Dexter s08e12 Episode Script

Remember the Monsters?

Previously on Dexter: You can't kill me.
Why? Because I don't fit Harry's code.
Trust me when I say that there's a place in this world for your son.
You're perfect.
How can you still say that when you know what I've done to Deb? I shot the wrong person in that trailer.
Why did you save me? Why didn't you let me drown? I couldn't imagine my life without you in it.
I'm glad that you have managed to find your way back to each other.
The family that kills together Zach's killer is related to you.
The Brain Surgeon is related to you.
He's going by the name Oliver Saxon.
What are you going to do? What do you think? He's my son.
I still have feelings for you.
No, I just-- Remember me? Where do you think you'll go? I haven't decided.
Me, you and Harrison are gonna move to Argentina.
I've got a line on Hannah McKay, but I'm gonna need help reeling her in.
He's onto you.
Move fast.
I tried to get an earlier flight, but it's booked solid.
I have a proposal.
We walk away.
You kill your mother in front of me, and you just expect me to forget? Evelyn? This is usually my favourite moment, the kill.
Now I don't even wanna be here.
Hey, Deb, change of plans.
Go get on a plane.
Last site someone visited on this computer was Aero Sudamerica.
I'm gonna tail the Morgans, see if they'll lead me to her.
What the fuck is going on here? Help me, please.
Unh! Don't move.
I used to live my life at night, in the shadow of my dark passenger.
But over the years, my eyes adjusted, and I could see.
And now what's in focus is my future.
Brighter than it's ever been.
This is Detective Debra Morgan.
I've been shot.
Are we almost there? It's, uh, Gate 209.
Just a couple more.
I want some Oreos.
There'll be food on the plane.
Come on, you promised to help me count.
Two hundred ten.
There you go.
I always thought if I ever left Miami, I'd be running for my life, not running towards a new one.
Two hundred and eleven.
Ladies and gentlemen, we'll begin boarding Flight 691 to Rio de Janeiro in a few moments.
We ask that you have your tickets and passports ready for the attendant.
Where's Hannah? Hannah? Hey, where are you? I'm at the gate.
Where are you? I'm in the ladies' room.
Elway is in the boarding area.
Come here, buddy.
Attention, passengers: We will begin pre-boarding for Aero Sudamerica Flight 691 to Rio de Janeiro.
He didn't see me.
Did he see you? I don't think so.
He's got a clear view of the Jetway.
He must have bought a ticket.
We won't be able to board without being spotted.
And he's right between you and the exit.
Dex, I just heard them.
Our plane is boarding right now.
Stay where you are.
I'll call you back.
You want some Oreos? Yay! Come on.
Why don't you grab something for the flight? Nothing too big.
The storm is coming fast.
We'll now be boarding all passengers in business class.
All passengers in business class, please make your way toward the gate.
Hey, excuse me.
I have, uh, tickets on this flight.
I'm a forensic analyst, Miami Metro.
Yes? I don't wanna tell you how to do your job, but I just saw a guy drop that bag under that chair and then just walk away.
I thought he forgot it, but it really looked like he left it there on purpose.
Did you see where he went? Yeah, he's right over there, on the phone.
I know it's probably nothing, but like they say: "If you see something, say something.
" Thanks.
Security, this is Casey at Gate 211.
There's a Caucasian male who just came in with a backpack Deputy marshal, it's Elway again.
I'm still at the airport.
I still think Hannah McKay's trying to leave the country.
Call me as soon as you can.
Thank you.
Airport security.
Need you to come with us, please.
What? What happened? Just gotta ask you a few questions.
What is this about? I'll miss my flight.
Sir, I need you to do what I ask.
This way.
You gotta be fucking kidding me.
Hey, the coast is clear.
Elway's gone.
Due to a security concern Let's go see Hannah.
it is necessary at this time for all passengers to exit the boarding area Clear this area right now.
What did you do? Put Elway on the no-fly list.
Unfortunately, now we're not flying either.
Come on, bud.
All right, let's move her.
Stabbed in the heart.
Pretty quick.
His gun is missing too.
We can assume Saxon still has it.
I'm calling your brother.
No, he's leaving with Harrison.
If you tell him, he'll stay.
Deb-- I swear to God, I'm not getting on that ambulance if you call.
Can I ride with you to the hospital? No problem.
Do not argue with me.
I'm in the ambulance.
You're such a fucking asshole.
Yeah, he signed it.
I'll meet you at the hospital.
I'm right behind you.
Miami Central, this is Rescue 6 for transport You're all right.
