourself in the same position you've been trying to avoid.
Understand this: if I get Saxon my way, I'm not handing him over to you.
Daddy, I combed my hair.
I see that.
He insisted.
I think Jamie's gonna be really impressed.
Go grab your backpack.
- She's waiting for us at the apartment.
- I'll help you.
Don't tell her I already had a doughnut.
- What's this? - I booked our itinerary.
The three of us fly to Rio.
When we get to South America we catch a flight to Buenos Aires.
And no one can trace us.
That's still the plan, right? Yeah.
- But - What? Dr.
Vogel's dead.
Saxon killed her.
Oh, God.
I'm so sorry.
This doesn't change anything for us but I need to make sure it's taken care of before we leave.
You think you can take care of it that fast? Yes.
Two days left in Miami.
Two days to find Saxon.
Two days until I start a new life with Hannah.
Good news.
I already have five people coming by to see your place today.
That was fast.
Market's coming back.
And with a location like yours I wouldn't be surprised if we end up with five offers.
I really appreciate you taking the listing on such short notice, Syl.
I was happy to get the call.
Oh, Harrison's gotten so big.
So why the sudden move? Too many memories.
I understand.
After Miguel I downsized.
Focused on the kids.
Oh, make that six people coming by.
I should take this.
You put monkey in a box.
Oh, sorry about that.
God, seeing your place all boxed up is making this so real.
You guys are really going.
Harrison is gonna miss you.
Monkey's gonna miss you too.
Hey, why don't you take Harrison overnight? Deb's place is so cramped, and people are gonna be in and out of here.
And that way, you can-- Hug my favourite person in the whole wide world all night long! Stop! All right.
- This one.
- This one, oh.
Oh, yeah.
Looks pretty.
I'd like to get her inland before Laura hits.
- Laura? - Tropical Storm Laura.
They say she'll make landfall in a few days.
She's a 2001 Century 2901 centre console.
I had this custom rail put in.
New paint.
Has a radar, GPS, fish-finder, autopilot emergency life raft.
And I had these twin Yamaha 250 four-stroke motors put in.
They got just over 400 hours and when you open them up and you're out there There's nothing like it.
Hoping she'd have a bigger beer cooler.
Well, maybe she's not the boat for you.
Saxon moves from city to city but his job never changes.
He inspects buildings.
It's a place to start.
- Good morning.
- Easy for you to say.
You didn't spend the night scouring Vogel's place with nothing to show for it except a big goose egg.
Nothing? See for yourself.
No prints, no trace.
Oh, man, I could go for some hookers and some blow right now.
But since this isn't the '90s, caffeine it is.
- Want anything? - No, I'm good.
This hospital, closed for years.
Saxon issued a demolition permit, but it's still standing.
The perfect place to cut into your victims' skulls.
Hey, Dexter, Quinn is looking for you.
- Because? - Oh, yeah.
The swab thing in the interrogation room.
Dex, come in.
Hi, Dexter.
He came in to clear his name on the Cassie case.
I see.
I had no idea I was a suspect.
We got to your apartment, and it was totally cleaned out.
You can appreciate how that looks.
I couldn't stay at my old place.
I spent so much time there with Cassie.
Everywhere I looked, something reminded me of her.
You can understand that.
You knew Cassie.
She was a great person.
Yes, she was.
For a while I was even thinking of leaving Miami.
But my business is here my friends, family.
When I heard there was an alert out for me, I I couldn't believe it.
I thought we already resolved this.
We appreciate you coming in.
Like you said, I just wanna clear my name.
This will help towards that.
What's this? - DNA sample.
- Is that really necessary? - You said you wanted to cooperate.
- Open.
We're done here for now.
Hey, you plan on any more moves-- - I'll be sure to let you know.
- Good.
Saxon was just here, trying to clear his name for Cassie's murder.
He had an answer for everything Quinn threw at him.
Well, he's got balls, I'll give him that.
Masuka find anything to tie him to Vogel's crime scene? He came up empty, but What? - Saxon agreed to a standard.
- Well, so what? It's not gonna tie him to Cassie's murder.
But it'll give us a matri-fucking-lineal match to his mother.
Yeah, suddenly he's no longer Oliver Saxon.
He's Daniel Vogel, Dr.