Hurts like a motherfucker.
Ohh You know, I really hate getting shot.
You need to stop that.
I really thought that was it.
I thought I was gonna die, heh.
You're gonna live forever.
I thought maybe I was getting what I deserved.
What you deserve? Why would you think that? I've done shit I'm not proud of.
Stuff I can't take back.
Think I haven't done shit I'm not proud of? No.
It's not the same.
I know.
You went through a bad time.
But I fucked up too, Deb.
A lot.
But I think we get to make up for it, you know? How? You do enough good in the world, it sort of cancels out the bad.
I think I would need to save a busload of nuns or something.
You're a good person.
A lot better than most.
Now that you're back on the force, you're gonna have a million chances to do good.
Maybe even save that busload of nuns.
If they're like the ones I had in school, let them go.
Come here.
I'm gonna be right here, okay? We both are.
Her vitals are stable.
Let's get her into surgery.
I love you, Joey.
What's that? So? She's on her way to surgery now.
She took one in the gut.
We don't know how bad it is yet.
Where's Dexter? Deb asked us not to call him.
She what? He's on a trip with Harrison.
She didn't wanna worry him.
But he's gotta know.
Damn right he's gotta know.
Due to a possible security concern, we are evacuating the terminal.
It's Matthews.
Hello? Dexter, Saxon escaped after shooting Debra.
Well, thank you for telling me.
I'll be right there.
What's wrong? It's Debra.
What? Come on, bud.
Saxon shot her and got away.
Is she okay? She's in the hospital getting ready to go into surgery.
Is Aunt Deb sick? Just a little.
But the doctors are fixing her up right now.
You need to go to her.
I'll take you back to the hotel.
We should fly into a different country.
They're only gonna hold Elway so long.
He's gonna hit all the flights to Rio.
There may not be more flights.
I heard they were gonna close the airport to wait out the storm.
Leave from another city.
See what you can find online.
What about you? I'll join you when I can.
But-- Don't worry.
We'll make this work.
One bag of ice and one gallon of water.
- Can I get one more? - Only one bag.
Hi, Jamie.
Hey, Harrison.
So tell me all about your adventures How is she? Still in surgery.
Yeah, we weren't able to speak to the doctor before she went in.
Your sister's tough.
Just like your old man was.
Yeah, Dex.
She's gonna pull through.
Due to severe weather This is Deputy U.
Marshal Clayton.
Please leave your name and number.
Clayton, it's Elway.
I don't know where you are, but I'll tell you this: McKay's still in town.
With the flights cancelled, I'm sure she's looking for another way out.
I put the word out to my contacts, and with what I pay these people, if she walks through a hotel, a car-rental agency, a bus, I'm gonna hear about that shit.
All right.
I'll try you at your field office, see if I can get you there.
Marshals Service.
How may I direct your call? Yeah, this is Jacob Elway.
I've been working with Deputy Marshal Clayton.
I've been trying like hell-- I guess you haven't heard the news.
What? Clayton was involved in a shooting.
I'm afraid he was killed in the line of duty.
Why aren't you in Argentina? Why do you think? I told them not to call you.
Well, I'm glad they did.
How come we never went hiking when we were kids? Hiking? Climbing mountains.
I don't know.
Because it's hard to find a mountain in Florida? There are mountains in South America.
All over the place.
Why are you looking at me like that? Or is that just your face? I should never have left Saxon alive.
It's not your fault.
Clayton fucked everything up.
Bad luck.
No, it's more than that.
Ever since you found out who I am I've screwed up your life, Deb.
It's not yours to screw up, Dexter.
I am responsible for my life.
Do you hear me? I don't want you to feel guilty about this.
I don't want you to feel guilty about anything.
You hear me? You were meant to be happy, so you need to go fucking be happy.
Hello there.
I'm Debra's brother.
Oh, nice to meet you.
Okay, I'm just gonna check your stomach.
So how are you feeling otherwise? I wanna go hiking.
I wouldn't recommend that for at least a few hours.
How is she? That bullet bounced around quite a bit.
But it missed hitting anything important.
You are very lucky.
So she's gonna be all right? There is a lot of recovery time ahead.
But I'd say we're looking pretty good.
I'm optimistic.
Thank you.
I bet Hannah loves Argentina.
Pretty blond, lots of attention.
Just her thing.
Hannah didn't make the flight.
Elway was there, and we had to lose him.
That's my fault, Dex.
I put him on her.
That rat-face fuck.
I'm sorry.
No, don't start blaming yourself.