Vogel's psychopathic son who died in a fire at a psychiatric hospital.
Let him try to explain that away with my boot up his ass.
Let me ask you a question.
Why are you helping us get Saxon? Don't you want him for yourself? I just want him taken care of.
Well, that's new coming from you.
I'm gonna go get started on this.
I'm gonna go find some pens.
Your Thin Mints are in the bottom drawer.
It takes supply requisition like a week to come through, so - Right.
- You mind? By all means, go ahead.
What the fuck is this? I kept it around just in case I decided to marry somebody else from work.
You've had this in here the whole time? Keep my stapler away from Soderquist.
Guy's a fucking klepto.
Is this old hospital Saxon's private sanatorium? Saxon's kill room.
Zach died here.
And who knows how many others? Doesn't look like Saxon's been living here.
But he'll be back.
This is clearly a special place for him.
You can stake out the building, wait for him.
I don't have time to wait.
Hannah and I don't have time to wait.
- I want him dead.
- By your hand.
Anyone's hand, as long as he's dead.
That doesn't sound like the old Dexter.
Maybe I'm not the old Dexter.
Everything Saxon downloaded about me from Vogel's computer is on this.
He recorded all his kills.
They're all here.
But you still don't know where he is.
Maybe this is exactly what I need.
I can bring him to me.
You calling it quits soon? Yeah, I will soon.
I just wanna get up to speed on a couple things.
Going to Dr.
Vogel's memorial tomorrow? I know she helped you get through a lot.
- Yeah, I'll be there.
- Need a ride, let me know.
Swung by Elway's.
He said you were back on the force.
It's my first day back.
I'm kind of swamped.
What can I help you with, deputy marshal? I was hoping you could clear something up for me.
- I'm just following up on a lead.
- Shoot.
A blond woman matching Hannah McKay's description walked into urgent care with a young boy named Harrison Morgan said she was his mother.
The weird part is she gave your name and address.
My nephew's been staying with me since Dexter put his condo on the market.
He busted his chin, and I took him in to get him stitched up.
So you took him to urgent care? I told the woman at the desk I was his aunt, but maybe she didn't hear me.
Still, she looked at my photo of Hannah McKay and swore that's who brought him in.
Then she needs to get her fucking eyes checked because I haven't been blond since a very bad freshman year.
Right, okay.
Well, look, you know what it's like.
I gotta check out all the leads, even the crazy ones, right? Sure.
All right, welcome back, detective.
I'll be in touch.
I'll be here.
Not much turnout.
I guess she didn't have many family or friends.
Yeah, just the son who slit her throat.
Think Saxon's watching? I would be.
Thank you, everyone, for coming.
I know most of you didn't know Evelyn very well, but - It was a nice service.
- Yeah.
It's important to remember those no longer with us.
Now, who wants a drink? Christ.
I'll be right back.
You know they're really gonna miss you, right? I know.
Maybe you should go in there and pretend you're gonna miss them too.
It's your last day, you know? It's no longer pretend.
Well, gain a Morgan, lose a Morgan.
Harry would have been proud of the two of you.
Thank you, sir.
I want you to know both of you have been like family to me.
And, Dexter, if you ever need anything or decide you wanna come back this will always be your home.
I appreciate that.
So let me buy you another round.
- I should probably get going.
- Oh, nonsense.
For the next six hours, you're still working for me.
You're not going anywhere.
That's an order.
Come on.
Okay, missy, what's your poison? I'll have a Diet Coke.
A beer for me.
Well, that's a little tame.
Really? Are you gonna go there? Well, if you put it that way, no.
Okay, you were all up in my shit about a bong rip but I don't know if you've noticed, but we're in a bar.
Look, I'm sorry about the whole pot thing.
You know, this whole father-daughter thing is still kind of new, you know? Yeah, I know.
It's cool.
Everybody's really excited about your sister being back on the force.
Yeah, she told me that you two might be back in each other's lives.
You okay with that? Deb likes you, and with me gone I don't want her to be alone.
I want her to be with someone who makes her happy.
That's all I ever wanted to do.
I'm okay with that.
I gotta take this.
- Hey, Syl, what's up? - Dex, I'm so glad I caught you.
I know it's last-minute but I've got somebody who wants to see the place wants to meet the seller, and he's ready to make an offer, cash.
- Give me half an hour.
- Perfect.
You remember the first case we worked? Husband, wife, lots of blood.
I'd never seen anything like it.
The strings.
The look on your face.
You were like a pig in shit.
Thanks, I think.
Not sure what this place is gonna be like without you.
You're a good friend, Angel.
I'm glad to hear you say that.
So you'll forgive me for this.
All right, everybody! Everybody, come on, gather around.
Gather around.
I know that this is a solemn occasion.
But since somebody didn't let me throw him a party let's let this be it.
Dexter Morgan may be leaving the Miami Metro familia but he will always be right here in our hearts.
To Dexter.
We wish you and Harrison luck in whatever comes next.
- To Dexter.
- To Dexter.
Thank you.
Thank you.
I'll miss you guys too.
This is Oliver Saxon.
He responded to the listing and was hoping to take a look at the place.
- Pleasure.
- Likewise.
You'll have to excuse the mess.
No problem.
They say moving's one of the big causes of stress.
Almost as much as divorce.
And death.
Why don't you follow me? So it's a one bedroom, one bathroom, but it has an attached-- Would you mind if Dexter showed me? I like to hear directly from the owner.
No sales pitch.
I have a few phone calls to return.
I'll be outside.
I always did like this place.
You have the same view Cassie did.
What are you doing here? I have a proposal.
Figured the safest way to deliver it was to bring a referee.
I'm listening.
We walk away.
- Walk away? - Both of us.
From each other.
Go our separate paths, live our separate lives.
I forget about you.
You forget about me.
You went out of your way to kill your mother in front of me and you just expect me to forget? May have been a little bit over-the-top but I was only trying to make a point.
I missed the point.
It was a test to see if, given the chance she would finally choose me.
Well, we both know how that turned out.
Yeah, so naturally, you had to cut her throat.
You know what it's like.
The kill.
It can be cathartic.
And it was.
That's why I'm giving you a choice.
Go on with your life, or come after me.
But choose poorly, like Mom and you will lose.
You seem pretty sure of yourself.
You have a lot more to lose than I do.
You've created the perfect cover life.
Cute little son, your sister.
Stepkids even.
And now you have a girlfriend.
It's Hannah, right? They're not a cover.
They're real to me.
Something Saxon can't understand.
All very lovely.
And all very easy to remove from your life.
I mean, you've already had one wife murdered.
That must be an interesting story.
But it's gonna put you in a very awkward position if everyone else starts disappearing from your life.
The choice is yours.
Yeah, I think I can live with that.
I'll let Mrs.
Prado know I've put an offer on the table.
He wants me to walk away without realising he's just reminded me why I can't.
So, what's so urgent? I've got a line on Hannah McKay, but I'm gonna need your help reeling her in.
- I thought you didn't want my help.
- Been looking at the wrong Morgan.
I think your former employee has her holed up in her place.
Deb is no fan of Hannah McKay.
Yeah, but you said she'd do anything for her brother.
Helping McKay is helping him.
I just need you to talk to her, take a look around.
Look, Deb and I didn't exactly part on the best of terms.
If you're still interested in that reward I suggest you find a way to patch things up with her.
Just trying to make our last few days in Miami special, you know? I hope you like dolmas.
I'm just trying to keep myself busy.
You should go on one of those cooking shows.
The competition ones.
You'd win.
Oh, I'd make sure that I did.
- It's Elway.
- Bedroom.
What's up, Elway? Security left a couple of your personal items back in the office.
Just a couple pictures and a hat.
You didn't have to bring them over here.
I could've picked them up.
Well, I actually wanted to talk to you.
- May I? - Actually, now is not a very good time.
It'll just take a minute.
I wanted to apologise about the way I behaved when you left.
Don't worry about it.
No, no, I was a real asshole.
I let my ego get the best of me, and I don't want to leave it like that.
I-- Well, I want us to be friends, you know? Great.
Well, then we're good.
Now you're back on the force.
Maybe you and I can do each other the occasional favour.
Yeah, we'll keep in touch.
You-- You expecting company? I sure am, and I actually need to get ready.
So I guess the police department is paying better than I remember.
Hey, Elway, I really appreciate that apology, but I've got a lot of shit to do.
Could you kindly get the fuck out of my house? Yeah.
- He's gone, but he's onto you.