Coming from Mr.
"I screwed up your life, Deb.
" I need to find another way for Hannah to get out of the country.
I'm thinking of sending Harrison with her now and meeting up with them after you get out and Saxon is taken care of.
You heard the doctor.
I'm fine.
You should go.
We'll get Saxon.
Dex, we'll get him.
Your life is waiting on you.
You should leave.
Deb The next word I wanna hear you say is "goodbye.
" Say it already, or I'll crawl out of this bed and kick your fucking ass.
I'll see you soon.
How's Aunt Deb? Can I see her? Oh, she needs to rest.
But she's gonna come visit us real soon.
Hey, did you know that this is the hospital where you were born? Really? Yeah.
Right down there.
It was the first time I saw you.
I was with Aunt Deb.
Holy fucking shit.
There's another Morgan now.
You're a father.
Yeah, and you're an aunt.
Did you and Rita land on a name yet? Harrison.
Dad would love that.
I wanna hold him.
Which one is yours? I, um That's your son.
Do you wanna hold him? Yeah, I wanna hold him.
He's sleeping.
Let him sleep.
He has his whole fucking life to sleep.
He's so small.
Don't worry.
He'll grow.
How does it feel to be a father? I have no idea.
Everything's gonna be different now.
I know.
Hey, thanks for your call.
No problem.
How's Debra? The doctor's optimistic.
That's good to hear.
Dexter, if there's anything I can do Well, I'm probably being paranoid, but Saxon is still out there.
Think you could put a couple unis on her room? I'm already on it.
No problem.
Hey, I just heard about Deb.
What happened? Uh, it's a long story.
I don't really have time to go into it.
In a hurry to get back to Hannah McKay? I don't know what you're talking about.
That's why Clayton was following Deb.
Figured she was helping you and Hannah leave the country.
You're partially responsible for his death.
Just stay away from me.
Storm's coming, buddy.
And it's gonna be real hard to find a way out.
Don't go down with her, Dexter.
Son of a bitch.
The National Hurricane Centre is reporting that Laura is now just east of Cuba with sustained winds topping 100 miles per hour.
If it keeps on this current course, it could hit the Keys by sundown.
It's okay.
Hurricane Laura shows no signs of slowing down.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Hey, we're closed.
Only reason I'm here is to keep the animals calm to-- Stitch me up.
Okay, I'll do whatever you need.
Miami's entire coast is being evacuated, so we can use the craziness to get out of here without being spotted.
They're lining up evacuation buses.
The bus? The highways are parking lots.
Buses have their own lanes.
We can take one all the way up to Jacksonville and fly out from there.
We'd better leave for the bus station soon if we're gonna make it on time.
What is it? Nothing.
It's a good plan.
You're still worried about Deb, aren't you? The doctor said she's out of danger.
Hey, we can, uh We can stick around, you know, ride out the storm here.
It's not safe with Elway on the hunt.
You need to get out of here, the faster the better.
Well, I could leave now and you could meet me there.
I could even take Harrison with me.
Or I could, um, go alone.
I have no problem with you taking Harrison.
I'd be happy to know that he's with you.
It's that I don't wanna lose you again.
Even if it's just for a couple of days.
--as well as Cuba and Grand Cayman Island.
We're staying with you through the morning and into the night Hurry up.
Tropical Storm Laura is picking up speed Almost finished.
One more stitch.
The storm is threatening the coast sometime in the next few days, according to the National Hurricane Centre.
Many local residents are already preparing for the storm.
As the storm comes in, it's important that people stay in their homes and off the highways.
There's going to be a lot of wind and rain.
It's going to be over the next few Please.
Just go.
I won't say anything to anyone.
--for this special report about one of Miami's finest, Debra Morgan.
That's her.
I'm here at Miami Central Hospital, where a detective with Miami Metro is recovering from surgery after having been shot.
We have learned that a deputy marshal died on the scene.
The suspect, Oliver Saxon, is still at large, and may have carjacked a blue pickup truck.
If you have any information about Get your car keys.
We're taking a drive.
Can't you just let me go? Do what I said, and you won't get hurt.
Mockingbird Bus 24 from Miami to Tallahassee All right, keep it moving.
No pushing.
WOMAN Oh, no, it's okay.
Come here.
All right, everyone, please keep moving the line.
It's Saxon.
He's still out there.
I can't leave until he's caught, until Debra is safe.
I'm sorry.
You need to get back in line.
It's okay.
I understand.
Take Harrison.
I'll meet you down there.
You sure? Yeah.