- Oh, shit.
The deputy marshal won't be far behind.
You've gotta move fast.
Hello? Dex, we have a problem.
Elway was just here.
- Elway? - He was dropping by to talk with Deb but she's sure he was looking for me.
She thinks that he knows that I'm here.
Stay there.
I tried to get an earlier flight, but it's booked because of the storm.
I'm getting out of here right now.
She's gonna stay at a hotel near the airport until your flight.
- Saxon came to my apartment.
- What? Why the fuck didn't you call me? It happened very fast.
He said he wanted to offer me a truce.
- A truce? - Really it was just a veiled threat.
He threatened you, Harrison, Astor and Cody, and you.
I can handle whatever he throws at me.
- You should go with Hannah.
- Yes.
I deposited my money into an offshore account.
We can access it immediately.
The storm coming is gonna ground all the flights.
- Saxon isn't gonna follow us.
- What if he does? I get it.
I get that this is something you feel like you have to do - this is who you are-- - It's not who I wanna be.
I have to do this first.
There's no other way.
I will be there.
I guess this is goodbye.
For now.
I can't not see my brother and my nephew.
Now you're a part of that package.
Well, not anything I ever saw coming.
For what it's worth, I think Dexter's making a mistake going after Saxon.
I think he should be here with you now.
Have you ever known him to be able to walk away from something once he's started it? That's life with Dexter.
That's who he is.
It's like having a whole other person in the relationship.
I must really love this man.
Me too.
Even when I don't want to.
Take care of them.
Yeah, I will.
Saxon wants to make Miami his home.
Little does he know how hot the summers can get.
And once everyone sees the footage of him as the Brain Surgeon the heat will be unbearable.
You know, he's not just gonna walk away from that.
I'm drawing him to me.
So I guess you're not gonna accept his offer.
Did you believe him, that he's willing to disengage? You clearly don't.
He came into my house and threatened my family.
Now you're sounding like the old Dexter again.
No, this is a different kind of kill.
Dead is dead, Dex.
It didn't used to matter who was on my table as long as someone was, but now-- It's personal.
It's been personal for a long time.
And that need you used to feel? It's still there, somewhere.
But since Hannah came into my life it's lessened.
What I need is her.
So when you get to Argentina, what happens? I don't know.
But I can't wait to find out.
Dad said you were waiting for this DNA stuff? Tell your dad thanks.
It's so weird Masuka's your father.
Weird awesome.
You're not gonna fucking believe this.
Saxon is related to Vogel.
He's her son.
You're kidding me.
I thought all her family was dead.
You think this fucker killed his mother along with Cassie? What are you doing here? Starving.
Saxon's DNA came back, so they put out a warrant for his arrest.
Miami Metro knows that Saxon is Vogel's son and Elway and Clayton have no idea where Hannah is.
This is your last night in Miami, and we are having dinner together.
Even though you've already packed up your kitchen.
You wanna help me find a plate and some pans? - I'm really not hungry.
- The next time we do this it's gonna be fucking tacos and tequila.
Or whatever the fuck they eat in Argentina.
Yeah, it'll probably be steaks.
It's Argentina, not Mexico.
Deb, you shouldn't be here.
Do you remember where you put the pans? Listen to me.
You can't be here.
Why? - What the fuck is going on? - I'm expecting company.
Just leave him to me.
And I mean leave.
After everything you've been through, I don't want-- Listen to me.
Nothing, and I mean nothing is gonna stand in the way of me having one more night with my brother.
Now, are you gonna help me find that fucking skillet or what? This place has been wiped clean.
Almost clean.
Look at this.
The last site someone visited on this computer was for an Aero Sudamerica.
Any specific details? Did she book a flight? If she did, it's not here.
But I'll tell you what I can do.
Access manifests for flights in the next few days cross-check those names with passport photos.
- Not exactly legal.
- Are you saying don't do it? I'm not saying anything.
While you do whatever you're gonna do I'm gonna tail the Morgans, see if they'll lead me to her.
Done and done.
How are Astor and Cody doing with the move? They're better now that I told them they could come down for Christmas and that Astor could have my SUV.
You think you could drive it up to her? She asked about you.
Yeah, as soon as the storm passes.
They're saying it might turn into a hurricane.