He'll be safer with you.
Take this.
It's just water, snacks.
A few essentials.
Call me from the airport as soon as you know that you made your flight.
I will.
No one will be allowed to board without a ticket.
Harrison, you're gonna leave with Hannah.
You're not coming with us? No, of course I am.
I just forgot a few things I need to take care of.
As soon as I do, I'll meet you there, I promise.
I'm gonna miss you.
It's just for a little while.
It'll be fun.
We're all going to this cool place, and you're gonna get there first, okay? Now, I want you to mind Hannah.
You do what she says.
You know what, Daddy? What? I love Hannah.
So do I.
I'll see you in Buenos Aires.
We'll be waiting.
This is the final boarding call for Mockingbird Bus 24 to Tallahassee.
Come on, Harrison.
I'll check on Deb, and then I'll deal with Saxon.
This is the hospital.
I've done everything you've asked.
I just wanna go home.
So this is it.
I promise, I won't say a word to anyone.
No, I know.
We need a doctor over here! Let me get that.
He's choking.
I need a suction canister.
Right away.
- Doctor? - Jesus.
His tongue, it's been cut out.
Let's get him to the OR.
My God, why would anyone cut his tongue out? All eyes on the victim.
The perfect distraction.
In order to conserve power, the south wing has been closed.
At this time, we ask all visitors to make their way towards the exit in the north wing.
All surgical staff are to report to their current assignments.
Drop it.
Drop it.
We got this, Dex.
Quinn? Dex, I Where's Deb? I don't know.
Something went wrong.
There was a problem, and they rushed her to the ICU.
What happened? They're working on her now.
Um She stopped breathing.
Morgan, I'm afraid I don't have good news.
There were complications.
What kind of complications? We think a clot formed during surgery that triggered a major stroke.
Debra's brain was deprived of oxygen for a period of time.
What do you mean? You said she was gonna be fine.
I had hoped so.
I'm very sorry.
Is she going to recover? It's possible that she could breathe on her own, but she won't be able to eat without a feeding tube, and according to the brain scans, she won't be able to think, reason, or even know that you're there.
Now, we've intubated her, and I've lowered her body temperature so that we can preserve as much brain function as possible.
You don't know Deb.
She'll-- She'll pull through this.
You hear about miracles all the time.
Well, that's just it, I'm afraid.
It would be a miracle.
I've never seen a miracle.
Hello, Harrison.
He's so fucking small.
I'll have to watch what I say around you, little man.
Don't you wanna hold your son? You won't break him.
Talk to him.
Hello, Harrison.
See? He knows you.
I don't know how to do this.
Just keep his head up.
No, I mean everything.
How to be a father, how to take care of him.
You'll be great.
How do you know? Because you've always taken care of me.
I have? Ever since we were little.
Don't you remember the monsters? Uh, no.
Every time Mom turned off the lights, they'd be running all over the walls.
I couldn't fucking go to sleep.
I thought they were gonna eat me or something.
I don't remember.
They were the shadows.
You came in and explained it in your dorky little voice.
"Oh, it's just the absence of light, Deb.
" Heh.
I don't even know why I remember that, but I do.
And even then, you stayed in my room and slept on the floor by my bed.
You made me feel so fucking safe.
You were always taking care of me.
You're gonna be a great father, because you've always been a great big brother.
You really believe that? With all my heart.
You were so wrong, Deb.
Tell me about Argentina.
Well, uh, they have their own special kind of cowboys.
They're called gauchos.
Maybe you'll get to meet one.
You know what else they have? Penguins.
I like penguins.
They're not just in a zoo.
They're wild ones, kind of roaming around because Argentina is close to the South Pole, which is where Santa Claus has his summer home, and And because he's on vacation, he's always in a good mood, so he says yes to everything.
Who knew you'd be so good with kids, huh? How did you find me? One of my contacts finally came through.
Look, let's be civil about this, all right? No need to upset Harrison.
All right, please take your seats.
We're pulling out now.
Next stop, Daytona.
So this is what's gonna happen.
We're gonna sit here quietly until we get to Daytona.
Then we're gonna very calmly get off the bus.
I'm gonna drive us to the marshals field office, turn you in and hand Harrison over to Child Protective Services.
And I'm gonna collect what's turning out to be a very hard-earned reward.
Dex, we're gonna nail this asshole to the wall, I promise you.
For Deb.
Oliver Saxon.
Or would you prefer to be called by your given name, Daniel Vogel? You know, there are several ways we can do this.