It's one of the few things I won't miss about Florida.
God, this is such a mindfuck.
After tomorrow, you're not gonna be here.
What the fuck does that look like? We both start over.
Is that even possible? Yeah, I think so.
Don't you? It's just every fucked up-- Every time I've been a complete mess, you've been there for me.
Even when it was your fault that I was fucked up you've never given up on me.
So if I can't make this work going back to being a cop again, then who the fuck is gonna help me pick up the pieces of that? You're not that person anymore.
You're stronger than that.
You're stronger than I'll ever be.
I'm not.
Deb, Dad and Vogel gave me the code so I'd know the right thing to do, but you've always just known.
It's the compass I always wished I had.
And as long as you listen to that you won't need me.
You'll be fine.
But don't ever think that it was the code that made you a good brother.
There's a human being in there.
There always has been.
Even if you can't see it.
Miami Metro is seeking the public's help in locating a local man, Oliver Saxon in connection with a string of grisly recordings that were recently obtained by Channel 8 News.
Miami-- Did you help them recently obtain that footage? I needed him to be a wanted man and force his hand.
If he wants to take a last stab at me, now he has to do it tonight.
Which I why I need you to get out of here, Deb.
Bringing him in for questioning is still the department's top priority.
Miami Metro is seeking the public's help in locating a suspect, Oliver Saxon in connection with a string of gruesome videos.
The footage we received from this anonymous source details the extreme nature of the murders, allegedly committed by-- Fucking Dexter.
Freeze, motherfucker.
I'll take it from here.
Thanks, Deb.
Welcome home.
I guess this means you've decided against the truce.
Yeah, I'm afraid so.
It's your own fault.
You should've walked away, left Miami when you could.
I like this place.
Miami's a great city.
I love the Cuban food.
Nice weather.
Murder solve rate at about 20 percent.
I understand.
There was a time I wasn't willing to leave either.
I didn't wanna give up anything.
Sounds like something's changed.
It has.
Your girlfriend? Yeah, that's part of it.
I've never been good at relationships.
Longest was a couple of weeks and she was chained to my radiator - so I guess that doesn't much count.
- Not really, no.
Too much anger towards women, I suppose.
I can thank my mother for that.
No, that's all on you.
Well, I wish you luck.
Hope you don't stab her in the heart while she sleeps.
No, Oliver, I like her.
I love her.
I think about her all the time.
I'm thinking about her right now.
How I'd rather be with her than here with you.
What? This is usually my favourite moment the kill.
The moment before the kill, the kill itself the moment right after.
But now I don't even wanna be here.
I'm feeling a much stronger pull.
I don't need to kill you.
Then don't.
Walk away.
I will.
I guess I'll live to see another day.
Oh, no, you're still gonna die.
Just gonna be in the electric chair.
Hey, Deb, change of plans.
Saxon's in here.
Arrest him.
Take him in.
Arrest him? He's still alive? Say you were looking into the buildings he was inspecting.
You subdued him.
You'll be the hero of Miami Metro.
I guess I fucking will.
What about your knives? I've got a plane to catch.
Do you want me to send them to you? Leave them as evidence.
Say you found them in the cabinet.
- People will think they're Saxon's.
- Let them.
Give him even more credit than he deserves.
Once I get settled, I'm gonna figure out a way to get in touch.
- Dexter-- - My car, I'll leave it at the airport.
- Dexter.
- And-- What? You could at least fucking hug me.
This is just for right now.
It's not forever.
I know that, fuckface.
Go get on a plane.
I will.
Are you sure about this, Dexter? I am.
I never thought this day would come.
You don't need me anymore.
This is Debra Morgan requesting backup at the Rendell Psychiatric Hospital in Allapattah.
What the fuck is going on here? Help me, please! I was abducted by the man who was just here.
- Did you see him? - I didn't see anybody.
Get me out of here, please, before he comes back.
I thought I was gonna die.
Thank God you came here.
Don't move.
This is Detective Debra Morgan.
I've been shot.
Please send help.
I used to live my life at night.
In the shadow of my dark passenger.
I lived in shadows for so long until the dark became my world.
But over time, the people in my life flipped on a light.
At first I was blinded, it was so bright.
But over the years, my eyes adjusted and I could see.
And now what's in focus is my future.
Brighter than it's ever been.