Given that we have footage of you killing other people, it would be in your best interest to cooperate.
It's up to my lawyer how cooperative I am.
Are you sure? Because if you have any hope of staying out of the electric chair, you should probably start talking.
Just fucking admit it.
You killed Cassie, you killed Clayton, and you shot Deb.
How did you hurt your arm? This? It's just a scratch.
Deb's a good shot.
Who's Deb? Fuck you! You fucking shot her! And you left her there to die! Just like you killed your mother and left her to die, you fucking piece of shit! Quinn.
I'd like to, uh, speak to my attorney, please.
You know, he was right about one thing.
You are a fucking piece of shit.
Batista and Quinn will be able to make a case against Saxon.
I could leave now for Argentina and let the state of Florida kill him.
Folks, we will be arriving at the Daytona station momentarily.
After a short stop, we will proceed on to Tallahassee.
Anyone making a connection to Jacksonville should disembark and proceed to Boarding Bay 3.
Hey, hey.
I'm just getting some tea.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Do you want some? How stupid do you think I am? Here's what's gonna happen.
The horse tranquilliser I just gave you is gonna kick in in eight seconds.
You're gonna fall asleep and wake up in Tallahassee with a slight headache, feeling humiliated and cranky.
Come on, sweetie.
It's time to go.
Let's go.
Come on.
I'm here to do a GSR test on Oliver Saxon? Sign in, please.
Would you like an officer with you? No, I'm good.
Hit this button if you need us.
Got it.
I wish I could blame you for everything.
For what you did to my sister.
But I know it's all my fault.
Should have walked away.
You know, what you've actually done is opened my eyes.
Forced me to look at myself.
And what do you see? A trail of blood and body parts.
What a pretty picture.
In one sharp moment, you took away this foolish dream that I could have a happy life.
Is that why you're here? To tell me all this? No, I'm here to kill you with that pen.
In here.
You all right? He tried to kill me.
Dexter help me out here.
What were you doing with Saxon? I went in to do a GSR test.
But you don't even work here anymore.
How are we gonna explain this? I'm officially here till the end of the week.
Okay, but why would you personally do this test? After what he did to Deb-- It's exactly because of what he did to Deb that I went in there.
I wanted to make sure everything was handled perfectly, by the book, no mistakes.
And I wanted to look him in the eye.
I get that.
It's obviously self-defence.
We got everything we need.
I'm glad he's dead.
I wish I could have done it myself.
You should go, Dex.
I know that you have a lot to deal with.
I'm praying for her.
As much as I may have pretended otherwise, for so long, all I wanted was to be like other people, to feel what they felt.
But now that I do, I just want it to stop.
Attention, all staff and hospital personnel: The National Hurricane Centre estimates the current Just so you know, patients in the south wing are being moved.
We have to consolidate space and power.
--at 150 miles per hour.
It has been elevated to Category 3.
At this time, all staff must report to their preassigned stations.
I would change everything if I could.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
But I can't leave you like this.
I'm your big brother.
I love you, Deb.
Hey, where are you? At the airport, about to board.
We're gonna make it.
That's great.
Where are you? I'm still in Miami.
But I'm gonna be leaving soon.
I can't believe this is actually gonna happen.
Once we get there, we should start making our way south.
They have 3000 miles of coastline.
We can just keep going until we find the perfect spot, or maybe some penguins.
That sounds great.
I am so happy right now, Dex.
Me too.
Do you wanna talk to Harrison? Please.
Okay, here.
Hi, Daddy.
Hi, Harrison.
I just wanna tell you one last time that I love you.
I love you too.
I want you to remember that every single day until I see you again.
Daddy loves you.
I destroy everyone I love.
And I can't let that happen to Hannah, to Harrison.
I have to protect them from me.
Good morning, Miami.
Hurricane Laura has passed.
Everything is going back to normal.
There is no longer any threat.
Hurricane Laura is slowly dissipating over the Atlantic.
The majority of destruction is along the harbour.
There have been some reports The cleanup has begun as the city returns to normal, with Coast Guard teams going as far north as Daytona Beach Cutter 6, go ahead and turn to your 1 o'clock.
There's something there.
I can't make it out.
We're stopping in five seconds.
- Okay, I think we got a visual.
- Copy that.
Turning northwest.
We've surveyed the wreckage.
There doesn't appear to be any survivors.
We're heading back.
This is the U.
Coast Guard.
We just wanted to call and report the wreckage of Dexter Morgan's boat.
Dexter? Hey, how about we go get some ice cream, yeah? Okay.
Come on.